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Being Altair's Twin Sister Would Include...

Warnings - Slight angst because, Altair.


• Always playfully sparring with toy swords as kids.

• You being a tomboy, yet a sweet girl, nonetheless.

• Being ridiculed and picked on by boys your age in your childhood for being a tomboy.

• Altair intervening to stand up for you.

• You stopping him before proving them wrong.

• Proving them wrong, usually included punching the poor kids or kicking them in the stomach.

• Which is why you were the problematic one.

• Only because you were ridiculed.

• Your father starting to introduce you, two to the ways of an Assassin - the fighting, the life, the beliefs, the morals, the history, etc.

• Training together.

• Him having strength in body while you had agility.

• Being pushed harder than him so, you’d get stronger.

• Then, Altair making a snide comment so, your father pushed him just as hard, too.

• You making up for your body strength with mind strength over the years.

• Him getting accepted in the brotherhood, unlike you.

• You being annoyed you weren’t accepted.

• Him trying to comfort you but, it ended up with a huge fight.

• It was practically a street fight - fists, punches, kicks and rude comments included.

• You pinning him to the ground with your arm, putting all your body weight on it, pushing it against his chest.

• “Stop pitying me!”

• Him pushing you off with his body strength and holding you in place with his arm around your neck.

• “Stop being so petty, then!”

• The fight going on until you, two get tired and end up lying on the ground beside each others.

• You starting to laugh together.

• “Forgive me, brother.”

• Him just smiling warmly at your guilty eyes before lightly giving you a small push to your cheek with his fist, affectionately.

• “They’d be stupid not to accept you.”

• Getting your acceptance letter a week later.

• Your father getting killed a week after.

• Sitting alone on the steps of the palace in your newbie robes with a blank look.

• Al Mualim coming to sit with you.

• Him comforting you with his words.

• Rushing to find your solitary brother as you finally react to your father’s death.

• Finding him sitting atop a tower, his legs dangling.

• Sparing each others a look before you sit beside him.

• Resting your head atop his shoulder and just sitting together.

• The two of you being there for each others.

• You being the strategic agile quiet twin.

• Him being the reckless strong solitary twin.

• Not being as close to Malik and his brother as Altair was.

• Training together.

• Going on missions together.

• Al Mualim only sending the two of you to invade full cities.

• Being an army of two.

• Races on rooftops.

• Races on horsebacks.

• Races between bureaus.

• Discreet races between Templar soldiers.

• Wrecking havoc in Masyaf with all your races.

• Overall, you being the wise, calm, sweet and beautiful twin.

• Him being the cocky, temper driven, cocky and really handsome twin.

• Well, in the beginning, that is.

• Being Altair’s strength.

• Altair being your rock.

• Joining him in that one mission with the Sayfs.

• Trying to prevent his cocky interventions.

• You getting a deep lethal injury from a poisoned blade.

• Falling in a coma for months.

• When you finally wake up, Altair is almost done with the nine.

• Him catching you up with his new found information.

• You trying to push that one thought out of your mind.

• Him being unsure whether to confirm the corruption of Al Mualim.

• Altair not finding you at Malik’s side when he goes to fight the old man.

• “Where are you?…”

• Finding you by Al Mualim’s side as he controls your mind.

• “No..”

• Him forcing you to fight Altair until death.

• Having always had mind strength, you manage to push Al Mualim out of your mind.

• Killing Al Mualim together.

• Being by Altair’s side as the apple opens for him.

• Snapping him out of his trance by speaking his name.

• Meeting Maria after Altair’s little.. scandal with her atop that certain tower in Jerusalem.

• You being the coolest aunt in the world.

• Being single.

• Living for your small family.

• Darim being your new Altair, due to Altair being busy with the brotherhood.

• Sef being your little boy.

• Only going to Altair’s for small visits inbetween missions.

• Informing him of the corruption of Abbas.

• Ignoring your accusations.

• Abbas discovering you know.

• Not wanting to disturb Altair or cause him trouble, you stand your ground.

• Abbas going after you first.

• Him chasing you out of Masyaf.

• Living in the shadows in Jerusalem.

• Not being able to send any pigeons to Altair.

• However, after you killing a man, whom you saw selling and abusing slaves due to your justice instinct, that attracts attention to you.

• Abbas accusing the “mysterious” killer to be a ruthless murderer, who killed a man “helping” people.

• Abbas chasing you out of the Levant area.

• Finding sanctuary in a beautiful historic city in Turkey.

• Finally finding love with a dashing Turkish man.

• Being able to contact Malik.

• Staying in Turkey with your son and husband until suddenly, you were not able to message Malik.

• Going back to Masyaf in time to witness your little boy’s death.

• Having an angry fit.

• “Tell me, (Y/N).. After leaving your brother, do you think he’ll forgive you?”

• Being put more in mental pain than physical pain.

• Altair and Maria being manipulated by Abbas, using you.

• Maria’s last word to you being,“Strength… T-Together..”

• Altair and you working together and fighting Abbas’ mind controlled men, just like you fought Templars in your youth.

• Running away with Altair and Darim.

• Hugging Darim to you once you find somewhere to stay in.

• Sitting alone atop a tower, mourning Sef’s death.

• “It’s not your fault.”

• Altair joining you.

• “I wasn’t there, was I?”

• Him just pushing your head to rest on his shoulder as you mourn the death of the beautiful boy together.

• Telling you that there are other pieces besides the apple.

• “I think I heard some merchants going to Constantine’s castle, talking of a strange artifact found in a mine.”

• Altair telling you that he was only a messenger to a man named Desmond.

• Travelling around the world with Altair to find pieces.

• Listening to the voices, telling Altair of his grandchildren.

• Him being annoyed at first at the players.

• “That.. Is my legacy?”

• “Well, at least they inherited some of your traits.”

• Sharing some of your playful jokes and sometimes Darim joins in.

• “You have a son?!”

• “You have a husband?!”

• Forty year old Darim being the jealous nephew as an almost seventy year old Altair becomes a protective mess.

• “I’d like to think of my son as a miracle, I had in an old age.”

• Sibling artifact hunts.

• At the last piece, the voices turn to speak to you.

• “Your grandchildren seem as they will always be there to help save the day.”

• Them showing you your grandchildren.

• Your grandchildren crossing paths with Altair’s.

• Leonardo da Vinci, Yusuf Tazim, Aveline de Jumpe and the list goes on until a certain smart girl named Rebecca.

• After hiding the codex, you start discussing where to go next.

• “We go home.”

• Shortly, after getting back Masyaf, you catch the plague.

• Altair’s sorrowful eyes.

• “Why don’t you go back home? To your family, sister?”

• “I am home. I am with my family.”

• “You should not stay here, only because of Maria’s-”

• “I am not. I am here because, I want to.. Brother, the thirty years, I was away, were the hardest. My place is by your side.”

• “Then, send for them to come.”

• You sitting in your room in the castle, trying to think of what to write.

• “My son,
I cannot apologize enough for having not been there.. I cannot apologize enough for missing out on so much. But, I need you. I need to see you and your family. Please.”

• A party filled with kids and a woman greets your nephew, three months later.

• Your family staying in Masyaf with you.

• Not telling any of your grandchildren or your son about your sickness.

• Making your own codex pages and hiding them as you disappear for four months.

• Coming back with nearly two weeks left to live.

• Working with Altair as hard as you can.

• Coughing up so much blood, two weeks later as you stand in Altair’s office alone, thinking of everything.

• Him coming in, in time to see you crumbling to the ground, weakly.

• “Sister..”

• Shushing him as he kneels beside you.

• “Just.. Hold me.. Brother.”

• Calling him brother with more affection than you ever have.

• “I love you.. I’m here.”

• Reminding him of Maria’s will.

• “Strength..” being your last word.

• Using your last bit of strength to raise your fist to push Altair’s cheek affectionately before your eyes glaze over.

• Dying in his arms as his silent tears drop on your smiling face.

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Could I request how the assassins would react to their S/O meeting their parents (if their parents are dead just.. resurrect them..?? Or modern au)

Ok sorry this took so long; these all ended up being very long and it took me a long time to get the motivation to do it. I also made the pronouns female because it was just too confusing for me to make it gender neutral, but feel free to change the pronouns as you see fit. I hope you enjoy!

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Request: For the requests: Maybe a pregnant reader that Altaïr can’t keep his hands off of with lots of fluff?

A/N: Made this into a modern drabble type thing… Hope that’s okay, dear! You wouldn’t believe how many times I forgot this was for AC and not Dragon Age (that game has deeply wounded me)…

“Altair, it’s 90 degrees in this room… At 3 in the morning and I have heartburn. What are you doing?” Y/N started, trying her best to sound annoyed but having it fail. “I’m amazed.” “You have been since we saw the first ultrasound.” Y/N then said, smiling softly when she felt Altair’s hands find their way to her stomach, lightly at first then she felt his palms against her skin. “Before you ask, they haven’t been kicking. I think the little one is asleep, as we both should be.” “I can’t sleep until you do, we both know this.” Altair whispered, Y/N nodding as she moved closer to him. “How are you going to sleep when the baby gets here, hmm? Are you going on the night shift?” Y/N asked with a teasing edge to her voice, Altair answering with a quiet laugh. “I will be up with them every night if it means you can still get a good night’s sleep, Y/N.”

Altair’s answer hit her ears, making Y/N smile again. Altair moved a hand, placing it gently onto Y/N’s face, causing her to look at him. “You are beautiful.” Altair murmured, smiling slightly before pressing his lips to Y/N’s. The girl couldn’t help but smile, leaning her head towards Altair’s hand. “You know… I’m all for you being a sap, but our late night conversation has woken the child up, Altair.” Y/N said, causing Altair to laugh. “Believe me, I can feel them. Our child is strong, already.” “You say that now, just wait until she’s here and gets to show her father how strong her lungs are by crying all night.”

Altair laughed again, kissing Y/N’s nose.

“As long as she is healthy, I will welcome those cries and sleepless nights.”


Anonymous:  I was wondering if you can make one about Malik getting jealous of Altair cause you’re hangin out with him more than Malik. I know it’s probably not much, but I can’t get Malik out of my head! I’d really love it if you can do something like that! ;)

A/N: NOW. NOW IT’S MY TIME TO SHINE. MY TIME TO SHINE AS A TRASH OF ANYTHING AT THIS FRANCHISE. I’m so glad you asked me this! Omg! This couldn’t be more perfect, I swear! Love you, I’m serious. I’m gonna have so much fun writing it, omg. Thank you!! Have some Malik in your life. Live better. Live Malik.

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“No Y/N, you are doing it wrong. Again!” You heard Altaïr rant at you for the uptenth time. The weather was so hot at Masyaf that you had to push the hood down, sweat accumulating at your back, making the robes cling to it. Had you know the man would be so bossy about it, you wouldn’t have asked him to teach you a few tricks with the long sword. Damn Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, the arrogant prick.

“How am I supposed to block the enemy’s sword, then?! With bare hands?!” You shouted back at him, sweeping sweat from your brows, aware of Malik’s curious gaze. It had been a few weeks like this, with the Master Assassin screaming at you whenever you failed in a trick that he had just displayed while Malik watched, making a few acid comments about the other man’s teaching techniques.

Though he never criticized you.

Thinking about it, you practically hadn’t been spending time with him lately, all of it dedicated to improve your swordship and accomplish missions. At the few spare times you had — Allah bless them —, you would spend it resting; sleeping or relaxing your sore muscles. You weren’t as present as you used to be for him, this being one of the reasons you suspected he would come to watch the practice almost everyday. And when you did have time for him, he’d stay as quiet as possible and would not even look you in the eyes; barely sustaining a conversation. The thought almost made you feel guilty.

“Be wise, Altaïr.” He spoke for the first time, nearly scaring you, sounding a bit annoyed; but still with a soft voice. “It is better for Y/N to evade the sword, not go against it. She’s small and agile, not big and strong.”

“Shut up, Malik. You fight like the dead.” Altaïr snapped back, swinging his long sword in quick movements. “Perhaps you forgot who’s higher ranked here?” The Master Assassin said with an arrogant smirk, approaching the other. Malik’s jaw clenched, his annoyance displayed at his dark eyes. Oh, shit.

“If she tries to go against the sword, she’s going to get herself killed.” The man snarled back.

“There’s a lot of other small assassins that can go against it. I’m sure she can manage that much.” Altaïr retorted with an impatient frown. The idea of both man having an argument near sharp objects wasn’t pleasing at all.

“Use your head, Altaïr. If Y/N dies in a mission or at a battle, her blood will be at your hands!” Malik growled, gesticulating towards you. “You’re only leading our sister to certain death.” The tension at the air was almost palpable, both man staring at each other with hatred eyes.

“Uh, boys?” You said with a tiny voice.

“If you are having a jealousy attack, then teach her yourself!” Altaïr growled, shoving the sword at Malik’s hand. Wait, jealousy? “This way, her poor swordship won’t be my fault!” Well, that surely was mean. And awkward. The Master Assassin turned around, storming away from the training grounds with an air of baffled annoyance. Malik rolled his eyes, coming closer and you could notice a vague redness at his face.

“Don’t worry.” He smiled in a knowing way. “He’s unwise. I’ll teach how to fight, if you wish. In a way that you shall be successful.” The man chuckled slightly, which made you smile. Malik was nearly perfect with a sword, more of an agile and quick warrior, just like you.

“Well… I’m sure you’ll be a better teacher than Altaïr. He’s annoying.”

“I told you.” His smile widened. “But you did not listen to me. You never listen to me, thinking about it.” He tapped his chin, looking up at the bright blue sky in a mocking way.

“Oh, shut up you brat!” You shoved him lightly with your shoulder. “Or I won’t let you teach me.”

“Your loss.” Malik hummed happily. This man, you swear.

“Now I’m not sure who’s more annoying, you or Altaïr.” You joked, strolling away from the edge of the training grounds, the other man close behind you.

“I’m not annoying.” The assassin retorted with mocking annoyance.

“I shall you give you my opinion after the training. Ready?” You smirked at him, parting legs and turning your hips slightly for balance. 

“I won’t go easy on you.” The assassin smiled with soft eyes. You could tell that he missed this.

From a distance, Altaïr shook his head, lips quirking up easily. “He acts like a child sometimes.” The man mumbled more to himself, recording how Malik begged last night to let him teach you swordship, suggesting Altaïr to train her wrongly the next day.

Damn infatuated friends.

Altmal pirate AU where Altair is a deckhand and climbs the riggings all day while Malik is the navigator even though he was also a deckhand once. But then had an accident, partly caused by Altair, and had to find a different role on-board.

Because in the end whatever game I play in the ac series it all comes back to altmal.

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Younger siblings best friend AU? Altmal

I was gonna do something else but then I realize how much fun I could have with this like yo.

So Malik’s like just graduated from grad school. And he works constantly and has no social life let alone romantic life and he and his brother and his brother’s best friend all share an apartment because sharing is cheaper. Malik just kinda is aware that Kadar and his friend (cause shit he can’t remember the guy’s name) aren’t dead because they pay the bills due and there is an influx of clean and dirty dishes in the sink. But for the most part he doesn’t see them cause those two are busy with school and jobs and Malik is also working and trying to not be in so much debt.

One day, on Malik’s day off, he goes into the kitchen and… there’s a guy in there he doesn’t… really recognize and they’re not wearing a shirt, just pajama pants, and boiling ramen in the kitchen pot. And he just kinda… stands there staring cause who the fuck is this guy? Malik doesn’t recognize him and he doesn’t know how to confront him without being a fucking asshole like ‘who are you?’ cause what if he’s supposed to know this guy and doesn’t remember. Or what if Kadar has a boyfriend (would not be the weirdest thing Kadar has dated) and Malik hadn’t met him yet? So he just gets what he was going to get from the kitchen, doesn’t talk to the guy. Worst part is they go 'Hi Malik’ and clearly they know him and shit Malik has no idea who they are he’s so bad with names to faces shit shit shit. He does give a 'hi’ back.

Then the ramen noodles are done and the guy… goes into Kadar’s friend’s room and Malik’s just ’…WAIT THAT WAS HIM? SHIT HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT!????’ and he texts Kadar like 'what’s your best friend’s name again?’ 'y?’ 'cause’ 'Altair’ 'is he hot?’ 'ye… y?’ 'cause he’s hot’ 'ye’

And later when Kadar gets home he’s like 'did you seriously not know who Altair was?’ 'I’ve seen him like… once!’ 'omg that’s hilarious!’ 'your best friend is hot bro’ 'yeah I know right? he’s a good wingman for chicks too cause girls love gay guys its weird- why do you have that look on your face?’ ’*gives look*’ ’…….. yeah I can totally hook you up bro’ and then they high five cause Kadar’s a good brother and Malik eventually gets to bang his little brother’s hot as shit friend and Kadar’s just glad Altair isn’t complaining about being single anymore. Instead he complains about Malik always fucking working and being unsympathetic towards his finals.

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Altaïr sent to live with his cousins Ezio, Connor, and Desmond in North America after a traumatic experience at home in Israel.

traumatic like his best friend Malik got shot and killed by Israelites right in front of him because they thought he and Malik were Palestinians? Is that what kind of traumatic experience you’re asking for cause I’ll fucking do that.

Cause yeah I can see that happening and if he had relatives in America I don’t know why his parents wouldn’t realize how fucked it was and need to get out. It’d take a while though cause visas are hard to get a hold of. Also Altair was shot too but he didn’t die, but he’s still healing when his parents send him to America on a ‘trip’ to visit his distant relatives and he can’t speak English and everything is really confusing and intimidating because again can’t speak English, can't read English.

His cousins all kinda live closish together around NYC too and Desmond is the oldest (he’s like in his late twenties, Altair is the youngest yes I’m going backwards for ages fucking fight me Altair is like 16) and actually the closest relative Altair has as a second cousin (Ezio and Connor are like 3-4th cousins) so he’s staying with Desmond. THANKFULLY Desmond knows Arabic (he’s super rusty though) and a little bit of Hebrew, both of which Altair speaks fluently.

So Desmond now has this fucking teenage kid staying with his while his parents are back home getting all the documentation for them sorted with the help of Ezio and Connor’s dad (cause hell yeah Giovanni and Haytham GET SHIT DONE!) and Altair is fucked up hard core mentally. Like nightmare constantly, he doesn’t talk a lot and he’s still in a cast and has stitches on his face cause shrapnel cut open his fucking mouth so its all scarred and shit. But Des is super understanding even though Altair basically has PTSD and flinches all the time and Desmond is just :T about it

also Desmond is married and he’s got to also deal with the fact that he’s got a wife and kid on the way and Lucy has no idea what to do with Altair. He doesn’t like the food she cooks, he doesn’t talk to her, he doesn’t look at her, he just kinda sits by himself and is basically stressing her out cause she has no idea what she did but she’s pretty sure he hates her. And that stresses Desmond out too but he has to figure it out because shit can’t fly. Altair has to go to English classes and school too (his parents were very insistent about that) but Desmond lets him stay home a lot because he’s so freaked out he can’t move some days from PTSD and culture shock and Des just sits with him and they listen to old rock music which Altair actually really likes. Desmond also eventually sends Altair to counseling (against Umar’s wishes cause there is nothing wrong with my son >C) for what the hell happened, and sends him to one that speaks his language so he doesn’t feel super uncomfortable by trying to speak English which he still isn’t very good at.

Ezio and Connor are also around cause Desmond is like 'the cool uncle’ who has a house and a pool and two dogs and a hot wife (don’t tell him Ezio said that he’ll kick that kid’s ass (also Connor and Ezio are like upper high school age)) and a big screen TV with all the game systems ever made and lets them eat whatever they want (Des is also pretty well on he doesn’t tend bar he’s got a gig as a tech lead at some fortune 500 company of something he makes the monies and so does Lucy cause she’s a neurologist) and basically Desmond is cool. And obvs they see Altair a lot too and try and help him learn English, though only Connor is actually good at doing so cause Connor had to learn English as a second language too since his tribe speaks almost exclusively Mohawk and so did he until his mom died (agressive breast cancer they didn’t find in time) and they tracked down his dad since his grandma wasn’t fit to raise him (Clan mother remember?) since his dad was kinda MIA while he was growing up even though he and Ziio still talked and shit (probably fucked too OOOOOOOOOO!).

Anyway Ezio and Connor are like Altair’s only friends and they, along with his classes, help him learn English because neither of them speak Arabic. Des also has to have a long talk with Altair the first month or so he’s there cause like I said he’s stressing Lucy out and she’s like 5 months pregnant and doesn’t know what she did. And he’s gotta explain to Altair what he’s doing even if he doesn’t mean to. And that kinda jars Altair cause he actually really likes Lucy cause she’s always super nice to him, even if he doesn’t like her cooking (he’s not used to American cooking is really what it is, he eats the food but doesn’t… enjoy it you could say. He misses his mom’s cooking) she’s been trying to make more middle eastern foods to make him feel more comfortable and whenever he’s having one of his episodes and Desmond isn’t around she just does what Desmond does and puts on classic rock music and just kinda is around (though unlike Des Lucy can’t sit still and always is around doing stuff) and checks in on him. She’s also learned some Arabic so she can try and talk to him but he doesn’t even talk to her or look at her and Desmond tells him that and he makes a conscious effort after that to make sure Lucy knows he appreciates her and doesn’t hate her.

Lucy has her baby while Altair is staying with them too and Des is like 'you’re the baby sitter’ after Lucy is off her brief maternity leave (cause America sucks and has no paid maternity leave can you believe that bullshit?) and Altair’s just like 'how do I baby?’ but of course they don’t just leave him with it they show him what he’s supposed to do and how to warm up milk and change diapers and do the stuff they can’t do while they’re both at work (its the summer when Lucy has their son so Altair has nothing better to do, he’s still got no friends other than Connor and Ezio and now has this big fucking scar on his face from the stitches that kinda freaks everyone at school out) and Ezio and Connor come over to eat Desmond’s snack foods mainly and hang with Altair and obvs help him with the baby. Three teenagers and a baby: the next bit sitcom coming to abc!

Altair having to take care of his little nephew helps a lot with his recovery too. Like he’s still got PTSD and still gets some nightmares even months after the fact but his therapist has been helping and school helps keep his mind busy. But wow having to care for a tiny human being really puts shit in perspective cause now I have this little baby who needs me to be on so they don’t die or poop themselves or cry no baby don’t cry.

He stays with Desmond about a year, start to finish, before his parents and uncles get the visas all worked out and they can officially immigrate to America. Meaning Altair goes back to live with his parents but stops going to his therapist cause Umar’s still pissed about that but couldn’t do anything about it cause he was like thousands of miles away. But Altair still goes over to Lucy and Desmond's constantly after school and watches the baby cause he likes to and his parents don’t mind if he wants to and he does his school work. 

and yeah Altair recovers slowly from his traumatic experience the way people do through lots of love from people who care about him and being given a sort of purpose in looking after Desmond’s kid.

okay my heart is about to explode with feels I’m done, goodbye.

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Altair goes out drinking with Desmond and comes home drunk to an angry and worried Malik cause he was out really late.

Honestly my drunk Altair goes two ways; horny as shit, or an emotional wreck.

So if he came home to an angry Malik who started yelling at him the first thing Altair would probably do is try not to cry. Like I know its Altair Altair doesn’t cry but when you’re drunk your entire personality goes out the window. And angry Malik yelling at him like he just sort of breaks down and doesn’t understand why Malik is so mad at him when he was just out having fun with his friends.

And Malik, oh Malik is so mad cause Altair didn’t call or text when he got out of work he just didn’t come home and of course he thought of everything bad that could happen. Like he was about to call the police when Altair comes home at early as shit in the morning and he hasn’t slept and he’s cranky and was worried. So yeah he snaps at Altair because he could have at least told Malik. Then he realizes Altair’s trying really hard not to cry.

Though does so kinda too late and says something really mean and boop, tears and he’s just ’… oh god I made him cry I’m a terrible person D:’ Especially cause Altair managed to tell him, he was… just out with his friends, having some drinks, having fun. And then Malik feels like an asshole (spoilers he is) and now has to make Altair stop crying. But shit he didn’t even know Altair could cry in the first place. Like how do you fix something you didn’t even know you could break?