cause he could barely remember her face

Faking It

Summary: Killian Jones had just been joking when he’d told Emma Swan they were actually married. But in his defense, the doctors hadn’t mentioned that her concussion had given her amnesia.
Rating: T
Notes: Happy birthday, @lifeinahole27​! You are an amazing friend, and I’m so happy to have you in my life! I hope you like this story! Thanks to @optomisticgirl for the beta-read!


Based on the prompt: "You’re my best friend who’s just waking up from a concussion, I played a trick on you and said we were married and you have amnesia … but you just rolled with it and now I don’t know what to do.“

Killian had never been so terrified in his whole life. He’d known something like this would happen eventually, he’d warned her countless times, he’d made sure to have a plan in place. And yet when it finally happened, he felt entirely blindsided and paralyzed with fear.

Emma Swan was in the hospital.

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Edmund x Reader: That Lipgloss Tastes Horrible

Anon asked: request for some sort of Narnian seven minutes in heaven with Edmund? I just need more Edmund kisses in my life hahaha

(Y/n) was having a surprisingly pleasant time at the school party. She thought she would be alone or feeling awkward, since Edmund was accepted into the “cool group” since his…transformation. It was the last party of their senior year, so she only thought it right.

         She was just beginning to think that she would want to stay for the whole thing until Edmund suddenly grabbed her wrist out and dragged her away from the conversation she was having with her chemistry classmates.

         "Edmund!“ She complained. "I was having a serious discussion about helium and–”

         "Yeah, yeah, not now. My honor is at stake,“ he replied shortly. She frowned, noticing he seemed on edge.

         "Edmund, what happened?” She asked, stopping and forcing him to do the same.

         Edmund looked around cautiously. She followed his gaze and saw Alicia and Ryan smirking across the room…at them. Her eyes once again snapped to Edmund. “No way,” she growled.

       Alicia and Ryan were known for their “truth and dares.”

       "Oh, come on, (Y/n),“ Edmund whispered. She didn’t know why. The party was too loud for anyone to be listening. "They were so smug when they dared me and I want to shove it in their faces.”

         "Fine, what did they dare you?“ (Y/n) rolled her eyes.

       Edmund turned a deep shade of red. (Y/n) didn’t like where this was going, and could already feel her stomach twisting.

       "Oh goodness, what did you–”

       He grabbed her wrist again and shoved her into the coat closet, climbing in with her. He yanked the small cord and a dim light came on.

     "Edmund, I will kill you!“

     "They dared me to take you into a closet and…um…”

     "Kiss me for seven minutes?“ (Y/n) snapped, though she felt heat in her own face. With the closet blocking out the party sounds, she could hear her heart slamming against her chest. She wondered if Edmund could hear it too.

     She shook her head. Impossible.

     "They don’t need to know if we don’t,” Edmund said, as if he already had this planned.

       (Y/n) breathed in relief. Of course, she was just freaking out. Though she was annoyed by the slight disappointment she was trying to deny.

         She felt a lump in her pocket. She smiled and pulled out the lipgloss her sister forced her to take along. “Remind me to thank my sister later.”

     She smeared the tinted make up on her index and middle finger pressed together.

       "What are you–“ Edmund began. (Y/n) cut him off, pressing her fingers around his lips.

       He shoved her hand away and made a face. "What in the world! This tastes horrible!”

     "Don’t lick it off!“ (Y/n) hissed. "That’ll make it more believable when we walk out in five minutes.”

       "I don’t want to taste it, thank you very much,“ he grimaced.

         (Y/n) leaned against the side of the closet. She just noticed how close they were, even though the closet was fairly large.

       "The dares you accept for the sake of pride,” she sighed shaking her head.

       Edmund ducked his head. His eyes were fixed on the ground. He didn’t look guilty, (Y/n) noticed. He looked…disappointed?

       "You think that kissing me would be that painful, huh?“ He said with a laugh.

         "I didn’t say that,” (Y/n) blurted without thinking. Heat filled her face as she tried to stammer for an excuse.

         Edmund only chuckled. He turned and leaned against the door, making (Y/n) all the more aware of their closing distance. “What if I dared you?”

       He spoke it quietly as if not really wanting her to hear.

       "I would decline,“ she nodded firmly, finally getting her head back from the hazy mush it was in. She hated that he was so close. But she hated more that she could just push him back farther and she wouldn’t.

       "Truth or dare,” Edmund asked suddenly.


         "Just answer!”

         "Truth,“ (Y/n) obliged. He was so strange sometimes.

           "Okay, I really want to kiss you right now.”

           Edmund’s sudden boldness made (Y/n) jump. Did he…but…

       It took her quite a few moments to clear her throat. “Uh…” She began, her hands shaking. “I thought–er–I was supposed to ask, um–”

       She saw Edmund’s eyes grow wide before he slammed a hand to his forehead. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking and I just–”

     He reached for the doorknob, obviously attempting to escape the embarrassment.

       Out of instinct, (Y/n) lunged for it, her hand covering his. Her head rammed into his chest. “Ow,” she muttered sorely.

         "What’re you doing?“ Edmund hissed.

         She looked up at him. He was so tall now. Did he grow again? "I…” Her words trailed off when she glanced down at his lips. She mentally slapped herself and brought her eyes back up to his. “You don’t want to lose the bet.”

         "The dare doesn’t matter,“ he said quietly.

         She felt his hand freeze under hers. They were still holding the doorknob. She hoped he didn’t feel her shaking fingers. She looked down at their hands and slowly pried his fingers away from the knob.

         She felt something soft brush his cheek. It took her a moment to realize he kissed her.

         Her head snapped sideways to look at him. They were nose to nose.

         (Y/n) once again glanced at his lips. Her heart was pounding, and her mind was screaming at her to stay still. But she couldn’t.

       She tilted her head slightly causing their noses to brush. Edmund made the next move, closing the distance between them.

       (Y/n) was confused initially, when she felt stickiness. Then she remembered she had smeared her lip gloss all over his mouth. She let out a small chuckle, breaking the kiss momentarily, before cupping his face and kissing him again.

           They were hesitant at first, and (Y/n) could feel his hands barely touching her waist. But a few seconds passed, and he pulled her close to him. Their lips moved smoothly against each other.

       (Y/n)’s brain shut down and all her thoughts turned to Edmund.

     The moment was only broken when the door swung open and the loud music flooded the quiet closet.

       A girl yelped. "I was just–er–getting my coat.”

         Edmund let go of her suddenly and took a step away. He looked red as a tomato when he grabbed the girl’s jacket and handed it to her.

           Judging by the heat in her cheeks, (Y/n) probably looked no better. The door closed again and the two had made a distance between them.

       "Oops,“ Edmund said after a long awkward silence.

         (Y/n) couldn’t help bursting out laughing. Edmund, uneasy at first, joined her.

         "Well, Edmund,” she breathed. “You were right about one thing.”

         "What’s that?“ He smiled at her.

           "That lipgloss tastes horrible.”

  They started laughing again before joining the crowd again. It hadn’t been seven minutes, but neither Edmund nor (Y/n) cared about the dare anymore.

The Prize, Ch.9

Summary: AU Tom, set in early 19th c. London.  Madeleine and Tom have known each other since they were teenagers (her brother is married to his sister). Can they overcome their fears and choose each other?  

Genre: Romance/Angst/Drama

Rating: T - non-explicit sexuality/adult situations/mild violence/scenes of thematic peril (I LOVE SAYING THAT)

Author’s Notes:  This chapter is a little shorter than my normal, but is lots of fluff and nonsense and heart eyes. No warnings other than that.  Thank you for commenting and reblogging.  Lots more to come!

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8

She waited as the seconds ticked by and he looked up at her from his kneeling position, trying to understand her request.  His eyes darted back and forth from her sparkling ones to her mouth that was curving slowly into a smile.  

“No?” she asked in amusement, her enjoyment of his sudden muteness obvious.  Shock, hope, relief, doubt.  They all formed a mosaic on the canvas of his face.  Was she merely teasing him or was the teasing real?

“Very well then,” spoken with an exaggerated huff, “I shall shoulder the burden of this endeavor.”

His gaze fixed on her lips, lips that he dreamed of tasting for so long.  Lips that he imagined loving as much as he imagined loving any other part of her.  Lips that he wanted to -

“And I will kiss you.”

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Faded Away / 01 / Jeon Jungkook

Never make someone your everything because once they are gone, you’ll have nothing.


His hands graced across the smooth expanse of her collarbones. She remembered the feeling of him next to her, basking in the warmth of the sun coming in through the window.

Time seemed to stopped for the pair as they laid in bed together. His hair fell into his eyes, blurring his vision of her. The golden glow around her reminding him of an angel, one he would only see in his dreams.

Jungkook looked down at the girl, not knowing that soon he would never get to see her again. He was oblivious to what would happen in a couple of hours, instead basking in the comforting silence around them.

He didn’t have to say anything for her to understand that this is where he wanted to be. Not in the busy classes where he would sit for hours, trying to gain an education to get the job of his dreams. But here in the early mornings beside her, listening to the sound of sleep filled breaths and watching her chest rise and fall with the motions.

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The Maiden And The Giant

TITLE: The Maiden And The Giant


AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine falling through a portal into Jötunheim and running into a stranger named Loki, who decides to provide shelter out of the need for company, that eventually turns into love.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to keep up with the next few updates; with my local con approaching which I will be tabling at with friends, I’ve been running around doing last minute stuff and I haven’t been able to sit down and write any more of this. I’ll try to make time, but I won’t make any promises. Apologies in advanced.


    Kat looked around the room curiously after Helblindi had set her down, noting that, while there was furniture and some miscellaneous belongings, it was rather empty. It was Loki’s old room, they’d told her; from before he had convinced their parents he was old and capable enough to live on his own. She walked over to a desk and picked up a half-finished sketch Loki had left behind of who she recognised as Laufey, seemingly arguing with another jötunn in what she figured was the throne room.

    “He’s always had a knack for being where he shouldn’t,” Byleistr spoke up as he looked over her shoulder at the sketch, “Useful for learning things others wished he didn’t.”

    Kat giggled slightly. “Something the nobles in Asgard learned the hard way pretty quickly.” She set the sketch down and heaved a sigh, jumping up to sit on the desk. “It hasn’t even been a day, and I miss him.”

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Cuts and Bruises

This is more of a friend fiction then a fan fiction because it’s focused on Richie’s friendship with Bev and Stan because I live for that. So here’s a modern high school AU. (Plus this is the first time I’ve posted my writing on here so AAAHHHH!)

Oh and warning, this is very angsty. Like barley any fluff, just tears.

Richie was highly accident proned and all the Losers knew it. So it was never that surprising when he had a bruise on his elbow from slamming it on the desk, or a bump on his forehead from running into the door, or even a scraped knee after tripping down in the barrens. The bruises made sense, it was the cuts that confused them.

He always ended up turning pages too fast and getting paper cuts, the other didn’t let him help cook because he would chop things to fast and cut his fingers, he’s even managed to snag his arms on old fences, triggering a freak out from Eddie.

“Oh god Richie please tell me you’re up to date on you tetanus shots!”

“What the fuck is a tetanus shot?” But apparently not every scar is accidental.

Richie ran up the stairs and into the bathroom to see the damage. His father was gone and his mom had come home drunk and mad, which she then took out on Richie. She started screaming at him over something as small as a cup on the counter. He was completely out of it a tired from all the test they had in school that day so he was barely able to acknowledge her, which she also didn’t like.


“Yes ma'am.” He mumbled.

“AND NEXT TIME I ASK YOU SOMETHING YOU’RE GOING TO RESPOND!” He now payed more attention when he noticed in her drunken rage she had picked up a knife and was swinging it blindly. He nodded quickly and stood up from the table, that was a bad idea.

“Are you trying to walk away from me?” She asked, her voice suddenly very calm and very frightening. He shook his head very quickly but still backed away. “No. I think you are. You’re trying to leave.” He said to him. “I-I-I swear mom I’m not.” You’re stuttering who are you Bill? He thought to himself. She took a step towards him but the door opened before she could say anything else. She whipped around quickly, ready to argue with Richie’s dad for coming home late and swung her arm as she went.

No one had even noticed that the knife had come up and cut Richie’s cheek as she went, no one except him as he brought his hands to his face when he felt the blood run down. He ran past his mom and dad without them noticing and now here he was.

All he could do was try to stop the bleeding with a towel. Sure Eddie had gotten him, and all the Losers, a customizable first aid kit for Christmas but he had no idea how to use it. Whenever he got hurt he would just rinse it and slap on a bandaid, but you can’t put a bandaid on a gash in your cheek. He went to sleep that night dreading the next day.

Richie woke up the next morning feeling normal until he looked in the mirror. The cut stopped bleeding but was still very visible. He sighed as he ran his hand over it. Honestly he couldn’t give two shits about having a scar it was having to explain it that scared him. His friends would all wonder and worry if he didn’t tell them. Anything having to do with his parents was hard for Richie. He didn’t like talking about it but he could never keep it in for long. Sometimes he just needed to rant. He just need to sit there and let all the hurt, anger, and tears out… and for that he went to Beverly.

Don’t get it wrong he loves all his friends, he just loves how Bev just listens. She doesn’t ask questions or look at him with pity, she just listens. It’s their thing, they listen to each other. But if he could come up with an excuse, no one would have to listen.

It should have been easy to avoid everyone until he thought of what to say. They all meet up in the cafeteria for breakfast before class starts then part ways after then bell rings. Richie decided to skip that and head straight for his locker then first period, which he only had with Bill. He sped to his locker but stopped when he remembered, his locker was right next to Bev’s, and she was already there. He mentally face palmed himself for forgetting that. So when he got there he opened it as quickly as he could and began putting in his stuff.

“Morning Richie.” Bev said closing her locker. “Morning.” He replied so quickly the word barely got out. She raised an eyebrow at him and leaned against the wall. “You ok?” She asked. He nodded but of course, she didn’t believe it. So she closed his locker causing him to jump in surprise. “Jesus Christ Richie what happened to your face?” She asked when she saw his cheek. “Nothing.” He told her. “Did someone do this to you? Who’s ass do I have to kick?” Richie laughed even though he knew full and well that if Bev wanted an ass to kick, she’d get one. “It’s nothing Bev just leave it.” He told her. “Doesn’t look like nothing. Looks really bad actually. But I can fix it.” She opened her locker again and took out the first aid kit Eddie got for her. “You keep that in there?” Richie asked feeling truly confused. “No use for it at home since I already have one there but I knew I’d need it here some day.” She then took Richie’s arm and led him down the hall.

“And done!” Bev softly patted the bandage on Richie’s cheek. “How do you even know how to do this?” He asked her. “Eddie showed me.” She told him. “Well, thanks.” He said quietly. Bev pulled her legs up on the little stone wall they were sitting on behind the gym and pulled out a cigarette. She offered one to Richie but he shook his head. “Wow something must be really wrong.” She said. “I just want to know what happened Richie. It looked really bad and if someone hurt you we really need to know.” She stopped when she was his face. His eyes were red and full of tears. “I really don’t want to talk about it Bev.” He said softly. “Ok.” She said. “Whenever you do, I’m here though.” He nodded and smiled, though it seemed forced.

Bev blew off first period with Richie and the two of them sat there in silence. They parted ways as Bev went to math with Stan and Ben and Richie to science with Mike, Eddie, and Bill. When he walked in the boys were already at the table.

“Morning Richie. We missed you at breakfast.” Mike said as he sat down. “And fa-fa-first period.” Bill added. “Oh I’m sorry we’re you saddened by my absence? Did you miss me that much?” He said putting his hand to his chest. “You wish.” Eddie added in. “Ah you know you love me Eds.” Richie said sitting down. Eddie didn’t even ask Richie to not call him Eds, what he did ask Richie wasn’t prepared for. “What happened to you cheek?”

Richie felt his body tense up as he dropped eye contact with Eddie. “Tripped.” He said. “Hit it on a rock down in the Barrens.” The three boys exchanged looks. “Ok that’s a lie.” Mike said as he rested his head on his hand. “What? Why would I lie?” Richie asked. “That’s what we-we-we’re wondering.” Bill said. Richie used the teacher coming in as an excuse to not talk to them for the rest of class, he was actually relieved that they were just taking notes.

Richie left the classroom as soon as the bell rang and headed for third period which he didn’t share with any of his friends, and today that was a good thing. Fourth period he had with Bev so there was also nothing to worry about then, it was lunch he dreaded. It was one of the few times a school day where all the Losers were together. And they would all ask.

The two of them stopped outside the cafeteria before entering. “Are you going to tell them?” Bev asked. “Nope.” Richie said tucking his hands into his pockets. “Are you going to tell me?” She asked looking at him. “When I tell them.” She said looking back. “But you’re never going to tell them.” She pointed out. “Righto.” And with that he walked in as she rolled her eyes and followed.

“Afternoon fuckers.” Richie said as he sat down. “Real classy Trashmouth. What happened to your cheek?” Richie froze up a bit before fully sitting down. “Just tripped down in the Barrens.” He used the same lie he used in first period. “We already told you Rich we don’t believe that.” Mike said. “No it’s true.” Bev cut in. Everyone looked at her. “I was there when it happened. Laughed my ass off till I saw how much he was bleeding.” A small smile played on her lips and she laughed a bit. “Oh, well than. Sorry for not believing you Rich.” Mike said. “Eh. Not like I have a very good track record.” He said. “That’s true.” Eddie mumbled. Richie looked at him. “I have a great record with you my love.” “How so?” Eddie asked. “I have a record of making you blush.” He smirked. Eddie kept his eyes locked with Richie’s as he brought up his middle finger in his line of sight and smiled. “You love me.” Richie said. “Sadly.”

“Hey no PDA at the table please.” Ben told them. “You’re killing the mood Haystack.” Richie pouted. “Wa-what mood? There was no moo-moo-moo-mood.” Bill said. “There was a mood before we saw your face Big Bill.” “That’s cah-cah-cold Rich.”

Bev, Stan, and Richie all sat in study hall, already waiting for the day to end. Bev laid across the seats, leaning into Stan’s side with her legs in Richie’s lap. She was twirling her pen, Richie was on his phone under the table, and Stan was actually doing his work. Suddenly Stan stopped writing mid sentence and spoke without looking up from his paper.

“I know you two are lying.” Bev and Richie both looked at him. “I was down in the Barrens yesterday, you weren’t. And Bev I know you keep your first aid kit in your locker. So you couldn’t have cut your cheek on a rock and you couldn’t have fixed him up.” He told them. “Damn Stan, are you a bird watcher or a detective?” Bev asked with a smile. Stan smiled too before getting serious again. “So what really happened?” He asked. “Beats me if I know. Richie came up with the story I just backed him up.” Bev said as she sat up fully. Both of them now looked at Richie. “Rich what happened?” Richie was avoiding eye contact and pushed the pop socket on his phone up and down. “Richie.” He stopped moving and sighed. “Does it matter?” He asked. “Yes hun it does.” Bev told him. “Well who the fuck cares?” He snapped. “We do.” Stan said. “Well I wish you wouldn’t.” He said a bit louder while standing up. A girl across the room shushed them. “Oh bite me Cathy.” Richie yelled before storming out. Bev and Stan tried to call to him but he just kept walking. Bev was about to get up but Stan held his hand up. “I’ll get him.” He said, and with that he left. Bev sighed and folded her arms over the table. “Freaks.” The girl who shushed them muttered. Bev stood up from her table. “You trying fucking go?” She asked her. The girl was going to stand up but her friend pulled her back down. “Don’t do it she’ll kick your ass Cathy.” He said. The girl reluctantly sat back down and Bev took her stuff and left.

Richie had left the school completely and was now just walking. He had no idea where, he just needed to leave. Stan had followed him and was driving along side him in his car. “Richie come on.” He said. “Go back to school Stan!” Richie yelled back. “Not without you!” “Well if you waiting for me you’ll be waiting all damn day!” Richie snapped. “Richie…” “You couldn’t have just dropped it?! You guys just can’t ever leave it the fuck alone! Can’t you just not care?! For once?! I’m so done!” And with that he took off. Stan did his best to follow but since he was on the road it was difficult. Stan eventually stopped his car in a parking lot and went after Richie on foot.

Richie kept going. He ran until his sides hurt and he could barely breath. He looked around the woods he ended up in and made sure he was alone before breaking down into tears. He leaned against a tree and slumped to the ground still sobbing. He fumbled with his jacket pocket before taking out a cigarette and lighter it with a shaky hand. He took long drags of it till it was gone fairly quickly. He took out another but drew this one out. He slowly stood up and looked around to find out where he was. It was a spot in the woods kids use to come to to hang out. Until two years ago when the Losers were freshman some senior left school one day and killed him self by jumping off the cliff that was here. Richie walked over a looked down the edge. Some college kids went swimming in the water at the bottom and found his body. The drop was over 100 feet, he had no chance of surviving. The kid hadn’t left a note or talked to anyone that day. He just walked out of class and jumped. No one had the slightest idea why. Richie wondered… if he could do the same.

No note, no conversation. Just some random, drunk, college kids finding him. Everything would stop. No more hurting. Would his friends even miss him? Wasn’t he just comic relief. Wasn’t Eddie only dating him because he was there? The only other guy, that they knew of, that also liked boys. No one was around. No one to stop him. It would be so easy. He took a step forward.


He stopped moving. Stan’s eyes widened at the sight. His friend was standing at the edge of a cliff, clearly ready to jump. “Richie please. Back away from the ledge please.” Stan’s voice was cracking, like he was also on the verge of tears. Richie stayed staring down at the water, he didn’t move as Stan’s footsteps approached him. Stan took Richie’s hand and pulled him back a bit, placing his arm in front of him just in case. Richie broke down in tears once more.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Richie sobbed. “Don’t apologize Rich. It’s ok, you’re ok.” Stan said hugging his friend. Richie cried into Stan’s shoulder for what felt like hours. He spilled everything without even being asked to. He told Stan what happened, having to be told to stop and breath.

After he had calmed down Stan led Richie back to his car. They got in and started driving, past the school. “Where are we going?” Richie asked. “My house. I texted Bev and told her to meet us there after school and bring our stuff.” He told him. “Wow Stanley Uris skipping school. Never thought I’d see the day.” Richie let out a laugh that was definitely forced. Stan put his hand on his shoulder and smiled, Richie smiled back.

Stan made the two of them tea and they sat down at the kitchen table in silence. It wasn’t awkward but it wasn’t comfortable either. They sat there for at least an hour before the door bell rang causing Richie to jump a bit. “It’s ok.” Stan reassured him. “It’s just Beverly.” Stan didn’t even open the door fully before Bev ran in. She set all the bags on the table and hugged Richie. “Oh Richie I’m so glad you’re ok. I got worried when Stan said you two weren’t coming back to school. What happened?”

After Bev was filled in they sat in silence once again. Bev was holding both of Richie’s hands. Then Stan said something neither of them were expecting.

“Richie I’m so sorry. We should have respected that you didn’t want to talk at the time. That you would have came to us when you were ready. And I’m so sorry, it should have never went that far. And just know… you’re not alone.” They both stared at him. “What do you mean Stan?” Bev asked.

“Sophomore year, when I was late to homecoming, I stood on that edge.” Richie and Bev’s eyes grew wide at that sentence. “I’ve had those thoughts plenty of times Rich. Hell, I still have them. But all of you keep me going. You two, Bill, Ben, Mike, Eddie. I used to think I was selfish and stupid for thinking that you guys would miss me but I see now, it’s never selfish or stupid to think you matter. To think people love and care about you. When Bill called me and asked where I was that day he saved my life and he doesn’t even know it. I haven’t kicked the bucket because of you guys. Because I would miss you and I know you’d miss me. And I’m so grateful for that. I would never take it for granted. I’ve never told anybody this, yet I’m saying it now in hopes it’ll help. Please Richie remember, you’re our best friend. And we love you.” Richie was crying again, and now Bev joined in. The three of them shared a hug filled with tears and I love yous. The hug ended when Bev’s phone rang, she got up to answer it. It was Ben.

“Hey where’s Richie? We have to make sure he doesn’t show up to early.” He said. Bev looked over to make sure they boys weren’t listening and lowered her voice. “Don’t worry Ben he’s here with me and Stan. We just… blew off the last periods.” She told him. “Stan blew of school? Are you listening to yourself?” Ben asked. “Just tell us what time to be there.” She rolled her eyes and smiled even though he couldn’t see. Ben sounded like he was talking to someone then spoke again. “One hour.” He told her. “Got it.” She said then hung up. She looked at Stan as he looked at her. She mouthed one hour to him and he gave her the thumbs up. She hoped that this would cheer Richie up.

The three of them headed down to Bill’s house together. They walked into the house only to see it was dark. All the sudden the lights came on everyone yelled surprise to Richie. “What the hell!” He yelled. “Happy birthday Rich.” Bev said. Richie furrowed his eyebrows in confusion before realizing. “Oh yeah.” He said slowly. “You forgot again?” Mike asked. Richie simply nodded as his cheeks flushed red. “Remembered or not it’s your day.” Eddie said giving him a kiss. He then took his hand and led him to the backyard.

They had ordered pizza and had a water balloon fight, finally Bill came out with the cake. As they were singing happy birthday Richie couldn’t help but smile as tears filled his eyes. He blew out the candles and was still smiling at them. “Thank you guys so much. You’re the greatest friends anyone could ask for. I love you.” They were all in another group hug before they gave him their presents. After everything they all spent the night in the living room.

Richie still claims it was the best day of his life. The day he was saved.

Chuck Award: Best Original Material - Winner

Congrates to @blacktithe7 who​ won this category in the Wayward Scandi Bitches Award I hosted with @winchesterswoonathon 

Erin requested post MoC smut with Dean and here goes:

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

His heart broke as he saw her take a step back. There were no bruises grazing her perfect features, no scars or wounds to be seen anywhere, so he knew Cas must have healed her. Physically anyway. The fear in her eyes was still there. She feared him. And what was worse, he couldn’t blame her. After what he had done to her, he was surprised she was even still in the bunker. That she didn’t slam her door in his face.

“Y/N…” Dean took a step forward, but he didn’t know what to say. He had no idea how to make this better. He hated himself for what he’d done. What he’d done to her, to Cas. To Sam. He had beaten and hurt the people he loved. He flinched as he remembered the feel of her jaw connecting with his fist.

He had hurt her. He had hurt her, when he had sworn to himself he would keep her safe from harm. He had caused her pain. He was the reason for the panicked look on her face. He had become what she feared.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart.” Dean could barely control his voice, and the tears threatened to spill from his eyes. He looked down before he could see the realization dawn on her face.

The man standing on front of her was the man she used to know. Not the monster the mark had turned him into, but the man she had fallen in love with long ago. The man she had so desperately needed to come back to her for so long.

“Dean?” He looked up when he recognized the hope in her voice. He sent her a faint smile. He couldn’t believe she was still here. Not yelling. Not hitting him. Not running away.

“Yeah sweetheart. It’s me. It’s gone.” Dean pulled up his sleeve to show her his arm. He watched as the tears built in her eyes, and suddenly he felt the impact of her body against his. He had to take a few steps back to regain his balance, but he didn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around her. Press his lips against hers.

She needed him more than she ever had, and she told him with her kiss. Her hands ran through his short hair; desperate to draw him closer.

He needed to show her how much she meant to him, how sorry he was for every angry word he had ever spoken to her. For every blow she had taken, trying to save the angel from his fury. Trying to save him.

He didn’t know how to tell her how sorry he was, how much she really meant to him, how desperately he needed her to stay, but her could show her.

Dean took his time removing her clothes, kissing and licking every spot of her soft velvet skin as he revealed it. He lingered on the spot on her neck that always made her her head fall back as she moaned his name. Sucking her nipples into his mouth, gently biting down as he released them, making her arch up into him.

Kissing his way back up her legs, after removing her pants, lingering on that spot above her knee that made her shiver and he smiled against her skin as he placed a wet open mouth kiss just above the line of her panties. She moaned loudly at his promise of what was to come.

The tears in her eyes swam over as her emotions and the pleasure he brought to her overwhelmed her. Her fingers dug into his arm and hair as he pumped two thick digits in and out of her slick cunt, caressing her sweet spot with every movement as his tongue eagerly sucked and swirled around her clit.

It didn’t take long for him to make the room spin before her eyes as she clammed down around his fingers, crying out his name.

She cupped his face as he lowered himself down on top of her, kissing away her tears, his clothes discarded on the floor along with hers. She stared into the sea of green before her, and her voice came out as a whisper.

“I love you, Dean.”

He smiled softly pressing his lips against hers as he slowly pushed himself into her wet throbbing pussy. She moaned against his lips, loving the full feeling of him seated completely inside of her.

“I love you too, sweetheart.” Dean’s voice was thick with emotion, and she could have sworn she saw a tear in his eye, just before he buried his face in the crook of her neck; hiding his face from her. He slowly began to move. Long fluent motions to match the soft kisses against her collarbone, neck and jaw.

Both of them were completely wrapped up in each other, both hoping this moment would never end. Both hoping that they would never have to face the reality of the world and the things that had happened between them. Both praying with all they had, that their love would be enough.

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Gintama 524 Theories + Facts

I have two theories about this:

1.The real Shogun is dead and he left a fake shogun.

2.The real Shogun pretended his death and he left a fake shogun.


These are the facts I saw in this chapter:

The real Shogun was poisoned in the RIGHT HAND

Princess Shoyo breaks her brother’s tea cup. In Japan this means something bad is happening or is going to happen. (If you watch naruto you probably remember this happened to Temari when Gaara “died)

The real Shogun ask Matsudaira his last favour.

I think the troll could come after this.

This is the real shogun after being poisoned. We can’t see his face cause he can barely do a thing since he’s close to death. But he wanted to share his last tea with her sister.

Shouyo brings tea in a new cups. If you look closely the real shogun didn’t say a word cause he can’t even speak because of his bad state. (If he would be fine there he would have said some kind of joke)

Why the shogun took the cup with left hand when he always used the right? Could it be because of the poison? He put the cup on the left.

The first panel at the right is the transition of the real shogun to fake shogun. If you look carefully he is taking the cup with the left hand (real shogun) but the cup is different (fake shogun)

Then Shouyo asks for the tea again and this time the fake shogun took the cup with the right hand and put it on the right.

Then this new shogun can speak and smile and show his face.

And finally shouyo is happy cause his brother (fake shogun) is with her.

I don’t want to call him fake cause who knows if this one is the one who spend time with her at the old times… but this is not our shige shige.

Maybe I’m too paranoic but we all know SORACHI IS A TROLL.

Sorachi using double bodies and his drawind style to confuse us. We can’t be sure which one appered every time. I think Matsudaira and Hattori were the only ones who recognised him all the time… 

onliafaze  asked:

Scenario: GoM and Kagami are in their uniform while talking to their g/f. She starts gently tugging at the jersey. "Why does it have to be so big? Two people could fit in here!" She then proceeds to burrow into the front of their jersey and pop her head out through the collar. "See?". How do they react to that? : 3

This is Mod Kissy-Kissy answering my first ask. I hope it’s good~ And I may have gotten help from Haizadick :L


Akashi looked over at (g/f) name. She looked back, huffing. “It’s true!” (g/f) had just finished telling Akashi how the jerseys were much too big for the team members.

“They have to be,” Akashi said.

“Why? Two people can fit in there!” She walked over to him, and tugged at a corner of his jersey, sighing. Akashi frowned slightly, watching her with a blank expression.

“I need to move around,” Akashi said.

“Well - I bet two people can move around in that!” She decided to prove it by burrowing into the jersey, her head coming out of the collar. “See?” Akashit just looked at (g/f).

“Now move around,” Akashi commanded. (g/f) began to walk, and Akashi let her pull him around, as he didn’t have to do much work anymore.


Midorima looked down at (g/f), who was pouting. “But Midorima-kun! We never do anything fun together!” She said, crossing her arms. “You only hang out with your lucky items!”

“No,” Midorima countered. (g/f) raised an eyebrow, searching him for the lucky item. She looked around, and then back at Midorima. Unable to find the item, panic showed on her face.

“Are you sick?” She asked, reaching for his forehead. He frowned and took a step back out of her reach. Then (g/f) got an idea. “You know, your jersey is massive,” She said with a devilish grin. “Why? You could fit two people inside of it, or maybe…” The tsundere’s eyes widened.

“(g/f)-!” He started to say, but (g/f) had already grabbed him.

“… A person and their lucky item!” She finished before burrowing into the jersey and Midorima had to crouch slightly for (g/f) to peek her head out the top. “See?”

Midorima’s face was a bright red, and he turned away from (g/f). “Tch. I don’t have anything because you’re supposed to be my lucky item, nanodayo,” He said softly so only she could hear.

“AWW~! Midorima-kun!” She smiled and hugged his bare chest, causing Midorima to turn and hide his face in her shoulder.


Kise was walking out of the gym in his basketball uniform when a crowd of girls seemed to appear out of nowhere. The girls circled around Kise, trying to get him to notice them notice your kouhais! , when (g/f) walked out of school and saw what was happening. She crossed her arms, a bit jealous. Kise was her boyfriend, not theirs. She needed a way to show them that…

(g/f) grinned as an idea popped into her head. She walked over to the crowd and Kise looked up with that smile of his.

“(g/f)-cchi!” He called, causing a few of the girls to back off and let (g/f) walk through. When she did, she tugged on Kise’s jersey, seeing how big it was. “(g/f)-cchi?” He asked. The girls were shooting glares that could kill at her, but she didn’t care. “Kise-kun~ Why are your uniforms so big~?” She asked with a smirk as she tugged more on the jersey. “You could fit two people in there!” She exclaimed. With that, (g/f) shoved her head in, climbing up to the collar and poking her head out.

“Like Kise-kun and his girlfriend!” She called out, causing Kise to pull his arm out of the sleeve of the jersey and intertwine his fingers with (g/f)’s. He smiled and the girls grudgingly walked away, talking amongst themselves of how they deserved to be his girlfriend.

“Thanks, (g/f)-cchi. I could barely walk,” He said.

“Just remember that you’re my Kise-kun, okay?” She asked, kissing his cheek. His smile never left, but a slight pink appeared on his face as they continued to walk in the same shirt, hand in hand.



Murasakibara had just gotten out of practice and didn’t even waste time to change before heading to the vending machine just outside. He knew he could go back in to change - but right now, he wanted a good snack. As he turned around, holding a box of Pocky, he saw (g/f) standing there, looking him up and down.

“Hello, (g/f)-chin,” He said, opening the box. (g/f) walked up to him and gently tugged at his jersey.

“How have I not noticed this before. Your jersey is huge, Atsushi!” She exclaimed, a grin creeping on her face. He rose an eyebrow as he put a Pocky in his mouth and began to eat it.

“What do you mean~?” He asked, walking to a nearby bench and sitting down. (g/f) followed and sat next to him.

“You can fit two people in this thing. Look, watch!” She lifted his jersey, causing Murasakibara to look confusedly at the head that popped out of the top of the jersey. He simply put another Pocky in his mouth. “See!?” (g/f) grinned and then bit off a part of his Pocky.

“Tch. I guess you can,” Murasakibara mumbled before hugging (g/f), burying his slightly pink face in her shoulder.


Aomine had just gotten out of practice when he bumped into (g/f). “Oi!” He said, not realizing it was her. “Watch where you’re - !” Before he could finish, he saw her familiar (e/c) eyes looking up at him, a frown on her face.

“Bad day at practice?” (g/f) asked, worried.

“No. I’m fine,” Aomine scowled. Truth was, he was just annoyed with everything right now and wanted some peace and quiet on the roof of the school. He needed to think.

“Hmph,” (g/f) muttered, moving her (h/c) hair out of her face. Aomine began to walk past her, not stopping when she started talking again. “You know, Aomine…” The tall male huffed and rolled his eyes - he wasn’t in the mood for a lecture from his girlfriend right now. “Your jerseys are so big!” She finished. He suddenly felt his jersey being lifted and something burrowing into it. “You can fit two people in here! Why’s that?”

“O-Oi!” He growled. He looked over to see (g/f)’s head sticking out of the jersey next to him. “What’re you doing?!”

“I’m cheering you up,” She said with a smile, leaning onto Aomine’s bare body as he continued to walk.

Of course, (g/f) had to chuckle at the cute blush on the bluenette’s face.


Kuroko looked at (g/f), his head tilted slightly in confusion just like a puppy’s. “What do you mean, (g/f)-chan?” He asked.

“I mean, your jersey is huge! Shouldn’t you get a smaller one?” She asked, looking at his jersey. She walked up to him and began to tug at it, feeling the fabric. “It’s so big you could fit two people in here,” She said.

“Could you?” Kuroko asked, watching her.

“Yes,” She said as she pulled the jersey more. Before Kuroko knew what was happening, (g/f)’s head stuck out next to his. “See?” She grinned. Kuroko looked like he was trying really hard not to laugh. (g/f) finally wrapped her arms around Kuroko, smiling up at him.

“I guess you can,” He said, finally smiling and laughing a bit.

Victory! (g/f) thought.


Kagami sighed, looking at the basketball court. He had been stressed out all day, and nothing (g/f) tried could fix him. She finally sighed, wanting to try something new. Desperate times call for desperate measures, she thought. She snuck around him, and suddenly Kagami felt something warm in his jersey.

“E-EH?!” He shouted, not knowing what the heck was in his shirt. He tried to get away from it, but it was moving with him. Finally, he saw (h/c) sticking out of the top of his jersey and frowned. (g/f) finally popped her head out of the top of the jersey, a grin on her face.

“Hey Taiga~,” She said. Kagami felt heat rise to his face.

“(g/f)! Wh-what are you doing!” He yelled in a panic. She just giggled and kissed his cheek.

“Calm down. You’ll win, ‘cause I’m part of you now.” Kagami felt more heat rise to his face as he walked to the court. (g/f) didn’t get out of the jersey until Riko ordered her too.

Kagami grinned when he heard (g/f) mutter, “I can’t believe two people actually fit in that jersey. Why is it so big?!”

Was it good? I hope you enjoyed it~!

Chase the Sun

This is a work of fan fiction and used for pure entertainment.  The characters in the story are real people, the events I put them in are not.  I hope you all enjoy. This is for the anon who requested a story about training for the half marathon.

I know I shouldn't be doing this but I feel like I should forewarn people.  I think a lot of people are expecting certain things from this particular story and I, unfortunately, will not be able to provide it.  Regardless, I hope you enjoy this final chapter.  Thank you for the endless messages and kind words. 

Devon and Ms. Dee, thanks for being so supportive. 

Jess:  “Tell Me…” -Kodaline

Chapters 1-7

Chapter 8

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The Usual Story (21/22)

What happens when the hot guy Emma yelled at in Starbucks for spilling her coffee, is her devilishly handsome and rich playboy new boss Killian Jones?

Catch up: Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 or on ff.nethere

Rated M

Thank you to all the people who liked, reblogged, and the lovely people who left reviews :) Apologies for the late update, uni is killing me slowly.

Dedicated to the amazing lenfaz

One more chapter and epilogue to go :)

This chapter is M so if thats not your thing, feel free to skip it!

Chapter 21

It’s strange how one person can come to mean so much in our lives that the lack of their presence burns a hole through the heart.

It had been almost two weeks since Emma had seen Killian in the parking lot. Since then they had talked sometimes – mostly just texting as he let her know the progress Arthur was making with Shira and TMZ and she thanking him.

One of the Kardashian’s had just turned 18 and apparently been gifted a Ferrari so all the focus drained out from Emma and Killian. They both had been contacted numerous times for comments or even TV interviews but they both refused.  It was still a strange sensation for Emma to be sometimes recognized, but the more it happened, the less she cared.

Her work, in the midst of all this bullshit, had been amazing. Kathryn was a fabulous boss and Emma’s new case – twins who lived all alone – was starting to see perhaps a happy ending as Emma was close to finding their father who didn’t even know they existed. It was fun working for big corporations (the money was impressive), but working in cases like these brought another kind of immense joy and good feeling.

Emma was debating on how to ask Killian to meet up for dinner – she missed him like hell and maybe if they just talked, things could go back as they were before. She wasn’t angry anymore (well not that angry), not at him; he’s been doing everything he can to fix this.

Friday is when Emma gets the text and after getting the thumbs up from Kathryn about leaving two hours earlier than usual, she drives to her friend’s.

The last Emma had seen of it, the Starbucks had its logo thrown off, and all the furniture from inside was gone – a ladder and couple of boxes of paint the only thing left inside. But as Emma parks her bug on the street and gets out of the car, she turns to see the Starbucks logo back on and new and better furniture being moved inside. Mulan was standing outside as she had promised, pulling Emma into a big hug as soon as she spotted her.

“I can’t believe it Emma!” Mulan babbled excitedly, “I looooove him – he just bought the franchisee for this place and is opening it up again and he made me manager!”

Emma smiled as she walked inside, carefully avoiding the movers who were carrying tables, sofas, and equipment. She spotted a patch of dark hair – he was standing beside Smee and David, the two men listening intently to him talk as he pointed at something on a piece of paper.

Once he was finished, Smee hurried away from the back and David talked a bit more – gesturing towards something outside when both men spot her. David tilted his head and sighed, while Killian’s eyebrows shot up and a smile creeped up his lips.

David nodded at Killian and walked towards Emma. He patted her shoulder and after offering a little smile, left.

At the same moment both Killian and Emma walked towards each other.

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Got a hold of you

Francis bit down his lower lip as he read the note of Nostradamus repeatedly. He had to make sure to take a vial containing a certain substance whenever he felt his stomach fighting the antidote once more. Though the poison had no longer effect on his brain, it still remained messing up his insides - causing nausea and dizziness whenever it wasn’t the right time. However, Nostradamus promised him health in a short matter of time. He would recover soon, with no chronicle remains in his system. Not that Francis wouldn’t get used to the short fevers or throwing up - he experienced maybe twice this week.

He folded the parchment back into it’s delivered form, and stuffed it in his back-pocket as he opened the door of his study with his other hand. He saw a shadow approaching him from behind. It was near nightfall, and since the sun decided to take its rest early this day, the halls were lit by troches - creating great shadows onto the massive stone walls. He threw a swift glance back over his shoulder, and pursed his lips at Lola’s appearance. He noticed their distance. Francis could barely remember what happened the night Lola found him, and he couldn’t think of himself doing anything wrong causing their contact to break. 

Francis saw her, now and then, now he got out of his chambers again - since approximately three days ago. But they didn’t share a single word yet. Neither did Lola ask him about his health. Didn’t she care after all? Though Francis should’ve entered his study, close the door, and forget about it, he did quite the opposite - and closed the door to his back without entering. 

“Lady Lola,” Francis stated - his face flat, no expression showed. “Glad to see you’re still around. Have you lost your tongue?”