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ok can I just say your work is so original???? Like I feel like I could imagine this being an actual thing cause of the inside jokes and pics and the personalities(that you have aced btw) and thank you thank you thank you for making this it's amazing! I love youu

ah thank u sooooooooso much friend❗️❣️ omg this means a lot to me !!!!! & i’m so glad u like their personalities bc they’re very dear 2 me !! thank u so much for these kind words dgsjakalalal THEY RLY MEAN SOOOOOOO MUCH i wish i was better @ expressing how grateful am but i truly write all of ur msgs on my heart every night ❤️❤️❣️ thank u



I will treasure this moment for life. Not because I got to see D&P but being able to meet everyone I’ve been talking to online for the first time in real life. Its still very surreal to me. This whole week has been INSANE and I freakin’ love it.  (via


☁ Unova region - the ‘cloud’ region ☁

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Dude. I stumbled on your blog after seeing your adorable, buff, dorky Samus drawings. They give me life. Then I stayed cause all your art has incredible life and character. Tennouttaten, A+, goooooood shit. Don't ever stop. I was wondering if we might see Samus experimenting with hair dye ala Justin Bailey colors?

Ahh wow thank you so much!! Omg ;w; This is such a nice message, you are too kind! Green haired Samus is so good yes

Rosalina dyes and styles Sam’s hair for her. She falls asleep during the procedures because hair touching makes sleepy~


So, I’m having the time of my life cause I’ve just found out some high school detention records about John Lennon and I can’t stop laughing I mean: 









“talking in class”

“very bad conduct”

“repeated misconduct”

“very bad behaviour”

“misbehaviour again”

“impudent answer to question”

“late for lesson”

"just no interest whatsoever”


“silly noises in an examination”


“S a b o t a g e

“Fucking hell, you are  so beautiful.”

it took me hours to decide how to color this omg but here is the love of my life, noora sætre ♥︎

yuris grown up so much im so proud

lmaooo yuri coming in to knock some sense into yuuri XD 

i kinda love how he just keeps calling yuuri pork cutlet bowl LOL its like a cute nickname even though he says it angrily XD im sure he means well though <3

LOL are you sure you didnt just want to make sure he was okay c:

awwww omg yuri youre growing up are you trying to comfort him cause victor isnt here lajsdlfla




hes so proud x3 ALSO this had me thinking could that have been why his grandpa couldnt make it earlier cause he was working on making these for yuri like awwww id like to think that at least <3

precious ohhh so precious children <3333



Trying to draw some  boys! 

Based from this art challenge!

Also thanks to guys who liked and reblogged my art!! (i love yours tags omg, that motivate me to draw more DR stuff!! 💜)

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Hiii~ love your blog! Can I request RFA + v and saeran reacting to MC having 3 pet rats? My friend has pet rats so I'm curious

Only short cause there are only so many reactions to pet rats


  • when MC said they had pets he was not expecting rats
  • a bit grossed out when they said rats
  • but MC’s like chill brunch it’s the super fancy kind
  • loves them when he meets them 
  • they’re like big mice so what’s not to love
  • him and MC are deadass broke cause they spent all their money on rat food
  • they’re legit having ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner 


  • he’s just glad it’s not a cat
  • didn’t even know you could keep rats as pets
  • teases MC about her rats sometimes 
  • albino rats aye I didn’t know you had a type’
  • jealous when MC gives them too much attention 
  • MC’s like 
  • ‘omg Zen stop, you’re so thirsty’
  • posts pictures of the rats 
  • starts a rat aesthetic trend


  • lol poor Jaehee 
  • she’s not a fan of pets
  • really discouraged when she found out
  • eventually she warms up to them cause they’re pretty low maintenance 
  • they mostly stay in their cage so she doesn’t have to worry about mess
  • and they have such cute faces
  • MC find her one night petting them
  • MC legit had a mini seizure 
  • Jaehee sometimes finds herself talking to them
  • will drop kick anyone who finds out tho


  • was cool with it till Elizabeth tried to eat one
  • now won’t let them within a 50 mile radius of her
  • MC’s like i’m the one that almost got their pet eaten 
  • they bicker about it for about a week 
  • Mc tries to take their pets to some animal whisperer to build their relationship 
  • Jumin thought it was bullshit (you know how sceptical he is)
  • It actually worked tho

Seven (Saeyoung)

  • thought it was so cool 
  • tries to make them lab rats and does one of those weird maze experiments on them
  • rip he slept on the couch for a week after that
  • legit thinks they’re his minions tho
  • tries to bribe them with Honey Buddha Chips 
  • MC let’s him get away with most of it tho cause he pays for their food and shit
  • he also tries to hook them up to get rat babies 
  • MC didn’t want to break the news to him that they’d been neutered 
  • he loves the rats tho
  • he put them in his will

EDIT: I forgot V and Saeran (see this is what happens when you get 3 hours of sleep kids)


  • lol V probably thought they were hamsters at first
  • surprised when you told them they were rats
  • he’s never had a pet before so he’s intrigued
  •  loves them
  • they’re really nice to feel so V spends his days cuddling them
  • MC feels slightly neglected by both V and the rats
  • the rats are in the family photo i kid you not
  • when V was first introduced to them he wanted to impress MC so he researched about the care of rats
  • he’s a expert now
  • MC’s slightly salty tho as he keeps lecturing them about their feeding habits
  • MC’s like ‘y u no let me feed them chocolate’


  • lol and he thought he was the weird one in the relationship
  • another one who thought they hated pets
  • lowkey thinks the rats add to his badass aesthetic
  • gets them studded collars
  • secretly puts bow ties on them when MC’s not looking 
  • complains about them scuttling around in the middle of the night
  • accidently let them loose one time when MC asked him to babysit them
  • legit had a mini breakdown
  • found them high on mouthwash in the bathroom
  • conveniently left that part out when MC asked how his day was

~Admin Petty 


hoseok-loved said:#2 and #87 with jungkook 

2. “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”
87. “Stay awake.”

omg i had so much trouble writing this cause of life issues but i eventually finished it and i’m not really happy with it because it’s so short but my brain literally can’t think of anything else i’m so :( but i hope you like this! also picture jungkook wearing these glasses! that was the image i had when writing this lmao

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Veronica Comforting You Would Include...

So, this is for @emmcfrxst! Hope you feel better, Auntie Pasc!! (Also, which type of ice cream do you want me to bring??)

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  • When Ronnie finds you crying in the bathroom at school she just sort of loses it
  • Like “OMG, Sweetie are you alright!?” (Cause Ronnie says Sweetie, and I will take that to my grave)
  • But immediately after she mentally beats herself up
  • Because “No, they’re crying! WHY WOULD YOU ASK IF THEY’RE OKAY??”
  • She just feels completely powerless, and just pulls you in for a hug
  • She rubs your back and starts to whisper sweet words about how you’re amazing and how she loves you very much
  • She stays hugging you as long as you are crying for
  • And afterwards she helps you wash your face
  • And she peppers kisses all over 
  • Repeatedly telling you that she loves you and that she is so lucky to have you as a gf
  • When you feel ready to leave the bathroom, she holds your hand and walks out with you
  • She takes you home because she doesn’t want you to feel overwhelmed by people
  • She stays with you all day cuddling with you
  • And binge watching “Friends” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”
  • And watching cheesy 80′s movies
  • And making sure you’re curled up in 5 million blankets
  • Basically waiting on you hand and foot
  • Until you calm down enough to tell her what happened
  • When you do, she’s very attentive and hugs you even tighter 
  • She kisses the top of your head a lot
  • The next day she gives you a bouquet of red roses (Cause all the homo)
  • And again has magnolia cupcakes flown in from NY
  • And afterwards she takes you around Riverdale
  • She buys you your favorite milkshake at Pop’s
  • And just showers you with gifts and love
  • And she won’t stop until you tell her that you are 1000% better
  • You have to force her to stop with everything cause, “Ronnie, I don’t need this!!”
  • When you do stop her she gets all pouty
  • And you laugh because she’s so cute
  • And her face lights up when you laugh because she is so completely and utterly in love with you
  •  Whenever she finds you freaking out again she keeps on doing this
  • And when you ask why she does it
  • (Because you feel like you freak out too much and demand too much of her attention)
  • She reminds you that she is utterly in love with you and would do anything for you
A summary of UT's bizarre doll project ever since the campania arc
  • Undertaker: It was for love!
  • Ciel, Will, Grell, Ronald, Othello, Ludgar, Sascha, the Superiors, Diederich, Frances, Alexis, Tanaka, the fandom, Yana, God: Cool motive. Still murder.
  • Sebastian: lmao I no understand love 'cause #demon but definitely still murder.
  • Undertaker @Ciel: You don't even go there, you burnt children!
  • Undertaker: Cool motive. STILL MURDER!!