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stranger than fiction - one

bughead fanfiction - au - mystery


“Across galaxies of time and space
travelling just to see your face
lost amidst the countless stars
to bring me back to where you are.”
—Bryce W. Anderson

It starts with a note.

“Hey, Jug, who’s Betty?”

From his position at the table, Jughead looks over the screen of his laptop to his best friend Archie, leaning lazily against the kitchen counter with a beer in one hand and a powder blue paper in the other. His brows furrow at his friend’s odd question. “What?”

Archie walks over with a smirk and tosses the paper over the keyboard in front of Jughead.

“Betty.” He points to the name, raising a pointed brow and pressing the beer bottle to his lips. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to pry. Just glad you’re finally getting out there.”

Jughead stares in frustrated confusion at the note, his mind whirring in high speed at how it had gotten in his cabin. It’s not his handwriting, nor Archie’s—his friend hardly ever frequents his place when coming down to Oregon.

“This… isn’t mine.” Jughead murmurs, more so to himself.

Archie leaves a while later, picked up by his pregnant and cantankerous wife Veronica, and Jughead’s in his solitude again, only now slightly disturbed.

He scours his property, bringing his sheepdog to tag along while his shotgun rests over his shoulder.

He finds nothing; nothing but trees and earth and hills and streams. Trudging back up the stairs to his cabin, Jughead flicks his cigarette out onto the grass before toeing off his muddy boots and stepping inside. He makes sure to lock his second bolt this night, still unnerved by the strange note from earlier.

Pick up Caramel’s flea medication and don’t forget the oranges.


… … …

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Enouement- 18

Summary: Told in reverse-chronological order, Enouement is the story of love and loss, telling the journey that led you to your ultimate destination: a life full of happiness and regret, mistakes and laughter- and the man who gave you it all. Bucky x Reader

Words: Lots????

Warnings: None

Master   Part 17

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The living room was full of boxes, shoved up against walls with Sharpie scribbled on the sides. The windows were open, a gentle breeze flowing in and carrying the music of an old CD player through the house. The floors shined, freshly mopped, and you hummed along to the song as you wiped down each and every surface of the kitchen.

The screen door squeaked open and Bucky huffed, pushing through the open door with a heavy box in his hands. Steve was on his heels, carrying a box he could barely see around, and the two pairs of sneakers squeaked on the floor as they sat the boxes down among the others. Poking your head around the corner, you frowned at them both.

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lowbloodkiwi  asked:

I always want to talk about langst- specifically for Lance to get captured, create a damn good plan to get all the prisoners out, and then watch as it works for everyone except himself. "You guys were going to need a distraction. That's what I do best." The others have to watch as they rocket farther and farther away, not knowing if lance will still be alive by the time they can get back. (They are shocked that lance thought of himself as just a distraction and don't know if they caused that)

Ahhhh I was so excited to write this one!

I hope you like it!!

They were all locked up. It wasn’t any of their faults.  They were ambushed by a ‘peaceful’ village. The next thing they knew was that they were in a cell with 7 other prisoners.

Shiro wasn’t much help since he constantly freaked out whenever a guard came near the cell. The only Shiro would say was ‘I can’t go back’ on repeat.

Lance didn’t blame him though, Shiro already did his time as prisoner, and he didn’t deserve this.

Keith was too injured to help, his leg was broken. Lance (along with another prisoner) helped build a small splint for Keith but he was still in pain 24/7.

Hunk was a complete mess, he tried not too but he cried almost every hour of the day. Lance tried to ignore the small whimpers that could be heard throughout the cell. Lance wanted to help him but he could only do so much before he would cry with Hunk. That didn’t help either of them.

Pidge attempted to act like she wasn’t bothered by the fact that they were prisoners, but she could keep up the façade forever. Every time a guard came to the door she would flinch. Every time a prisoner came back all bloody she would shake for hours.

Lance didn’t blame any of them. There were only human after all. Lance wanted to get them out of there. He wasn’t going to rely on Allura finding them.

Lance started to strategize with a few of the prisoners. He learned where the extras ships were located. He started to learn the century’s patterns. Lance took in as much information as he could. Lance even went as far to volunteer for the druid’s experiments. They were painful and usually ended in him crying out in Spanish begging for the end. However when Lance was being dragged back to his cell, he memorized the path he would need to take to get to an extra ship.

After a week of planning Lance finally figured out a plan to get everyone out. He slowly started to share the plan with everyone in the cell.

First the needed to cause a disturbance so the guards would be forced to intervene and open the cell. Once the guards were inside the cell, they would knock them out and leave the cell, staying out of the century’s sight. Once they reached the bridge they would get on a ship and fly out of here.  

It was perfect, but just like most things it went wrong.


One of the prisoners screamed and started to thrash on the floor. Lance was impressed with their acting skills and quickly focused on the guard that entered the cell to stop them from freaking out.

Once their back was too Lance, Lance took him down with a single punch. The guard laid on the floor still breathing.

“Let’s go.” Lance picked up Keith and started to lead the way out of the cell.

Every corner, Lance would stop and count to 15. Once the century passed he would move.

They were almost to the bridge when Lance saw guards all over the bridge.

“Shit. They’re everywhere.” Lance scanned the room and found no place to sneak in.

“What will we do?” Hunk asked and he started to shake.

Lance closed his eyes, he couldn’t fail this. Distraction.

“Hunk, take Keith and make sure he is taken care of.” Lance warped Keith’s arm around Hunk’s neck. “Stay out of sight till the coast is clear.” Lance started to run another direction.

“Lance wait!” Shiro reached out for Lance, “What are you doing?”

Lance looked back at his teammates and the other prisoners. “You guys needs a distraction. That’s what I do best.” Lance smiled and bolted down another hallway, leaving everyone behind.

Lance ran into the room where the druids worked. Thank God they aren’t here. Lance went over to one of the shelves and started to mix chemicals together. He had watched one of the Galra’s do this when the thought that he was knocked out. Lance grabbed the new mixture and ran out of the room.

I need to get to a place where this will bring attention to. Lance skidded to a stop in front of the communication center. Please let this work. Lance opened the door and chucked the bottle through, causing an explosion as soon as it broke.


Shiro watched with wide eyes as the bridge started to clear, all the Galrans running towards and explosion with their guns drawn. When the coast seemed clear enough Shiro motioned everyone forwards and they all managed to get inside a ship without any trouble.

Shiro immediately flew the ship away from the bridge as fast as he could. They were about 5 minutes away when Pidge spoke up. “Is that all he thought he was? A distraction.”

Hunk and Shiro thought back to what Lance said and realized.

“No, no, no, no! That’s the last thing that Lance thought!” Hunk pulled at his hair fighting back tears.

Shiro sat in silence, simply focusing on piloting the ship. “I hate to say it but he probably did. Coran has mention to me that Lance feels unwanted and useless around us. He feels like the 7th wheel.” Shiro tighten his grip on the controls.

Hunk started to cry again and Pidge closed her eyes, praying that he didn’t truly believe that.


“So blue paladin, you have cause a big deal of trouble for us.”

Lance attempted to pull his hands apart but failed quickly. He was on his knees, hands tied behind his back, his head was bleeding making it hard to see and to top it off he was in front of Prince Lotor.

“You helped all of my prisoners escape and steal one of my ships. I will say that you were an excellent distraction, too bad your friends can’t thank you for saving their lives.” Prince Lotor walked closer to Lance and help his chin in his hands. “Oh what we have in store for you.”

Lance smiled at Lotor. “Bring it big ears.”  

Hero Lance? I like that.

Sorry it took me so long to answer!

I hope you like it!!

Thank You for this! <3

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So hi I'm not at all involved in spn meta world but I saw a post or two about the horseman famine episode with the sex and burger and how Dean claimed when he was hungry for something he'd feed himself and here he is now feeding himself multiple things. Work, weapons, sex, food. He even grosses himself out when the food is wrong. He's craving something or his worry for Cas and he's trying to fill the empty. Right? His behavior is 100% understandable and explainable.

Yeah, the most recent four posts in my tag for 5.14 (My Bloody Valentine, the episode with Famine) are all about 12.18.

(I guess once this posts, it’ll be five…)

SAM I thought famine meant starvation, like as in, you know, food.
CASTIEL Yes. Absolutely. But not just food. I mean, everyone seems to be starving for something–Sex, attention, drugs, love…

I don’t think that’s meant to be an exhaustive list of the things people might be “starving” for, either, just like the list of “human things” he gave Hannah in 10.01 wasn’t meant to be the entirety of human things that angels don’t understand (art, hope, love, dreams).

This time there was no magical outside force at work on Dean, just his own internal issues. I already wrote about that some in this post.

This struck me equally hard as a parallel for Dean’s tendency to self-medicate his problems. Sometimes it’s through actual medication (like the time he offered Sam a bottle of random pills and when questioned what they are Dean only replies, “effective.”) He’s long ago learned how to manage these sorts of problems for himself. His whole life, he really didn’t have the time or space (heh) to have the same sort of extreme reaction to his situation that Sam did in running away from hunting and going to college.

And heck, this strikes me as both a “parental” thing and a depression/anxiety/insert the mental health issue of your choice here coping method. And it’s ALSO part of the reason why sublimation has been one of his go-to coping strategies. He couldn’t usually show any of this “weakness” to Sam, as the most consistent parental figure in Sam’s life. It was easier to just play off a lot of his coping strategies as who he was as a person instead of admitting that they WERE coping strategies.

And heck now I’m sadly thinking of 4.13 again, where we see Dean’s difficulties. John has abandoned them for a much longer time than normal, Dean’s stuck in this school watching over Sam while also worried about John and angry about having been left behind again, and he plays it all off as this “bad boy” character who doesn’t care about anything. The other students, like Sam’s friend Paul and initially the girl Dean is interested in, think he’s “cool,” but we eventually see through it here.

Amanda calls him out, saying she thought there was something more to Dean because of how he relates to his brother (kind, caring, gentle, etc.), but he enacts his womanizing persona and goes after another girl because things were actually getting too serious with her. He wasn’t allowed to have a serious relationship with anyone, but he was never going to stick around long enough for that. John would come back, and he’d have to drop everything and disappear again. Just like with Robin in 9.07. It was a self defense mechanism against being hurt again, but he still needed that kind of comfort and reassurance that comes from human touch, you know? So he got really good at satisfying that need.

And it’s part of his self-medication arsenal, along with drugs, with fighting, with using food this way, along with hustling pool (because hey it not only satisfies that need to be good at something and score a win, but also keep the family afloat), with hunting in general. We often see him trying to work out a problem or distract himself from a problem he can’t solve by maintaining his weapons (sharpening a knife, cleaning a gun, or a whole arsenal of guns) like at the beginning of 12.18.

But because these are coping strategies he uses in order to avoid having “chick flick moments,” (and yes, we know he loves chick flicks and so does Sam), the only way he can avoid a chick flick moment of his own with Sam (who is always pushing him to talk about his issues rather than act out), is to have made his coping strategies seem like another normal part of his personality.

This goes to the foundations of “Performing Dean.” He is absolutely not that jerk Sam has laughed about who gets weird about food or sex or whatever coping strategy he’s employing at the time. I mean, going all the way back to 1.03 Sam didn’t get that Dean WASN’T just being Dean and creepily hitting on Andrea like he’d been ogling their waitress at the beginning of the episode. Seeing the way Dean treated Lucas was shocking to him, and showed him a side of Dean that Dean largely kept hidden from Sam… because it was a side that had RAISED Sam, essentially.

But now in s12, Sam is finally seeing Dean drop that performance a little bit. He only seems to haul it out when he’s seeking out one of his go-to coping tools. In 12.18 it was almost like watching two different Deans. The worried, meticulously cleaning all the guns while getting frustrated about a lack of communication from Cas version, which led directly to his abrupt dropping of everything related to researching the case to get his fix (sleeping with Carmen, then having his weird food battle with Sam, finally ending when all his needs were satisfied when he got that burger), and then everything that happened after that. And it all hinged on what he said to Sam in the conversation at the lunch counter right after visiting the meat factory:

Sam: Seriously, Dean? After what we just saw? How– how can you eat?
Dean: Grow up, Sam, okay? Burger’s beef, bacon’s pig, Soylent Green’s people. But this – this… This is Heaven.
Sam: (going on a face journey of ew) Wow… right…Um, so… uh, What’s the word, you find anything?

All while “Burgers and Fries” plays in the background: “Burgers and fries, cherry pies, it was simple and good back then.”

And Sam’s a bit shocked not only at Dean’s words and his ability to keep eating when he “should’ve been” grossed out, but at Dean’s tone of voice. At first with the “Grow up, Sam, okay?” he sounds at the very least frustrated that Sam doesn’t get the nuances of Dean’s performance yet. Because part of that performance has always been Sam openly joking about what a jerk Dean can be, or how gross he is sometimes, and Dean is normally content to play along and joke right back. Like, haha yeah I’m just a walking stereotype nothing to see here just keep moving along as you were people just Dean being Dean.

And right here, Dean’s trying to show Sam that it’s not always or entirely something to joke about. It might have been simple and good back then, but it’s not anymore.

I think this is just another instance of Dean showing Sam something more truthful about himself, and he doesn’t appreciate being teased about it as if it was just another “Dean being gross and weird” sort of thing.

At the beginning of 12.18 while he was cleaning the Colt, Sam had been responding to Dean’s concern about Cas with reassurances, and the “he’ll be fine, he always is,” sort of thing before Dean changed the subject to finding Dagon.

Sam says he’s been up all night looking at books on demons, while we’re left to wonder what DEAN was doing all night if he wasn’t looking at books on demons. But he just TOLD us what he’s been doing… he’s been looking for Cas (well, with the limited tools available to human beings looking for angels who don’t seem to want to be found and might not even be alive if they were hunting Dagon who seems to be able to vaporize angels with her mind…)

And we see that worry play out in his behavior, getting antsier and more distracted from the case, relying on his Kill Everything (but five things) Gun to take care of the case for him, and seeking out his drug of choice to help him deal with his worry.

Just like he said in 5.14, when he wants something, he gets it. When he has a need, he fills it. Maybe not with the right thing to take care of the underlying problem that’s causing the need, but with the sort of temporary fix that he’s learned will help him cope.

And whoa yeah that’s no way to live, but Dean seems to recognize this too. It’s just he doesn’t really have a way to solve that underlying problem right now in the middle of this other case, but even with the Colt, hunting gods can get you real dead real fast if you’re too distracted by those problems to do the job properly.

I don’t even remember what the question was at this point. But here have a patented Mittens Rambling Mess Of Tangents. :P

Olicity Fic Challenge 10: Nerf War

Prompt for @olicityficchallenge: picture of a Nerf gun left next to a note that says “Welcome home from work! Two things: 1) this gun with ammo is yours 2) I have one too and you’re under attack as of now.”

I am get behind on these. I have all but one of them written out though, just need to edit, so there will be more where this came from. Shortly. I am hoping to be caught up by tomorrow in time for the final prompt :)


They were lying in wait.

That was Felicity’s over dramatic way of saying they were waiting for Oliver to get home. He’d been called away on mayoral business—she’d never get used to Oliver being the mayor—and had left Felicity alone… with William.

For the first time.

To say she’d been terrified when Oliver told her he needed to leave for a few hours, was the understatement of the year.

Felicity wasn’t a kid person. She liked kids, of course, but she’d never been around kids. She hadn’t had any siblings, or friends with kids. Baby Sara was different, because she was only two. She just sat there playing with her toys and loving everybody. But William was almost ten. He had thoughts and opinions, and she was terrified he was going to hate her. Or worse, that she would be uncomfortable around him the entire time.

Being uncomfortable around Oliver’s son was possibly the worst thing she could imagine. What if that meant she was just no good with kids? What if she felt just as uncomfortable when it was her and Oliver’s child?

Oliver was so good with William, like it was instinctual. Maybe it was, or maybe it was just practice from growing up with Thea. All Felicity knew was that something clicked in him around William and he became “good dad”, while Felicity always just felt like she was floundering. Maybe it was because her relationship with her mother had always been so different than most people’s or because her relationship with her father was practically nonexistent.

But no matter how awkward she felt around William, Felicity was never going to stop trying to connect with him. She couldn’t. He was Oliver’s, and she might not have liked the way she learned about William, but she liked the boy himself. He was a sweet kid, and he reminded her so much of Oliver sometimes. It always caught her off guard when he’d make a face or ask a question that just shouted “Oliver!” to her. But they hadn’t spent much time alone, maybe a minute or two here and there. And Felicity wasn’t sure how to handle a relationship with him.

So, when Oliver had left for work and William sat down on the couch, fiddling with his action figure, looking decidedly less happy than when his mom had dropped him off that morning, Felicity knew she had to do something. This was a bonding moment and she wasn’t going to waste it.

“Let’s go,” she’d said, gesturing for him to get his coat.

William jumped up immediately, walking to the door and putting on his tiny parka. “Where are we going?” he’d asked, zipping the jacket up.

“Um…” Felicity hadn’t planned that far ahead, unfortunately, but she had always been quick on her toes. “The toy store!”

William had given her a skeptical, but hopeful look. “For what?”

Felicity had knelt down beside the boy. “We could get a game,” she’d said. “Or something to keep us entertained until your dad comes home. Maybe we could…”

Felicity had trailed off, having remembered something she’d seen on the Internet.

“I know exactly what we can do,” she’d told him excitedly, placing a hand on the boy’s shoulder and steering him towards the door as she let him in on her plan.

Now, the two of them were crouched behind the railing of the second story of the loft. Waiting.

“How long ago did he text?” William asked, neatly sorting the orange foam bullets into easy to reach piles beside them.

“Fifteen minutes,” Felicity said, pulling up Oliver’s GPS on her phone to check his location. She smiled when she saw that Oliver was already in the building. “You ready, over there?” she asked, and William nodded. “Good, because he’s here.”

William grinned and tugged the Nerf gun to his chest, finger already getting twitchy on the trigger.

“Not until I give the signal,” she reminded him as they heard the sound of Oliver’s key in the lock.

William nodded, oddly serious for a child about to unload a gun full of foamy bullets into his father.

“Felicity?” Oliver called as he entered the loft. From their hiding spot they could make out his back as he walked into the room. “William? You guys here?”

Felicity could see William cracking. His smile was huge—which tugged at a place inside Felicity that she’d never felt until that very moment—and he began to fidget.

“Not yet,” Felicity whispered as silently as possible. It did not surprise Felicity in the least that Oliver’s son was turning out to be just as impatient as the man himself. Like father, like son, she supposed.

But William got himself under control, just as Oliver turned to the kitchen and the note that they’d left for him there. Along with his very own Nerf gun.

She peaked through the glass of the railing, watching as he read the note. She could practically see him slip into Arrow mode when he realized what was about to happen.

The moment his hand reached for the gun, Felicity gave the signal, nodding her head at William, and together they both leaped to their feet, unleashing a hail of orange foam at Oliver’s back. Oliver spun around the moment he heard movement, but unlike Felicity and William, he only shot one Nerf bullet. It flew up, but bounced off the glass railing before it could hit either of them.

She could see him take in the dart’s path, studying the way the foamy projectile flew through the air and the angle at which he held the toy gun like it was life or death. Then he unloaded two more darts, all the while evading the spray of falling foam from his fiancé and son.

His first dart flew low, but straight, bouncing soundly off of William’s forehead. Felicity watched as the boy rubbed the spot between his eyes with a grumbled, “Ow!”

Something orange struck her glasses before she could even process that Oliver had somehow hit William squarely between the eyes with a foam dart, from at least fifteen feet away. Her surprise that Oliver had been able to do the exact same thing to her caused her to take a step back.

He was an amazing shot, but with foam projectiles? She was more than a little impressed. And surprisingly turned on.

Oliver used their surprise and distraction to bound up the stairs towards them. Without even slowing his pace, he scooped up William before the boy could reload his Nerf gun, his little legs trailing out behind him as Oliver spun him in a circle.

Felicity would never get over the look on Oliver’s face whenever he played with his son. Whether it was action figures or video games, or something as simple as spinning in a circle, Oliver was a great dad and he loved spending time with William. Felicity knew it for a fact, and it only made her love him all the more.

He met her eyes, placing William back on his feet, and leaned down towards her. “Thank you,” he whispered, emotion choking his voice.

Felicity shook her head. “You don’t have to thank me.”

Oliver leaned closer, his lips just inches from her’s when Felicity was suddenly being pelted by a barrage of darts. Oliver laughed, pulling her into his chest to protect her from his son’s sneak attack.

“There’s no kissing in war!” William exclaimed. “He’s the enemy, Felicity! You can’t kiss the enemy during a battle.”

Felicity laughed, throwing the kid a wink and backing up from Oliver. “He’s right,” she said, bending down to pick something up from the stash of weapons they’d bought at the toy store.

She stood, wielding a foam sword in front of her fiancé. She’d never handled a sword before, not for fighting purposes anyway, but she tried to mimic the technique she’d seen Oliver and Thea use.

Oliver laughed, blue eyes twinkling as he watched her. He raised an eyebrow when she stepped towards him, twirling the sword in her hand.

He raised his hands defensively and whispered, “Would you take it easy on me if I said you look incredibly hot right now?”

Felicity laughed, then tilted her head, giving him a contemplative look. “You know, I might… but I don’t think my partner is up for that kind of deal.”

Just then William jumped out from behind Oliver with a yell, Nerf sword in hand like he was in some sort of bad martial arts movie. He waved the toy back and forth like he was already in battle.

Oliver spotted a third sword on the ground and bent quickly to pick it up, taking a step away from the two of them. With the sword held out in front of him, he crooked his fingers at his son—going right along with the bad martial arts movie vibe William had going—challenging him to attack.

And William did.

Leaning back against the railing, Felicity watched Oliver duel his son in Nerf swords. As far as duels Oliver has participated in, this was the only one Felicity had ever felt the urge to document. She pulled her phone from her back pocket, pulling up her camera app and hitting record. She’d have to make sure Samantha got a copy of this.

William was trying to take Oliver down, and even with a foam sword, Oliver blocked him. Not every blow, but enough that it was a challenge for William. Then, with a surge forward, William swung the sword, hitting Oliver squarely in the hip and Oliver groaned exaggeratedly, falling to his knees.

“Ugh,” Oliver moaned dramatically, “you got me.”

William threw his hands in the air, sword held high above his head, celebrating his victory. Oliver watched him with a small, happy smile on his face, then reached forward pulling the boy to his chest.

“Dad!” William laughed as Oliver dragged him down to the floor, tickling the boy’s sides. “Felicity, help me!”

Felicity put her phone away, leaping into the fray, tickling Oliver and trying to turn the tables.

With Oliver’s attention on Felicity, William ran to get his Nerf gun, reloading it and pointing it in their direction.

“Dad wins round one,” William announced, as Felicity and Oliver sat up to look at him. “But Felicity and I are going to win round two.”

He tossed a loaded Nerf gun to Felicity and reached out to help her up, even though he was half her size.

“Let’s go Felicity! We gotta hide so Dad doesn’t beat us right away!”

Felicity grinned, getting to her feet. “You ready for round two?” she asked Oliver as he stood beside her.

He leaned in, a smug smile on his face as he kissed the side of her head and whispered, “I’ll always be ready for round two with you, Felicity, but it will have to wait. I have to kick your cute little ass in a Nerf war first.”

Felicity blushed, but she couldn’t wipe the grin off her face as she raced William to the other side of the loft, preparing to win this war and wipe that smug look off of Oliver’s face.

Anon Summary: In which our reader is taught how to handle Snart’s big gun. I mean, Cold Gun!(NSFW)

Originally posted by wccbcharlottecw

Anon Request: Smut? If you don’t mind, Where Leonard teaches the reader how to use his ice gun,  and he gets sightly Handsy, like groping them, distracting them with neck kisses, whispering dirty things in their ear, running his fingers over their thigh, which develops in full blown passionate sex   Let you mind go wild with the smut  Preferably taking place during legends of tomorrow.  Thanks.  Plus I love your writing, it’s so hard to find any good writing out there, and yours is incredible! 

Warning: SMUT! A lot of smut that caused me to blush while writing this!

Your name: submit What is this?


You felt hot. From the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, you were hot. Burning up even, and you’re pretty sure it has something to do with the man that’s gotten your legs wrapped around his waist, holding your body up against the wall. Yeah, you were hot, but he was hotter.

As he presses his body closer to yours, attacking your neck with his lips, you were left wondering how you even gotten into this position and then you remembered. The Cold Gun.

It all started with Sara lecturing you on learning how to defend yourself against an enemy. You weren’t much of a fighter, if anything you were good with words then hand to hand combat but Sara wouldn’t let up.

“Come on Y/N. I know fighting could be scary at times but you could get yourself killed out there if you don’t know how to fight.” Sara states, following down the hallway of the ship as you tap away on the tablet in hand.

“Yup, so that’s why I’ll stay on the ship. Not..out there.” You reply back. “Look Sara, I was brought on this mission because of the skills and I hate it just as much as the Time Masters did when they found out I couldn’t fight. But, I’m okay with it.” You say before bumping her shoulder. “And besides, use needs fist with you got brains.” You smirked.

But it was true. You were brought along because, like Rip, you were a Time Master, graduating at the top of the class with your smarts and quick thinking but what you strongly lacked with the skill to go toe to toe with an enemy. When Rip vented to you about his plan to travel back in time to stop Vandel Savage, you saw the prefect opportunity to leave the Time Masters and join up with Rip. What you didn’t plan on doing, however, was to fall for cold criminal.

Later on you found yourself in the storage deck, looking through some of the weapons while working an advance gun for yourself. Sara was right, you’d need to defend yourself from Vandel and any other enemy that comes your way. So a laser gun would do the trick.

“I figured you’d be in here.” You a drawn out voice say before stepping in. You soon feel a small smile forming on your lips from hearing the voice.

“Are you following me now Snart?” You asked.

Leonard walks in, his armed crossed as he does. “What are you working on?” He asked, ignoring your question while he looks over your shoulder.

“Oh, this is a gun I’m building for myself. You see, it has a mega corne saver installed into it-”

“Save it. Don’t wanna hear it.” He says, a small smirk on his lips.

You roll your eyes playfully. “Well you’re the one who asked.”

Leonard leans back against your work station. “And why do you need to build a weapon for yourself? Afraid of those time hunters.”

You shrug your shoulders a bit. “Yes and no.” You say. “I can’t be hurt by the time hunters because I’m a time master. I’m already set.” You explain. “And I’m building this because..I want to be able to protect myself, just in case.”

“Just in case huh?” Leonard looks at you for a moment before leaning up. “Have you ever held a gun that size before?”

You shake your head slightly, watching him closely as you feel his hand against yours, pulling you towards him before he spins you around, pressing his front against your back.

“What are you-”

“You’ll need practice.” He states, moving his cold gun in between your out reached hands. Leonard soon places his hands over yours to keep your arms steady as you feel is breath close behind your ear.

“Hold her steady.” He says in a low voice, his hands moving over yours slowly as you try to focus but having Leonard Snart’s body pressed closely to yours is making your mind go blank.

“Her?” You asked, looking over your shoulder at Leonard with a playful raise on your eyebrow as you watch him smirk a bit.

“I haven’t came up with  name yet but I’m thinking something cute and sexy, like you.” He says, his gaze locked on yours and you feel a blush forming on your cheeks as you quickly look away. You were used to Leonard’s flirting since you both go back and forth but recently after another failed mission on trying to stop Vandel, you both shared a kiss that took you by surprised. Since then, the once playful and innocent flirting turned into small touches and long, heated stares that lasted way longer than you thought which in turn, turned into heavy make out sessions when no one is around.

You start to feel Leonard’s hands moving down to your waist, a slightly squeeze draws your attention back to reality as you feel him pressing against you more.

You bite down on your lip to try and yourself calm. “W-What are you doing?” You asked softly, feeling his lips brushing against your ear gently, causing a chill down your back.

“Mmm, nothing.” He lets out in a deep voice as one of his hands moves under your shirt slowly, feeling your warm skin.

“You’re suppose to be training me.” You let out, closely your eyes moments after you feel his tongue against the shell of your ear.

“I am.” He says as he starts kissing down your next slowly, causing you let out a moan that you were trying to keep down. You soon close your eyes, feeling his free hand cuffing your breast through the thin fabric of your bra. It’s been so long since you’ve been with someone since the Time Master’s frown upon relationships so having Leonard so close to you as his hands freely roam over your body causes a wetness to form in between your legs, making you squirm against him.

With a low growl, Snart quickly grabbed his gun, tossing it near by before turning you around and kissing you passionately. His hands everywhere at once as he pushes you back until you feel the cold wall against your back. His hand moves to your hair, pulling it back hard before he attacks your neck, leaving you panting for more. As if reading your mind, Leonard lift up your shirt before kissing and sucking at your breast and hard nipples threw your bra. You gasp softly while you hands grip at his thin coat.

Leonard wasted no time at you getting turned on to the point you could just cum from his lips kissing over you but not yet as you can feel him soon taking his time, teasing you with his hands and mouth.

Your hands soon move down his chest slowly before reaching his pants, quickly unbuckling his belt and moving your hands inside his jeans and in his boxers, fisting and pumping down his throbbing length of his shaft as he soon moans.

“Two can play.” You mumble, seeing the lust look in his blue eyes.

“We have to take you down a notch kitten.” Leonard soon reaches down into your jeans and in between your legs, parting you so he could rub your clit. He moves in softly pressured circles, his other hand moving up to your breast and under your bra, tugging and pinching at your nipples. “You’re too needy for it. Too impatient.”

“Oh god..” You breathed out, clasping his cock convulsively as a sharp, quick orgasm took you over by storm. Two of his long fingers slips inside you, fucking you, his thumb continuing to circle of your throbbing clit. Your pussy quivered and spammed, your body tenses as you climax again, riding against Leonard’s pumping fingers.

“So damn hot.” He growls, leaning into you and taking your mouth, his lips drifting across yours as his tongue sliding into your mouth. With less struggle, he pulls your jeans down enough to spread your legs more, wanting his fingers deeper than they could go. You open your mouth more, trying to drink him in as the kiss becomes more frantic and passionate. Feeling more bold now and out of control with lust, you begin to jack him off with both fist, squeezing the thick head of his cock on every upward pull.

Snart soon pulls his lips back from you. “Stop,” he lets out hoarsely, as your tight grip squeezed precum out of the tip. “You’re going to make me come if you keep that up.”

Look up at him innocently, “You said we could take it down a notch.” You urged. He soon smirk before resting his forehead against yours. “We can do it slow next time.” He lets out.

Next time. You had never though of a “next time” with a man before. There had only ever been this time since marriage to a big no with the Time Masters so having a one night to let yourself go was what you were so used too but now, as you look up at him, primed and more than ready, you were game for a next time and as he said, they could go slow in the next round.

You can see it in his gaze that it aroused him, the thought of having you again and again and again made his cock swell painfully. Pulling away, he soon pulls you over behind a few boxes, out of few before bending you over. The thought of taking him was starting to fill your mind. “I-I’m nervous.” You admitted, every nerve in your body was screaming to be taking by him but it was the after thought that clouded your mind.

Leonard leans into you, kissing the side of your neck. “Don’t be,” He rumble. “I’ve got you.”

He soon enters you slowly, too slowly, working his way inside you, advancing, retreating, making you achingly aware of every inch. His progress was agonizing, teasing, and driving you mad until your back to shack, forcing you press back into him more and making him go deeper and you whimpered.

“That’s it.” His voice deep and rough. “Let me have you.” You moan breathlessly, your eyes closing and your hands fisting while you pant, hips writhing but he held onto your tightly, keeping to his pace. “Ah, god…you feel amazing.”

Never have you been more aroused. You were so wet, so hot. You doubted you could take a man of his size if you wasn’t.

“Oh Y/N” He crooned, one hand stroking the length of you spine, making you arch like a cat. “You’ve got the tightest, wet pussy I’ve ever fucked.”

“Leo..” You shuddered violently, his words spoken so rough and so deep, making you cream. The extra lubrication allows him to slide deeper, making you both gasp. You were both too far gone, focus to completely arrested by the place where your bodies joined.

You liked dirty bedroom banter, had fantasized about it, but it took a highly confident man to be open and until now, you’d never found one.

Finally, Leonard sank into the hilt before he withdrew and pumped forward, forcing a deep moan from you. “So deep..” Your voice came out in a slur with pleasure and he was; every crevice of your was stretched to hold him, sheathing him like a custom-made glove. There was no way that either of you can ignore how perfectly you fitted together.

Leonard paused with one hand on your hip, the other at your shoulder. His chest rose and fell against your back, which drew your attention to his quivering thighs. Reaching beneath you, Leonard rubs your clit in pressured circles while he began to shaft your pussy with long, measured drives. The sensation was incredible, the feeling of stretching and shrinking, of grasping and sucking, of being pumped with expert precision by a man who knew how to fuck so well, it made your mindless with lust.

You had no doubt you were in over your head. You didn’t have the experience to handle a man like Snart. It was obvious in the way he mantled your body and rode it with confidence that he was in his element. You, on the other hand, could only lie there and take it, your entire body so sensitized that the feeling of his heavy breathing against your skin made you orgasm.

“So sweet,” He groaned, as you shook beneath him with a startled cry. “I’m coming..” You felt his cock jerk inside you as he climaxed hard, flooding you. Blood roared in your ears, dulling you hearing, but slowly you became aware of your surrounding as he pressing against your back, his pumping soon coming to a stop as he continues whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

Still joined, both of your breathing soon returns back to normal and you can’t help but smile.

“Are you going to train me now Mr.Snart?”


Request completely. To the anon that sent it in, I hope it’s good. I’m totally weird because I’m okay and very open about sex but sometimes when I’m writing it, I get all giddy and what not. Anyways, I’ll be posting up another story tomorrow night so be on the look out! Have a great day!!

||Focus|| Joker X Reader

Joker X Reader

((A/N: 3 different anons wanted the same prompts! so i mushed it all into one! enjoy and don’t forget to request!))

you have ADD
these shouldn’t be surprising anymore, it’s J for cryin’ out loud!

Attention Deficit Disorder, a biologically based condition causing a persistent pattern of difficulties resulting in one or more of the the following behaviors:




To shorten it up, ADD.

J knew you had it the moment he met you. He watched as you stared in amazement at his club, your eyes darting to anything that glittered. The criminal snickered as you began to pickpocket people, stuffing whatever you grabbed into your bag. Your eyes met J’s and for once, you didn’t look away after you looked into them. His blue eyes were captivating. While you two stared at each other, your hands impulsively reached for something to steal but your wrist was roughly grabbed. You squeaked and dragged your eyes away from those gorgeous blue ones, to the face of the man who snatched your arm.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing bitch?!” A blonde haired fellow screamed at you. You looked down and noticed you were holding a watch. ‘Probably his,’ you thought. Thinking you could lie your way out of this, you began to speak with an innocent tone, “I’m so sorry, I thought-”

“Bitch, I don’t care what you thought! This is an $800 watch, worth way more then you!” He snarled. Your (e/c) eyes darkened, you should have kept your mouth shut but you wouldn’t take that awful comment.
“Did your mother ever teach you manners? I’m not a bitch. The only dog I see here is YOU” You growled. Snatching your hand back with more force, you threw his watch on the ground, it shattering to pieces immediately. You knew in the middle of your sentence that you had fucked up but you were in too deep now. The man raised his hand, now into a fist but you didn’t flinch. Your eyes lit up when you saw a pale, tattooed hand covered with rings grasp the man’s shoulder.
“Now, now..” His voice. You noticeably shivered which caused him to smirk. Your eyes couldn’t stop observing him. The hair, the tattoos, the jewelry, the outfit- HIM! He was simply overwhelming but your eyes trailed back to his. You were suddenly at peace.

Now here you were, watching your boyfriend as he barked orders. He was the only thing that could hold your attention for hours. Then behind him, four henchman carried a rather large machine gun. You began to get distracted as you looked around at all the henchman.

There was a heist today?

Why hadn’t J told you!

You stuck out your tongue in annoyance. Honestly, J probably had told you but you forgot. You slid off the counter you sat at and poured your boyfriend a cup of hot coffee with Jack Daniels and extra hazelnut creamer. You brought the mug over to the table your beloved psycho now sat at. J was rubbing his temples and growling as you set it down. You slid your warm hands down his neck and under his shirt, rubbing his shoulders. You felt him relax immediately at your touch and the growling quieted.

“What’s eatin’ you?” You asked as you massaged his shoulders, “Is it the heist?”

J’s muscles tensed at the word. Then there was no response which worried you. Normally he would at least give you a grunt or some sort of noise for an answer. J’s hands gently took yours away from his shoulders, guiding you to be next to him. You sat and look at J with a tilted head, remaining silent.

“Babygirl, we gotta talk.” He said simply. J was never a man of many words. Still, you remained quiet until he spoke again. “You know I like bringing you with me, right?”

You nodded.

“Well I have to leave you home, tonight..” J grumbled. Your eyes widened slightly.
“But.. J, I-” You tried to interject but were cut off immediately.
“No. (Name). You’re staying home.”
“Cause I said so, damnit!” J growled.
“Give me a REAL reason!” You stood and slammed your hands on the table.
“You want a reason? Fine. For starters, you can’t compete a single fucking mission because you can’t fucking focus!” J shouted, slamming his hands down as well, “Your fucking ADHD gets in the way of the simplest of tasks! You’ve ruined all our past heists because. Of. YOU!”

Your eyes widened at his words. Deep down, you knew this would happen eventually. During a serious heist, you would get lost because you saw something shine in the opposite direction or would stare into space while J was talking. Those slip ups can’t happen in big jobs like this. At first J didn’t mind, he brought you along because he thought you were a spaz and your impulsive actions made him laugh. Then when it came to serious missions, it only annoyed him. The smile on your face when you tumbled out of a burning building though, he couldn’t help but smile too as he flicked your forehead. However now was the time to get serious. If J brought you to an important heist, he couldn’t babysit you and he didn’t want to think about what would happen if something went wrong with you there.

“Don’t say that.. Not you…” You whispered. J noticed tears welling up in your eyes. He sighed and stood up, “I’m not just gonna let you get yourself killed, (Name).”

The words meant to comfort you, came out harshly. You flinched as J said your name with guilt. Thoughts flooded into your head, swirling around and creating a headache.

You heard J say your name.

J.. If you couldn’t go with J, you were useless to him! He would spend less and less time with you. Soon he would forget you were even at the mansion, waiting for him to come back.

J said your name again.

Your thoughts became irrational and random but you couldn’t stop them! J would come home with some slut from his club and take them to the room you used to share. You would just sit in the living room as he walked right by-

“(NAME)!” J shouted, shaking your shoulders.

“SHUT UP A MINUTE AND LET ME THINK!” You screamed. The room went silent and eyes were on you. J’s blue ones were filled with nothing but concern. You had never snapped like that before. Or ever, to be exact.
Realizing you were about to cry, you turned on your heal and walked as fast as you could to your shared bedroom. As you quickened your pace to avoid being seen, though it was a little too late for that, you wiped your tears and replaced your sadness with anger. J knew how badly those words hurt you. Everyone used to tell you that; you fucked it all up. They all gave up on you! You though J was different. Ha! How stupid of you. You clenched your fist and sighed as you released it.

You would show them.

You would show J.

Damnit, he would not replace you with some bimbo!

Apparently while you put your plan into action, the men were still getting ready for their mission. It wasn’t a regular client, robbery or heist. It was personal this time. J had gotten word of a little mob that was staring up on his territory of Gotham. Everyone knew it was his, there was no mistake. The mob was given one chance to move locations but they returned the gesture by starting up an underground club. It was named the “Frown and Scowl”, two streets away from J’s very own “Smile and Grin” club. The clown immediately had the club burned, along with anyone inside of it.
Now, they were going to battle for J’s portion of Gotham City. Jonny had informed J that the mob they would be battling, didn’t know that they were after ‘The Joker’s’ territory. So J was confident that by just walking up on the scene would win him the battle. Little did he know you had a little plan of your own to win this victory for him!

J saw you walking down the stairs wearing a dark green button up, sleeves rolled to your elbows and black, high waisted, latex pants. You had mascara on your curled lashes, a little brown eyeshadow over your eyelids and a somewhat dark gloss coating your plump lips. The makeup went perfect with your (s/k) skin! Needless to say, you were proud of your appearance for such short time. You held your shoes and purse in one hand as you took your last step down the stairs. J tilted his head at you, clearly confused and slightly irritated, but looked you up and down.
“Don’t worry, I know I’m not coming with you.” You said, slipping on your black flats with a little green bow on the toes.
“Then where, my dear, are you going looking so delicious..?” J purred, circling you with a playful smile.
“Well I heard you were going to take your party to the docs,” You explained with your head down to fix your shoes, so he couldn’t see your lying eyes, “So~ I was gonna go to the club, y'know, make sure everything is smooth there for when you come back!”
You smiled innocently at J as you stood back up to look at him. He knew this was your was of asking for permission to go to the club. Instead of answering, J pulled you into a hug. You hugged him tightly, sliding your hands inside his purple, crocodile coat. It wasn’t often you would get hugs before he left so you wanted to make it last as long as possible.
“I do like taking you, doll-” He tried to explain himself but you put a finger gently to his lips.
“I’m sorry I yelled, J… Maybe trip someone, it’ll be like I’m there.” You joked half-heartedly. J kissed your lips to silence you this time.

“I’ll meet you at the club.” J instructed, holding your face in his hand. His blue eyes looked over every feature of your face in adoration. You gave a true smile and kissed J once more, letting him slap your butt as he walked away.

“Can I take the lambo!?” You shouted as he walked into the garage. You picked up your purse and smirked as you pulled J’s phone from your pocket. You had slipped from his back pocket while he hugged you. You prided yourself when it came to pick pocketing, no one in Gotham could be better then you!

“Absolutely not!” J shouted back at you, laughing as if it was a hilarious joke you had told him. J would be in the vans with his men but he still would never let you drive that beautiful, purple car.

“Ooookay!” You yelled back as you plucked the Lamborghini keys from the rack of other assorted keys. If you were going to disobey J, you might as well go all out. You popped open a new bottle of wine and drank it while the vans drove off.
The only tricky part of your plan would be to find a gun of some sort. J would never admit it but his plans were extremely strategical. He probably packed every single gun and ammo in this mansion to make sure there was 5 bullets for each opposing mob member. You remembered you had your guns J gave you for Christmas one year!
Once more glance at the text you sent and you quickly went to retrieve the twin revolvers.

'The Bat is out. Meet at Gotham Park in 20 instead unless you want to go to jail and leave me MY territory. - J’

'Go to hell. We’ll see you at the park. - Chris’


The clock is ticking. J’s patience is gone now, he’s about ready to go to their front door and throw a grenade inside. As the clown is there gritting his teeth, Jonny Frost runs to his side.

“Boss, someone changed the plans.” Frost explained.

J growled and went to grab his phone but his hand came to contact with nothing but the fabric of his pant’s pocket. His eyes widened in realization.

“Frost, track (Name)’s phone and then mine.”

J’s heart beat widely as he waited for the results. Johnny Frost showed the criminal his iPad, revealing the two phones were in the same place. His suspicions were confirmed. That sexy, deceiving little imp (Name) took his phone and was attempting to do this on her own. J had to admit he was almost proud she pulled it off. However rage consumed the pride for his girlfriend. That little shit was going to be in big trouble-

Suddenly J threw the iPad on the ground. Johnny simply pulled out a spare, this was clearly not unusual for him.

“Boss?” Frost asked, wanting to give an order.

“That.. little.. DEVIL!” J shouted, running to the drivers seat of the nearest van, “SHE TOOK MY LABO!”

Frost immediately shouted for everyone to get their asses to Gotham Park.


Chris was tapping his foot, looking around for the opposing mob. Suddenly, an eery voice echoed around them.

“Do you know who’s territory you’re in?”

“It don’t matter to me. I started here and I’ll finish here!” Chris shouted, his mob members joining in the cheers.

You smirked and giggled, the creepy laugh sending shivers down their spines. “Are you stupid?” You asked innocently and watched as they tried to locate where you were hiding, “You should do your research next time.”

You began to shoot, closing one eye and making sure not to miss. You hit 5 men, them falling to the ground immediately. One by one that’s how it went, they all dropped dead with shots in the head. You giggled at that rhyme you made up. Finally you came out of your hiding spot when Chris was alone. You made sure to save him for last.

“T-This is J-J-Jokers territory.” Chris realized, eyes wide.

“Mhm! You wanna know what that makes me!?” You asked all-too cheerfully. You held up your guns, words clearly engraved with your favorite colors and your favorite animal somewhere on each. Your smile darkened as you showed him your twin revolvers, “Property. Of. Joker.”

“(Name)!” A familiar voice comes closer.

“J!” You smile, turning to see your boyfriend. Unfortunately, he looks anything but happy to see you.

“What the hell are you doing?” J growls, glaring at Chris and then at you.

You gawk at him. “Excuse me? I just proved you wrong by completing and entire mission by myself! For you, by the way, and I don’t get a fucking thank you?!”


“Ow!” You screeched as your hand went to your stomach, blood quickly escaping. Chris had shot you in the back and it went straight through you, just missing J. Your knees felt weak but J caught you before you could fall. Johnny growled and shot Chris in the stomach, other henchman surrounding him and awaiting their boss’s orders.

“Make sure he dies painfully, drag it out as long as possible.” J says while glaring at Chris, his eyes as merciless as his words.
Johnny calls J’s regular doctor and they already know the drill. Frost drives as recklessly as his boss would in that cursed, purple car. The clown is in the passenger seat, paying to attention to his right hand man’s driving. The only thing he can do is look at you and whisper sweet nothings. At last he whispers as he looks in your (e/c) eyes,
“Don’t die on me, (Name)…”
You can hear him but the words don’t exactly register. You’re looking into his eyes and blocking everything out. He has a different emotion in his eyes, one you’ve never seen. Perking up at a thought you just had, you try to smile despite the pain, “I can focus.. I can focus on you, J…”
The criminal just grit his teeth and looked away from you. You frowned at this, it wasn’t the reaction you were hoping for. Your failed attempt to make him smile made you think more. You hated when J didn’t smile.






Or thinking. Those are when people tend not to smile, right? Your process of elimination was quick. J wasn’t angry or sad, he would be acting entirely different if he was. The pale man also wasn’t yelling at anyone so he probably wasn’t frustrated. That left worried and scared. Boy would that be a laugh! The most feared man in Gotham City, scared!
You looked up at J again. He was looking out the window, definitely in thought. So he couldn’t be scared.. right? J wouldn’t need to be worried about losing you. You exhaled a little sigh. The though saddened you. If you did die, J would move on. He could find someone to do heists with him. You closed your eyes and tried to ignore the pain in your stomach and your heart.
Suddenly you began to cough, warm blood oozing out of the bullet holes in your soft skin. J ripped his clothes off and tried to stop the bleeding, yelling at Frost to drive faster. There was that look in his eyes again as he frantically tied his shirt around you, putting pressure on the wounds to make the bleeding stop. You winced and let out a whimper of pain, gritting your teeth. This did not go unnoticed. J quickly sat you in a different position and started to kiss your neck. “I’m sorry it hurts, baby, I’m so sorry…” J whispered next to your ear. You kept your eyes closed but smiled. The fact that J said sorry completely slipped your mind. The criminal continued to whisper sweet nothings to you until you passed out.

You woke up to a loud snore beside you. At first you thought it would be J but it was only one of J’s men. He sat on a chair, obviously passed out. 'Oh, right, J never snores.’ You thought to yourself with an eye roll. If your boyfriend caught this man asleep on the job, he’d be put into a permanent rest!



Where was J?

You started to get up but yelped in pain, clutching your side and falling off the bed. The door to your bedroom was kicked in, an angry boyfriend storming inside. The man guarding you jumped at the sound of the door flying off its hinges. You realized you were partially naked except for the bandage wrapped around your stomach and one of J’s button up shirts.. that was unbuttoned. You immediately covered yourself, blushing in embarrassment.
J’s anger only increased at the man who was supposed to be guarding his princess. Obviously sleeping instead of doing his damn job and now staring at HIS girl. J growled and snapped his fingers. Two men behind the clown darted to get the henchman, dragging him out of the room. Your messy, (h/c) hair covered your face so J knew you wouldn’t see the blood that was about to be splattered. The pale man frowned at the henchman being held in place by two others. A soft whimper made J turn towards you, attempting to climb back into bed. Every bone in J’s body told him to go to you but the anger screamed for him to gouge the man’s eyes out for staring at his queen! “Remove his eyes and toss him on the highway.” J told the two with a smirk. That would be funny to watch on the news tonight. The two henchmen holding the pathetic man gave a 'yes, sir’ and took him away. J picked up the door he kicked down and rested it against the frame it used to sit in.

Good enough.

Once they had a bit of privacy, J ran to your side. He picked you up and rested you in his lap, pulling the sheets on top of you both.

“How do you feel?” J asked you, brushing your hair with his fingers.

“Like shit..” You whispered, hoarsely.

“You look like it too.” He joked. You weakly slapped his chest in response which made him chuckle.

“J?” The way you said his name always made him feel like a scolded child, no matter how gentle you would speak. The pale man kissed your forehead and made a grunting sound. You took that as a yes and continued, “Were you scared?”

“I don’t get scared.” J said simply, grateful you couldn’t see his smile fade. However you felt his body tense up at your question. You remained silent for a long time, not knowing whether or not to press the matter.
J growled, thinking you had spaced out like you always did. He flipped you onto your back as careful as he could but you still cried out in pain. He ignored you, resting both of his hands on either side of your head and looked into your eyes, knowing you would never look away.

“Tell me every single thought going on in that mess of a mind you have.” J demanded.

“I love you…” You blurted out, (e/c) eyes wide and watery. That emotion you saw last night returned.


“You do get scared. You’re scared of me loving you and you’re scared of losing me.” You said, neither of you breaking eye contact. J grit his teeth and was prepared to lash out.
Then you looked away from those piercing blue eyes, “It’s ok, J. I know you won’t love me…” You moved your head to the side.
J was shocked, his heart beating faster then ever before. You had never been able to look away from his eyes before, it was the one thing that could hold your attention for hours. J held himself up with one hand and used to other to grip your chin and force you to face him.

You were crying.

“Why are you crying now?!” J growled, sounding irritated. He didn’t understand what was going on which only frustrated him. His head was flooded with thoughts and his heart was heavy with worry.

“I can be better..” You whispered, “I can focus more so maybe.. maybe you would..”

You didn’t need to finish the sentence for J to catch on. If you could focus, maybe he would love you. J closed his eyes and sighed. When he opened them again, you were looking up at him with worry. Those soft, (e/c) eyes were still letting tears fall, makeup from yesterday’s adventure was smudged. J released your chin and gently wiped your tears away. You closed your eyes as J pressed his lips to you. He was being surprisingly gentle, which must have been hard for him, so you enjoyed the tender moment.

“I already do.” J whispered after he pulled away. You tilted your head in confusion then blushed, eyes wide. That was as close as you would ever get to an “I love you.” and yet you were completely satisfied. J nipped at your neck, letting you process his words. Suddenly you pulled his face towards you, crashing your lips onto his.
You kissed him hungrily, biting his lip gently every now and then. J growled slipped his tongue in your mouth, battling for dominance. His hands gripped your hips harshly and you yelped in pain. J immediately recoiled, looking over you and sighed at the sight of your bloody bandage.

“Doctor said no sex 'till your stitches heal.” J grumbled, moving off the bed to get you fresh gauze.

“Oh no!” You cried dramatically, “Whatever shall we do in the mean time?”

J rolled his eyes but you saw him smirk. He sat you up as you started to list of relaxing activities for you two to do. While you went off on a mindless rant of ideas, J gently cleaned around the stitches and rewrapped your stomach with a clean bandage.

“..Or we could-” You were still talking when J completed his task so he loosely gripped your throat.

“The doctor didn’t say anything about fucking that pretty mouth of yours to shut you up, though.” J smirked teasingly. He chuckled at your blushing face and kissed your forehead.

“Cuddles?” You asked while your boyfriend grabbed the remote to the tv. He flopped onto the bed as he looked for something to watch

“Cuddles will do.” J replied, opening his arms and pulling you close. You both smiled happily as you watched the news.

J started cracking up as the news anchors told a gruesome story of a blind man who was hit by cars on the freeway! You would think he had a sick sense of humor until he explained the story of the ex-henchman. As J told his story, you watched his every move and couldn’t help smiling at him. You weren’t paying attention to the words he was saying but you could listen to the man all day.
So maybe focusing wasn’t your strong suit, that’s ok, your attention would always be on the man you loved.

You could definitely focus on J.


Last entry of Cisco week. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and i’m sorry I got so behind.

“As progress Lisa?” I said into my ear piece, and i strolled casually down the street. My electrically charge whip strapped into the inside of my long coat, I made my way to the Snart siblings position at the bank. 

“Are you sure you are ready for another heist (Y/N)? You got shot last time.” Lisa responded, worry lacing her words. Last time we had a major heist like this, I was cornered and shot by the police multiple times before Len came to the rescue.

“I promise I’ll be fine Lisa. My whip is a lot better improved now, thanks to my tinkering, and I think we have this heist in the bag.” I grinned out, making my way to the back door of the bank.

“Good luck girl.”

“Same to you Lisa.” And with that, I pulled my whip out, and flipping its switch. The cord of the whip lit up in spark, bright and loud. With a smirk, I cracked the whip against the keypad that kept the door locked, and it instantly opened. I sneaked inside, turning off my whip, and sneaking through the halls. I saw Lisa, Len, and Mick walk through the front door and pull out there guns. 

I turned on my whip and crack it in the air, which caused the lights inside the bank to flicker, catching everyone’s attention. 

“LISTEN UP!” Len shouted, then going on this long rant about giving us all the money and no one would get hurt, which was an obvious lie. 

“I would have thought you all would stop Captain Cold.” A vibrating voice spoke. Behind the group was the one, the only, the Flash. I jumped the counter of the bank, racing to stand next to the Rouges. 

“So, this is the Flash. Hah! Len was right, you are the least intimidating person I’ve ever met.” I laughed out, swinging my whip, allowing it to slide and crack across the floor.

“Who are you?” The Flash asked, stepping closer to me, which cause Len and Mick to pull out there guns. 

Lisa stiffened, keeping a close eye on the Flash as well.

“The names Galiax.” I smirked out cracking my whip inches away from the Flash’s face. He tried to zoom forward and grab me, but I already had my whip around his neck, electricity flowing through his body. He collapsed to the floor, trying to stand.

“I. Am the Queen of Speed.” I snarled in his face, before turning to the rouges and motioning for them to go and get as much money as possible. That small action distracted me though, as within seconds, the Flash had me in a choke hold, and out of the bank.

Next thing I knew, I was standing in the middle of this room, three other people standing there. I immediately gripped my whip and brought it around the Flash’s leg, and yanking forward, bringing him to the ground.

“WOAH! Calm down!” A male voice said behind me. I turned my head to say something snarky back to the man behind me, but as soon as I laid eyes on him, I froze.

“Cisco..” I whispered out, wide eyed. Around his wrist was a black bracelet, identical to mine, with the words forever engraved in gold across. it.

His eyes widened as I said his name, and I couldn’t help but cry. I dropped my whip and ran to Cisco, crushing him in a hug, him doing the same. 

“(Y/N) oh my god, I thought you were dead. When did you come back?” Cisco said, continuing to hold me. 

“A few years ago, I couldn’t get enough money to pay for my apartment, so, I met with Leonard Snart, they took me into there group.” I said, looking up at Cisco.

“You’re a criminal?” Cisco said wide eyed.

“And Im pretty good at it.” I mumbled, looking down. 

“You guys have to let me go. Leonard treats me like he treats his sister, he will kill all of you if I don’t go back.” I said, quickly grabbing my whip.

“No! You’re a criminal!” The Flash said, glaring down at me. 

“Would you rather I go to jail and all of you die, or you let me go and my group lets you live?” I asked, glaring back up at him.

“Fine. But next time, I will take you in.” The Flash growled, stepping away.

I smirked, rolling up my whip, and putting it in my jacket, before turning to Cisco. 

“Alright childhood best friend, when are we gonna meet up.” I said, confidence dripping off my tongue like honey. He blushed at my words, before smirking over at me.

“How about next Friday at jitters?” Cisco smiled, crossing his arms.

“Sounds good. Good day Skywalker.” I said, waving my hand as I walked out.

“Good day princess.” 

Headcanon: sanvers as alien foster parents

This occurred to me and got quickly out of hand…

Maggie and Alex get married and are so happy, travelling, snuggling, fighting bad guys and generally living the dream. They talk about it and neither of them wants to get pregnant, neither of them is that wedded to parenting at all really. They have dangerous jobs that they love. A kid in the mix is not a priority. They are happy as a tiny family of two.

Then a toddler alien arrives at the DEO  (crash landed? orphaned? whatever works). The kid is an aggressive, shape shifting little terror. People are trying to do medical tests and scans on this kid but everyone’s ending up bitten and tossed across the room and the kid is shape shifting so much they honestly can’t determine basic physical characteristics on them.

Alex and Kara step in to see what the hell is going on and lo and behold, Kara makes the kid giggle with freeze breath tricks and the kid calms down enough to sit relatively still while Alex does a gentle, basic physical.

“Where’s…he…gonna go?” Kara asks. She hesitates at the pronoun because the kid has presented as multiple species since they’ve been in the room, let alone multiple genders. But right now he’s presenting as a male human 3 yr old.

“They …” Alex is firm on a singular they, “Will stay here until we can find a relative or…someone who can take them in.”

“Here? At the DEO?”

Alex looks around. “I mean, there’s staff all the time, we can make up one of the med bay beds…”

Kara looks at the kid  then at Alex, then at the kid, and then at Alex for a long long time.

Alex is making the kid smile, letting them mess around with her stethoscope, but she feels Kara’s eyes on her and looks up. And shakes her head no, no, no. 

Kara pouts. And points out that she was just like this kid, scared and angry and alone and in need of loving family care. And Alex is just going to let this kid live in a chilly DEO med bay for what, weeks? months? Institutionalized for the rest of his life?

Alex groans. She and Maggie have plans tonight. And a lot of really nice, breakable furniture. 

“C’,mon Kara. I can’t just…I mean, what about you, do you just want to take them home?” Alex asks.

“Alex, you know I can’t. I could be called away at any moment. I can’t just fly off and leave a kid alone.”

“I could be called to work at any moment too." 

"Maggie’s there.”

“What if she gets called in too?" 

"Or Winn…or James or…hire a sitter…”

“You’re assuming a lot of a lot of people, Kara.” Alex’s tone verges on harsh.

Kara’s gaze in reply is soft. 

“But I’m not assuming wrong, am I?”

Kara gets a distress call and flies out, leaving Alex to sit and watch the kid shapeshift a few more times - to a female form, to a martian form, back to female. As a three year old girl, the kid climbs down off the exam table, walks over to Alex and pats her knee with a sticky hand.

 "Hungry.“ The kid says, and it’s the first thing they’ve said to anyone at the DEO. 

Alex sighs and picks up her phone. 

”‘sup, gorgeous?“

Alex can’t help but smile at the sound of Maggie’s voice. 

"Umm…so there’s an alien toddler here…” Alex starts. 

Maggie cuts her off. “Yeah I ran into Winn at Starbucks. What the deal with this kids super strength situation? Cause I’m at IKEA now and these toddler beds look flimsy as hell…”

Alex doesn’t reply.

“Hello, earth to Alex?”

“You’re at IKEA?”


“Looking at toddler beds?”

“Yeah. Winn told me there was a kid there, so I figured…”

“You figured we’d just be bringing them to our house?”

“Were you calling to say you weren’t bringing a small alien home? I know you. And I know Kara’s puppy dog face. Winn says the kid bites. Was he for real about that or just trying to scare me?”

“No, they…they bite…” Alex was distracted by the kid pawing through her pockets looking for snacks. They found a stun gun instead. Alex gently pried it from their fingers. 

“So…you are bringing an alien child home today, yes?”

“I mean, apparently." 

"Ok. I’ll get the strongest looking bed they’ve got then.”


“Danvers?” (Cause she she still calls her Danvers sometimes.)


"I love you.”

“I love you too.” And Alex hangs up the phone, realizing that she has never, ever loved Maggie more. 

Color of morning pee coming out of the sink
It’s 2016 who would think
Kids in America don’t have clean water to drink
Like they cut the EBT, took ‘em off of the link
I read a story about a woman with her daughter in Flint
She got lead poisoning from showers in the morning
When the governor switched out the pipes to bring the water in
To the city river cause he said they can’t afford to get clean water
So now the poor people get the shorter end
Of the stick, ain’t that some bullshit?
Shorty thirsty, he just bought his fourth fifth
It’s lead in the water gun, he dying from a full clip
Now you’ve got toddlers drinking toxic waste
While the people responsible still ain’t caught no case
I don’t get it man, I just ain’t wit it man
They got Damn Daniel distracting you on Instagram
Back again with the all-white media coverage
They do it over and over like remedial subjects
The people with the least always gotta pay the most
We the first to go when they deleting them budgets
Can a nigga get his basic human rights?
Is that too much to ask, should I say it more polite?
And everybody broke so we in the same boat
But would they let that bitch sink if we was white?
It got me shades of blue
—  “Shades of Blue” Vic Mensa
“I’m So Sorry”

Pairing: ReaderXJax Teller (Sons of Anarchy)

Prompt: the sons make a new gun deal with the club you belong to in Arizona and you along with your president and VP get sent to Charming with the sons to make sure the product is good. When you arrive Jax is more interested in you than the gun deal itself.

Inspiration: I’m So Sorry by Imagine Dragons
Lyrics Used for Inspiration: so you gotta fire up, you gotta let go; you gotta face up, you gotta get yours; a son of a i’m so sorry; no lies and no deceiving; i get mine and make no excuses; turn your head for a second and the tables turn

A/N: I love Sons of Anarchy so I’m seeing if anyone on Tumblr likes it too. Even if you don’t like this story necessarily, give it a like so that I can know you guys are out there and can write more SOA things you would like! ALSO THIS IS REALLY LONG!

Written By: Claire

“Jax, three bikes just pulled in, I think they’re that crew from Arizona you were talking about.” Gemma spoke entering the Teller-Morrow garage.

“Tell them we’ll be out in a minute.” Jax responded looking up from the open car hood that him and Juice had been working on all morning. Gemma nodded and exited the garage leaving Jax, Juice, Bobby, Tig, and Chibs alone in the closed off garage.

“You ready for this deal to go down?” Chibs asked in his thick irish accent. “We’ve never worked with people out of state that aren’t with the sons.”

“Piney knew the president of the club, they grew up together apparently, I trust anyone who Piney trusts.” Jax explained wiping a bit of sweat off his brow before closing the hood of the car hopelessly.

“Trusted.” Tig mumbled in a low voice. Jax looked at him for a moment before turning and walking towards the exit of the garage, the other four following closely. When they stepped outside they saw three unfamiliar faces leaning up against bikes, Gemma talking to the one with the long beard, the president. Jax’s eyes scanned the three faces, only stopping when he came to yours, a delicate face among the normal beaten and scarred mugs of club members.

“Jax.” Gemma spoke, snapping Jax out of his momentary stare. He looked at Gemma who gestured for him to come over and introduce himself, which he did.

“Jax Teller.” he spoke leading his own small group over to the three strangers and sticking out his hand. 

“Warren Monroe.” the man with the beard nodded shaking Jax’s hand firmly. “This is Max, my VP, and (Y/N), my right hand.” Warren spoke pointing to each of you as he introduced you.

“A girl rider, isn’t that sorta an unwritten rule of bike clubs?” Juice asked ignorantly from off to the side. Jax looked at you, waiting for a response but you just pulled out a box of cigarettes and let Warren handle it.

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“A rider under 6 feet tall, isn’t that sorta an unwritten rule of bike clubs?” Warren snapped. You couldn’t help but giggle a bit as you brought a cigarette up yo your lips and pulled out a lighter, holding the small flame at the end of the stick until it caught flame. 

“(Y/N) handles herself better than anyone i’ve ever met, she gets hers and makes no excuses.” Max chuckled, looking at Juice for a moment and then at Jax who he noticed was staring at you.

“We aren’t here to talk about me, we’re here to talk about guns aren’t we?” you suddenly spoke up, letting out a puff of smoke before handing the cigarette to Max who took a puff as well and then handed it back.

“Of course.” Jax spoke, his eyes finally moving off of you and moving onto Warren. “Follow me.” he turned and walked back towards the garage where they had come from. 

Once inside you listened to Jax talk about the guns and the system they used for transporting the weapons, however you couldn’t focus easily on what he was saying. You found yourself getting distracted by little things he did. Wither he ran his fingers threw his hair or glanced over at you when he had a break in his sentence, you kept getting lost.

“So do we have a deal?” he asked causing you to finally snap out of it. You looked at Warren right as he looked at you and Max for direction on wither to say yes or no. You and Max simultaneously nodded your heads and Warren turned back to Jax.

“Yes we do.” he spoke sticking out his hand and shaking the new dealer’s hand. “(Y/N), you fill out order forms with Jax, you know what everything is that we need, Max and I are going to go and see what this little town has to offer.” Warren ordered.

“Sir yes sir.” you nodded pushing off of the car that you had been leaning up against.

“How about my guys show you two around, I believe (Y/N) and I can handle the paper work.” Jax added in suddenly looking at Tug, Chibs, Bobby, and Juice. 

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“Whatever you say boss.” Bobby chuckled with a smile on his face. “Right this way gentlemen.” he spoke before leading everyone out of the garage except for you and Jax who stood next to each other now. 

“So I take it you know the order?” he said after a moment of you two standing in silence. You looked up at him, only know realizing how much he towered over you height wise. You nodded. “Let me go get the papers then.” he spoke, exiting the garage and leaving you to the cars. 

You strolled around in silence, looking at the broken down cars that scattered the interior of the garage until one caught your eye. It was the same type of car you had when you were a teenager. You popped the hood and began to work on it, seeing the problem right away and knowing exactly how to fix it.

“What are you doing?” you heard a voice say from behind you while you were bent over the front of the car reaching into the engine blindly searching for the right wire.

“I used to have this car, let me guess, it won’t start but everything is completely fine with it?” you questioned looking at Jax, your arm still wandering around the inside of the engine.

“Yeah.” Jax responded putting the papers down on a tool tray and walking over to the car, leaning over the hood to see what you were reaching for.

“It’s one of the wires connecting to the battery. The manufacturers for the cars messed up when they made the engine and they forgot to secure one of the wires in place so it always disconnects from the plug, you just have to find it and reconnect it.” you explained finally grabbing the wire and pulling it out from under the engine. You reconnected it to the plug and stood up, dusting off your hands and then turning to look at Jax.

“Impressive.” he spoke, raising his eyebrows and then looking at you only to have a smile crack onto his face.

“What?” you asked, confused at why he was suddenly laughing.

“You got some oil on your cheek.” he chuckled. You brought your hand up only to have him stop you by grabbing your wrist. “You’ll just smudge it more, let me help.” he smiled grabbing a towel and brushing your cheek lightly. “There, baby’s all clean.” he joked. You smiled and bit your lips slightly. You watched as his eyes looked down to your mouth, his face changing into one of craving.

“So, you wanna fill out orders?” you asked, know what the answer would be. 

“No.” Jax responded in a low voice. Before you knew it your lips were together and your legs were wrapped around his waist. He pushed you up against the car door and wrapped one arm around your curves while the other arm stayed for leverage on the car. You knew that the deal was a good idea.


BANG BANG! I DID IT! MORE WRITING! (None of these Gifs belong to me)

Being the daughter of the CEO of one of the biggest hit-man agencies in the world has it’s perks. You know, unlimited cash, 24/7 protection, the usual. But I do enjoy going on the hunt once in a while.

What? It was how I was raised.

What I didn’t recognize, even though I was as heartless as they come, is that I’d find myself refusing to kill a target.

I sat on a rooftop, cross legged, going over a file I was given by my father.

Cisco Ramon, one of the top engineers in the country, and an obvious accomplice to the Flash.

5′9, with shoulder length brown hair, and dark brown eyes. Shouldn’t be to hard to miss. But red ink scribbled at the bottom of the papers in my fathers handwriting set me off.

‘We have reason to believe he is a meta. BE CAREFUL!’

I had never hunted a meta before. It was usually just a few shifty politicians and thugs, not someone who could thoroughly kick my ass. Whatever, I was being paid, that’s all that mattered.

I pulled my sniper riffle up onto the parapet of the roof, angling the barrel and scope down towards the entrance of a movie theater. I closed my right eye, pressing my other to the eyepiece of the scope.

No one exited the theater for a good 20 minutes, until I saw a group of three leave. A tall man with brown hair, a woman with red hair, and my target.

He ranted on to his group about whatever movie they had just seen, complaining of the quality. I just giggled, finding his antics quite cute. It was a shame he had to die.

I aimed the barrel, wrapping my finger around the trigger.

Now stay still cute boy.

“What?” I whispered, my eye widening in shock.

Cisco whipped his head around, locking his eyes right into my scope. He hit his male friend lightly, keeping his eyes trailed on me.

I caught him mouth a phrase to his friend.

“I just vibed. Female sniper on the roof. We gotta go.”

Oh hell. So that’s your power, super sight? I don’t understand why he called it vibing though.

I ducked behind the parapet, pulling my rifle with me.

“Dammit (Y/N), if you just took the fucking shot.” I snarled to myself, placing my gun to the ground. I peaked my head over the side, only to find them no where. Not even down the street.

How? I had only been ducked for a few seconds. I snarled, angry at myself for getting wrapped up and not doing my job.

The next time I saw him, I decided to take a more hands on approach. Literally just put a gun to his head and end it all. I hate allowing myself to put it off just cause I find him to be my type. He is distracting me.

I walked into a busy Jitters coffee house, pistol tucked into my coat’s inside pocket. I jumped into line, not waiting long before I ordered and received a cup of (Tea/Coffee). I spotted him and his friend group again, sitting a high table.

I sat in a lower chair nearby, pulling out my phone. I pretended to be scrolling the internet, when I was actually watching my target. He sat, sipping his coffee and laughing with his friends. His happy exterior gave me a smile. I really wish I didn’t have to kill him.

“Hey, are you okay?”

I finally focused my gaze, seeing it was my target who spoke to me. I flushed in unintentional embarrassment, letting a soft laugh escape me.

“Sorry about that, I kind of zoned off.” I mumbled, pulling my mug to my lips. Cisco flicked his gaze among his friends before pulling the chair next to him out, and patted the seat.

“Join us?” He asked sweetly, his contagious smile crossing his features.

I tried to stop myself, but I was in the chair before I could do anything.

“My name’s Cisco. This is Barry and Caitlin.”

“The name’s (Y/N)” I replied, waving slightly.

“So, what’s your favorite movie?”

I hadn’t laughed so hard in so long, it was beginning to hurt. These people were so smart, and so on my level I felt even more at home.

“Hey (Y/N), can I ask something of you?”

I turned to Cisco, forgetting all of my mission. I grinned, nodding my head.

“Is it possible that I could get your number, and we could meet up sometime?”

Yep. No more mission.

“Of course!” I grinned, passing him my phone. I watched as he typed his number, his smile never wavering.

Well, it seems that I am out of luck. There is no way I could kill this man.

Taken Care Of - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Originally posted by yahooentertainment

Request:I would like the story to be about batman and the reader as his partner, when they fight crime together the joker hurts the reader badly but not deadly and batman has to take care of her when they return from their mission. 

(SH/N) = Super Hero Name

Being Batman’s partner was sometimes alright but it was also tiring since Bruce was indeed one guy that you couldn’t crack to allow to help with most things in the city when needed.

You were lucky enough that he even allowed you to be his partner, course he had Robin with him but still since Robin sometimes was on another mission given you were sent to help Bruce with either a fight with many people or to sneak in and gain some information to stop whatever was needed.

But right about now you were with Bruce to stop the Joker from getting more innocent people killed, the clown seemed to love cause death and everything else. It didn’t seem to faze the crazy guy when people were victims of his actions.

“I’m in position Bats.” You said into your earpiece.
“Alright wait for my signal, we will seeing Joker soon.” Bruce replied.
“Got it.” You whispered.

After that things were rather silent, then again with Joker being the idiot clown he is he blew up one place where you were hiding not giving you much time to get away. Lucky for you it was a bit of ways away so only your ears were ringing from the explosion.

Groaning from the fall you held your ear as you got to your feet, noticing the Joker was swinging a knife at you you quickly jumped away in time.

“Ahahaha! Well if it is little (SH/N)! What a surprise you showed up for the party!” Joker cheered but not without letting out another laugh.
“Give it up Joker! Your little killing party is canceled!” You shouted.
“Ha! What can an little girl do to stop little old me? Hahaha!” Joker replied.
“Over confident aren’t you old man?” You taunted.

You had to buy some time for Bruce to sneak in and disarm the bomb that was in the building. Sadly the building you all were in had people working bellow and above you two wanted to do this quickly and silently without anyone creating a panic.

When you noticed the bomb was disarmed that’s with Jokers stupid followers came in through the windows. Damn you should’ve known he had something up his sleeve. Joker always did have ways to get away with the stunts he pulls.

Apparently that was what he had wanted, you distracted as well with Batman busy with taking down Jokers goons. Cause next thing that was heard was a gun shot and a yell of pain.

Not only did he shoot you in the stomach but he also left a stab wound as well. Falling onto the ground you groaned and did your best to stop the bleeding, but no matter how much you tried the blood still flowed you.

“(SH/N)!!” Batman yelled.

That was the last thing you heard before blacking out.

**Time Skip**

Waking up to the smell of medical things hit your nose and your groaned at the smell, that stuff never really brought comfort to you since it did indeed hurt whenever you had to treat your wounds.

Opening your eyes you looked around and noticed you were in the hospital, sighing you leaned your head back. In your mind you were thinking of how it was your fault you didn’t see two main things that should of been overlooked from the start.

But once Bruce walked in through the door you knew right then and there that you’d be taken care of by your friend and partner for sure.

||A/N: Last request of the day! Ah! Send in more either its for DC Comic’s or Marvel! I’m more then happy to write for both! Anyway I hope whoever requested this likes it!||

2. Queen (Part 3)

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“He’s the love of your life and you’ll do anything for him. You are his and he is yours. Your King”, your mind races while staring into your reflection in the window. The only good coming out from this is what you’re planning for the crazy bitch. Joker joins you, “won’t you speak to me sweets?” You know what you have to do, this isn’t going to be easy. If you don’t do this, nothing will change for the better. You also have a reputation to uphold. “Yes, let’s talk “sweets”… Firstly you don’t own me, and I’m not just one of your many toys. Us, this, whatever it is, it’s done. I want you out of my house”, you manage to say while revealing your 9mm. It was the cue for your men to come around the corner and point their guns at him. Joker is amazed that you put this set up together. He begins to clap his hands, “bravo baby… bravo.” Before leaving he whispers in your ear, “you will always belong to me… I’ll see you soon,” he threatens. Hoping that you just did the right thing, you felt like someone just stuck a knife through your heart. Josh immediately dismisses everyone out of the room. You can’t bear the pain any longer and tears stream down your cheeks. Josh hesitates at first, but he slowly puts his hand on your shoulder. “I need you to do something for me,” you sigh to him. “Anything (Y/N),” He responds. Wiping away your tears you speak confidentially, “I require an informant for an upcoming assignment. Someone inside of Jokers crew.”

 Weeks fly by and you’re more deranged than ever. No longer did you kill for survival, you killed for the fun of it. Wiping out other big time Gotham gangsters one by one. You want to let Joker think that everything is peaches. After arriving home, there was a stranger sitting on your sofa. Josh found someone that’s been wanting out the business. “You can trust me. No harm will come to you and you will have my protection”, you say to Jokers goon, Steve. “I want my money and I want travel arrangements made for my family and I to a secret location! Please… Joker will kill us…”, he stutters. “Done, now tell me where I can find Harley.“ 

Steve-”…….Oh god I shouldn’t be doing this, I should go…“ He gets up and tries to leave but your guys block him with their machine guns. 

(Y/N)- "Consider yourself a dead man if you walkout that door. Cause if Joker doesn’t kill you, I will.” 

He stops and faces you, he’s terrified. “She’ll be with him tonight at the club. Usually she dances the whole time while he’s distracted with his business. Why do you want Harley anyways?” 

 (Y/N) “Lets just say we have a conflict of interest.” Josh hands Steve the briefcase filled with money and plane tickets. This plan wasn’t going to be something that you carry out with your henchmen. It’s you and Josh only, less conspicuous. “What’s the plan boss? We killing them tonight?” Josh asks unsurely. “I just need you to have my back, leave them to me,” while you slap the magazine into your gun. “I just want you to know that when it comes down to it… I’ll kill him for you if you’re unable to do it,” he adds. Your eyes speak a thousand words but you just simply nod your head. 

When you go into the garage Josh has the motorcycles ready to go. The two of you ride off into the night and cruise along the coastline reaching speeds above 100 mph. Overthinking will be the death of you. You’re not sure if you’ll be able to kill Joker. He would probably kill you in an instant, you just can’t give him the chance. The club has it’s typical security guarding the building in the front, luckily there’s no one in the back. Making your way through the dance floor is difficult because of the overflowing of people. The music is blasting in your ears but not enough to disguise a gun shot. Lights are flashing all around then you see her. There’s silence, you don’t hear a sound. You fixate only on Her. Joker was dealing with business associates when he notices you from the corner of his eye. He sees you beaming at Harley while pulling out your gun. Joker watches with admiration. Harley looks up from dancing only to see the gun barrel pointing directly at her. She’s gasps when you pull the trigger. She’s bleeding out fast when you shoot her two more times. Crowds of people run to the exits, others drop to the ground to shield themselves. 

A sinister laugh bursts out from Joker while gun shots are firing off behind you. Josh pushes you out of the way making the bullets miss by inches. He grabs your hand and leads back outside to the bikes. After taking off it seems like you made it until you see HID headlights coming up fast. Joker’s chasing you down in the purple Lamborghini and driving dangerously while shooting at you. 

Josh cries out in pain before wrecking his bike. You stopped and ran to him, he’s badly injured from the gun shot wound and crash. He’s still breathing when you see Joker jumping out of his car. “Mmmm now what do we have here….? He says maliciously. You realize that you’re defenseless with no weapon. "Just get it over and done with already. Kill me!” you shout. He points his gun at you… Just to turn and shoot Josh again. You’re remorseful, this man gave his life to you and now he’s gone. “Oh (Y/N) set her sights to kill Harley…. Not bad doll, not bad at all. I have to say that I didn’t see that one coming,” Joker laughs. (Y/N)- “Aren’t you going to kill me? 

Joker- "Do you wish to die?” 

(Y/N)- “I wish to be free…” He looks deep into your eyes, “you’re mine, just let things go back to how they were. You’ve missed me dearly, I can tell..” Joker smiles ear to ear. Your heart feels like it’s actually beginning to beat again. You try something new, something you’ve never said to anyone and meant it. 

 (Y/N) “I love you….” Joker slowly pulls your face towards his and kisses you.

 Joker-“I know you do..” “Now come…. Let’s go home.” 

 He held the door for you as you get in. You felt whole, complete. You finally told him you loved him and even though he didn’t say it back, he at least knows how you feel. It crosses your mind that maybe someone like him can’t fall in love. He’s too “damaged.” Joker being in your bed again drove you crazier. The sex was wilder than before. All of the tension and frustration was being taken out on each other repeatedly. It was days before either of you came out of the room. It’s different now, he’s more passionate than rough. The past is gone and you’re anxious to see what the future holds. You have your King back, that’s all that matters. 

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 Soon after, your body starts to feel different. Waking up is a challenge or even after you eat because you’re running to throw up. You know there’s no way you can be….. the word you can never say. “Maybe it’s just a virus or something”, you assume. While Joker was out with his goons, you sneak out to buy a pregnancy test just to be sure. The anticipation of waiting and waiting is dreadful until you see it. On the little stick, the word “Pregnant” emerges.

Chaos Reigns (Part 2)

((A/N:  This doesn’t end in much of a cliffhanger, though I tried. I’ve already gotten well into part 3 but in order to keep it from being a bajillion words long, I’m cutting it off here. Trust me when I tell you part 3 is soon to follow. 

Catch up:   Part 1 of Chaos Reigns.

Prompt: What happens when the world you think you know changes? What do you do when the one person you’re taught not to trust might just have the answers? The reader continues onward and fights to learn what’s really going on.

Word Count: 2500

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language. Death (trust me it’s fine). 

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“God fucking damnit. Could you not call me that?” You muttered out the words as you kept hold of your gun. The metal of his pistol felt sharp against your skin but you wondered why he was being so careless with his weapon. Did he not realize it?

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Talk About Awkward

Summery: What happens when you ask for your daddy to pass you something and both your dad, Bobby, and your boyfriend Dean respond? Nothing good, that’s for sure!

Dean x Reader

Word count: 1820

Warnings: implied daddy!kink, embarrassment and talk about sex, also, awkward boner.

A/N: anonymous asked: Would you do a Dean x reader where the reader is Bobbys daughter and he’s getting used to the idea of them dating and then one day the reader says something like “daddy can you pass thjs” and both Dean and bobby respond and it’s just awkward and funny with protective!bobby

Going to visit your father, Bobby, was usually fun, you missed him so much sometimes that you couldn’t wait for a day off to visit him. That was before you had started dating Dean. If there was one rule you absolutely had to follow, it was Bobby’s ‘thou shall not date or copulate with Dean Winchester’

And hell if you broke both of those rules in the span of a week when you met the Winchester.

“You ready hot stuff?” Dean questioned as he hugged you from behind, burring his face into you neck and planting kisses along your neck.

“See, this?” you gestured to what Dean was doing “You cant do this at Bobby’s”

“Awh come on, I’m sure Bobby would be cool-”

“Seriously Dean, he’s just getting use to us now, don’t push it.”

Dean squeezed your hips as he pulled you into him.

“How am I suppose to keep my hands off you?” he whined scratching his stubbly cheek against your neck.

“Sorry Dean but for the next 24 hours, you’re gonna have to cool it down a little.”

You laughed as you felt him huff and puff grumpily, squeezing you even tighter. 

“We cant even share a bed?”

“Are you nuts! He thinks we don’t share a bed now!”

“Boy is he in for a big surprise then.”


“Oh come on, its not like he doesn’t know we’re having s-”

“He doesn’t Dean! And you’re not gonna say anything to tip him off, got it? To him I’m still his little virgin daughter.” 

“Virgin? You?”

You felt Deans shoulders shake as he laughed, letting you go so that he could clutch his stomach.

“You’re an asshole.” you grumble as you walk away.

“Oh come on, that’s not what I meant!” Dean called after you, still laughing.

“Sweetheart! How are ya?” Bobby said walking out of the house and pulling you in for big hug.

“Better now.” you smiled hugging him back.

“Hey Bobby!” Dean called walking with Sam to the front steps.

“Boys” He greeted “Come on in, I’ve got supper waitin”

“You cooked?” Sam asked sceptically.

“Don’t be ridiculous, I ordered in.”

“Thank heavens.” you laughed breathing out a sigh of relief. You remember when Bobby would try to cook for you, it either ended up in a small house fire or food poisoning.

“Alright, enough of your jibber jabbering, get in here.”

You all made you way into the house, following Bobby as he made his way to the kitchen.

“I got fries and burgers for us and some fancy salad crap for Sam.” Bobby said as he took a seat at the table, eyeing the food.

“Thanks Bobby” Sam said smiling as he took a seat at the table next to Bobby.

“Wow, looks good, where’d ya order it from?” You asked as you took the remaining seat beside Bobby.

“Remember that old diner run by Marty?”

“Marty… The one with the wild hair and thick glasses?”

“That’s the one.”

“Nice.” you said grabbing a burger and throwing it on your plate, Bobby had all the fixings laid out, tomato, lettuce, onions. It was great.

Dean sat beside you, reaching for your hand like he usually did.


You both looked up at Bobby, watching him eye your hands.

“Oh come on dad! Were just holding hands!”

“Yeah, and holding hands is just the start of it!”

Dean snorted and you elbowed him in the ribs.

“Dad, you’re gonna have to get use to it.”

“Hey, I told you I had one rule-”

“Yeah yeah, don’t date Dean Winchester-”

“Exactly, one rule and you broke it within a week.”

“What can I say? Look at this face!” you grabbed Deans face and squeezed making his lips purse outwards into an awful duck face.

“Hey, just because you two are together ain’t mean I gotta like it!”

“It kinda does.”

“You know how Dean is, he’s flirty and all he does is try to get into girls pants-”

“Little too late.” Sam muttered under his breath and you shot a nasty look his way.

“What?” Bobby said looking over to Sam.

“I said this salad tastes great!”

You narrowed your eyes as Sam smirked and continued eating. 

“Alright…. Anyways, I just don’t want you to get hurt-”

“Come on Bobby give me some credit!” Dean yelled offended.

“I’m sorry, but your track record ain’t exactly smooth.”

Dean scoffed and sat back crossing his arms over his chest defensively.

“Oh don’t be like that, you like to love ‘em and leave ‘em!”

“Yeah well, not anymore”

Dean reached for you hand again, his thumb brushing across your knuckles. You looked over to him and couldn’t resist smiling at his goofy grin.

“Alright, alright!” Bobby grumbled as he slapped onions on his burger.

“Hey daddy can you pass the lettuce?”

“Sure thing” Dean replied without thinking.

You watched in horror as both Dean and Bobby reached over and grabbed the lettuce, both hands now gripping the bowl.

“You better put the lettuce down boy” Bobby stated, his tone alarmingly calm.

That wasn’t good, that really wasn’t good. Bobby had two angry sides to him, the I’m-going-to-scream-my-head-off-at-you mad or the I’m-going-to-be-calm-because-I-just-may-kill-you-and-you-don’t-plan-murder-out-loud mad.


“Oh, which one are you referring to sweetheart because Dean heRE SEEMS TO BE A LITTLE CONFUSED!”

You shrank lower in your seat.

“Stand up.” Bobby said to Dean, voice once again calm as he stood.

“No, I’m good-”

“Stand. Up. Dean.”

“Really Bobby-”

“Up now!”

Dean stood slowly, his chair scraping against the tiled floor.

“Are you Y/N’s daddy, Dean?” Bobby questioned as he placed his hands on the table and leaned forward.

“W-what… n-no-?”

“Then why-” Bobby grabbed Deans shirt and tugged him closer “-are you responding to it?”

“Daddy please-”

Bobby looked over at you and shivered as he released Dean.

“Ugh, I bet you’ve said that to Dean too” he muttered as he sat back down.

“Oh my god dad, we are grown adults!”

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t realize that growing up meant calling your boyfriend daddy.” he spat out bitterly.

“Bobby-” Dean started.

“You shut it.” Bobby said cutting him off and turning to you.

“We need to talk about this.”

“Oh my god no we don’t-”

“How long have you guys been having sex?”


“Please tell me it hasn’t been long-”


“Just tell me.” Bobby said as he covered his face.

“I don’t wanna talk about it-”

“Tell me, now!”

“Jeez, a week after we met!”

Bobby’s face shot out of his hands to look at you.

“A week after you met?” He turned to Dean… if looks could kill Dean wouldn’t stand a chance.

You slept with my daughter after a week of meeting her, when I specifically said not to?”


You lowered your head as Dean stuttered.

“Oh god please tell me you use protection-”


“And please tell me you just save it for the bedroom- no… recreational places-”

“Dad stop!”

“Oh god you’ve never had sex here have you?”

“Okay dad, listen to me, I am a grown adult, what me and Dean do is none of your business,” you placed your hand on Bobby’s arm “Just calm down, okay?”

“You know what, fine. Its none of my business, but so help me if you even try to have sex here Dean I will kill you,” Bobby stood grabbing his plate “And sweetheart?”


“No more calling Dean daddy, alright ?”

You nodded feeling a wave of heat flash across your face as Bobby left with his plate.

“Well that was interesting.” Sam said with a goofy grin and a mouth full of salad

It had been a few hours since the kitchen incident and you decided that sitting in the living room with your father while reading a book would be relaxing and remind you of when you were younger.

Walking in, you noticed Dean sitting on the couch opposite from Bobby who sat in his recliner. The only problem with this was usually when you sat down to read, you sat in Deans lap. Not for very long because eventually you got occupied with… other things.

This crossed your mind as Dean reached for your hand and pulled you into him, landing in his lap.

“Dean, really? We just dodged a bullet with the kitchen incident and you want to reload the gun?”

“Sorry, I forget.”

“You seem to forget a lot.”

“You distract me.”

He said it with such a goofy grin you couldn’t help but smile with him. You snuggled closer as you opened your book and began reading, your father not even noticing your presence as he was too engrossed in the newspaper.

As per usual, Dean started kissing your neck causing you to turn quickly and swat at him.

“No Dean, I think it may be better if I just sit beside you.

“Y/N- you cant get up!” Dean suddenly whispered harshly in your ear.

“What, why?”

Dean looked at you with wide eyes then cast his gaze down and back up.

“Oh my god Dean!” you whisper yelled “Do you have a bon-”

“Yes and unless you want Bobby to know I suggest you stay still for a moment.”

You both sat in awkward silence but eventually you got uncomfortable.

“Y/N, you have to stop wiggling your ass you’re making it worse.”

“What are you two whispering about? And why the hell are you sitting in his lap?” Bobby grumbled from where he sat.

“Oh, just talking about… couple…things.”

“Well could you knock it off? And there’s tons of room on that couch ya know!”

“Awh come on da…aaad” you stopped yourself from saying daddy, after the kitchen fiasco you didn’t want to remind anyone about it. 

“You’re under my roof, you can sit separately.”

You looked to Dean who was still wide eyed.

“I wanna sit with Dean.”

“Y/N, I get you’re a couple, but you can sit separately.”

You didn’t move.

“Y/N-” Bobby warned.

You still didn’t move.

“Y/N I’m not kidding move.”

“I cant.”

Bobby narrowed his eyes.

“And why the hell not?”

“Beeeee-cause I just love cuddling sooo much!” you said as you snuggled into Dean, wiggling your hips into his which caused Dean to groan, hands shooting up to hold your hips still.

Bobby’s eyes narrowed even further, hands clenched in his newspaper.

“Dean.” Bobby warned, staring at Dean almost menacingly.

Dean squirmed under Bobby’s gaze resulting in another groan when you shifted with him.

You watched as your fathers eyes widened.

“Sonofabitch,” Bobby stood “I’m gonna have a heart attack around you two” he muttered as he left the room.

Dean was quick to pull you off his lap, setting you down on the couch gently as he stood abruptly.

“Yeah um, I’m gonna… I’ll be right back.”

“Have fun.”

“I’ll have more fun with you.” he said with a wink as he left the room.

“Buck, you are not taking your gun to a children’s birthday party.” Steve sighed as he pulled on his shirt. Bucky scoffed and rolled his eyes, waving his gun in the air. While they were getting ready for Pepper’s niece’s birthday party, Bucky had decided to sneakily tuck his gun into his jacket, which Steve obviously saw. Cue the long argument.

“Come on, Stevie! The kids’ll love it! Guns are cool!” Now it was Steve’s turn to roll his eyes as he looked for a pair of paints to match his navy shirt. 

“Oh yeah, sure. It’ll be really cool when we gotta rush a kid to the hospital after getting shot.” Steve bent over to get a better look at his clothes, giving Buck a nice view of his ass in those thin boxers. 

Bucky cleared his throat, not letting himself be distracted. He was going to win this. “That won’t happen cause I’ll be there. See? Put the safety on, pass it around, and suddenly I’m the fun adult at the party.” Bucky smugly told his ingenious plan. Steve just laughed loudly, turning his head to look at Bucky.

“You?” Steve asked incredulously.

“Yes, me. Who else?”

“You’re terrible with kids.”

“We talkin about the same person here? I think we both know which one of us is better with kids.” Bucky looked at him knowingly. Steve shook his head and turned back to what he was currently doing. Okay, he had to give that one to Bucky. Steve was just flat out awful when it came to having to deal with anyone under the age of 12. He didn’t know why, he just got very awkward around them.Thankfully, he didn’t deal with them much now, but back then…..he’d rather not recall all the times he was thrown up on while taking pictures with crying babies.

Steve just sighed, straightening up and pulling out the pair of jeans he’d wanted. Putting them on, he gave Bucky a stern look. “Bucky, leave the damn gun.”

Bucky groaned and flung the gun onto the messy sheets of their bed. “Alright, grumpy, ready to go?” He smiled cheekily, holding out his arm for Steve to take. “Milady.” 

Steve just smacked him upside the head.


As Steve expected, when the Avengers arrived to a party filled with hyped up kids, all hell went loose.

Screaming, throwing, shoving one another to just see one of them; oh yeah, Steve was not enjoying himself. He tried to just sit off to one side and let the rest of the team handle the little creatures, but of course that didn’t work. He stuck out like a beacon of light.

“HEY!” A chubby kid shrieked in his face. Steve just smiled politely and tried to get him to stop climbing onto his lap, but it was no use. By then, the other kids had seen the kid on his lap and they were all scrambling over, trying to get Steve’s attention.




“MR. CAPTAIN AMERICA, LOOK AT ME!” Steve shouted, “Hey!” and caught a kid as she tried jumping off a table. She giggled in his grip and squirmed. Which didn’t help at all.





“I, uh….” Steve didn’t know what to do. He was started to feel overwhelming by all the kids who were tugging at his sleeves, yanking on his hair, asking all these questions, and trying to be the next one on Captain America’s lap. So Steve’s grateful to see Bucky coming over.

“Hey, what do ya guys think you’re doing? Don’t you know Cap’s back from fightin’ more aliens from outer space?” Bucky said, putting his hands on his knees so he could be eye-to-eye with the kids. They all gasped and looked at one another, quickly getting away from Steve with a series of sorry’s! and thank you, captain america!

“Mr. Captain America, tell us about it!” An eager boy who had way too much candy shouted.

“You know, uh, I would but, Mr. Barnes tells stories better than I do so why don’t you guys go to him?” Steve said in one last attempt to get free. They all turned to Bucky, who was grinning from ear-to-ear. 

“Alright, come on kids! Let me tell you the tale of the courageous Captain America….” Bucky’s voice was dramatic as he led the herd farther away from Steve. He sighed, rubbing his hand over his face. He had not signed up for children.

“There’s only two hours at this place, Rogers. Then we got a poker game back at the Tower.” A smooth, silky voice said from Steve’s left. He looked up to see Nat with her arms behind her back and watchful eyes scanning the scene before her. “You can make it, soldier.”

“I’d rather face Loki.” Steve groaned. Natasha laughed, and pulled up a chair to sit beside him. Together, they just watched the party.

Tony had a big group of kids around him, mainly cause he decided to show up in his full Iron Man suit. But it wasn’t going too well for him. The kids were all ravages, climbing over each other to try to at least touch the shiny suit.

“Hey! Hey! That’s my ass. Watch where you’re- woah!” Tony fell over and disappeared in a swarm of tiny people. But Steve heard Tony actually laughing, so he figured he was doing okay. (Eventually, Tony would start blaring out music from Black Sabbath, which got the kids to start dancing.)

Next to Tony was Bruce, who only had a couple of kids with him but it seemed like he was pleased with that. He was showing them charts and pictures of outer space and was explaining things like why the sky was blue, what gravity was, and things like that. The kids were completely attentive, and they were even scribbling down notes from their little lecture. Steve thought it was the cutest thing he’d ever seen.

After that was Clint. He was proudly showing a group of kids different fighting techniques and ways to successfully disarm your opponent. He had actually brought a mat with him, and so he started hosting a little wrestling match with him against 7 other giggling kids. He looked happy, and when Steve turned to comment on that to Natasha, he saw her smiling a bit at the little scene.

It was pretty hard to miss Thor and the kids who were on him like angry bees. He was laughing heartily and throwing different children in the air, catching them with one hand and setting them down gently. They weren’t on the ground for long though. They were all climbing him like a tree and a few were even hanging from the arm that wasn’t tossing kids in the air. It looked like Thor was having as much fun as the kids.

And then there was Bucky. Bucky, with his menacing face and huge build, had the largest group out of all of them. He had them completely captivated with his story, adding in his very own special effects and playing out different scenes. Even after his wondrous tale of the amazing Captain America, he still kept them entertained. 

“Wow!” A little boy exclaimed, touching Bucky’s metal arm like it hadn’t been drenched in blood before. “Mister, is this real?” 

Steve tensed.

But Bucky just smiled, and began flexing his arm so they all could see it. A bunch of gasps rose and all the other kids crowded around so they could get a better look. “It’s neat, huh? I fight bad guys with it, but I ain’t as good as Captain America!” Bucky grinned and waved to Steve, who waved back with a small smile. The boys were now flexing their own muscles and comparing it to each others, while the girls were admiring Bucky’s. 

“He always got the dames.” Steve muttered to himself but Natasha heard and laughed.

“Do you count?” Natasha said with a sly smirk.

“Oh yeah,” Steve chuckled, leaning back in his chair and putting his arms behind his head. “He’s hard to resist.” Nat’s smirk softened to a smile.

“Alright, who’s up for a game of hide and seek?” Bucky shouted, raising his arms. His answer was the sound of excited screams of, “Not it! Not it!” Steve laughed as Bucky was running along with the other kids to find a place to hide.

Steve and Nat just sat there and talked. Not about SHIELD though. Nothing that had to do with discussing strategies or arguing about efficient ways to perfectly execute a mission. They talked about the game last night, who’s turn it was to wash the dishes at the tower, argued about how many marshmallows Hulk could fit in his mouth, and just had a good time. 

That was before Nat suddenly nudged Steve and said, “10 o’clock.”

Steve instantly put his guard on, whipping his head to the deserted garden. He’d expected to see- actually, he didn’t know what he expected. Maybe some baddie waving a gun around? He didn’t expect to see a lonely little girl sitting on a tiny stool with flaming red hair and pouting lips. He turned to Nat, obviously confused. She just sighed and stood up, straightening out her leather jacket.

“You gonna come with?” Nat asked. “I just don’t think it’s appropriate for the birthday girl to not be having fun at her birthday.” Finally, it clicked. Steve took a closer look at the red headed girl and yup, that was definitely Pepper’s niece. He and Bucky had actually took care of her a couple of times when Pepper’s sister was swamped with work and dropped her off at the Tower. She just looked so alone right now and Steve felt a pang in his heart. He was going to have to put aside his awkwardness with kids and go help the birthday girl.

“Alright,” Steve stood up. “Let’s do this.”


“Hey, Abby.” Steve said as he and Nat got near. Abby looked up, her huge green eyes looking sad. “Hey, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you playing with your friends?” Steve knelt down to one knee. Nat stood beside him.

“They’re not my friends.” Abby mumbled, casting her eyes down at her hands.

Steve was surprised when she said that. He looked back at the party, watching the shrieking children for a bit before turning back to Abby. “Well then, who are they?”

Abby just shrugged. “I dunno. Mommy just invited these kids I dont’t know from my school,” She looked up. “I just wanted to be with mommy. She’s not even here.”

And for the first time, Steve realized the Avengers were the only supervising adults at this party. That wasn’t really a good thing. He was just about to say something when Nat spoke up.

“Well, doesn’t mean you should be alone on your birthday,” Nat held out her hand for Abby to take. “Come on. You wanna stay here all day or do you wanna hang out with the Black Widow and Captain America?”

Abby just looked at her doubtfully.

“I know how to french braid.” 

It wasn’t Nat who said that.


Abby sat in Steve’s lap, talking happily with Nat and moving way too much for Steve to not mess up. Unfortunately, Nat had chosen to tell Abby about the time when Barton got hit by an elderly woman while on a mission.

“Abby, do you want your hair to look pretty?” Steve said exasperatedly after another round of laughter. Abby nodded fiercely, which didn’t help at all. But he couldn’t stay mad. He just smiled to himself and continued braiding Abby’s hair, listening intently to Nat story and laughing along with them.

“Alright! I’m done!” Steve announced as he finished tying the braid. Abby squealed with delight and jumped off of Steve’s lap, showing off her new hair to Nat. As Nat spewed compliment after compliment to her, Steve leaned back in his chair and pulled his small sketchbook out of his pocket. He chuckled as Abby kept saying how it made her look like a princess and when Nat offered to make her a flower crown, she nearly peed from the excitement. Together, they left Steve to go pick flowers in the garden. He didn’t mind. In fact, he had an idea for the next sketch in his sketchbook. 

Taking his pencil out from his other pocket, he started his sketch.

“Well, damn, Steve.” A familiar voice said. Startled, Steve quickly tried to slam his sketchbook shut but metal fingers held the place of the drawing. Steve groaned and looked up, seeing a tired but happy Bucky grinning down at him. He was about to protest Bucky’s obvious motives when suddenly he realized how quiet it was. Looking around, he didn’t see anymore children. In fact, the sun was setting and Steve hadn’t even noticed this whole time. He was more focused on his drawing. He also saw that it wasn’t just him and Bucky at this table.

Tony was drifting in and out of consciousness, tired from today’s activities. Bruce was desperately trying to discuss their latest project with him but no luck. Sleeping Beauty needed her sleep. Clint was sitting with Nat and Abby and making them laugh with more unfortunate stories involving him and a talking raccoon. Thor was nowhere to be seen so Steve assumed he had gone back to Asgard.

Making eye contact with Bucky was a big mistake.

A seemingly innocent smile was on his face but Steve would know that mischievous twinkle in his eyes anywhere. He tried tugging it out of Bucky’s grip but it was no use. Bucky’s smile grew bigger.

“Buck, no-”

“Aw, c’mon Stevie!” Bucky whined. “I’ve seen your other drawings of me, which were flattering by the way,” He winked and Steve felt himself turning red. “so it won’t matter if I see this one! I like your drawings.”

Steve just shook his head. “Buck, I’d rather you not. So let go.” He glared at him. Sadly, Bucky was just as stubborn as Steve.




“Bucky, stop.” 


“Jesus Christ, you’re acting like a child.”


“HEY!” Tony shouted, getting both of their attentions. He looked pissed and annoyed. “Some people are trying to sleep here, so show your damn boyfriend the drawing, Picasso, or I’ll use your sketchbook for target practice.”

Unfortunately, Steve chose to retaliate back but as he was speaking, his own grip loosened. There was a blur and Bucky’s nose was buried in his book. 

“No! Bucky, stop!” Steve desperately grabbed for the sketchbook but Bucky just held it up high in one arm. He laughed as Steve jumped. There wa His fingertips just barely brushed against the bottom. As he managed to get the book between his index finger and thumb, Bucky made a mad dash for it. Abby started laughing wildly and clapping her hands while Clint laughed along. Nat just smiled as Steve raced past them, making the wind blow through their hair. Bruce managed to keep Tony awake but now he just looked murderous.

Bucky was able to run into the woods behind the house to the river before Steve tackled him down. He pinned his knee against Bucky’s back and snatched the sketchbook, expecting it to fall from Bucky’s hand but no. Of course not. Bucky’s grip never loosened. Now it was just a game of tug-of-war. Which Steve was losing.

Bucky was practically dying from laughter. Clearly, one of them was enjoying this. “This is no way to treat your fiance!” He yelled gleefully.

“I wouldn’t have to treat him this way if he wasn’t such a jerk!” At that, Bucky flipped them around and now he was on top of Steve with his knee pinning his arm. He grabbed Steve’s hand and tore it away from the sketch book, pressing it onto the ground next to his head. “Hey!” Steve struggled to get out but Bucky just nonchalantly opened the book with his left hand. Steve groaned and closed his eyes, asking himself why he got always got in these messes.

Bucky smirked. It was obvious to know who won this round. “Okay, let’s see here….Ah!” He said triumphantly as he got to Steve’s latest drawing. “What’d you draw that was so…” He trailed off. Steve cringed, slightly opening one eye to see his reaction. His mouth was slightly open, and his eyes were darting all over the sketch. He was…..shocked.

“Bucky, I can explain.” Steve rushed out the words. There was just silence. “God, I’m so sorry, Buck.” That snapped him out of his trance. 

“What? Are you kidding? What is there to be sorry about?” Bucky glaned at him and then back at the drawing. His smile was slowly returning. “This is….I just….” He seemed at a loss for words.

The sketch showed a detailed drawing of a laughing, happy Bucky holding a bundle of blankets. In those blankets was a baby. You didn’t need to be a detective to guess who’s baby it was.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking when I was drawing that and I didn’t want you to freak out-” Steve was cut off by Bucky pressing his lips against his. He pulled back slightly, resting his forehead against Steve’s.

“Shut up. I love it.”


About a year later, they adopt a tiny, little baby boy. They name him Joseph George Rogers-Barnes.

Or Joey, for short.

Chris just gets really excited about guns okay, he really likes guns, and sometimes he goes on these little speeches in the pack meetings about guns, the make, their history, all while smiling like a kid in a candy store, and Peter just stares and smiles at him because he finds Chris to be super cute when he smiles, and super adorable when he talks about things he’s passionate about, and god does he like to hear him talk.

anonymous asked:

can you please write something cute to keep us sane..:)

Ha I can link you to my previously cute ones??

Ian has a hickey caused by Mickey and makes fun of it

Mickey kinda sorta asks Ian to be his boyfriend

Ian, Mickey, the rest of the Gallaghers, Kev and V all sit down to watch Supernatural. Mickey wonders about Ian’s preference.

Mickey visits Ian at the club and pays for a dance

Mickey’s many introductions to Ian in different scenarios. Actively trying to avoid the word “boyfriend” until he no longer can.

Mickey watches Ian reading

Kevin and Veronica are curious about Mickey and Ian’s sexual relationship

Ian distracts Mickey from gun practice

Mickey accidentally slips something out when him and Ian play a card game.

Ian and Mickey get ready for bed

Mickey starts giving Ian a blowjob under the table and one of he Gallaghers walk in. Ian tries to act like nothing is happening.

Mickey is trying to nap but Ian won’t shut up.

The heat goes out in the Gallagher house and mickey and Ian try to keep warm

Mickey expresses some insecurity about himself but Ian convinces him he’s fine the way he is

Mickey never had a good birthday. So now that it’s his 21st he doesn’t expect much from it. Matter of fact as the day is quickly approaching he counts his blessings that something bad hasn’t happened…yet.

Mickey sees Fiona and Lip arguing about food expenses so Mickey decides to do something about it the next night

Iggy and Colin approach Mickey about something Terry said when they visit him in jail.

Mandy and Lip bet on how long Ian and Mickey will last. And lose miserably

Mickey is jealous of a “tall, dark, and handsome” type that seems to have Ian’s attention.

Ian, Mickey, Mandy, and Lip play a game of Never Have I Ever

Ian and Mickey are getting married and lets just say…they’re both getting cold feet.

AU where Ian is deaf and Mickey accidentally makes an ass of himself.

Mickey asks Ian a very important question Christmas morning.

Taken from two prompts-1. Mickey and Ian grinding in the club and people notice. 2. Mickey is noticed at the club.

Based on 2 anon propmts-1. mickey gets ian’s name tattooed on him and ian finds out. 2. mickey and ian get matching tattoos.

- Ian, Mickey, and their daughter, Emma, series:

(can be read as separate stories)

(all are pretty fluffy except “Daddy Doesn’t Feel Well”)

Mickey makes Ian go to their daughter’s Parent/Teacher conference since Ian will be deployed soon.and wont be able to attend any for awhile

Ian and Mickey go to a school function with their daughter and one of the mothers starts flirting with Mickey.

Ian picks Emma up from her first grade class one afternoon. Emma starts asking Ian about love and boyfriends.

Emma makes Ian a card to get better.

Ian and Mickey attend their daughter’s softball game


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Summary: You become a cat and can’t be near your best friend/crush because he’s allergic to them.

Request: Hey! :D Could I request a Dean x reader where they have a crush on each other and they hang out all the time, then on a hunt reader gets tuned into a cat, but Dean’s allergic so they can’t be near each other and they’re both really upset and missing each other, then when the reader turns back they confess their feelings and its all cute and fluffy?

A/N: Im sorry it took so long! I couldn’t figure out how to start it! I hope you like it!



Is it odd, how much one sound can affect you?

You stared up at the brothers, just as shocked as they are about what the witch had turned you into. You feel how different your senses were. Sharper hearing, the way you could smell Dean’s scent from three feet away from him.

You were on your feet, well paws, in a second, turning your head this way and that to look at yourself. You were still small, though you knew you were a full grown cat. You had been turned into a calico. ’What the fuck?’ You shouted, though it came out as ”Meow.”

Your tail lashed behind you as you paced, eyes wide before you stopped and looked at the boys. Sam had his hand over his mouth, his shoulders were shaking. Bastard was laughing at you! You opened your mouth to shout at him, but a hiss came from your jaws instead.

Sam stopped laughing. He stared at you in shock again, before glancing at his brother. You glared at the youngest as best you could, before turning your eyes to your best friend. You tilted your head, before walking, padding would be the best word, toward him.

Dean watched you prance toward him, a slight smile on his face as he watched the cat you. You were adorable. He crouched, holding out his hand for you when you got closer. You purred, the sound was odd, how did you even start purring? You butted your head against his hand, moving and rubbing your back along his hand before doing it all over again.

Was it supposed to feel this good?

You heard a low chuckle come from above you and lifted your head, meowing angrily at Dean. It caused him to laugh more and he went to pick you up. That’s when he first started sneezing and Sam began to laugh again.

He knew about your crush on his brother, so you turned and hissed at him again. He held his hands up in defense. “Hey! Not my fault my idiot brother forgot he was allergic to cats!” You pouted, moving back a foot before sitting down again.

You watched as Dean got overing his sneezing fit, before he turned to look at you, a slight pout on his lips. God, those lips.. You shook your head. You’re a cat, dammit! Stop fantasizing about Dean’s lips!

“Sorry (Y/N). I guess I did forget.” He shrugged nonchalantly, though you could tell he was bothered by it. Sam could too, you guessed, because he clapped his brother on the shoulder. “Come on, let’s get back to the bunker and try and figure out how to reverse this.”

You swatted at Sam’s hand as he tried to pick you up and hissed again, glaring at him.You could walk! An angry meow left your mouth. He narrowed his eyes at you. “Fine, you want to walk in snow, be my guest.”

You gave a sharp nod, turning on your paws before trotting toward the door, tail and head held high. You could hear the boys snickering at your stubbornness. As you got closer to the door, though, you could the cold seeping through. Swallowing thickly, you waited for Sam to open the door.

Giving yourself a shake, you took a deep breathe and stepped out into the snow. You didn’t even make it two steps out of the door before you jumped back, a meow falling from your mouth. The brothers took one look at you before laughter fell from there lips. You meowed angrily, batting at Sam’s leg furiously.

“What’s wrong, (Y/N)? Don’t like snow?"Dean teased, grinning down at you. You hissed at him, frowning. He chuckled, nudging Sam, before heading out to the Impala. Sam bent down and picked you up. "I warned you.” He smirked.

You slapped his face, taking pride as he spluttered, staring at you indifferently. “You’re a mean cat.” He muttered, which caused you to hit him again. “Alright! I get it!” He shouted, glaring as he heard Dean’s laughter.

As he sat in the front seat with you in his lap, you stared out the window. Everything looked so different as a cat. So big. With a tilted head, you thought back to today’s earlier events.

Earlier that day

You laughed, slapping Dean’s shoulder. “That was so cheesy!” He grinned back at you through the review mirror. You, Dean, and Sam were headed to kill a witch, who had been making other people kill there loved ones.

Sam shook his head. “Why are you laughing? You’ll just encourage him to tell more stupid jokes!” Dean pretended to look offended. “Hey! I take pride in my jokes.” There arguing sent you into another fit of giggles.

Dean smiled as he turned back to the road, missing the look Sam threw you over his shoulder. You frowned at him, sticking out your tongue childishly. He chuckled lightly as you sat back in your seat. You stared out the window, watching the trees and other cars pass.

You sighed sightly, biting your bottom lip as you glanced at Dean before looking back to the window. Dean was your best friend. He has been since you met him. The two of you were practically inseparable. These past few months though, you began to harbor a tiny crush for the eldest Winchester.

It just kept growing. When he laughed or smiled or told you a cheesy joke, you fell just a little bit more. You started noticing the little things about him. His eyes light up when you mention pie, hunting, or when he’s talking to you. Hs nose scrunches up when he gets annoyed or mad.

You sniffed. You were sure you had hit rock bottom already. You were brought out of your thoughts by the bumpy road Dean had just pulled onto. Up ahead you saw the house. It was old, worn down. What else would you expect from a witch though?

You all piled out of Baby when Dean pulled to a stop. You stretched for a minute, before turning to the trunk to get your stuff. You caught Dean’s eye and smiled. He smiled back at you, handing your your gun. You muttered a thanks, looking down to check it. Had he been staring at you?

You shook your head slightly. Focus (Y/N). Dean cleared his throat, causing you to look up at him. “Me and Sam are going around back, you go in from the front. Keep her distracted.” You nodded, loading your gun.

As you made your way toward the front of the house carefully, you shouted softly. “Be careful!” Both boys looked back at you with a nod, but it was Dean who shouted back. “You too.” You nodded at him before walking up the front steps as they disappeared around the corner.

You waited for a couple moments, letting the boys get into place, before you kicked the old door down. You walked in, gun held out in front of you. Cautiously, you moved through the house, check the kitchen and living room. With a sigh, you headed toward the back were the bedrooms most likely were.

You pushed into the first room gun pointed directly at the witch as she turned in surprise. Then she scowled at you. “Do you know how to enter a house with out making so much noise?” She tsked at you. You snorted. “Do you know how to live somewhere without murdering people?”

The witch scoffed. “You hunters, think your so great. We’ll see how much your Dean likes you when your stuck on all four!” The next moment you were spluttering, coughing. You didn’t know what she had thrown at you.

“(Y/N)!” You heard Dean’s voice and relief flashed through you. You flinched slightly at the loud bang of the gun. The smoked cleared and when you tried to shout, all that came out was a muffled meow.


You huffed as Sam carried you into bunker. You wiggled and squirmed as soon as you passed the door. He dropped you, complaining about your claws. Did you claw him? How? How did that even work? You shook your head and ran down the stairs and into the library.

A yelp left your muzzle as you slide into a table when you tried to stop. You frowned. No more running in the bunker. You sat back, staring at the table. Narrowing your eyes, you wiggled your butt, before jumping onto the table.

You looked at the ground and then at the table before giving a satisfied nod and sat down. It as then you noticed the snickering. Your turned your head to glare at Sam, though you found Dean. You meowed at him. He held his hands up. “Sorry (Y/N). It’s just funny how cute you are.” He chuckled, before his mouth shut. You could’ve sworn he was blushing.

He cleared his throat before coming to you. You watched as he ran his hand over your head and down your back, igniting a purr from you. Sadly it only lasted a moment, before he sneezed. You looked up at him, a sad look in your eyes. He was frowning.

He took a step back from you before bending down to look you in the eye. “This sucks.” He whispered, before walking to the other table across the room and sat down, grabbing the closest book and opening it.

Sam came in and set a bowl of milk down on he table next to you. You glared at him. “Don’t look at me like that. I thought you might be thirsty.” He winked at you. You hissed at his implied joke, swatted at him as he sat down in the chair across from where you sat on the table. He chuckled, grabbing as book.

You frowned at the milk, before sniffing it cautiously. You glanced at Sam for a moment, before taking a tentative drink. You flattened your ears. You were positive milk had never tasted this good before, but it must because you’re a cat.

You began to drink, tail flicking occasionally across the table. You didn’t notice Dean’s eyes on you, a small frown on his lips. The bowl was almost empty when you sat back, licking your lips. You shook yourself, laying on the table and tucking your paws under your chest.

As you turned to look at Dean, he quickly looked down at his book, trying to focus. You tilted your head with a huff. He seemed to hate not being near you just as much as you did. About an hour into research, and you napping and sharing glances with Dean, Sam let out a happy yell.

“Since the witch is dead, the spell should wear off within twenty four hours.” Sam grinned at you and Dean. You purred in response, sitting up, before you yawned. Sam yawned as well, before looking at the time. “It’s almost mid night, I’m going to bed. See ya tomorrow, (Y/N).” He petted your head before heading to his room.

Dean smiled at you as he got up. When he stood in front of you, he went to reach out to pet you, before thinking better off it with a sigh. “Goodnight, (Y/N).” You meowed at him, which caused him to smile. You watched as he headed down the hall to his room.

You jumped down from the table and trotted after him. You growled as you saw your door was closed. Forgetting Dean was not even a few feet away, you wiggled your butt before ramming into the door in hopes of opening it. You fell back with a thump and growled at the door.

Dean chuckled before reaching over and opening the door. “There ya go, tiger.” You meowed at him, hopefully showing your annoyance before trotting into the room and leaping onto your bed. Finding your way under your blankets, your curled up, purring softly. You heard a chuckle and the click of your door just as you fell asleep.


You mumbled to yourself as you turned in your bed. It was around noon the next day when Dean entered your room cautiously. “(Y/N)?” You huffed, curling up tighter before mumbling out. “Go away Dean. I don’t care how cute you are, I’m not getting up.” He couldn’t understand you anyway. You couldn’t stand another who knows how long not being able to be near him.

Instead of him pestering you, you heard a gasp and a happy yell before something heavy landed on you. “What the fuck!” You shouted, before moving to push him off before you realized something. You were human again. You were you. You let out a happy squeal, before hugging him back, thanking who ever silently that you turned back with the clothes you had worn to the hunt yesterday on.

Dean nuzzled his head against your neck. “You have no idea how happy I am that your back.” He whispered. You smiled, running your hand through his hair. “Me too.” You agreed. He pulled back, holding himself up with his elbows. He stared at you for a long moment, before he kissed you.

His lips were soft, like you had always imagined. They caressed yours gently, causing you to hum. Your hands wrapped around his neck, fingers curling into his hair softly. You tugged his hair softly, causing him to groan. Your tongues battled lazily as one of his hands softly rubbed your cheek. He bit your bottom lip as he pulled away, making you whine.

He chuckled slightly, his hand still caressing your cheek as he pressed his forehead against yours. “You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to do that.” He muttered, staring into your eyes. “I can take a guess.” You responded, giggling slightly.

He smiled down at you, one of his real smiles. The ones he saves just for you. “I love you.” He whispered, nudging your nose with his. You smiled softly at him, leaving a sweet kiss on his lips before answering.

“I love you too”