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taylor swift has literally done NOTHING to deserve this life of vile, pure hatred like it is SO unsettling to watch this smear campaign cause she’s done literally NOTHING to the scale of which this kind of backlash would be acceptable. she’s never said a slur. never supported nazis (don’t you DARE fucking bring up her silence cause dozens of celebs are silent who don’t get this level of shit). always apologizes when she messes up or oversteps. never joked about ed’s, never said a racist joke, never laughed at a homophobic joke, never did ANYTHING to deserve this level of hate. like i can’t think of ANY celeb who gets tied to a stake and burned this way. i’m shaking because i’m so upset how can ANYONE think that was okay on ANY level

I’m a new dm for a group of relatively new players, running a short campaign ‘cause I wanted to try my hand at dming and they wanted to play. 

Long story short, the players have to convince the ghost of an ancient king to give them the password to open a secret vault and get the treasure as they were hired to do. I’ve decided to play the king, Caul, as a semi-genocidal and extremely lonely old man who doesn’t want the conversation to end. I’d been having fun distracting them talking about skee ball, murder, and Caul’s beautiful wife whom he loved very much, but they finally got out of him some important info. 

Ollie, the party warlock: So, you’re waiting for the “chosen ones,” and you’ll tell them the password? 

Caul: Yes, that’s right. Oh, I’ve been down here for so LONG, you have no IDEA- 

Ollie, OOC: Can I just, like, convince him we’re the chosen ones? 

Me, OOC: Sure, roll persuasion.  

I was going to make something that obvious a tough roll, as this conversation was meant to be akin to a boss fight in difficulty. I figured they’d have to get a 20 to successfully convince him with just one roll. I wanted them to test their roleplaying capabilities and have a little fun with it instead, and Ollie hadn’t rolled above a 10 all evening so I wasn’t worried. 

Ollie: *rolls 19, +3 to get 22* HAHA 

Me, OOC: Oh shit, okay. Um, so what do you say?

Ollie, OOC: I convince him we’re the chosen ones?

Me, OOC: Yeah, but how? What do you say to convince him? 

Ollie, after much deliberation: We are the chosen ones. 

Caul: Wow, I suddenly believe you, I guess. 

A bard NPC that follows your players’ party around, playing music that does not at all fit the mood/situation. Use this as an excuse to play whatever music you like instead of spending hours searching for and creating the perfect campaign soundtrack

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@marcoweek​ day 6 for the theme ‘war’

Marco reads the piece of paper again. It hasn’t changed, of course, and he lets it crumple in his fist.

Two hours. Only two hours’ warning.

It will have to be enough.

“Sir?” It’s Jack–Marco’s pretty sure his name is Jack–from the Eleventh. “Should I take this to Pops?”

“No!” Marco says before he thinks about it, then takes a deep breath. “No, it’s fine, yoi. I’ll–take care of it.”

Jack is giving him a sideways look. “You sure?” he asks. “What’re you gonna do?”

Marco looks down at the crumpled paper. “Prepare for war,” he says, and stalks off to go find Thatch.

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you're the first person to talk about how disgusting deenerys is to the slaves and freedmen. can you make like a comprehensive post about it, please? i'm rereading the books and so i don't remember well.

 I don’t at all remember exactly all I have ever said on this site, but I don’t remember ever using the work ‘disgusting’, if I did, I want to take it back right now. Slavers and slavery is disgusting. The way Daenerys tried to liberate slaves wasn’t disgusting, it was just stupid and wrong with disastrous consequences… And delusional, ignorant and hypocritical. 

Trust me though, I am by far not the only one, and most certainly not the first to declare Dany’s Mereen campaign all I said above and more. Loads and loads of people have criticized it and named it for what it is. 

I’m not gonna make a comprehensive post aka meta, because I literally do not even have the time to update the last two chapters of my fic (sorry bout that). I’m crazy busy and I lack both the time and energy necessary to look up book quotes and everything. 

I’ll give you a from the top of my head list, though, which is gonna me crazy long and detailed still. Hope that’s sufficient to give you an idea: 

- It’s lovely that she wanted to free slaves, but the reasoning sucks. She is perfectly fine with Drogo collecting them to afford the ships she needs, nor does she actually ever liberate Mirri Maz Duur and the other women, she merely stops the raping. In the first two books she not once mentioned because disgusted by slavery. When she goes to Yunkai, planning on buying the Unsullied, there’s not a vessel of her brain that protests against this plan because she’s so anti slavery. The truth is that Daenerys ‘liberates’ the Unsullied because she can’t afford them. She was planning on buying them. The Human Rights Declaration 1948 part of my brain knows this makes her guilty of slavery. Her anti-slavery campaign starts cause she’s broke, which is the worst of reasonings… despite all the claps she receives for being so kind-hearted. 

- The way she liberates them is stupid. She makes very different kind of mistakes in Yunkai, Mereen and Astapor, which is kinda amazing in a way, because all three cities are completely in ruins after she interfered, one more so than the other, but still. We can conclude she learns nothing as she goes, cause she keeps screwing up. Astapor may or may not be her greatest monstrosity of all. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Yunkai turning her back on her and becoming her 1# enemy was as predictable as anything (really, Dany? leaving the government and military fully intact? So odd, that they eventually rebel) and Mereen was, if anything, the prove we didn’t need to know Daenerys is a shit ruler. Dany and her anti-slavery campaigns indirectly killed many many people and brought prosperous cities to total ruin. 

- Just adding this: from a superficial moral pov liberating slaves is a really really good thing, but you can’t just say ‘and now you are all free’. Very little has changed in the actual lives of these people Dany ‘freed’, which only shows how little Dany-I-know-what-it-is-like-to-be-bought-and-sold-Targaryen understands of slavery. She delcares them free and believes the issues are gone, but that’s of course not at all how it works. Being a slave doesn’t just mean you’re the property of someone else. You can’t take slavery out of society by just banning it. Slavery is part of Essosi culture, it goes very very deep. She underestimates that, because, despite her own believes, she knows nothing of what it’s like to be bought and sold. She was Drogo’s exotic trophy wife, she became his queen for crying out loud, gained power, independence and was freed of Viserys. She compares that to being the absolute scum of society? Nah. Not impressed. 

- Let’s be real, Dany’s real, main and true goal is the Iron Throne. She’s not planning on staying, she’s in no way planning on dedicating her life to it. Odd right? To think freeing a society is something that doesn’t have to be someone’s life’s work. Liberating slaves, their freedom, is a stop along the way to her. She takes it so seriously that she didn’t even come up with a long term plan. She’s using this as a way to ‘learn’ how to rule. Think of that… liberating thousands and thousands of people is not something she sees as her life’s goal, it’s just a learning process to Daenerys before she goes for the real price. 

- Daenerys doesn’t pay the unsullied. Where were they supposed to go after she ‘liberated’ them? They were eunuchs who killed infants babies as part of their training, an inhumane training, with no family, no loved ones, no nothing. They had nowhere else to go but to follow their blonde princess. It looks like they choose her because she’s their mother Theresa, but honestly, it was the only option for them… And she doesn’t pay them. They’re slaves who’re ‘allowed’ to leave whenever they want. Ha. What exactly has changed for them, I ask? 

- Daenerys uses unpaid labor for public work projects in Mereen, something with beans it was, I think. *cough* slavery *cough*.

- Daenerys allows freed slaves to sell themselves back into slavery because the ‘freedom’ she offered them is worse. She also keeps part of the bargain. Ha.

- She crucifies over a hundred people who may or may not be guilty of any crime, doesn’t care to check their guilt. It disgusts me how people shrug this off with ‘they were slavers’. I personally don’y believe in fighting cruelty with cruelty, especially not when that cruelty comes from anger about a certain thing that the executed may or may not have been guilty off. And she allows them to choose themselves who among them gets killed. That’s one way not to get the guilty ones punished.  

- I can come up with a million things of what she does wrong in Mereen, really. She’s too cruel when she needs to be soft, and too naive when she should be wary. One example that I’ve always ‘loved’ because it’s so ironic, is when a rich woman comes to her, asking for help. The woman has lost her son and husband during the sack and fled her house to hide with family. When the woman returned to her house, she found it taken over by prostitutes, who were all wearing her jewelry and dresses. The woman pleads for Daenerys to help her get her home back. Dany’s judgement? The woman gave up her rights to her home the moment she fled… can you feel it? Remember who else fled her home and now wants it back? Exactly. Oh George.. the irony. 

- Daenerys uses torture. People always use that example of the minors, and of course this was especially horrifying, but no one can deny she’s guilty of systemic torture

- Daenerys believes her way of living is better than that of the Mereneese. She’s right kind of, about slavery and all, but not everything about the Mereneese culture is curel and savage. She complains about the fighting pits, she complains about people eating dogs, she complains about the way people dress… oh right, she actually has teenage boys murdered solely because of their choice of dress

- While Mereen starves and bleeds and suffers and nothing of Astapor remains except ‘Hell on earth’- Quintyn Martell, she sits in the tip of her fancy Pyramid, eating sweet fruit and drinking wine, looking down on her ‘free’ subjects, complaining about her many burdens as self-declared queen, dreaming about when to find a moment alone with her dear dear handsome Daario- who’s, obviously to everyone but Daenerys, using her. I can’t.  

- Have I mentioned she doesn’t care about Mereneese culture? She doesn’t put much time into learning about it, and all that she learns she waves away and deems inferior to her own. 

Oh RIGHT! She’s just a girls… she’s just learning! She’s trying! She wants to be good, she wants to do the right thing, she… means well

Do thousands of people have to die cause she means well? Me don’t think so. Kinda odd, isn’t it, that sacrifices like that must be made to make someone suitable to rule, when about every character in ASOIAF is more suitable to rule. Why does Daenerys gets to make these sacrifices? Cause she’s her mad daddy’s daughter? She’s not even the actual rightful ruler. In the books there’s Aegon, who’s going to turn Daenerys in a real usurper (the one she learned to hate all her life) and in the show there’s Jon. She’s not even the rightful ruler. She’s just a girl with too much power. 
That said, after all the experience she’s had and all the learning moments that have come her way, she’s learned fairly little. She continues to be delusional and ignorant and constantly makes mistakes she’s made before. 

To quote my favorite quoran: Dany ostensibly means well, yet destroys about everything she touches, cities, people and complete societies… yet people want her to be queen of Westeros? I think they have suffered enough. 

That’s all I can come up with without picking up the books. Hope you kinda understand my pov better now. If you don’t, that’s fine. Most Daenerys stans can’t be turned away from the dark side anymore, not after all that. 
What I mean is… if you can still support Daenerys and believe she should rule the world after all the crap she’s done… well, there’s nothing she can do to change your mind. 

A spring day away, just before the summer storm.

Yeaaa… I fell in love with the movie IT, and I absolutely adore the kids.  
I’m sorry I missed Mike, Ben, and Bev. These dorks took up most of the page and I couldn’t properly place them without it looking strained.  So instead you get a lot of background.

I’m laughing because now that Ted Cruz is running for president, his wife (whose health insurance he was covered under) decided to take a leave of absence to help him campaign, causing them both to lose their health insurance. Now they’re forced to sign up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act or become uninsured.

So since Ted Cruz decided to campaign to repeal Obamacare, he can now only get insurance through Obamacare.

And that, my friends, is a true example of irony.

A grainy but heartfelt CRINGE. A study.

Let’s start with Jared’s obvious anxiety throughout the whole video. He looked tired and basically unwilling, his voice was so low and he was speaking slowly. Maybe he’s so tired of showing his family off for campaign purposes? Maybe he really doesn’t like being around Gen and pretending to be in love for two minutes? 

Then Jared introduces the family:

Jared: Hi guys, so Gen and Jared, Shep and Tom and… Baby Padalecki here. And sissy! Not her birth name, but…uh, her name for us (??)

few moments later

Jared: We’re busy with these dudes and…

Gen: Baby Odette.

did he just… forgot the baby’s name? He didn’t know, by the time this was filmed, what was the baby’s name? Or if they would announce the baby’s name on the video? Anyway, shouldn’t that be a couple’s decision he should be aware of? 

From the start of the video, Jared has his arm around Gen’s shoulder on the couch. But then Tom moves away and we see this:

He’s not touching her. No loving husband’s embrace, no comforting touching. He was nervously moving his hand and fingers like he was impatient. What does that tell us about their relationship?

He really sounds like he needs a backup, so Gen interrupts him to talk more about the campaign and the purpose of the video. Jared makes this face

 How many synonyms are there to the word D O N E?

Then Gen touches his arm and he was not ready for this /intimate/ touch, so he makes a similar face and looks down at her hand. 

When you have intimacy with someone, you basically give them permission inside your personal space. You don’t feel uncomfortable when they touch you, you don’t look startled, because you’re used to it and you trust them they’ll do no harm to you. This is not what Jared and Gen have, if a simple arm-touch is enough to make Jared look like this. Even not-so-close friends are allowed to touch an ARM. Again, what does that tell us about their relationship?

Jared: We really believe this is gonna raise money for a couple good causes that can spread love and acceptance and uh… Universal… just love and acceptance.

????????????? Does he sound like someone involved in the cause? Or in this campaign whatsoever?

ps: Gen tried to give Jared the famous heart-eyes, but to me it just looked like she wanted to punch him lol

That’s it, folks. This video was a disaster and I’m really sorry we got to watch it. I’m really sorry you had to do this, Jared, sweetheart. But it what it is.

Thank you! xx

These q’s kiiind of overlap so I’m just gonna answer them in one. 

YES. I am so excited, like it has been something i have really wanted to play for a long time but never really had people to play with, but recently I’ve gotten super super into the adventure zone and my need to play has reached critical and I feel super lucky to be able to have a go!

In terms of class and race and character, I’m gonna be boring and just go with what I tend to choose in fantasy video games; a rogue and a human. The DM just sent us the standard players handbook pdf. so I assume it’s at default just the vanilla game, but man I would really like to try out the swashbuckling archetype if I can so I’m gonna ask the DM when the time comes. Anyway I’m still kind of in the process of character creation and ironing out some stuff but boy if I ain’t gonna draw them when I’m done with that, so I’ll post deets then :) 


The Avant Guards!!

Out of context some of my Dice Funk fan art must be so confusing. 
For example, is that a jellyfish with socks on? 

Characters from season 3 of Dice Funk.
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Remember when Gabi did That and had to save a penalty? Look at my man running to the side askdjvnkfslv (4/?)




Susanoo [須佐之男], also known as Takehaya Susanoo-no-Mikoto, is the Shinto god of the sea and storms.

In Japanese mythology, Susanoo, the powerful storm of Summer, is the brother of Amaterasu, the goddess of the Sun, and of Tsukuyomi, the god of the Moon. A long-standing rivalry exists between Susanoo and his sister. One story recounts how Izanagi, their father, tired of Susanoo’s repeated complaints, and so banished him to the underworld. Susanoo acquiesced, but first went to heaven to bid farewell to his sister. Amaterasu knew her unpredictable brother did not have any good intentions and prepared for battle. Though Susanoo proclaimed a peaceful leave, she did not believe him and requested a contest for proof of his good faith. A challenge was set as to who could bring forth more noble divine children. Amaterasu made three women from Susanoo’s sword, while Susanoo made five men from Amaterasu’s ornament chain. Since more gods had come from her own object, Amatarasu’s insistence that she was victorious drove Susanoo to violent campaigns, causing Amaterasu to flee and hide in the cave called Iwayado. As the incarnation of the sun disappeared into the cave, darkness covered the world. Though she was eventually persuaded to leave the cave, Susanoo was punished by being banished from Heaven.

Descending to the earthly realm, Susanoo landed in the province of Izumo. While wandering along the river Hi, Susanoo found three figures – an old man, a woman, and their beautiful young daughter – all sobbing uncontrollably. On enquiry, they told the god that their distress was caused by a gigantic serpent which came to terrorize the region every year. Every visit, it ate one of the aged couple’s daughters. They were now left to their last daughter, Kushinadahime. Susanoo ventured that if he killed the monster, he could marry the beautiful girl. Agreeing to this, the parents followed the god’s instructions and placed eight cups filled with extra strong sake at each of the doorways of their house. After a while, the monstrous serpent arrived with fire spitting from each of his eight heads. When the fearsome creature smelt the sake, it could not resist and each head drank from one of the cups. Consequently, the serpent collapsed completely drunk and Susanoo nonchalantly stepped out from his hiding place and lopped off each of the serpent’s heads with his sword. Then opening the creature’s belly, Susanoo discovered the special sword, the Kusanagi. This sword he presented to his sister by way of apology for his earlier misdeeds. Susanoo then married Kushinadahime and together they produced many generations of gods.

  • Male historical figure
  • Short (less than 5’5”)
  • Born in the 1750s
  • Really snappy dresser
  • Psychological Issues
  • Controversial Politician
  • Massive dork/nerd
  • Did some fucked up shit
  • Inaccurately made the sole scapegoat for a period of political instability in his country
  • Subject of a successful smear campaign causing him to be remembered as The Actual Devil
  • Which in turn caused his enemies to be remembered as Super Awesome Heroes
  • Probably not straight
  • Often portrayed as effeminate in a derogatory way
  • Did I describe Aaron Burr or Maximilien Robespierre??
  • The world will never know