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Namesake: A Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley

Appearance: A LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION is a 1ft copper Grinning Tiki Head. It has an open zip in place of lips and its 5ft tongue is prehensile enough to act like an arm. It can fly, usually floating at shoulder height to it’s User.

Power:  E

Speed: B

Range: A (100m max)

Staying: A

Precision: C

Learning: C

Abilities: Come on Come on- Causes Extreme Semantic Satiation; Affecting the victim’s brain by repeating the victim’s entire known vocabulary to them several hundred times in seconds. In doing so, all words lose their meaning so the opponent can’t understand any language either audibly or written down, causing extreme confusion and disorientation if unprepared. Lasts as long as the User wills it or until the User is knocked unconscious, killed or otherwise disabled.

Notes: Like Red Hot Chili Pepper, its user can speak through the Stand to it’s victims. The User bypasses ALLC’s Ability this way, allowing the victim to understand them and them only.

a young actor not rejecting a role just because he would be playing a (for him, from the start) gay character (even though it’s not ~confirmed~ until s3)  and doing his absolute best to portray this character’s journey and struggles and feelings throughout those 3 seasons honestly has me so emo y’all like i talked about this in my tarjei/henrik friendship post, but they’re not the kind of people who say “no homo” after any interaction with each other or homosexuality outside of the show. and this is so nice bc he’s helping to normalize more boys being like s3 isak and learning that being gay isn’t all stereotypes and negative connotations and helping them embrace it i’m :’)


Ten images of blind people’s visual art will change the way you understand blindness forever

An all-too-common misconception is that all forms of visual impairment have the same effects. But in reality, vision loss is an incredibly variable experience, both in terms of its causes and how it affects one’s sight. To better understand what it’s like to live with vision loss, we spoke with five visually impaired women with very different conditions. Here’s what and how they saw.

Images: Melanie Melamed and Liz Nielson


every time this scene shows up i die a little more inside, cause whenever i see it i enter a state wherein i recognize that the emotional aspect during their first encounter was so incredibly deep already, despite the awfulness of the situation, which catapults me to greater crying heights cause god fuckin damn

from maya’s shock over the guards death, to the way bellamy showcases deep care over her emotional well being (which is so true to his heart). its fucking painful n heartbreaking okay. she stands there looking over the dead man while bellamy looks at her, asking her if she is alright, even tho he is the injured one.

and here is the kicker:

he doesn’t ask her once if she is alright, BUT TWICE, cause boy sees

ITS AFFECTING HER (look how he looks at her n then moves closer)


do you get what i mean? yeah? good. dont touch me.

I’d like to apologize for something. I didn’t actually do anything, it’s really just for a fleeting thought, but I still want to apologize all the same.

I’d like to say sorry to all the asexuals I know. I’d like to apologize for the stupid (all too common) thought of “if you’ve never had sex how do you know if you don’t like it?”

Yes I’ve had that thought and everytime I just dismiss it cause it doesn’t affect me. But really it’s something stupid to think about ace people. That’s the same poisonous logic people have when they tell me “you can’t say you’re a lesbian cause you’ve never had sex with a man.”

Its just as stupid, and I’m so sorry I ever even considered the question. Some people think sky diving would be fun, other know that they never want to try it cause they’d definitely hate it. Same for sex and Sexuality. Never question someone’s sexuality. Their Sexuality is exactly what they say it is and it’s NEVER up for debate.

Again sorry to my handful of ace friends ( @green-love-paternoster and you babe. Sorry) for ever contributing to this harmful stereotype. You are all valid and no one should ever (even silently) question who you are.

Having a chill night at a friends - theres hard lemonade and root beer, no pressure, good food, stupid video games, a puppy, and im really happy

Les êtres humains sont amusants. Ils aspirent à être avec la personne qu’ils aiment, mais refusent de l’admettre ouvertement. Certains sont effrayés de témoigner le moindre signe d’affection à cause de cette peur. Peur que leurs sentiments ne soient pas reconnus, voire pire, partagés. Mais une des choses qui m’intrigue le plus de la part des êtres humains, c’est leur effort conscient pour être connectés avec l’objet de leur affection, même si cela les tue lentement à l’intérieur.
—  Freud

Okay by far the my favourite thing about the Eos 10 fandom is the wide acceptance of Ryan’s pink hair
Because there is lit rally one reference to it when Jane is high and she goes ‘your hair is pink?!?!’ And Ryan goes ’#what’

Because that exchange could mean two things:
1. Ryan’s hair has always been pink. The fact that Jane is acting like she had never noticed this before is what is making Ryan’s go #what because it’s BRIGHT PINK
2. Jane is high and the side affects are causing her to see Ryan’s boring brown/black/blonde/ginger hair as pink. He is going #what because she is hallucinating

Number 2 is vastly more likely, but the fandom as a general whole has decided to take the 'FUCK THAT RYAN’S HAIR IS PINK’ route

And that brings so much joy and love to my heart

…don’t you guys think the fact that they just blew up 221b like that (such a symbolic place that they previously made you feel attached to, right down to their fucking chairs), and managed to do this destruction without making you feel a single human emotion about it signifies that it’s. NOT SUPPOSED TO affect you cause none of it is real and therefore it doesn’t matter? same with making a mockery of garridebs


THE DELTA PROJECT is something i’ve been working on simple design concepts for since april.

it’ll be a storyboard/partial animation to the song delta by c2c where “the prophet” and “loki” (who’re technically just god and gabriel under deep cover) happen to be traversing the same deserted middle eastern portion of the world in the late 15-1600s at the same time

while they have entirely different agendas and aren’t yet in cahoots, the insane reality-warping actions of one begin the affect the other and set things for the future in motion

it IS technically in the spn universe! since the backgrounds of these characters hasn’t been and may not be explored, i’ve been wanting to do a closer look and writing of them myself. as they are my children

anonymous asked:

i think it's really cute when people call ethan a little blueberry and whatnot, so could you maybe do a hc where the reader calls him a blueberry all the time and it bothers him but only because he has a crush on them and it makes him blush and he thinks it's really cute at the same time ?? does that make sense?

Makes sense to me!! Please enjoy 😊😊💕💕


- You seeing everyone else call him blueberry so you do it as well

- You notice a blush

- Not seeing him blush when anyone else says it

- You ask if it bothers him and he says no

- He just has a massive crush on you, no big deal

- Thinking it’s adorable from you cause he feels affection from it

- Blushing hardcore every time and you think it’s cute

- Saying it often just to see him blush