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Lance pokes fun of Shiro being a merman (not an actual merman unfortunately), and pidge and hunk, defending their father’s honour, dares lance to take some of Shiro’s classes (he teaches people how to become merppl n all that w allura). 

Lance takes the dare and finds out this guy from one of his classes, whom he has a one-sided rivalry with, goes for mermaid lessons as well and *insert oh no he’s hot moment here*

anyway there’s lots of pining and swimming and mermaids and keith being obsessed with the mythical merpeople n lance finding it endearing as hell

[edit:] I’m not planning to write this however I will be building upon this au If you wanna write this or whatever could you link it to me? I wanna see it :D

“Amethyst ?”
“Yeah P ?”
“You know you’re my partner in time right ?”
“..heh, as long as you’re my partner in crime~

Day 2: Crossover
Life is Strange
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AU where sun and moon are warriors protecting their kingdom. I’m really not happy with this one, but I hope you like it anyways!

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“I’ve heard some rumors from some heartbroken students that you’re currently in a relationship, Elric. Care to inform me?”

“Oh ha ha, wonder where they got that idea, with you following me home everyday. You’re grading your own papers tonight, bastard.” 


*Throws my favorite RoyEd AUs*

Have I told you that I love College Professor AUs? 

Taking a couple days of rest!

Hello guys~ I’m going to take a couple days off from drawing for this au because hoo boi did I do a lot these past 2 weeks :’-) I’ll still be here to talk! Also I think I’m going to make a side blog for my other AUs cause I don’t want this one to get crowded with irrelevant content so i might head over there for the next couple days just to refresh my creative juices (I haven’t made one yet but just a heads up!)

I’ll come back in full force and finally get through that jinkook/ot7 when I’ve hit refresh on life.

As always, thank you so much for all of your support. It keeps me up at night sometimes how loved I feel agdhsjsh you guys are the REALEST :’) 💖

Wirt laughing while grading his students’ papers Friday night, and Dipper bringing him some hot cocoa and being all like, hey, baby, I’m pretty sure those papers can wait for a day or two, it’s Friday night, relax! But Wirt will be all like, oh my gosh, you just look at what Tim wrote here! And they would eventually proceed to grade everything, cause Dipper would get into this as well, since he’s a writer and all that. Just a nice evening! So yeah, this is a story behind this art.

Aye, my contribution to the Villain Day! >:D

And yeah, even in a Dark AU, those two would be dorky lovers…cuddling in bed and shit…
I hope you guys had an awesome day 6, because I certainly did!!!


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preview of smth i affectionately refer to as the ‘ovw rebel without a cause au’

where jack and gabe are two totally normal teens in a totally normal world

except gabriel is a gay latino kid with a huge crush on jack (who’s like, 2 years his senior) and jack is a really oblivious conservative country boy