cause hes so damn adorable

I love how as soon as someone says something SLIGHTLY criticizing Markiplier, fans attack.

Like they weren’t even criticizing him as a person, they were criticizing the community and raising VERY valid points about how the Let’s Play community as a whole is sexist and shit, because it is. 

And of course someone decides to take that as an attack on Markiplier and send hate.

Like seriously people? You’re proving them right by being the worst part of the community. Like Jesus Christ, anons, you’re making me not want to even say I like Markiplier. They didn’t make a post going “Markiplier is a terrible person and I hate him”, they raised valid points about how sexist the community as a whole is because…it is?

Like god damn people.

Although I guess there are these shitstains in every community and when you get into Youtube communities there seems to be more of them because as everyone knows, Youtube comments are terrible places.

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APH Greece

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: japan and turkey

favorite friendship: egypt, and probably italy too bc i just imagine them talking about cats all day long 

general opinions: i really love cats and aph greece really loves cats so thats why i love aph greece (and cause he is damn adorable)