cause i know some ugly people on the inside

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What did Melissa say that got her dragged by a lot of people, including karamels? ((can karamels even drag people properly though?....))

karamels did what…? Lmao anyways she said some dumb shit in support of karamel… ion even remember properly cause i died inside but basically she said mon el was important for kara’s storyline or some shit… im not even like taking it too seriously cause she was deadass at a cw event and couldnt jus paul wesley her answer and b like “this is wack and i hate it” but still.. ugly behavior and i only know one woman named katherine elizabeth mcgrath

I want to hate the “ugly” character ends up with “attractive” love interest trope-thing cause it’s more often then not an “ugly” guy character getting the hot girl as some kind of reward for having “beauty on the inside” (even if said guy is actually a jerk).

If it IS an “ugly girl” and a hot boy the girl is always average/pretty by regular standards but is treated like she’s disgusting(and they often get makeovers/proven they are beautiful anyways). Either way physically attractive people are still a “reward”.

But DEEP DOWN I know that if there was more yuri with this trope it I would be all over it…