cause i love nina

im not saying nina taught sonny to read, but that is what she tells people

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Hello! Which ship do u prefer personally? Nina with Charioce or Azazel?

I prefer Lucifer/Azazel :’)

I enjoy Chari/Nina, but I don’t want to get attached too hard bcs it seems they’re going to go the tragic route and I’m not ready to handle the sad :((

I think I prefer Nina/Aza bcs the way they forever never in sync is hilariously endearing. Also I love how Nina keeps causing accidents after accidents for Azazel (good thing he’s immortal!) and he can’t blame her for any of it bcs they’re either genuine accidents (her running him over) or he’s the one who starts it (Rita punching him for being persistent). I also love how she’s never really sorry for any of it lol. She’s such a storm and he *thinks* he could handle her when in truth he’s so totally unprepared, the poor guy.

I really like Nina/Aza dynamics and I don’t really care whether they end up as a couple or not. But then again, it looks like they’re going the siblings route, which honestly I’m also all for it.

#Carla teaches him how to paint his nails#baby Sonny is obsessed with her glittery nails#so she does his for him until he’s old enough to do it on his own#ofc when hes a teen tho he only paints them black#But for a while they were all different colors that Carla painted them (via @beyondthesunrise)


About this week’s episode

First El-chan was like “Stay still bitch, we still don’t save my mom”

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YES! You are the man!

Then the whole episode was about CharioceXNina

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He is the only one who can transform Nina into a dragon now, and I know he is the bad guy here but Nina is lovely and ‘cause that I only want her to be happy. 

My baby, El-chan was injured T___T 

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Please send help I'm dying 

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Who is your favorite royal child? (Forrest, Kana, Shigure, etc.)

Siegbert or Shiro probably lol I love them cause they’re both so boyish and likeable ;o;

I guess if I had to choose only one I’d say Siegbert cause I’ll never not love how he acts in his and Nina’s supports. He tries so hard and I died laughing when he yelled something dumb like ‘You face Siegbert the Lionhearted of Nohr!!’ and ran into like a cave or something even though he just misunderstood Nina.

But I love Shiro too cause he’s so genuine and boyish and I love him in his and Ophelia’s supports.

lil vanessa and lil nina have never had a fight ever because they are the worlds most perfect friends and you can fight me on this