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u know whats annoying me??? ppl are like jake thinks amy is incompetent and thats super sexist etc tetc but like jake is freaking out cause he loves amy and he has hellaa issues from his father leaving?? all those abandonment issues. and remember he freaked out when terry went undercover, jake freaks out over everyone bc he loves to protect and love everyone 😞

i know!!! i honestly don’t know why they’re saying that, like the whole idea of ~~protective boyfriend~~ would’ve been annoying if THAT’S WHERE THE SHOW WENT. I feel that so often, people see the storyline and choose to ignore how it gets resolved. Like, yeah, Jake was overprotective of her, but look at how the show handled his behavior at the end: it showed that it is ridiculous, and jeopardizing to the operation; it showed that Amy seriously and genuinely does not at all in aNY wAy need Jake to be good at her job; it showed that the reason for this behavior is because Jake is worried (as would Amy, if she were in his situation); and Jake eventually backed off and removed himself from the case because he KNEW that what he’s doing is dumb and hindering to her job.

and like?? Amy literally tells him that his orders are crap and that she knows what she’s doing, honestly this storyline advanced Amy’s characterization and showed the badass, competent side of her that we all love to see and the side that never takes anyone’s shit.

and, like you said, THAT’S WHAT JAKE IS. He was worried about Terry lmao T E R R Y 

@cynicalschuyler showed me a quote from this one review of this episode and i think it’s great:

Jake understandably showing concern for Amy’s safety, but I loved that it was never because she was a woman or even, as Amy suggested, because she isn’t as traditionally tough as someone like Rosa. It was because, as he admitted in that great last scene, she’s the person he loves, and he couldn’t stand to see her in danger without interfering. I would have completely bought an episode where the roles were reversed, with Amy panicking over Jake being in that situation. It highlighted one of my favorite things about their relationship, which is that it’s one of complete equals.

idk i just hope people can see that this storyline is actually wonderful and very important and throws the dumb stereotype of ~*~overprotective boyfriend~*~ out the window and into the trash where it truly belongs