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K so some of my favorite posts here are the “humans are weirder than aliens” ones, and I just thought of something tremendous

Background Music

Aliens have managed to advance because they hyper focus on everything they do, but are completely baffled by our ability to multitask. They are stunned that we listen to music when working, cause they would hyper focus on the music and nothing else. Or humans work on stuff while having on conversation and still know what the conversation is about even while half listening.

Imagine aliens not understanding the concept of short attention spans

On Chat Noir’s Bad Luck

I saw a couple of posts saying that Chat fell twice off the sleigh, causing Ladybug to have to get him back up every time.

What I haven’t seen enough is people reminding that Chat Noir is fundamentally taking the hits for Ladybug because that’s his power. His bad luck allows Ladybug’s luck to exist.

You can’t say “Whoops that one’s lucky” unless someone else got unlucky. If everyone’s lucky, then the concept of luck doesn’t exist since nothing’s different.

It’s like good that can’t exist without evil.

Chat takes the hits, Ladybug doesn’t. Because he’s unlucky and she’s lucky.

If you rewatch all the ML episodes, you’ll notice that the akuma will always target Chat first before going for Ladybug. And if the akuma targets Ladybug directly, Chat will always jump between them because he’s the bad luck to her luck.

  • For example, in Lady Wifi, Alya targets Chat in priority, causing him to hide behind the tables while Ladybug figures out a strategy to take her down.
  • In Guitar Villain, Chat Noir distracts the Akuma yet again, allowing Ladybug to do her thing.
  • In Chronogirl, Chat jumps to protect Ladybug. Because she’s lucky? Or because he yearns to protect her? Both are correct.

He has to take the hits for her. Because that’s the very purpose of his luck.

It’s like he’s a hit magnet. All the Akumas are compelled to target him first.

Sure, Adrien does it because that’s how he is, altruistic. But also think of it as something that his Chat Noir persona just does for Ladybug. To keep the balance of luck and misfortune.

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Lance and i plz <3

I. Broken glass.


Lance isn’t sure when exactly it is he falls into the unofficial role of team patch-up man for self-inflicted injuries… And wow, is that a mouthful.

Honestly, Lance would like to say they don’t have near enough self-caused injury, accidental or purposeful, to need a person in charge of the aftermath.

Well. He’d like to say that.

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So being someone who loves your stuff so death, I need some advice. My parents are criticizing me about how making edits and gifs of youtubers won't help me out at all in my future career of graphic design, and it just pisses me off hearing that. It discourages me from posting as well half the time. I know I shouldn't listen cause it does help me a lot and gives me a subject when I have nothing else, but I don't know how to shrug it off D:

if anything, you should make gifs and edits because you feel like it, because it’s fun for you. that’s what i do! running a blog and making edits and what not is just a hobby! and if you’re wanting to pursue a career in graphic design, that’s awesome dude!! you should definitely go for it and just know that you have all my support! you’re not gonna learn if you don’t experiment and and have fun making things, so why not make stuff of your favorite youtubers? it can just serve as a gateway into all the other amazing stuff you can make! 💛


get to know me meme - [½] ships: rupphire (garnet)

↳  Go ahead and try to hit me if you’re able. Can’t you see that my relationship is stable? I can see you hate the way we intermingle. But I think you’re just mad ‘cause you’re single.


Fem!Winchesters as mermaids 🙄😆
Obviously they aren’t finished cause I’m having trouble but might as well post them cause i don’t know what else to do.

Yes one of them is @winchesters-favorite-girl because I luv drawing her
Would anyone else liked to be drawn?

DID and Make-Believe

My name is Julie and I have DID, or Dissociative Identity Disorder. If you’re reading this and don’t know what that is, I am more than happy to teach you at any time. However, that is not what this post is. This post is addressing a very specific issue: people who do not have DID using the online community to spread misinformation.

1. Becoming a System

DID is caused by trauma in early childhood. That is it. Nothing else can cause DID. There is no way to “become a system” or “make an alter.” If anyone tells you otherwise, they are either horribly misinformed (and therefore not a good resource) or intentionally lying.

2. System Resets

I don’t even know how this became a thing. There is no factual basis. It just doesn’t happen. You can’t just go around deleting alters and putting new ones in their place. They are people, as real as you, you could no more just one day delete your own self from your brain.

3. System/Alter Sharing

Alters are people that share your brain, not mystic entities. They can not move out of your body. They don’t have the ability to go into someone else’s mind. You can’t share alters or a headspace with someone else. It’s just not physiologically possible and I don’t understand how people can think this.

4. Integration

This is the only known “cure” for DID. It does not happen over night, it can take years, or never happen at all. And it just take all the alters and mixes them together to make one (or sometime just less) sense of self. That’s the only way.

There’s more, but I’m done for now, thank you for reading.

*disclaimer: this is about DID. Not anything else. So don’t start trying to correct me with information on tulpas or kintypes or something*

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Why does conflict between Trump and the CIA cause you to reconsider your opinion of the CIA, instead of your opinion of Trump?

You’ve misunderstood me, though that’s probably on me, since in the post you’re referencing I opted for a pithy quip rather than an in-depth explanation. My opinion of the CIA hasn’t changed. I’m still not a fan, by any means. However, I think their opposition to Trump has a greater likelihood of having a useful impact than anything the Democrats could do. If nothing else, the CIA is good at getting things done, which is something one couldn’t say about the Democratic Party at all. The Democrats are barely effective within the framework of US political rules, and Trump doesn’t play by those rules. Democrats are trying to counter Trump on a battlefield where he isn’t even fighting, and because of that they won’t be able to stop him. The CIA, on the other hand, does not have that problem.

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Ok ok I had a question.. so like you know how they make audios of BTS have you heard any of Got7? Cause yo girl was trying to look and hadn't been able to find any. Like I've found 3D stuff and then talking but nothing like sexual. If you know help a sista 😂😂

omg babe I would love to find something like this but unfortunately I haven’t seen anything yet. Anyone else?

The only thing I have seen is something @got7sexytime posted below!

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hey ellie! i rly do think you're awesome and i understand that things are p shitty and unfair sometimes but i feel that maybe you look for things to be upset about? i'm not saying your angers are invalid! not at all! but i'll frequently see you going thru notes on a post and.. posting about something shitty someone said in it.. and like i said you have every right to be upset but.. why look for it? i feel like maybe you cause yourself unnecessary grief at times and i'm only msging bc i care, sry

i have literally nothing else to do but get mad it’s the only thing that makes this cold, cold heart of mine beat anymore.

Making someone your happiness is so tragic while at the same time, so beautiful. I mean, how beautiful is it to say that a person is what makes you happy. A person is what causes that magnificent smile of yours; causes you to giggle and laugh like there’s nothing else in the world to care for except them, which in fact is what it seems like. You practically rely on that person to make you smile y’know? To make you happy. All because you have made them your happiness. That’s the great part, but what about the other half? When you make someone your happiness, you rely on them to make you happy, obviously. What happens if they walk away? Or what happens if they do something that has an insanely negative impact on you? They’re your happiness, and now that they’ve done something so tragically bad, whatever it is they did, you’re absolutely crushed. I mean I’ve heard stories from friends who’ve made someone their happiness and how badly it hurt them or how happy it made them. I witness things like this daily. I see how much joy is filled in their lives when that person makes them happy, and when that person makes them sad. It’s a black and white way to live. There are certainly no inbetweens when you make someone your source of happiness, that is for sure.
—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write

AND HEY HEY HEY HEEEEY I AM MORE THAN HALFWAY DONE THROUGH THOSE LOVELY ACE ATTORNEY FANWORKS! Due to time constraints, I won’t be doing A5 sizes, so there’ll be 20 pieces of fanarts up for grabs!

Here are some general stuff on the fanarts! 


- These are NOT prints, but inked A4-sized fanarts hand-drawn with full of love and affection(I’ll post a WIP on the preview), no physical copies shall ever be made (’cause hand-drawn works look best as it is than in prints). You’ll be owning the one and only physical piece of art!

- I’ll be keeping digital copies only for my portfolio use and nothing else. And if you have received the works, feel free to post it up on your tumblr and tag me so I’ll know it arrived to your arms safe and sound! 

- Please do not claim them as your own work or reprinting them for your own profit, if so, then we’re gonna have a serious problem. Although these are fanarts and I’m not the original creator of these characters, I am still the artist of these fanworks, so do put that into consideration.


-A 3-DAYS ORDERING PERIOD starts a few days after the preview(precise date and time to be announced then), where you could drop in an email (to be provided soon), inquire of the availability of the fanart of your choice and place an order. During the ordering period, each emails will be handled on a first-come-first-serve basis,and any email sent before or after the ordering period will not be entertained.

- Each fanart costs 25 USD (per artwork) + A shipping fee of 5 USD (per transaction) (ships worldwide and provided with a tracking number for your reference, and MAX protection the fanart itself with padded envelope ‘cause I am very very VERY paranoid of their safety)

-  Payments are through Paypal only. Upon purchase you’ll be sent a receipt or a bill of sale to confirm your purchase, and as thanks, you shall receive a complimentary random Wrightworth print on every fanart purchased (’cause I love you people and I draw a lot of Wrightworths pfft)!

THANKS FOR ALL THE LONG WAIT AND I’LL BE WRAPPING UP THIS WHOLE PROJECT PLUS SHIPMENTS WITHIN THE MONTH ‘cause guess who’s gonna in Scottie’s Glasgow next month for a whole year and anxious to get mentally ready??

August will be a whole month of preparations and finishing-ups. Fingers crossed!