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you dont have to pity white women who support trump in the name of feminism. you really don’t have to be like “poor melania! poor ivanka!” or claim that kellyanne conway is a feminist icon bc she ran a successful campaign. like…..they’ve been aiding the trump campaign and cause since before it even was the trump campaign and many of them have been openly racist, homophobic, and anti-immigrant before. so miss me w/ that free melania shit i do not care one bit. 


You said you were a “pro”. Then, as another pro, I can’t lose to you!!

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I’m laughing because now that Ted Cruz is running for president, his wife (whose health insurance he was covered under) decided to take a leave of absence to help him campaign, causing them both to lose their health insurance. Now they’re forced to sign up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act or become uninsured.

So since Ted Cruz decided to campaign to repeal Obamacare, he can now only get insurance through Obamacare.

And that, my friends, is a true example of irony.

caitlincal  asked:

since doing larger films like The Avengers and being more in the public eye, do you think this has encouraged you to do more campaigning for causes, such as Dear Obama, as you have a bigger platform to speak from to help raise awareness?

It has definitely changed the way i reach the public, there is also the vast development of the social media network sphere over the last 10 years. That coupled with higher profile films like Avengers does increase reach in a way but that alone does not really mean very much. I think when you engage in these kinds of issues credibility is premiere. One gains credibility by learning deeply about the issues and joining in the communities that you are speaking about. I do not really see this work about me, it’s more about the people who are living on the front lines of these injustices. I have found a way to throw a Spotlight on them when it sometimes follows me around. I have been fortunate enough to be an actor that has gained some notoriety but also a human being that has had a lot of different experiences in life with a lot of different kinds of people. I have been poor and I have been wealthy, I have lived in front line communities and in immigrant communities. I have seen violence first hand and I have seen injustice. I have been blessed with experience and I feel these many experiences have made me appreciate life and the world in a particular kind of way. They have made me more compassionate than maybe I otherwise would have been. It is that compassion and a feeling that we are more alike as people than not that encourages me to do more campaigning for causes. As I get older, I ask myself what is the meaning of this life? What are we here for? Is it simply just to fulfill our desires and wants? Is there a bigger thing happening than myself? If there is, is there a way I can be a small part of it? Even if there is no design to any of this at all, there is still the innate sense of what is right that stirs in all of us. It is to this sense of greater decency, lets call it “morality” that I am encouraged to participate in. 

Big Fashion Turn Offs
  • Adult Sizing/Child-Briding/Sexualizing Children

I don’t care what context you have chosen to justify your campaigns but in a country where issues like child marriages are grave, you don’t trivialize or perpetuate them. The campaign below caused such bad taste that the brand had to remove group photos from their social media pages because it was hurting their business (was proper proud).

  • Whitewashing/Brown facing

Just a visual comparison of the same model in two different fashion campaigns. Not to mention brands that hire foreign white models to sell traditional clothing or designers that go as far as brown facing a white passing model because… standard beauty ideals and commercial market woos.

  • Using underprivileged people as props

Unless you’re economically/socially empowering them, using them as props to make your campaigns look provocative or interesting is.. vomitrocious. I’m all for making social statements and pushing boundaries but doing that tastefully will only make your campaign more powerful. 

  • Overpricing Everyday Wear

An everyday fabric like lawn that wears out in a few months has become an out of reach luxury because it has been hijacked by high end designers and Birkin wearing socialites. No matter how much you adorn that lawn jora with embellishments, it will remain a lawn jora. 

So, Pluto Nash Predicted the Future

They predicted the obvious, Hillary becoming president.  It was only a matter of time before that happened.  But also:

The inflation of currency is going to require us to print higher value dollar bills.  Hillary Clinton is the first president to realize this problem, so she makes a $10,000 dollar bill with her face on it, and a $1,000 dollar bill with her husbands.  

She also realizes, like Gary Johnson, that the only way to stop global warming is to run away from it…building civilizations on the moon and Mars.  She doesn’t know who to send to Mars since it’s a dangerous mission.  She needed somebody expendable and obedient at the same time, so she chose Eddie Murphy.

Trump, furious that he lost election, hires a gang of goons to take over the moon.  However, he can’t lead them himself; the failed campaign has caused him to become a chronic masturbater.  So, in 2075 he hires a man who is relatively famous but stays hidden throughout the plot under the alias Rex Crater.  Rex Crater is a moon and breakfast food expert, a well renown conservative, and is the world’s first cyborg.  Maybe people don’t know who it is…but I think I have a pretty strong argument.


Thanks to all of you who have already supported and shared this. We’ve jumped from 3 signatures now to over 600!! Please continue spreading awareness, the more signatures we have the more likely they’ll take this down even though its on “Private Property”. The link is posed below. It takes only 3mins to do, please do it. Thanks again.

So, about all the Misha hate (and general hate in this fandom)...

I’m really hoping Jared or Jensen brings it up at some point (whether that be on twitter, in a facebook video/livestream, at a convention or anywhere else.) and explains that Misha is their friend, and they’ve known him for 8 friggin’ years, so of course they don’t hate him. Even though they joke about it a lot, but it’s just that, jokes. And that they’ll both kindly ask the Misha haters and some of the a bit too extreme Bibros to stop sending so much hate, and stop trying to ruin this campaign.

Cause it’s a good campaign that could honestly help and save a lot of people, so to try to tear that down just because you don’t like a person (whom you don’t even know, mind you) or a ship, is incredibly selfish and generally makes you a pretty shitty human being.

And it’s the same with all the hate towards Gen, Danneel and even JJ (Which honestly, who the hell hates on a young child like that? What do you gain from it?). Jared and Jensen are two grown men with friends and families whom they love very much, and they don’t need you to protect the “purity of their friendship” or “relationship” or whatever it is you interpret them as. When you insult their friends and their families, and generally just the people they love, you’re insulting and hurting them too, and none of that is ok.

We’re all supposed to be a family, so I really think it’s about time we started acting like one and looked past the fact that we don’t all ship the same things, or have the same favorite characters or favorite seasons or favorite actors. It’s ok to have different opinions, and everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but don’t go tearing down other people just because they don’t think exactly the way you do.

To everyone who’s sending hate to the actors or their families and friends, or who are sending “concerned” emails to I’m Alive and TWLOHA about Misha, and trying to get YANA shut down: Stop. Please just stop. You are trying to ruin something that could be really good for a lot of people, and you are hurting others for your own selfish and incredibly childish reasons. 

I am not saying all J2 shippers are Misha haters, I am not saying all Bibros hate Cas with a passion and are trying to get him thrown off the show. I am not saying that just because Jared is your favorite and you’re a die hard fan of him, means you’re trying to shut down YANA. I am not saying that not liking Misha makes anyone a bad person. It’s ok not to like someone, just don’t be a dick about it. And the same goes for ships. If you don’t like a ship, ignore it. Blacklist it. Pretend it’s not there. But don’t go and bash on people who do like it, cause you have no right to do that, and frankly, it just makes you an asshole.

Do we know if the trial is actually 10 hours or up to a certain point in the campaign?

Cause I have to split that time with my husband and he has parent/teacher conferences tomorrow evening and I need to make sure I don’t blow all our time myself…


Sometimes I feel like the stereotypes people put on us British are a bit much

But then I see this on national news…


Before modern feminism attracted a bad name, from ‘some’ women demanding special rights over men, an others proclaiming all men to be rapists etc, original feminism had the more genuine cause of seeking equality an fairness. An so this is the brief story of some brave women in England’s early 1900′s, who were amongst the first women in the world to pioneer equal rights for women.

This public campaign comprised of mostly women from upper and middle-class backgrounds, who were frustrated by their social and economic situation. Their struggles for change within society, along with the right to work, had a strong advocate in the British government, namely John Stuart Mill.

Politician John Mill introduced the idea of female equality on the platform he presented to the British electorate in 1865. He was subsequently joined by numerous men and women fighting for the same cause.

The campaigners became termed “suffragettes” - an was first used as a term of derision by a journalist in the Daily Mail newspaper to describe activists in this movement for women’s rights. But the women intended to be ridiculed embraced the term, an so it became a marketing advert that signposted their existence.

The National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies, founded in 1897, was formed from local societies. The union was led by Millicent Fawcett, who believed in constitutional campaigning, issuing leaflets, organising meetings, and presenting petitions but the campaign had little effect.

So in 1903 Emmeline Pankhurst founded a new organisation, the Women’s Social and Political Union. She thought the movement would have to become radical and militant if it was going to be effective. She pictured above, in London.

Emmeline Pankhurst, center, with her 2 daughters on the left.

daniellalipscombe: Thankyou to Alex Turner and Miles Kane from @thelastshadowpuppets for taking the time to find out more about @attitudeiseverythinghq and supporting their #musicwithoutbarriers campaign before they rocked the #bristolsummerseries stage.


Magnum Ice Cream Bars just released a new advertising campaign entitled Be True to your pleasure (or in branding terms: #BeTrueToYourPleasure) featuring a set of gender non-conforming individuals alongside Willam Belli. Say what you will about advertising trying to align itself with social/moral/ethical causes (Dove’s #realbeauty campaign has certainly faced some criticism over the years), and the nuances of who/how LGBTQ people are represented in the media, but personally I am glad this is out there. I wish the individual interviews (which can be found here) were a little longer and more nuanced - something I think Clearsil’s, still very short, ad with Jazz did a little better - but really I am just glad to see more of this generally positive representation in any format. While I do not think Magnum is taking a huge risk, this is certainly a bold move, and one I hope works for them. 

My real complaint? They did not call me up. Dear Magnum: I like ice cream, and I will totally eat it on camera while looking glamorous and stuff. Call me maybe?

Auguste Fickert (1855-1910) was a prominent feminist activist in Austria. Her left-wing political actions focused mostly on protecting the rights of disadvantaged groups, particularly of working-class women.

She was a teacher all her life, and argued against the religious basis of education in Austrian schools at the time. She campaigned for causes such as women’s suffrage, unionizing female civil servants or the better treatment of prostitutes. She founded the General Austrian Women’s Association in 1883 and oversaw its publications.

(going to a fancy dress ball that is basically Cinderella cause fairytale campaign, the monk and myself, a summoner, are in disguise)

Monk: I am Baron von Strucker, and this is my wife, Madame de Pompadour.

Me: And this is our son (pointing to the bard who we’re supposed to keep away from Cinderella cause bard), George. He acts a bit wild, that’s why we’ve given him the nickname, Of The Jungle.

DM: *snorts* Gah. I have a bloody nose.

(later in the campaign, more shenanigans ensue)

DM: Don’t make me laugh! I’ve already snorted my blood once tonight!