cause he's badass like that


I’ve been seeing so many cool mha ocs and I decided to make one myself! Soo here’s my mha oc, Shoto Kairoko ❤ he’s a cocky first-year with a quirk he can’t control lol,,, feel free to ask about him!

He also has a huge crush on @tinyangryghost ‘s oc, Yogan ‘cause Shoto thinks he looks like a badass video game protagonist ❤

I need a Danny Phantom AU tbh.

Like Keith is Danny, and Shiro is his protective older brother. Keith lives with Shiro and Shiro’s girlfriend, Allura, who (along with Coran) are super into the supernatural and ghosts (particularly hunting them).

Keith’s friends are Pidge and Hunk. They were there when Keith had his accident, and they both help him out whenever ghosts (who come through a wormhole Allura accidentally created when Keith caused the accident and call themselves Galra) attack the school.

And like, the best part? Keith has an incredibly huge crush on Lance, who also happens to secretly be a super skilled Ghost hunter hellbent on capturing Keith and sending him back to the Ghost zone. They’re like sickly in love, but have no idea that they’re secretly arch-rivals who fight every week. ((They do that baby project together, and thats actually how they start dating despite getting a D on the project)).

Lance has no idea that Sendak (Vlad) is also a ghost, and let’s just say when he finds out, he is hella pissed at Sendak, and eventually joins Keith in helping to fight the Galra.

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I feel the same about Gryffindor Rey. Like, please, Rey's loyal and hardworking as fuck, that's what's defined her life for at least 15 years. If Rey were a Gryffindor, she'd have left Jakku and went to search for her family instead of waiting for them. I feel like people stick her there cause she's the hero and a badass. Slytherin Kylo reads like he's just there cause he's a villain and also a jackass, as well, most of the time.


Rey is one of the most difficult characters I’ve personally ever sorted. And each time I swear to fuck I place her in a different one.

Rey is… hardworking. Loyal. Cunning. Kind. Intelligent. Resourceful. Reckless. She’s a wonderful collage of traits. However what determines your house is not what you are, but what you value. And what does Rey value?

Kylo is… impulsive. Reckless. He has no sense of self preservation. And fucking impossible to sort. Help me reylo fam you’re my only ho

Two of my fave things so far on the punisher are whenever someone looks at frank in his beanie and hoodie and assumes they can actually threaten him and live to tell about it

And frank yelling at David about not puking everywhere because of the dead bodies

I’m sorry but… If Crowley and Rowena are characters that don’t have anything more to say and are boring and they have to stay dead cause they’re useless … What exactly is Castiel? Cause I used to like him when he was a badass angel. And in season 6… well he still had a reason to be around. I mean either give him a good storyline ( Which the current writers seem unable to do) or for the love of Chuck leave him dead. 

Also I might agree about Crowley he didn’t have the best storylines lately but at least he’s always funny so he still had one more reason than Castiel to stay on the show. But Rowena? She has so much more to say. 

my 13x2 Opinion

The Rising Sun

Wow, Im just SO pleased with this season so far! Im not even sure where to start with this one, except my one single complaint. The lighting was quite dark much of the time and I had a hard time seeing some of the motel scenes. Aside from that, I really enjoyed this episode. 

Alex is doing a great job with Jack. He’s adorable, and scary, andf funny, and childlike, yet smart as hell. Also, he’s breaking my heart. More on that later. 

Sam is blowing me away with his compassion. He interact’s so well with Jack, that I hope no one takes Jack from him, but I know they will. I do not see a “ship” here with Sam and Jack, but Sam is being quite motherly to him. Soft and nurturing. I loved hearing him explain Dean to Jack. Im glad to know Sam knows this about Dean and accepts it. Sam is making me love him in a brand new way!! Bonus, we got to see his tat is back!! Sucks we didnt get to see him get it though :P

Dean. I feel for him. Sam explained him so well, and I know Dean has to be confused on top of needing to be the protector. He does have a heart for Jack, he refers to him as “the kid” which is good, he could just call him The Nephilim or something inhuman. He did take time to talk to him like a human, and showed genuine concern when Jack was stabbing himself. At the bunker, I feel like he was just marking his turf. 

Asmodeus. He seems to be a really good bad guy. We havent had one for a while, and since he can take on the likeness of others, this is gonna cause issues for sure. Im very interested. 

Lucifer and Mary. I do not want Mary to be chumming it up with Lucifer,and so far it looks like shes not in the mood to like him. Im glad that when the show followed them, it wasnt for long and interesting things happened. Michael looks pretty badass, I like him… Hes gonna cause problems, Im sure. 

Overall, I really liked this episode. Jack is breaking my heart, i cried when he was stabbing himself. I loved that he said “YOURE HURTING MY FRIENDS!!” so early in the relationship. Hes understanding Sam as a friend, someone he can talk to. Soon Im sure, Dean will do something in protection of Jack. 

In conclusion, on a scale of Bloodlines to Who We Are Im gonna give this episode a strong 8. Points lost on the darkness of the scenes, and some kinda awkward dialogue in the motel room. but nothing I would launch a complaint about. I really enjoyed this one!

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Hey, can i may be have a shop please?:) im 18 years old, have green hair, 3 piercings and im 5,2 tall. I love black and Trash metal and i love it To go on concerts. Im a loud and sassy Person. And i smoke😜

Sure :) I ship you with

Originally posted by barcncorbin

Baron Corbin

Baron is more than willing to go to any concert with you. He gets over protective though and you end up either wrapped in his arms or on his shoulders where no one can touch you. He loves your hair and your piercings cause he thinks you look so badass, like you belong on the back of his motorbike. Your personalities fit well too, because he is a very quiet and unsociable person so he appreciates it when you talk to the people around you two and he relaxes and wraps his arms around your waist and rests his chin on your head. He never admits it but he also love when you are sassy with people, like he’ll stand next to you and try to hide his laugh and it lowkey turns him on, so does running your hands through his hair but, again, he’d never admit that😂

I hope you like it 😊

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Hey, Chris ! I know that Derek's been through a lot of bullshit on the show, and everything seems to go to hell for him... and that's awful, 'cause he deserved so much better... so, here's the thing... If you were the one writing the show, what storyline would Derek have? Feel free to write anything so want! (I'm going to ask this same question to other blogs 'cause I would love to read all the dif. versions of this. :D

Right now in season 6? Well, I definitely wouldn’t go with the framing him for mass murder storyline. Although I am happy that his and Stiles’ storylines are connected. 

There two things I might have done with him. The first being I would have him rebuilding his pack. I love and miss Boyd and Erica but Isaac, Jackson, and Cora are still alive. I would have them come together as a pack, and possibly add a couple new people. Also I would finally confirm that Stiles does in fact have magic and he is Derek’s emissary (while also being FBI cause he’s badass like that). I would also have his alpha status restored. I’m not sure how since I wouldn’t want him to kill someone again. And the True Alpha thing is complete bullshit and supposedly only happens every 100 years.

The second would be that I would have showed that he finished his schooling and ended up in the same FBI internship as Stiles. And instead of Derek being the “feral unsub” it would be Kate. They would ultimately track her down back to Beacon Hills where they finally kill her. And Gerard either gets killed too or ends up in jail. I mean, he is rallying people to go out and murder innocent people. That’s gotta get him some jail time.

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Granted I think we have to take into account that MHA has grown in readership because of the anime, so I don't think current arcs matter in that sense anymore. As well as the fact that Bakugou fans might be more likely to vote than others, which is why I don't care for polls. And well, I can see why Bakugou would be first. I feel like a lot of JPN fans would identify the most with Izuku BUT like Bakugou cause he's badass. Heck even Izuku would agree on that sadly

Yeah you’re right, maybe the anime brought more Bakugou fans. But my precious Izuku hasn’t gotten the attention he deserves and that makes me upset =3=


Summer isn’t over yet, so I should post these already.

For fun, and TOTALLY NOT due to the Osumatsu-San Summer Event, I drew some of my guys in their own summer outfits. 
The excuse to why they gotta wear these is just a rule at the beaches that they gotta wear something beach related to have access to the beach. Fur only won’t cut it. 
Ah, cartoon logic. I love it, seriously. 

To keep the post not too long I’ll put a read more for the details. Dunno if people read these, but I like leaving bonus info for those that care.

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I've been reading what anon saod about Carmine's relationship with Sofia and as a person who has a similar problem, I have to admit that he became less likeable to me. Probably it won't happen but I would love to see Sofia standing up to him or just have a conversation about this. I wonder why does he come back to Gotham, if only to 'punish' her, I'll be pissed. The line when Carmine says that no one and nothing is more important than his son made my heart sank a little.

I still like Carmine cause he’s a pretty badass scary son of a bitch, but yeah, I don’t like how he has treated Sofia. In an interview, the father sends her away later cause she’s causing problems, I need her to confront the old geezer. OH DUDE FOR REAL WHY DO YOU HAVE TO REMIND ME ABOUT THAT???

ugh, that was painful. If Mario were alive, he would not approve of it.

actually though frank making gerard bring him his guitar when he’s rlly sick and too weak to get out of bed aw. gerard using frank’s broken strings as paintbrushes when he’s going through a surrealist phase. frank finding a cheap shitty old guitar and buying it and then gerard painting it for him and them fixing it up together. frank trying to teach gerard how to play complicated stuff and gerard getting all frustrated and moody and biting his lip when he’s concentrating. 

at first gerard thought it was hot that frank wanted to play guitar in bed cause he looks like a badass rockstar when he plays guitar naked all spread out like that but now gerard is just annoyed, cause frank always falls asleep with it in the bed and he can’t get close the way he wants to. : ( 

omg frank falling asleep with his guitar and hugging it in his sleep. 

what the hell man