cause i just watched his interview with


Jack: When I was at school my friend, we both did art, and he really wanted to do a drawing of his girlfriend naked. But he figured he’d only be allowed to do a drawing of his girlfriend naked if he also did a drawing of a bloke naked as well. So it would look like a legitimate art project…. (x)

i love when i still see people say that billie wrote “why do you want him” abt his moms new boyfriend when he was like 14 bc it always makes me think of that interview where the interviewer said this to him and billie’s like “no that’s not true” and the interviewers like.. oh cause that’s all over the research.. and billie’s just like “damn it twitter”

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I DID AND I DIED first because of namjoon speaking english omg he’s so cute when he gets all smiley ;______; my heart.

harrie tag

rules: you must answer the questions till the end and then tag another 10 harrie blogs to do the same! you can use videos/links/gifs/photos to answer the questions.

i was tagged by rach @gayanqel thank you, i love you xx

i’ve no idea who has and hasn’t done this yet, so i’ll just tag anyone who wants to do it!

favourite look: 

i’m not sure whether this is my absolute favourite cause every single one of harry’s looks is iconic and it’s impossible to choose, but i really loved the pink polka dotted shirt, pink suits him so well!

favourite tweet:

favourite interview: 

the bbc live lounge one with nick, his dimples have never been bigger than that day and my heart doubles in size whenever i watch it

favourite stage moment:

“physically i’m fine, emotionally i’m bruised”

favourite hair style:

i love every single one of them, but maybe the half bun? that was so cute i really hope he brings it back

favourite family member:

i can’t possibly choose between gemma and anne, i love them both so much!!

favourite 1d bromance:

idk maybe narry? 

favourite celebrity and harry:

sorry i’m terrible at making decisions

favourite tattoo: 

the butterfly i think??? aaah this is so stressful, i love every single one of them

favourite quote:

“i used to know a tortoise once and he liked to eat string beans” 

favourite instagram post: 

“sometimes the king is a woman”!!!!

favourite music video:

night changes cause i love being cheesy and harry looked like an absolute dream

favourite another man pic:

i mean….

your name: 


your age: 


where you live: 

in harry’s left dimple

have you ever seen harry live in concerts or met him? any special moments? 

i saw 1d in concert once but i was so far in the back that i could barely see harry :( i was so worried when he went on that platform though, it looked like he was gonna fall!!!

what’s your favorite thing about harry?

his kindness 

what is your favorite line/lyric of harry’s on 1D albums?

if i could fly, i’d be coming right back home to you

what is the song that reminds you of harry the most? 

songbird by fleetwood mac, can’t help falling in love by elvis or tupelo honey by van morrison

what is the movie that reminds you of harry the most? 

love actually!!

for how long you’ve been a harrie? 

for 3 years i believe

where you were when the dunkirk first trailer came out? 

at home luckily!

what do you expect for HS1?

it’s gonna revolutionise music

what are your tags for harry on tumblr?

i only post harry on this blog anyways, so i don’t really have any!

who is your favourite harry blog?

every single one of my mutuals tbh, i love you all x

gd!!!! i just walked past the tv and saw a picture of the man who died at my esnoga flash up on the news and so i went back and watched the story
apparently dallas is receiving tons of random 911 calls from no one and they can’t figure out what’s causing it and they can’t fix it so his husband called 911 and had to wait 20 minutes before anyone answered
like gd!! that’s so awful! it’s so frustrating and i’m so upset. they interviewed his husband on the news and they had a picture of him at the esnoga
and gd…. he died bc the city of dallas can’t fix a damn thing

BTS Reaction #32

BTS reaction when they Wake up and see you binge watching their videos (Bangtan bombs, performances, interviews, V app).


“Ah… why are you watching that at this time of the night?”

“I love watching your performances, especially those winks…”

*chuckles* “Okay… just promise me that you’ll sleep soon?”

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“Cause No More Dream Yoongi era was sooooo fine.”

*glares at you in disgust*

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*moves his head in front of your computer screen*

“Honey, why are you watching that when there’s the real me right here?” *winks*

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*you wake him up* “Oh my god, Namjoon, why do you look like seaweed when you dance???”

“What???” *watches the video with you and starts laughing out of embarrassment*

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“Are you watching our Bangtan bombs?! I’ll join!~” 

*5 seconds in*

“Don’t you think I look the best here, jagiya?!”

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“Tae, I didn’t know you could do aegyo?!” 


*you pull up the video* “Then what’s this?”

*cringes silently* “It’s not cute at all!”

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“Hey Jungkook, why don’t you ever say these things to me???”

*you show him a compilation of his smooth af pickup lines*

“jafwoei8ufvja;weijfaiehga;oij” *starts turning as red as a tomato*

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Send it to Ricky, to Jason, to @the100writers, to Ben, to Lindsey (especially her, since she’s next). SPREAD THESE ON TWITTER. Be kind, but let them know our point of view. Make them understand that this is not about a favorite character, this is not about a tv show, this is about real lives. Our lives. And we deserve better too. 

Bonus: This interview went against what Ricky said in his periscope about not watching the show if it’s causing harm to you.”

Clexakru people who actually wrote these quotes: 

  1. We raised money… - @officialcommanderlexa
  2. You left because you were… - @off2polis
  3. when ricky still tries to... - @alyciadebnerdcarey
  4. i do wanna support this cast... - @debnamjauregui
  5. it just really pisses me off… - @clarkesquad
  6. Ricky Whittle on AfterBuzz
  7. Ricky Whittle on AfterBuzz
  8. They bullied me and I… - @commanderoswald

Part 1. Part 2.

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ugh i just want michaels head in lap so i can scratch his back and watch his face as he sleeps cause hes probs so cute shakdbsksdf

It’s like, after a long day of promo full of interviews and a three-hour long signing, Michael just kinda claims an entire row of seats for himself and you on the two-hour van ride back to the hotel (near the venue the boys would be playing at the next night) despite the others protests. However, with a huff and a determined middle finger shot towards the boys, Michael crawls into the seats next to you, your head leaning against your arm on the armrest by the window, and just plops himself down so that his head is resting in your lap. Only moving when you coax a pillow underneath his head so his head doesn’t bump around during the ride, Michael’s out like a light within in the first five minutes of the ride. As his breaths steady out and his body relaxes into the leather plush of the seats, you lightly sling your arm around his torso because yeah, okay, you didn’t really have anywhere else to put it, but you also knew within thirty seconds of it being there that Michael would wrap himself around it, using your arm to cuddle against. Little puffs of air from his mouth would leave a little trail of goosebumps on your arm but you wouldn’t really mind because your boyfriend was snuffling adorably into the pillow and his thumb was lightly tracing back and forth calmingly against your wrist. Lightly running your fingers through his hair, you slowly found yourself nodding off into a light sleep, waking only when the boys were carted off into the hotel and Ashton nudged you in the elevator as Michael heavily hung himself on you with a cheeky smile and a retort of, “Check your twitter when you get to your room.” Sleepily, you followed Ashton’s request as Michael curled around you in a spooning position once you made it to your shared room, already asleep again, and held back a squeal as you gazed at the picture the curly-haired boy had put up on twitter of you and your boyfriend; all cuddled up, sleeping on each other, with the caption “couldn’t resist taking a picture of these two sleepy heads”


I’m side eyeing the hell out of last nights episode! Don’t get me wrong I love Bonnie and I agree with people saying that Kai deserved it. But am I the only one that finds it seriously annoying how Bonnie finally stopped taking peoples shit with Kai the guy who actually showed remorse and apologized for his actions? I also find it ironic how he was one of the few guys to show a romantic interest in Bonnie and he gets trapped. Bonnie can never have an interesting love interest! Wait and see Julie will find a way to keep Beremy going until the end of this train wreck of a show. I love Bamon and I want them to happen more than anything but I know a lost cause when I see one and I can tell the writers have no plans to get them together. You just need to watch Ian’s interviews to see that much. So I started hoping for Bonkai because I thought finally a guy that see’s Bonnie as the amazing person she is and he never showed interest in Elame or Caroline which let’s admit is extremely rare on this show. So I’m not pissed that Bonnie trapped Kai but I am extremely disappointed that the writers made Bonnie start growing backbone with Kai when she should have done it a long time ago with her so called friends! I’m so done.

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Remember the interview when Harry was asked about Larry and the lady interviewing showed him pics of them together? Well I wanted to get your thoughts on Harry's reaction cause at first he does a little annoyed head shake and I was never sure what it meant exactly. I felt like he could've been pissed at the lady for basically shoving it at him cause he had nowhere to run but then I was thinking what if he's actually just pissed at the rumors of him and Louis and that's why he reacted like that??

This ask has a STRONG odor of trolling, but it’s polite, so I’ll answer.

I’m quite familiar with that interview, I’ve watched it MANY times over.  By far the MOST important reaction from Harry was right after she claims to have pictures of Harry and Louis kissing, etc.  Harry’s eyes almost bugged out of his head as he leaned forward.  This is not the reaction of someone annoyed by “pesky gay rumors” it’s the reaction of someone who’s panicking, who can’t afford to let the truth come out.  He knew if she had real pictures there would be hell to pay with 1DHQ.  Why would he be worried about “Larry” proof if no authentic proof existed?  His head shaking does not convey annoyance to me, but rather his body disagreeing with the words he has to say.  He was lying because he had to, not that he wanted to.

Since when has Harry, “Not that important” Styles been worried about gay rumors anyway?  For the past couple of years he’s done everything short of explicitly stating, “I am a homosexual.”  The reason Harry hates to be confronted with a blatant, “Is Larry real?” question is that he CANNOT answer it truthfully and he HATES having to deny his true love.  It puts him in a position where he loses no matter what he says.

Back to that interview.  At the end there’s a short segment where Harry appears to be crying (after having been forced to deny his relationship with Louis) and Niall gives him a little hug, trying to comfort him.  Some have claimed that he was only suffering allergies, so why would Niall give him a sympathetic hug for hay fever?  I know Niall cares about Harry, but he’d just chuckle and say, “You’re a mess mate.” if it were allergies.  Harry was deeply hurt and Niall knew it wasn’t a time to tease, but to comfort.

There is a tendency, among SOME fans to try and find plausible non-Larry explanations for the THOUSANDS of clues that they are, in fact, a couple.  If you step back and look at the forest of evidence, rather than each individual tree, you will HAVE to conclude that Harry and Louis are indeed an item.