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Hi!! I saw the headcanon about Slytherins learning sign language so that they can talk to the mermaids and I got really excited cause I'm learning sign language right now! Except I'd much rather be signing with my fellow Slytherins and mermaids. Okay that's it, I just was really excited that I realized that and wanted to share with people who understand and are Slytherin too! Love you all!!!๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ

ahhh that’s so great anon! i love hearing about people being excited about our headcanons and im sure someone else felt exactly how you did. Also thank you, ily too anon.


The Boy Named Yoongi (Part 6)

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Pairing: Yoongi X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Length: 1,330 words

Summary: Valentine’s day is coming up and you had no interest in that but that was only until you realized you still liked your middle school crush; the boy who harshly rejected you.


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“I said don’t go.” Yoongi says with a serious face.

“Can you give me a reason?”

He stays quiet and just looks down at his feet as if he’d never noticed he had ten toes.

“If you can’t give me a valid reason then let go of my hand. I have to meet with the others.”

Yoongi’s grip on your arm tightens for a second before he just drops your arm.

“Have fun.” He quickly says and then turns around and starts working on his laptop.

You shrug and leave to meet with Nana. Even though you could have just stayed when Yoongi said to, you wanted to hear him say he wanted you to stay, to not meet other guys, to stay by his side. Too late for that now anyway.

“Y/N! Over here!” You hear Nana calling your name so you hurry over to where she sat at an outdoor restaurant with her boyfriend, Jin, and a stranger.

“Hey Y/N, this is my friend Hoseok. Hoseok, this is Nana’s friend, Y/N.”

“Nice to meet you Y/N.”

You blush when he smiles at you and all you can do is nod. Eating with him wasn’t awkward because Nana was there so she constantly asked him questions so you didn’t have to do it. It was always nice to have such an enthusiastic friend like her at times like this. Hoseok wasn’t really shy either, you expecting someone who was more quiet, but Hoseok was definitely the life of the party type of guy.

“Come on guys! Let’s go to the amusement park. I want to go on some rollercoasters.” Nana jumps out of her seat after eating.

“I love rollercoasters! Let’s go!” You follow Nana and jump out of your seat. “I haven’t been on one in years!”

“Hoseok doesn’t like-” Jin tries say something but Hoseok interrupts him by quickly getting out of his seat.

“I love rollercoasters, totally not scared of them at all.” He looked slightly paler than before and lightly jabbed Jin in the side. “I know exactly where we should go.”

The four of you take the bus to get there. Nana bounces up and down in her seat as the amusement parks come into view. You and her excitedly run off the bus immediately after it comes into a stop, that scene looked a lot like an owner bringing their dogs to park. The amusement park he suggested was perfect for you. Extremely tall, big, and fast rides. But he looked paler and paler after every ride he got on with you. Jin didn’t really have much reaction to any of these rides. He just looked happy to see Nana being happy.

“Y/N, I wanna spend time with my boyfriend so let’s split here and meet back here in two hours.” She winks and smiles.

“Okay.” You reply as she drags her boyfriend to another rollercoaster. Being alone with Hoseok was fine for you, he was funny and looked like he was having fun. Well, kinda.

“Y/N can we maybe rest a little bit? I haven’t been on rollercoasters in a while so my body doesn’t seem to be used to it.” He was really pale and looked like he was ready to throw up.

“Huh? Of course, I’ll get some water and then meet you on a bench. Sounds good?”

“Yeah, thanks for being so understanding.”

You find where he was sitting and give him a water bottle. Color was finally returning to his face and then it hit you.

“Wait. Hoseok were you pretending to like rollercoasters because I like them?”

“W-what, no. I-I’m just - no not at all. I hate them. I’m terrified of them.” Hoseok sighs and looks down at his water. “You were just so excited so I couldn’t say anything.”

“If you were uncomfortable you should have just told me, we could have gone somewhere else.” You tilt your head down to look him in the eyes.

“I hope it isn’t weird for me to say this especially cause this is only our first time meeting and this is only our first date…” He looks up to meet your eyes, “but I really like you.”

You were flattered to hear that but it didn’t makes your heart flutter or make you feel any type of way.

“No one has ever confessed to me like this so I don’t know how to respond.”

“You don’t have to respond now. I can wait, I just wanted to let you know how I felt.”

You keep your mouth shut because you had a feeling you won’t be able to return his feelings. But that could change so let’s see how things go.

“Are you okay with slower rides? I know it’ll be boring if we just sit for the next two hours but I know I can handle slow stuff.” He smiles at you and gets up. The sun reflecting on him made him more beautiful.

“Sure, which one should we go to first?”

You spent the next two hours getting to know Hoseok even more. He was a dancer in a dance crew and could rap. When you thought of rapping, the first person you thought of was Yoongi. You wondered how he sounded when he raps.

“Do you want to come watch my group perform at a dance competition?”

“Really? Yeah! That would be cool. When is it?”

“It’s next Saturday 6pm, do you think you can make it?”

“I don’t have any plans for next weekend so yeah, I think I can go.”

Hoseok lightly blushes and laughs to himself.

“Are you really that happy?” You laugh with him, it was cute seeing him happy because of you.

“I mean, I’ve never invited anyone that I liked to watch me dance. Now that I know you’ll come it makes me want to practice harder.”

“Don’t work too hard. We don’t want you getting hurt.”

“Y/N! I need to use the restroom, come with me!” Nana comes running towards where you and Hoseok had been sitting. Before you can say anything, she was already pulling you towards the restroom.

“So. Did anything happen? Spill the goods.”

“Um… He just told me-“

“He confessed to you already?!”.

“Yeah… and he invited me to watch-”

“Watch him in the dance competition next Saturday?!”

“Yeah. Uh. How did you know?”

“Jin told me everything already, I just wanted you to say it.”

“Why did Hoseok tell Jin he liked me before he told me? Isn’t it normally the other way around?”

“I don’t know. But you’re going, right? Cause Jin said we could go too. Obviously I’m going only if you’re going.”

“I should be able to go. I have nothing coming up.”

“Yay! I’m so excited. Okay, now I actually need to use the bathroom.”

On the way home, Nana falls asleep on the bus and Hoseok quietly sits next to you.

“I’m really happy that I got to spend this day with you. Are you free next week?”

“I am. Well, I’m free after school.”

“Can we hang out again? This time with just the two of us?”

“Yeah. Sure. I’ll call you.” You stand up and get off at your stop. “I had fun.”

Unlocking the door and walking into Yoongi’s house was so normal now. But seeing him and talking to him every day still made a little part of your heart flutter.

“How was the date?”

As soon as you walk in you see Yoongi sitting on the sofa, leisurely sipping some coffee. He leans back and looks at you.

“Are you actually curious about what happened?”

“I’m just bored, that’s why I’m asking.” He avoids eye contact with you but you can see him blush.

“Well, I’ll tell you about him. His name is Hoseok and he’s really cute. He’s funny and a dancer. We went to a restaurant first and then an amusement park. You know what’s funny? He went on a bunch of rollercoasters even though he actually terrified of them.”

“Looks like you had fun.” He said it quite harshly, like he was mad or something.

“I did. He asked me to go to a dance competition he’s participating in next Saturday too. I’m so excited.” You sit down next to Yoongi and see him stiffen up.

“Are you going?”

“I think I will. I have nothing planned for next week.”

“What if I told you not to go?”

“You’re still on that? I told you right? Unless you have a reason then don’t stop me. I mean, why do you even care?”

“I-I have my reasons! I don’t need to tell you.”

“Why can’t you tell me? It’s not like it’s going to be anything like you liking me. I already know that’s not possible.”

“What if I do like you?”


2017 4CC FP

Wasn’t that exciting!!  I had excitement from Hanyu’s 4 minute Fp you normally get from a 2 hour action movie!!!  It gave me energy enough that I stayed the whole day despite waking up early to watch him!!  With a cold, fever and headache!!!  How’s that!? (how many energy drinks does that count?).

This is what I like about this guy!!  He’s a fighter who never gives up!!  He looks like a harmless Pooh but inside he has spirit & courage of the bravest men!!  God bless him and protect him.

Ok.. calm down!!  Honestly I was watching the Fp live and praying the whole time, I didn’t see the spins nor his step sequences!!  My eyes were locked on his jumps only until the end!!  I didn’t notice that he didn’t do the biellmann spin nor any other move OO just jump safely and I’ll enjoy the program later!!

When he popped his 4S, I went into space.. somewhere near Pluto.. noooooooooo.. but I teleported back to earth immediately when his second 3A combination changed and he jumped another jump!!  Wait!!  Was that a Quad just now??  And from the score I knew he did and got crazily excited and then the 3A jump came last!!  Oh my god Oh my god.. He did it.. (screaming & crying without a sound cause everyone’s sleeping)!!!

To be honest.. when he popped his 4S combination, I was wondering if he’ll attempt that 4S he practiced at the end as some fans reported!!  But I’m glad he went for the 4T instead!!  So relieved..

To change jump layouts is not that easy, I remember Oda the Japanese skater said once that it’s impossible, it’s too difficult.  Cause you ought to make mistakes.. that’s how Hanyu’s a genius!!

((Another thing that amazed me -he never stops to amaze me- he actually changed his 3A-2T combination into 3A-3T.. now that, i didn’t notice at all.. so he was preparing from the 6th Jump, he removed the 2T to put it with the 4T!!  Just subarashii, he’s really a crazy genius.  In the picture above the changes he did are in yellow))

If only he didn’t do a combination with that popped 4S.. he could have used the third combination with the last 3A and won!!  But that’s asking too much of him!!  He would be super human if he did that!!!  What he did was already great!!  It was an emergency, he panicked maybe and did a one turn jump in a desperate attempt, but patched that mistake greatly after that.

Though he didn’t win the gold!  I’m so satisfied with this FP, personally I think he deserved the Gold! His artistry is first class –even in state of panic-, and he moved and surprised everyone with those sudden changes even his coach didn’t expect it, I would give him points for that too.. but what happened happened! And it’s not like Chen didn’t deserve it.. he’s one tough rival who popped suddenly!!  I’m sure Hanyu is uncontrollably excited!!  ((Which will put more worries and nervousness on us, his fans and his poor coach))!!

Congratulations to Shoma too.. lol, I’m gonna start calling him the bronze champion.. he’s always third!!  Shoma ganbare.. and work on your stamina..

Yoku Ganbatta.. See you in Worlds!  Ja mata.. 

Lasts for a lifetime.

A Dan Howell au fanfic story.

What happens when a boy meets a girl who denies her self from feel anything. Y/n believes that if she allows herself to get close to anyone, it will only allow herself to feel pain and hurt. but when she meets Dan could it all change for her, could she find true happiness within herself again. A chaptered fan fiction by The-kingunicornlu-13

Pairings: Dan Howell x Reader.ย 

Au: High school.

Warnings: Mentions of depression, anxiety and at some point suicidal thoughts.

Chapter one: New life, new me, maybe?

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Catfish || Stiles Stilinski

Stiles P.O.V

God I love Y/N. I never met her in real life but I text her and call her and stuff but it’s not the same as a face to face conversation.

Me and Y/N met when I accidentally texted the wrong number in freshman year. We followed each other on facebook and that’s how our friendship started. But we don’t video chat which is kind of sketchy….well not for beacon hills.

I’ve been bored all day cause Scott is out with Kira, so I decided to text Y/N.

Hey beautiful😍

Heyyy hot stuff

Can I ask you something

You just did you dork😂😂
but sure

Where do you live… a non stalkerish way

Lol I live in California

Really?! Where? Cause I do too

Now I was getting excited…maybe I could meet her one day…if she really is the girl in the facebook pictures.

Beacon Hills…. why so curious today buddy?

This is freaking crazy. How have we not met in real life? I live in beacon hills too

oh thats…
-Y/ N

Well this just got super awkward…

I have to go…. I’m so sorry😭

Yeah okay… bye beautiful👄👄

Bye cutie😉

Great… she thinks I’m weird.

I just sat in my bed thinking about Y/N until I got an idea and ran downstairs.

“Hey dad…. um at the police station you have files of everyone who lives in this town right?” I rushed, asking my oh so wonderful father.

“Where is this coming from Stiles?” Dad asked me but I didn’t really have an answer.

“Werewolf stuff…” I uttered out.

“Yes…. the station does have those files.” Dad said with a sigh.

“Great I’ll take a look after school tomorrow.” I said giving my dad a thumbs up before running upstairs. “But Sti- oh forget it.” I heard dad mumble.

Omg I haven’t written in forever…. so sorry it’s just that I have a lot of fucking homework so ughhhhh terribly sorry