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don’t bitch about someone always lying to you then lie right to my face 5 mins after

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okay so this girl who is (was?) one of my best friends hasn’t been making the best choices lately, and i’ve advised her against making them but she still makes them , which obviously i can’t control what she does but then she always complains to me when they don’t work out and i’m like yeah i thought that would happen that’s why i said don’t do it & she’s been constantly contradicting herself and she’s practically replaced me with this other girl who’s known to always lie and big herself up and it seems like she only talks to me when she has a problem and like that’s not how a friendship should work

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K A I R O S | 05 |


(n.) the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement

An arranged marriage AU.

Paring: OT7.
Genre: fluff, angst, a lot of suggestive parts and eventual smut.
Waring: Mild sexual content
Word count: 6.1k
Author’s note: Part 5 is the final chapter, I am discontinuing the series. An ending post with a summarized ending will be posted along with a short explanation as to why I’m discontinuing. Overall, thank you for reading guys!

Parts: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 (M) |

“But mom, I’m not going to live with a bunch of strangers-!”

“I had the maids pack your things last night, your bags are outside.”


Cliche is underrated.

Especially when you just got kicked out of your own house by your ever so loving parents to stay with seven boys you’ve only heard notorious things about.

Oh, and you’re supposed to pick one to marry by the end of next month

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um hi so i’m (just under) 50 away from 2k and it’d be ya know kinda cool if i could get there sometime (soon)… and yeap that’s my story (thanks for listening reading) (*awkwardly shuffles off stage ur screen*) 


aaand here’s the art trade I collaborated on with my wonderful friend and the fantastic author, @starfiretheninja (totally recommend a follow!)!! We decided on tired and cutesy college student Connie and Steven.

Click to read her amazing, adorable drabble below!

“Wh-what does that even mean?!” Connie grumbled. Squinting at the dense digital wall of text, she blinked in an attempt to bring moisture back to her dry eyes. After a few moments of staring, the exhausted college student realized that her eyes had shifted out of focus, causing the words to blur together. Connie shook her head and refocused, reading through the next few lines.

The words before her still didn’t make any sense.

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Holland Manor- Tom Holland One Shot (Hogwarts AU)

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Prompt: (Requested by anonymous) Hi! I LIVE FOR YOUR TOM HOLLAND (HARRY POTTER) IMAGINES. They are the best! Can I request one? Like reader and Tom are both purebloods, so their parents decide to engage them, reader (Ravenclaw) likes Tom (Griffyndor) , but he doesn’t cause she isn’t very curvy. And he makes fun of her name because she’s called Raven and the house has quite the same name. But they end up together in the end. Hope this made sense. YOU ARE AMAZING THANK YOU

Word Count: 5100 (longest one as of now)

A/N: This actually loosely followed that request, so I’m sorry. I got really into this and drew inspiration from all sorts of things. I hope this works and I hope this doesn’t make anyone set their standards for me super high (b/c it’s super long).

WARNINGS: SELF-IMAGE ISSUES (brief discussions of the reader having self-image issues). Don’t listen to the Prince’s Tale from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 or you’re gonna cry because I almost did as I wrote this (the climax is very emotional).

*Unedited and formatting will most likely be off (posted via computer, not phone)

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Do you have any favorite people you follow? My feed is pretty low with only 5 posts a day yet I follow 20+ people. Any suggestions to artists, fashion, esthetic, etc?

Yeah I’d love to share some! There are a lot in here but I hope you find something you like :)

art blogs and comics:

  • @fuckyeahillustrativeart
    a blog that collects and showcases artists from around the net. Amazing stuff and even more art blogs can be found through this hub!
  • thisiscolossal 
    a blog that shows a lot of cool contemporary art. Less of the work featured here is from online artists, but you’ll definitely find cool stuff
  • @supersonicart
    another cool blog for contemporary stuff! this one posts more “quirky” artists than the previous one
  • @hifructosemag
    yet another quirky contemporary blog. This one is even more weird than the last haha. Some of the stuff in this blog can get into creepy territory, so warnings for weird surreal shit (unless that’s your preference like me)
  • @floccinaucinihilipilificationa 
    you’ve probably seen these comics floating around, but maybe didn’t know the artist. The “relatable anxiety bee” is from this blog, as well as the “horrible headmaster Dumbledore” comics. Hilarious stuff, and the artist rambles about their life in their tags, which are a whole other, unrelated set of wild adventures. They’re also the sweetest person ever!
  • @webcomicname
    if you’re in the mood for existential comics with weird subdued humor, this is for you lmao
  • @transgirlnextdoor
    very relatable humor for trans people, sometimes gets a little nasty but it’s all stuff we think but don’t say. Hilarious!
  • @rumwik
    posts daily! super cute and wholesome content, very good for stress-relief and anxiety-free viewing. Lots of pokemon too!
  • @k-eke
    another popular blog, but his animations are seriously so good for my mood? They always make me feel better, and he’s just the sweetest guy. If you’re a bird person, this is definitely an art blog to follow
  • @sanjanasart
    posts really calming watercolor process videos! I can get lost for hours watching her videos. Really vibrant style
  • @kevinwada
    my hero honestly. Famous for doing a lot of those High Fashion Superheroes and posts about his professional work pretty often.

art blogs from my buddies and boos:

  • @beedalee-art
    my gf Bee’s art-only blog, I’m sorry I have to be that obnoxious datemate LOL but if you like my art and stories you gotta keep up with Bee too! Our work is married to each other just like us lmao I know we’re gross
    (her personal blog is @beedalee where she sometimes answers character questions like me)
  • @cprinceart
    my buddy Cait! Again, if you follow me and are invested in my stories and characters, you should follow cait cause our stuff interlocks so often! Cait has great use of color and really well thought-out characters
  • @rienlen
    my buddy Lan! His work is fucking fantastic, he’s got amazing world-building and a very dynamic style, his characters are fun and engaging. You won’t be let down! (has a main mlm couple, if you’re looking for that!)
  • @moosopp-art
    basically my internet son LOL. Lee has a very clean and expressive style, and his comic strips are full of fun and cute character dynamics. He has several on-going comics right now (many of them also mlm content!), which you can support on his Patreon
  • @bozrat
    HJ has a super cool style and posts a lot of their art studies which are very inspiring. Gets you in the mood to study more too! They do tons of commissions and adoptables, so if you’re looking for someone who will do an amazing job on your characters, don’t be shy to commission them!
  • @dimisfit
    also has a great style! Doesn’t post as often cause she’s busy with work, but when she does it’s worth it! You might have seen her illustrations featured before on art-promo blogs. She’s also running a webcomic, which you can check out here
  • @efem-art
    my buddy fums! they’re going to school right now so they don’t post often, but when they do it’s in big bursts and there’s always so much to look at! Good variety of art, from backgrounds, to characters, to animation and fan work!
  • @frogandcog
    are a couple of my friends who run a My Little Pony fan art blog! They do tons of cool MLP paraphenalia and goodies, so if you’re into that stuff, they’re blog is definitely for you!
  • @needlepuss
    my buddy Nelly! Super cute style and does a lot of OCs from fandoms. If you’re a MLP, PreCure, IdolM@ster, Pokemon, Littlest Pet Shop, or Monster High fan, she’s got some of the coolest characters!


  • @blackfashion
    posts very often!! A lot of the content on here is user submitted, so you can find some more blogs to follow through them if you like people’s styles (and the occasional entrepreneur fashion business)
  • @tokyo-fashion
    mainly harajuku street style, but lots of cool looks from Japan. Also posts regularly
  • @koreanmodel
    a good hub for discovering upcoming Korean models and just seeing cool photoshoots in general. Has posted some questionable content in the past (like I remember they posted blackface once… gross), so their filter isn’t the best? But they haven’t done it since so I’m not sure if they actually take feedback like that. Overall a good blog that posts often
  • @highfashionpakistan
    basically what the url says. Great stuff and lots of amazing info on the current Pakistani fashion scene. The blog owner has a huge well of knowledge of designers and models. Educational and pretty!
  • @chinesefashionlovers
    a plus size specific blog for Chinese and other East Asians. They promote online stores for the clothes that are being modeled too
  • @wlweddings
    a great blog for wlw wedding inspo. Also just super heart warming and lovely to see on your dash!
Height Troubles

Castiel x Reader

Request: Hi hi!❤ I saw your ask for more requests (I’m so sorry if they’re not open and I missed something aaaa) But I would like to request a Castiel x Reader where the reader is really shy and short, and she is being teased a lot by Sam and Dean because of her height which causes her to be really insecure, but Cas tells the reader that she’s cute and it’s just really fluffy? Thank you! PS. You’re writing is amazing oh my chuck

Warnings: Insecure!Reader, playful teasing/mocking

Word count: 1260

Originally posted by supernaturalfreewill

“Sam!” Dean yelled throughout the abandoned theatre, the sound of smashing glass quickly following. You started sprinting towards his voice, your hand gripping onto the machete handle tighter than earlier. Sam and Dean were both trying to sit back up after being thrown onto the ground, each of them hissing from cutting their shins on broken glass. 

“Where did he go?” You asked, looking around the room for the vampire. 

“He’s heading out back.” Dean growled, quickly running in the direction of the back door the three of you had entered from earlier. You started following behind him but both of the brothers had easily ran past you with their long legs, leaving you behind a few good metres.

By the time you did catch up Sam and Dean were jumping over a larger fence, which you assumed the vampire had also jumped over. You knew there was no way you’d be able to climb, jump over the fence and then manage to catch up. Sighing to yourself, you angrily put away your machete and turned back towards the impala.

You waited outside of Baby, sitting on the trunk and swinging your legs in boredom. It had only been ten minutes before Sam and Dean were returning, each of them covered in a fair amount of vampire blood. It was in their hair, on their clothes and splattered across their face. “What happened? Where were you?” Sam asked once he had reached you.

Dean was giving you a look and gestured to the impala, silently telling you to hop off. Sighing to yourself, you pushed yourself off of the black glossy trunk and awkwardly stood next to the younger brother, who was still waiting for your answer. “I-I knew you guys had it covered.” You mumbled, your eyes shifting downwards.

“She isn’t tall enough.” Dean snickered, a sly smile spread across his face as he unlocked Baby’s trunk and threw in all the machetes. A small smile crept onto Sam’s face but didn’t say anything, instead looked away so you didn’t see him laughing. 

Heat rose through your body, a soft pink glow flushing your cheeks. You climbed into the back of Baby and stared down at your feet when Sam and Dean joined up the front. 

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||Take Me To Church|| Theo Raeken Imagine

{Requested: reading your Theo imagine based on One More Night (so very good btw) made me think ab how much of Theo song Take Me To Church is lol, can you write an imagine on that?? thanks babe}

My lover’s got humour
She’s the giggle at a funeral
Knows everybody’s disapproval
I should’ve worshipped her sooner
If the heavens ever did speak
She’s the last true mouthpiece
Every Sunday’s getting more bleak
A fresh poison each week
“We were born sick”
You heard them say it
My church offers no absolutes
She tells me “worship in the bedroom”
The only heaven I’ll be sent to
Is when I’m alone with you
I was born sick, but I love it
Command me to be well

“I can’t believe you’re with Theo.“Liam Dunbar muttered as he sat down next to me.
"Well good afternoon to you too my once best friend."I greeted, ignoring what he had said.
"You know he’s the type of guy to laugh during a funeral on purpose, right?"Liam asked.
"Actually I laughed first, that’s why Theo laugh."I spoke up, making him furrow his eyebrows.
"Tracy’s funeral, when her mom was giving the bullshit speech of how much she loved her daughter. That bitch never loved her daughter, she was barely even around. Quite hysterical of you ask me."I explained.
"You’re not acting like yourself, did Theo do something to you?"Liam asked.
"On the contrary Liam, I’m finally being myself. The old goody two shoes (Y/N) was such an agonizing bore and pain."I answered.
"You know some people are talking about you, how you’ve changed for the worse. Especially with Theo by your side-”
“I’ve heard them, all their treacherous disapprovals in the hallways or classes. I just don’t care about their opinions, you shouldn’t either."I said, making him furrow his eyebrows in confusion.
"Don’t think I haven’t heard of what happened. Hayden left you for Brett, I think I heard she cheated on you-”
“Don’t mention them."Liam snarled, making me smirk.
"I told you I didn’t trust Hayden-”
“You didn’t like her because you liked me, you wanted us to be a couple."Liam reminded me.
"You’re speaking as if the feelings weren’t mutual, but of course you chose Hayden over me."I mumbled as I looked around to see Theo leaning by a wall, smirking.
I flashed him a wicked grin, making him wink at me.
"Look how you ended up, betrayed by your once lover and once frenemy. Should’ve worshiped her sooner Dunbar, we both know what an amazing lover she is."Theo spoke up as he walked over.
Theo reached out for my hand, making me grin as I gladly gave him my hand. He led me to the boys locker room, making me smirk.
"Eager, aren’t we?"I asked as Theo locked the doors.
"Liam followed and he can hear us."Theo whispered in my ear.
"You want to cause him pain, don’t you?"I asked.
"Only if you want to."He answered.
"I do love the scent of pain.”
(Theo’s P.O.V)
When I first found her, she was an angel, a delicate and damaged angel who was on the brink of becoming a fallen angel. Liam had rejected her the same day she had come home to find her parents massacred by the alpha pack. When I stepped inside her house, I found her sobbing uncontrollably in the middle of the living room. I sensed the agony and anger coming from, making me smirk. I had comforted her and told her where the alpha pack was. One by one, she killed them all. Once she turned around to face me, her eyes no longer shined bright but instead they seemed sinister. Blood trickled down her mouth and her claws as she walked over to me. She was absolutely breathtaking, the way she had taken them all down made me realize how powerful she was. Since that day, we had become inseparable. She was the last person in this treacherous school that was pure, kind hearted, and gentle. Everyone compared her to an angle, an angle from the Heaven. Now no one dares even look in her direction, she had lost all that made her pure.
“Well aren’t you a snack."I whispered as (Y/N) entered my room.
"Why are you dressed up early on a Sunday morning?"I asked as she put on high heels.
"Church of course."She answered, making me groan.
"Relax, I"m not gonna praise someone imaginary. Just want to cause a little chaos."She explained as she put on a dark red lipstick.
"On a Sunday, how sinful of you."I whispered, smirking.
"You’ve heard the elders saying we were born sick, I’m just going to prove their point."She shrugged.
"You coming?"She asked.
I nodded before quickly dressing up and styling my hair.
"Those fools, worshiping someone who’s nonexistent. The only worshiping I do is to you."She whispered as she shoved me onto the bed.
"Don’t get distracted love, we’re supposed to go to church and cause chaos."I mumbled, making her grin mischievously.
I drove us to the church that had tried spraying us once with holy water when we passed by on our way to my house. Once I parked my truck, (Y/N) immediately hopped out.
She and I raced around the church, locking every entrance or exit there was so no one could escape. Once we made sure we were all clear, we walked through the main entrance. I quickly locked the door, making a few heads turn. The ones who noticed us immediately gasped, making everyone else turn to face us.
"Well isn’t this a lovely little meet up. The way you’re staring at my boyfriend and I makes me think you recognize us-”
“The ones who were born sick."Someone whispered, making (Y/N) and I grin.
"We may have been born sick, but oh do we love it."She whispered before rolling her head backwards as she shifted.
Her eyes glowed red as she smirked at the elderly people. I rolled my head backwards and shifted, making (Y/N) lick her lips.
"The power of Christ compels you, the power of Christ compels you!"The father started to chant as he threw holy water at us.
"Oh, ow, ow!”(Y/N) started to yell as she buckled in pain.
“Just kidding."She laughed before attacking the nearest elder.
The room was filled with screams as (Y/N) and I killed as many people as we could. Before we knew it, only an old lady hiding in the confession booth was alive. (Y/N) and I stormed over and yanked her out of the confessing booth.
”(Y/N) (Y/L/N), I knew your mother!“She yelled, making (Y/N) freeze.
"Your mom wouldn’t have wanted you to become the monster you are now, please stop and be the sweet girl you once were."The old lady begged.
"You dare mention my late mother and command me to be well for the sake of her? She’s dead, I don’t take orders from anyone anymore.”(Y/N) growled.
“Go ahead sweetie."I whispered, making her grin.
She clawed at the old woman’s throat, making blood run down the woman’s chest. She grabbed her head and snapped her neck before pulling it off of her body.
"That was hot."I spoke up as she stomped on the old lady’s head.

Take me to church
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

"Good thing the father lived here in the church, we can get cleaned up."I mumbled as she and I stripped off bloody clothes.
She turned on the water, making me smirk as water droplets fall down her glowing skin. I slammed her against the wall, feverishly kissing her as she wraps her arms around my neck.
"Having sex in a church, that’s a new low for us."She whispered as I thrusted into her.
"And being covered in blood, definitely a new low."I muttered as my lips attacked her neck.
Her claws raked down my back, whimpering as I quicken my pace.
"Who do you worship baby?"I asked as I slammed roughly into her, making her scream out.
"No one-"she started to say before I slammed into her again.
"You , I worship you. I worship you and only you Theo Raeken!"She yelled, shutting her eyes tightly.
"If only the elderly people could see us right now, how sinful of us."I whispered, making her grin.

If I’m a pagan of the good times
My lover’s the sunlight
To keep the goddess on my side
She demands a sacrifice
Drain the whole sea
Get something shiny
Something meaty for the main course
That’s a fine looking high horse
What you got in the stable?
We’ve a lot of starving faithful
That looks tasty
That looks plenty
This is hungry work

I waited for (Y/N) by her locker, surely the rumors weren’t true, right? Suddenly the doors flew open as a senior guy landed on the floor. (Y/N) stormed in with another senior in her grip before throwing him next to the senior on the ground.
"Now go!"She barked, making them get up and run across the hall.
(Y/N) fixed her clothes before strutting down the hallways, all eyes on her.
"So the rumors were true?"I asked.
"Yes, they tried to undress me but I took care of it."She answered.
I smiled, admiring her beauty.
She was wearing black ripped skinny jeans, high waisted fishnet tights, a black crop too that revealed a lot of cleavage and a dark blue denim jacket. I was wearing black ripped skinny jeans, a black muscle shirt, and a dark blue denim jacket as well. We always try to coordinate our outfits. I was considered the ‘king of good times and the school, while (Y/N) was the queen/goddess. We were high school royalty, mainly because we stroked fear into everyone’s hearts. It also helped that we were the ‘power couple’ of Beacon Hills. Everyone thought we were perfect for each other, a pair destined for one another. As much as we’d like to believe that, it always like that.
"You’re finally back."I said as (Y/N) walked through the front door.
"Indeed."She mumbled as she threw herself at the couch.
"Where were you?"I asked, making her roll her eyes.
"Someone’s sounding a little possessive."She sassed, making me clench my jaw.
"Fine, you don’t want to make small talk then I’ll just give you your task."I muttered.
"I need you to gain Liam’s trust-”
“Already have it."She answered.
"Then all you need to do now is invite him over."I stated, making her furrow her eyebrows.
"And why would I do that? The kid gets on my nerves."She muttered.
"Because you do what I tell you to do because if you don’t, I’ll leave you all alone. No one else is going to love you (Y/N), you have no one left."I explained making her glare at me.
"Are you threatening me?"She asked, rising to her feet.
"You’re gonna do it or what?"I asked, making her sigh as she took out her phone.
She texted him asking if he could come over, and of course he texted saying he was on his way. (Y/N) walked out, not wanting to know what my plan was. I turned all the lights off and left the door unlocked, opening it so Liam could just walk in so I didn’t have to come out of my hiding spot.
(Y/N)’s P.O.V)
"Stupid Theo and his stupid orders."I muttered as I walked back to my house.
I was in the middle of chasing a teenage couple through the woods when he called me and ordered me to come back home. I unlocked the front door and walked in to see Liam chained to a chair, bleeding from his chest.
"Liam?’'I asked before I was tackled onto the ground.
"Your second task-”
“Theo get off of me!"I yelled as he pinned my hands above my head.
"Your second task is to give me your alpha status."Theo muttered, making my eyes widen.
I kicked him off of me, immediately standing up.
"You’re still trying to become a real werewolf?"I asked, disappointed.
"Always have been."Theo answered before he threw a dagger at my shoulder.
"Aagh!"I groaned as the fresh wound started to sting painfully.
"What did you do?"I asked, flashing my eyes before he threw another dagger.
I ducked down, and snarled at him. I lunged at him and threw a punch at his face before clawing at his exposed chest. I dug my claws into him, making him groan in agony. I threw a couple more punches at him. Once I grabbed his face, he dug two daggers into my chest, just barely missing my heart. The two wounds started to sting just like the wound on my shoulder, by now I was weak. Theo dug his claws into my stomach, making me gasp for air. I heard a muffled scream come from Liam as he struggled to get free from the enormous chains.
“Shh baby, you’ll get to see your family soon."Theo whispered as tears welled up in his eyes.
I shook my head as tears brimmed up in my eyes, making Theo’s lips quiver.
"I dipped the daggers in wolfsbane, please don’t cry (Y/N). Don’t make this any harder than it already is."Theo whispered.
I felt my eyes stop glowing red as Liam’s muffled screams filled the room. Suddenly everything around me blurred and darkened as I felt myself slip away from consciousness. He was hungry for power, so hungry he didn’t care if he had to sacrifice someone.

Take me to church
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life.

(Theo’s P.O.V)
"Why isn’t it working!"I screamed as I threw the tall mirror out of my sight.
I was in the church where (Y/N) and I had killed the father and the elderly people.
"I did everything I was told to do, I killed an alpha and I’m still not even a werewolf!"I yelled.
"I gave you an Alpha’s life, I gave you the love of my life’s life. I gave you my life!”
(Y/N)’s P.O.V)
My eyes shot open as I gasped for air. I felt as if I hadn’t moved in ages, making me stretch as I let out a beastly roar. Suddenly I heard footsteps near, making me hop off the medal table I was on. I looked around and realized where I was, the animal clinic.
“What’d you do to me!"I yelled as Scott, Liam, Malia, Stiles, and Lydia ran in.
"Lydia sensed someone would die tonight so when you texted me, I told the pack to meet me at your house."Liam blurted out.
That’s when images of what Theo did flashed through my mind.
"How am I alive?"I asked.
"Liam took your pain to keep you from passing out until he and the pack drove you here. Malia and Scott helped Liam take your pain while I removed the daggers and stitched up your wounds."Dr.Deaton answered, walking in.
I was moved by the fact that they had saved my life, but I couldn’t show emotion. I looked down at my stomach to see my wound completely healed, making me smile slightly.
"So what do I have to do now that you saved my life?"I asked, hopping back onto the metal table.
"Go out with Liam-”
“Stiles!"Liam snarled, making Stiles back away.
"Help us protect the pack, Theo won’t ever stop to try to tear us apart-”
“He won’t ever stop trying to become a werewolf, an alpha of his own pack."I mumbled.
"Alpha of our pack."Liam mumbled.
I clenched my jaw as an idea popped into my head, it would be the only way to stop Theo from pursuing to take over Scott’s pack.
"I have an idea…"I spoke up, gaining there attention.
"Liam, I’m going to need you to give me a ride."I muttered, making Liam look up at me.
"Where to?"Liam asked, grabbing his car keys.
"Take me to church.”
(Theo’s P.O.V)
I sat down in the front of the church, my head in my hands as images of what I did flashed through my mind. Suddenly the sound of a door opening snapped me out of my thoughts.
“Theo Raeken, please don’t tell me your talking to someone imaginary!"I heard a voice I yearned to hear say heels click against the tile floor.
I turned to see (Y/N) wearing a Metallica fire and ice ripped shirt, with a black pair of shorts that were covered by the shirt. She wore black knee high boots and a light blue denim jacket.
”(Y/N)?“I asked, jumping to my feet.
"I’ll admit, I never saw it coming."She mumbled as she flicked her wrist, her claws sprouting out.
I gulped, I could see the rage in her eyes as she glared at me. She could easily kill me if she wanted to, but she hasn’t.
”(Y/N), I know you’re angry-“
"Angry, you think I’m angry? I’m beyond angry!"She roared, making me flinch.
She stormed over to me a her eyes glowed red, she was pissed. She slammed me against the ground, her hand gripping tightly around my throat.
"I’m sorry-”
“Sorry for trying to kill me?"She asked, baring her fangs at me.
I shut my eyes tight as images of my time with (Y/N) flashed through my mind, I didn’t deserve her. She deserved better, I knew that the second I found her in her house the day she lost her parents. Like I said before, she was an angel, a delicate angel who was on the brink of becoming a fallen angel. Instead of protecting her and helping her heal, I destroyed any good left in her.
"It’s okay (Y/N)."I mumbled, making her furrow her eyebrows in confusion.
"Go ahead, I deserve it."I whispered, letting a tear run down my cheek.
Her eyes softened as she noticed the tear, her grip loosened around my throat before fully letting go.
"Was killing me worth the power you hoped to gain?"She asked.
"Answer me, was to worth it?"She yelled.
"It wasn’t, and it never will be. I’d rather be a chimera than to lose you."I answered.
Her claws retracted as her facial expression softened.
"I love you (Y/N) and I’m so sorry I hurt you-"I started to say but was cut off by her sinking her fangs into my shoulder.
I let out a scream as her fangs dug further in.
"Why’d you do that?"I asked as she removed her fangs from my shoulder.
"You wanted to become a werewolf, I’m giving you that chance."She answered as her fangs retracted.
"Whenever I asked you, you always refuse. Why now?"I asked as she helped me up.
"Redemption."She answered, smiling at me.
She believes in me after I tried to kill her?
"Now that you’ve been bitten, we should probably find an alpha for you to kill-”
“Are you seriously considering letting me become an alpha?"I asked.
She nodded before turning around.
"But we’re not going after Scott, we’re leaving Beacon Hills."She answered, making me furrow my eyebrows.
"I’m your alpha now, you listen to me now. So when I say we leave Scott and Beacon Hills, we’re leaving."She snarled, making me back up.
"You will worship me like the dog you are to be."She muttered as she glared at me.
"Lets go."She muttered before walking out the door.
This behavior is so unlike (Y/N).

No masters or kings when the ritual begins
There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin
In the madness and soil of that sad earthly scene
Only then I am human
Only then I am clean

(Y/N)’s P.O.V)
"Did you convince him?"Liam asked as he popped out from behind a bush.
"Pretty sure."I answered, making him frown.
"Why do you have to leave?’'Liam asked.
"Theo and I have no one but each other-”
“You have the pack."Liam objected.
"You have me."He whispered, grabbing my hands.
"You know all this time I thought that loving someone like Theo was a sin. I used to believe in god, but not anymore."I mumbled.
"There’s no god, no king, no master, no one that will make me abandon that man in that church."I stated, pulling my hands away from Liam’s grip.
"He almost killed you if I hadn’t saved you-"I started to say but smashed my lips against his.
He kissed back, his hands resting in my waist as my hands grabbed his face.
"Thank you for saving my life, there will always be a part of me that still loves you a Liam. That part of me is fading away though, that part was the old good (Y/N)."I said as I pulled away from the kiss.
"I love Theo, and it might make me look stupid, but I can’t help how I feel."I mumbled.
"So if it’s a sin to love Theo, than I must be a sinner. There’s no sweeter innocence than the gentle sin of loving someone."I declared.
"This town is full of danger, take care of yourself Li."I whispered, making him smile sadly at me.
"Do you know why I let Theo kill me?"I asked.
He shook his head, of course he wouldn’t.
"I though, perhaps when I’m dead, maybe I would be clean again. I would be innocent in the afterlife and not the monster I am today."I answered.
"You’re not a monster (Y/N)."He argued.
"You’re still an angel to me."He stated, making me smile.
"Until we meet again."I whispered, kissing his cheek as I hugged him one last time.
"Tell the pack that I loved them."I ordered, making him nod.
"I love you (Y/N)."He whispered as I started walking towards Theo’s truck.
I shut my eyes and let out a shaky breath before continuing to walk towards the car.

Take me to church
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

Suddenly Theo walked out of the church and ran over to me. He picked me up and spun me around, making me laugh. Theo and I hopped into his truck, going home to pack our stuff. Once we had gotten everything we needed, Theo started driving away from Beacon Hills.
"Where to?"Theo asked as he kept his eyes on the road.
"Take me to church."I answered, making him furrow his eyebrows.
"I know you’re an atheist but I want to go back to my old roots. Maybe there isn’t a god, but there is some kind of supernatural force that I believe is good."I explained.
"Instead of going to church, why don’t you just believe in what you think is real. You don’t have to go to church."Theo mumbled.
"I have sinned a lot so I thought maybe if I went to a church I’d be forgiven-”
“Church is just a building. You’re belief and the goodness that is left in you is your redemption."Theo stated, making me smile.
"You and me?"I asked, holding out my hand.
Theo looked over and grinned before placing his hand in mine.

I swear my writings getting worse, don’t know what’s happening.

Hot (Zach Dempsey x Reader)

A/n: So this heavily based off a really old song that I was obsessed with in 8th grade. I hope you enjoy this little fun one ;)

Requested: No

Word count: 462

Warnings: Possessive!Reader , like a few cuss words

Song: “Hot” Avril Lavigne

Summary: She watches a girl flirt with her boyfriend. She shows everyone who he belongs too. (Like come on lowkey gunna be great)

Originally posted by ithereckless

Her smile was wide as she walked down the hallways with her best friend Jess. They had been talking about how amazing their boyfriends were. But Jess stopped in mid walk. Causing her to do the same and follow her gaze. Her eyes narrowed at the sight. A girl, a girl she knew quite well, Jenny was flirting with her boyfriend. A rage of possessiveness took over her stomach. She heard Jess laugh.

“You really are obsessed with him.” Jess said with a wide grin.

“Shut up.” She jokingly said. Jess gave her a little nudge.

She nodded and began walking towards the two. Her steps were purposeful, causing heads to turn her way. Zach did a double take when he saw her. Anger radiated off of her and he had a shy smile on his face.

“Excuse me?” She said as politely as she could. She saw Jenny’s confidence flatter and her body shook with fear.

“Can I borrow Zach for a second, you know, my boyfriend.” She said as she flashed a friendly smiled that also screamed for her to back the fuck off. Jenny nodded before stepping away a little.

She took a step, bringing her hand up to Zach’s head and pulled him down for a kiss. Jenny squeaked, making her smile a little.

Zach got lost in the kiss, his hands gripping her waist and pulled her closer. Kissing her harder. She never knew the trance she had Zach in. After a few minutes of completely making out in front of everyone they pulled away. Zach’s cheeks grew a soft pink when he realized everyone was staring in shock.

She turned to Jenny with a wide grin on her face, “Oh and by the way, stay the fuck away from him okay hun?” She said. Jenny nodded before running off.

“Wow,” She heard whispered. She looked at Zach with wild eyes. She giggled a little at her actions.

“Too much?” She asks, Zach shakes his head.

“You should act like more often, it was fucking hot.” Zach breathed, making her grin once again.

She smiled timidly before taking his hand and walking to their next class. She couldn’t help but get that way sometimes. She was hopelessly in love with the man that is Zachary Dempsey. They were meant to be and she didn’t want anyone ruining her fairytale.

Voltron Positivity Blog Recs

I’ve been excitedly anticipating @stargazershiro​‘s wonderful Voltron Positivity Day, because I love telling people how awesome they are, even if I don’t know them that well. So! Thank you, Amy, for giving me the perfect opportunity to shower praise on some of the great people in this fandom! These aren’t really in any particular order, nor is this list comprehensive of the sheer amount of great people in this fandom.

  • @stargazershiro- Obviously, Amy is the first on this list cause beyond being the reason for this lovely day, she is a wonderful star of a person. I’m pretty sure she’s descended from actual angels, like honestly. So sweet, a total goof, a very talented writer and edit maker, and just all around wonderful person. 11/10 would follow again.
  • @ace-pidge - Sarah’s is one of my favorite blogs, tbh. She always posts quality content and is just a really great person. When the fandom gets very Yikes™, her blog always helps to remind me why it is I love this show so much. She also runs @quiznakchronicle​, which is just amazing, I don’t know how she does it, but I’m always so grateful. If you aren’t already following her, then you should definitely go and hit that follow button, I promise you won’t regret it!
  • @officiallysheith​ - Jehaaaaaaaaaan. Gifted. Talented. Amazing. Seriously, go check out their art. BUT ALSO, JJ is an awesome person, beyond their awesome art. I’ve enjoyed many of our conversations over on Discord, and I also just love following their blog for the content. JJ deserves much love, so go and give it to them.
  • @shieth - Ryan!!! I miss you!!! We haven’t talked in a while, and I’m honestly missing it cause you’re just such a great guy. A quality blog by a quality guy. Ryan is just a really awesome guy that I really love following and chatting with. Also, a fellow Allurance lover, there is never enough Allurance, tbh. Also also, as his url suggests, he posts quality sheith content, too. Go and follow Ryan!!
  • @hello-my-stars - Can you say gorgeous art? Cause WOW. Also supplies me with that quality Galra content I need. Especially Zarkon and Kolivan, I love those two and love how he draws them. He’s such a talented dude, and also a really rad person. He also once made me a list of Hunk headcanons?? For no other reason than he’s amazing??? #Blessed. If you aren’t following him, you’re really missing out, lemme tell you.
  • @bosstoaster- I’m gonna repeat tipsy me’s sentiment here, cause I stand by it. Boss is a Magic Writer Wonder Woman. How does she write so much Quality Content™? Cause she’s just that good. I also love all her headcanons and just chatting with her cause she’s such a rad person. She’s also the author of my all-time favorite Shunk fic All About that Space, and a bunch of other really awesome fics. Like I said, Magic Writer Wonder Woman.
  • @fenrhitriestodraw- Idk how I came to be so #blessed, but they have drawn several things based on my posts/tags??? For no other reason than I suspect they’re an actual angel??? #giveshiroacapybara2k17 and some quality kolivunk content. They’ve also made other really cute art!
  • @cryopods​ -  Makes truly amazing edits, like WOW. They also make awesome icons and is all-around a really great blog. I really enjoy all the stuff they post!
  • @kcgane - A blessing to this fandom, tbh. Makes some of the BEST fandom-inspired music ever, I’m honestly blown away every time they post something new. Also just a quality person and blog, in general, beyond their astounding talent.
  • @planced - Makes great edits, and also is probably the main reason I love Plance so much now. I don’t really know you, but you seem like a cool person and I dig your blog a lot!
  • @aradiiaa - Angie!! A wonderfully talented person, and also just super sweet and fun to chat with!! She deserves tons of love and appreciation!!!
  • This is hardly all the awesome people in this fandom, or even that I follow, so know that there are sooooo many amazing people in this fandom, so much talent and enthusiasm and it’s honestly all of you that keep me here when things get Yikes™, cause y’all remind me of what I love about this show and this fandom. I’ve had a really great time in this fandom, and have (obviously) met some really rad people, and I’m just really glad that I’ve had the opportunity to get to know some of you and see some of the amazing content y’all create. I hope all y’all have a really awesome day!!!
Temporal Surprises

Time Surprises
Everything that included Akuma like context was normal, even natural, so when he arrived that house, that balcony and meet her, being a teenager, wasn’t particularly scary.  Actually he was terrified that he could just screwed up for saying something inappropriate and change something in his present, more than being time traveled 7 years to the past.

─Hey, Marine…! ─he saw how the girl took a broom and approached to hit him.

─Who the HECK are you?! ─ she paused a little before hit him. ─Gorgeous stranger that looks a lot…─ she whisper softly, praying that man didn’t hear her. ─ like my Partner?

The alluded guy laughed softly before he answered.

─It’s ok, Princess. ─that guy didn’t seem troubled  for the aggressive attitude of the girl. ─I just came asking for a little help.

He couldn’t help thinking 《How cute, she still say ‘heck’? You should hear your old self.》

─Chat Noir, but… you look so grown up.. ─the teenager said, still upset for the scare. ─What do you mean  with help? Le Dessinateur has came back?

Chat bit his lip, he knew Marinette was his partner, but he remembered violently that in this time both didn’t knew the others truth, he must keep that mysticism to any cost.

─I know you know Ladybug and you could tell her there’s still a wild akuma round there. ─he said, hoping she buying that. ─She’s the only one who could help me to prevent a disaster, you know… with her ability of purify that heinous butterflies.

She looked at him, full of doubts. What if HE was the one possessed by the akuma?

─How could I know this isn’t a joke o something worse? ─she asked, with a threaten look. Sometimes she forgot she wasn’t wearing the suit, she bit his lip when she realized that again Tikki was resting in her bed and not in her earrings.

─Sort of, this is a bit worse than the case of Le Dessinateur…─he replied. ─This time, simply pushing a box with my staff won’t help, I need something more than just your management, Princess.

She smiled at the reference, even the young cat never recognized her work, he knew what exactly happened that night. She winged,  so then she told him to not get worried about.

─I’ll tell her you meet up in the same place as always. ─she said, smiling. ─See you, Chat.

Now he looked at her, it was so obvious who Ladybug was, that he questioned his own IQ of this time, because everything was at sight, the signs were clear and Marinette was a bad liar. Maybe at his present things were different, except for him, he always knew when his wife was trying to hide something after all.

Chat Noir was terrified, a few moments ago he was fighting an akuma, who hit him with a kind of ray, and now he was in the arms of a woman who looked a lot like Marinette, he was pretty sure that she was, those eyes he would recognize anywhere.

─Look at what the akuma brought me up. Don’t worry, Chaton, we’re going to help you to go back. ─ the beautiful woman said.

He recognized her immediately and froze. 《Mari… Mari… Mari… Oh, My God! It’s Mari!》he said constantly in his head, unable to do or say something.

─You okay? You’re really red tho. ─she asked pretty worried.

With delicacy, she put the kitten down and waited for an answer, because it wasn’t, she told him she was going to look for Ladybug to fix this inconvenient as earlier as they could. They should meet in the same place as ever and everything was going to back to normally. The boy didn’t even doubted the words of that amusing woman nor didn’t look that shinny golden ring in her left hand, he was mesmerized with that intense look she had, and that short hair that made her look even cuter.

─Yeah, there we meet. ─Chat Noir said before he teared out to the meeting place.

Marinette couldn’t help to laugh a little, her husband was the most oblivious person she ever met, at least his young self. She couldn’t help thinking how cute he looked in his 16, she bit her lip, before she hid to call her transformation. Beyond worrying her partner was “younger”, she was uneasy with her husband careless behavior, he could make a crack in space time, that could ruin her present, Paris and everything they had.

She jumped building to building, remembering where they used to meet up to patrol. Nostalgia was so big, when they didn’t know who was the other, her old self was as oblivious as Adrien, or even worse, everything was so obvious. Nevertheless, hormones and stubbornness were their signature, and seemed to still remain in them till today.

─You should tell me your secret, Chat. ─she said, abruptly, scaring the boy a little. ─What you have done to look like 16 again?

The teenager looked her stunned, time only made her prettier, and she even had developed a sense of humor.

─I’m sorry, M’lady. But actually I really have 16. ─he replied, while he kissed her hand. She made a bow, instead of take away her hand as she always did.

─Well, I truly prefer you with the age you have here, in this timeline. ─she told him, smiling. ─ But I won’t you look less charming, even though the proper term I should say you look adorable.

His lady never has replied him that way, he suddenly and abruptly blushed.

─It looks like there’s a portal near Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s house. ¿Did you came from there? ─he only nod, while she made a serious glance to that anomaly. ─Going there is the best now.

Again, he was speechless, he could only follow her to face the reality.

This Ladybug, smaller in so many ways, instead of awakening in him some kind of attraction, she caused him an indescribable need of cuddle and caress her until she fell asleep. He had to suppress that feeling at the moment he saw her, mostly because his Marinette will get upset enormously if he behave in an inappropriate way with her, being only a child.

─Good Afternoon, M’lady. ─he said , recalling those forms of expressions  he had in his youth. ─I think you already are aware of the actual situation.

─Only a little, please, tell me. ─she asked, with a feeling between relive and uneasiness for this atypical distance.

─For what I got, in this timeline, an akuma through me a ray when we were fighting against him. And we changed timelines, cause I’m here and I couldn’t find myself neither my civilian or my hero self. ─he said, calmly. ─And I think I saw the akuma round the downtown one hour ago.

Efficient, that would be the proper word to describe Chat’s attitude rightnow. But the truth being told, this distance was quite unpleasant to her. A hole was making bigger and bigger in her stomach.

─May I ask you something, Chat? ─she mumbled, her voice was a bit shy.

─Of course, tell me.

─Why are you so formal and distant with me? ─she inquired, in an impulse.

─I’m afraid I let you down, but I am a very happy married man. ─he answered with his stupid smile. ─Furthermore, this is more comfortable, isn’t it?  After all, I’m a old guy.

Those words were like an anvil, she had never taken the weight of what Chat Noir meant to her till then. And that expression she made didn’t go unnoticed by the grown man, he kept silence, avoiding smile because he just realized she was already in love with the ‘real’ Adrien. He always thought that she fell for him later, but the surprises never stopped.

Running throw the roofs they took action immediately, and for the first time, Ladybug was following Chat Noir’s lead cause he seemed to be more prepared than her to whatever they were going to do. She never let go the control of the situation, but this time she just did, so incredible easily. This was going to become a anecdote to talk in those glorious free time. While they were looking for the akuma, the other timeline’s Ladybug and Chat Noir appeared ready to resolved once for all this inconvenient. Marinette was stunned seeing her self grown up, and kept quite.

─I look amazing! ─the cat boy said.

─Correction; we ARE amazing. ─his grown up version replied.

The present Ladybug smiled, whereas her teenage self looked at them a bit annoyed, she realized they didn’t changed a bit.

─There he is! ─the both heroines of Paris yeld. ─Let’s go! Once for all!

It was the same speech, the same demands, the grown up pair smiled recalling this dumb situation, but so, especially Chat, recalling that nostalgic that whipped with the intensity of a 9 meter wave. She held her hand, in sign of support, and it took minutes resolve this problem that took their younger self’s one day and a half. The connection and the synchrony was enviable, they seemed to read the movements of the other without any word. Ladybug didn’t hesitate and Chat wasn’t careless, every looked being perfectly calculated. The akuma passed out, and taking advantage the object wasn’t broken, freeing that demoniac butterfly, they said good bye.

─It’s been a pleasure to see you, you are adorable. ─Ladybug told Chat, then she directed to her self. ─Take it easy, I know what are you wondering, when you learn to trust that ‘this’ has grown up, everything it’s going to flow.

Chat smiled lightly blushed, meanwhile Ladybug was laughing with her future self’s words.

─Trust in your guts, Lucky Charm will never fail. ─Old Chat said first. ─You, learn how to use every knowledge they have taught us, and try less to impress her. You’ll realize a lot of pleasant surprises.

Before the young could said something, they broke the object and freed the corrupted source. The grown up Heroine purified it and repaired every damaged the akuma caused when she said ‘Miraculous Ladybug’. Both disappeared seconds after that leaving the kids impacted.

─Even with the passage of time, you’re still wonderful. ─the boy said, in an attempt to break the silence.

She remained silent, and excused herself she must go home. Maybe if Chat would have put slightly attention, he had noticed how red his Love of his Life’s face was.


@australet789 I thought it would be a good idea to write it in English, because.. it would be easier to read for you :3

Hope you enjoy this, It was written with a lot of love.

Based in @australet789  comic, in Marichat Month, days 12 and 14. Love your work it’s awesome. This is more a tribute for you than anything else. Hope you like it.

Instagram DM's || Jack Maynard

Originally posted by conorshickey

Requests are currently [ OPEN

Word Count: 1.2k+

Summary: Jack exposes (Y/N)’s instagram DM’s for a video and doesn’t exactly like what he finds. 

Dedicated to: the anon who requested this!!xo

“Well hello everybody and welcome to today’s video!” Jack opens his arms and smiles widely at the camera as (Y/N) makes a face at Conor, who’s stood behind the camera and making obscene gestures with his body. “Today I’m joined with my girlfriend, (Y/N), who seems a little distracted right now..”

Looking over at her boyfriend, she shakes her head and laughs. “Yeah, your brother’s trying to insinuate that this is gonna turn into a porno.”

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I’m Gonna be a Big Brother

Michael walked in, stressed and drained from work, but seeing his four year old son, Theodore, come running to greet him made a smile spread on his face.

“Daddy!” He cried as Michael bent down to pick him up.

“Hey bud, how was your day?”

“Good.” He exclaims, his tiny fingers playing with his dad’s suit.

“Good, yeah? Well, what’d you do?” Michael asks, walking him further through the house, looking for you. You were upstairs cleaning and hadn’t even heard Michael come home.

“I got a new toy.” He says, struggling to get down to show him his new truck. He brings it back over, Michael crouching to Theodore’s height as he shows it off.

“Wow, that’s really cool. Did Mummy get that for you?” He asks, holding it for a second. He watches his son nod as he takes it back. “What’d you get that for?” Michael asks curiously.

“I’m gonna be a big brother!” 

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F Oneshot: I believe in you.

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Yoongi x reader

Gender: Male x Female
Genre: Fluff (with a bit of angst)
Warning: -
Word count: 1386

A/N: Story was inspired by this song.

Note: Male version of this story.

                                                    4 AM.

“Yoongi it’s late…Where are you going?” She mumbled, her voice drowsy from sleep.
She was right, it was already passed midnight and the bustling city had died down into soft uneven beeps and roaring of car engines. In fact morning should be showing up anytime soon.

“I’m going to the studio, the boys will also be there. Just wait alright, maybe I’ll be home earlier tonight.” I said as I slipped on some jeans and a large black hoodie that reeked of her. She must’ve been wearing it again. Knowing she wears my clothing when I’m not around brought a joyful sadness that tied knots in my stomach. “Okay…be safe.” She yawned out before she fell back into her slumber. Before I left her bedroom I took a quick glance at her body, how her arms clasped around one of the pillows. Is that suppose to be me?

                                                  12 AM.

Drunkenly I stumbled into her apartment. The pile of keys and keychains clattering on the wooden floorboards. Placing my finger against my lips I shushed them to be quiet, not wanting to wake up my dearest. A smile spread across my lips as her sleeping figure crossed my image.
Of all the things about her, her sleeping figure was my favorite. It was a reminder how peaceful things can be.

“Yoongi?” Her voice was drowsy again when was the last time I had heard her voice full of energy? Her body was wrapped in a white nightgown, her hands rubbing at her eyes. She looked so adorable I think I might even change my favorite image of her to this one.

“Ow baby~” I sang out spreading my arms wide open, kicking my shoes off I stumbled towards her, almost tripping on my way to her. The dark scenery behind her, the closed curtains and the lights turned off, made me realize how late it actually was. “Baby, I’m so sowy, I pomis to…” I knitted my brows in order to find the right words, but I couldn’t find any. Cold hands cupped my burning red cheeks drawing attention back on her face. “Let’s go to bed,” she whispered. I slowly nodded my head. Her fingers laced with mine as she guided me to her bedroom, a quiet and short journey I never want to live without.

                                                 10 AM.

The chirping of the birds sounded like screams. Groaning I moved around in bed, my arms searching for something that wasn’t there. Slowly opening my eyes I looked to my side to find nothing but pillows and the other half of the blanket. Furrowing my eyebrows I slowly and carefully got up, trying my best to keep everything in that I consumed the other night.
As I opened the bedroom door I was greeted with the smell of spices. Shuffling through the hall and into the living room I turned to look at the open kitchen where she was humming one of my songs. Her hips, though covered in a wide shirt, swayed from left to right. Ah, maybe this is my favourite image.

“Morning.” I grumbled. Grabbing one of the island chairs and dragging it across the floor causing my to cringe at the loud noise. Groaning loudly I took a seat. The second I sat at the kitchen island a bowl was gently placed down in front of me. Surprised I look up only to see the back of her once again. “Aren’t you going to eat as well?” She slowly shook her head. “I to get ready.”
“Where are you going?” Her soft chuckle, though it triggered my headache, brought warmth to my heart. Turning on her heels she gave me a warm smile and pointed at the clock “I have school, did you forget?” I glanced at the clock and back at her. What should’ve been a decent morning suddenly crashed.

There were deep and dark bags under her smiling eyes, in fact her whole appearance looked like she could crumble and fall with a simple touch. How come I only now noticed this?

                                              17 PM.

“Hyung!” Jungkook called out from behind the studio door.

“Come in.” The door cracked open revealing a photo shoot ready Jungkook, he was just training a couple of minutes ago. “Yah, don’t you look fancy. Where are you going?”

“Oh, Y/N is here to pick me up to go to the movies.” My ears perked up.

“Y/N?” I asked.

“Yeah, she asked me to give you this,” Jungkook revealed a plastic bag from his back. Still a bit confused I grabbed the bag “uh, thanks.” I mumbled.

“No problem, talk to you later okay?” Nodding once more I watched how Jungkook disappeared.
Blinking a couple of times I looked down at the bag, lazily opening it up to show the contents of it. The bag was filled with medicine and sweets and on top of it all was a pink sticky note.
Reaching for it I pulled it out of the bag and read what was written on it;

Take care of yourself and have some sweets!

I believe in you!


A wave of sorrow crashed into me, with my other free hand I clasped it around my mouth in order to keep myself from crying. Perhaps it was because of Jungkook or the bag or the mix of both that I realized my own girlfriend never asked to come home early or asked to make time for her. Even though I am always cooped up in my studio or at work, even though I barely have any time for her, she never once acted selfish. Is it because she knows that once this is all over the time I couldn’t spend with her will be made up in the end?

I didn’t realize that tears were dripping down my face and over my hand. Letting out a choked out sob I started to crumble into a ball.

God, she’s amazing.

                                              20 PM


Surprised she was. Clutching at the fabric of her shirt she let out a heavy sigh.
“Don’t scare me like that!” She pouted, causing me to chuckle. Placing her bags down and taking off her coat and shoes she walked towards me with a raised eyebrow.

“I thought you were working till late.”

“So did I, but I decided to come home early and surprise you.”

Her features contorted into a thankful look followed by a soft smile.

“Surprise you did.” She whispered out as she fell into my arms, her fingers playing with the sides of my hair. My arms wrapped around her waist pulling her even closer as we swayed to a silent song. The love in her eyes almost made me break down, or maybe it was for the bags under her eyes that seemed to grow bigger.

“Yoongi?” She whispered out.

“You know how much I love you right?” I whispered back, the sudden affection causing her to look down in embarrassment and chuckle. The action made my heart stutter and I couldn’t help but press my lips against the top of her head. Not wanting to move away from her I began to mumble against her hair.

“You know how much you mean to me right?”

“What is all of this, Yoongi?”

“Y/N…” I pulled her closer if possible, taking in her scent before letting out a deep breath.
“Just wait okay? Soon the boys and ! will be big, so big that you’ll hear on the streets ‘those bangtan boys, they are famous!’ Just wait okay? Soon you can be proud of your own man.”

She chuckled even more, her body shifting so that she can look up to me.
“But Yoongi, I am already proud of you.” I tried my hardest to suppress a smile.
Shaking my head slowly I ghosted my fingers across her face and let them go back to their original position.

“I don’t think you get it Y/N.” With knitted eyebrows she looked confused at me.
“Let me make this simpler. Soon you can be proud of your husband.” Her eyes slowly widened with shock and in the corners I could see tears building up. “Just wait okay?” Hiding her face in my chest she nodded.

“I believe in you, Yoongi.”

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Festival Surprise


You had been away from London for a few weeks, 8 to be exact. You’re job that you loved so much often had you making sacrifices between your social life and work. 

You and Joe had planned on going to Glastonbury for the music festival that was happening. He was so excited to get away from his social media for a few days for the festival and then a few days back in the countryside of Wiltshire but his excitement faded quickly when you told him about the your 8 week work trip. 

The trip wasn’t a vacation, it was very much work. It just so happened to be in a city that had access to the sea and a beach, not to mention the extensive amount of downtime you would have each day, but nonetheless it was work. You would be surrounded by your colleagues and your boss so really it wasn’t a vacation at all. 

You could see it in Joe’s eyes that he was sad about missing the festival. He had planned everything out months in advance and even turned down each and every temptation of going to LA with the rest of his mates. In hopes to raise his broken spirits, you called up Britt and asked if she would be up for accompanying your boyfriend in all the activities he had planned. 

When you told Joe, he was thrilled. Thrilled to see Britt again but that was about it. He was excited for the festival but only really wanted to experience it with you.

It was now the day before the festival and you were flying back into London where you would pack a new bag and the following day, start the car journey to Glastonbury to surprise your boyfriend. A few days ago you had called Britt, letting her know that you would be able to make the festival after all. You had actually known this for sometime and had already purchased another ticket and had worked out all the detail with Britt making her promise to keep your arrival a secret. 

It was just after noon when you arrived at the location of the festival. You let Britt know that you were there and started to make your way to where her and Joe were staying. 

“Y/N! You’re here!!” Britt said from outside the tent when she saw you approach. 

“Britt!” You said in a hushed excited tone as you  moved to hug her. 

“Don’t worry, he’s not in here. I sent him away so you can get settled before he sees you and before everything gets started. Oh my he’s going to be so excited.” Britt said pushing you into the tent.

“So where is he?” You asked dropping your bags to the ground. 

“Going to get food. I told him to bring back extra just in case we get hungry later but it’s actually for you.” Britt said taking a seat on her bed while you did the same.

A few more minutes chit chat and catching up had passed before you heard your boyfriend’s voice.

“You decent Britt?” He said through the other side of the tent causing you to and Britt to laugh.

“Yeah, come on in.” 

“Okay so I got us a lot of waters and some-…Y/N!?” Joe exclaimed as she fully entered the tent. 

“Hi love!” You said standing up from your spot on the bed to give him a hug. 

“Hi, what are you doing here? I thought you had work?” He asked hugging you tightly.

“I got the dated mixed up, I actually flew back yesterday and thought I could surprise you. Also Britt’s pretty good at keeping secrets.” You said sending her a smile. 

“You know about this?” Joe asked letting you go but still kept an arm around your waist. 

“Yeah, she called a few days ago when I was still in LA so i’ve known for a while. Honestly it was really hard to keep it from you, especially since you wouldn’t quit talking about her!” Britt laughed. 

“Awe did you miss me?” You asked laughing as well.

“My girlfriend has been away from 8 weeks, thats 2 months. I haven’t seen you in 2 month Y/N! So yeah, I missed you a little bit.” He said as a rosy tint covered his cheeks. 

“Awe love, I missed you too.” You said leaning your head on his shoulder, “I also missed you too Britt its been way too long!” You said opening your arms to give her another hug.

“Yeah well you guys do know that you guys can come visit me in LA right?” She laughed as she tugged both you and Joe. 

“We’ll visit I promise, probably when it starts to get cold in the UK.” Joe said as you shook your head known how much he hated the cold and wanted to go somewhere warm and sunny before the holiday, “But until then, c’mon Y/N, you’ve got to meet our neighbours, they’re bloody amazing and we are going to have so much fun the next couple of days!!” Joe said tugging you out of the tent.

You shot Britt a look which caused her to laugh and shake her head as she followed you two of the tent over towards your neighbours who were outside already drinking and having a laugh. 

You took a sip of the drink they had offered you as the three of you ventured over to the stages. Joe was very keen on giving you a tour of the place he too had just arrived at.

“I’m so happy that you’re here.” Joe said as he intertwined his fingers with yours. 

“Me too, I was actually really bummed when I thought I was going to miss this.”

“So was I but then you called Britt.” Joe smirked and nudged your side with his elbow. 

“Ha ha.” You said sarcastically.

“We’re going to have even more fun now that you’re here Y/N!” Britt said as she took another drink or her own drink. 

“You better, or else this was a shit surprise.” 

“This was great surprise love, and yes I promise we are going to so much fun. Just wait until tonight!” Joe said leaning in to give you a quick kiss on your temple as you three continued to wander the festival.

Anon Requested

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I’ve never actually done this, it just never crossed my mind, but a very nice Anon requested to see who inspires me, so I’m going to try my best. 

Also, it is VERY VERY long.  [Seriously, VERY VERY long.]
You can use ctrl-f to find yourself…maybe? ;-;
I could’ve just added everyone’s names but I wanted to write a little on each one, or most everyone.
Sorry if I didn’t write about you, but you’re still great in my book guys.
All of you. <3 <3 <3

[I only wrote because I am seriously never doing this again, lol, so once and only time here]
IF IF IF IF I forgot you, I am beyond sorry. Just let me know or something. I’m tired. It’s midnight, and I just wrote all of this and did I mention I’m tired? 

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anonymous asked:

At first, i actually disliked Hanji. She, at the time seemed like an annoying character. But when i saw Levihan (and your blog), i started digging deeper to Hanji's character and pay more attention to her. And after a few weeks, my point of view changed dramatically. I love Hanji since!!!!!! _Guess i could say that shipping changed me_ AND it happens a lot -also with Levi- cause i tend to judge the characters on their first appearance. Idk, just thought that i would share my story to you.

Awww… this is so sweet of you. And no! I really like reading someone else’s story a lot on how they discovered the ship! And this is so precious. *sheds a tear* 

Mostly, everyone disliked Hanji at first! (But, no, I LOVE HANJI THE MOMENT I SAW HER ASDFGHJKL) and I have read those things many times now, especially here on Tumblr! and I think they didn’t like Hanji’s attitude towards Eren and its because she totes love Titans!

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and this doesn’t stop there. She’s also reckless at some point! No! Reckless at EVERYTHING! You can actually refer it on when she was almost eaten by Bean.

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And she’s really annoying TBH

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But, no LeviHan shipper will ever get bored looking and watching this iconic Levihan moment! The Hair Grabbing Scene!

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I wish someone would make a 1 hour edit of this scene. ;-;

And wow, thinking about someone knowing this blog and telling me they shipped LeviHan bcoz of it makes me cry so hard! I can’t! 


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