cause everything works!

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness


I’m deceased. I’m in a void of despair after Chapter 10 and Promnis is the only small glimmer of light keeping me going tbh.


I did not kill Captain Flint. I unmade him. The man you know could never let go of his war. For if he were to exclude it from himself, he would not be able to understand himself. So I had to return him to an earlier state of being. One in which he could function without the war. Without the violence. Without us. Captain Flint was born out of great tragedy. You know this. I told you this. I found a way to reach into the past and undo it.


When you trying to get that tip VS. when you ready to clock tf out so you can finish watching your K-Dramas.

I can’t believe how beautiful and buff Vanasha is

apologies for lack of art, so SO busy.. making said art LOL, hang tight ;u;

okay but imagine how fucked up it would be if Kirby had a friend who’s able to provide him any ability when he wants. That’s some overpowered combination on the way.

cheeky boy ouma how do you sit like that


I was terrified of graduating college and not knowing what I was going to do. I saw the auditions for Idol and thought, Why not? I always liked to sing. You know when they asked, “Are you the next American Idol?” I said yes, but I didn’t mean it.- Carrie Underwood. 

((Ummmm… oops?))


“There’s people…feelings…that I want to experience differently than I have before. Or maybe even for the first time.”  [castiel counterpart]


It’s a revolution, not a war;

London, in the early 1900′s. Lady Morgana Pendragon is the highly controversial daughter of the Conservative leader The Rt Hon. Sir Uther Pendragon, MP. It has been widely speculated by the tabloids that the Lady Morgana is secretly funding the suffragettes movement. It would seem where the Lady Morgana would go she would attract attention from her bold fashion reflecting her general demeanour to her choice of “companion” with the young Miss Guinevere Leodegrance, a once servant to the Pendragons, now with the help of the Lady Morgana a sensation in London’s affluent music scene. 

On the other side of the Spectrum the working class are rising in the form of the Labour party, the leader is rumoured to be the opposition’s own wayward son, The Rt Hon. Arthur Pendragon, MP. who gave up his titles after his rebellion. Mister Pendragon is often criticised for the position due to his privileged upbringing, most publicly by a certain reporter by the name of Mister Merlin Emrys. Mister Emrys is The Guardian’s most favoured reporter, whose wish with the help of his undercover colleague Miss Mithian Nemeth it is to expose the Lady Morgana’s affair with Miss Guinevere, in the hope to use the scandal to bring upon an uprising against the Aristocracy for a modern Britain.