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Gotg prompt: how did Rocket learn to speak Groot?

“Repeat after me, Quill: I am Groot.”

“I am Groot,” Peter said dutifully. He felt like an idiot, but there were only a limited number of ways to while away quiet nights on the ship when neither of them could sleep. If it was him and Gamora, or him and Drax, they could spar, but he’d only tried sparring with Rocket once. It took weeks for the bite marks to heal.

Rocket’s oddly expressive – for a raccoon – face wrinkled in an expression of disgust. “Do you even hear yourself? That is nothing like what I just said.”

“Dude, that is exactly what you just said.”

“No, I said ‘I am Groot’ and you said ‘I am Groot’.”

“Which is … the same?”

Rocket stared at him for a long moment, then pointed at his snout. “Read my lips: I am Groot.”

“Was I supposed to repeat that, or …”

Rocket showed some teeth. Peter shut up. There was a moment of silence and Peter was just about to put his earbuds back in and quit with the language lessons when Rocket said suddenly, “Quill, if I say, 'I am Groot,’ just like that, what do you hear?”

“Is this a trick question? Especially the kind of trick question that’s gonna end in you pissing on my bed?”

“That was only once, and you had it coming –”

“Rocket –”

“No, for the love o’ cheese, it’s not a trick question. Just say 'I am Groot’.”

“I am Groot,” Peter said. “I feel like a complete jackass right now, in case that was your intent – hey, where are you going?”

“Jus’ need to get a thing!” Rocket’s voice trailed behind him.

Peter flopped back down in the chair in the mess and put his earbuds in. He was actually getting sleepy, and considering going back to bed, when Rocket jumped up onto the table in front of him with something clutched in his paws.

“What’s that?” Peter asked, sitting up. He palmed off the Zune and took off the earpieces. He had to hand it to Earth tech: the new music player was a lot more convenient to carry around than his late, lamented Walkman.

Rocket’s device was a thin, flat screen about the size of a hardback book; he had it clutched with a paw on each side while readouts rippled quickly across it.

“Okay, now say 'I am Groot’,” Rocket declared, studying the screen.

“Come on, man, do we really have to go through this again?”

“Humor me.”

Peter sighed and slouched in his chair. “I am Groot.”

Rocket’s ears pricked forward. “I am Groot,” he said, and tapped the display with his paw, causing the tiny, scrolling lines and numbers to freeze. “Did that sound the same to you?”

“Well … yeah?”

The flat pads of Rocket’s fingers danced across the display, and he laid the screen on the table between them. “Know what you’re lookin’ at?”

“Squiggly lines,” Peter said automatically.

“Did your mama drop you on the head a lot as a baby, Quill?”

“No, but Yondu did occasionally.” Peter rested his elbow on the table and his chin in his hand. As much fun as it was to mess with Rocket, he did actually think he knew what the raccoon was getting at. “That wiggly line is some kind of … uh … noise – wiggle – curve, right?”

“That’s real precise.”

“I was abducted from Earth before we got to algebra in school. Cut me some slack here.”

“Excuses, excuses. I was raised in a cage and my mother had an IQ of 3.” Rocket touched the display, zooming in on it. “Point is, I don’t think it’s just that all a’ you two-legged bunch is too obtuse to understand perfectly clear speech –”


“– like I used to think. It’s more like, my ears hear at higher and lower frequencies than yours do, so I get different overtones. Put simply for the simple, I can hear things you can’t.”

Peter leaned forward, intrigued. “So, wait – you mean all this time, all his 'I am Groot’s sound different to you?”

He realized what he’d said as soon as the words left his mouth, and got the flat 'I am dealing with morons’ look from Rocket that he’d instantly realized he had coming. “How am I supposed to understand him if they don’t, Quill, I ask you?”

“Okay – point – but … so why does it sound like 'I am Groot’ to the rest of us?”

“It sounds like 'I am Groot’ to me too.” When Peter glowered at him, Rocket held up a paw. “No, I ain’t messin’ with ya. This time. No, that’s what the translation unit picks up, 'cause it ain’t so smart about some of the less humanoid languages. It’s just, I hear it like …” He hesitated and waggled his paw. “It’s like your music, right? All those up and down tones at the same time. Groot can do that. Your throat, my throat, can’t.”

“Singing?” Peter said after a minute. “Groot’s singing?”

“I refer you back to the part about bein’ dropped on your head.” Rocket pursed his lips and let out a sharp whistle, making Peter jump – there was still some part of him that couldn’t quite hear whistling and not expect a death arrow to follow an instant later. And he might not be the only one, because Rocket stopped abruptly, closed his mouth, and then said, “Quill, do this,” and hummed softly.

It wasn’t really a tune. “You just want me to hum?” Peter asked. “Like, generic humming?”

Rocket curled his lip and the hum became more of a snarl.

“Right, humming,” Peter said hastily.

The funny thing was, the instant his soft hum of response hit the right harmonics with the note Rocket was humming (and the raccoon did have a good sense of pitch; Peter had always suspected so) he understood exactly what Rocket was getting at.

“Ohhhhh. When Groot talks, it’s like a symphony. Is that what you mean? And the 'I am Groot’ part is the part in the human audible range.”

Rocket’s ears and tail went up cheerfully. “Yeah, ezzactly. He’s tryin’ to communicate, it’s just he didn’t get any farther than 'I am Groot’ when he was learning. It’s as hard for him to do the talkin’ part for the translators as it is for you and me to do his kind of talk. He can hear us just fine, though. Actually to him, understanding our talk is dead easy.”

“So how do we understand him?” Peter asked. “Can you, I dunno, juice up the translator so it picks up a higher range of frequencies, or something?”

“I dunno. That’s not a bad idea.” Rocket tapped his claw against his teeth before picking up the screen thing and hopping off the table. “Have to think on it. Don’t wanna explode your heads or anything.”

“Yeah, well, on that lovely note, I’m goin’ to bed.” He actually was tired enough now to fall asleep in spite of the inevitable nightmares (the bitter cold and darkness of space; Ego’s face dissolving in his hands; his friends crushed by rocks or blown apart). The music helped as it always had, a melodic bulwark against the dark, wrapped gently around his heart – but it could only do so much.

Rocket grunted absently as he trotted off, already engrossed in figuring out the problem.

The thought occurred to Peter as he wandered back to his quarters, thumbing idly through the songs on the Zune, that these sorts of mechanical puzzles served the same purpose for Rocket as his music did for him: something to make his mind go quiet.

The music did that … and so did letting Gamora beat the stuffing out of him in the ship’s small exercise area. Or getting language lessons from Rocket. Or –

“I am Groot?”

Peter jumped as small hands grabbed hold of his pants leg. Groot shimmied quickly up to perch on his shoulder.

“Hey, little buddy.” Peter opened the door to his quarters and left it open so Groot could come and go as he wanted. Or so he could hear if anybody got into a fight or whatever. He flopped wearily on his unmade bed, careful not to dislodge Groot. “You know, I’m not sure how much of this you can understand right now, but Rocket’s teaching me to speak your language.”

“I am Groot?”

“Well, to understand you more than speak it, I guess I should say.” He was lying on his back now and he couldn’t really see Groot except out of the corner of his eye, but he could feel the little tree shifting around in the hollow where the collar of his sweatshirt rested against his neck.

“I am Groot,” Groot said insistently, almost in his ear. Small hands patted at the side of his face and his earlobe.

“Yeah, yeah.” Peter pinched one earbud between two fingers and held it where Groot could get at it. The little hands took it out of his fingers. Peter settled himself comfortably as Groot squirmed somewhat ticklishly against his neck, and sorted through the songs. “How 'bout Elton John tonight, buddy?”

“I am Groot,” came the sleepy answer.

“You know, little guy,” Peter murmured, as the first strains of the music began to play and Groot snuggled comfortably against his neck, “whether or not Rocket can get his new gadget working, I think we understand each other just fine, don’t we?”

“I am Groot!”

The Evolution of a Relationship

Daveed Diggs x Reader

Note: I was bored and decided to write these, this is the story of a relationship told in five important events. This has not been proofread, I wrote it spontaneously so let’s hope it’s good. 

Warnings: nothing y’all it’s fluff

Word Count:1,964

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First Meeting

The first time you met Daveed, you walked right into his chest. 

You were running late to work, rushing through busy streets and trying to send your boss an email when suddenly you walked straight into a solid chest.

You almost fell on your ass, but a hand reached out and grabbed a hold of your arm.

“I am so sorry!” You exclaimed, looking up into the face of possibly the most attractive man you’ve ever seen. “I-I’m running late and, and I was trying to send an email and I wasn’t looking where I was going,” you explain, trying your best to stop rambling.

“No it’s okay, I wasn’t paying attention either,” he said, a small smile gracing his lips.

You took a breath, admiring the way his smile seemed to light up his face.

“Thank you, for catching me.”

“It’s no problem,” He chuckled, a warm sound that caused a smile to grow on your own face. Until you realized that this pause made you even later to work.

“Oh my god! I have to go I’m gonna be late!” You exclaimed.

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They met at a dog park.

Which is weird in and of itself because a) Dean hates driving dogs in his baby; b) it’s not even his dog; and c) He’s still pissed at Sam for skipping out on him and their dad only to come back with a dog sized golden retriever he named Bones of all things. Jesus, Sam, you’d think you’re have a little more imagination considering you hid from one of the best damn trackers for two weeks only to name a dog after something we see every day. 

Dean sighed to himself. All that and he still has somehow found himself on pooch duty in some dog park in the middle of Illinois of all things. 

“He is limping.” Dean turned to the sound of a gruff voice coming from right behind in. 

“Yeah well, he’s old.” His comeback was coming out before he got a good look at the guy he was talking to. 

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Air Ducts and Secrets - Peter Parker x Reader Imagine

Word Count: 2,893

Plot: What goes on in the air ducts, stays in the air ducts.

Warnings: honestly its just fluff, cheesy comments, a new girl reference, one swear word (that’s censored), and more fluff. 

Author’s Note: So this is for the monthly song challenge but I literally only put two song lyrics from the song Tomorrow Never Dies by 5SOS. But that’s okay. I might do a part two depending on how well this does. PSA: I love New Girl.

(Lyrics are the sentences in italics)

Lilly’s Imagine

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Keep me warm and safe

Summary: Dorky Firefighter!Phil and Student/Bookstore saleperson!Dan who likes to blurt out the first thing that comes to his mind.

Based on prompt: “My dumb ass of a room mate just set the microwave on fire and you’re one of the firemen who showed up and now I’m need an ambulance cause damn ur hot.” (Prompt by @phan-cannons)

Read it on ao3!

Word count: 2.1k

A/N: I wrote this on a whim, honestly, but I am interested if anyone would like me to write more, because I would gladly take this as a side-project in between USQANF? chapters!

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Drogo x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine owning a small bakery which is overrun by the Mafia resulting in the leader, Drogo, becoming infatuated with you.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

Khal Drogo x Reader Modern au? Like he’s a UFC fighter or a mafia leader and reader is our fem Cinnabon bakery owner or student.

♡ ♡ ♡ Warning: MODERN AU ♡ ♡ ♡

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secondhand smoke

Kara comes back.

(And oh, isn’t that a thought?

Kara comes back. Kara keeps returning, keeps slipping through those doors, fingers curling around the frame as easily as her smiles did around her heart.

Kara comes back and smiles and promises.)

“I noticed you’re still here.”

Lena hums, presses her nails just so against her knee to keep the pain there, keep it from her head, from her heart.

(Neither of them mention how Kara knows. How she would notice anything about L-Corp when Lena’s up fifteen stories.)

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  •     pairing: taehyung | reader
  •     genre/rating: conman! Taehyung, rated M for rough-ish sex, mild language and implied crime/blood/murder
  • ∘    word count: 4,148

He’s a criminal. You’re in love. How far will you go for him?

“I’ll be back by five.” 

Taehyung pulled you close, giving you a kiss on the cheek. You smiled, but the smile quickly disappeared as soon as he left. You heard the door shut. 

He’s off to go do it again.

Taehyung may be the love of your life, but he was also a grade A conman. He had a whole gig going- the team, the plans.. and it happened all too often. 

Sure, you loved the money. He bought you designer clothes, exclusive concert tickets and expensive, delicious meals. What you didn’t love was the constant moving, the fake ids, the nights waking up at 3am panicking because you weren’t sure if he had pulled it off and was safe. 

He out stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars every day. Not only that, but he would come home frustrated at times, either not wanting to do anything or coming on a little too.. how could you put it? Rough but emotionless.

Rough sex with Tae was by far the hottest thing ever, but not when he had something else on his mind. He just didn’t seem into it at times and it saddened you. All you wanted was to make him happy.. 

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Imagine Chris being worried about you.

A/N: Part 2, yay! Not much to say here, just building things up for y'all. 😏 You can read the previous parts here - (Mini Series - Masterlist; Mini Series Spin-off - ‘Unexpected Reader - Masterlist’; ‘Chapter 2 - Little Ways Away: Part 1’) Enjoy. X

“Bet you thought I was going to answer the phone. Well, I’m not because I’m busy so-”

Chris hung up before your voicemail could finish talking, sighing because it was the seventh time he’d gotten your voicemail in three days. He was starting to get worried because he hadn’t spoken with you since Sunday, which was when he’d questioned if you were really okay and you’d lied to his face. The two of you agreed to have a proper conversation after that one, but it was yet to happen. Every time he called, you’d watch it ring and let it go to voicemail then text him back with an excuse as to why you couldn’t answer: “I’m in class.”, “I’m on my way to work.”, “I’m in the library.”, “Dodger and I are going for a walk.”, “Ava and I are on our way to a movie.”, “I have to call my mom.”, “I’m going grocery shopping.” Out of the seven times, you’d only told the truth twice about why you had to miss his call.

Now Chris didn’t know if he was really that unlucky and you were really that busy, or if you were avoiding him so you wouldn’t have to deal. You knew him, as well as he knew you, so you got what he meant when he said “I’ll call you tomorrow and have an actual conversation, okay?” The last thing you needed was a worried boyfriend- something Chris would’ve become if he’d confronted you and you’d broke down crying- so you decided it was better if you avoided him for a while. In your mind, it was a good idea because yes, he’d be worried, but he’d be less worried than if he knew the truth about your struggles. You knew he had enough on his plate with a project as big as Infinity War and that he didn’t need you to be on it too.

In your mind, you were being a thoughtful girlfriend; in Chris’, however, you weren’t. And though Ava knew how things would end if you didn’t reconsider your bad idea, she said nothing because since she spilled the beans to Chris- you’d politely asked her to stay out of your relationship. She agreed, of course, because as your best friend she’d always respect your decision- even if it was “a fucking stupid one.” That comment was unsaid because she knew you didn’t need a fight with her when a fight with Chris was obviously on its way. All of this, everything that was happening right now was the calm before the storm. Eventually Chris would get ahold of you and everything you thought you could avoid would come crashing down onto you.

“Bet you thought I was going to-”

“God dammit, Y/N,” Chris cussed as he slammed his phone onto the table; Sebastian looked up with a raised brow. “Sorry,” Chris muttered, rubbing his forehead. “I just-” he huffed, “I’m trying to get ahold of Y/N and she won’t pick up and I’m kind of freaking out. She’s clearly going through something, but she won’t talk to me about it. And I don’t- What the fuck is going through her mind?” Sebastian pursed his lips at Chris’ obvious frustration. “Does she think this is a good idea- to just avoid my calls like my worries are just going to disappear?”

“I think it’s a good idea to breathe, maybe?” Sebastian suggested and Chris took a slow, deep breath. “Okay, now that you have some oxygen in your lungs,” Sebastian teased then chuckled when Chris shot him a weary look. “Just relax, man. I’m sure everything’s fine and you’re just overreacting.”

“I am not overreacting, she-”

“That sounds like something someone who’s overreacting would say,” Sebastian cut him off with pursed lips and Chris rolled his eyes. “Oh come on, Chris,” Sebastian chuckled. “She’s a university student, what do you expect? Do you remember your university experience? 'Cause I do. Things get busy and chaotic and overwhelming, but it’s nothing that we couldn’t handle. So stop worrying so much, Y/N is a capable girl. If she’s not telling you things, maybe it’s because she can handle it.” Chris huffed and Sebastian sighed, “I know you feel like you have to protect her 'cause she’s younger than you, but maybe you’re being a little overbearing?”

Chris had nothing to say because Sebastian made some pretty solid points. Like you, he had a best friend to knock some sense into him, buff tense situations, and talk him out of some dumb decisions. Perhaps Sebastian was right, perhaps he was being a little overbearing. But he couldn’t help it, you were important to him and he knew you weren’t the kind of person who talked about things unless he pressed. That was one of the differences he’d found between you and your second person protagonist, you were more concern with how he saw you which meant you’d lie to him if you had to. He realized that the two of you really needed to discuss that before it became a bigger problem than it already was, and he knew it would because honesty and communication were two of the most important factors in a successful relationship. Clearly those were the areas the two of you lacked in considering everything that’d happened between the two of you.

“I’m sure she’ll talk to you when she’s ready,” Sebastian consoled. “Until then- I don’t think you should push her. I don’t know her as well as you, but I feel like she’s one of those girls who- y'know, the-more-you-push-the-further-she’ll-run? She seems like the type, and it’s not a bad type- it’s just tricky.” Chris sighed and nodded in agreement. “But she obviously cares about you, so don’t give up on her. After all, you don’t know what her reasons are. Maybe she doesn’t want you to worry and that’s why she’s not telling you anything.”

“I’m not going to give up on her.” Chris wasn’t sure about a lot, but he was sure about that. “She’s a puzzle, that one, but she’s one of those puzzles that when you figure it out and finish it-” he smiled when he thought about you, “it’s going to be beautiful and incredibly satisfying.” Sebastian found himself smiling at Chris’ smile; he was very happy for him friend, that was for sure. “And I know for a fact that she’s not telling me anything because she doesn’t want me to worry, that’s exactly the kind of person she is. But,” he sighed with a small smile, “that’s one of the many reason I love her. What?” Chris chuckled when he heard Sebastian chuckle.

“Nothing,” Sebastian shook his head. “I’m just- Y/N is the first girlfriend you’ve spoken so openly about.” Chris narrowed his eyes, but his smile remained on his lips because his friend was right. “You’ve never talked about any of your other girlfriends before- well, not when the relationship was still so new. But with Y/N? I mean- you keep photos of her in your trailer, you introduce us over FaceTime, you talk about her all the time and it is- This is a new side to you that we all love,” Sebastian admitted and Chris’ smile widened.

“Yeah, well-” Chris’ smile reached his eyes when he thought about the future he was planning to have with you. “She’s different.” Sebastian nodded, because obviously you were. “I know I can spend the rest of my life with her, and I want to. I really, really want to,” he admitted with a soft chuckle and Sebastian smiled. “I um- I just want her to live her life first, before she settles down with me. I don’t want her to miss out on anything, y'know?”

“That’s sweet,” Sebastian nodded. “I like her with you, I think we all do. She’s…” He trailed off, trying to find the right word then settled on what Chris used earlier, “different. But it’s the kind of different you want to welcome into your life.” Chris nodded in agreement. “I don’t know, I think you knocked it out of the park with Y/N. I haven’t met her in real life, but- I’m fairly confident about what I just said.”

“Me too,” Chris nodded with a smile.

“So try and remember what I said earlier, so you don’t do anything dumb to lose her,” Sebastian reminded him and they both chuckled. “'Cause man, Chris, you’d be a world class idiot to lose a girl as amazing as Y/N, who’s obviously perfect for you.”

“Believe me, I know,” Chris chuckled as his mind flitted back to the conversations he’d had with Ava, your mom and dad, your older brother, his mom, Scott, Carly, Shanna- literally his whole family, Kevin, Scarlett, Robert, both Chrises- basically everyone and anyone he’d spoken to about you. He didn’t need more people to tell him what he already knew; you were special and he wasn’t going to let you go. “You’re not the first person to tell me that.”

“Yet I’m sure I won’t be the last.”

“Yeah, me too,” Chris chuckled.

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Part 3

💕 (Reposting this quote because there was a typo in the version from the other day! Text it to a friend that might need to be encouraged). 💕
Somewhere in time, this belief has been formed that if you as a woman desire to be loved or to be in a relationship that you are somehow needy. Far too many people who desire a romantic relationship have been told over and over, “you have time” and to not worry about finding a relationship. Now of course, not everyone desires to be in a romantic relationship at the same time and in the same way, and many single people are very content where they are, and are not even thinking about a relationship. However, this is a reminder for women who desire to meet and fall in love with the Godly man that will become their husband. This is for you:
It’s okay to desire that. And it’s okay others you’re around don’t desire that, don’t let that cause you to think that maybe you’re asking for too much to desire to be loved.
I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine…- Song of Solomon 6:3
Song of Solomon is a book of the Bible that points to love between man and woman before God. Of course we do not have all of the same customs as King Solomon and his wife did it our culture today, but there is no coincidence that this book is included in the canon of scripture. The words of the bride in the verse above is to the man that is about to become her husband.
It’s not wrong to desire that. Yes, it is true that there will be many people who remain single and there is even a Biblical way of doing that (1 Corinthians 7), but understand this: if you DO desire marriage, and if you DO desire to be loved in that way, it is not wrong. It may seem at times as if it’s too late for you or that none of the eligible men seem to look your way, but here’s the reality: in the same way that God is working on you, He is working on other single men around the world right now who desire romantic love, too. Don’t let anyone cause you think love isn’t worth pursuing anymore. No, it isn’t easy, but with God, it’s not impossible. He has always loved you, and will continue to do so no matter what the future holds.
Written by @morganhnichols for #TheDevoCo

Alexander Hamilton (in talking about the opening song) and COLORS SYMBOLISM

Note: I spent to much time on this and I love Hamilton and color symbolism to much not to delete this cause I’m just looking way to much into things and I tend to do this but maybe I’m right *shrugs* who knows.

So the opening number fucks me up because. Okay so let me explain a few things first, 1: I’m mostly talking about visuals so fight me about it if you don’t like it. 2: I put a lot of thought into these little things so don’t mind me.

Okay so when it starts Leslie and Anthony are on stage singing their thing. But Anthony is in white/very light tan color and Leslie is in I’m gonna say like a plum color jacket weird thing (idk how to explain it). Then Daveed comes on and he’s also in the same color as Anthony, same with Oak. And then the ensemble has the same color on. And even Lin is in white. And now you guys are probably thinking why I’m so into the colors of their costumes well sit the fuck down and let me tell you.

Okay well as Lin is singing “Just you wait” and everyone else is singing “in New York you can be a new man” Lin gets this brown jacket on and he gets some books (I think) and a bag that is also brown.

Now let’s back up for a second, I am very passionate about colors and their meaning cause it intrigues me and I’m a nerd. And so Plum (the color) is a designated purple/violet and guess what colors make purple and makes their meaning. BLLLUUE BLUE AND REDD. And the meaning of purple is historically, royalty (which ties into this but give me a minute cause it’s not what I’m talking about). And that’s because it is hard to make the color purple into cloth and so it meant if you had that color you had a lot of money because it costed so much (end quick color history). Also before I’m talking about blue and red, there is a saying that goes “born to be purple” which basically (back to the royalty) goes to people who were born into a noble or royal family AND OH LOOK AT THAT IN WAIT FOR IT BURR SINGS ABOUT LIVING UP TO LEGACY.

Okay so first up is red which means: Love, Danger, Luck, Passion, Joy, and Bravery (though I am sure there is many more I am listing some common ones). While blue means: Calm, Trust, Sad, Intelligence, and Strength (there are also many more but I don’t need to list them all let’s be real). So basically purple comes out from combing at least one from each color (symbolically). And so if I put Calm on the post (for blue) and Passion (for red) cause Aaron is a calm son of a bitch but he’s passionate (one does act I and act II) about getting ahead in life and passionate about being president (and then Alex died). BUT GUESS WHAT HE’S MORE CALM IN THE BEGINNING SO THAT MEANS THAT THE REASON THAT THE PURPLE IS SO DARK IS CAUSE HE’S SO CALM AND COLLECTED IN ACT I SO THE BLUE MAKES IT DARKER.

OKAY now back to the white and brown. So I’m gonna start with brown cause this should be fast (but idk so good luck you’ve read this far) so brown often is like an responsible color. One of its many meaning is that it has a “keen sense of duty” and “a sense of belonging with/for family”. Which is exactly what he is doing at that point. Taking charge, using his mind for benefit and trying to get ahead in his lonely unwealthy life (at the time of him being a kid).

NOW ON TO WHITE. So the ensemble actually wear white a lot in it but since almost everyone has white on it’s different. The colors that Leslie and Lin were wearing were probably to highlight those characters and contrast the white costumes to show they are important and to LiStEn To ThEm 1!1!!!1!!(the antagonist and protagonist are another good reason). But white is a very clean slate type of color(or shade what ever you call it I’m going with the majority for this though) and if someone likes it you can’t really blame them cause it’s a nice color. It’s an untelling color and so it makes sense for them to wear it. BECAUSE we know nothing about the characters yet, we don’t know where they are from or their causes. Plus almost everyone plays two characters so it leave a blank slate there as well.

Gunshot Wounds

Request: Could you do 67 and 85 with Bucky?
Prompt: “You’re bleeding all over my carpet.” And “I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go to a doctor.”
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warning: Injuries
Word Count: 927
A/N: This is my first request so I hope you all like it. Please feel free to request anything!!

Prompt List


Originally posted by busygina

Saturday nights were usually a quiet time for you. You curled up on the sofa with something sweet and a pile of your favourite movies. Sometimes one of the Avengers would come across and join you and then crash on the sofa. Everything had been really hectic at the moment so there was hardly any time for them to join you. After all you were only an analyst for Tony so you had no reason to go on missions. They had been away for the week leaving just you and Bucky. Bucky was trying to get settled into the life of an Avenger and subsequently missed every other mission.
A rough knock on your apartment door startled you from your movie induced daze and pulled you back to reality. You stood quickly and paused the movie before walking to the door. You grabbed the icer off your table and looked through the peephole. Seeing the familiar mop of brown hair, you ditched the icer and opened the door.
“Hey.” You said with a smile that quickly fell from your face as he almost fell completely onto you. “Buck?” You asked worriedly.
“Shut the door.” Was the only reply you got. You did as he asked before helping him onto a kitchen chair.
That was when you noticed the blood. Some of it was dripping from where his metal arm connected to the rest of his body and the rest of it from his right hip. “You’re bleeding!” You exclaimed before running to grab some towels. “What happened?”
“Just some Hydra thugs. But they’re gone now.” He winced in pain as you applied pressure to what you assumed was a gunshot wound on his hip.
“You need to see a doctor.” You said glancing around the room for your car keys.
“Why do you think I’m here?” He murmured.
“I’m not a doctor, I’m an analyst, Buck! You’re bleeding all over my carpet.” You noticed how much blood was beginning to seep through the towels. “you are going to the hospital.”
“I can’t. I thought people were supposed to be more sympathetic in these situations.” He laughed slightly but it quickly turned into a coughing fit.
“I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go to a doctor.” You said sternly.
“I can’t go to a hospital, (Y/N).” He warned.
“Who said anything about a hospital?” You said as you grabbed your car keys. “I know someone who can help. But she’s gonna hate that I’m bringing her another enhanced person.”
“Who is she?” Bucky asked as you helped him up and he slung an arm around your shoulders.
“An old friend. But we can trust her.”
It didn’t take long to drive to Claire’s mother’s apartment. You helped Bucky up the stairs; getting a few strange looks on the way due to the blood that covered you both. You knocked on Claire’s door and waited for an answer. She opened the door looking very shocked. “(Y/N)?”
“We need help and we can’t go to the hospital.” You explained.
“Jesus, why does this keep happening? Bring him in and sit him at the table.” Claire directed you.
You did as you were told and helped Bucky take his shirt off. You threw the shirt aside and pressed a clean towel Claire gave you back against the wound. His arm was hardly bleeding anymore but you knew you would need Tony to fix it. The scarring from previous situations like this, were littered around where his arm connected. You heard Claire scrambling through her stuff to find her supplies. Claire came over and moved you out of the way but Bucky grabbed your hand to stop you moving to far away.
“I need to take the bullet out.” Claire informed you both.
The next half an hour was spent with Claire cleaning both wounds and stitching them shut. The ones in his arm were temporary as you were right about needing Tony. She bandaged him up, gave him a new shirt and then went to dispose of all the equipment and towels.
“Thank you.” Bucky whispered as you sat next to him.
“What for? Claire did all the work.” You smiled. His right hand was still clasped in yours.
“You brought me here. And honestly, I wouldn’t still be here if wasn’t for everything you do.” He clarified. You didn’t meet his gaze and only looked at your shoes. He lifted your chin up. “I mean it. It’s the reason I love you.” He whispered the last bit but your gaze shot to his.
You didn’t give him time to take it back. You pressed your lips against his. He froze before kissing you back with just as much fire. Claire walked back in and cleared her throat, causing you both to pull apart. You blushed and looked at your shoes.
“Am I interrupting something?” Claire smirked. “You’re done. Just try not to do anything that will tear the stitches.”
You pulled Bucky up and hugged Claire. “Thank you.”
“Yeah, thank you.” Bucky added.
“Just try not to make this a recurring thing okay.” Claire said.
“We promise.” You said before leaving and going home.

Moffat - A Feminist Writer

(Or Why I Find It Hard To Deal With Moffat Hate)

People are usually quick to criticise Moffat for his female characters: Too bossy, too insecure, too weak, too bad-ass, how dare she have a sex drive, etc., etc. And frankly, for a fandom that is so quick to use words like “sexism” and “misogyny”, I find it pretty rich to dissect and criticise every single female character that comes their way. 

In the past I would have brushed this off as a mere difference of opinion. But the more think about it, the more I start to question the motifs of said criticism. Because Moffat is actually doing an incredible job at female representation and he should get all the praise we can give him. 

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threat | tommy shelby

Could you do a Thomas Shelby request of having grown up with the Shelbys and during the war was a nurse and being engaged to Tommy (since you were childhood best friends and sweethearts) and you two tell each other everything (business included) and the reader gets a threatening letter from a old solider who she got kicked out for trying to rape a fellow nurse and at first she doesn’t want to tell Tommy since she doesn’t want to further danger him but she gets scared and Tommy comforts her??

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Originally posted by nouf-neverends96

The war had taken it’s toll on everyone. Mothers were now having to raise their children single handily due to having no husband. Young children no longer had no brothers, uncles or fathers. It made you realise how lucky you was to have Tommy still. At first, you didn’t want him going to war. The chances of him never coming back were high. After a while, you let him go. It was the hardest thing you had ever done and most nights, you laid awake thinking he was never going to come back. Tommy had to do his duty for the country, and you respected that. After Tommy left, you trained as a nurse. Two years into the war, you were stationed in Belgium. It wasn’t an easy task, but all you could think about was how your Tommy was out there.  

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Joke’s on you

Originally posted by dailyavengers

Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x fem!reader
Genres: humor, fluff,  fem x fem, wlw
Words: 1.616
Summary: Reader convinces Clint and Tony to prank Natasha. Little do they know that girls planned the whole thing only to gain servants for the weekend - requested by Anonymous

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The Audit

**Long story short, I found my old fic LJ/archive from 2005, and decided this absolutely needed to be posted.  It’s ridiciously bad, so much so that I found it hilarious.**

Author: PiecesofScully (in 2005)
Rating: R
Timeline: Unclear

Scully set the phone down in its cradle, a look of complete confusion spreading across her face.

“Who was it?” Mulder asked, as he typed on the computer. His eyes were still glued to the screen, and his fingers pressed rapidly against the keys on the key board.

“The accounting office. They said they need to speak with you about questionable purchases with a bureau credit card.”

“I’m being audited?”

“Sure sounds like it.”

Mulder continued typing for a few seconds, unphased by the news of a surprise audit….until it hit him.

“Oh….shit…” he muttered under his breath. He stood quickly, grabbed his jacket, and headed towards the door.


He stopped suddenly and turned back to Scully.

“Do you want me to come along?” She asked, sitting at the desk with her reading glasses on.

He shook his head. “Nah, I’ve got it. You stay here, and maybe we could go grab some lunch afterwards.”

Scully nodded, accepting the offer, and Mulder left the office, speed walking to the elevator.

How do I explain this one? He thought to himself as he pressed the ‘up’ button. Sorry, Mr. Accounting Man, Agent Scully and I were in need of a good humping and my credit card was declined, so I used the bureau’s card instead.

The doors opened and he stepped inside shaking his head. As the doors closed, all was silent except for the dull clank of shifting gears and one word being muttered over and over again.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit…”


“Agent Mulder, I’ll start from the beginning. I’m going to need you to explain every purchase on the date of May 26th, 2000.” Mulder nods, his hand quickly wiping a bead of sweat that had escaped his hairline and began a quick slide towards his nose.

The young, squirley looking accountant shuffled through his notes and pulled out the sheet of paper he’d been searching for.

“$76.56 was spent at a restaurant called La Fleur, which is located in Sterling, Maine.” The accounting agent glanced at Mulder, waiting for his explanation, but the agent just stared back offering nothing of the sort.  “$76.56 is a lot to spend on a dinner, especially when I have documents saying that you and Agent Scully were on vacation, not investigating a case.“

Mulder cleared his throat. "Well, yeah, we were on vacation, but a case fell into our laps almost as soon as we’d arrived. We were hungry from driving all day, so we stopped at the only restaurant that was open and accepted credit cards.”

“I have no record of a case file being processed on the date of May 26th.”

“I have yet to finish the report, actually.”

“But $76.56, Agent?”

Mulder shrugged. “The food was expensive.”

The accountant nodded, then exhaled a long sigh. “I’ll say.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*One month ago*

Mulder finished the last bite of his chocolate desert, just as Scully had finished hers. The server must have been watching them closely, because just as Scully set her fork down, the bill was slipped onto the table. 

Scully smiled at Mulder, a lazily wide grin. Either she was a little tipsy from those 2 glasses of wine, or those oysters were finally kicking in.

He slipped his credit card into the small leather pocket of the folder, and the waitress took it away.

“You wanna head back to our room after this?” Mulder asked, reaching across the table to take her hand in his.

Scully shook her head. “Actually there is a store across the street I wanted to browse in first. Maybe get a little something for tonight.”

His eyes glowed with excitement. He’d seen the store she was referencing when they’d pulled into the restaurant’s parking area. It was a lingerie/sex-toy store. Naughty Time something or other.

“I’ll go see what’s keeping the waitress with the receipt.” He brushed a kiss on her temple, and walked to the front counter.


Their waitress turned to him, his credit card in her hand. “I’m sorry, sir, but your card has been declined.”

Mulder stood there, stunned. “That’s impossible. Could you run it through again?”

“Of course, sir.”  She slid his card through the machine again, and after a short pause and a quiet beep, she shook her head. “Declined again, sir. Perhaps you have another card you’d like to try.”

Mulder pulled out his wallet and searched the card slots. License, library card, blood donor card, bureau credit card….bureau credit card…. He paused for a moment, then hurriedly handed her the bureau credit card. She took it with a large smile on her face, then passed him his receipt to sign when it was approved.

“All set, sir. Have a lovely evening.”

Mulder nodded, and walked back to Scully. She stood, allowing Mulder to help her with her jacket.

“Everything ok?” She asked.

He linked his fingers with hers. “Everything is great.”


“Ok,” the accountant said. “So, next comes the fun stuff.”

Mulder’s eyebrow pulled a 'Scully’ and rose. The accountant shrugged, then shuffled his papers.

“The next purchase on the list was $26.25 at a grocery store, also located in Maine. Now, because you and Agent Scully had already eaten quite an expensive dinner, I was ordered by my supervisor to look into the items that were purchased in this store. Those items are,” he paused to look closer at the receipt. “…whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and a 4 pack of AA batteries.”

“I know what this looks like-”

"Fraternizing is strictly prohibited, Agent Mulder.”

“I realize that Agent,” he glanced at the younger agent’s tag, “Smooter. But that was for the case we were working on.”

“Really?” Smooter asked, his tone dripping with sarcasm. “What was this case you two were investigating exactly?”

Mulder sat back in his chair, a cocky grin on his face. “That’s classified.”

“Interesting. Well, I’ll tell my 'super’ that, and he can take this matter to….AD Kersh is it? Yes, he can take it up with AD Kersh if you’d prefer.”

“Fine, Fine!! I’ll explain.” Mulder rubbed his eyes, then leaned forward in his seat to get closer to the accountant. “You know we investigate the paranormal right?”

“Yes, I am aware of that.”

“Well, this case falls under that category as well. You see…” Mulder licked his lips then cracked his fingers, attempting to buy some time, “We were called by a source we have in Maine. He’d said he’d been hearing some strange stories about young men that had gone missing.”

“The point, Agent Mulder.”

“I’m getting there. Well, these young men had happened to go missing while…camping….in the woods. We needed the batteries for our flash lights.”

“The bureau’s flash lights take D batteries.”

Mulder nodded.  "Imagine our surprise when we got to the woods and discovered that. Luckily, one of the flash lights still had enough power to aid us on our journey.“

"And what about the whipped cream and chocolate syrup?”

“It was rumored that whatever was taking these men had something of a sweet tooth. So, Agent Scully and I bought those because they were cheap. We were in a hurry and didn’t have time to be choosy and search for specific candy bars or whatever.”

Smooter nodded rapidly, seemingly eating up every bit of Mulder’s story.

“So, Agent Scully and I high tailed it into the woods with only one working flashlight, and sunday toppings.”

~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The disappointment of being at a grocery store and not a sex toy store must have been written all over his face, because Scully nuzzled his neck and whispered, “I have big plans for us tonight. Trust me.”

Mulder nodded, shooting her a smile, and followed her closely through the store. His spirits lifted after seeing her grab a can of whipped cream, a bottle of chocolate syrup, and a pack of batteries. “Scully, why the batteries?”

She smiled at him deviously. “Just trust me Mulder.”

That look could make any man go weak in the knees, cause his heart to skip a few beats, and claim temporary insanity. Which is what must have happened because before he knew it, he was whipping out that bureau credit card again.


“Okay, agent, there’s one last purchase I have to question. There was a $45.15 purchase made at a Naughty Time Novelty. I am extremely curious to see how this plays into everything. Now, because the store wouldn’t give out the list of what was purchased, I need to ask you what was purchased and for what reason.”

Mulder chewed on his lip then sighed. “We walked out of Meijer and we were talking intensely about the case. So intensely, actually, that we both didn’t realize that we’d just walked through a huge swarm of bees. Agent Scully felt something on her pant leg and swatted it off, not realizing it was a bee, and then it stung her finger. She wears this ring that she got from her mother years ago, and that was the finger that happened to get stung. It started swelling almost instantly.”

“Agent Scully has an allergy to bee stings?”

“Uh…yeah…So we ran into the nearest store, which just happened to be that novely store. We explained what happened to the girl at the counter and she grabbed a large bottle of….lubricant….and poured the contents all over Scully’s swollen finger. After a few tries, we got it off. Cindy, the girl at the counter, then took a mint flavored lubricant and spread it on the bee sting, insisting it would take down the swelling.”

“Did it work?”

“Well, we can’t say for sure. We put ice on it when we got back to the motel, so it could have been the ice that did the trick.”

“But where does the $45.15 come in?”

“We had to pay for the lubricant.” Smooter’s jaw dropped. “They were jumbo sized bottles.”

The accountant sat back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest.

~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mulder eagerly followed Scully to the showcase of battery operated toys. There were so many different sizes and colors, different shapes and gadgets. There was one gadget that was blue, and it had two rubber rings connected by a small battery pack.

“That’s a 'for him’ toy. One loop goes around the penis and the other goes around 'the boys’. It vibrates.”

Cindy clearly knew her products.  Mulder just stared at the blue rubber contraption. Visions of using it and it cutting off circulation and 'it’ possibly falling off invaded his thoughts. “No, thanks,” he said with a shrug. “We’re here for her.“ He pointed to Scully.

He was surprised to see the excitement spread across her face.  Her eyes even had a twinkle in them.  

"Um,” she pointed to one of the hundreds of vibrators spread showcased along the wall, “could i see that one?”

Cindy pulled it from it’s case and handed it to Scully. “That’s The Dolphin. It’s a huge hit because it’s so pretty.”

Mulder studied the toy in Scully’s hands. It was pretty. The first 1 ½ inches were a tart blue rubber, then the next 3 inches were white pearls that traveled around the girth of the toy, and then more blue rubber. Scully passed it from hand to hand as if testing the weight, then ran her finger along the 3 inch rubber dolphin that seemed like it was about to soar off the dildo.

“What’s that for?” Mulder asked, pointing to the dolphin’s beak.

“It’s the clitoral stimulator,” Scully answered matter of factly.

“I’d suggest that you purchase some lubricant if you do get a toy. We have flavored ones such as peppermint and strawberry. And we have others for special purposes, such as 'Like a Virgin’, which tightens the vaginal muscles, and a few that make him last longer. I’d suggest the peppermint flavored lube. It’s great, and a real fan favorite.”

Scully smiled. “Wonderful. We’ll take that and The Dolphin.”

Mulder stared for a moment, as if in shock. The entire moment was so surreal, like a wet dream come true, buying sex toys and flavored lube with Scully. At the register, he eagerly passed the girl the bureau’s credit card.


“That is…incredible. So after all of this, did you solve the case?”

Mulder shook his head, and sat back in his chair. “No. It remains unsolved.”

They both sat in silence, Smooter amazed by the story, and Mulder amazed that he believed the story. Thank god he was new to the bureau.

“I’ll write my report and submit it to my super, and I suggest you do the same.”

Mulder muttered ‘yeah’ and stood. "We done here?”

“Yes, Agent Mulder. All through.”

Mulder turned and walked out of the office without another word.


Mulder walked into his office to see Scully still sitting at the computer.

“Finally,” she said, standing.  “I was about to go solo to lunch, you were taking so long." 

"Are you done with the computer, Scully?”

“Yeah, you need it when we get back?”

“Uh, yeah. I’ve got a case report to write up.”

“Which one?” She asked. “I thought we were all caught up…”

“I’ll explain it at lunch. Let’s go.”

The End.

salamamderbrandy  asked:

Hey man I was wondering if you could headcanon how trans people do transitions in the fallout universe? I am transmasculine myself, and play those types of character. So I also get super excited to see other people doing more trans Fallout stuff! If you'd rather not (cause other people might be weird or you're just not comfortable, that is 200% okay!)

oh man transitioning in the fallout universe would be so feasible and knowing how developed surgery and medicine can be ingame,
(ie. facial surgery to completely change your appearance, implants you can purchase, just what goes on in Big MT in general)
there would be more developed options for trans and gnc people than what we have today.

- hormones could be made by putting plants like yams and soybeans (or similar mutated plant species if those went extinct) through a chemical synthesis of molecules like we do today

- then those hormones (or hormone blockers) could be delivered throughout the wastes via caravans

- doctors like usanagi could also offer hormone implants as an alternative to having to apply gels or shots etc. regularly and would provide hormones for a long amount of time before needing replacement

- and surgery? sky’s the limit considering how advanced it is in the universe, people can get whatever they need done!

Jedi Master-on-Apprentice piggyback training...

Mace Windu: (Piggybacking on Depa’s back) Good work, Depa! 20 more yards to go!

Depa: Stupid Master Yoda and his strange practices…

Depa: (on Caleb Dume’s back) Young Dume, you are even slower than when I carried your grandmaster Windu on my back!

Windu: (at the side, eating popcorn) She’s fibbing, young Dume!

Caleb: Haha, (pant) Hahaha (pant)

Kanan Jarrus: (on Ezra’s back) Only one more mile to go!

Ezra: (panting) Seriously, what Jedi came up with this? (pant)

Kanan: Yoda.

Ezra: Oh, big surprise. (pant)

Kanan: (on Sabine’s back) Go, go, Sabine!

Sabine: What does that have to do with Darksaber training? No fair, I’m not a Jedi like Ezra.

Ezra: Okay, your dad trusts me to train you, so I’m gonna start with the variation of a really difficult routine that’s apprentice-master tradition.

Kanan’s Daughter: Okay, Master Bridger, what do I do?

One minute later…

Ezra: (With Kanan’s Daughter on his back and running) So this is Jedi tradition established by Yoda but I decided to subvert the tradition.

Kanan’s Daughter: Weeeeee!

Kanan: Ezra! I can hear that you’re doing it all wrong!

Ezra: Hey, you’ve told me not to make your teaching mistakes when teaching her. So I’m avoiding your mistake. She’s not gonna bear your mistake on her back.

Kanan: You’re right, I made a mistake not teaching you right, Ezra. I get why Yoda preaches this. It’s tradition for apprentices to bear their masters mistakes. Let me show you how you really carry a mistake on your back. 

One minute later…

Kanan: (piggybacking on Ezra’s back with Daughter on back) Run faster, or you’ll bore me and your student!

Kanan’s Daughter: (piggybacking on Kanan) Weeeeee!

Ezra: Haw (pant) Haw (pant), Kanan, you are a very heavy mistake!

Kanan: Yes I am! But even a mistake like me made a little sunshine of perfection like her and made you the strong man you are.

Ezra: (pant, pant) Why does she get to be the perfect one?

Kanan: I’m bias cause she has my blood and my eyes. Now 30 more yards!

Ezra: Nope, I’m done! Climb off.

Kanan’s Daughter60 more yards for me and daddy, Master Bridger!

Ezra: Aw, okay.

anonymous asked:

Okay but listen, Lance becoming keith's right hand man would be so good. Jeremy did mention Lance will take supporting leadership role, what better way to interpret it than as him becoming Keith's second in command, just imagine even after Shiro returns Lance to Keith would still be like "nah you still need me, i am coming with you on this mission cause you cant do this without me" Jeremy said they are space ranger partners, this could be it. In Jeremy we trust, in dark voltron we trust.

I shed a tear because this is all i want in life


A BTS/ Kim Seokjin Fanfiction

Summary: He looked like an angel, and spoke like a singer. Next to you, a university student surviving on 5 hours sleep a night, and holes in your shoes, he seemed to have it all. But at the end of the day, you were both just Existing. You just cant help but think, it might be more fun to Exist together…

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Thankfully Jin had warned you about the long gaps of time between activities before the show usually began, and so when he took you back to the green room before leaving for sound check- which to you sounded mystically professional, and which you struggled to picture Jin participating in- you sat happily on the sofas the other guys had been occupying before, and pulled out some work you had to go over for your final exam at the end of the next week.

You’d been thinking about it the night before; how stupid it was for you to get involved with Jin with your final exams being so close, how you could easily get distracted and fail, making your entire time in South Korea utterly meaningless, but after battling with yourself for a good hour- during which time your friend had come in to tell you to be quiet because apparently you’d been grumbling at yourself out loud- you’d come to the conclusion that you only had one life, and that whatever happened…would happen.

Although those thoughts didn’t stop you from intensely focusing on your revision notes and textbook for the next hour that Jin was gone, ending up sat in a pile of papers by the time he returned, meaning he walked back into the room to find you frantically scribbling into your notebook, a lot more tense than when he’d left.

‘Hey, Beautiful. …uh…what are you doing?’ he asks, coming to a stop beside your seat and letting his eyes run over the multiple sheets of paper that gradually become shadowed with the presence of a few of the other guys being nosey and coming to look too.

‘Hmmm?….Oh! You’re back.’ You observe in surprise as you look up at him, feeling slightly sheepish when you see them all looking at your ocean of revision, and quickly gathering it up to shove it back in your bag along with your books, taking a few pieces thankfully from Jin when he hands them to you, and smiling when he slips past you to sit beside you.

‘How was sound test…uh, check, even?’ you ask, attempting to force all thoughts of work from your mind as you turn toward him and inspecting his face when you realize how hot he looked, his hair around the edges being dampened by sweat, and his cheeks being slightly pinker than they usually were, the look inciting all possibility of images to flood your mind of just what had made him that way.

‘It was good. We’re all set up for the real stage later. We just have to relax for the next hour and a half whilst they check over everything once more and let the fans in. so….’ He says, grabbing your hand suddenly and standing up back up, pulling you with him with a grin and quickly dropping a kiss to the tip of your nose in his apparent excitement, the move surprising you with the amount of people in the room, but making your belly somersault happily nonetheless as you look at him.


He holds your hand securely in the crook of his elbow all the way to the cafeteria space that had been arranged, the buffet type set up that welcomed you as you walked in causing your stomach to growl immediately, and you feel your face heat up in embarrassment as you sheepishly look up at the man beside you to see him grinning down at you.


‘Famished.’ You say, your skin rippling with goosebumps at his answering chuckle, before you let him pull you over to the food, and pass you a plate as he begins to pile food onto his own. Each time he took a spoonful of something for himself he’d turn to offer you some, waiting until you shook or nodded your head, and whenever you declined something, he’d replace the missing food with a kiss to your cheek, the move making you become shier, yet happier, with each one. Although when he realized you were purposefully saying no just so that he’d kiss you, he began putting food on your plate anyway, and accompanying it with a kiss until you were left giggling at the mountain of treats on your plates, and grabbing the spoon for the chips yourself, just so that you could gift him with a kiss back.

‘Yah! Stop being adorable. Lets go and sit down.’ He says, taking the spoon from you, and replacing it with his hand, before pulling you over to a table where Taehyung, Jungkook and Namjoon were already sat.

‘Hey, Y/N….thats a lot of food you’ve got there…’ Namjoon says as you sit, the observation not being judgemental, but sounding more confused, as his eyes widen confusedly, looking from your plate to Jin’s and seeing a similar sized portion.

‘I…uh…I guess I was hungry.’ You explain shyly, peering up at Jin as he sat down beside you and smiling amusedly when you see him glance over at you as he grinned.

‘Yah…Hungry for more than just food.’ Jin mutters, winking at you, and the look forces you to look into your lap so that you could control the heat flooding your face, although, when he sees you being embarrassed, he leans over to kiss your cheek to make everything worse, chuckling wickedly, before telling you to dig in.

‘So, are you hyung’s girlfriend, Y/N?’

Its just as you’d filled your mouth with a roll of kimbap that Taehyung asks the question, and immediately you find your eyes widening and a chunk of rice lodging itself in your windpipe, causing you to choke and cough wildly, covering your mouth desperately as you attempt to swallow and feeling Jin’s hand slap against your back to help, before a minute later gaining your bearings and looking up at the men around the table with a light sheen of sweat on your forehead, all of them fixed in various poses of concern.

‘I take it you guys haven’t-‘

‘Yes, Taehyung. She is.’ Jin cuts of the younger man as you begin to wind down from your embarrassment and settle back in your chair, his sudden admission causing you to widen your eyes and snap your head to look up at him, to watch as he moves his gaze from Taehyung to you.

‘I am?’ you ask timidly, your whole body beginning to tingle with subtle excitement as you try to hold back a smile, biting your lip in your attempt but seeing by his expression and the way his eyes light up in amusement that he could sense your happiness anyway.

‘Is that okay with you?’ He murmurs, his eyes grazing over your face, and where his arm was resting on the back of your chair after your choking fit, you can feel his hand tapping gently at your shoulder the opposite side as he waits for your answer.

‘Of course.’ You say quietly, still not being able to take your eyes off of him, and before you can blink he’s leaning over to touch his lips to your cheek, squeezing your shoulder and flashing you a blinding smile, before proceeding to begin demolishing his food, leaving you sat absorbing the moment for a few moments.

Although that’s before Taehyung manages to pick his jaw up off of the floor and respond to Jin openly kissing you in front of the others.

‘Yah! What was that!? You cant just do that at the dinner table!’