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I couldn’t resist and drew a quick Keith doodle for his bday because I wanna see him smile and be happy that the day he was born is actually a blessing to the universe <3

Sorry about not putting up more listings! I ran out of spoons when my mom called to tell me my uncle had been missing for three days and they suspected the worst. He’s been suffering with depression and has a lot of hard drug use in his past. I spent the rest of my night throwing together an impromptu spell. This was one of the rare instances where I left a candle burning all night unsupervised.

Today I woke up drained at like 11, but my uncle has been found safe, no other details yet but it’s like a weight has been lifted off my chest. I’m gonna resume stuff a little later. Also will thank the beautiful babes who bought things!


A doodled comic about my many inconsequential quirk related questions 


Fact: Bakugou’s also a dragon shifter, he just never shifts cause he’s super fucking tiny and he hates it with a passion


Since my brain is fried and I have nothing new to offer I decided to clean these doodles up, cause I really like them :D 

Still don’t know why they’re dressed up haha 

@the tower of joy
  • Lyanna Stark: *dying* Ned, please promise me you'll take care of him
  • Ned Stark: *holding little baby Jon* I promise Lya
  • Lyanna: You know Rhaegar probably would have wanted to name him something Targaryen sounding, like Jaeharys or Aemon or something...
  • Ned: Jaeharys is okay I guess-
  • Lyanna: But fuck that bitch, my baby's name is Jon

This is dedicated to @mormoc and @percyyoulittleshit 

Because I went through a funk and they sent me such sweet messages and they’re just amazing people in general and I want to thank them for being just the best girls and the best of friends a girl could ask for. I love them and I just want to say thank you guys!