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anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

I can’t believe how beautiful and buff Vanasha is

apologies for lack of art, so SO busy.. making said art LOL, hang tight ;u;


When you trying to get that tip VS. when you ready to clock tf out so you can finish watching your K-Dramas.

cheeky boy ouma how do you sit like that

What if Jack and Bitty meet when Bitty works at a homeless shelter and Jack runs a café looking for somewhere to donate all the excess food 

The first time he closes with a huge bag of pastries and sandwiches he can’t resell in the morning, he googles: extra food what? and “Aids Care Ocean State, Providence” is the first result to pop up. He puts everything in the bags he keeps around for take-out haphazardly, puts those in a bigger plastic bag and follows the direction that google maps gives him. He’s not thinking of much beyond someone eating the food so he doesn’t have to throw it out but even those thoughts fall out of his head when he meets the blond man who’s in charge of the kitchen. 

[if Jack starts making more to bring well, it’s his business and he can run it how he likes. Besides properly packaging and dating the food is basically what he does anyways, and the shelter’s on his way home so he’s happy to stop]


It’s a revolution, not a war;

London, in the early 1900′s. Lady Morgana Pendragon is the highly controversial daughter of the Conservative leader The Rt Hon. Sir Uther Pendragon, MP. It has been widely speculated by the tabloids that the Lady Morgana is secretly funding the suffragettes movement. It would seem where the Lady Morgana would go she would attract attention from her bold fashion reflecting her general demeanour to her choice of “companion” with the young Miss Guinevere Leodegrance, a once servant to the Pendragons, now with the help of the Lady Morgana a sensation in London’s affluent music scene. 

On the other side of the Spectrum the working class are rising in the form of the Labour party, the leader is rumoured to be the opposition’s own wayward son, The Rt Hon. Arthur Pendragon, MP. who gave up his titles after his rebellion. Mister Pendragon is often criticised for the position due to his privileged upbringing, most publicly by a certain reporter by the name of Mister Merlin Emrys. Mister Emrys is The Guardian’s most favoured reporter, whose wish with the help of his undercover colleague Miss Mithian Nemeth it is to expose the Lady Morgana’s affair with Miss Guinevere, in the hope to use the scandal to bring upon an uprising against the Aristocracy for a modern Britain.  


Apartment 2B - per request and loooong overdue, here’s my best attempt at Bonnie and Caroline’s digz. Floor plan here.

Why hello there Mr. Mystery <3

@tanktopsandplaidboxers: Can I ask why Erica would be in South Africa?

Fair question! @shelton-devers and I were putting this all together and we figured we should put someone in Africa just to space everyone out all over the world. So that’s why Erica and Boyd are in South Africa. Also, I noticed people were wondering where Derek and Lydia are - Lydia is with her girlfriend in Paris, obvi, and then Derek and Cora are with Malia. Don’t worry, it’s Sterek endgame. We’re working on gifsets and maybe a fic rn, so keep an eye out for those, too!!

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. - Roman 8:28
As the Apostle Paul encouraged the Roman church we must also remember that God works in all things. Our successes and our failures. As you enter this week, don’t forget that when you start thinking about:
-The job that didn’t work out
Even if it was your dream job, or if it would have drastically helped your financial situation, remember that that was not the last opportunity that will ever come. Just because you weren’t hired, it doesn’t mean you’re not worthy of being hired somewhere else. Don’t allow yourself to fill your head with all the reasons you didn’t get it, when God just wants you to keep your eyes on Him as He prepares you for what’s next. Tomorrow morning, wake up ready to the serve the Lord in what ever capacity you can. Keep on smiling, stay positive, and most importantly, stay faithful to the Lord. God honors faithfulness.
-The grade/GPA that didn’t meet the standard
Perhaps you logged onto that student portal and you didn’t see the grade you were hoping to see. Maybe, no matter how hard you try, you keep thinking back to the grade written at the top of your essay or your exam and how it wasn’t what you thought it would be. In these moments you might be tempted to start accepting that this is how it’s going to be from here on out….but it’s not the truth. No matter how rough it’s been these past few weeks, months, you still have the opportunity tomorrow morning to continue giving your all, and not to please man, but to the please the Lord, because the work you do for Him is not in vain.
-Your faith
Maybe you’re looking to God and wondering where He is. Perhaps you have unanswered questions and it seems as if He is silent. Be encouraged that those unanswered prayers do not take away from God’s faithfulness in your life. You’re still breathing. He still brought you here to this very moment for a reason and all of these moments will work together for the good. You WILL see. Keep holding on. Keep being faithful!
Words by @morganhnichols by #QWCDEVOS


I’m really smart and creative but no one ever believes it and I need to stop worrying what they think because I’m starting to have dreams where people point at me and call me stupid and dumb. Like Ik I’m smart and stuff I shouldn’t need validation !! I base my value as a person on how smart I am. It’s probably my Mercury and Gemini dominance. I NEED TO STOP!! Any advice ??

it’s starting to effect my confidence