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For the fanfiction trope fuck/marry/kill thingy... YoI?

for the slow burn/fake date/enemies to lovers meme

Slow burn: PHICHIT!!!! 1000X PHICHIT Words cannot begin to describe how much I love him.

Fake date: Yuuri, because Yuuri is adorable and I reckon our fake date would be fun. He’s be really sweet and we could come up with ways to tease Victor about it as long as it doesn’t get out into the press and cause a scandal or something. (Nothing would come of our fake date- I can’t split those two up. I ship them so hard that I just…I just can’t man OTL omg I’m such a loser lolol).

Enemies to lovers: Chris….WHAT?! I’m curious as to if he’s all talk or not XD Mind you if he’s in a relationship with that mysterious handsome man, then I’ll go for Sara instead. Not sure why we’d be enemies (maybe cause of Mickey lol) but…omg  what about EMIL?! HOLY SHIT WHY DOES YOI HAVE SO MANY GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE EVERYWHERE?! GOSH DARN.

So, last night I rewatched The Way He Looks (Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho), and of the million and one reasons why everyone should watch this movie, here are a few:

This is Gabriel (left) and Leo (right)

  • It’s on netflix, which most of you probably have, so it’s accessible
  • How many queer stories are there that feature a protagonist with a disability? Not many, but this one does! Leo is blind, he’s the main character, and I feel they handled his disability well (this is coming from a non-disabled person, though, so feel free to disagree)
  • It’s a pretty stereotypical indie teen romance movie, but the queer aspect already makes it 100x more interesting
  • a realistic parent-child relationship, with bonus awesome grandma
  • there’s no “omg, am I gay???” freak out. In fact, both characters are pretty much 100% ok with being into each other, and they’re main worry is “i don’t know if they like me back, but i know i want to stay friends with them at least, what do i do??” with a tiny sprinkling of jealousy, cause, well, stereotypical teen romance
  • a very beautiful and loving girl-boy friendship with lots of casual, platonic intimacy
  • there’s nothing super angsty?? like, no death or super homophobic parents/classmates or having to hide that they’re queer. it’s honestly such a feel-good movie???
  • what homophobia there is, it comes as teasing and there are never any hints of anything turning violent, and in fact, at one point, when the bully character is teasing Gabriel and Leo for being boyfriends, Leo shows him that they are, in fact, real-life boyfriends, and the bully’s friends start teasing him for trying to make fun of them when they’re actually boyfriends
  • the girl best friend isn’t narratively pushed to the side when the new boy (love interest) comes in. In fact, her (Giovana) and Leo’s friendship is shown to be just as important as Leo and Gabriel’s relationship
  • everything works out and you’re left with a lovely, sweet, happy ending that’s honestly just so nice to see in a young queer romance??? 
  • I really love this movie, and there’s also a short-film!! on youtube that I recommend, too!

I just finished Winter, and omg, I love her so so much. I was actually going to draw Jacinter BUT I started sketching and it turned out to be just her. This one aaah so lovable I just can’t *cries*

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I'm just wondering, what's your favorite Overwatch ship? PS: I love your gency art so much omg

:D Thank you! (some of these are recycled cause my wrist started acting up but i think this answers the question pretty well ;) there are so dang many characters i have so dang many ships….

shipping fictional relationships : super cool. don’t stop, ever. 

shipping actors in a relationship : if the actors are cool with it, continue.

swearing up & down that said actors are in a relationship or in love despite all evidence to the contrary : stop. oh my gOD stop.

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First off, I'm a big fan of yours. Your text posts are PERFECTION SPACE MOM. Second, I sent a message to my crush about how I like him in a different language. And I promised to tell him on the last day of school what it meant in English when he's leaving. I thought you could make a text post of something Lance confessing to Keith in a different language ( cause I'm Klance trash ). Sorry to bother😅 just really wanted to ask. Hope you have a wonderful day !


secondly, i made a post similar to this a while back but i love this trope so much and couldn’t help myself so here we go!!

 translation: (to the best of my ability - please correct my spanish if anything is wrong ) 

“i’ve been thinking about you…”


“do you like me? i adore you…”


“i wish you were mine.”

“i’m sorry…”

“please ignore this”

~ and now because ur spacemom is a sappy piece of shit and couldn’t leave this open-ended~ 


keith: “You make me happy… I love you and I can’t live without you. :)”

lance: “i love you too!!! :)”

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hello!! i love your writing so much omg! it would be really cool if you did a jily musical theatre au, but no pressure. have a nice day!

  • ‘i dont even like you’ james tells lily, lying, when theyre both cast as leads
  • james’ only reference to any musical being high school musical and its only then when he realises they never even PERFORMED THE PLAY it was JUST THE CALL BACK and lily tells him to SHUT UP because HES YELLING and also EVERYONE ALREADY KNEW THAT 

  • lily joined cause music + acting = Her Shit and also slughorn is the director and he insisted on having her audition 

  • lilys always loosing her script and then taking james’ and trying to make him think hes the one whose lost his lines

  • sirius heckles every rehersal

  • remus is on lighting and james tries to bribe him to make it go dark whenever lily speaks but lily hears him and tips her coffee down his front 

  • in rehersals during the bit where theyre meant to kiss james kisses his hand and lily just squints at him bc the fuck was that rlly necesseary he could have just kissed nothing what a weirdo

  • james being A Smug Shite whenver he sings bc he knows hes good and lily is so sick of his talent she could physically die 

  • except like. annoyingly they have the same taste in music so when theyre in their dressing rooms she’ll bang on their shared wall and tell him to turn up Melodrama or smth and he’ll smile a little

  • at one point sirius paints a fake tree yellow just for The Drama Of It All and slughorn is Next Level Pissed and lily and james cant stop laughing

  • james: ‘wheres the coffee’ *lily, having drunk the entire pot out of spite earlier that morning bc james said she looked like a falmingo in her pink legwarmers, shaking slightly,: SAY WHAT BITCH

  • lily keeps improvising funny lines and james trying not to laugh each time
  • they move out of the rough rehersal stage and everyone knows their lines now and shit is getting real and sirius has been thrown off the props team 7 times but somehow keeps getting back on it 
  • lily still doesnt like him but like damn. boy is funny. boy can sing. boy looks like that and can do 5 cartwheels in a row. 
  •  they do arm wrestling and james never lets her win but lily always cheats anyway 
  • he writes his english essays and shes all ‘youve spelt ‘produce’ wrong how can u even do that’ and ‘stop calling hamlet great ok he did the dirty on opehlia and im sick of pretending like im okay with it’ 
  • james sitting in the directors chair despite a) not being the director and b) required to be on stage for a scene at the time 
  • her car doesnt start and theyre standing in the theatre parking lot, everyone else at home, and he wont leave unless she does and she wont leave her car overnight so they sit on her bonnet and talk about hamlet and high school musical and how theyre similar 
  • lily says i cant hit the high note and james, without thinking says yes you can. youre excellent and everyone is staring at him and he goes bright red

  • the bit where theyre supposed to kiss only this time theyre v close to each other and its lily can feel his breath on her face. see her reflection in his glasses. she looks winded. she feels like it. 
  • once he walks out in her costume on stage and she laughs so hard she falls into sirius’ yellow tree which he keeps putting up 
  • lily skulling coffee and then doing her solo and going off stage while slughorn wipes away tears 
  • theyre in dress rehersals now and its all happening and even when james is looking at someone else hes really looking at her 
  • opening night and james is so nervous and in the minute before the curtain goes up she just. grabs his wrist. and suddenly he is a flood of calm 
  • sirius holding up a sign when it gets to the kiss that says ‘NOW FUCK’ 
  • there is 11 shows and by show 7 james and lily are honest to god having contests to see who can skull the most mountain dew and then do their solo and slughorn is In Dispair 
  • the show is still fucking excellent tho
  • closing night and lilys walking to her car only now shes never going to have another reason to kiss him again and that just. is a huge fucking problem actually 
  • james being literally shoved up againist the bathroom wall about five minutes later after lily has tracked him down and hes liked her all this time and now shes kissing him for no apparent reason and goddamn hes so lucky 

So, I’m having the time of my life cause I’ve just found out some high school detention records about John Lennon and I can’t stop laughing I mean: 









“talking in class”

“very bad conduct”

“repeated misconduct”

“very bad behaviour”

“misbehaviour again”

“impudent answer to question”

“late for lesson”

"just no interest whatsoever”


“silly noises in an examination”


“S a b o t a g e

Drops of Jupiter [Jimmy Darling x Reader]

Warnings: SMUT, NOT PROOFREAD, loss of virginity, possible spoilers, some really weird angst, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), cursing, possibly more

Word Count: 953

Request: “Could you do an angsty smut thing woth jimmy where its thier first time and she’s like ‘touch me’ and he is so overwhelmed and happy cause omg she loves him???? Idk man but anyways its fine if not and i rlly love ur writing and yeah :)” - Anon

A/N: ty ty ty my child. And I’m not good with angst tbh so ???

And apparently condoms weren’t a huge thing in the 50′s like what? As much as I write unprotected sex, the idea disgusts me tbh.

(I’ve had this in my drafts for forever, sorry!)

“Jimmy,” You whisper as your boyfriend messily tugs the buttons on the front of your blouse. “I can help you…” He pulls the navy blue sleeves down your shoulders, and off of your arms, letting it fall on the floor, much to your annoyance.

“I wanna do it.” You quietly agree, but moments later notice Jimmy grumble, fumbling with your bra. You reach around your back, un-clipping the black garment. He lets out a small sigh, admiring you.

It’s like slow-motion when Jimmy’s lips smash against yours in a quick, passionate kiss that would lead to him tossing you back on the bed, and him un-buckling his trousers with a sly smile, completely forgetting it’s your first time. It wasn’t until he noticed how fast your heart was beating that he remembered, and to which he attempted to stop his actions. After reassuring him that there was nothing to be afraid of, he began again, very slowly.

“My God Jimmy, I’m not made of glass!” You said, a little bit irritated. Alright, a lot a bit irritated. He knew that he could touch you, that you wanted to be touched by him, but he just couldn’t ever get it through his brain. The two of you had fooled around before, going so far as to you sucking him off in bed during the late hours of the night, thankful that he had his own caravan, but never actually done it. Every time you got close to it happening, he backed out because he was nervous. You weren’t letting that happen this time, though. You were going to show him that it was okay. Whether he believed you or not, well, that was up to him.

Pulling him down on the bed with you, you flip over so he’s under you. Pulling his briefs down, his cock springs free. His size had never, ever failed to surprise you, and sometimes it felt like maybe he was too big. But through the times, he had managed to convince you that he wasn’t “too big” as you had originally thought. The thought still lurked sometimes, though.

“Darlin’, what are you doing?” You quickly shush him, trying to keep your thoughts (and confidence) in order. Sliding your panties off, you toss them to the side, along with your skirt, which Jimmy had previously un-zipped halfway. You hear Jimmy laugh nervously, mumbling something or another about you.

You line his cock up with your entrance, slowly sliding down. A small whimper escapes your parted lips, and Jimmy quickly brings his hands to grip your thighs. “Oh darlin’…” After a moment of adjusting to him, you raise yourself up, your hands on his chest, quickly falling again, the warmth already rising in your stomach. 

He groans again, feeling your warmth clasp around him. Jimmy mumbles nonsense, only every few words intelligible. You didn’t mind his sounds, just wished you knew what he was saying. You could make guesses, though.

With another thrust, the two of you fall into a nice rhythm. Every time you’d slide down, he’d buck up to meet you. It was a strange way to lose your virginity, but you weren’t really sure if there was a uniform way to do it. Moans spilled from your newly dirty lips, and somehow, pride was apparent in them. You were brand new to the game, but had Jimmy Darling (of all people!) a groaning mess beneath you.

“J-Jimmy!” You pant, Jimmy pushing you back down to meet his hips. He let out a loud grunt escape his lips, feeling you pulse on his cock.

Meanwhile, Jimmy was lost in his own little world. You were the center of his thoughts, how fucking gorgeous you looks sitting on his cock, the angelic sounds you made, the way your body moved… He was so proud of himself for landing a girl as amazing as you. His mind didn’t even jump to the fact that he didn’t deserve you, unlike usual. It was safe to say that you had blown his mind with your sudden dominance.

He had been with two or three girls before. They were awkward, mostly drunken encounters, who were quick and dirty in the back alley. A back alley Sally, if you will. And I mean, who would want to fuck the lobster boy sober? They had gone with whatever he lead with, and probably ignored him the entire time. None of them spoke up about what they wanted, or even attempted at communicating their needs. 

But you took charge, apparently, and Jimmy loved that.

With his hands still on your hips and in the perfect sync, he made an attempt at flipping the pair of you over, so that you were on the bed. A second later, you dismount the handsome boy and lay on the bed, the warm Florida breeze sticking to your skin. Jimmy eagerly takes the opportunity and climbs on top of you, peppering kisses on your neck and chest. 

It’s not but a few seconds before he’s mercilessly (well, almost) pounding into you. Now, it was your turn to be the moaning mess beneath your lover, enjoying every single second.

“Jim- Ah!” You shout, Jimmy’s hand quickly rising to cover your mouth. 

“Shh. We don’t wanna be caught, do we?” Shaking your head no, he lifts his hand. Quickly, and without warning, you feel yourself release over him again. He groans. Not but a few minutes later, both of you had finished and were laying messily sprawled out on the bed. “Well then…” 

“Well then, indeed.” You confirm. He smiles, pulling your bare body closer. And soon enough, the pair of you are fast asleep, praying that nobody entered the van until morning.


-im going to use the art of DISTRACTION *throws a cup of pens and hides behind desk* *whispers* he’s gone
-”every day im hustlin”

-”HES EATING SNAKES Oh wait its just spaghetti” “its always spaghetti”
-charles’s memorial video for his dog jason who just humps everything
-rosa holding a small dog
-”so i like have a dog now?”
-”he died humping my boot! his little heart just gave out. he didn’t even finish” “ew”
-*unintelligible garble* me no talk good *takes more cold medicine* GIRABALDI
-”we just completed our first task!” “great! what was it terry?” “we fixed the bell!”
-”2 and a half meatballs each? what is this, kindergarten?”
-jake and holt bonding moments
-meet balthazar
-balthazar is a thirsty bitch
-amy being fed up with her boyfriend’s shit
-I thought i was walking after her im just gonna lay down *falls onto the floor*
-”were on strike, hunger strike!” “youre eating potato chips” “doesnt count, they have zero nutritional value”
-*high voice* thanks jake! *reg voice* you’re welcome nards
-I am offended i am angry i am very tired so im gonna take a nap but when i wake up? ohhh, you are in for it
-*4 hours later* HOW DARE YOU
-wow id roll my eyes so hard right now if it didnt make my brain burn
-”Terry caused structural damage”
-Rosa holding a funeral for jason even though she doesnt care abt him bc she knows it means so much to charles omg
-”ive only had arlo for a day and a half, but if anything happened to him i would kill everyone in this room and then myself”

FFXV ships’ kids in Type-0

Just started playing FF Type-0 and so far I’ve found

Prompto and Cindy’s daughter

Aranea and Ravu’s daughter.

Aranea and Ignis’ daughter.

This is either kid Cor or Gladio’s and Noctis’ son.

Lunafreya and Gentiana’s daughter.

Prompto and Noctis’ son

Noctis and Ignis’ daughter

Gladio and Ignis’ rebel son

And the two that are TOTALLY biological


Gladio and Ignis’ other son 

And this is, no way to deny it

No way to say they could cheat on each other

No doubt both fathers are biological

Prompto and Gladio’s son

[Edit] This could also be Ignis’ and Gladio’s, you know. 

Gladio/Ignis had two-three kids. Gladnis confirmed.

I’m enjoying Type-0 so far, by the way.

Sweet Strawberries

Pairing: You/Reader + Kang Daniel

Genre: Soulmate! AU + College! AU + Fluff + This is half story half bullet list

Concept: Your soulmate has a specific scent and it tends to linger where ever they’ve been. 

Summary: Your department always smelled like sweet strawberries and you had no idea why.

AN: Also idk college works cause I’m just a highschool kid (junior! 2 more years!!) so just roll with it okay?¿¿ Also help cause I did research for this au and got hella confused?? Also tried to make this gender neutral as much as possible! Inspired by @101soulmates

Originally posted by tohestar

You never really believed in soul mates, true love or any of that. You honestly thought it was all fiction, something out of a Disney movie. Of course all your friends would gush about their fated one, saying stuff like she had a scent to her or I cant sleep if they can’t or even everything I do with them is just vibrant, which you thought they were all just blinded with love. You just stuck with your studies, you didn’t need a special someone, but it would be nice of course.

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A very happy birthday to @whelvenwings​! She got to have this privately on her birthday and now I’m going to share it with everyone else.  I only say this so no one thinks that I’m the asshole who forgot and is posting late omg. 

Thanks so much much for sticking with me for the past couple of years! Glad you’re in my life, Ole Candle-hand :)


 Dean Winchester is hopelessly, head-over-heels in love with his best friend and roommate, Castiel.
Castiel - with his blue hair, and his tattoos, and his artwork, and his perfect everything. Dean never stood a chance, really. It only sucks because, as far as Dean can tell, Castiel is definitely not interested.
But love, much like art, has a way of being unpredictable.
Even if you think you know where you’re going with it.

Dean had all of Castiel’s tattoos memorized by now.

There was the peregrine falcon on his arm, with a wingspan that started at his shoulder and wrapped around his bicep, to dip just below the joint at his elbow.

The opposite forearm was almost entirely black, with large white roses blossoming across the negative space; there was a stunning contrast along the sharp edges where the tattoo ended above the wrist and below the other elbow.

On his abdomen, above his hip, was a script that Dean had caught sight of a few times when Castiel had happened to take his shirt off in front of him, but he still wasn’t sure what it said - it clearly wasn’t English, but also wasn’t any language he recognized. It looked about how Dean felt whenever he managed to catch a glimpse of Castiel shirtless.

He had a small mountain range tattooed on the side of one of his feet - and whenever he was asked about it, would always take the time to explain how it symbolized him metaphorically climbing mountains.

There was a length of rope, tattooed to wrap around his left calf and create a noose around his ankle - it apparently had a symbolic tarot meaning to him.

Castiel also had a small feather inked into the space behind his ear, accented with shades of purple and white, that would catch anyone’s attention if he turned his head at the right angle.

Yes, all of these tattoos Dean had memorized.

Which was why he was pretty damn sure Castiel had a new one.

“Is that -” Dean gestured towards his roommate’s neck after grabbing a beer from the fridge, waiting for Castiel to look up from his book so that he could point out the the inked lines that were currently poking out from under the neckline of his black t-shirt. “Cas, hey. Cas?”

Dean frowned, realizing that Castiel was currently tapping his fingers and nodding his head, then saw the earbuds sticking out of his ears. Dean rolled his eyes and ripped a page from the notebook they usually kept on the counter, crumpled it up into a ball, and chucked it at Castiel - grinning when it hit square in the middle of his forehead.

Castiel looked up, rubbing at where Dean’s projectile had landed, and took one earbud out of his ear. He squinted over at Dean.

“Yes? Can I help you?” he asked, his hair - the top of which had recently been dyed from purple to blue - falling in his face before he brushed it back.

“Did you get some new ink?” Dean asked, pointing at the the tattoo on Cas’ collarbone that he could only partly see.

Castiel glanced down and nodded, pulling the collar of his shirt down, until Dean could see the words ‘La Vie a Plus’ written in a cursive scrawl along underside of his collarbone.

“Last week,” Castiel said, tilting his head in the opposite direction so Dean could get a better view. “Not my usual, but I like it.”

Dean raised an eyebrow as he took a swig of his beer.

“What’s it mean?”

Castiel let the collar of his shirt go and patted his collarbone once, before turning back to snap his book closed.

“Life has more.”

Dean set the bottle down and waited for an explanation, but Castiel didn’t seem to want to elaborate. He sighed and leaned against the counter.

“More what?”

Castiel shrugged and shoved the book back into his bag, as if the words he’d had embedded into his flesh for the rest of his life weren’t all that important.

“More everything, I guess. Depends on the situation.”

Dean finished off his drink and almost rolled his eyes again.

“So, why the French?”

“I’m an art major, Dean. English isn’t nearly pretentious enough,” he said, standing up with a smirk. “Anyway, I’ve got to go finish a project with Meg. I’ll be back in the morning.”

“The morning?” Dean asked, raising an eyebrow.

“The morning. It’s going to be a long one.”

Castiel pulled the strap over his shoulder and waved as he put the earbud back in place.

“Use protection,” Dean mumbled when he knew Castiel wouldn’t be able to hear him. He sighed and flopped down onto their overstuffed couch, turning on the television to drown out all of the jealous thoughts that crept their way into his mind on nights like these.

Just once, he wanted to the be one that Castiel had ‘study nights’ with - wanted to hold him close in his arms, and trace his way across every art piece Cas had preserved in his skin.

Dean grunted and hugged a pillow close to his chest.

What did he have to go and fall in love with his roommate for?

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