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K so some of my favorite posts here are the “humans are weirder than aliens” ones, and I just thought of something tremendous

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Aliens have managed to advance because they hyper focus on everything they do, but are completely baffled by our ability to multitask. They are stunned that we listen to music when working, cause they would hyper focus on the music and nothing else. Or humans work on stuff while having on conversation and still know what the conversation is about even while half listening.

Imagine aliens not understanding the concept of short attention spans


The Pilot | Doctor Who S10

Yeah, ‘cause I think you’re going to wipe my memory. I’m not stupid, you know. That’s the trouble with you. You don’t think anyone’s ever seen a movie. I know what a mind-wipe looks like! This is the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me in my life. The only exciting thing! Okay, let me remember just for a week. Just a week. Okay, well, just for tonight. Just one night. Come on, let me have some good dreams for once.

We our in affiliation with Miraculousdaily and we feel there is a big issue going on there and we’re using our platform to help this blog solve the issue. 

Recently Miraculousdaily was hacked. The same day one of their members left the blog. The person in question left the blog on bad terms with one other person on the blog because of harassment. She then created a kind of expose on this person and wanted everyone to stop following Miraculousdaily and block them. Another one of the admins used this post to start a war against the other admin of Miraculousdaily. She posted things from the admins past in another fandom to try to make him look just as if not more bad. 

Immediately after this expose Miraculousdaily started losing posts. Edits that people worked hard on just disappeared of the blog. Particularly those of the admin that they had an issue with and one of his other admins that he was close to whom was not at all connected with the issue. She just got targeted because she was close to him. It seemed like a direct attack against them. 

They then proceeded to start blocking people that are following Miraculousdaily and then unblock them. Which would mean that their crimes would be hidden, and Miraculousdaily would continue to lose followers. 

When the hacker first arrived on the scene the admins were puzzled. They started panicking as anyone would how this person could come into the blog, uninvited, and then just start destroying everything. Only one of the admins was not panicking. In fact the admin was brushing it off as if it was a bug and not a serious thing.

That is a very suspicious reaction to the alarming thing that a whole blog was losing posts, followers at an alarming rate, getting their header destroyed, and losing edits. It’s just a bug. Safe to say it is not just a bug as it’s still there. Yes this is indeed the same admin that posted on to the first post at the very top.

That is how many followers the blog lost in two days that is not possible, especially if the blog is active.

The admin that caused all these issues left the blog, but the hacker did not leave still. Instead they then proceeded to continue to delete posts of other members. They play around with the settings of the blog. 

For those that are unaware marking a blog as explicit is a very serious thing, they also toyed with the time zone settings, they made the blog unsearchable on tumblr, they even tried to password protect the blog. 

This is wrong, and this game needs to stop.You should do the right thing and leave as well. There’s a lot of innocent people on that blog that don’t deserve this game your playing. One of Miraculous Ladybugs main themes is how love is stronger then anything else, you sure are not showcasing the message of the show you claim to love well.

Miraculousladybuggifs is the only admin that has the motive, that has the access to do something like this and even if she herself is not the hacker that created a fake account she is an accomplice as she added the hacker that started racking destruction on Miraculousdaily. 

To note that an admin from this list and one of the members helped us with gathering this info and the other admins on this list have no motive to do something like this, only one admin does. Do the right thing and leave Miraculousdaily. Enough with these games. The members are scared to post because you or the person you put on the blog will delete their stuff. Like this post from yesterday.

Stop being a bully, you’re painting yourself just as bad as the admin that left.

We have a very professional relationship with this blog, but this issue needed to be brought up so we worked together with 2 of the members that were able to contact the people involved to get these screencaps. Something needed to be done and nothing could be done on Miraculousdaily cause miraculousladybuggifs or the hacker she added to the blog which was either herself or someone else would delete the post or try to incriminate someone else. The people at miraculousdaily wanted the person to leave voluntarily but they didn’t so then they seeked help from their affiliates. 

We have your back Miraculousdaily, keep doing a good job. I only hope this can solve your issue once and for all. What the admin whom started all this did is wrong and that’s why they left the blog, what this person is doing is just as nasty and vindictive. 

i need a fic where Stiles and Derek gets kidnapped and its really ugly and there’s traumatizing shit involved and when they get rescued Stiles wakes up in the hospital and causes a huge scene because Derek isn’t by his side???? and he ends up needing to be sedated because nothing and no one else can calm him down and he’s starting to tug at his IVs and getting up to find Derek himself, yelling at the top of his lungs?????

Call me a masochist but that’s the kind of angst I’m living for.


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It’d been some time since Bones had seen or heard from you, and it was making him grumpier than normal. He couldn’t stand it anymore, and against his better judgement, he decided to share his concerns with Jim.

“You miss her!” Jim taunted, not trying to conceal his utter delight.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” he snapped. “She’s up to something! And it’s going to be big if she’s taking this long.”

“Good,” Jim nodded, earning a glare from the doctor. “What? Morale’s been pretty low lately and another stunt is just what we need right now.”

Leonard exhaled, shoulders slumping as he took a seat. “Yeah. Crew’s getting careless. Medbay’s been busier than a cat covering crap on a marble floor.”

“Well, was she acting strange last time you saw her?” Jim crossed his arms and leaned against the table across from Leonard. “Seem suspicious or anything?”

Bones shrugged, “I haven’t seen her since she put up the resistance posters.”

“What? That was over a year ago!” Jim’s brow furrowed, trying to recall something. “That’s not right, weren’t you on the same team during the last mission?”

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How do you deal with it when it seems like none of your friends, and no one that you love, want anything to do with you?

Hey anon, I’m sorry you are dealing with this :( This is a fear I am very familiar with, and it is just an awful thing to thing & feel. I think there are a bunch of different things you can do to handle this, depending on the situation and where you are at the moment. I’m just gonna list a bunch and you can pick and choose what might work for you.

  1. Examine the evidence. Write down a list of the evidence that supports this statement, and the evidence against it. You may find it’s not as comprehensive as you think. For example, it’s easy for our minds to turn one friendship that has ended badly + a fight with our parents into feeling that every single person hates us when this is not really true. And if you look closely, you might find there is tons of evidence that people really do care about you. If it seems like the evidence is kind of weak, you can reach out to someone and ask if anything is up — there is a good chance they just turn out to be busy, or having a bad day last time you saw them. 
  2. Deal with individual problems separately. It tends to get really overwhelming when you start grouping whole bunches of problems together. It makes it seem like it’s too big and too complicated to be solved, but if you break them apart it is much less intimidating. Think about what a logical course of action might be, if any. Maybe you had a fight with someone recently and you want to apologize. Maybe a friendship or relationship is over, and that is just something you need to give yourself time to heal from.
  3. Remember that even if every single person in your life hated you, you would still be a worthy and valuable person. And there is always the potential for change – so many of us have been acutely lonely at some points in our life only to go on and form great relationships. I don’t believe for a second that anyone is inherently unlovable or anything, and this is a temporary thing. You are still so important to this world. 
  4. Remember that how you are treated reflects on the person treating you that way, NOT your inherent worth. This is honestly SO important. People aren’t abused because they are not valuable, they are abused because their abuser has terrible values. People are not bullied because they are unimportant and unloveable, but because their bullies are cruel. People not left out of society because they have nothing to offer, but because as a society we haven’t prioritized their inclusion. And so on. Even if what has happened to you doesn’t fit into any of these categories – remember that. The way we are treated is mostly luck, mostly out of our control. And it doesn’t necessarily say anything about us. (Also, like I said above, it is TEMPORARY, and even if you have shitty people around you right now, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have better ones in the future).
  5. Try and figure out what is causing you to feel this way besides the people in your life. Normally with thoughts like this, it’s a combination of our general beliefs about the world/ourself, our emotions, and actual triggers or events. So, besides whatever has happened recently, what else is going on? Maybe your mental illness is making it hard to feel connected to people. Maybe you believe that you are unlovable, annoying, or have nothing to offer, and you tend to assume that others feel the same way (these are called a core beliefs – here is an explanation & a worksheet for that). Maybe you have a lot of anxiety which causes you to fear the worst about what people think. 
  6. Deal with the emotions you are feeling. I have a post here with a bunch more advice about dealing with loneliness besides just making friends (because obviously that is not easy to do!). Also, if you found something above, see if you can address that. Challenge your negative assumptions about your worth. Try to identify what thoughts are anxiety, look for coping skills, seek treatment. 

Hang in there darling <3 I have definitely been there, especially when I lost my entire friend group at one time! It was such a rough period in general, I wasn’t getting along with my family … I was just really alone for a while there, and it was rough! But I made it through, and I have had so many wonderful relationships since, including really close bonds with my family. Things really can get better even when it seems impossible. Sending love!

people are mixing together 30 discourses on my dash accusing everyone of something and then something else and i feel like you need to stop for 10 seconds and breathe cause there is a megadiscourse made of different discourses that have nothing to do with each other all put together in a giant snowball of wrong mixed up stuff calm DOWN for a second

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I am now curious! How did you base off the fan faves? But yeah I do love kirishima and tsuyu and many of them lol

*videogame music plays* backstory unlocked!

Originally posted by wlwfutaba

Don’t jump too high, not a interesting story in the least, don’t expect any cutting commentary most of these facts I got from witnessing my own posts in action¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Short ver. : Statistics. Numbers are actually telling me those three are the most loved. That is literally all it took for me to know this and why tokoyami didn’t make the list, you only have yourself to blame tokoyami fans*finger of shame*

Long ver. (shits for real long):

So these facts are more or less coming from a pattern I started noticing whenever I post certain content for the fandom, or more simply put: note counts.

I post a lot of things, all varied, all debatable in quality and just enough to keep this blog going. 

And so one time, while I’m still a baby blog who was just starting in the bnha fandom, I made these Tsuyu & Ochako posts I didn’t think were good enough: those got high note counts, I was not expecting that.

Based off that, I knew Ochako & Tsuyu were extremely popular because I broke 1k posts for each of them when I couldn’t even manage those kinds of numbers back when I first started tumblr, the norm for me then were a few solid 100s stuck in the 30-60s but I never broke a 1k easily.

The tags for those told me even more, from a cursory perspective for people who haven’t even watched or heard of the show love the designs of these two. Tsuyu for obvious reasons and Ochako because she’s a ball of adorable

Originally posted by slyfu

And I’ve replicated that Tsuyu post with other characters (you’ll see one for all might, bakugou & even sero), those numbers never happened again for that kind of post.

Originally posted by rainbow-taishi

Frog girl has absolute rule.

Now the one thing I wasn’t too aware of was Kirishima’s height in popularity, I had a ballpark but not a full understanding, until just recently after posting something fairly basic I genuinely didn’t think would get much, 30or60 if I lucked out while it snailed higher. 

It broke 200 in a single night!!!

Tags are equal in support, you know how many times I witnessed a kiri reblog with the tags in caps?!

Kiri fans are just as energetic as he is :D

Don’t doubt Kirishima’s charisma, sharkboy is absolutely adored. You can always find that someone who doesn’t like Bakugou or Deku (I’ve seen it) or are just ok with them along with Todoroki but you can be sure Kirishima has a solid fanbase who will fight you for him or even those who just can’t help but melt for him. He’s just absolutely lovable and no one can say they don’t like the guy, he’s a good boy. Even I have a average amount of love for him but I’d still take a bullet for him ok, no one can lose this sunshine hero ;A; (irony being he wouldn’t want that, thats why you gotta support him!!)

Same with Tsuyu, there is near perfect agreement about this frog gal and you all shall bow down to our froggy overlord eventually!!!!

Originally posted by cinemacinemagraphs

Ochako might be a bit unsteady but make no mistake she’s still high up there with them.

Of course I’m also a part of the fandom and I do know just about all the characters are well loved and appreciated, I as well share the sentiment with em but I also know some really do have just a handful of absolute faves. Most just seem to gravitate more easily to these guys. 

I mean we do have the bnha sorter for a reason, to out you good parents who say you love all your children equally (¬‿¬)

In no way am I saying those three are unpopular, they are in a standard shonen bubble but you’d be surprised how many would jump in defence for one of the other three, shout at the tops of the roof for them or sell a kidney, they just have this wide fanbase. 

The only difference made was if I make a basic post with either of those boys I can’t make the same note count as the other group, I have to be clever and make good stuff for them to even make it up there to their rank and even then its not that overwhelming ┐(‘~`;)┌ I know you all like Deku, Bakuogu (ymmv) & Todoroki and there is very good fanwork for them but imo it hits fandom standards, pretty much within shonen fandom expectations.

But this is the real secret fandom powerhouse team:

 I’ve always thought that, just never said till now

There just seems be this unified agreement I keep witnessing.

In closing: all this is coming from unintentional study, I just happened to witness and catch onto to what everyone is in unspoken agreement about.

I’m going to reiterate this but bnha fandom is a very interesting shonen fandom to be in, an interesting fandom to be in period, because I’ve seen plenty and you can usually catch onto what the majority thinks or the fandom norms are once you’ve been in or seen enough. bnha currently breaks those expectations, thats why I’m still with it + you know the show is damn awesome

So I’m going to bold the main point of the results:

It wasn’t taking personal taste into account, it was just by majority of vote

Yup those fave were decided by how many people liked them outright, that was all. Nothing else going on but pure adoration, I’m only basing all this off fan reception I’ve seen and had experienced¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Y’all just have a higher affinity for these three

By the way, I was expecting dissension about the lack of personal fave, nope you all are in consensus between agreeing with the post, everyone is a fave or we’re missing Tokoyami; Those are the factions, now pick your pokemon go team!

FYI anyone asking about Tokoyami’s position I addressed that along with shinsou with some unnecessary categorization cause no one can stop me now!!!! ψ(`∇´)ψ

And that was my way-too-long-for-this-simple-ask answer since my overachieving ass won’t settle for a lesser explanation εミ(ο_ _)ο *dies*

Little did the anon know what kind of crap long explanation I was gonna burst out on ψ(^Ф∀Ф^)ψ

Ok guys someone sent me these and I just thought this was really funny so I wanted to share them with you

This first one is a screenshot someone took of my answering an ask:

They then had this to comment:

This must be the hottest take of my stuff yet. So hot they burnt it into mush cause this don’t make no sense. Ignoring the attempts to link me in anyway to Trumpian behavior, nothing but nothing Rian has said has “demolished” Reylo in any fucking way. Have they not been here the past couple of days, seen the melt down of their own fandom, seen the lashing out at the director of a beloved franchise? I mean, they have to be tapped into some of the bullshit because they are rehashing the whole “No Finn in the marketing” myth and because they literally just screenshot my post explaining the situation to someone else. Like c’mon they have to know better, right?

We saw the movie dumb dumb, that’s why we’re the ones who aren’t upset at Rian. And I never claimed that Finnreys hated Rey. Never. What I have done is collect receipts of some of the shit that’s been said in the wake of #riangate that has been blatantly anti-Rey as well as noted a long-standing phenomena of Finn stans/antis doing the exact thing to Rey that they accuse Reylo shippers/Kylo Ren fans of doing to Finn: namely erasure/sidelining and stealing traits and putting them onto another character, in this case Finn. This has been a general observation of mine for some time, a lot of the Finn is the Force Sensitive, Finn is the awakening, Finn is the legacy child, Finn is the last jedi, Finn will be trained by Luke, Finn is the new Anakin/Luke, Finn is the continuation of literally everything under the sun, Finn is the protagonist of TFA/Star Wars as a whole stray into that territory, if not are steeped in it. While I support theorizing and expanding the characters and certainly not all of these automatically fall into this trap, the truth is many of these do downgrade Rey, some so blatantly (like saying Finn is the awakening, or Finn is the protagonist) that it’s astounding. 

You dope. It’s what Rian said. Aside from that I did not “barge into the tag” and by this I assume you mean Finn or Finnrey. This is an outright lie.

WRONG. Rey, Finn and Kylo Ren are the co-protagonists. Rian said so. If you mean that Finn is the male lead in the sense of being the male hero of this story then duh yeah, we’ve been saying that since kingdom come.

Anyway. If you wanna have a go at me get your facts straight ahead of time.

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Ooo the last one was so good do u kno what songs of zayns album u would relate to the boys ??

jesus here comes the pain train

louis: dRuNk
this is a no brainer, i mean…. “intoxicated, it’s true. when i’m with you i’m buzzing and i feel laced” like…. we all know zouis were stoner bros and zayn just confirmed it #canoncompliant. and the worst god damn part is that as the song goes on you can see zayn thinking about that summer… you can see him looking back on that time and thinking ‘now i’ve got red eyes from these late nights, amnesia from getting blackout drunk by myself, and i need you’ like honest to god zouis, get lives and stop making bitchy comments about each other’s this is killing me

niall: BoRdErZ
ho boy hello ANGST! i always got the sense that niall was often playing the neutral mediator between zayn and any kind of conflict that may have arisen during ot5 1d times, even if zayn thought he was doing all the protecting in that friendship. on top of that, i think niall was the first to reach out to zayn post march 25 and so this song really epitomises all of that, because it’s about breaking down those borders and reclaiming what you once had, even if those borders had been placed there for a “good cause” in the first place.

it truly does not get angstier than zarry post zayn leaving. it just doesn’t. you can try but nothing else will ever come close. can you imagine the nights zayn spent wishing harry would’ve figured out what was wrong? the very same nights they likely spent sleeping next to each other on tour. zarry had those deep and meaningful drunk chats, harry was zayn’s rock, and i think by the end they were strangers sleeping side by side (made even worse by the fact that if they just TALKED they could’ve gotten somewhere). what was once a paradise became a silent warzone. rip zarry

liam: tRuTh
YIKES O’CLOCK!!!!! i think there was more conflict between ziam than they let on. i think liam was zayn’s guiding light for a long while in the band, the person who understood him but at the same time never asked for him to change who he was. but i think liam saw something in zayn that zayn couldn’t quite glimpse in himself, and that meant that by the end zayn was a little bitter; a little like ‘you told me it’d be okay and it wasn’t’, a little ‘i got caught up in your dream and forgot my own’, and maybe a bit of ‘i trusted you and you led me astray’…… anyway lol i’m emo

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So people part of the chat are like “it isn’t even that great, get over yourselves” and are literally moaning about how terrible it is. If it’s so bad, just leave so other people who feel left out can join? You say it’s nothing special, but you have inside jokes and shit, and form actual friendships like some kind of exclusive secret society. Sorry but I’m so done.

people are literally just……. joking………… about leaving……… it’s a joke.

i honestly don’t know what the hell you guys expect us to do? we have explained multiple times why we can’t add more people. we host movie events and such where EVERYONE is invited. we have a list so if you want to get in and we ever have space you can.

i’m not going to stop posing about it cause this is my tumblr and i want these posts documented on my blog. we’re having fun and if you don’t like to see it that’s none of my business. i tag the posts; block the tag if you don’t like it.

what pisses me off about this is everyone trying to shit on us as some “exclusive” club. like do you hypocrites even hear yourselves? people shit on taylor’s “squad” for the exact same damn thing.

if you’re seriously so pressed about it go follow someone else instead, because we aren’t going to shut up because you’re whining about it.

nothing is stopping you guys from making your own gc and posting about it??? i’m sick of people trying to make me and my friends feel like we’re shitty people because we have fun together and want to talk about it on our blogs. this isn’t primary school; grow up.

Since my other post accidentally caused a ship war despite being nothing more than a harmless compliment about Luna’s taste in men and Anti-Noctluna fans saw this as an perfect opportunity to bash my ship and start fight with other shippers while being extremely rude to them, and many people reblogged what they wrote, I decided to remind everyone again how great Luna’s taste in men is! She only had eyes for Noctis and no one else! What a great woman! The whole time she stayed loyal to her one true love and her feelings for him have never changed! They say true love always wins in the end and they were totally right about this!^^

Originally posted by bolina

SO ANYWAY artfight is over, im rEALLY not happy w me here agshd i didnt do much and later just completely ignored it cause i burnt out so hard
I think next time ill mostly hide my ocs and just focus on attacking others i didn’t rly do that this time B’)
Because, i weep happily over every art i got but that number was kinda daunting in the end agshhd
IF U ATTACKED ME and i havent commented on it yet ill get to it, i just have like. No energy for that rn i guess

Abt other stuff, im working on a new commission post rn 👉👉 w a lot more stuff to pick this time

I wanted to do that oc ask blog thing, i def will but im still thinking if its gonna be an All my ocs thing or if ill actually make it a canon thing to my current comic idea (felic n leia have a blog so i thought that could just be their blog ya dig)
So yea ill think abt that

Annnnnd i got nothing else
No read more for u cause im on phone :^*
See ya babies 💕


So I dunno if anyone would like


But the manga does actually have an in canon explaination for Naruto’s last minute “healing” abilities and Sasuke’s sudden proficiency with the Rinnegan in those final battles. There’s also some decent evidence for why the Senju don’t have the mokuton and even why Naruto can’t use it, though he could have if he wasn’t a jinchuuriki. but its a whole thing and I’ll probably make the post for me if nothing else.

But ANYWAY I started thinking about it with those “Sakura has the Mokuton” posts…which I don’t hate/dislike really but I feel like kinda misses a point about Tsunade and Sakura that was half-assedly made (so I don’t blame anyone for not seeing it, or disagreeing with me) and would have been made a lot better if Sakura hadn’t been so unpopular while the manga was running cause like…shonen jump sucks guys. Like it really sucks. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that two of the Big Three wiffled around boring fight scenes for eons before farting out an epilogue bathed in bad haircuts and heteronormative/undeveloped “families” before the creators jumped ship to just leave (bleach) or wash his hands of the property (naruto). Honestly. Cause like

Kishimoto once said that jump made him do the chuunin exams, when he’d planned on having Naruto travel around and learn stuff about the world and likely meet ppl and get ready to be a kage…I bet this is why some of the villages are so hinted and developed, cause it’s likely the story was gonna GO to these places. But jump wanks hard over TOURNAMENTS and fights and anyway the chuunin exam was p awesome, so…it did work out there. The war arc….not so much. Better people than me have broken down that tho so I’m gonna talk about the thing I wanna talk about which is Tsunade and Sakura.

So like…in the fight with Madara, we find out that Hashirama was OP as fuck, and could HEAL WITHOUT HANDSIGNS OMG (Madara like…drools over this srsly) and Tsunade doesn’t lol about that, or Madara’s reverence, so it’s clear that was like A Big Deal back in the day.

And Hashirama is like…the god of god shinobi. That…is one fuckoff huge shadow to live under?? Like how do you top that? He healed, had an amazing “bloodline” ability, went up against all the bijuu like NBD, and ~changed the world~.

We never learn about Tsunade’s parents and honestly…I think it’s because they never crawl out from Hashirama’s shadow…this is a total headcanon admittedly, but I don’t think they died early, since that’d likely be a part of her trauma. But anyway.

With Madara, Tsunade is like “I couldn’t do what my grandfather did, so I made my OWN DAMN WAY.” And whips up the yin seal. And I hate that this came SO LATE into canon and not before because that’s a COOL THING?

Like Tsunade couldn’t be Hashirama so she became the Greatest Medic of All Time….thats a HELL of a way to break out of Hashirama’s shadow. And like…people will remember Hashirama as a legend but I like to think that Tsunade is more tangible as an idol for people, idk.

She made that yin seal, and I feel like she probably laid the foundation for all modern medical ninjutsu, and probably was a seal master in her own right. I wish we’d gotten more about Tsunade other than her trauma, she’s fucking awesome?? The only actual Sannin, let’s be real cause orochimaru is a shit and Jiraiya is a dumpster fire.

But this whole shindig is supposedly about Sakura, cause I had a point about her and her character:

Sakura is like

The Official Normal on the team who is always worried about being in Naruto and Sasuke’s shadows and can’t catch up and like…every time she’s like “watch me guys I got this, I’ve caught up” *proceeds to fail and need help*


Team 7 like

Failed dude…I love the cute genin days but it was a failure and of all of them Sakura clings the fuck out of those days and like

Never moves on

(I don’t think Naruto—still hated by the village and scared of rejection and ignorant about everything and living alone in a shitty apartment—or Sasuke—stewing in the hatred and lies from his brother and working for a kage who ORDERED THE MASSACRE OF HIS FAMILY….i mean even Kakashi, guilty about everything and unfulfilled and depressed…yeah they may have some fond memories but they probably aren’t scrambling to go back, you know?)

I legit believe her Sasuke obsession is in no small part fueled by a desire to go back to idyllic childhood days where the world wasn’t complicated and the future looked bright…Sakura FLAT OUT says this in her last “”””confession””””” to Sasuke before the VOTE2 fight.

She’s like those people who peaked in high school and never stop telling you how they were prom queen once and god Kaytlyyn I get it prom was a thing that mattered to you. It’s why she acts so childish around Sasuke and why they’ll never be a real couple

She just

Devolves back to being a 13 year old again and tbh I ship SNS hardcore but I DO THINK Sasuke could have loved her if she’d actually let herself grow up and act like a grown woman around him…a poke is not better than a kiss holy fuck.

I CRINGE my asshole inside out whenever I see that panel where Sasuke denies her the kiss but TBH??? I would too?? If this THIRTY YEAR OLD WOMAN comes up and “tee hee”s and stares up her lashes and points her toes in like a little girl?? And then doesn’t like…communicate?


Nor does she go for a kiss goodbye on the cheek? Or a hug? Or SAY anything? Or give him a return date to come back or we need to rethink this if only for our emotionally needy daughter? Like a Sane Person in an adult relationship?? Some wife?? She should be able to do these basic ass things without acting like a preteen??

Seriously y'all go find a thirty something year old woman and picture them acting like Sakura did in that scene…so infantilizing. I wouldn’t kiss her either, damn. And we see like no sign she acts any other way with him. SASUKE DOESNT KNOW HER. And because Sakura can’t act like an adult with him, she’s never gotten to really know him either???

So infuriating but this isn’t supposed to be anti-SS, and I mean it cause I DO THINK Sakura was supposed to do something in this story and didn’t cause we needed new genin for child soldiering.


We see in her shinden novel that she and Ino are establishing clinics for kids and orphans and like…assessing their mental health, and then we hear like nothing of that but that might have been her revolutionary idea outside of Naruto and Sasuke’s shadow cause she does it cause she sees how fucked in the head her teammates are and she had a healthy childhood and look what that did for her. DUDE she deals with SAI her best friend can walk into people’s MINDS whyyyyyy???? did Sakura not get to revolutionize medicine again with mental health care?? Helping shinobi cope with trauma, proving that neglect, abandonment, trauma and war is ruining kids and contributing to the cycles of violence??

Tsunade learned to fix bodies and Sakura mastered that so why not let her discover how to help people fix their minds…and change the system that way.

Look I get that this is speculation and headcanon, but it feels like that’s the groundwork tentatively laid? Sakura growing up and leaving her idyllic childhood behind and changing the system with her more balanced and objective view on things since SHE had a normal childhood (in context, okay)

Anyway I could spiral into like 10 different rants from this and I probably will at some point but whatever

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filming yourself masturbating and sending it to harry (on purpose or accidentally?? together or not together??) or him sending one to you!! PROMPT xx

(I love you guys so much, I was expecting to see a bunch of angry messages in my inbox cause I didn’t post on time but I didn’t get even one, you guys are all so wonderful THANK YOU SO MUCH! More prompts will be posted as I write them xx)

Of course this happened to you. It couldn’t possibly have happened to anyone else, because only you have the worst luck on earth.

It was one of those nights; you were bored and stressed out and a little bit sad, sitting on the floor drinking wine alone and watching terrible television, and halfway through the bottle Harry started to text you. Nothing particularly serious or life changing, just a picture of something he thought was funny like he’s wont to do, but your heart jumped into your throat anyway that he thought to share it with you. Most of the time you were good at ignoring your crush on him, but with alcohol added to the mix it was much harder to pretend you didn’t want him with everything you had.

So maybe in your head you allowed yourself the private fantasy of being his lover, that you were laying on your living room floor drinking and texting him as your boyfriend. It made your night a little bit brighter, made you giggle and feel warm in your face when he called you ‘love’ and you could imagine that he really meant it and wasn’t just being his regular sweet self.

Eventually, he fell asleep. Or so you assumed, as he stopped replying. It was just past midnight, and you sighed to yourself as you rolled onto your back and stared at the ceiling. Of course you had to fall for the most unattainable man you could possibly find, but thinking of that shiny hair, those bedroom eyes and perfectly sculpted hands, it wasn’t as if you could be blamed for feeling the way you do. He could turn you on in an instant, without even trying.

Oh, the things you would do to him if you had permission. Biting your lip, you let your mind drift to a place where you can get revenge for all the times he left you so sexually frustrated you could hardly see straight, just by being in his presence. You’d drive him just as crazy as he drives you, make him beg for it, make him cum so much and so good that he forgot how to think.

Before you know it, you made the decision that sealed your fate. Lost in your imagination, you turned your phone camera on and pointed it to yourself, let the lens take in your bitten lips and down to the cleavage revealed by your top. You cooed his name, drifting your fingertips over your skin as you fantasized about sending him the video while he’s on tour and away from you, making him desperate for you with your little private show. The thought of it makes you grow wet and hot between your thighs.

You stop the recording and start another one, this time letting your fingers pull your top down enough to show the rounded tops of your nipples, beginning to harden under your own touch as you drag your nails over them lightly. You shut your eyes and let out a sigh with his name at the end of it.

In the end, you make six videos, each more explicit than the last. The final one is shaky and unfocused, nothing but panting breaths and whimpering moans, the sound of your fingers working through your own slick as you drive yourself over the edge. And again, as your muscles clench up and your back arches, you cry out his name.

You fell asleep buzzing, curled up right there on the floor with reruns of Friends playing quietly on the tv above your head, and when you wake up it’s a good little while before you can orient yourself enough to figure out what happened. It’s only as you sit up and realize you’re naked from the waist down that you remember what happened, and you shiver in humiliation. Pushing your face into your palms, you groan and curse yourself for being so pathetic and thirsty. At least I was alone, you think to yourself as you drag yourself into the bathroom to shower.

It’s as you’re brushing your teeth that you hear your phone ring from the living room where you left it. The call has gone to voicemail by the time you get to it, but as you take a glance at the screen your eyes bulge.

11 missed calls and 4 voicemails, all from Harry.

Furrowing your brow, you unlock your phone and make to call him back, hoping that everything is okay with him when you see the message screen from the night before come up, and all your worst fears come out to stare you right in the face. Because it turns out, the last thing you apparently sent to Harry last night wasn’t the relatively harmless texts you thought, but the video of yourself having a shaking, keening orgasm and moaning his name all through it.

Your jaw drops, your heart stops beating. What the fuck? What the fuck. You can’t begin to imagine how you did it, because you know for a fact you didn’t mean to do it. But there it is, sent and delivered with a 'Read: 1:29 AM’ below it. And at that moment if someone had broken into your place and killed you dead, you would’ve thanked them for it.

Your phone vibrates again in your trembling hand, and again, it’s a text from Harry.

Please call me back.

You can’t breathe; he’s going to tell you you’re disgusting and demand you never contact him again. Or, he’s going to tell you it’s okay, and be devastatingly normal about the fact that he now knows you’ve been harboring beyond friendly feelings for him and were recording yourself masturbating to the thought of him. You honestly don’t know what’s worse.

You turn your phone off. It’s too much, too humiliating, too devastating, too awful. Whatever Harry has to say, you don’t want to hear it. You can’t hear it, and in order to preserve your sanity, you’re going to ignore him. You know you owe him an explanation, and eventually you’ll give him one, but for the time being you just want to curl up and die.

Even when you hear his fist on the door, pounding as he calls your name. You startle when you hear it, then sink down lower onto the couch, face buried in your hands.

“I know you’re in there,” he appeals to you, his voice rougher than normal. “Will you open the door?”

“Harry, please go.” Your voice is so pitiful it almost makes you cry at yourself.

“Are you alright?” He sounds like he has a very tenuous hold on his patience, and it only makes you feel even worse. “Please, just open the door.”

“I can’t,” your voice wavers, and you feel like you’re about to fly into a million pieces. “I can’t-…I’m so-…” You shut your eyes tight against the burning of frustrated and embarrassed tears. “I’m so sorry. It was an accident! I didn’t mean to send it to you!” There is silence on the other side of the door for a few tense moments, and then Harry’s words are tight.

“But, you meant to record it.” It isn’t a question. “You meant to say my name.” You can’t refute that in any way, and so you choose to stay silent, a couple of hot tears slipping down your cheeks.

“Open the door, please.”

Realizing that he isn’t going to leave this alone easily, you send a silent prayer up to the heavens and unlock the door with shaking fingers, pressing your numb lips together. Across your threshold Harry looks a little disheveled, clearly wearing last night’s clothing and his hair a bit stringy as it escapes his bun and into his face. His lips are red and glistening, like they’ve been between his teeth all night, and though you can’t put a name to the expression on his face (something anxious and strange) the hard lines do soften a bit when he sees that you’re crying. He’s so handsome, and even under the current circumstances you just want to throw your arms around him.

Harry looks you up and down, breathing in a sharp breath through his lips, and then he lifts one long arm to lean against your doorway, his posture shifting, and his eyes are wide beacons on your face as he stares down at you.

“Just…tell me what happened. Tell me why you did that.”

Your bottom lip trembles and you beg him with your eyes not to make you speak the words, but he stands firm, an immovable force staring you down, and you break.

“I just really…I really like you and I’ve liked you for a while and last night I was kinda drunk and I started to think what if you were my boyfriend and I could send you videos like that to turn you on and I’m so sorry I swear I didn’t mean to send it and I know you never want to see me again but-” The words flew out of your mouth on one long breath and when you finally stop to suck in air you take the chance to peek up at him from where you’d been staring down at your feet, and Harry looks like he’s stopped breathing, his eyes even wider. There’s a very pregnant pause, in which you, again, wish for the earth to swallow you up, and you’re about to apologize again, as profusely as you can, when Harry moves, quick like a panther.

He crosses the threshold, wraps the long fingers of one hand around your hair at the back of your head, and drags your mouth up to his. He kisses you so ravenously that you can’t help the moan that you let out, his tongue licking past your lips and tangling with your own as his other arm wraps around your waist and hauls you in up against his hot, strong body. You lose yourself in the way he tastes and the way he smells and the way his fingers tighten in your hair when you return his embrace and slide your tongue against his in return. It’s just as you always imagined, except so, so much better, and when he pulls back he rests his forehead against yours and pants against your mouth,

“That video made me so fucking hard.” His voice is a rasping whisper, so deep that it makes you whimper and hold onto him tighter. “Drove me crazy…” He pauses to kiss you again, and this time you’re more prepared for it, sucking on the tip of his tongue and tugging on his hair and relishing in the ragged sound that he makes, the way he drags himself away from your mouth like it’s taking all of his willpower to do so. “But I had to…had to make sure. Is this something that you want?”  When he looks at you again, his eyes are bright and still a little bit questioning. Am I something you want? Truly? He doesn’t say it, but you know it’s there.

“Yes,” you breathe, wrapping your arms tight around him and pressing your mouth to the corner of his, nuzzling against his cheek and letting him sigh against your own. “Yes, yes, yes.” His fingers bunch in the back of your top, before they slide lower and rest, tantalizingly, just above your ass.

“Then why don’t we work on getting a live version of that video going?”