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Kinktober #31: All of the above

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The 109th Academy Awards brings a truly outstanding crop of films to pick from that year in any category—slowly but surely, however, a candidate for favorite begins to emerge.

Somewhere to Belong sweeps up Best Original Screenplay, Costume Design, and Makeup and Hair Styling effortlessly. In a slight upset, it loses out on Best Score, but does pick up Best Original Song, a heart-wrenching ballad played during the end credits that has spawned a thousand popular YouTube covers. There isn’t a dry eye in the house after it’s performed live that evening.

After that, it dominates, winning every category it’s up for—Visual Effects, Production Design, Film Editing, Cinematography, and finally, Best Director.

All that’s left now are the awards for Best Actress and Actor in a leading role, and Best Picture (where the choice is clear).

Shouyou and Tobio are seated together in the audience, a common focus for reaction shots from the cameras when winners are announced. This wears on Tobio more than anyone may suspect—at least when he’s acting, he’s aware of where the cameras are, when and how his reactions need to be delivered, what the focus of the scene is. Public appearances are more difficult for him.

Does his face on the enormous monitors look thrilled enough when their film is announced (for something like the hundredth time that night)? Is he laughing at the right spots when the host cracks jokes? Does he look interested, or just bored, when the camera pans over him again?

Sometime into the second hour, he feels something warm press against his own hand. He glances down, to see Shouyou’s fingers have found his own.

“Relax,” Shouyou murmurs to him, and Tobio feels some of the tension ease from his shoulders, which were starting to hurt. “Your face is fine.”

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