cause damon salvatore

TVD is a shit show

Like yea sure lets RUIN everything their is about the Salvatore Brothers.

Lets make sure that Bonnie suffers every single time.

Lets demote one ship to promote the other.

Lets make Caroline a love interest every single FUCKING time.

Lets randomly kill characters for shock value.

Lets forget all of our previous plot lines

Basically, just swing it.

Ok so now that I’ve calmed down “some” i can now say to the writers of vampire diaries …. YOU SUUUUUCK!

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How dare you guys give the dysfunctional, toxic, vomiting, abusing relationship a happy ending and Stefan fucking has to die. Are you serious. You think it was a happy ending because he got to rest in peace and I will be happy

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Like he doesn’t get a long normal life married to the woman he loves, with kids and a great job

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But delena does get that and they don’t freaking deserve it. You just couldn’t let damon be the one to rest in peace but the good brother no. And what was all that “damons the better man” bullshit about

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I ain’t loving any of that shit. The only good was seeing Lexi and the scene with Bonnie and the witches. Now that had me like

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But overall I ask you kindly somewhat don’t ever, ever, ever write again. If you gonna send messages that a man ever mistreating you is ok unless he’s hot and stops doing it to you but will continue to everybody else in your life. And people who try to change their life have to dive up their life for others who don’t deserve it.

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Not happy, that sucked and gonna pretend ya’ll did not just do that. Idc how everyone else feels I’m sticking to my decision and I’m not buying that shit. I know disrespect when I see it and that was hurtful

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Have a goodnight … my fellow Stefan fans who wanted more for him

a lot of people saying Stefan’s “the better man. The right man” line is about his brother being the better person but to me it sounded like he was saying Human Damon is a better person than Vamp Damon ever was and that’s who he wanted Elena to fall in love with.

Bamon Speech Song Lyrics, 7x14

Turn the other way look around
Something big’s about to happen
I swear to God that I’ve been here before
And you were here
I guess it’s nothing

Lost at sea
Lost at sea
Guess I do know the truth after all
Guess I do know the truth after all

Stay the current course
No matter what don’t change for anyone
Say you’ll save a corner of your mind
Cause I think about you all the time

Lost at sea
Lost at sea
Guess I do know the truth after all
Guess I do know the truth after all

And nothing you can do to turn it back around
Is gonna make a difference it’s done it’s happened now
So take me where you go
Watercolor eyes
And we can start again
You’ll never know if you never try

-Lost at Sea, David Thomas Junior