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In the UK, it’s been a really bad week for that, ‘cause all of our trashy, cancerous, garbage newspapers have been printing those, like, horrendous articles, just- you know, it’s that kind of like, ‘Should trans people be allowed to use bathrooms? Should schools allow trans people to wear what they want? Should we take it seriously if someone is under 18 and they want to define their own gender?’ And it’s just like… I’m sure they do understand, which just makes it even more evil. But it’s like we’re debating people’s right to exist, which is just- it’s insane. It just sounds so crazy, doesn’t it? I mean, like, questioning these things, it’s not a political debate, it’s like you’re literally saying these are people that are now comfortable with how they want to define their own existences, and you’re questioning whether their existences are valid, which is so crazy! Because these things, like, they don’t affect other people. Something like gun laws, it’s like, y’all don’t need guns, but there’s a whole debate there, and it’s a legitimate debate. But, what- how somebody chooses to live their own life, that doesn’t affect other people. I mean, people say, ‘oh well, it will influence other kids,’ To what? To be aware people can make their own choices? It’s just- You know, logically, it doesn’t make any sense. So there’s things you can disagree on, and then there’s things you can’t even disagree on.

I think the funniest thing on this blog atm is how everyone is losing their shit over the Berkut/Rinea C-S support chain and then there’s me, who stopped playing SoV after like 3 or 4 chapters, and I’m just like



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A/N: I tired a little something different with this one. I hope you enjoy!! and @petersjacket I really hope this helps a bit 💛💛

Word Count: 1533 total

Pairing: Sam Holland x Reader


You know I’d fall apart without you / I don’t know how you do what you do / ‘Cause everything that don’t make sense about me / Makes sense when I’m with you

“UGH! I missed it again!” Sam half yelled, sitting at the piano bench.

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Pawn of war|2

Prince!shawn AU

“I wish you nothing but happiness in this marriage, shawn I’ve known you since you were a boy and I could tell even then that you were born to be king, I know you don’t want to marry princess y/n but this will be good.”

Shawn smiled at the pastor, not fully listening to what he was saying. His mind was preoccupied with you.

In a few minutes you would walk through those doors and you’d be his. Forever. The realization made Shawn’s heart race, he tried to hide his anxiousness but his father could see it from a mile away.

“Try to look happy would you? It’s your fucking wedding day.”

Shawn’s father laughed loudly, causing some of the guards to chuckle too.

Lost in thought Shawn didn’t hear the loud slam of the doors and the cheers, only looking up when Theo kicked him lightly, motioning to you.

Straightening himself out, he planted a fake, rather convincing smile onto his face.

He took your hand in his, laying a kiss upon it, causing you to giggle at the sensation.

“You look beautiful.” Shawn was telling the truth, you looked like a goddess. The sun would be jealous of your beauty, the way it radiated.

The long white dress that clung to your body perfectly, accompanied by a lacy veil.

A blush rose to your cheeks at the compliment.

Before you could respond the pastor interrupted you, making you forget your surroundings.

“We are gathered here, to bear witness to the marriage of prince Shawn, and princess y/n. We welcome them into the bond that is eternal love and into our hearts as the next king and queen.”

It was over before it started. The night was magical, you danced until your feet hurt and laughed more than you ever had in your entire life.

You were dancing with your father when the king interrupted, causing everybody to fall silent.

The king raised his glass.

“Today has been a great day. my son has inherited the throne and married a beautiful princess. I may be old, but I do live up to tradition.” The comment made a few older men laugh.

“We bid farewell to the past, because ladies and gentlemen they are the future. I say it’s time for the consummation.” Cheers made their way across the crowded hall.

Your heart stopped, Shawn’s comment coming back to you.

“I will do my duty, my sons will sit upon the throne and their sons after them, y/n is to be the mother of my children nothing else. I refuse to let myself grow soft towards her.”

You hardly had time to register your thoughts before you were being whisked away, your clothes were being pulled off by maids and you were placed in a white nightdress.

Shawn lay on top of you, his raggedy breath fanning the side of your face, feeling uncomfortable with 10 people in the room you place your head in his neck, cowering away. Though you were both Hidden behind a curtain of silk you knew they were listening, waiting to approve of the marriage.

“Y/n, I can tell you don’t want to do this, and I can understand why as well but if we do not consummate the marriage the church won’t see us as man and wife.” Shawn tried his best to whisper in the awkward position he was in.

It wasn’t that you didn’t want to be with Shawn it’s just you couldn’t enjoy yourself or even be comfortable when there were other people there, including your parents.

You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath before looking up at him.

“I’m ready.” Shawn nodded, giving you a quick kiss before entering you, earning a surprised yelp.

You clasped onto his back, leaving crescent moon shapes.

“Be gentle.”

The morning after you awake before Shawn, leaning down to place a kiss to his cheek, cussing him to stir Slightly.

“Good morning My queen.” Your handmaiden bowed.

“Please, y/n is fine. I’m only married to a king, that doesn’t make me a queen.” She nodded at you before scurrying to get your bath drawn.

Sighing, you place yourself against the desk, taking in your appearance. Your hair was wild, red lips and doe eyes. You didn’t look like your usual self, you looked healthier, happier.

The familiar sound of footsteps on the hardwood floors catches your attention, you look up and meet Shawn’s tired face. His features match yours.

“Goodmorning y/n. Did you sleep well?”

“I did my king, you?” Shawn only gave a lopsided smile, motioning for you to stand up.

When you obeyed he lay his hand on your flat stomach, frowning.

“Do you feel any different? ill maybe?” You chucked, bringing your hand up to brush the stray hair from his eyes.

“Shawn, it takes a few weeks for pregnancy symptoms to show. If I were with child we’d know in a fortnight.”

“Do you want to have children with me?”

You furrowed your brow, placing your hand on your hip.

“darling, where is all of this coming from-“

“Do you?” He spoke through gritted teeth.

“Of course I Do Shawn, you’re my husband why wouldn’t I?”

Shawn gave a shrug of his shoulders, placing his hands around your waist and bringing you closer into his arms.

“Just know, if you’re lying to me. I’ll find out.” Shawn whispered in your ear, causing goose bumps to arrise on your skin.

“You’d never lie to me would you, baby?” Shawn’s grip on your waist got tighter, you could feel his nails digging into your exposed skin, breaking it.

“N-No, never.”

“Good.” Before shawn turned to leave the room he stopped to look at you.

“Oh and y/n?”

“Yeah?” Your voice came out as shaky.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing. I know you don’t love me, but as long as you play the role of doting wife we’ll get along just fine.”









Okay so this is my art project and I don’t know how to feel about it but I think I like it. I added the names of people who have been there for me for a long time.I wanted to add y’all cause I love you and I wanted to give the artwork a kind of personal touch. Excuse the bad drawing and the horrible handwriting the space was so cramped

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Okay so M is my irl best friend and Amanda (marvelousamanda) and Hayley (lauxeyson) aren’t on tumblr anymore but if you ever see this I love you guys

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Stranger Things plotholes


- by the end of season 1, hopper negotiated to the bad men of hawkins lab to “trade” will with eleven. CMIIW. is it just me or is it such a douchey thing for hopper to do–and for joyce as well, for not stopping him? mike has explained earlier that everytime el use her energy, she gets weaker, and yet hopper’s decision cause her confront dozens of armed men, which, not only risks to kill her, he risks another three children’s lives for the sake of one, and nancy and jonathan’s life as well btw, since they didn’t know they’d leave the kids alone at school. (note: I find el and hopper’s father-and-daughter relationship adorable but this doesn’t make up to the deal he made in season 1, though)
- and then, how did hopper manage to find out that el is still alive and around in hawkins, and even accurately managed to lure her with eggos in the woods, where she was hiding?
- who picked hopper from the hospital at chapter 8 of season 1? I’m aware that this might be the men from hawkins lab asking him to shut his mouth/blackmails him, but everyone involved eventually being told to shut their mouths anyway and yet, this particular scene seemingly ought to be made to highlight us about his involvement to the lab.
- this is the most bugging question: why does nobody wonder how el is dying before she destroys the demogorgon (she’s not even breathing and dustin had to pick her up), and yet, when she wakes up at the upside down, she seems to be back at full health, and even able to crush walls, and walk as far as the wheeler’s residence and then to the woods–AND even enough energy to survive in winter? does the upside down somehow make her stronger?
- why does mike never try to *actually* find el? i know that he’s not sure whether or not she’s alive, but his actions throughout 353 days of contacting her seem to show us that he is certain that el is still out there somewhere. he’s not afraid to find will. what’s stopping him from finding el?
- what is terry ives’s intention of sending el off to kali? she finally found her daughter after 12 years and yet she immediatley sends el away to another lab rat. is it possible that there’s more to rainbow room? and is it possible that el misinterpreted terry’s message?
- why does the hargroves move to hawkins? whose fault it actually is–and if it’s max’s, what did she do and what’s holding the showrunners to show us the answer? WHAT’s REALLY IMPORTANT ABOUT BILLY HARGROVE’s SUBPLOT GOD JUST GET RID OF HIM ALreADY

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Where did the idea of ​​making Chara an albino come from? 'Cause you know that's not something we see every day and stuff

it mostly came from wanting to give them naturally red eyes but not wanting to like, contradict the fact that that’s not a natural color for human eyes, also i wanted to give them white hair as well and thought it would be cool. There’s also a canonical reason that they are albino but i want to go into that at a later date.

-Mod Avery

  • Why do you want to save Dragon?
  • Amon: For PEACE!
  • Ui: For Hairu and Arima
  • Suzuya: For Shinohara
  • Touka: To save my husband
  • Hide: To save my best friend
  • Shuu: For my king
  • Hinami: For Onii-Chan
  • Ayato: ... I'm honestly just here cause I kinda have to be tbh.
  • Marude: All of you do know that Tokyo is being destroyed right? Hundreds of people dead, millions in property damage?
  • *crickets chirping*

geez, there’s so many dispute about my post with “any ship is a good ship”.
Why do we do shipping, people? Because it’s fun!  Because we feel like it! Do we do it because we want to hurt somebody? 
ANYTHING can affect on  ALREADY SICK person. So let’s forbid the horror movies to be shown, or any movies, cause, like, WHO KNOWS. 
If a piece of art affected on person and this person started to do something illegal or immoral it’s because this person. was already. sick. and needed medical care. 
People, who are trying SO SO SOOOO HARD to…convince me that NOT ALL shipping are good are just ridiculous. I mean, why? Do you even need that? It’s just an opinion of an artist. In my own blog. 
All you need is a little love, tumblr. And a hobby. I think, my pots AFFECTING BADLY on you. 

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Do you have any feelings on people being butthurt that Obito survived being crushed? Bc personally I agree like there’s no way he could have lived through that but I don’t mind bc it’s not real life? And like, if people can use their eyes to cause people to hallucinate and can breathe fire and summon giant toads then why not survive getting crushed by a boulder you know?

That’s about my take on it, tbh. Like. Hashiboob makes all science arguments irrelevant, really. Or, if you wanted to go all conspiracy-theory, you could say that Zetsu was waiting in the cave because Obito was a promising candidate or something, and given that he can merge with the ground it seems possible that he could have done something to make it less severe when the boulder fell. 

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Ive been dating a girl for almost half a year without kissing her, we only held hands and such. And I want to, so much - dear lord-, but shes ace and i wanna fully respect how she wants things to progress, but now I just feel like I should make the first step, cause we like each other, but its my first relationship since I came out and it feels so much more than what Im used to, I freeze every time when I could do it, I just Dont. Know. What. To. Do. What do I do Asy? And Im in my mid 20s..gj me


Ask her. Ask her if it’s okay and she feels comfortable with kissing you/being kissed and touching. Have a conversation about it. she might not know what she feels comfortable with and may need to experiment with you. 

When in doubt in a relationship: talk about it! <3 always!

Wayne’s first friendship event made me feel really uncomfortable. He’s basically harassed by a woman whose been stalking him and won’t take no for an answer. Even when you try to help him, the poor guy doesn’t even know how to tell her to back off properly. He suggests going on a date instead! It made me feel really worried about Wayne. He’s obviously not good at saying no, and I can’t help but worry about the trouble that can cause… It really makes me want to protect him.

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unfortunately that's how tumblr mentality is, that's probably also why theres so many mightdeku shippers who don't openly say they ship it because they don't want to get attacked so kudos to you for having the guts !

Oh, you should’ve seen me freaking out about my ships some months ago.
I was really anxious and almost depressed, a few of my fav artists asked me to unfollow them cause i disgusted them and god knows i was afraid of being bullied about it so much. And it was just about ONE GOD DAMN drawing literally. 
The ship those days meant a world for me. Really. It was something i really loved and it saved me every day of my life. And some dudes just came up and hey you are disgusting just like your ship lololololo 
I was stressed.
But gladly i had someone who still supported me and so i got over it.
And now i truly don’t give two fucks.
If there are people who disagree with me, it’s your choice.
But no one will ever say to me what’s right to ship and what’s wrong.
And i don’t want anyone to go through the things like self blaming for the ships they are into.
I don’t want them to feel alone. 

Sound kinda dramatic.
And that’s the problem here. Why the joy of shipping came to dramatic speeches. Geez.

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hey so im a teenager under 18 and i still dont understand the extent of net neutrality except that its a really important issue, is there anything i can do as a kid to aid this cause?? i know that it really is extremely important and i dont want to just sit around and let other people deal with it

Hey! So thanks for asking & I’m sure you’re not the only one thinking that, in fact I know you’re not.

So quick rundown about why net neutrality is so important: right now you (or your parents/guardians/etc) pay an internet service provider so that your home has WiFi. With that WiFi you can go on sites like Netflix, Facebook, Tumblr, Amazon, Wikipedia, and more all at the same speed. You pay for the WiFi and then you use it for whatever you want.
What the US government is currently trying to pass is a bill that will allow internet providers to charge you differently for different websites. For example you might pay $5 to have Wikipedia and Netflix load at the same speed right now. If it passes you might pay $5 for Wikipedia to load quickly and unless you want to wait half a day for the first episode of Gotham to even load you might be paying $15 to use Netflix at the same speed as Wikipedia.
Which, tbh is quite ridiculous in my opinion. Using the internet would be like paying for cable, buying different packages to be able to see different things. In my opinion it’s the ultimate scam.

As for what you can do to help, especially as a minor, a big thing is spreading awareness. I haven’t seen net neutrality talked about much outside of social media, meaning a lot of people probably don’t know what’s going on. Reblogging posts about it will definitely help.
Another big thing you can do is talk to your parents/guardians/aunts&uncles/etc (I’m on mobile so I can’t link you but there’s a couple great posts with great sources both on my blog and floating around tumblr that you can use to help explain things better). Tell them what it is and explain why you care and think they should too. Ask them if they’d mind calling/emailing/or even using one of the different texting services (links in some of the aforementioned posts to said services) and letting their elected officials know that they don’t want this bill passed.
Contacting your elected officials and telling them what you think is how we’re going to keep this from coming to pass and while you might not be able to do this because of your age you probably know people who can so I suggest asking them to do just that.
Heck, thanksgiving is tomorrow; if you can arm yourself with information and research and you feel comfortable enough discussing politics with your family than bring it up at the dinner table, you’ve got a captive audience.

I hope that was able to help! If you’ve got any other questions feel fee to ask and I’ll take a stab at answering them. Those links to articles on it are going to be your best friend though, especially if you plan on talking to your family about it. Good luck! And happy holidays!


“Tell Bull I want him to find love again.” Dorian moans weakly as the Enchanter leaves the tent, and rolls over, burrowing deeper into his nest of blankets.


He feels her come up behind him, a warm, steadying presence against his back, and draws her arms around him, linking her hands with his.


“Isabela.” The Elf makes a small, amused sound. “Do you know what it is to give yourself to a cause for more than silver, or pleasure, or the oath of a Master, far above you?”


Yet once fortified –– archers along the walls, towers restored, drawbridge mended, two three five trebuchets, I must ask Leliana about a moat… (It would freeze you idoit!) –– it may prove quite formidable. It is a place for dreams, Solas says. Already we are all affected.

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Relax, its my opinion XD. I still think that Mutsuki must dies in the end, maybe committing suicide for a good cause, who knows...

You’re definitely entitled to your opinion. I’ve just seen a lot of ableist stuff floating around about Mutsuki, so that wasn’t entirely directed at you to be clear!

But TG’s a very anti-suicide manga, and anti-martyrdom as well. I’ll bluntly state that Mutsuki has to survive or at least want and try to survive after being redeemed for the manga to work on a thematic level. If the new world ghouls and humans create cannot offer hope to characters who have been so exploited by the old world like Mutsuki, what is even the point of creating a new world? If characters whose lives have been tragedies due to no fault of their own have to die for a new world to exist, well, I think TG has already shown us how creating a world or a throne built on corpses of the weak/inconvenient goes: it creates a monster that will eat your world and everything you’ve worked for.

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Those of you celebrating I hope you have an awsome thanksgiving and gain a few pounds and just know I’m so thankful for each and every last one of you. If you want to stop by and say hello I’ll still be on and would be happy to talk to you guys cause I love y'all so much💕

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