cause i just had to edit photos from that day


This was my first hamster Nyla. He was a male Russian dwarf that I got as a birthday present back in 2010. I don’t like the idea of giving pets as presents at all, but he was the one to make me fall in love with these little fuzzbutts. I still feel horrible about not knowing much about hamsters back then except for what the pet store told me (and they’re usually either liars who make shit up or don’t have a clue about hamsters). He lived in a small cage (horrible, I know), but at least I let him out play and run across my room quite frequently. This is why educating yourselves on hamster health is important! Nyla was the most cuddliest hamster ever. He would fall asleep on me and loved getting pet. He crossed over to the rainbow bridge in May 2012.

I am currently reediting (saving) his photos cause the ones I have printed few years back are just awful. I’ve stumbled upon these few photos in raw format and that’s pretty much all I have in raw as far as Nyla’s photos go and I’m really sad about it cause he deserves great photos. Back then, I had no idea how to take okayish photos let alone edit them correctly. As you can see, the light here is coming from the wrong direction thus illuminating his butt instead of face xD. He was a great model, shame I wasn’t such a great photographer.

I miss this little fuzzbutt every day.