cause i am gay so

DM: (me playing an NPC walks up to to my player in the game and hits on him). Hey boy are you a cleric cause I’m feeling all healed.
Player: (sets down drink) ma'am I am gay. So unless you’re going to pay me the answer is no.
DM: I’ve got 10 gold and 2 silver.
Player: now I may be gay but 10 gold and 2 silver is 10 gold and 2 silver.

They go upstairs and sleep together the player asked how good the sex was.

DM: *rolls* on a scale of one to ten it was an 11 you have just had the best sex of your life. And are now having an existential crisis trying to figure out if your gay bi or strait.

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im not saying it means anything but after this picture was put up i realized how much the hobo resembles common depictions of jesus (the headband made me think of crown of thorns)?? it especially makes me think of this piece in particular [(altarpiece of isenheim) it was put up in a monastery a Long Time Ago that specialized in hospital work] where jesus is depicted with sores all over his body. 

but uhhh also remember right before he first sees the hobo he walks past a church playing gospel music?? and in the book excerpts i’ve seen it’s said that he apparently didn’t think that he deserved to be in church or he was unworthy or smth (someone correct me if i’m wrong).

could this b like an Amalgamate Projection™ of both disease and religion???

ALSO EDIT BEFORE I EVEN POST THIS??: eddie -> jesus allusion ??? who knows

someone help me out i’m reaching again

Let Weiss be gay 2k17.

That’s all.

guess who drew even more @miracusims fanart! this gal

but this is a special one, i drew it digitally and recorded it so it is on my youtube channel as a speedpaint as well

@ripdumpy wrote a really awesome fic about a Hyperion fight club (inspired by a longer thread about jack in fight club but i didnt know if those folks all wanted to get tagged by me cause im… a stranger kjfsdj) and i am….gay and weak, so i had to draw jack ready 2 fight/get beat up. probs gonna do a sequel soon w rhys and jack !

Today I saw the prettiest girl on the bus…….I couldnt stop staring at her and I think she noticed sibdkwjnsqjxjk she must have thought I was a weirdo or something

I mean I am but that’s not the point

N e ways I rly hope I can see her again cause oh my god she’s so perfect and I am fucking gay ejsbkzklskdkxoqlxke

I had my first class with my tc after more than a year today…


When I got in there my friends were already set on seats and one of my friends said “I can move a spot so you can sit next to gay” (I’m just gonna call my best friend gay CAUSE HE IS…and so am I) then Miss cut her off and said “no, ___ promised me she didn’t come into hums enhanced to sit with Gay” and I was like “yesssss” so I sat at the only table at the front to FOCUS😩👌🏽

And she said “___ you don’t have to sit there” and I said that I wanted to and she said “well I like to lean on that table” and I said sarcastically “oh sorryyyy misss” and then she said “if you wanna sit near me you can sit here though :)” and pointed at another table near her aND MY HEART SHE KNOWS ME SO WELL

But I ended up sitting near the end with another friend (the room is set up so the tables make a U around the classroom except the teachers desk and the other table)

And yeah. Surprisingly I was in front of the enhanced hums class (which confused me but ANYWAY)

Other things happened and during class she would turn around to me and catch me looking at her and she would smile and I would smile back and look down AHH IT WAS…I CANT

but then I was confused about something so I called for her and she walked over and she was kinda close and MY MIND JUST WENT BLANK. I STARTED STUTTERING AND TRYING TO PUT WORDS TOGETHER UNTIL I JUST I JUST BLURTED OUT “uh I don’t understand” AND POINTED AT A PART OF WRITING THAT I HIGHLIGHTED, and then it went smoothly BUT STILL

If that happens every time she comes near me or says something to me or does LITERALLY ANYTHING, I am so failing that class 😩🙏🏽