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I’m a new dm for a group of relatively new players, running a short campaign ‘cause I wanted to try my hand at dming and they wanted to play. 

Long story short, the players have to convince the ghost of an ancient king to give them the password to open a secret vault and get the treasure as they were hired to do. I’ve decided to play the king, Caul, as a semi-genocidal and extremely lonely old man who doesn’t want the conversation to end. I’d been having fun distracting them talking about skee ball, murder, and Caul’s beautiful wife whom he loved very much, but they finally got out of him some important info. 

Ollie, the party warlock: So, you’re waiting for the “chosen ones,” and you’ll tell them the password? 

Caul: Yes, that’s right. Oh, I’ve been down here for so LONG, you have no IDEA- 

Ollie, OOC: Can I just, like, convince him we’re the chosen ones? 

Me, OOC: Sure, roll persuasion.  

I was going to make something that obvious a tough roll, as this conversation was meant to be akin to a boss fight in difficulty. I figured they’d have to get a 20 to successfully convince him with just one roll. I wanted them to test their roleplaying capabilities and have a little fun with it instead, and Ollie hadn’t rolled above a 10 all evening so I wasn’t worried. 

Ollie: *rolls 19, +3 to get 22* HAHA 

Me, OOC: Oh shit, okay. Um, so what do you say?

Ollie, OOC: I convince him we’re the chosen ones?

Me, OOC: Yeah, but how? What do you say to convince him? 

Ollie, after much deliberation: We are the chosen ones. 

Caul: Wow, I suddenly believe you, I guess. 

I’m laughing because now that Ted Cruz is running for president, his wife (whose health insurance he was covered under) decided to take a leave of absence to help him campaign, causing them both to lose their health insurance. Now they’re forced to sign up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act or become uninsured.

So since Ted Cruz decided to campaign to repeal Obamacare, he can now only get insurance through Obamacare.

And that, my friends, is a true example of irony.

A grainy but heartfelt CRINGE. A study.

Let’s start with Jared’s obvious anxiety throughout the whole video. He looked tired and basically unwilling, his voice was so low and he was speaking slowly. Maybe he’s so tired of showing his family off for campaign purposes? Maybe he really doesn’t like being around Gen and pretending to be in love for two minutes? 

Then Jared introduces the family:

Jared: Hi guys, so Gen and Jared, Shep and Tom and… Baby Padalecki here. And sissy! Not her birth name, but…uh, her name for us (??)

few moments later

Jared: We’re busy with these dudes and…

Gen: Baby Odette.

did he just… forgot the baby’s name? He didn’t know, by the time this was filmed, what was the baby’s name? Or if they would announce the baby’s name on the video? Anyway, shouldn’t that be a couple’s decision he should be aware of? 

From the start of the video, Jared has his arm around Gen’s shoulder on the couch. But then Tom moves away and we see this:

He’s not touching her. No loving husband’s embrace, no comforting touching. He was nervously moving his hand and fingers like he was impatient. What does that tell us about their relationship?

He really sounds like he needs a backup, so Gen interrupts him to talk more about the campaign and the purpose of the video. Jared makes this face

 How many synonyms are there to the word D O N E?

Then Gen touches his arm and he was not ready for this /intimate/ touch, so he makes a similar face and looks down at her hand. 

When you have intimacy with someone, you basically give them permission inside your personal space. You don’t feel uncomfortable when they touch you, you don’t look startled, because you’re used to it and you trust them they’ll do no harm to you. This is not what Jared and Gen have, if a simple arm-touch is enough to make Jared look like this. Even not-so-close friends are allowed to touch an ARM. Again, what does that tell us about their relationship?

Jared: We really believe this is gonna raise money for a couple good causes that can spread love and acceptance and uh… Universal… just love and acceptance.

????????????? Does he sound like someone involved in the cause? Or in this campaign whatsoever?

ps: Gen tried to give Jared the famous heart-eyes, but to me it just looked like she wanted to punch him lol

That’s it, folks. This video was a disaster and I’m really sorry we got to watch it. I’m really sorry you had to do this, Jared, sweetheart. But it what it is.

Thank you! xx

you don’t sound as cool as you think you do when you offend an actor’s looks you know

seriously though, y’all, if you’ve never played with an extremely high leveled evocation wizard then you’ve never had the joy of watching them kill your entire party and destroy a campaign in one blow

🔮👐💓⛔🔵⛔💓 👐🔮

emoji spell to help promote autistic safety and self-love for all those who desire it, and especially to defend the autistic community from harmful rhetoric, in honor of autism acceptance month. 

likes charge, reblogs cast. 

don’t support autism $peaks. 


You said you were a “pro”. Then, as another pro, I can’t lose to you!!

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Heal the World: Mangroves for a Cause is a social campaign where it focuses on making little changes by planting mangroves. With this simple contribution, we can save millions of people and also our beautiful planet. Big changes bloom from small things, this movement will be the start of the change we’ve all been waiting for. We should make the Philippines a paradise filled with trees that symbolize a healthy environment and a country that has no problems with floods and air pollution. Join our community and make a difference!
#VAGov: Ralph Northam Wins Democratic Primary For Virginia Governor
Democrats were expecting a close race in Virginia, but Northam prevailed over the Bernie-backed Tom Perriello.
By Ruby Cramer

Ruby Cramer at BuzzFeed News: 

Virginia Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam won the Democratic gubernatorial primary here on Tuesday evening, defeating an opponent cast as the populist progressive choice in one of the first closely watched statewide campaigns since President Donald Trump took office.

The AP called the race for Northam over Tom Perriello, with Northam leading 57-43 percent. Northam, 57, a former U.S. army physician and Virginia state senator, defeated Perriello, defying several recent polls that promised a tight contest

The results also marked an initial victory for the current governor, Terry McAuliffe, who has been one of Northam’s most active supporters on the campaign trail in recent weeks. McAuliffe is barred by state law from seeking a second consecutive term, but the election of Northam would be a mark of affirmation of his record.

On a 90-degree night here outside Washington, about 200 Northam supporters waited for polls to close on the patio of a bar called Highline RXR. The lieutenant governor is expected to attend the event with some of his biggest state backers, backdropped in the bar by a makeshift display of Virginia and American flags.

Together, Northam and Perriello agreed to hold a “unity”-themed rally the morning after the race, regardless of Tuesday’s results. The event, set for George Mason University, will be attended by McAuliffe and Democratic Party chair Tom Perez.

The Democratic primary, one of just two gubernatorial races this year, was quickly examined in national press coverage as an early indicator for the party’s political climate and future ideological leanings after an unexpected defeat last fall and the long and fraught primary between Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The Democratic primary, one of just two gubernatorial races this year, was quickly examined in national press coverage as an early indicator for the party’s political climate and future ideological leanings after an unexpected defeat last fall and the long and fraught primary between Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Northam received endorsements early on from nearly every top Democrat in the state, including McAuliffe and U.S. Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine. His challenger, the 42-year-old Perriello, a former one-term congressman, jumped in the race in January, positioning himself as a young upstart, better aligned with the energy and activism that propelled Sanders in 2016 and helped launch the protest movement working to oppose the president and reverse Democratic electoral deficits.

Perriello embraced a new political terrain for Democratic candidates, one governed by opposition to Trump, grassroots, and small-dollar donor. But even as he attracted national interest, securing endorsements from Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, his campaign didn’t draw the same swell of attention that transformed Jon Ossoff, a little-known candidate running in a little-known special congressional election in Georgia’s 6th District, into an urgent shared cause for grassroots Democrats.

The campaign, managed by Sanders’ national field director in 2016, Julia Barnes, hinged on plans to bring in tens of thousands of new voters to the polls — a significant challenge in an off-year, when turnout levels are historically low.

Virginia’s last competitive gubernatorial primary, held in 2009, drew about 320,000 Democrats. (One million showed up in the presidential primary one year earlier.)

Perriello, who poured money into a large staff, also let Northam outspent him on TV, 3-to-1 in some marks, according to a Democrat familiar with the ad spending.

On policy, both candidates offered progressive platforms, and both had imperfect progressive credentials. Northam admitted to voting twice for George W. Bush. Perriello struggled to explain his positions on gun control and reproductive rights from his time as a candidate in Virginia’s rural 5th district: In 2010 he received an “A” rating in 2010 from the National Rifle Association. In 2009, he voted for an amendment to the Affordable Care Act to limit federal abortion funding.

you dont have to pity white women who support trump in the name of feminism. you really don’t have to be like “poor melania! poor ivanka!” or claim that kellyanne conway is a feminist icon bc she ran a successful campaign. like…..they’ve been aiding the trump campaign and cause since before it even was the trump campaign and many of them have been openly racist, homophobic, and anti-immigrant before. so miss me w/ that free melania shit i do not care one bit. 

anonymous asked:

Oh? We talking CR dreams? Bc I swear last week I had this dream about the next campaign that I only half remember at this point and I just have this super clear image of Whitestone in ruins again? Like how Matt described it Pre-Briarwood arc. All ruins and Whitestone Castle was empty again and it was like that arc had never happened? But there was still no undead?? And Taliesin's face was jsut aghast and they looked inside and I can't remember if they found Percy and Vex but that image jsut idk

oh sweet yeah I can’t wait for the next campaign not cause I wanna move on from VM but because I really want to see what changes and what doesn’t 

WWE Money In The Bank

So I would first like to say that I have supported your cause and campaign for a solid year now. I would like to address you with a sexist situation that I encountered Sunday while watching WWE’s Money in the Bank PayPerView.  They had recently came out with the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank Match, as it has only ever been competed by men.  The match started as usual and it went on as usual, but it was the ending that cause a lot of controversy.  Becky Lynch was currently climbing the ladder to claim the briefcase.  James Ellsworth, Carmella’s “boyfriend”, who was not legal, walked into the ring and pushed the ladder so Becky Lynch would fall. Then he set up the ladder again and looked up at the briefcase, climbed the ladder, claimed the briefcase and handed it to his “girlfriend”.  

The WWE claim to be in a “Diva’s Revolution” at the moment.  They say this is the era to show that female athletes are just as capable as male athletes, but is this the way to show it? The first ever Miss Money in the Bank match is going down in pro wrestling history, for all the wrong reasons.  

WWE showed the world that women can’t do it on their own.  They have to have a man’s help.  These are my thoughts on it and I want to hear yours.