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okay but @punny-bone is the best friend that i've ever had on this site and i love her so very much and i can't believe how lucky i am to have someone like her in my life. She's so understanding and lovable and just ahhhh. Her Sans and all her other blogs she has are just 100% 10/10 would meet again in another life yes.

Send me tumblr users you adore and why?

// omg yes A++++ 100/10 agree @punny-bone is amazing and everyyone should follow and also follow @popdrop-sansdy cause damn theyre so amazing too like woah //


aaand here’s the art trade I collaborated on with my wonderful friend and the fantastic author, @starfiretheninja (totally recommend a follow!)!! We decided on tired and cutesy college student Connie and Steven.

Click to read her amazing, adorable drabble below!

“Wh-what does that even mean?!” Connie grumbled. Squinting at the dense digital wall of text, she blinked in an attempt to bring moisture back to her dry eyes. After a few moments of staring, the exhausted college student realized that her eyes had shifted out of focus, causing the words to blur together. Connie shook her head and refocused, reading through the next few lines.

The words before her still didn’t make any sense.

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um hi so i’m (just under) 50 away from 2k and it’d be ya know kinda cool if i could get there sometime (soon)… and yeap that’s my story (thanks for listening reading) (*awkwardly shuffles off stage ur screen*) 


so I know you’re busy and all of that, but if you’re lurking can you follow Manca @dancingswifts13 - she had your follow before but her blog got deleted and she lost it, I am sure you remember her, Jehle @13alltooswiftie you’ve met her in Texas, she travelled all the way from South Africa to the show, and wow she’s so amazing person you would love her posts, and Marion @got-a-short-list-of-ex-lovers who is real MVP and so kind and lovely and supportive and she’s amazing friend? So if you could that would be super awesome, I would be so happy cause those girl are wonderful to me and I just want to help them somehow. Love you always! And sending you a hug! 

So today is Steph’s  ( dashingrapskillian ) birthday. What can I say about her? She makes lovely gifs. You’ve seen her gifs, cause they get reblogged hundreds of times (as well they should). I can only imagine the work that goes into them (literally, I don’t make gifs, I don’t know how and even if I did, I wouldn’t be half as good at is as she is)

She was one of my earliest followers, when I joined Tumblr and didn’t have a clue what I was doing (I still don’t) or who any of these people were. All I knew was that I wanted to share my fic, and she has been an amazing cheerleader for my little stories, reblogging them with amazing tags, mentioning them in posts, and undoubtedly helping my readership spread - I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I tend to pick up new followers whenever she reblogs something I wrote.

And she’s my friend now…and I have to get my friend something for her birthday! So here’s a little Captain Swan fic



let slip your secrets, my darling (and I am the one who falls)

Of all the things he’s longed to learn about Emma Swan, the many stories hidden behind her guarded and careful heart, the secrets she hoards as carefully as if they were precious jewels (and they are far more valuable to him than diamonds or pearls, the old pair of spectacles and the ring with the glass stone, every item in that simple box that he would treasure more now than any chest of gold coins because they were hers) he’d be lying if he said that he didn’t want to know even more intimate aspects of the woman who has captivated him since Neverland, since he turned his ship around in search of more than vengeance and misery, hell, if he’s honest (which he is, far more than most people realize) since she leaned forward on her elbows and let slip that first little gem, “I’m going to let you in on a little secret…I’m pretty good at knowing when someone is lying to me.”

But of course he would never admit to his more carnal musings.

He is, after all, a gentleman.

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Love is not over | Yoongi

Masterlist | Taehyung | Jungkook | Hoseok | Yoongi |

Member: Min Yoongi/Suga

Genre: Angst

Length: 6.240 words.

Music Recommendations: 난 너를 사랑해 (Jin), Outro: House of Cards and again… Pricked

Summary: She said love was not over. She lied. How could his heart hurt like that without actually dying?

Originally posted by yoonkooks

He rubbed his eyes, puffy from all the tears he had shed.

His head was completely numb. A biting pain pricked every fold of his brain. He had stayed static in bed for hours, looking blankly at the ceiling.

She said she loved him.

She lied.

How could his heart hurt like that without actually dying?

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Nell swats him, rolling her eyes, and sends Max one of her usual smiles. “Same time next week, Max?”

“You know it.” Nathan turns to her then, almost nervously, and Max is thankfully quick to notice his intentions this time. She pulls him into a hug, eyes shutting, and doesn’t miss the way his hands squeeze her waist before they pull away.

She follows Nell up the path, Nathan following, and Nell keeps glancing at her with these looks that have her biting her lip, suppressing a smile.

“The Sense of Me” - Chapter 14 by trecoolio on Archive of Our Own

Once again, @anders-holmslice​, this is for you and your amazing story. Good luck with your finals! Do your best! ❤ ❤ ❤

“I’m trying not to be a piece of shit anymore.” - I love that line. I just do. It has a lot of weight to it. I had a blast making these little illustrations ‘cause Chapter 14 got me LIKE HAAAAAH !!!


DO NOT edit or repost! Please and thank you!

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thats right i just used “thang” in a sentence oh how retro of me ohohohohohohohoho (that was me laughing light santa except like 10x better

Rules: Answer the 20 questions, and tag 20 amazing followers that you’d like to get to know better.

Name: Emma

Nicknames: Em, Emzy, occasionally Zanne, sometimes my sisters name cause although we dont look all that alike and she isnt even my twin (i do have a twin it just isnt her) my mother really cant tell the difference. because she is lazy. and doesnt pay attention. and ignores that fact that my sister moved out like 6 years ago.

Zodiac sign: libra

Height: 5′4″ (162cm)

Orientation: …. yeah les-be-honest here im completely 100% gayyyyyy (i have an irl friend on here who may or may not know but if this is my coming out then HI COREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!!!! bet ya didnt see this coming, eh? ;) AHAHAAHAHA)

Ethnicity: caucasian 

Favourite Fruit: THERE ARE TOO MANY I AM OVERWHELMED BY THIS QUESTION random choice of my absolute favourites: GRAPES!!! sorry im feeling really excited right now bear with me here

Favourite Season: i used to think it was autumn or winter but like apart from all the dead plants or no plants (seriously the heat here is ridiculous) and the constant sweating summer has kinda wormed its way in 

Favourite Book Series: percy jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favourite Flower: cherry blossom cause theyre lil and cute

Favorite Scent: something spicy is nice but i love vanilla and berry stuff and !SANDALWOOD!

Favorite Color: RED! LIKE THE BLOOD OF MY ENEMIES!!! and also like cause its generally a cool colour. i love red yep

Favorite Animal: many many i like cats and dogs and big cats and big dogs and basically anything that is fluffy and (ignoring size) could tear me limb from limb using teeth and/or claws i generally like. 

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: hot cocoa fackyeeeaaaaahhh

Average Sleep Hours: about 6(:

Favorite Fictional Characters: HARRY POTTER! 

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 5

Dream Trip: my dreams are usually trippy yes (seriously you have no idea)

Blog Created: like………… 2011…?? maybe 2012? 

Number of Followers: 496. most seem to be porn bots but yknow what? theyre loyal. tHEY DONT JUDGE ME, KAREN

I tag:  @paperhatsandrabbits @brightsunnydaysofcastamere @yogscastshadow @oregaymi @illegalaustralien @girlsaredragons @pansextiel @the-damnvers-sisters @strangelypensieve @carriosity @lordmeowdemort @tinyweirdbi @audre-w @wearingmybinoculars @mildly-excited-electrons

i tagged all of you cause i wanna be annoying and kinda spammy 
i dont even speak to some of you and i also broke the “tag 20 followers” rule cause i am an natural born rebel and will not tolerate people telling me what to do
suck it

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Name: Megan

Nicknames: Meg, May May (my niece), Meven (my sister [combo of my first middle and last names] or just Mev for short), Petunia (again my sister: she randomly called me this so I call her Buttercup)

Zodiac sign: Greek- Aries Chinese- Rooster

Height: 5′5″

Orientation: predominantly straight. Like a 1 or 2 Kinsey scale wise

Ethnicity: white (English, Irish, German, Native Am, I have no idea what else, I want to do an ancestry trace mainly cause I find family history fascinating)

Favorite fruit: strawberries or raspberries

Favorite season: fall or spring. Love me them moderate temps

Favorite book series: Harry Potter and ASOIAF (even though I’m not finished them yet) and the hunger games (books overpower the movies)

Favorite flower: tiger lilies and peonies

Favorite scent: rain in the summer and old books

Favorite color: purple especially dark purple

Favorite animal: cats, horses, red pandas

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: tea!

Average sleep hours: I shoot for 8 but it depends on the day

Cat or dog person?: I love love love dogs but I’m a crazy cat lady

Favorite fictional characters: Ahsoka Tano, Peggy Carter (I can’t believe I forgot them the first time I made this I’m so mad), Kate Bishop, Rey, Margaery Tyrell, Sansa Stark, Obi wan Kenobi, Castiel, Ianto Jones, Eowyn, Charlie Bradbury, Princess Leia, Hermione Granger, Steve Rogers, James Kirk, that’s all I can think of at the moment

Number of blankets you sleep with: top sheet and comforter. Even in the summer. I can’t sleep without it

Dream trip: like everywhere. My friend and I are planning an archaeological tour of Europe and the U.K. for next summer. Mainly I want to go to Scotland, Norway, and Italy. I really want to go to Thailand and Japan. I also want to drive cross country. Always thought that would be fun.

Blog created: four years ago this July

Number of followers: 260 lol

I’m gonna tag the same people I tagged for the lock screen thing! @barnespls @saltwaterwoods @flying-ace-bodhi @miscellaneousfangirling @montgomeryscottty @theon and I know @patethenovice was tagged by Susie but whatever she hasn’t done it so she’s being double tagged! Also anyone who wants to do it, and those who were tagged don’t need to feel any pressure to do it!

Of Honor and Reputations  by @oh–you–pretty–things 

I JUST… folks go read that story it is amazing reply and reblog with comments send @oh–you–pretty–things nice messages this the shit man this is the good stuff I’m already obsessed goodness gracious me good heavens sweet holy moly guacamole served with a five bean dip

ANyway, drew this last night cause. More fanart to follow. I imagine this is the exact moment Astrid registers the handsome face before her ;) (but I always get a weird fish face gobsmacked look on my face whenever I bump into someone so that too haha) (also ignore the fact that as she’s on a step above him she’d actually be a few inches taller than she is depicted here… I wanted a height difference hahaha ha…)

GO read the chapter. 

143. I am not allowed to cause McGonagall to panic when I run into the classroom yelling that I am being followed and they’re going to get me, when there is actually no one.

Classic. - SB

You know, this one I actually gained a lot more respect for her because of it. She was so ready to fight whoever followed you in. I have no doubts she’d have taken it to the end for you. - JP

It really was amazing to see her prepare for a fight. - RL

I was actually kind of disappointed that there was no one there for her to fight off. It would have been epic. - PP

Agreed. Next time. - SB

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justleavemebreathless bartsugsy mylove4robron diaryofatvaddict starkidsarah

@justleavemebreathless Honestly, I didn’t realize I haven’t been following this blog and like..what the actual fuck have I been thinking??? How was I not following long before this??? We have like all the same fandoms in common?? Her posts are amazing and her original content is awesome! I like her sets and her opinions. I’m definitely following now!

@bartsugsy Lo is literally the positive, bright spot of this fandom. I’ve never seen her be mean or overly negative? All she does is try to cause us all the right amount of good pain and answer asks in a hilarious fashion? Seriously one of the funniest people I’ve met and just a joy to talk to! I like Lo a lot and she is one of my very favorite blogs :) 

@mylove4robron Another blog that seems to have a heavy appreciation and love for Robert and Aaron equally, which of course, gives me much joy lol They post shadowhunters?? always a plus tbh! They seem quite lovely!! 

@diaryofatvaddict I’ve always really enjoyed their writing, and only started following them very recently…just in time for them to leave the fandom :/ I’m sad that this storyline has caused another lovely person to leave, but I hope they are able to find more joy in other fandoms <3 I’ll continue to follow if they post about other shows cause maybe they will be able to get me into other good shows! 

@starkidsarah Listen, I fucking LOVE Sarah’s writing. Like, if my obsessed ass sees her username on ao3 you bet your ass I’m on that shit like white on rice! For some reason I guess I didn’t realize that this was their blog? So I’m following for sure now! Plus, per usual, the love for Robert is a selling point for me. Can’t wait to see more of what you post Sarah! <3

Send me an URL and I’ll tell you what I think of them

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for @njmphadora

do they follow me: yes / no / now
do i follow them: yes / no / now
something amazing about their blog: alright, natalie has been insanely nice to me and i will not hesitate in repeating the favour… where do i even begin?? i remember when i found nat’s blog, i was just sitting there, gobsmacked, cause i was wondering… why was i not following her before?? every single theme and icon and url she uses is like a+ (you can steal mine whenever you want nat smh) and her creations?? god, they’re like, the BEST THINGS TO GRACE THIS EARTH!!! everything she makes and everything she basically SAYS is so heavenly and i’m so so glad i know natalie! her blog is so organised and she’s so friendly and sweet and god, i’m probably going to start crying tbh, i just love natalie so so much and if you aren’t following her yet, you really really should

                                            🌹✨🌹 send me urls via anon 🌹✨🌹

I made this drawing for a contest, whose the theme was “Your favorite character”. Why did I choose vlad? 

1- Cause I love him so much, and Danny phantom was my favourite cartoon when I was a kid.

2- Cause recently, I found this amazing blog (Ghost-Chicky) and I fell in love with her and her art (mostly pompous pep <3). And now I’m following her ectobercomic (the designer of vlad in this drawing is from this comic XD)

3- And I wanted to draw a fanart to chicky cause she is so cute, so nice and kind <3 I can’t hug she BUT I can give gifts to her <3 So yeah, hope you like it Chicky (I tried to draw in your style, IS PRETTY HARD D:)

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I’ll start with some freaking AMAZING Killian’s because hot damn .


Holy shit, shut the front door- she ACTUALLY lets me write with her. The Mum is incredible and the writing has reached a level of perfection which causes me to read and invest in Every. Single. Thread. If you’re not following, what are you doing with your life? I adore our OOC chats and plotting/head canons that we’re endlessly running through, true husband right here. Always knows that he’s devilishly handsome, but never fails to support my Emma. Best mun, best muse.


Previously under another blog name (the new one took me a while to find) but ANOTHER QUALITY KILLIAN. Amazing writing, kind and stunning mum, 10/10 would and WILL happily wait 600 years for one reply because every single word is worth the wait.

So this happened!

Thank you so much for everyone that follows me! You guys are amazing! I never once thought I would get this many followers so thank you so so much!

I am not going to celebrate cause I simply have to many series and challenges on my plate these days but I am gonna do a few shout outs to some of my fav writer’s on tumblr.

@torn-and-frayed - I love you boo! You are an amazing writer and one of the first people I started talking to here on tumblr. You have pushed me to write Jensen and with that followed Misha and Jared (not your intention I am sure ;)) but thank you so much cause I am having a blast with these. Go check out her writing guys. My fav work of hers is Send the Pain Below (Jensen x reader) and Unsteady (Dean x reader)

@mysupernaturalfics - My dear little sis. She is sassy and amazing and I love her and I hade that freaking ocean for keeping us apart! I talk to her everyday and despite our busy schedules I promise we one day will get that collab done we have been ploting and slowly began! Go read her stuff. My favs count Happy Thanksgiving (Dean x reader -Surprise Rach!) and Counsel (Sam x Reader)

@blacktithe7 - my amazing editor and best friend. My Erin! I love her more than she knows and she is also more amazing that she will ever realize. Erin is to blame along with Steph that I know write RP so thanks for that love! Go read all her things but be sure to start with Silk and Rough Velvet (Rockstar!jensen x reader) and Everybody Wins (Jensen x reader) - she almost made me love american football with the last one (though it might have more to do with the aftermath ;))

@ilostmyshoe-79 Kimmy is amazing and I love her so much. She is my destiel smut queen and the reason I ship it in the first place. Other than that she is the one that gave me the courage to start writing when I over a year ago approached her on anon asking for advice. Since then she has become a dear friend and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Kim has written a lot of amazing stuff but I have to recommend the series that got me following her in the first place Friendly Neighbor (Dean x reader) and the series she broke my heart with One Fine Day (Destiel) - You still got making up to do for that one boo!

@angelkurenai I don’t know her sadly but I would love too. She seems like a sweetheart and I wish I had 1/10 of her talent. She has written so many amazing fics but be sure to check out her Friends after All series (Sam x reader, Dean x reader) and Remember (Cas x reader)

@deansdirtylittlesecretsblog I don’t know Mimi all that well, not as well as I would like anyway. She is an amazing writer and I get so very happy everytime she post something new to her Dean x Donna series One Thing so be sure to check that one out as well as her Conjugal Visits Series which is a smutty awesome good times with Dean x reader. 

@nichelle-my-belle you are always there for everyone else no matter what you are going through yourself. You are an inspiration and a true friend (even if you dislike watersports ;)) Other than being a beautiful person Nichelle is also an amazing writer. Go check out her Perfect Storm (Dean x reader, Jensen x reader, Sam x Riley - it is alittle complicated guys lol) and Dream a litle Dream (Dean x reader AU)

other writers I recommened you go follow cause they are awesome are (sorry for all the people I am bound to forget cause I got a sucky memory!):

@bringmesomepie56 @jpadjackles @lipstickandwhiskey @chaos-and-the-calm67 @i-dont-know-how-to-write @roxy-davenport @deandoesthingstome @d-s-winchester @destieldrabblesdaily @unadulteratedstorycollector @blushingsamgirl @adriellej @kayteonline @winchesterenthusiast @winchesterswoonathon @oriona75 @mrswhozeewhatsis @manawhaat @loveitsallineed @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit @bkwrm523 @not-so-natural-spn @aprofoundbondwithdean  @kittenofdoomage @thethingwewrite @sis-tafics @abaddonwithyall @deanwinchester-af @ellen-reincarnated1967 @one-shots-supernatural @littlegreenplasticsoldier @iwantthedean @phoenixia67 @noisilyyoungpuppy  @winchester-smut @teamfreewill-imagine @sophisticated-angel @effie-w @soaringeag1e @i-dont-know-how-to-write