cause he's so tall

Dating Teamiplier Would Include:


•Started off as friends

•Then it grew into something more

•Chica loves you more than him

•Mark pouts about it all day

•You never really get into arguments because you both always talk things out

•But if one of you are really mad you’d give them their space to cool off

•Forehead kisses

•Nose kisses

•Cheek kisses

•N e C k K i S s e S

•Mark and Ethan teasing you if you’re shorter them

•Them Tyler comes out of nowhere and sets you on his shoulder

•"Who’s the short one now bitches"

•Being apart of teamiplier

•You, Amy, and Kathryn being squad goals

•Little to no PDA in public, on live streams, or vlogs

•Because you both don’t feel about going public yet and want it more private

•The fandom finds out anyway because they noticed Mark looking at you a lot and smiling to himself on a live stream

•Tons of fan-art after

•Some of the fans hate you because of Septiplier

•You don’t give a crap because you love Mark & you knew what you were getting into when.

•Him loving you so much



•Opens the door for you

•Gives you his coat when you’re cold


•"Tyler I’m cold"

“I told you to get a coat. ”

“Give me yours.”

“Nope. ”

•But he gives it to you anyway

•Dick jokes

•Lots of inside joke

•Taking care of him when he’s sick

•Being super close with Ethan and Mark

•Editing with Kathryn

•Making fun of Tyler because you learned how to edit faster than him

•Him calling you short

•But he loves it

•Always asking him to get something from the top shelf

•Top of the head kisses

•Forehead kisses

•Staring at his muscles because Jesus Christ the man was sculpted by the gods

•Him catching you looking so he flexes

•Just a really cute couple



•"Hating" pineapple pizza

•LOTR references


“Sam.. ”

•Him playing the ukulele for you

•Asking him to do a backflip because you think it’s so cool

•And it’s pretty hot

•Very hot

•Being best friends with Brian and Gordon.

•Playing Mariokart

•Lots of screaming and cussing


“I love you. ”

•Ethan is such a huggy bastard

•He NEEDS to have some part of him touching you

•You’re editing, his leg is on top of yours

•You’re cooking, he wraps his arms around your waist to see what you’re making

•Prepping for a trip? He hugs you for an hour begging you to stay

•Going To IndyPopCon, PaxEast and PaxWest together

•The Cranky Crew LOVING YOU

•Because they have never seen their blue Bean so happy

•Shit loads of fanart

•"What is up my Cranky Crew”

“wHaT iS uP mY cRaNkY cReW”

“You’re not saying it right (Y/n)!”

•Ethan is a giggly bean

•Wearing his merch

•Double dates with Gordon and Maya

•Being such a cute couple

•Mark jokes around calling Ethan ‘whipped’

•He is

•He would sacrifice himself for you

•Star Wars jokes

•Corny puns

•Dick jokes


[K A T H R Y N]

•Calling her a queen because she is

•Helping her and Ethan edit so they won’t overwork themself

•You constantly calling her pretty because she is

•Playing Ultimate Chicken Horse

•Lots of hugs

•So many references

•Cleaning up Marzipans shit because it’s literally everywhere

•Goddamn cat from satan

•You still love Marzipan though

•Learning how to edit rather quickly because Kathryn showed you the basics

•not that much pda mostly when it’s just you both by yourselves

• Subtle dick jokes


•H O L D I N G H A N D S

•C U D D L I N G

•C H E E K K I S S E S

•Amy shipped you guys before you even got together

•Hanging out with Amy because she’s cool as balls

•Questioning why she’s dating Mark

•"It’s that you’re so cool. How are you with HIM. “-(Y/n)

“HEY. ”-M

“I don’t know myself. ”-A


“I stayed for Chica. ”-A


•Shipping Amyplier so much, because THEIR SO CUTE


“SHUT UP (Y/N).”

「 A M Y 」

•You love her so much

•Calling her Sunshine because she literally is the embodiment of sunshine.

•Talking about Alien Conspiracies

•Making her coffee

•Going shopping a lot

•Her playing the accordion

•"I know its bad I’m sorry. “-A

“You’re so adorable.”

•whenever you go somewhere you bring her souvenirs

•Surprising her by showing up to the You’re Welcome tour because you couldn’t go

•Her almost crying


•Lots of hugs

•And kisses

•Braiding her hair

•when you see her guess what video on her channel you almost die from how cute she is.

•She’s adorable

•Calling her Beautiful

•If you’re depression or anxiety gets bad she’s always there to make you smile

•Buying her stuff but she complains because she doesn’t like being spoiled

•Dog sitting Chica while they are on tour

•She’s such a good pup

•Going to sleep at 1 in the morning because you were scrolling through Pinterest for memes

link giving baby smol shark princeling sidon rides on his shoulders whenever he visited zora’s domain to see mipha; sidon thought they were literally the -best- cause he felt so tall from up there! look sister, i’m taller than you now! hehe!

100 years later and now 9 feet tall shark prince sidon is the one giving link rides on his shoulders whenever link visits cause he remembers how great they were and he wants link to feel great! it’s the least i can do to show my gratitude! even if the rides make link feel extremely embarrassed cause everyone’s -watching- and sidon keeps accidentally bumping him with his head fin in his excitement

Birds of Summer [M]

Author’s Note: Here I am again for another @btsbound​ fic exchange! Not sure how much of an AU this is other than a jumbled idea, but I hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 5,641

He was the fluttering of the butterfly wings that sprouted in your chest whenever he spoke your name. His eyes were the warm color of a deep caramel, his hair that sifted through your fingers resembling the branches in the trees in the park in which you frequented. His kisses melted upon your lips like the rays of the sun, his golden skin a brilliant contrast with yours, as your hands intertwined.

He would lie his head upon your lap as the breeze whispered songs to the leaves, sleeping quietly while the clouds passed by. His smile was as bright as a summer’s day, his warmth seeping into your limbs and taking over every crevice of your heart as the weeks moved on, and the nights grew long.

He was everything you could ever imagine.

All until the moment the first leaf had fallen, and with the wind came a chill; and so it seemed, he too, was whisked away.

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EXO react to being your first kiss

Here you go anon! This is so cute aah :3

Sehun: *After he gently pressed his lips to yours, he felt you stumble into his arms. He steadied you, smiling into the kiss and understanding how you felt - he wanted to do the same and was just as nervous as you were, not being the most experienced kisser. However this new swoony side of Sehun ended with the kiss, you receiving a bratty comment immediately after you pulled away. Although you were in a way grateful as it prevented the awkwardness after your first kiss!*

“Your breath smells….just kidding!”

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Kai: *It was supposed to be a beautifully clear sky one night, and Jongin, knowing how much you loved stars, sat out on the doorstep with you in the early hours of the morning just to see the awe on your face, and he noticed how your eyes sparkled like the constellations in the moonlight. Being a sweetheart, he respected that you didn’t want to rush anything, romance not exactly being your forte. But he felt a longing to grow closer to you that night in particular, and was too full of desire to stop himself from intertwining his fingers in your hair and gently pulling you to his lips. The sudden gesture certainly took you by surprise, but nevertheless it was pleasurable and sweet. By the end of the kiss you were shaking with the intensity of the moment, and he steadied you in his arms. He apologised quickly, but you responded with a second small peck on his lips. He smiled shyly, and settled you in his arms to watch for shooting stars - although his wish had already come true*

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what am I doing with this fluff I just made myself throw up

Tao: *You’d popped by the studio after work to see Tao briefly but the boys were in the middle of practise when you arrived, so you sat outside for a few minutes. Tao eventually appeared, slightly sweaty which made him all the more attractive. You talked for a while, until Tao reached out and held your hand. He pulled you closer until your foreheads touched, and just when the moment felt right, he touched his lips with yours. It was all over too quick, so when he pulled away, a blush threatening his cheeks, you grabbed the back of his neck and tugged him back to the kiss, tilting your head this time to deepen it. Your hold on his neck weakened as you body shook from this new sensation, and he brought his arms around your waist to steady you. Suddenly you both heard a door open and the chatter from the boys  flowed out of the dance studio. You both sprang apart, and no one,not even the witty Chen, saw you two in an embrace (thankfully!). You greeted the members, smiled at Tao and hurriedly left, leaving a smiling, overjoyed panda behind you*

D.O: *Being sweet and a gentleman, Kyungsoo hadn’t attempted anything more than embraces and hand-holding. He knew you were what some would call inexperienced, and he didn’t want to push you. Still, you wished he would make the first move, but realising it wasn’t going to come from him, it was your job to make your intentions clear. You were nervous as you leaned up towards him and brought your hand to the back of his neck, and you eventually pressed your lips against his. They were luscious and velvety, and he slid his arms around your waist hesitantly. When you pulled away, knees trembling with agitation, he opened his eyes and smiled sweetly at you. He was more than happy that you felt comfortable with him (and now you get these cute lips all to yourself!)*

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Chanyeol: *Since he’s a cute, playful dork, what better place to take you on a date then a games arcade! You were on the claw machines, trying to win a Rilakumma plushy, and when the claws did clutch onto a plush you were both cheering - him yelling and going crazy, barely noticing or caring about the looks the both of you were getting. He pulled you to his side with one of his long arms and leaned down and kissed you, lost in the excitement and desire of the moment. You were surprised, and, considering it was your first kiss, you were at a complete loss of what to do. Do you lean to the left or the right? Where do your hands go? Should your knees be wobbling like that? Once Chanyeol regained control of his actions, he pulled away hurriedly, leaving you to stumble forward. He balanced you WITH THOSE MUSCULAR ARMS  and immediately apologised. When you assured him that it was all right, and actually very enjoyable, he got a bit cheeky*

“I’m sorry Y/N, I got excited! … . How good was it though?”

Chen: *Ever since you told him you’d never been kissed before, you’d heard no end of it from him. One day he’d taken you out  to see that new mushy romance movie you liked the look of, and every damned time the characters kissed on screen you heard cheesy kiss noises come from Jongdae beside you. After the fourth time, you’d had enough and so you grabbed his t-shirt and leaned in to give him his long-awaited smooch. You may have seemed confident, but the moment your lips touched you felt weak and lost, until Jongdae obliged and lead the kiss, smirking at how nervous he made you. When you both pulled away, you fully expected muffled laughter to come from him in the hushed cinema, but you’d kissed his laughs away and left him flustered and smiling sheepishly at the sudden intimacy, before he turned his attention back to the screen, planning on how to get more kisses later*

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Baekhyun: *Standing on your front doorstep after the date, Baekhyun had collected you in an embrace, feeling it the right moment to do so. He knew it was going to be your first kiss, and was determined you wouldn’t forget it any time soon! He leaned in slowly, his rectangular smile twitching at the corners of his lips and he closed his eyes and kissed you. His lips were soft and pleasant, and the sensation made your legs turn to jelly. He was shocked when he felt you drop slightly in his arms, and once you found your footing you both giggled until he finally let you go inside your building*

Lay: *It had been a fantastic night going to see the street carnival with him, and he walked you to a taxi pick-up point to take you home. There was already a cab waiting for you, but before you both said goodbye, he’d sweetly asked if he could kiss you. Flustered, you giggled and said yes, and suddenly a warm tingle was running down your spine as you felt Yixing’s plush lips on yours. You shivered at the strong emotions the kiss had given you. His hand embraced the small of your back firmly in an attempt to stop the shivering, and you brought your own arm across his shoulder, careful not to touch his sensitive neck! Your kiss was ended by the old cab driver, who reminded you that he had a job to do and could you please hurry up - but there was a twinkle in his eye, as he had once been young and in love at some point too. Yixing and you giggled and said your goodbyes before you entered the cab. All the way home you had a shy smile stuck on your face as you remembered how perfect the night had gone*

Suho: *After taking you out for a classic dinner-and-a-movie date, he drove you home and you both talked and giggled for the entire drive. You never ran out of things to say with this giant meme, and conversation was always easy to keep up between you two. He pulled up into your drive, and, being the gentleman he is, he rushed over to open your door and assist you. He took your hand and helped you steady yourself as you hopped out of the car, and he found himself staring at your pink, smooth lips. You looked up at him to say goodbye, but instead received a tender kiss. Entangling your hand in his hair and leaning into the kiss, you realised how much you had longed for this moment. It was nerve-racking considering he was your first kiss, but you were overwhelmed and more than happy that he had initiated it. You shook in his arms from the delight, and he pulled away to see if you were okay. Before he could finish his sentence you hushed him and pressed another kiss onto his lips and neither of you broke away until you were both breathless*

Kris: *Feeling a burst of confidence, he stopped you both in the middle of the park and cupped your face. Looking into your eyes first, as if asking for permission, he leaned down (cause he so damn tall) and you tiptoed up to meet his lips. It was sweet and lingering, and your mind clouded over. Lost in the thrill, you barely noticed his arm swiftly clutching your back and you then realised the way your knees shook, as much with nervousness as with bliss. You giggled, embarrassed, until he smirked and got cocky, then you gave him a playful push*

“I really drive you that crazy, Y/N?”

Luhan: *He had decided to take you to a beautiful flower park for a date, simple but romantic. You’d already embarrassedly told him that you hadn’t had your first kiss, so this little deer was intent on you receiving your first that afternoon. After strolling through the park, you both sat on the grass and you teased him by threading small daisies into his hair. He caught your arm and gently leaned in to peck your lips. Although soft, it was passionate and had you quivering like a leaf in his arms. He laughed at your innocence and tucked an out of place hair back behind your ear. When he returned to the dorm after dropping you back home, Baekhyun pointed out a lone daisy that had managed to stay entangled in his hair. He barely noticed the hoots and teasing from the others as he toyed with the flower inbetween his fingers, a smile forcing itself onto his face*

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Xiumin: *Knowing that Xiumin is a coffee fanatic, you’d quickly said yes when he asked to meet up in a coffeeshop one afternoon. When you walked in, he was sitting in a concealed booth in the corner and you rushed over to join him by his side. He ordered coffee and you both chatted easily, never skipping a beat in the conversation. Eventually, two drained coffee cups were left on the table and Xiumin’s arm had situated itself around your waist. He softly said your name and when you looked up to see what he wanted he placed a small kiss on your lips. It was short and sweet, and made your own lips quiver. He saw this and giggled as he cupped your chin to stop the shaking. He leaned back in to steal another kiss, but you stopped him, worried that people would see you. He managed to persuade you that nobody could see the booth in the corner of the shop, and you caved in, already craving his kisses. The kisses now were passionate and rendered you both breathless, until the waitress came to clean your cups away which sadly ended the little affair*

“Why did you think I chose this booth, Y/N?”

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low-key daddy

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“ We will see the King fall this day”

@darcisprime​ ‘s Guardians fighting Oryx~

Done my projects for a little while so its back to requests~~

How They React To You Looking Younger Than You Are (EXO)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

(Already in relationship, like bts one)

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gifs yo*

Author: Taebaby

SUHO: It might bother him a little at first, but he’d get over it quick. (honestly, I could kinda see him having a daddy kink, so you might work in his favor *don’t smite me pls*) He’d simply ignore anyone who tried to give either of you shit for it

CHANYEOL: He’d think it was really cute that you looked young, and would complement you on it all the time. He wouldn’t wanna tease you since he knew you were a little self conscious about it, but there would be those moments when he’d start giggling, having to bend down a bit to kiss you 

KYUNGSOO: He’d def tease you a bit, but only cause he liked it so much (daddysoo) Since he’s not that tall, he wouldn’t get many opportunities to mess with you, but whenever he saw an opportunity, he took it. All in all, he’d actually really like that you look so young

BAEKHYUN: If you thought Kyungsoo was bad, ya got another thing coming with this one. Though his endless jokes would be merciless, his love and adoration would be just as endless. He’d like how you could use aegyo against everyone but him

JONGIN: He wouldn’t mind it either way. He also wouldn’t say much about it either, knowing how much you didn’t like looking like a kid. Obviously, he would disagree with you and tell h=you how much of a beautiful woman you are

SEHUN: I know he likes noona’s, but I do really think he wouldn’t mind either. You prob either be his age or older, so you have the experience he craved, but also the look of an angel, so basically, it’d be a win-win for him

XIUMIN: Also being a victim of the same injustice, he actually would really like (like, low-key, because he’s a grown man) that you looked younger than you were. You guys would share stories and judge as a power couple (whilst kicking ass, adorably

CHEN: (another daddy? possibly) He wouldn’t actively tease you, but he’d have some laughs at your expense every now and then. I see him being kinda protective too, so even though he knew you could handle yourself, he still wouldn’t hesitate to put himself between you and whatever/whoever he saw as a threat

YIXING: Honestly, he wouldn’t notice. He’d prob just think you were miraculously beautiful or something because he’s preciosu like that


KRIS: (hi-key daddy, ok, you saw this coming) He’d act like he doesn’t care, but it would charm him to no end. He’d be super protective too, and maybe be a little overbearing when it comes to talking care of you (but thats ok)

TAO: I don’t think he’d care really (but not like he didn’t think you were beautiful) He might complement you on once in a blue moon since women are always trying to achieve a youthful look and you can look young without even trying

LUHAN: Though I don’t think he’d exactly be a daddy, he’d prob really be into you looking young (not in that way), prob because his face is so delicate and pretty that you would distract people from looking at how young he looks

Day 9


(Poor baby had a nightmare…)

ItaGer Omegaverse: Alpha!Feli, Omega!Ludwig

-Ludwig would feel really insecure about being an Omega. Like, it wouldn’t be a constant sort of issue, but everytime he walks up to his brother’s Alpha friends (Gil is an alpha) or any sort of alphas in general, it’s just torture for him. It’s the same with Omegas, too. They’re all afraid of him, and that upsets him more than he would like to admit
-Feliciano would be an oddball alpha. He doesn’t fit into the typical alpha stereotype of being a big, muscular fighting machine, but unlike Ludwig, he embraces it. He paints. He sings. He lets the younger omegas weave flowers into his hair, and returns the favor without asking. He’s the confidant, cheerful, sort of guy that tries his best to disprove all the stereotypes, and is generally adored by everyone around him as the kid who will never really fit in but is adorable nonetheless.
-Ludwig would be the type to keep his head straight for a long time after he went into heat; he wouldn’t allow himself to succumb to his hormones until he absoloutly couldn’t take it any longer. Despite this, he’s often extremely embarresed by his heats, and would hide away for a very, very long time afterwards (he does busywork during this time period)
-Feliciano used to be in medical school, but had to quit because he’d faint at the sight of blood. He still helps with the nursing office, though-mostly with helping omegas who went into unexpected heat. His scent provides the moral support an omega craves during heat, but he doesn’t trigger them to breed the way other alphas do. He knows exactly what to say to keep their minds off their heat, and is currently caught between being an art student and an omega researcher
-Ludwig doesn’t take shit from no alpha, and is a teacher’s pet because of it. He’s got the leadership skills of an alpha, but avoids starting serious fights, a quality which is absent in pretty much every alpha on the planet
-Feli is terrified of American Football. God knows why. He is an excellent swimmer and sprinter though, even though these are typically viewed as omega sports
-Feliciano loves and deeply respects omegas, partially because his grandfather taught him that it is an alpha’s job to make sure that omegas are safe and happy, another because he just thinks that they’re cute. His favorite quote from his grandfather is “Respect omegas, Grandson, they are the creators of our world. Without them, we are nothing.” He quotes this to Ludwig every chance he gets.
-Ludwig’s strength is partially Gilbert’s doing. Gil never saw any reason why being an omega should drag his brother down, so he encouraged Ludwig to pursue whatever he wished after Ludwig presented as an omega. Ludwig is eternally greatfull for this
-Feliciano and Ludwig have the same science class, but never really interacted much until the middle of the year. Ludwig bumped into Feli on accident one morning (he had a cold), and knocked both the alpha and his books sprawling. After Feli calmed down from his panic attack, they finally introduced themselves properly
-Ludwig went into heat later that period. He wasn’t able to discern the warning signs until it was too late because of his cold, and was embaressed almost to the breaking point
-Feli walked him out, and was able to calm him down by distracting him with science questions. Ludwig’s exasperation at his incompitence kept his head clear until they made it to the heat room, though he did note that Feliciano’s voice was rather passive for an alpha, and did not trigger him the way he thought he would. This, of course, did not last for long
-Feliciano brought him his schoolwork during the low points of his heat. He was very respectful of Ludwig, leaving him little notes like “Get well soon!” and little doodles to keep his spirits up. Gilbert later told him that Feli kept a cloth soaked in alchohol over his mouth and nose when he visited to keep himself from getting overwhelmed by Ludwig’s heat scent, and snickered knowingly when Ludwig started to fret over health concerns
-His first day back, Feli was the first person and only student to come over to him and chirp a “Hello, good morning, are you feeling better?” They fell to talking again, and became fast friends
-Several months after they became friends, Ludwig started to develop feelings for Feliciano. A few awkward stumbles later, and Feli caught on-much courting and chaos ensures (Feli’s got basic flirting down, but the rest…eh, not so much. Granted, walking up to your potential lover-to-be with a bunch of random sparkly things you found lying around IS a pretty good idea…unless one of those shiny things just happen to be a condom wrapper. Then they might get the wrong idea.)
-Gilbert supports their relationship, and openly teases Ludwig that it’s “about time”. This is unusual for an alpha sibling, but Gil and Feli are bros. Gil knows Feli would treat Ludwig way better than most alphas. Plus, Feli already knows Gil would kick his ass if anything happened to his brüderlein (hope I got that German right oh gosh)
-Both Feli and Ludwig courted each other. This isn’t typical of an omega, so Ludwig was nervous at first, but Feli was delighted. He thought that the way Ludwig would blush everytime he stumbled his way through a compliment was utterly adorable
-When Ludwig finally allowed Feliciano inside his room (ifyaknowwhatIMEEEAAANN), Feli abolished all his nerves instantly. How? When he saw Ludwig’s nest, he let out a gasp of joy and jumped right in because “Holy cow this is sooo cool! Look how asymetrical it is!”
-They spent the next hours just hanging out talking. Ludwig grew nervous because he could sense his heat just around the corner; Feli kept him calm because he kept talking to him in a low, soothing voice, mixed in with periods of random derpieness. Basically, they just lounged around doing schoolwork, with Feli making sure to give his omega lots of kisses and cuddles everytime Ludwig’s scent grew thick with fear (remember, I’m not making him an insecure feminine figure or anything, he’s just really super uncomfortable with personal stuff. Heats are kinda really super personal.)
-When preheat finally hit, Ludwig tried to leave the nest to cram in as much schoolwork as possible before actual heat struck. It was Feli who tugged him back, and turned the remaining time into a lot of cuddles and slow kissing and whispers of sweet nothings. By the time actual heat hit, they were already calm and hyped up for whatever was ahead of them
-Feli somehow managed to hold Ludwig’s hand during the entire heat, waited to bond mark him until the heat was nearing an end. He didn’t want to bond Ludwig unless his omega gave him full consent, with a clear, untroubled mind
-After the heat, Feli’s posessive side began to set in. He started to hang around Ludwig waaaayy more than neccessary, checking to make sure that Ludwig smelled ‘claimed’. He didn’t initiate any fights, but he has a creepy 'heard you’ve been talking shit’ sort of vibe going on around other alphas, so people respect him. Mostly.
-Feli’s ultimate display of 'my mate, my omega, no touchie’ is to climb Ludwig like a tree. Apparently, not many people can see Ludwig’s bond mark from so high up (cause holy SHIT luddy is one tall motherfucker), so he compensates by perching on Ludwig’s shoulders and and shooting little triumphant looks to whoever they pass. He also makes sure he gives off a powerful possesive scent, because some poor lost souls like Antonio just can’t distinguish passive-agressive smiles from friendly grins
-Despite this, Feli is still pretty weak and jumpy. He depends on Ludwig’s strength and fighting prowess to keep him safe, and loves to tell Ludwig that “I’d be a goner if it weren’t for my big, handsome omega!”
-Ludwig is on the wrestler’s team, and Feli LOVES IT. He loves being able to boast that his mate is a super-strong pro fighter, even though people give him weird looks because of it
-Lovino is afraid of Ludwig. Feli thinks it’s hilarious (he sees Luddy as a big teddy bear outside of school); Ludwig is partially relieved that the other Vargas brother treats him like another alpha, and partially confused by Romano and his little quirks in general. Feliciano, for the most part, keeps the calm, though he WILL fight his brother if the other alpha dares to talk shit about HIS omega
-Lovino is courting Antonio. Antonio is courting Lovino. Why? Because both of them are alphas, and both are alphas who don’t really give a shit about that minor detail. Much chaos ensues
-Feli and Luddy don’t really want children, but they wouldn’t mind if it happened. They’re bonded, and they’re happy. Nothing else matters more to them.

also I drew this the other day cause Nya is a strong independent young woman with a smol bf

a smol bf who tries to protect her too much so she decided to just carry him everywhere like this for a while

anonymous asked:

Shinoa is a noble, while Crowley is her personal guard, who carries her around on his shoulder, sometimes, cause he's so tall and strong.

“Put me down Crowley or I’ll tell Kureto!”

“Yeah. Cause they care so much.”

I dunno, it’s like the kind of banter I can imagine them doing. Both being so sassy.

Thanks for the prompt anon T.T I‘ve been imagining a Vampire!Shinoa since I read that one fic (dear corpse)

“For goodness sakes… Not you again…”

Some fanart from 2 am yesterday cause haha who needs sleep?

Edit: I changed Bill’s hat position and the color of his accessories for… reasons. (Also there’s no more background which is fine too I guess anyway yes here.)


Chris had invited you to watch a movie at his house. You didnt want to go empty handed so you brought Starbucks with you. You turned off you car, grabbed the coffee and made your way to his front door. You hadn’t even finished knocking when Chris scared you by opening the door so fast “(Y/N), heyyy!” “Jesus Chris you scared me!” You said as he was pulling you into a hug. You could only hug him with one arm  because of the coffee. When you pulled away you didnt want to make it uncomfortable or awkward so you handed him the coffee. “I brought coffee I hope you like the carmel frapp.” “Haha I love it, thank you (Y/N). Come in” “So what are we watching?” You asked Chris while looking around his house. You haven’t been here for a while because of his tour. “Well,” Chris said. “I was thinking 21 jump street and blades of glory. Is that ok?” “Of course” “Ok you can get comfortable & I will make some popcorn to go with this wonderful coffee” Chris left to his kitchen and you sat down on of the the loveseats he had. After a while he came back and sat on the other love seat next to it. You guys sat in a comfortable silence with a few occasional laughs. When 21 jump street ended chris asked if you liked it “Of course, anything with channing Tatum is like an eyegasm” Chris laughed “How about we watch the vow since you think channing is totally hotttt” Chris said while in a girly as hell voice and moving his hands up and down. You laughed and when along with it “oh please chris hes totally to. Die. For.” You both laughed and then Chris asked you. “Why do girl love him so much anyways?” “Idk I guess because hes hott and he knows stripper moves” you smiled at chris knowing that wasnt the answer he was looking for. Chris stood up and said, “alright then.” You wondered what he was going to do, then he walked over to his speakers, plugged in his phone and Hatefuck played he started doing very sensual moves with his body. You both new he was embarrassing himself but that didnt stop him. You pulled out 2 1$ bills that yoy had in your pocket and threw them at him. At this point he had taken off his shirt and picked of the bills up and put in on the top of his pants. He made you laugh to the point where your stomach hurt and you couldnt breathe. After the song was over and you were starting to calm down you looked at chris again and started laughing all over again.  Chris patiently waited for about 8 minutes until you calmed down enough to talk again. “You like?” Chris asked while winking at you You laughed again “yes, truly beats the stripper club I go to” you said jokingly.  Of course chris being chris basically ran to you and started dancing really close to you to Slipknot (you guessed at this point he phone was on shuffle). The whole laughing process started again. When Chris was done you guys stood there laughing and hugging and then city lights came on. You looked into each other’s eyes and chris said, “will you dance with me?” “Yes” He cautiously placed his hand on your waist and let you into the middle of the room. At first you looked down but after a while you looked at him and realised he had been looking at you all along, you tried your hardest not to look away and it was hard. Despite him giving you a lap dance a few minutes ago you guys had never been so close. You liked it, he wasnt to hot or cold, he towered over you but the look that he had on his face was content, another difficult task of slow dancing with chris was you wanted to kiss him so bad but you knew he didnt like you that way. Sadly the song ended to soon but neither of you made an attempt to move away. You finally looked away from chris but didnt move, he was the first person to move. He took his hands away from your waist, put them on the sides of your neck and cheeks and he kissed you. He kissed you!!! Omf omf omf all that was going thru your head was ‘SON OF A! ASDDFGHJLLDJSJAKDFLFJDHSHAHASDHFKGK!!!!!!!!!!!! HES FUCKING KISSING ME!!!!!!! OH FUCK!!!’ You kissed back and when chris knew that you were into it to left one hand on your cheek and another on your waist to pull you closer. You wrapped your arms around his neck and had to go on your tippy toes cause he was so damn tall. When you guys pulled away for air (sadly) he looked into your eyes & you could see his pips moving like he wanted to say something but couldnt find the words so in attempt to solve this you kissed him again. The only thing that broke you two apart was a voice “Hey chris I brought back your guit- ohhhhhhhhh” it was ricky “Ricky I swear-” Chris was starting to say. “No no I get, ill leave” he set the guitar down and said “you kids half fun, just not TO much fun” he winked and left. You knew you were blushing like crazy after that. “Hey im sory about ricky” chris said. “No,” you laughed. “Its ok” The dreaded awkward silence took upon you guys. “Sooo,” Chris was starting to say. ” will you go out with me?” You smiled and said yes :) ***FIN*** (I suck dick at endings sorry)

linklyshow  asked:

what if Ghirahim and link switched bodies and were completely aware of it Link would probably take advantage of the situation by doing all sorts of cool Ghirahim things like teleporting around and flipping out cause he's so tall, and I feel like Ghirahim would be like oh my goodness im the sky child and do stupid stuff to embarrass link and be rude to people or be super perverted lik "Wow link you smell real bad wouldn't hurt to take a bATH"

oh my god this is one of my fav things, it’s so cliché but it’s so good 

can you imagine link finally finally being tall enough to hold things out of ghirahim’s reach and the sheer satisfaction he’d get from watching ghirahim jump up to try and reach it 

and ghirahim gets annoyed and begins stripping because he knows link will flip and link like screams and his first impulse is to punch ghirahim in the face but he forgets that he’s in ghirahim’s body and how strong he is and accidentally like knoCKS HIM OUT AND GHIRAHIM IS LAYING THERE UNCONSIOUS AND LINK’S LIKE SHIT I PROBABLY JUST GAVE MY BODY PERMANENT HEAD TRAUMA

cool tips n tricks 4 artists

looks p good

but u forgot somethin’

u forgot the damn legs and now you are laying down staring at the ceiling in horror bc you can draw legs, but you have no idea how to add legs


draw out some rectangles where the legs would go, (don’t forget to add in a feet-like shape!) we’re basically gonna sculpt out the shape until we get something that resembles legs! remember that you can add onto the silhouette if you feel you need it!

you should end up with something like this vvv


now you’re gonna want to outline the pants and shoes/feet w/e you’re doin it’s cool just keep in mind what kind of shoe you’re doing, remember you can always just add onto the silhouette if you need to!

once you do that, just make your adjustments! for example, this character in particular is a shorty so i’m just gonna adjust his height real quick cause he too tall so imma fix that

no ^^

yes vv

and boom there you go! you got some fine asf legs!