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Anything with Corvo and The Heart plz!

Something short and sweet for High Chaos Week 2016!

On the anniversary of Jessamine’s passing, her heart bleeds anew.

He panics the first time it happens, waking to something wet against his cheek. He finds the linens soaked in blood, the beating organ writhing next to him and her in a panic. Jessamine’s voice calls for him and Emily –  begs him to protect her. He fumbles with the organ, keeping pressure on The Heart as if it is an open wound. He doesn’t know what to do, voicing out his confusion and terror in labored cries, breath catching on his own tears and spit.

She won’t stop bleeding. Won’t stop crying.

He breaks his rule, that night, and calls upon The Outsider, pleading for the entity to appear and lend him aid. The Outsider never shows, but when the clock strikes midnight, signifying the start of another day, does The Heart shudder. She takes a breath and the blood begins to thicken, the screams begin to cease, and she sleeps in mechanic hums and soft thumps.

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