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a letter to libra

to drift into everyone else’s world must be confusing right? because what one is your own? i can’t even begin to know. your mind is an incredible multi
layered lens and forms such an aromatic tapestry, it’s like daisies grow from the
deepest parts of your veins and you make your world beautiful
but i know how you watch yourself, and fear you said the wrong thing
you should know that not everybody’s sadness or disappointments should be felt by you.
and you did not cause them all. no. you hardly ever cause any of them. i know you have so much love to give, and a being that feels empty when it is not
pouring itself out completely. but try not to lose yourself, there is a sparkle of pure delight shining like a venus pearl in there


Tease (M) | Jungkook

Anonymous Requested : Sub!Jungkook with thigh riding

A/N : I combined two Jungkook anon requests, hope you don’t mind!

Genre : Smut || Jungkook x Reader

Word Count : 2,257

Description : Contrary to Jungkook’s confident stage appearance, when placed in situations involving people of the opposite sex he turns shy. So when you start teasing your boyfriend at a company dinner party, things only get interesting from there. 

Originally posted by agustd

You could feel him stiffen underneath your touch when you grazed your hand along the inside of his thigh, as you sat around the table of the company dinner party. You decide that his reaction is cute, and that you want more, so you slowly start to inch your way closer to the hardness that you already knew was growing inside of his pants. A slight chuckle escapes your mouth when he flinches so hard that he jerks his knee up causing the entire table to shake, making his glass of water fall directly onto his lap.

“Oh shit, sorry.” He jumps up immediately, and everyone starts to laugh at the klutzy behavior of the usually poise Jungkook.

“Nice going, aren’t you supposed to be golden or something?”

The slightly joking, slightly serious joke comes from Yoongi, who had looked completely bored the whole evening. You couldn’t blame him though, this dinner party was taking way too long, and all you’d been thinking about the entire time was how much you wanted to drag Jungkook back up to your hotel room so you could play with him some more.

“Hey, be nice. Go up to your and Y/N’s room and change really quick.”

The words come from Namjoon, and Jungkook quickly nods his head, and starts to walk from the hotel dining hall towards your room.

“I’m going to go too, I don’t feel very well.”

You don’t even wait to hear or look at the other member’s reactions because you’re sure they already know what’s going on, and you just couldn’t wait any longer. You catch up to Jungkook right as he’s getting on the elevator. Once the doors shut he turns to face you, and shows off his annoyed expression.

“What’s wrong?” You ask playfully.

“You know what Y/N, why’d you do that? Someone could’ve seen you, and I caused a commotion.”

“I would hardly call it a commotion” you started, but then decide to step closer to him, making him press against the elevator wall before continuing “and I’m sorry you just get flustered so easily, and it’s so cute.” You say the last part in a hushed whisper as you close the remaining space between the both of you.

You see his breath hitch from your words, and you feel the surge of power course through you.

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Jigsaw puzzles

Gif’s not mine!

Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Genres: mild angst, romance, fluff
Words: 2.218
Summary: Reader finds Bucky in her flat one day. He asks her to let him stay and she agrees. The two of them help each other from that day on - requested by Anonymous

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anonymous asked:

instead of focusing so much on animals don't you respect people who aren't vegan and are helping actual human beings? And before you say why not do both, I think what you don't understand is say you were for example a medical student and working night shifts and long hours in a row and all there is to eat is vending machine and cafe food with hardly any vegan options? You probably won't answer this cause makes you look bad

Do you think that Veganism is just about the animals? That it doesn’t help humans?

Hmm okay stick with me here…. there are a lot of things Veganism will fix, and a lot of things that it might not…like war and violence and rape and world hunger and over population and greed and and and the list goes on. I think about this daily and sometimes I just don’t know where to begin. How to really help it all. These are all things that seem HARD to fix and frustrating to think about.

But not eating animals… well thats pretty easy in the grand scheme of things. It’s doable, its simple… just stop eating them. It’s a direct action, as soon as you do it, you know you are having a positive effect on the world.

I don’t know exactly how to save the world and help everyone. But I know it does start from within and your actions. And I do know a lot of it has to do with diet.

Just because someone is a med student doesn’t always mean they will end up helping people. If you are a Med student because you want to save lives, and cure disease/health problems, yet you eat animal products which are directly linked to causing the worlds biggest killers….

Then I think you have missed something… ?

If anything you being vegan, and pushing for vegan options at that local cafe or packing your own lunch (even though it’s not convenient), IS helping save people. It’s creating a demand for healthy food, and helping to normalize it, to make it more accessible to those who really need it. You are trying to save others with medicine yet ignoring the true medicine, food and lifestyle choices. If you want help others your need to firstly help yourself and be an example.

You have made the mistake of thinking veganism is just for the animals. When it is sooo much more. Veganism is the first step in helping others, helping yourself, helping the planet and of course the animals. Just the first step, we have more work to do…

Virgin Newt request

A/N: Someone asked for virgin Newt, who just happens to be a fantastic beast in bed. *forever laughing* I’m personally not a fan of virgin Newt, in my own personal canon of his character, he’s done the deed at least twice lol but, this was fun to write. This will include some time lapses because I’m not willing to write a full smut lol

Master list

Originally posted by trianglemix

Imagine: Newt’s a virgin, but he’s actually great in bed.

His lips slid against yours in a relaxed manner, making you gasp in pleasure at the feeling. You always enjoyed these moments, just sitting here on the couch and ending the stressful day by just being with Newt. He always knew how to make things better, and whether that be with his mere presence or a little more, you adored it.

You parted your lips, allowing his tongue entrance into your mouth as he explored. His hands tickled a path up your waist, bunching into the material of your dress shirt as he pulled you closer to his warmth.

“Newt…” His name fell from your lips in a heated manner, the very sound rushing straight to his cock as it twitched in want. Though you had been together for a few months, you both hadn’t quite taken that next step in your relationship. You never really understood why, every time things got exceptionally hot, the wizard would pull away and either change the subject or just go straight to cuddling you. Not that it was awful, you enjoyed those intimate parts of your romance, but you yearned for something much more. Namely…that nice sized bulge between his legs as he pawed at your chest.

You rested your hand on his thigh, inching your fingers up slowly so he wouldn’t pull away from the sudden contact, and thankfully he didn’t. He tore his lips from yours, kissing the corner of your mouth and making his way down your neck. The fact that he hadn’t stopped just increased your excitement, and you moaned out as he sucked at the junction between your neck and ear. His curios hands cupped your breasts, massaging them gently in his hands, and god did it feel amazing. Every single sensation sent shivers down your body creating a warmth that just needed to be fulfilled.

“Newt, my love please…”

You ran your hand up his thigh, rubbing your hand over his erection. He jerked at the feeling, growling deeply as he bit down on your neck. You squeaked at the slight pain, instinctively placing your hand over the bite mark in surprise.

“So sorry!” He moved away from you, concern on his freckled features as he tried to eye the mark he left. “Are you alright?”

It hardly caused any harm, you were mostly surprised at his reaction, and truthfully it was sexy. You hadn’t seen that side of the Hufflepuff before, and knowing you could make him so turned on like that was breathtaking.

“No, Newt. It’s ok.” You smiled, moving closer to him as he still watched you with worry. “I just wasn’t expecting that…” You played with the buttons of his shirt, undoing the buttons one by one as you spoke.

“I…liked it.”

“You did?”

“Yes. Very much.” You straddled his waist, smiling down at him as you pulled apart his shirt and exposing the lean, toned body of his. “I admit, I didn’t think you had it in you. You usually stop us when we get this far.”

He blushed at that, looking down as he mumbled a reply. “Sorry…er-I’m..not entirely experienced in this area.” He admitted, his fingers playing with the hem of your blouse as he tried to distract himself. “I’m afraid my work has kept me far too busy to even think of pursuing a relationship.”

It shouldn’t have been that shocking, and yet you were. Newt was a handsome man, how no other woman hadn’t tried jumping him already was surprising. But, you knew him well enough to know he poured his heart and soul into his creatures. You lifted his chin, making him look at you as you eased his worry.

“I don’t mind, honey. I’m flattered you’d choose me.”

He chuckled at that, kissing your hand as he held it gently. “Then forgive me if I’m not exactly perfect at this.”

“I’m sure you’ll be just fine.” You giggled, leaning down to kiss him once more as he wrapped his arms around you and rolled you both to lay on the couch.


“Ah!” Your hands slammed against the couch, nails digging into the soft material as you arched up. Your mouth hung open, breath coming out in shallow pants as you tried hard not to scream.

Newt’s tongue dragged across your folds, lips closing around your swollen clit as he sucked eagerly at it. He moved his head a bit, creating a nice vibration that had you whimpering pathetically beneath him. For a man who hadn’t done this before, he was amazingly talented at it. Needless to say, it took you by surprise. He had fucked you senseless, and you weren’t even sure how many times you had climaxed. All you knew was his cock filled you so well, and left you about as satisfied as you could ever get.

“Honey!” You cried out, pushing your sex down into his mouth as you felt another wave of pleasure flow through you. His hands held your hips firmly, tongue rolling across your lower lips as he hungrily lapped and sucked. He only pulled away to catch his breath, but he was instantly back at it when you tugged his hair to push him back down.

He groaned into you, reddish hair clinging to his sweaty skin. His length was hanging proudly between his legs, still hard and still willing to please you. And just as he was about to get up and enter you once more, you came.

You tangled your fingers into your own hair. Throwing your head back as your orgasm hit you hard and fast. Newt’s name slipped from your lips over and over again, making him smile into your folds as he lapped up the evidence of your climax. You moaned weakly, sinking back into the couch as you caught your breath. Your body was completely spent, and as far as pleasing him went you weren’t even sure you could move anymore. Your inner thighs were aching, and bruises marked the skin where he held you tightly as he thrust into you hard like you asked. But, you couldn’t leave him like that.

“I-oh god.”

Newt just laughed at your attempt to speak, and he crawled atop you, brushing aside your hair as he kissed you sweetly.

“Would you like to rest, my love?”

You smiled up at him, tracing the lean muscles of his abdomen. “No, just get back inside me. Now.”

He smiled into your neck, trailing his mouth over your shoulder and down your chest. He bit gently at the top of your breast, his knee coming up to spread your legs again.

You dug your nails into his shoulders as he entered you once more, a gasp falling from your lips as he slowly withdrew. His pace was slower this time, more intimate. You weren’t begging for more, or even saying much at all. You just enjoyed the relaxed rhythm of his thrusts as he grunted and groaned above you.

“Ohhh…you’re amazing.”

Newt hummed in response, nuzzling your cheek as he smiled. “You feel so bloody good, darling.”


And here I go ending it there. Lollllll

Who is Eurus?

Let me start with stating that I really don’t like this Eurus character - not so much because she rapes and kills and tortures, but because she was introduced so late, without scarcely any foreshadowing, thereby toppling the equation that makes a Sherlock Holmes story.

She’s omnipotent, almost magic, and therefore it’s hardly fair to throw her into this story based on logic and cause and effect.

And her story has so many plotholes, retcons so much of the narrative we’ve been following since S1… can this really be what Moffat and Gatiss had in mind when they told us that red herrings would be explained, loose threads wrapped up, and that the last episode was simply insane wish fulfilment? Well, if so, I truly get the insane…

Anyway, as I don’t know what those writers really want, it’s no use speculating on this front.

But I don’t believe in Eurus Holmes. She’s not a real person. She is not Sherlock’s sister.

So, who is she?

Eurus is Mary is Sherlock.

You Rose…

If you want to know why, let me invite you under the cut.

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So I guess you can say I had a few experiences or caught a member looking at me. So here goes.

During cypher and when they have their talk I got Hobi and Namjoon to look at me. During cypher I was screaming for him and trying to get him to notice me and when he walked over to my section in the pit while yoongi was rapping and I yelled a long J-Hope and he fucking looked at me and pointed. Like I damn near dropped dead, and then on top of that I get wet from when he throw the water bottle. So ya girl was feeling blessed as fuck. And I was able to record it, however I was lit and wildin so the footage is hella shaky.

And then when the member where doing their final talks I swear I held eye contact for atleast 5 seconds, and I’d wait for the crowd to get a little quiet and I’d belt out JHope and he looked at me again.

And then lastly when he was giving his speech/talk he fucking sang California love and I fucking lost it. And I started jumping up and down putting up the west side sign, cause I’m fucking hood rat 😩, and I look out the corner of my eye and Joon fine as was looking at me and smiled. Like bruh I couldn’t make this shit up if I wanted to, and I was so pissed that I ran out of room on my phone, so I couldn’t record that. But I promise it’s all true and I’ll try and upload the video of me freaking out to getting wet during cypher and yelling “he looked at me”.

And I legit think they noticed me because there was hardly ANY black girls in that area. There where like two other girls that I saw, that where in the front of the pit like I was. So I assume my melanin was standing out against the others,plus I’m tall, so they peeped game. 😁😁 But in all seriousness it was amazing and I was crying on the phone to my sister telling her what happened but she doesn’t mess with kpop, so I thought I’d share my experience.-MAE

anonymous asked:

A whipped papasuke bcs it's easy to deal with hormonal pregnant wife to just bid to her laws than go against it causing to lose another limb

sarada teases him, calling him “whipped” for obeying sakura’s every whim. 

he picks up whatever his wife is craving, does all the chores she’s too tired to do herself, and just does whatever he can to make this pregnancy easier on her. she doesn’t snap at him or sarada or make any unreasonable requests of them, but sakura is having a baby and she’s utterly exhausted so sasuke does whatever she asks because it’s the little things that count.

“hardly,” sasuke says in response to sarada’s mockery. “i respect your mother and i care about her. she’s going through a difficult time right now, sarada.”

“exactly,” sarada replies. she smirks. “you’re whipped.”

sasuke shakes his head at his twelve-year-old. he doesn’t like the term mostly because he feels it reduces his actions down to being completed out of fear when really they’re completed out of love.  

he ruffles sarada’s hair. he hopes she’ll understands his intentions but allows her to find her amusement in all of this.

“careful now,” he chides, “or i’ll send you to pick up whatever weird foods your mother wants.”

“what? you can’t do that!”

“sure i can. that or i can…ground you. yeah.” sarada glares at him, her amusement wiped away entirely, and sasuke tries not to laugh at her.

“ugh! whatever, papa.”

Ahkmenrah x Reader: Too Dangerous

I don’t own the gif, picture, or Night at the Museum.  Other than that, enjoy!

“Open!  Open this door right now!”  You were currently huddled with all of the others exhibits in a large shipping crate. Attila and some of the civil war mannequins were grasping onto the door, desperately trying to keep it closed.  You were confused and terrified at the same time.  Why did you wake up?  You wouldn’t have woken up unless the Tablet…

“Oh my God.”  You breathed.  Sacagawea looked at you, never moving her bow from where it was aimed.


“Someone brought the Tablet,” You whispered.  You felt a tug on the hem of your clothing.  You looked down to see Dexter.  The Tablet was clutched in his tiny hands.  “Dexter!”  You gasped, picking him up and setting him down on the smaller box in front of you.  “Why would you bring the Tablet?  It’s not supposed to be here!”  He screeched loudly, the sound echoing off the walls.  Attila shouted something, but as usual, you couldn’t understand.  You looked through the crack and saw Egyptian soldiers.  That wasn’t what interested you most.  What you instantly noticed was that there was a gap between them.  You thought to yourself.  If I can get out, I can distract them long enough for everyone else.  You knew it was a long shot, but you didn’t have any other options.  Pushing your way to the front of the crate, you looked out at the soldiers.  You gently put your hands on the doors.  Before anyone could stop you, you shot out of the crate and started running.  You heard shouts behind you, which only pushed you to run faster.  You felt your muscles begin to slowly freeze up.  Your head snapped up to see sunlight filtering through the warehouse windows.  You tried to turn around, and you saw that the soldiers were already frozen.  You breathed a sigh of relief, and managed to hide yourself around a corner just as you froze.  Everything went black as you waited for dusk.  After what felt like a few seconds but was really at least eight hours, you unfroze. The last night’s events returned to you in a flood of memories.  You cautiously peeked around the corner you had ducked behind the evening before.  The soldiers were gone.  You felt your throat tighten in fear.  You had to help your friends.  You quietly crept back to where the crate sat.  What you saw confused you even more: Larry, holding onto the Tablet, was surrounded by the soldiers.  One of the Egyptians was talking to him, but even though his back was to you, you were able to tell from the way he dressed that he had a different rank than the soldiers.  He was their leader, perhaps?   You crouched down and tried to listen in on what they were saying.  Before you could try and inch closer, someone’s hand clamped down on your mouth, stifling your scream.  You were pulled away from the edge and pressed against the crates that lined the shelves.  You shakily lifted your gaze to your attacker. 

“Shh,” Ahkmenrah whispered.  “I need you to be quiet, okay Y/N?”  You nodded, and he removed his hand from your face before pulling you into a crushing embrace.  “Thank the gods you’re alright.”  He murmured as you hugged him back.  He was the first to pull back.  Quietly getting up, he took your spot at the edge of the aisle of crates and peered around the corner.  He cursed in Egyptian. 

“What?”  You asked him, coming up to look over his shoulder. 

“My brother,” His voice was a low growl.  “He’s trying to take the Tablet.”  You breathed in sharply.  “I have to stop him.”

We have to stop him.” You corrected him.  He turned to you.

“No, not we.  It’s too dangerous, Y/N.  I’m not risking your safety.”  He said firmly.

“Ahk.  You and I both know that either way, we’re both getting dragged into this.” He looked around, probably trying to come up with a good argument, but failing.  “So, you can let me help, or you can stand by and watch me help anyway.”  He looked down in defeat.

“Fine.  But you’re not leaving my side.”  He turned to face you and wrapped his arms around your waist

“Deal.”  You looked over his shoulder and quietly gasped.  “Ahk,” You said, staring over his shoulder.


“Look,” You pointed.  Her turned around and followed your gaze. 

“No,” He breathed.  Everyone was gone.  You noticed the foot of one of the soldiers disappear around another corner.  Stepping as lightly as possible, you both tried to follow as quickly as possible with being to close.  You both watched from behind a tall crate as Larry and Ahkmenrah’s brother seemed to be talking about something.  You had to stifle yet another gasp when you saw that the Tablet was now in the other Pharaoh’s hands.  Larry turned around and started to walk towards a long crate behind him.  He slowly unlatched the lid, and the long tentacles of a squid sprang out and began to take out the soldiers.  In the commotion, Larry took the Tablet back.  Ahk gently grabbed your arm, and you both began to run after Larry.  He looked over at the two of you.

“Ahk?  Y/N?” He said once he realized who you were.  “How did you—”   A spear landed in the crate next to him, inches from his nose.  “Actually, never mind. Tell me later.”  He said.  You shakily nodded as you heard the footsteps come closer.    Ahk and Larry noticed too.  They both looked for a place to hide.  Larry noticed a wide gap between to crates.  “Over there,”   He whispered.  “Quick!” Ahk nodded and led you over to the space.  He let you crawl in first before following you.  Larry came in third.  You all faced the aisle you were once standing in and waited for the footsteps to pass.  What you didn’t notice was that the aisle behind you had a gap as well.  You felt yet another hand clamp down on your mouth and drag you out of your hiding place.   You looked up to see Ahkmenrah’s brother in front of you, smiling sadistically. 

“You’ve gotten lazy, little brother.”  He said to Ahkmenrah. I wonder if he even knows where he is. You thought.  “Leaving your little flower so vulnerable.  I’m so very disappointed.”  You could hear quiet shuffling from your hiding spot, and could only guess that one or both of them were turning around.  “Well, you’ve made a mistake, that’s for certain.”  He was obviously rubbing this in.  “I guess you’ll just have to face the consequences.”  He snapped his fingers, and the guard holding you began to drag you away.  Just as you disappeared around the corner, you saw Ahk and Larry slowly crawl out of their hiding spot and towards you. 

“Let me go,” You demanded once the guard’s hand was removed.  The Pharaoh ignored you.  “I said, let me go!”

“I heard you,” He waved his hand dismissively.  You glared at his back.  “Tie her up,” he ordered lazily.  The guards pulled you over to a pillar and tied you to it with a long rope.    When the soldiers stepped away, the Pharaoh came up to you.

“I don’t know if we’ve been formally introduced.  I, am Kahmunrah!”  He exclaimed dramatically, sweeping his arms out and rolling the ‘r’ in his name.  He waited for a reaction.  When he didn’t get one, he dropped his arms with a scowl on his face.  “You could at least pretend to be awed.”

“I was taught to never lie.” You told him flatly.  His frown deepened.  Suddenly, he began to quietly laugh. 

“You have a sharp tongue, I’ll give you that,” The smirk suddenly disappeared.  “But I would show some respect if I were you.  I wouldn’t want to tell my dear brother that something happened to his little desert flower.”  You raised an eyebrow at the threat.  It could have been threatening, but the tone of voice he used made it sound pretty lame.  He looked at you for a moment.

“I do not understand what my brother sees in you.”  He said at last. 

“You shouldn’t.  It’s none of your business.”

“My apologies, but anything involving my brother is my business.”  He turned away from you again.  “See, I didn’t just take you for no reason.  I’m sure you’ve been informed that I need the Tablet.  My dear brother and that Larry fellow will do anything to keep it away from me.  I need some leverage, if you will.”

“You’re crazy.”  You said.

“That’s not very nice,” He said in mock-hurt.  “You should watch your tongue; you wouldn’t want anything to happen would you?  It would be a shame if Ahkmenrah was the one to find you la—”

“Y/N!” You heard your name being called.  You looked up to see Larry, a girl with curly red hair, and a cavalry officer with blond hair running towards you and Kahmunrah.  Kahmunrah snapped his fingers and a dozen guards surrounded the trio, stopping them in their tracks. 

“I was wondering when I would see you again,” He said, and began to monologue, going on about how ‘futile their efforts are’ and how ‘inevitable their demise is’.  It was boring you to death, and you were hardly paying attention! While everyone’s attention was on the Pharaoh, you felt the ropes around you shuffling around.  You turned your head as far as you could, trying to see what was causing the movement.  You smiled when you saw Ahk untying your ropes.  He smiled back and put a finger to his lips.  The ropes loosened, and you gently lowered them to the ground so they wouldn’t make any noise.  Ahkmenrah grabbed your arm and pulled you behind the pillar, sandwiching you between the concrete and himself. 

“Are you alright?”  He bent down so his mouth was to your ear.  His warm breath made you shiver involuntarily.

“I’m fine,” You told him.  He pressed his lips to the side of your head.

“I’m getting you out of here.”  He said firmly. 

“But what abou—”

“They’ll be fine.”  He assured you.  Just as you were about to make your escape, you heard Kahmunrah’s voice ring out.

“She’s gone! Search everywhere!  Find her!”  He roared.  You and Ahkmenrah stiffened at the tone of his voice.  Ahkmenrah stepped closer, his robes concealing you from view.  “This isn’t over,” He growled, and you heard multiple footsteps fade from the room.  After a few minutes, you heard a voice.

“Do you have her, Ahk?”  Larry called out. 

“She’s safe,” He replied.

“Told you it would work, Ace!” A girl’s voice rang out.    

“What’d we tell ya?”  A different man answered.   You and Ahk walked over to the three. 

“Okay, I was wrong, you were right.” Larry said dejectedly.  You hid a giggle behind your hand as the two strangers continued to gloat.  Ahkmenrah put an arm around your shoulders, and turned you to face him.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” He murmured, quiet enough so only you could hear. 

“I’m fine, Ahk,” You answered him.

“You’re sure?  No cuts, bruises…” He inspected you for any injuries.

“Ahk.”  You smiled at how worried he was getting.  “I’m fine,” You cupped his face in your hands, gently forcing him to meet your gaze.  “I promise,” You reassured him.  His gaze softened, and he gently pressed his forehead to yours.

“I’m sorry,” He said.


“Letting you get captured.”


“What?”  He stared at you confusedly.  You stepped back, and pointed a finger at him.

“You are not apologizing for this.”  You said firmly.  “You had no control over this.  Me getting taken was not your fault.   And I am not going to listen to you apologize for something you didn’t do.  Got it?”  He blinked a few times, and without warning, he pulled you to him and pressed his lips to yours.  Your eyes slowly closed and you wound your arms around his neck.  When you pulled away, he smiled and nuzzled into your hair.

“I don’t know what I ever did to deserve you, but thank Ra I did it.”  He sighed.  You smiled and laid your head on his shoulder. 

“Me neither,” You said.

“Um, guys.”  You both looked up to see Larry awkwardly standing there, the two exhibits standing behind him with smug grins on their faces.  “Hate to break up the moment here, I really do, but we need to go before Kahmunrah comes back.”  You let go of each other and followed the night guard, your hands tightly entwined with each other.

“Y/N?” You looked up at Ahkmenrah.


“You do realize I’m not letting you take part in any more situations that are even a little risky, right?”  You dropped your head in defeat.


“I’m serious, Y/N.  That was too dangerous.”

“I’m being serious too,” You told him honestly, meeting his gaze.  “And if you don’t want me to be a part of something, as much as I may disagree with them, I can respect your wishes.  Okay?”  He smiled at you, and leaned down to brush his lips to your forehead.




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Not Dead Yet (Part 21)

*Thank you all for 200 followers! Here’s a special treat. This gonna be good.*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warning: mild language

The next couple of days was like walking on eggshells. Peter and Felix weren’t speaking to each other and it affected the entire camp. What should have been a joyous return had turned sour far too quickly. The boys looked to me for answers but I could give them none. This was a problem that needed to be worked out amongst themselves. Felix was a devoted Lost Boy, Peter’s best friend. This surely couldn’t last that long.

As it turned out I was right for a change. One morning Felix and Peter were as thick as thieves once again. “Glad to see they worked things out,” Devin nodded to them, “What was it that had them against each other in the first place?”

“If I could tell you I would.” I sighed, “I’m just glad it’s over. Those two as enemies doesn’t work.”

“It was uneasy. Can you really not tell me anything? Anything at all?”

“It’s Peter, you know I can’t.”

“That’s another thing. When did you start calling him Peter?” I clammed up immediately. Since getting back I had gone back and forth between calling him Peter and Pan. Back at camp I was used to calling him Pan but after our time by ourselves calling him Peter slipped out. I know I asked to call him by his first name but the boys didn’t know that. All they knew was that I was acting far chummier with him than even Felix dared.

“What really happened in the Enchanted Forest?” he pressed.

“I–I can’t!”

“Can’t or won’t?”


“What happened that you can’t tell me? I thought I was your best friend.”

“You are!”

“Then why can’t you trust me?”

“I do! You know I could trust you with anything.”

“Then trust me!”

“Come on,” I pulled him up and dragged him deep into the jungle. When we were in the least trodden part of the jungle I stopped. Peter couldn’t follow me everywhere but I was still worried he might emerge from thin air.

“What I am going to tell you is told in the strictest confidence. You breathe a single word of this to anyone or even back to me after this time I will toss you into the mermaid lagoon with a boulder tied to your feet! Understand?”

“Yes, yes, now what happened in the Enchanted Forest?”

So I told him. Not everything but more than I know I should have dared. How I had gotten into some trouble and tried to run away with a magic bean and how Peter had chased after me, the long talks we shared and the fun we shared. Even so I couldn’t tell him exactly what we talked about or just how much fun we had. Those were memories for Peter and I alone.

“So that’s all it took? A couple days alone and you two are as cozy as hares in a hollow.” Devin chuckled, “How does that happen?”

“I wouldn’t say that’s all it took and we are not cozy. We’re friends at the most, nothing cozy about it. Why would you say it’s cozy?” I shot defensively.

“Well, you two do act far nicer to each other than I’ve ever seen you before.”

“Nice doesn’t equal cozy.”

“Maybe nice doesn’t but the way you two are always reclining on each other is. Also how you’ll jump on him like you do with us and the way he picks you up out of nowhere, it is very intimate behaviour.”

“Intimate? We’ve gone from cozy to intimate? How and why?”

“I’m just telling you what it looks like. Is there possibly something else that went down while you two–”

“No! Nothing happened!” He started smiling at me. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I just didn’t peg you for the type.”

“What type? What are you talking about?”

“The rumour going around.”

“What rumour?”

“Well there’s this rumour, not really a rumour more like a whispering that you and Pan weren’t missing but rather on holiday.” he was avoiding meeting my eyes, “That you two were away for some extended time alone.”

“The boys think we were gone because we were…” I felt like I was going to puke. “Why do they think that?”

“I–I don’t know, honest. I heard it from Sam who said he heard it from Curly who said he overheard Pan telling Felix that the real reason you were gone was for you-know-what.”

“I am going to kill him.” I stormed off. I could feel my skin tingling with just how mad I was right now. I do everything for him. I keep his secrets. I let him know he could trust me as a friend and how does he repay me? To reduce me down to nothing but a shag!

“PETER!” I shouted to the sky.

The air shifted and Peter was now standing in front of me, “You had better have cut yourself with dreamshade to order me here. I was just about to beat Nibs in–”

I socked him in the stomach with my club. He dropped down to his knees. I clenched his face in my hand so hard I was shaking. “You complete and utter shithole!”

“I’m sure you’re right but may I ask why?” He let out a long wheeze. “I think you broke something.”

“Maybe it’ll give you some good incentive to not lie to me.” I dug my fingernails into his cheek and tilted his head up so he was staring straight at me, “Why is it there’s a rumour going around that the real reason we were missing was because we were off having sex?”

“Ah…” he pried my hand off, “About that–”

“Why?!” I screeched, “What was so wrong with the explanation I gave the boys?”

“Nothing.” Peter stood to his full height again, “But Felix didn’t buy it, you know he didn’t. I knew I couldn’t have him against me so I gave him a more believable version.”

“Believable?” I turned my club over in my hands, “You couldn’t win back his respect so you threw me under? You didn’t give a second thought about reducing me to nothing but one of your flings! Let me get this straight right now, I am not one of your whores that you can play off so easily. I have worked too hard to earn these boys’ respect and I am not going to let your pride ruin that!”

“It wasn’t like I meant for all the others to hear.” he groaned, “Plus, I hardly doubt that them believing we had sex for a week is going to make them respect you any less.”

“You really aren’t getting it are you?” I shook my head, “If we really had then maybe I would think about this a little differently. After all as you’ve proven we all have carnal needs and there shouldn’t be any shame in sating those.”

This seemed to surprise him and he took a step forward, “So then…what’s the problem?”

“It’s a lie! If it was true I could at least wear it without any shame cause girls get urges too and the fact that I sated mine on you says a little more than you just coercing me into bed.”

“I prefer the term seducing–”

“I don’t give a damn what you prefer!” I shoved him angry tears rushing hot out of my eyes, “You took everything we did, the friendship we created back in the Enchanted Forest, and morphed it into nothing! Is that all I am in the end? Just a means to your ends like everyone else?”

“Of course not.” he reached for me but stopped when I flinched away. “What do you want me to do? I can’t exactly take it back, no one would believe me at this point.”

“Nothing. Just leave me alone. You got your second in command back you obviously don’t need me.” I began to leave when his arms wrapped around me pulling me back. I struggled against him trying to push him away but he wouldn’t let me go. I reached for my dagger but he beat me to it and threw it away along with my club.

“Let me go!” I screamed, “I don’t want to talk to you!”

“Not until you say you forgive me.” he murmured in my ear.

“I’m not playing this game with you!” I kicked hard at his shins, “I am not a pawn in your stupid games!”

He pushed me into a tree pressing me with his body so I couldn’t fight back. “I mean it! Let me go!”

“No. You need to say you forgive me first.”

“Why do you care if I forgive you?”

“Cause you’re my friend!” he stressed and I paused my struggling. He was staring at me intently. “You’re my friend, Y/N. I have always found you strong and dedicated and smart with an iron-will and bravery that goes often into brash stupidity. You know I’d never put you in a situation I didn’t think you could handle. Felix may be my second in command and a good friend but you’re the one that I trust the most. I know this because even though I know I can make you hate me, utterly despise me, you would never betray what I confided in you with or without the looming death threat.”

The words struck hard. I wanted to not believe him. To call him a liar and run but that would have been the lie. That pleading look in his eyes was more proof than I needed. “So, do you forgive me now?”

My arms went slack at my sides. “Can’t you just let me hate you?”

He smirked at me in triumph, “Where would the fun be then?” He stepped back to let me go.

I collected my things from the ground. Peter was still standing by watching me. My heart was still beating quickly in my chest. While my blood was up I turned back to him and pulled him down to peck his lips. We stared at each other in shock. What had I just done?

“W-Well,” he cleared his throat, “Just can’t keep your hands off me. Care to explain what that was about?”

That is a great question! Do I have an answer that makes sense? Anything at all? “I um…” I took a deep breath, “I am not a liar. If the boys want to believe their silly notions about me then so be it but I will not have those notions be false.”

He smirked wider at me as if he had one some grand prize. “Don’t go getting a bigger head than you already have.” I grinned back, “If the boys want to believe this rumour then I am not going to stop them. But I would rather have some weight to those rumours outside of a drunken make out.”

He gave a short laugh. “Is that all it took? Some sincere words and a rumour and you’re seduced?”

“I wouldn’t say seduced. Especially not to the point to want to crawl into bed with you but this wouldn’t be objected.” I leaned closer but he was the one to close the distance as he kissed me back, “You may act like an insufferable codfish but you certainly don’t kiss like one.”

“Nor do you Lost Girl.” He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me back in. “Nor do you.”


Peter hadn’t expected this. Especially not from Y/N. After their wine induced make out back in the Enchanted Forest he was sure that was the start and end of it. But she just kept surprising him. First with the rough kiss the morning after and now this? One moment she’s yelling at him and the next she’s throwing herself at him. Just more to add to her contradictory character he supposed. She was certainly being all kinds of bold lately and he was not going to complain.

Try as he might have Peter couldn’t deny that Y/N was an attractive girl. Maybe not entirely in the traditional sense as she was a Lost Girl. She wore battered and ragged clothes stained with mud and grass and blood, and no matter how many dips in the pond she took there was always dust on her face. But it was the wild tangle of her hair and the dark underlying danger and bloodlust in her eye that made her attractive. She was like a viper. If you got too close you had two options, run like hell before she struck or reach out and pray she didn’t bite.

He had reached out and she had struck just not in the way he thought she would. Rougher this time and way more passionate than before his lips melded against hers. Both his hands were now wound tightly in her hair looking for a tether. She let out a small gasp and his tongue slipped between her lip into her mouth tasting her deeper.

He groaned against her lips. Whatever rational thought he had flew out the window as he soaked her in. Her smooth skin, her warm body, the sweet taste of her lips and the soft thread of her hair.

“Peter…” she whispered in a husky voice he hadn’t heard before that caused the hair on the back of his neck to stand on end.

“Shush,” he claimed her lips again, “For right now don’t say a thing.”

And she didn’t. Overhead the sky grew clear and the sun shone brighter than it had before. It was a romantic sight to those who didn’t know better. They knew though. And there was one thing for certain that was screaming in both their minds: things were never going to be the same between them again.

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Have you heard that Kim Raver\Teddy is coming back next season for some episodes? I'm happy to see her again but let's hope she'll not cause problems between and Amelia...I don't think so but at the same time I'm a little worried

I did hear about it! I think it’s very exciting. We don’t have a lot of info so far but I think there are so many different ways how this could play out!  lol I love not knowing. 

I hardly think Teddy could cause any friction between Omelia in a romantic sense because even before she left, it was clear she was over Owen, and Owen is very much emotionally involved with Amelia. So in regards to that, I don’t believe they will make it a love triangle. 

I think we still have a lot of questions unanswered about Owen-Riggs-Megan time in the desert. What exactly happened over there? Why did Nathan cheat on Megan? How? With whom? How did she find out? 

Which leads me to, How much did Teddy see? Was she a part of it? We don’t know. This could be very exciting. Teddy could be back to elucidate some of that, fill in some blanks and help us figure out the dynamics of the relationships at the same time we get to know Megan a bit more and find out how she is. 

If Teddy really was there to witness everything that happened with Megan, Riggs, etc she can be a person who understands it a little better and maybe cause some tension for Omelia if Owen refuses to share more with his wife but I think that would go against what they have been building so far.

Of course there is always the chance of Teddy not being back per se, but appearing in flashback scenes. Maybe she was even part of some of the drama that happened over there and not merely a spectator. That would be exciting to watch and I wouldn’t be surprised if Greys went down that road.

If I had to take a guess, I’d say either Teddy is back to help on Megan’s case or she will appear in flashbacks that will give us better understanding of the scenario we’re dealing with. 

Ok, I don’t work for this company or anything but I wanted to share how AMAZING!!! these bubbles are! I hardly poured any of it in the bath when I started running it and there were SO MANY BUBBLESOMG. Like, I was drowning in bubbles.

I’m just showing a little bit in the picture cause I don’t post NSFW pics of myself but seriously, all you littles out there! THIS IS AMAZING STUFF! I use the eucalyptus one cause I find it super soothing, but they also have a lemon lavender, lavender, unscented, and vanilla citrus mint.

I actually have really sensitive skin and usually scented things make my skin itch, but the eucalyptus doesn’t and it makes my skin super smooth. I’m so glad I got it. I’ve used it for five baths already and I haven’t even used half the bottle yet.

I just wanted to share for anyone who wants some bath time fun, or anyone who loves bubble baths!

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Hey, if you're still doing the number and the pairing thing could you do number six with iron panther. Thank you!

Slowly but surely making my way through these (mostly by doing them when avoiding Real Life pressures lol. LIKE FINALS DUE IN TWO WEEKS. :D *cries*)

6. “What’s that behind your back?” 


Tony glanced up when the door to his office opened, frown turning into a bright grin. “Hey you,” he greeted. “When’d you get here?”

“About two hours ago,” T’Challa said, coming over to stop in front of Tony’s desk, a soft, fond smile on his face.

“I was just trying to catch up on some paperwork,” Tony explained. “Did you stop at the penthouse to drop off your things? I think if a shared shower was in the cards I could be tempted to come get ready earlier than planned.” He waggled his brows, making T’Challa chuckle.

“I would not be opposed to such plans,” he said. “Though we would have to account for the fact that a shower together would not actually be any quicker.”

Tony grinned, shrugged, and started putting things away on his desk. “We’ll hardly be the most scandalous people by being late - after all, it’s a Hammond party. Their drama might outshine superhero drama more often than not.”

“Perhaps,” T’Challa said, with an amused roll of his eyes. “However, I would prefer to make a good impression.”

“Alright, Kit-Kat, alright.” Tony shut down his computer and pushed his chair out, coming around to T’Challa. T’Challa shifted so he was still facing Tony, which caused the first flicker of a confused frown on Tony’s face.

“What, no hug?” he asked, joking. Then he seemed to consider T’Challa’s arms and posture and added, “What’s taht behind your back?”

Clearing his throat, T’Challa said, “Ah, well. That is why I made sure to arrive early, in fact.”

“What-” Tony started to say, only to cut himself off when T’Challa shifted to one knee, pulling his hands from behind his back. There was a small velvet box in hand, with a small metal band - shining and a bit dark - and-

“I had a question that I needed to ask,” T’Challa said with a slight smile.

“Fuck,” Tony breathed, eyes wide and locked onto T’Challa. “If you expected us to be on time after this you have got to be kidding yourself.”

Seven Minutes in Heaven (Newt)

{Requested by anonymous}

Request/description: NEWT IMAGINE Where the gladers and the reader play seven minutes in heaven ^.^

A/N: I don’t do sexual themed imagines or anything like that but I still think this turned out cute.

Warnings: None

Word count: 1297


Bonfire night. Everyone was already staring to gather in a circle, knowing that Minho would initiate his famous embarrassing games.

Once everyone’s together, Minho rubs his hands together mischievously. “How about we play…seven minutes in heaven?”

Your mouth drops open. “But Minho I’m the only girl!”

He shrugs. “Better get ready then, shank.”

You shake your head and he turns back to the group. He explains the rules and you frown.

“Okay Chuck, spin the bottle!” You roll your eyes.

The bottle spins around until it comes to a stop facing Winston, but the bottle is turned to face you, since there had to be a girl pairing. “Oh wow, look at that. It’s me,” you say sarcastically and stand up to go with Chuck into the Slammer where Minho had designated for the game.

You sit on the ground and Chuck sits next to you. “So…” he says awkwardly. “What’s up?”

You let out a chuckle at his innocence. “Have you ever played this before, Chuck?” He shakes his head. You look to the ground. “Well trust me it’s a lot more fun with other girls.”

Chuck holds out his hands and you furrow your eyebrows. “Rock, paper, scissors?”

You smile a little and hold out your hands. “Rock, paper, scissors!” You both say at the same time. You form a fist and he spreads his palm.

“Hah!” He cheers. “Paper beats rock!”

You played that for the next couple minutes and even had a thumb war. Chuck seemed to enjoy himself plenty by just getting full on attention from someone. Maybe this was his heaven.

You both head back to the group and you sit down, knowing you’d only get back up in a minute. Minho places the bottle in front of you and you bite your lip.

You give the bottle a quick twist and let it go.

“Frypan!” Minho announces.

You breathe a sigh of relief. There could’ve been so many other regretful picks.

People pay Frypan on the back and you stand, once again. You get into the Slammer first this time, and he follows. He puts his hands out to the side.

“What’re we gonna do, shank?”

You narrow your eyes at him and fold your arms. “Talk.”

He shrugs and you sit down in the same spot you had earlier.

“We could talk about your job in the kitchen,” you suggest. He agrees and you start. “What’s your favorite thing to cook?”

He thinks for a moment and then perks up. “Oh! Soup.”

You laugh in confusion. “Why?”

“Cause it’s easy to make, you all hate it and hardly eat any of it, so then I can serve it for three days after that.”

You nod. “I can see that. That’s actually a really good idea.” You think for a moment. “So I was never told…why do they call you Frypan? I mean that’s not your real name, is it?”

“Nah,” he shrugged. “My real names Siggy. They call me Frypan because of what I did when I first got here.”

You knit your eyebrows together. “And that was what?”

“Stole a frypan from the kitchen and carried it around with me for a shuckin’ week.”

You laugh. “Why on earth would you do that?”

He smiled wide and chuckled. “I don’t know, man. I think it comforted me. Finally Alby said I can keep it if I became the cook.”

“And here you are,” you sigh.

“Here I am.”

Once the seven minutes were up, you and Frypan headed back to the group who was full of snickers and murmurs.

“Alright, Frypan. Spin it. This time we’ll just have whoever it picks be the boy.” Minho hugged his knee to his chest and watched with excited eyes.

The bottle turned for a couple seconds before stopping gradually. You stare at the person it chose and swallow hard. This is exactly who you didn’t want it to pick. Anyone but him, anyone.

“Alright you two!” Minho smirked and you stood. You walked numbly to the Slammer and waited for the boy to enter too.

“It’s bloody freezing in here,” he muttered.

You smile a little and turn to face Newt. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to be around him. No, it was quite the opposite. You always stammered when you were near him or seemed to make a fool of yourself. You were so nervous everyone he was around and your cursed your heart for feeling this way.

You take your position against the wall that you were sure had to have your imprint by now. Newt sat across from you and when he caught you looking, you blushed. He gave you a smile that made your heart constrict.

“You know,” he started. “I was actually hoping to be picked.”

“Why?” Newt always respected you, so you can’t imagine that it was for anything else than to talk.

“Well the Glade is always so busy, I never actually get to spend any real time with you without five other people around.” He looked around as he said it and when he finished his eyes returned to you. You swore that him and his accent were going to be the end of you.

You flash him a smile. “So what would you talk to me about if the Galde wasn’t as busy?”

“Well for starters,” Newt replied and looked at you with soft eyes. “I’d tell you how pretty you are.”

Your breathing stopped. In the Glade you’d been called a lot of things, but pretty had never been one of them. “Really?”

Newt nodded as if it were common sense. He rested his arms on his knees and thought. “Then I’d tell you what a great gardener you are, really.” He laughed at this and you rolled your eyes in response.

“Oh please, we both know I’m the worst one to ever take that job.” Today alone, you’d accidentally overwatered three plants and stepped on a tomato. But Newt was never mad. He always laughed with you or comforted you and helped you to fix the problem.

It was quite for a moment before you decided to speak up. A surge of confidence came over you and you decided to use it before it was gone again. “Do you know what I’d tell you?”


“How I can never get you out of my head and even if Chuck chews my ear off for an hour, I can’t forget how I feel about you. You drive me insane, Newt.” You hold your breath now and gauge his expression to see how he took the new information.

“Well, I hope I’m driving you insane in a good way, that is.” He let his lips curl up into a smile. His eyes crinkled and you swore you needed to be revived because he’d just stopped your heart.

You shook your head and smiled to yourself, looking to your feet. “Of course it’s in a good way, Newt.”

“Good, I mean, I can’t have the person I have feelings for hate me. That wouldn’t be very productive, would it?”

He moved closer to you now, smirking. He stopped an inch away from your face and your gaze flickered from his lips to his eyes. “Can I kiss you?” he asked, his voice smooth and as soft as his eyes.

“No,” you joke. “Didn’t you hear me? I said you drove me insane.”

A grin spread over his mouth. “But in a good way,” he replied.

You roll your eyes and push your mouth to his, still feeling the smile on both of your mouths.

When you both pulled away, Newt was thinking for a second with a smile that wouldn’t budge. “I’d also tell you how much I enjoyed that.”

I Will Wait

A/N: My first piece of writing for Karamel. My emotions were too strong after 2x08 and now I’m afflicted with the torture of Winter Hiatus. So I caved and decided to make a new blog and write. This is basically a transcription of the kiss and a tiny bit more. The title refers to the Mumford & Sons song :)

Pairing: Kara Zor-El/Mon-El
Word Count: 1279

His eyes are sore, but he slowly makes them open. Immediately his pain eases when his vision provides not one, but two images of Kara—her golden hair backlit by the fluorescent lights of this medical ward, casting a halo around her… Both of hers…? It barely makes sense to him, but she looks like an angel. This must be heaven.

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no disrespect, i admit messi is a great player but the guy hardly has any character lol, so boring yet not squeaky clean either (tax evasion etc.), he won't be considered a great sportsman in history cause he doesn't show any passion or attitude or anything really :/

so he doesn’t take off his shirt after a win or hype up fans all the time or throw reporter’s mikes into the pond or make statements like ‘im the best in the last two decades’ etc. means he has no character or charisma?

he’s above all that, has been for years. he doesn’t need to adopt those kinda tactics to stay relevant and show any passionate, celebrity-like ‘character’ when he’s showing the world his personality on the pitch, game after game

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Do you think Regulus might have inherited any of his mother's abilities?

Good question, I actually don’t know. In the gaiden, we hardly know much about Arkhes or her powers. All we know that she is a Pythia (a priestess at the temple of Delphi or Oracle of Delphi). We know that they are spokesmen of the gods and nature and that they can predict the future (their prediction has a great influence on the issue of the Holy War but that doesn’t mean they can fully predict it as Pope Sage said). In mythology, they were known to be most powerful, prestigious and authoritative amongst the Greeks. That is all we know about Pythias and Arkhes. (I mean it would be cool if we get to know more about them but they are only minor characters so it made sense that we know so little) So we know for a fact that Arkhes can predict the future by channelling the prophecies and seeing the future from Apollo himself (that is probably why the Pope called them spokesmen of gods). Arkhes was also a spokesman of nature. Pythias were known to be the first servants of Gaia (mother earth goddess) before Apollo took Delphos for himself. Therefore, the Pythias would have a connection with the Earth and its spirits. Maybe it was Arkhes who was the one who taught Illias how to speak to the nature (now it is my headcannon for that~) Also when Arkhes appeared, she gave off the same mysterious and wise aura like Asmita and Illias, feeling things that one could not see (the weirdest translation I read lol).

So did Regulus inherited any of his mother’s abilities? Well if you are talking about her powers to predict the future, then no he didn’t. If Regulus could predict the future, wowee, Athena would have such an advantage. (I mean I know they said nobody could predict the outcome of the Holy War but if Regulus could just predict the little events in the Holy War that could all add up, and also including the knowledge from the manuscripts from the Pythia, lol Athena would have a advantage. Hades would be pissed.) But yeah, he did not inherited that ability from his mother.

Interesting theory that is wrong anyway lol because I am very certain that this is not what the author was thinking of and also I am sure I missed some important things that would disagree with this but hey it is interesting to think anyway:

Arkhes is a pythia so she has the ability to channel the power of a god. (kinda like a prophet (I mean Pythia in mythology and how they could predict the future is similar to one plus prophet are also known to be spokesman of god too), it could be from telling people what god want to say, telling a prophecy or even granting miracles like Moses did). It is also interesting that the Pope called the Pythia the spokesmen of gods not the spokesmen (or spokeswomen lol) of Apollo. In mythology, Pythia can only channel Apollo. However, we all know that Saint Seiya does not follow mythology completely but is inspired by mythology. Lets go back to Pythia. Pythia are all woman who are trained to channel the prophecies of Apollo. However, what if there are others like them but not Pythia that have similar abilities but are not chosen to be Pythia for different reasons (like they are not a woman or they simply don’t want to or maybe their talent isn’t strong enough, so many reasons). Now what does this all have to do with Regulus? From the last chapter of the Leo gaiden, when Regulus was fighting against Balor, Regulus performed Lightning Plasma with the help of spirits of course. However, during the attack, Balor immediately saw the attack/light divided into five rays that formed into a spear, Broniac, the weapon Lugh used to destroy him. Not only that, we all know lighting plasma is cosmos released in a series of  small electric light beams not five light rays. So what if Regulus was unconsciously channelling Lugh’s power to his own attack to defeat Balor. How did he do it? We all know the god must be willing to communicate or give his or her power to the person channelling it. In the gaiden, both Connor and Regulus had a strong desire to protect each other. Connor was praying for the spirits to help Regulus and Regulus determination to protect Connor is what awoke Lugh as he heard their prayers/wishes and wishes to help them. Since Lugh was not physically there since he was now only a spirit, he had to channel his powers to help his descendant. So he channelled his power through Regulus. Now we know people like pythia take years of practice to channelled a god’s power and that is something Regulus does not have. But his body is very adaptable to powerful cosmos (I mean have you seen the last battle against Rhadamanthys, all that attacks he did require a humongous cosmos (which make me think Pythias were known to be powerful woman (possibly because they could handle and channel a god’s power))  Lugh is a spirit and is not physically there but despite that, Regulus channel Lugh’s power. In addition, Apollo is the god of sun and Lugh is the god of light. Interesting how sun and light are very similar. So maybe that also help Regulus channeled Lugh’s power a lot. Anyway maybe due to Connor’s prayers and also powers (like she was unconsciously using them to help Regulus better channel Lugh’s powers too), he channeled Lugh’s power and defeated Balor.

Also I bet you are wondering yeah but almost anyone can channel the god’s power. Yes because of circumstances. There were people who could channel the god’s power through objects like the seals that had Athena’s blood, the sword that had her blood, the flower bracelet and others. Also there were other times when the god was physically there and giving the power to the person. But pythia can channel Apollo’s powers without Apollo being there physically. And yes I remember that one scene when Athena was helping and giving Tenma power by being spiritually there but that happen in the anime and not the manga. Since the gaiden is part of the manga, I would be following the manga only which is created by the author. Besides, even if I did decide to follow it, Tenma is the Pegasus saint and we all know how strong the bond between the Pegasus saint and Athena is so I am not surprised anyway.

Oh and as for if so would Regulus be able to predict the future? Well, first he have zero knowledge on the ritual or practices. Second of all, I bet Apollo would take one look at Regulus and be like yeah no I am not going to tell an immature, idiot brat like this boy the future. Lol, I am sure he would have preferred Arkhes (I mean she is a pythia) or Illias (if he had the ability) I am sure he would prefer wise mysterious people. Asmita too lol but he doesn’t have that ability. Regulus, nah too immature for him lol.

End of theory and back to the real answer to your question:

Or as I said earlier, maybe Regulus didn’t inherited that part of her power. Maybe it wasn’t Regulus at all but it was all Connor. She is the descendant of Lugh, a priestess in practice and is very important (since Balor wants her blood to return to full power). So it could be her prayers and strong wishes that help Regulus become stronger and when he perform lightning plasma he also perform Broniac. It is very obvious that the author meant it that way. That with Connor’s prayers and wishes, she helped Regulus defeated Balor. But the idea of the part earlier is interesting in my opinion. So if you are wondering cannon wise, then no Regulus won’t inherited that ability from her mother. But that is ok, Connor helping Regulus defeated Balor, I think that is super cool.

Now the ability to speak to the nature is pretty much the ability to speak to the spirits just like Illias was doing and of course Arkhes can too. Regulus learned that ability during his first mission in Ireland. One can learn how to speak to nature (like how Arkhes would teach Illias how to speak to the Earth) while some are just talented in it. Now it is interesting that Regulus learned it very quickly even though he didn’t have any understanding about it earlier. So he inherited the talent/ability from his mother. (I mean I know he is a prodigy and all but to be a genius, you gotta understand what you are observing and analyzing, Regulus didn’t understand it until much later when he actually see the spirits, then he understood). Since his mother has a connection to the Earth spirits, it would make sense if Regulus would have the same connection that allows him to see the spirit so quickly. But this could be another theory since I don’t think the author had thought of that too.

Maybe a theory too, ok definitely just another theory:

Last but not least, this is not certain but as I said earlier in my theory, Pythia were known to be powerful woman (in mythology) because they can predict the future but maybe just maybe because their bodies can handle a god’s power to channel it. In mythology or history, everyday, pythia were so tired because the rituals were very exhausting and it was known to have a physical effect on health of the Pythia. In fact due to all of this, Pythia were known to die earlier than most women. (I mean if you think about it, these rituals were supposed to help the Pythia channel Apollo’s powers so they would be so tired from handling his huge cosmos. Plus normal people would died doing that everyday but Pythia were very resistant). Regulus (or his body) might have inherited the ability to handle such strong cosmos just like in his final battle against Rhadamanthys, his body was able to handle all that cosmos from his attacks before his body reached a limit. (I mean seriously, one there is no way he could do all of those attacks in a row one after another cause they are so powerful and require so much cosmos and second yeah his body should have reached a limit which it did much much later) So maybe it was because of that.

End of another theory and back to the real answer to your question

Although  canon wise…I doubt that author thought that far. She hadn’t even created Arkhes and lol I doubt she was thinking of that when she had Regulus did all of that attacks against Rhadamanthys.

In the end, idk I feel like some of the theories (even though not cannon wise) explain a few things and are interesting. But I have to think about it some more, who knows, maybe I would include them into my headcannons!  That would be fun. What do you think? Let me know your thoughts and opinions if anyone even see this answer which I doubt anyone would…. T.T

katskii  asked:

i love akaoi so very much but there is hardly any content T_T I've been trying to make it more popular by drawing fanart but it's a slow process...

First of all, I went to see your AkaOi fanarts and they are gorgeous? Holy shit, well done. And in general, thank you for drawing quality rarepairs :D

Secondly, I’ve had an idea for an AkaOi au for like ever, and unfortunately I don’t think I’ll ever it as a fic, so here it is instead! I hope you enjoy it aahh

They’re both movie stars. Oikawa is a well known, flamboyant Hollywood boy that causes a new scandal every other weekend. People love him, people love to hate him. He’s been seen drunkenly making out with both guys and girls, and some of the paparazzi too if they ever caught his fancy.

Akaashi is a rising star, who’s much more reserved. He recently got massively popular after playing Yuri Katsuki in a Yuri on Ice live action movie. (In the movie, all our fantasies came true and the kisses were never censored. Let me dream ok?)

They both audition for and get accepted into a high profile new film by Director Ennoshita. It’s a gay romcom where literally no one dies and they actually get together in the end.

The only problem is… they’re both cast for the other role from what they were aiming for. Oikawa is to play a reserved, tall, brooding young man, while Akaashi will be playing a hyperactive, sunny, airy, flirtatious playboy.

Now they have met before in ceremonies and stuff, but Oiks always got the feel that Akaashi was judging him like 80% of his fellow actors. That’s about the opposite of true.

Akaashi has the BIGGEST crush on him. He idolized him for YEARS. Oiks started out young, and Akaashi saw his earlier movies and fell in love there. He’s been following his career for years like a fanboy, and when he finally met him, he literally froze, and since he has a bad case of resting bitch face, to Oikawa it looked like contempt.

When they’re shooting, Akaashi is very in character and professional, but off set? He can’t say two words to him. So Oiks thinks he’s being antisocial and an ass. He huffs and puffs but can’t really do something about it.

One day, Director Ennoshita decides that Akaashi isn’t flirty enough. They try filming again, and again, but it doesn’t work. At the end of the day, he orders Oikawa to take Akaashi out and show him, teach him how to be more flirty.

Oikawa is like, “Ugh, fine, whatever, I wanted to check out this new bar downtown anyway.”

Akaashi inside like “omg omg omg omg omg omg omg”, Akaashi outside like “If you insist.”

So they go out for drinks and Akaashi is literally dead, he’s so nervous he can barely speak. So Oikawa gives him more and more alcohol to “loosen him up”, and it works.

As Akaashi gets more and more drunk he smiles more, actually communicates with him, and Oiks sees he’s actually a really great guy! Super intelligent, too, and has an endless collection of weird random facts like “Did you know that pirates actually had their own version of gay marriage?”

And as the night progresses, they ditch the goal of teaching Akaashi to be more flirty and just dance, talk, laugh and generally have a good time. Oikawa can take his alcohol fairly well but Akaashi is trashed by the end of the night, he can’t walk without help and even then it’s hard. Oikawa is scared he’ll choke on his tongue so he takes him back to his apartment to watch over him.

Akaashi, for some reason, strips down to his underwear and flop down on Oikawa’s bed like it’s nothing special and Oikawa is like “Ohhh boi” because Akaashi is stunning and nearly naked and he’s way too drunk to deal with this. He flees to the kitchen to drink water and wash his face, then comes back with a huge glass of water and forces Akaashi to drink it all.

After that’s done, he wraps him up in a blanket like a human burrito, and lays down next to him because fuck it, it’s his apartment and he will not sleep on the couch. But Akasshi doesn’t pass out yet. He mumbles drunkenly about something that Oikawa can’t hear well enough so he asks him to talk louder.

And Akaashi straight up screams that he has had a crush on Oikawa for like. Years. Then he just giggles while Oikawa has to fight the urge to kiss the shit out of him because they’re both drunk and it’s a bad idea but how cute is he???

When he wakes up the next day, Oikawa finds a little note on the fridge saying “Thanks for taking care of me.” And that’s it. No Akaashi around.

Akaashi remembers everything, surprisingly, but he pretends not to. They do, however, get friendlier after that. Always eat together, go out to see movies (never out for drinks again), hang out at each others apartments etc. Oikawa barely makes out with anyone anymore. Whenever Akaashi flirts with him on set he fucking loses it, and suddenly pretending to be coy and shy isn’t so hard anymore. He’s really feeling it.

It goes on like this, Oiks falling harder, Akaashi realizing Oikawa is just a man and not a god, but he’s a man that he likes even more than the god he was to him before.

All their kissing and sex scenes in the movie are so heated, so realistic, and they get so many praises for them. But like, no shit, they’re really not faking the attraction.

After the premier, all the cast goes out for drinks. Akaashi tries to hold back but Oikawa gives him more alcohol and he can’t refuse him, and they both end up pretty drunk, and back where they started, at Oikawa’s apartment.

“So this is it? After tonight… we’ll both have other roles… we won’t see each other as much anymore.” Akaashi says, fiddling with his glass of water.

“It doesn’t have to be that way, Keiji.” Oikawa reaches out, brushing a stray lock that fell on Akaashi’s forehead back to its place.

The shorter turns to look at him, a half hopeful, half sad smile on his lips. “No?”

“No.” Oikawa insists. His fingers thread through the soft, black locks, his other hand comes up to cup Keiji’s jaw, and slowly he leans in to press their lips together.

They announce their relationship in a joined interview they go to two weeks later, and every single fangirl who watched the movie literally dies.

Whoa this got so long, oops. Guess I had more to say than I thought ^^

a letter to libra

to drift into everyone else’s world must be confusing right? because what one is your own? i can’t even begin to know. your mind is an incredible multi
layered lens and forms such an aromatic tapestry, it’s like daisies grow from the
deepest parts of your veins and you make your world beautiful
but i know how you watch yourself, and fear you said the wrong thing
you should know that not everybody’s sadness or disappointments should be felt by you.
and you did not cause them all. no. you hardly ever cause any of them. i know you have so much love to give, and a being that feels empty when it is not
pouring itself out completely. but try not to lose yourself, there is a sparkle of pure delight shining like a venus pearl in there