cause i am gay so

  • TV writer: i can confirm this character has been involved with men and women but they are not gay or straight. they don't fit any labels
  • me: that is literally called a Bisexual™

guess who drew even more @miracusims fanart! this gal

but this is a special one, i drew it digitally and recorded it so it is on my youtube channel as a speedpaint as well

anonymous asked:

I know you low key like guys though

“like” is a strong word bruh, it’s only unfortunate that men look nice to me sometimes, every relationship and encounter i’ve had with a man has been deeply unfulfilling, unsatisfying, and/or traumatic. (besides friendships and like my brothers) So ya don’t get me wrong men are v pretty sometimes and I can’t predict the future but dicks are pretty gross and men are also weak af, and just cause i haven’t said it yet; I AM SO GAY i am gonna DATE LOTS OF WOMEN and HOLD THEIR GIRL HANDS and KISS THEIR GIRL FACES and imma have a WIFE who i will LOVE and CHERISH and have BRUTAL FUCKED UP SEX WITH and that’s that💁🏼

drafts be damned   ,   tomorrow is the last day of my exam and then the semester is done    ———   so like for a starter ??  like  ,  we’ve rped 283827 before ? its fine. like it ! we’ve never rped before despite being mutuals for 298328937 years ? THATS OKAY, LIKE IT ! we’ve only been mutuals for 0.3 secs ? lol pats ur face lemme love u ok ? ok. (that means ur free to like it !!!11!)  like legit  ,  you’re interested to write with me and we’re mutuals  ,  click the ♡ !


@ripdumpy wrote a really awesome fic about a Hyperion fight club (inspired by a longer thread about jack in fight club but i didnt know if those folks all wanted to get tagged by me cause im… a stranger kjfsdj) and i am….gay and weak, so i had to draw jack ready 2 fight/get beat up. probs gonna do a sequel soon w rhys and jack !

I remember when I first heard Rihannas “Te Amo“ while a friend’s parent drove us home from a swimming pool and just being like !!! this song!!! it’s!! about a girl!!! in love with a girl!!! and telling my friend and she was like oh it’s probably a cover :) from a guy :) no gay here :) nope :)

I just finished binge-reading Tales from the Shadowhunter Acadamey and I have so many feels. Also, I’ve been successfully sucked back into the world of shadowhunters and seriously doubt I’ll leave. (Until my next reading slump, that is.)