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Adventuring is Hard When You're Pregnant

“How much further?” Tracy whined, folding his arms over his chest.

“You sure do whine a lot for an ‘adventurer’,” Clara snorted.

“This is /walking/, not adventuring.”

“All part of the job, isn’t it?” The centaur flicked her tail, glancing at her human companion. Tracy was sweet, but he could be a world class whiner when he wanted to be. They were heading through the woods to the next town, hoping to find a place they could stay for a while. It wouldn’t be long before traveling would be out of the question.

“Can’t I ride on you?” Tracy plead. “Just for a little while?”

Clara stopped, shifting her weight on her large hooves. Before, she would have pulled him onto her back without a second thought. But now…She snorted and laughed.

“You’re complaining about walking, but /I’m/ the one carrying around 100 extra pounds of baby weight.”

“But Claraaa.” She braced herself, knowing he was going to pull the cute act. “You’re so big and strong! You told me I don’t weigh anything to you!”


“Just for a little ways!” he persisted. “Then-”

“Then you can carry me for a while.” She laughed at his stunned reaction for a moment.

Rolling her eyes, she knelt down, tucking one front leg under her and stretching the other out. Tracy let out a happy noise, swinging up onto her back. Standing, the centaur started off again. She was much more aware of the sway of her belly with him on her back, her weight shifting more noticeably with him there.

It didn’t take long before Tracy stretched himself out on her broad back. He stroked his hands over her sides, feeling the immense roundness of her.

“Baby’s getting big, huh?” He said. She could head the smile in his voice as he rubbed his cheek against her warm fur.

“Yeah. Not gonna be too much longer, I think.” His stroking hands over her sides was soothing, though their foal reacted rather noticeably. Her breath hitched as the foal kicked, causing her belly to sway a bit more.

“Hey settle down in there,” Tracy said, prodding at her stomach.

“Don’t think they’re listening.” Clara chuckled warmly as Tracy stroked her sides more firmly. “The baby’s just eager to come out and be an annoyance to you instead of me for a while.”

“Hey, once they’re born, I’ll let you get all the beauty rest you need.”

“I’ll hold you to that.”

“What, I’m a hero!” Tracy sounded indignant. “I always keep my word!”

“I know.” Clara reached back to ruffle his hair. “That’s why we got into this in the first place. You promised to “rock my world”, and we are.”

They both laughed, Tracy sitting up to settle into a more proper “riding” position with his arms loosely around her waist.

“You’re buying dinner when we get to town,” Clara said.



My contribution to the cries for fluff. Short writing exercise to keep me in practice. Hope yall like it.