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K so some of my favorite posts here are the “humans are weirder than aliens” ones, and I just thought of something tremendous

Background Music

Aliens have managed to advance because they hyper focus on everything they do, but are completely baffled by our ability to multitask. They are stunned that we listen to music when working, cause they would hyper focus on the music and nothing else. Or humans work on stuff while having on conversation and still know what the conversation is about even while half listening.

Imagine aliens not understanding the concept of short attention spans

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Cole Sprouse emotionally abused his ex girlfriend and is an unapologetic racist who believes reverse racism is a thing and compared dating black men to bestiality on Twitter but the biggest problem with him is obviously his aphobia. Okay then.

oh gooood the anti-cole sheeple are after me

1. I am not touching the abuse claims with a ten foot pole, cause we’ll talking hypotheticals and in circles all god damn day. At this point in time we have nothing but a handful of vague text posts from his ex. I understand there were people around at the time when the break-up happened and witnessed it, however I’ve never been someone to simply take someone else’s word.

2.) do y’all just pull these ‘he’s a racist’ claims out y’alls ass? I think y’all do. Like have you seen his twitter? He’s one of the most social justice oriented celebrities I’ve seen. And the memes are great.

Here’s a link to tweets showing him supporting BLM, advocating for the fight against racism, and making fun of those who say shit like “I’m not racist but…”

Y’all are really trying to milk this whole beastiality thing for all it’s worth, ain’t you.

Here’s a link to the original exchange.

Tyler, The Creator @tylerthecreator why aren’t we a thing @colesprouse =(
Cole M. Sprouse @colesprouse .@fucktyler beastiality is illegal Tyler

I can completely understand why people are upset. These people are allowed to be upset. I’d also like to point out that this is an exchange between friends. I have a black friend who’s boundaries and thing he’s comfortable with white people saying/doing around him that are different than what I’ve seen the black community here on tumblr say is acceptable.

I feel like Cole Sprouse is racist in the sense that all white people are racist. Racism is something that is taught and enforced by society and it’s something we have to actively unlearn, and something we have to reject everyday. It’s obvious Cole’s unlearning racism in society and in himself. But it also goes to show that that doesn’t mean he’s free of mistakes, or slipping up, or forgetting his privilege in situations, such as this one. It’s obvious he didn’t think before saying dating his black friend is beastiality. It’s obvious he didn’t stop and think “is this okay to say in this situation”. Maybe his response to Tyler is the same response he would’ve had to Dylan and KJ or any other white guy. He didn’t stop and think about the dynamic though. He forgot his white privilege.

4. I don’t like that you’re insinuating that aphobia isn’t as Big A Deal as abuse, misogyny or racism.

Clearly you have some bigotry to work on.

I’d also like to say, I feel like Sprouse is an aphobe like he’s a racist. He obvious doesn’t hate a-spec people. In fact he’s one of the most well-versed allo a-spec allies that I’ve ever seen. He still fucks up though. But I feel he’s trying his best, at least.

Since my other post accidentally caused a ship war despite being nothing more than a harmless compliment about Luna’s taste in men and Anti-Noctluna fans saw this as an perfect opportunity to bash my ship and start fight with other shippers while being extremely rude to them, and many people reblogged what they wrote, I decided to remind everyone again how great Luna’s taste in men is! She only had eyes for Noctis and no one else! What a great woman! The whole time she stayed loyal to her one true love and her feelings for him have never changed! They say true love always wins in the end and they were totally right about this!^^

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Funtime!Bendy, (The design is crappy I know…) This thing took me hours to draw (Probably cause of procrastination) This was a contest entry at the BaTIM amino but eh, I wanted to post it here -w- (Probs because I have NOTHING else to post)

¤Funtime!Freddy/Scott Cawthon
[I know you guys know who owns these characters but just in case y'know?]

VIP no more

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When I saw there was no more VIP tickets for the tour.

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I wished for it to be a mistake.

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I may have caused some damage.

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As the hours have gone by I am not upset anymore. I am so happy that so many Beasts are going to meet them. I am so happy that they are doing this, the tour.

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I mean, if nothing else they are going to be in the state I live in! That is pretty darn cool. LITERALLY it will be December. December in Chicago is F’ed up. 

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2017 is the year of @rhettandlink 

I think I may get negative attention talking about Verlisify but he reminds me of some of the bullies I experienced in my life.

Verlisify really pisses me off because he’s the type of bully who has a shit ton of sheep following him and not even witnessing the negative things that he caused.

So on Saturday, he saw someone give a shoutout on one of the people I subscribed on YouTube called MegaMasher, and then Verlisify called MegaMasher a raging autist which really pissed me off. MegaMasher did nothing to him, and yet Verlis would keep harassing others.

So I reported the Twitter post, and I assumed that either Verlis deleted it or someone else did.

Then Verlis posted something like this:

I have no words, considering how ableist he is and has no remorse over what he did.

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I like newsies so I sang Santa Fe for my first musical theater audition and let me tell ya, I don't think I've ever put so much emotion is a song and I actually started tearing up while singing. Just wanted to share cause I have nothing else to do and you've been posting Newsies

That’s awesome! I’ve always been too scared to sing Newsies music,,,since I’m taking risks maybe I’ll learn Santa Fe

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how would Reborn even find out that Tsuna's chronically ill, would he put it together himself or just get slapped in the face with it?

if it’s on his medical records that reborn somehow got his hands on, that would probably do it. (again, probably illegal, please don’t do this at home.)

most of my, uh.. chatlog snippets have tsuna being pretty open about it (at least about the fatigue / some sort of invisible illness), but fibro is a lot more about the ‘all over pain’ too which i don’t think tsuna talks as much about. fatigue can be caused by quite a few things, like stress (have i said this in a previous post yet?? i cannot recall), so i’m rather thinking that reborn is aware of tsuna’s constant fatigue, lack of ambition / motivation / unwillingness to go out and maybe assumes tsuna’s just stressed or In His Teenage Phase, he just needs Motivation and A Bit Of Asskicking into gear and i’m sure it Does Help? a little? if nothing else, the activity and light exercise helps. ‘light’ exercise. haha.

at some point the topic would have to be brought up but i haven’t the know-how to say exactly how. if tsuna’s at all comfortable talking about it to a sudden stranger. maybe something like reborn getting nosy when tsuna refuses to go to school one day and nana doesn’t say anything about. that sounds like it’d be very exhausting for tsuna though. i don’t know what i’d be comfortable going with for The Big Reveal. if reborn has background knowledge of fibro or chronic pain / fatigue in general that would probably help. maybe being in a baby body low key aches all the time and he’s taking it out on other people, who knows.

either way way i would not want to put the onus on tsuna to do the explaining, i feel like he would just be Really Bad at that kind of thing given his experiences with teachers at school. maybe he says a little about it and reborn finds out the rest on his own?

does iemitsu know?? maybe?? does iemitsu think it’s a big deal? does he think feeding tsuna booze will help with his aches? iemitsu, stop, you terrible person.

reborn: why didn’t you tell me about your son’s illness?
iemitsu: his what?
reborn: his. illness. he. is. chronically. ill. does nono know this? we can’t have a boss that’s sick.
iemitsu: that’s rude, reborn. my son is perfectly fine.
tsuna: please don’t hug me, i’m extra achy today.
iemitsu: *gently grasping tsuna’s stiff shoulders instead* my absolutely adorable perfectly fine son
reborn: i suppose it’s a blessing tsuna didn’t turn out like you.

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the chick literally tagged gucci in the photo she posted of that shirt like im fuclksfkaskfalsfaf harrys gonna ghost her ass. im literally 99% sure she was dan's "source" i dont trust these white girl bloggers theyre all trying to outdo one another cause they have nothing else to offer. especially when youre 30 and making a living off instagram


Harry Styles' album tag thing

i was tagged by @010294 to do this!

Favorite song on Harry Styles: only angel or woman

Least Favorite song on Harry Styles: don’t have one 

Favorite Lyric on Harry Styles: i have a lot? 

1) we don’t talk about it / it’s something we don’t do / ‘cause once you go without it / nothing else will do
2) breaking through the atmosphere / things look pretty good from here
3) i always think about you and how we don’t speak enough
4) broke a finger knocking on your bedroom door / i got splinters in my knuckles, crawling ‘cross the floor
5) she sits beside me like a silhouette / hard candy dripping on me ‘til my feet are wet
6) i’ve been praying, never did before / understand i’m talking to the walls
7) this thing upon me howls like a beast / you flower, you feast
8) why won’t you ever be the first one to break / even my phone misses your call, by the way

In what order do you listen to the album?

Straight Through | Shuffle | By Selecting Specific Songs | Other (explain): i sometimes listen to it starting at only angel and ending at sweet creature because it tells a whole different story

Word association! For each song, select one word that the song prompts for you. Don’t use a word in the song or repeat the answers of the person who tagged you.

Meet Me In The Hallway: drifting?
Sign Of The Times: Important, Monumental, Final
Carolina: infatuated
Two Ghosts: trapped
Sweet Creature: devoted
Only Angel: reverent
Kiwi: admiring
Ever Since New York: wistful
Woman: envious, lustful
From The Dining Table: abandoned

im tagging @thotheadass , @sheabutterbinch , @shialabitch , @promoteselfsoothing , @thelovesclubs , @novacanestyles , @midnight-kfc and anyone else who wants to!

Okay, so I hate to do this to you guys, but I’m going to be moving to a new blog.


My notifications literally won’t show up anymore, I don’t know why. My friend is having the same issue and messaged support and supprt told her ‘nothings wrong, just make a new blog’. I’m furious, but what can I do? I can’t rely on this blog to properly notify me and to know who’s replied to what. I haven’t updated my tracker in who knows how long but yeah…. I’ll try to get that updated.

This move probably won’t happen for a week (cause I have to update everything over there and fix it up) I’m really sorry to everyone for having to do this, but there’s not much else I can do.

I’ll post the link down the road once the blog is ready.

Ex-FBI; Mycroft x Reader

Requested by Anon: Mycroft x Reader where he meets her for the first time at a crime scene and you’re from America and used to work for the FBI as a special agent but you don’t anymore and you were the top forensic scientist and yeah

Your car slowly pulled up to the crime scene which was already swarming with the red and blue lights and the noisy siren. “Great, looks like the idiots at Scotland Yard got here first.” You paid the cabbie and collected your forensic kit before greeting DI Lestrade. “What does it look like?”

“I don’t know that’s why you’re here.”

“You know it would be great to one day show up at the crime scene and for you to have an idea as to what I’m looking at,” you told him before walking over to the body.

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filming yourself masturbating and sending it to harry (on purpose or accidentally?? together or not together??) or him sending one to you!! PROMPT xx

(I love you guys so much, I was expecting to see a bunch of angry messages in my inbox cause I didn’t post on time but I didn’t get even one, you guys are all so wonderful THANK YOU SO MUCH! More prompts will be posted as I write them xx)

Of course this happened to you. It couldn’t possibly have happened to anyone else, because only you have the worst luck on earth.

It was one of those nights; you were bored and stressed out and a little bit sad, sitting on the floor drinking wine alone and watching terrible television, and halfway through the bottle Harry started to text you. Nothing particularly serious or life changing, just a picture of something he thought was funny like he’s wont to do, but your heart jumped into your throat anyway that he thought to share it with you. Most of the time you were good at ignoring your crush on him, but with alcohol added to the mix it was much harder to pretend you didn’t want him with everything you had.

So maybe in your head you allowed yourself the private fantasy of being his lover, that you were laying on your living room floor drinking and texting him as your boyfriend. It made your night a little bit brighter, made you giggle and feel warm in your face when he called you ‘love’ and you could imagine that he really meant it and wasn’t just being his regular sweet self.

Eventually, he fell asleep. Or so you assumed, as he stopped replying. It was just past midnight, and you sighed to yourself as you rolled onto your back and stared at the ceiling. Of course you had to fall for the most unattainable man you could possibly find, but thinking of that shiny hair, those bedroom eyes and perfectly sculpted hands, it wasn’t as if you could be blamed for feeling the way you do. He could turn you on in an instant, without even trying.

Oh, the things you would do to him if you had permission. Biting your lip, you let your mind drift to a place where you can get revenge for all the times he left you so sexually frustrated you could hardly see straight, just by being in his presence. You’d drive him just as crazy as he drives you, make him beg for it, make him cum so much and so good that he forgot how to think.

Before you know it, you made the decision that sealed your fate. Lost in your imagination, you turned your phone camera on and pointed it to yourself, let the lens take in your bitten lips and down to the cleavage revealed by your top. You cooed his name, drifting your fingertips over your skin as you fantasized about sending him the video while he’s on tour and away from you, making him desperate for you with your little private show. The thought of it makes you grow wet and hot between your thighs.

You stop the recording and start another one, this time letting your fingers pull your top down enough to show the rounded tops of your nipples, beginning to harden under your own touch as you drag your nails over them lightly. You shut your eyes and let out a sigh with his name at the end of it.

In the end, you make six videos, each more explicit than the last. The final one is shaky and unfocused, nothing but panting breaths and whimpering moans, the sound of your fingers working through your own slick as you drive yourself over the edge. And again, as your muscles clench up and your back arches, you cry out his name.

You fell asleep buzzing, curled up right there on the floor with reruns of Friends playing quietly on the tv above your head, and when you wake up it’s a good little while before you can orient yourself enough to figure out what happened. It’s only as you sit up and realize you’re naked from the waist down that you remember what happened, and you shiver in humiliation. Pushing your face into your palms, you groan and curse yourself for being so pathetic and thirsty. At least I was alone, you think to yourself as you drag yourself into the bathroom to shower.

It’s as you’re brushing your teeth that you hear your phone ring from the living room where you left it. The call has gone to voicemail by the time you get to it, but as you take a glance at the screen your eyes bulge.

11 missed calls and 4 voicemails, all from Harry.

Furrowing your brow, you unlock your phone and make to call him back, hoping that everything is okay with him when you see the message screen from the night before come up, and all your worst fears come out to stare you right in the face. Because it turns out, the last thing you apparently sent to Harry last night wasn’t the relatively harmless texts you thought, but the video of yourself having a shaking, keening orgasm and moaning his name all through it.

Your jaw drops, your heart stops beating. What the fuck? What the fuck. You can’t begin to imagine how you did it, because you know for a fact you didn’t mean to do it. But there it is, sent and delivered with a 'Read: 1:29 AM’ below it. And at that moment if someone had broken into your place and killed you dead, you would’ve thanked them for it.

Your phone vibrates again in your trembling hand, and again, it’s a text from Harry.

Please call me back.

You can’t breathe; he’s going to tell you you’re disgusting and demand you never contact him again. Or, he’s going to tell you it’s okay, and be devastatingly normal about the fact that he now knows you’ve been harboring beyond friendly feelings for him and were recording yourself masturbating to the thought of him. You honestly don’t know what’s worse.

You turn your phone off. It’s too much, too humiliating, too devastating, too awful. Whatever Harry has to say, you don’t want to hear it. You can’t hear it, and in order to preserve your sanity, you’re going to ignore him. You know you owe him an explanation, and eventually you’ll give him one, but for the time being you just want to curl up and die.

Even when you hear his fist on the door, pounding as he calls your name. You startle when you hear it, then sink down lower onto the couch, face buried in your hands.

“I know you’re in there,” he appeals to you, his voice rougher than normal. “Will you open the door?”

“Harry, please go.” Your voice is so pitiful it almost makes you cry at yourself.

“Are you alright?” He sounds like he has a very tenuous hold on his patience, and it only makes you feel even worse. “Please, just open the door.”

“I can’t,” your voice wavers, and you feel like you’re about to fly into a million pieces. “I can’t-…I’m so-…” You shut your eyes tight against the burning of frustrated and embarrassed tears. “I’m so sorry. It was an accident! I didn’t mean to send it to you!” There is silence on the other side of the door for a few tense moments, and then Harry’s words are tight.

“But, you meant to record it.” It isn’t a question. “You meant to say my name.” You can’t refute that in any way, and so you choose to stay silent, a couple of hot tears slipping down your cheeks.

“Open the door, please.”

Realizing that he isn’t going to leave this alone easily, you send a silent prayer up to the heavens and unlock the door with shaking fingers, pressing your numb lips together. Across your threshold Harry looks a little disheveled, clearly wearing last night’s clothing and his hair a bit stringy as it escapes his bun and into his face. His lips are red and glistening, like they’ve been between his teeth all night, and though you can’t put a name to the expression on his face (something anxious and strange) the hard lines do soften a bit when he sees that you’re crying. He’s so handsome, and even under the current circumstances you just want to throw your arms around him.

Harry looks you up and down, breathing in a sharp breath through his lips, and then he lifts one long arm to lean against your doorway, his posture shifting, and his eyes are wide beacons on your face as he stares down at you.

“Just…tell me what happened. Tell me why you did that.”

Your bottom lip trembles and you beg him with your eyes not to make you speak the words, but he stands firm, an immovable force staring you down, and you break.

“I just really…I really like you and I’ve liked you for a while and last night I was kinda drunk and I started to think what if you were my boyfriend and I could send you videos like that to turn you on and I’m so sorry I swear I didn’t mean to send it and I know you never want to see me again but-” The words flew out of your mouth on one long breath and when you finally stop to suck in air you take the chance to peek up at him from where you’d been staring down at your feet, and Harry looks like he’s stopped breathing, his eyes even wider. There’s a very pregnant pause, in which you, again, wish for the earth to swallow you up, and you’re about to apologize again, as profusely as you can, when Harry moves, quick like a panther.

He crosses the threshold, wraps the long fingers of one hand around your hair at the back of your head, and drags your mouth up to his. He kisses you so ravenously that you can’t help the moan that you let out, his tongue licking past your lips and tangling with your own as his other arm wraps around your waist and hauls you in up against his hot, strong body. You lose yourself in the way he tastes and the way he smells and the way his fingers tighten in your hair when you return his embrace and slide your tongue against his in return. It’s just as you always imagined, except so, so much better, and when he pulls back he rests his forehead against yours and pants against your mouth,

“That video made me so fucking hard.” His voice is a rasping whisper, so deep that it makes you whimper and hold onto him tighter. “Drove me crazy…” He pauses to kiss you again, and this time you’re more prepared for it, sucking on the tip of his tongue and tugging on his hair and relishing in the ragged sound that he makes, the way he drags himself away from your mouth like it’s taking all of his willpower to do so. “But I had to…had to make sure. Is this something that you want?”  When he looks at you again, his eyes are bright and still a little bit questioning. Am I something you want? Truly? He doesn’t say it, but you know it’s there.

“Yes,” you breathe, wrapping your arms tight around him and pressing your mouth to the corner of his, nuzzling against his cheek and letting him sigh against your own. “Yes, yes, yes.” His fingers bunch in the back of your top, before they slide lower and rest, tantalizingly, just above your ass.

“Then why don’t we work on getting a live version of that video going?”

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im a bi boy (aka a mlm, and a person of the group that should feel "represented" by yoi) and this show disgusts me more than anything. also its fandom is fucking biphobic as hell like try to hc yuuri or viktor as bi (even if there's evidence in the show that can prove it) and there will be an army of outraged people coming to attack you.

Ugh, nasty…. 

The YOI fandom seriously makes themselves look bad without even trying it’s almost laughable. Not only they cover their ears and close their eyes when it comes to criticism, but hate on other sexualities?? Don’t even get me started on the hate on asexuals, but now they’re hating on bisexuals. What a joke. 

It’s disgusting that fangirls are going around saying this poorly written shoujo disguised as a sports anime is great LGBT representation for gay men, and call those who disagree homophobic. Yuck. (Guess the gay men who don’t like the show are homophobic too) And this is coming from a heterosexual girl, yet even I know that this anime isn’t actual LGBT representation. The tropes/elements in YOI are similar to the ones I catch in shoujo. And not to mention that the oh so wonderful creator of this amazing LGBT anime gets a hard on from thinking about molesting Jeremy Abbott in a crowded train.

I’m with you on the bisexual hc, well actually it is canon. More canon than Victuri… Lmao it’s almost like episode one didn’t exist where Yuuri clearly had a thing for Yuuko, I remember in the official yoi website Yuuko was described as Yuuri’s dream woman. And here’s some proof for the doubting fans, if anyone doubts you that yuuri is bi, and even attacks you, show them this and laugh at their fujo ass: (I would’ve flipped my shit if the website got rid of that detail) 

But I guess the fandom doesn’t want to admit that either of them had girlfriends/ or a crush on a girl. They were desperate enough to make some translation error post on Victor’s line saying something about the many girlfriends he had, so instead of girlfriend it was supposed to be lovers. Like just the thought of them with a woman is just so awful. 

I wish more bi/gay/pan men, such as yourself, would get their own opinions on the show heard since, according to the fandom, the anime is supposedly representation. Yet that’s coming from a yoi fangirl. Where are the gay men’s opinions? Meh, even if they say they don’t like the show and do not think of it as representation, it wouldn’t be heard or acknowledged compared to the 10k posts about Victuri and how ‘healthy’ they are posts made by over the top fangirls/fujoshi. Most likely cause they don’t wanna admit their favorite sorry excuse for a sports anime isn’t as groundbreaking as they try so hard to claim and shove at our face. Probably because they have nothing else to say about this anime besides ‘Victuri much healthy! Such representation’.

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did that dillhole even apologize for drastically twisting your post and screen shotting you and saying you were the pinnacle of homophobic assholes, or did the coward just delete the post? haha

They actually deleted the post before I saw it bc it would have caused “drama” (like…… obviously…….. why would you even post it in the first place lmao) so the only reason I saw it was bc someone else reblogged it. And, in case anyone is wondering, the person I reblogged it from apologized and were incredibly sweet about the whole deal.

But no, they never apologized and went on to justify their actions and stand by their statements. They even went on to say that me defending sqers means nothing. I really hope they don’t act irl like how they act online bc that would be horrifying akjsdhfskh like damn I hope they’re 14 or something and have time to mature but I somehow feel like they’re older than me which is…… Yikes™

Honestly, there’s been so much going on today it’s almost overwhelming. I’m used to being in crowds, but goddamn this place it’s place is crazy. Have to say it’s a nice change. It’s been a pretty fun day so far, I’m pretty sure I’m going to regret all the carnival food in the morning. I forgot just how unhealthy that shit really is, but I don’t even care, I’m living!  Hope everyone else is enjoying their day. 

DID and Make-Believe

My name is Julie and I have DID, or Dissociative Identity Disorder. If you’re reading this and don’t know what that is, I am more than happy to teach you at any time. However, that is not what this post is. This post is addressing a very specific issue: people who do not have DID using the online community to spread misinformation.

1. Becoming a System

DID is caused by trauma in early childhood. That is it. Nothing else can cause DID. There is no way to “become a system” or “make an alter.” If anyone tells you otherwise, they are either horribly misinformed (and therefore not a good resource) or intentionally lying.

2. System Resets

I don’t even know how this became a thing. There is no factual basis. It just doesn’t happen. You can’t just go around deleting alters and putting new ones in their place. They are people, as real as you, you could no more just one day delete your own self from your brain.

3. System/Alter Sharing

Alters are people that share your brain, not mystic entities. They can not move out of your body. They don’t have the ability to go into someone else’s mind. You can’t share alters or a headspace with someone else. It’s just not physiologically possible and I don’t understand how people can think this.

4. Integration

This is the only known “cure” for DID. It does not happen over night, it can take years, or never happen at all. And it just take all the alters and mixes them together to make one (or sometime just less) sense of self. That’s the only way.

There’s more, but I’m done for now, thank you for reading.

*disclaimer: this is about DID. Not anything else. So don’t start trying to correct me with information on tulpas or kintypes or something*

Hey I am just making this post quickly to say that nobody needs to feel bad or isolated for shipping something or liking something, it’s a free country and if you are capable of loving multiple ships at a time it’s great, no need to apologize for that, but let’s just remember every ship has their own tags you wanna flail over a certain ship tag that ship please don’t tag all the other ships cause not everyone is capable of multishipping and hence they might not want to see those posts that is all, c'mon SWEN is lovely and strong and a great fandom and I appreciate all of you for always being so supportive and encouraging and I can’t thank you all enough for always being there for each other, love you guys*GROUP HUG*<3