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i dont understand whem people say that trump being president will not affect them cause they arent american honestly im south italian and i always wanted to go to college in america yesterday my mother looked at me, right in the eyes, with pure horror in her face and said "dont go, you are italian, they will take you" so i said "mom im not black or hispanic, they cant do anything" she said "you are dark enough for them to kill you without pity im so afraid (please post this, people need to know)

Trump being president is a danger to literally everyone who isn’t sitting right along side him and aligned with his views


It’s the beginning of the bkkweek too!!!! First prompt was New which was kind of yelling at me for bakunari fluff I’ll be honest with all of you

Raising My Legson: Never Introduce Your Friends

Legdad: Son, where did you learn that?!
Legson: Uncle Jeoncena told me if I do this I’ll lead a fulfilling life *keeps legdabbing*
Legdad: *shakes fist* JUNGKOOK

Bojack Horseman

what I expected: look at this funny cartoon where some people are animals! look, this guy is a dog and sometimes he does dog stuff isn’t that great?

what I got: depression is complex and difficult to understand and it affects everyone for different reasons and in different ways. the way we choose to deal with the thoughts and feelings it causes affects not only us but everyone we meet in our daily lives; our unhealthy coping mechanisms hurt us but they also hurt our friends and family in ways that aren’t always obvious

This laughter epidemic that shut down 14 schools

On Jan. 30, 1962, at a boarding school near Tanzania’s border with Uganda, three girls started laughing uncontrollably. The laughter fit spread throughout the school, affecting 95 students. This laughing epidemic forced the school to temporarily close, and the students were sent home. It spread to nearby villages and finally died off after 18 months.

In total, 14 schools shut down and over 1,000 people were affected. The cause of the epidemic was hypothesized to be stress.

Link to the Guardian article

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What exactly is infodump and executive disorder?

infodump is when people give a lot of information about their special interests (or anything they know about) in one go, effectively “dumping” it on the other person. NT people often find this weird, or not the way they like to hear information, but it is the way autistic and ADHD people tend to process or spill info (with exceptions, of course)

by executive disorder, i assume you mean executive dysfunction (disorder can mean dysfunction, but it can also signify a diagnosis, and as far as i’m aware, executive dysfunction is not a separate diagnosis). 

executive dysfunction is essentially an issue with doing things. executive function i find easier to understand in terms of computers; for a computer to complete a certain job, it runs a program, which is basically step-by-step instructions written in code. following these codes, it can complete the tasks with little to no difficulty or errors, and therefore is deemed functioning. some people have problems with doing things, as their brains wont supply the code. say you want to brush your teeth, but all your code for the steps are missing. it may seem like a tiny thing, but if you break it down, it’s actually:

  1. stand up
  2. walk to bathroom
  3. identify correct toothbrush
  4. pick up toothbrush
  5. wet toothbrush
  6. locate toothpaste
  7. open toothpaste 
  8. squirt toothpaste onto toothbrush
  9. wet brush again
  10. actually brush your teeth

that’s 9 steps before the actual teeth brushing, so if your brain is missing steps 2-9, brushing your teeth will be next to impossible. therefore, that renders your ability to complete the tasks not working, hence the name dysfunction. it’s called “executive” because most people’s brains can do this stuff without concentrating on it, it just happens in the background. 

that’s not the only reason for executive dysfunction: processing, distractions, and other things can also cause/affect it

The Signs In A Relationship - Extended

Aries: Aries partners are very straight forward, they don’t like playing games, psychologically speaking. When it comes to being playful in the relationship, Aries’ love it! Whether it’s board games, video games, play wrestling that ends in kissing, Aries. Has. To. Win. If they don’t win first time round I can guarantee there will be a round two. Being the first sign, a fire sign no less, debates can get heated but if it’s a debate about something stupid it’s more or less going to end up in an aggressive make out session. Their fiery personality can make them both hard to handle at times and amusingly challenging at others. They love to challenge you, they feel it’s a practical way to help you’s two bond and secure your relationship. Despite the fact that they come across quite headstrong, Aries’ are easy to get riled up which can leave them vulnerable in a way. When angry, Aries’ temper flashes wildly, without warning and is gone as quick as it came. Empathy is not their strong suit but they’ll try their very best when it’s someone they love. They might get a little uncomfortable if you cry in front of them but only because it breaks their heart to see it. Aries’ are all about passion and they love to make their partner smile and laugh. If you’re not giving them the amount of attention or affection they want they can get grouchy until you notice it. All in all, Aries lovers can be hard to handle but an amazing companion to someone who can either cool down their fire or match it.

Taurus: Taurean partners are one of the most steady partners you can get. They like a stable, easy flowing relationship and will do what they can to achieve one. They are incredibly determined and will do what they can to make their relationship as harmonious as possible. Commitment in very important to them and they are very cautious about who they give it to, I mean REALLY cautious about it. Being one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac, Taurus’ fall quickly in lust, even quicker when it’s with someone they truly love. Ruled by Venus, Taurus’ are suckers for romance, whether they show it or not. Candles, romantic dinners, massages etc. appeal to their senses and can break down their emotional barriers. Because they are so committed and ensnared in their relationship, they can get jealous and possessive quite easily. They might not realise it, but it’s because they’re so emotionally invested in their relationships that instincts kick in and they do what they can to keep what’s theirs. When upset, their rage is often compared to that of a bull, their animal. It builds up over time and when released can be lethal. Do. Not. Betray. Their. Trust. They will never let it go and they might find it difficult to trust you again.

Gemini: Gemini’s, like the other air signs desire intellectual stimulation and is quite witty in their charm. Flirting is a game to them and they always win. They can be quite extroverted in their relationship and likes to make it know that you’re together, they’ll take any opportunity to tell their loved ones about you. They can sometimes be caught between being in a good and bad mood, and further more if there is actually something wrong they’ll mostly try to avoid talking about it. Air signs generally find feelings icky and do there best to keep their distance. It’s not anything personal, it’s just one of their principles whether they’re aware of it or not. If you get onto the topic of feelings and emotions, Gems will normally try to talk their way into a different topic or try to make the situation lighter by adding humour or sarcasm, depending on the partner this could be problematic. Gemini’s get bored quite easily and need a partner that’s willing to try new things with them and can give them a constant sense of excitement of some sort. A partner who can intellectually challenge Gemini appeals to them a lot,because they fall in love with peoples minds. They can be quite cunning when it comes to getting what they want, they may not even notice it because it’s their nature but they need someone who can handle this and keep their ass in check before people get hurt. Overall, very much like Aries, Gems can be a handful but they can open doors for you and make you think about things and question yourself, leading to personal development.

Cancer: Cancer’s are naturally the mothers of the zodiac so it’s no surprise that they are one of the most nurturing partners you could have. They will make you chicken soup when your sick and fail at serenading you when you’re sad (probably because you’ll probably end up laughing). This is the sign that will put everything else on hold to care for and ensure the safety of their loved one. They are incredibly intuitive, being able to tell if a person is upset from the slightest gesture. Relationships are very important to Cancer’s and if there’s any disruption it can cause a knock on affect in other areas of their lives. They’re quite sentimental and nostalgic, the type of partners that would keep memorabilia from a first date and cherish it. Cancer’s often find themselves overwhelmed by emotions and can find it almost impossible to make an intellectual decision without letting emotions come into play. This can be problematic and dangerous to both involved in the relationship. Cancerians can be manipulative when they need to be. They are fully aware of their innocent disposition and can use it to their ability when needed. This sign can encourage emotional growth in their partner but needs someone to keep them grounded and help them snap out of it when needed.

Leo: Leo’s are very proud in their relationships and will take any opportunity they can get to show their partner off. One of the most playful signs in the zodiac, these partners guarantee an enthusiastic and spontaneous relationship, they love to surprise. Leo’s look at the world with excitement and love, and just by being in their company, they can show you the most beautiful aspects of the simplest thing. Their optimism and persistence can bring the relationship a long way. They loves to be adored, whether they admit it or not, it lies deep in their soul simply because they have an air of self belief. When alone with their partner, Leo’s are very warm hearted and affectionate. They show you amazing parts of yourself you didn’t even consider because they have an eye for things like that. They recover quickly from set backs so this can be helpful in a compromise based relationship. Leo’s are generally attracted to people with strong personalities, Sometimes Leo’s can be overbearing with their emotions which can leave their partner feeling a little tired but when with someone’s who’s personality can match theirs, they can be handled. Leo’s very rarely change their minds, once they’re set on something - that’s that, but if you can appeal to their emotional side, persuasion is possible, yet still very hard to do. They can sometimes fall victim to false praise in the desire to look good in front of others. With a partner who can match their fire and not take advantage of them, Leo’s love and energy can be harnessed in a positive way.

Virgo: Virgos are one of the most intellectual signs in the zodiac so relationships without mental stimulus won’t last very long. They’re incredibly witty and sarcastic and they use this to be playful with you. A partner who can connect with them intellectually is one that Virgo’s never get bored off. They like to pick peoples brains and to know why you like certain things. Possibly the most organised of the signs, Virgo is able to keep the relationship moving at a steady pace that suits both partners. Virgo’s have a very powerful sex drive although they tend to keep it hidden to those they’re not intimate with and like the other earth signs can be quite sensual. They can be quite tricky when it comes to feeling and emotions. Virgos don’t like feelings because they find them quite messy and often this causes them to feel torn in a relationship, making falling in love bitter sweet for them. They’re very detail oriented and can sometimes nit pick their partner. They can over analyse the relationship and get themselves into a worried state and make them uncomfortable. They don’t like to open up much because if they talk about their feelings it makes them more real after they’ve spent a big amount of time analysing them out of existence. If they open up to you, tread carefully and try not to get too much out of them, they’re opening up to you for a specific reason and if you try to get more, they’ll shut down again and they may never open up to you again. Virgo’s need someone who will connect with them intellectually, provide them with stability, give them space when they need, be there when they want to open up but not push them into it.

Libra: Probably the most idealistic signs when it comes to romantic relationships, Libra’s can sometimes expect too much rom-com scenarios in their relationships but only with the intention of deepening the bond between them and their lover. Libra’s personality was in some way created for love, it is the sign of balance, partnership and judgement. Librans strive to be fair and just in their relationship and desire harmony in their romantic affairs. Libra’s are great at negotiating and can maintain a harmonious atmosphere in the relationship. They are natural flirters but aren’t as crude about it as some of the other signs. They love the idea of love and falling into it which can sometimes leave them vulnerable to those who might play them. Emotionally, like other air signs, they like to step back from feelings apart from when it comes to romantic love. They’re emotions can get intense when dealing with love and although Librans are generally not jealous people, any sort of threat to their relationship can arouse feelings of inadequacy and insecurity.They can sometimes get selfish in their relationship, wanting it to be perfect for them. With the right partner that can roll with their ideas and can be 100% devoted/loyal to them, Libra’s can provide others with a fair, amorous relationship that never gets unromantic.

Scorpio: Scorpio’s are easily the most secretive signs in the zodiac and can be hard to get to know. In public they don’t show much affection other than hand or waist holding, but behind closed doors they can be completely different. Scorpio’s can often feel torn because even though they need an outlet, needing a partner makes Scorpio feel vulnerable and they like to see themselves as emotionally self-sufficient. Dominance and power in a big thing with this sign, they like to be in control of the situation at all times. They never wear their heart on their sleeves. When in a committed relationship they show just how passionate and erotic they are behind their enigmatic exterior. They feel things so deeply in their souls but you may never know unless they choose to let you in - if they do, you should be honoured. They will empathise with your problems internally, normally not letting you know they sometimes feel the same. They expect absolute utmost loyalty and faithfulness as they provide you with nothing less. If you betray or stray from a Scorpio, good luck getting them to trust you again. They never forget or forgive, even if they pretend they do, and it takes forever, if at all, to get their trust back. They can always see into your heart so don’t bother trying to lie to them. Scorpio’s are best know for their out lash - and rightly so! It’s in their nature to use attack as their defence, their partner needs to understand this and be patient with them. They normally lash out because they feel vulnerable on some level. With a partner that can understand their complex emotions and be patient and stable while they figure themselves out, Scorpios can be one of them most of the most compassionate and encouraging partners in the zodiac.

Sagittarius: Sagittarian’s are one of the most freedom-loving signs in the zodiac and can sometimes become uneasy when it comes to settling down. They love new things so sometimes the thought of commitment can be unappealing however, when in love Sagittarius can bring the spice of life to their partner. They love to flirt, and they’re great at it too. While Aries is passionate in their flirting and Leo is playful, Sagittarius’ are incredibly fiery, the type that will challenge you for the hell of it. Travel is a big keyword with Sagittarius’, they can get bored easily and need something (or someone) to keep them on their feet. A very independent sign, they will not take any shit from anyone and will call you out if you’re acting up. They will not tolerate time wasters. Sagittarius’ don’t enjoy thinking about emotions and much less feeling them. They feel that they’re emotions can hinder their ambition and likes to leave them untouched so don’t expect them to frequently get deep into their emotions because chances are they will change the subject on a lighter note. They tend to lie without really noticing it and can sometimes make promises they don’t keep. It’s not that they disregard them purposely, it’s just they might forget in their pursuit of even more new experiences. For this reason, their partner might need to be able to take the things they say with a pinch of salt. With a partner that can keep up the pace and adapt to Sagittarius’ ever changing interests, not drag them down or put pressure on them to commit too soon, Sagittarius’ can show them the world in a whole new light with wondrous opportunity’s.

Capricorn: Like the other earthy signs, Capricorn’s are normally quite reserved in public when with their partner but when alone (varying on how close they are) they can really let loose. They have an unusual sense of humour which can come across as dark to some. When you know them extremely well, you might get the chance to see how much of a wild card Caps can really be. This sign is one of the most reliable in the zodiac and possess incredible strength of character which can handle strong personalities. They’re often described as the “rock” in the relationship, they can keep the other partner grounded without crushing their spirit. They’re very patient when it comes to other and respect their partners wishes as they’d like to be respected in turn. Their relationships tend to last very long and they take their responsibility in the relationship seriously. They have a very cool demeanour until aroused sexually. They tend to be very lusty rather than love-y, because they’re very careful about love. Capricorns panic when they’re not in control of a situation and somewhat lacks the ability to express their emotions properly. When a Capricorn opens up to you, the things they’ll tell you will break your heart and you must treat that information as carefully as you can because it has taken a lot for the Cap to tell you. With a partner that won’t smother them but at the same time commit to the relationship as much as they do, Capricorns can provide a harmonious, steady and fruitful relationship.

Aquarius: Aquarian partners can be very eccentric and hyper when with their partner - in both private and public! This sign will seek equality in the relationship, to be together as a team. They are the sign known for change and growth, this will be the sign that can easily get their relationship to evolve at a healthy pace. This sign values companionship in their romantic relationship, they enjoy the company of those who they can sit with and question society and existence one minute and do the most random, pointless activity with the next simply because it makes them happy. Like the other air signs, Aquarians can some times be idealistic and will try to sneakily get their own way. Although they may seem detached and not very feeling, below the surface lies conflicting, chaotic emotions. For that reason they need stability, especially in a relationship. Intimacy can be awkward for them sometimes because they’re so independent and they find it hard to express the complex emotions they feel despite their verbal intelligence. However they will sit with you and listen to your woes and try to find a solution, they probably won’t delve into their own problems that often and when they do they’ll finish with “but anyway” and then change the subject so to not dwell on them. With an optimistic partner that can respect Aqua’s need for space, can listen to their opinions and not base the whole relationship off of intimacy and physical attraction, Aquarius’ can learn to express themselves and their ideas better and can give their partner a mind opening experience.

Pisces: Pisceans can be tricky when it comes to love, they fall in love with the idea of love like Libras but are wary of it like Scorpios. Incredibly intuitive, they can always tell when their partner is feeling off just by the way they come into the room. They are probably the most understanding sign in the zodiac and won’t push you into talking if you don’t want to (even if it frustrates them a little). When you do decide to talk about it, Pisces’ are excellent listeners and will provide empathy and validation for your feelings. They know how much emotions can affect people, having felt their own so very deeply and make it their priority to take care of their partners emotional needs. Like the air signs, they tend to be infatuated by intellectual stimulus as long as the other person isn’t being snobbish about it. Though they might not show it, words can hurt them a lot and they tend to take things to heart, even if they know it wasn’t intentional. This sign can be prone to guilt and can be manipulated easily enough. However, they’re just as willing to play the game and can manipulate just as well. They adapt to their surroundings a lot so their emotional state in terms of romance can be a reflection on the state of the relationship itself. They tend to drift between merging with their partner and flirting with other possibilities. With a partner who can be patient with them, understand their emotional complexity and keep them grounded whenever they get second thoughts, Pisces’ can lead their partner to inner contentment and show them that if you look hard enough there’s still good left in the world.


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I really can’t believe this is the picture everyone is flapping over, topless? How about tasteful, empowering, sexy, beautiful?

Emma Watson is showing women can be whoever they want to be, wear whatever they want to wear, feminism is about freedom, women supporting other women, not beating each other down.

If you think of yourself as a feminist but hate this picture then I think you need ask yourself, how does this picture affect you? Cause let’s be honest, it’s not topless is it? There is no nipples you hypersensitive morons.

Stop finding problems with other people’s life choices and maybe go and re-evaluate your own.

What Am I To You? (Part 2)

Summary: You come to conclusions of your real feelings for Taehyung.

Pairings: Kim Taehyung (V)/ Reader

Genre: Angst/ Smut

Words: 4.2k

Part 1 | Part 3 | Masterlist

When you reached his room you were confused by the rubber band on the door. You knocked a few times and entered like you normally do.

“Jake?” You cried.

There he was in bed with some blonde chick half way naked.

“Now I know what Taehyung wanted to tell me.” The tears fell

“(Y/N) It’s not what it looks like.” He got up quickly. He was only wearing boxers.


“I love you babe.” He held your hand. “We havnet done it in a week and I just needed-”

You pulled your hand away quickly. “You’re disgusting.”

You turned around. “Babe please come on.”

“We’re done.”

You sped to your room and lucky your roommate was m.i.a because all your emotions poured out.


The next morning you woke with a killer headache, you didn’t even bother getting up for school because you didn’t care. You lost your boyfriend and your best friend.


“Where’s (Y/N)?” Nayeon asked sitting next to Taehyung first period.

He just shrugged his shoulders pretending not to care even though deep down he did. You never miss class.

“What is going on with you two?” Nayeon asked.

“Nothing.” He sadly smiled.

“I know she misses you.” Tae just looked down.

“Whatever happened just forget about it. She needs you.” Taehyung thought hard of what Nayeon said. You apologized so why was he still pissed off.


It was a few days later and Nayeon was seriously concerned. She hasn’t seen you and you didn’t receive any of her text and when she attempted to look for you at your room, you were nowhere found.

“Shes not answering me, what if she did something, what if something happened to her?”

“I’ll find her okay, don’t worry.” Taehyung kissed her cheek and left.

He made his way to his room and once again he saw a sock on the door but that didn’t stop him this time, he entered the room and slammed the door.

“What the fuck man?” Jake got up and quickly threw on boxers.

Taehyung ignored him and was putting his school books away.

“Tae?” Jake stood up.

“What?” He said dumbfounded.

“Can you please leave?” He asked.

Taehyung turned around facing him. “Why should I? This is my fucking room.” Tae never stood up to Jake before but he has finally found the courage.

“I’m tired of you fucking every girl in school, go to their place.” He patted Jakes shoulder and grabbed his jacket.

“I’m sorry dude.” Jake was surprised from his confidence.

“And by the way, you’re an asshole.” Jake snapped back confused.

“How could you just cheat on (Y/N) like that?”

“Oh so it was you huh?” Jake walked up to Tae angry. “I was getting away with it for a while and you open your mouth and now she knows.” Tae was confused. He didn’t say anything.

“She broke up with me a few days ago.”

“She’s better off without you.” Tae snapped.

Jake got closer and Tae pushed him off. Jake went in again and punched him. He kept throwing punches until Tae got up and attacked back. All his rage build up finally getting out.

“Stop!” The girl yelled trying to push Tae off of Jake. Tae immediately stopped and looked down at Jakes bloody face.

“I’m sorry.” He got up and left. He didn’t mean to get so violent.

He made his way over to your room. He wiped his nose as he was waiting to get the courage to knock on your door. When he looked down at his hand he was surprised to see blood on his hand.


“I’m leaving do you want anything?” Your roommate kindly offered.

“Maybe some Ben & Jerry’s.” You sat up a bit.

“Okay.” She smiled and headed towards the door. As soon as she opened the door you saw Tae with his hand up getting ready to knock.

You perked up surprised to see him, you were taken back by his beaten up face. Your face was still blotchy from all the crying you have been doing for days.

“Tae?” You squeaked. “What are you doing here?”

“I needed to see you if you were okay.”

“Amber….can we have privacy.” She nodded and continued to leave.

Taehyung slowly came up to your bed sitting by your feet.

“You’re bleeding.” You got out of bed and went to your desk and grabbed a towel.

“What happened Tae?” You sat back down closer to him.

“I’m not important….I want to know where you’ve been.” He asked concerned.

“Of course you’re important.” You felt your eyes water.

“You were right.” He looked at you. “Jake was cheating the whole time.” The tears fell.

“I’m sorry….I didn’t know how to tell you.”

“You tried to tell me and I was to stubborn to listen.” You whimpered. “I don’t blame you for hating me.” Tae pulled you into his chest embracing you with a warm hug.

“I don’t hate you.” He whispered. “I’m sorry for making you think that, I was just mad.”

“I’m so stupid.” You cried.

“He’s stupid.”

You pulled away looking at his wounded face. “What happened?”

He smirked. “I punched Jake in the face.”

You looked at him confused. “Why?”

“Because he’s an asshole.”

You smiled at your best friend and grabbed the towel from his hands and brought it up to his face cleaning off the blood that ran under his nose. He closed his eyes as you gently dabbed the swollen area.

Taehyung felt butterflies from your comfort, even though he was dating Nayeon he was still deep in love with you and he had to accept that.

You finished wiping off Taes wounded face and watched as he was still patient. You froze as he opened his eyes catching you staring. His stare made you feel nervous by the way tingles flooded throughout your body.

What was this? Taehyung was making you feel like a school girl with a crush. You never felt this way before with him. Were you falling for Taehyung?


“W-what?” What was happening to you?

“Do you want to go get some food?” He asked.

“Okay.” Why did you feel so nervous all of a sudden?

You both stood up. “Let me text Nayeon.” Your face dropped.

You wanted to be alone with him, like old times. The more you thought about it, you realized how selfish you were being. Taehyung was taken now, not that would change anything between you.

“Let me get dress?” You walked over to your closet.

Tae nodded and sat back down on your bed pulling his phone out to text.  He looked up for a second thinking until he got distracted at you pulling your shirt off towards your closet. He was taken back as he saw your bare back. You weren’t even thinking about him being there as you pulled down your sweat pants exposing you in your lace panties.

He felt his breathing pace watching you lean over to get some jeans. He looked down at his phone trying to think about something else as he felt the tightness below his belt. He knew it was wrong. Tae grabbed a pillow placing it over his lap to not cause any attention from the effects of your almost naked body still lingering in his mind.

He looked up once again relieved you were finishing by putting a shirt on. You turned around watching him texting on his phone. You walked into your tiny bathroom to clean up your face.

Taehyung shut his eyes tightly to erase his mind. “I’ll be back.” You leaned your head out the door.

“Where are you going?” You asked confused.

“I’m going to change to.” He said nervously.

“Okay.” You didn’t question, you just went back to what you were doing.

Taehyung made sure the close was clear before he got up. He felt embarrassed from the tiny affect you caused him. His dorm wasn’t to far away and was relieved Jake was gone. He needed some peace and quiet to process everything.

You were enjoying your quiet as well. You were fighting with yourself about how you were feeling. Your best friends were dating and you weren’t happy about it. Even though it was your doing in the first place. You hated this feeling, you hated how long it took you to realized how great Tae was.

Why did you have to feel this way? You were falling for your best friend. There it is, you finally admitted it to yourself and you were too late.

Not that you would of done anything, you had too good of a friendship and in your case you knew how bad breakups were and its impossible to stay friends after that. You envied anyone who could.

Taehyung was to precious to you and you rather have him in your life as a friend them not at all.

You walked out of your dorm and timidly walked to his. Hopefully Jake wasn’t there because you were done even seeing his stupid face.

Taehyung walked out of the room surprised to see you so quick.

“I thought you were changing?” He was still in his same outfit.

“Right.” He turned back into the room. You saw it was empty so you entered.

“Going out with a bloody shirt isn’t the smartest idea.” You giggled.

He looked down finally noticing the mess. He didn’t even realize how much blood was actually there. What was he doing then if he wasn’t going to change?

He lifted up his shirt disposing it with the rest of the dirty laundry. You blushed seeing his exposed chest. You walked towards the door pretending to not pay attention. He was quickly on your heel ready to go.

“Where are we going?”

“Just down the road.” You nodded and followed him down to the lobby.

He stopped by the front desk to talk to the security first.

“Can I request a new roommate….he did this to me.” Taehyung pointed to his bruised nose. The security handed him a form and told him to give it to the Dean’s office.

You smiled as Taehyung held your hand on your walk to where ever you were going.

“Thank you.” You spoke up.

“For what?”

“Everything.” He blushed.

“Okay first things first.”

“What?” He asked confused.

“You need to get rid of this blonde.” You laughed ruffling his hair with your free hand.

As soon as you turned the block you saw Nayeon waiting outside playing on her phone. Taehyung dropped your hand immediately as he was afraid Nayeon would see.

“Hey.” She finally looked up. “How are you?” She looked concerned before she wrapped her arms around you in a warm hug.

“I’m okay.” Your voice cracked.

She let go and turned to Tae. “What happened to you?” She grabbed his face.

“I made amends with Jake.” She arched her eyebrows. “I did everyone a favor.” He smiled.

She shook her head with a giggle and brought her lips to his. That sharp pain hit you in the chest once again. You couldn’t help but feel annoyed at Nayeon but it wasn’t her fault. It was yours. Your head knew it was okay but your heart was being tricky. You needed to stop this.

You cleared your throat to draw attention. They finally broke apart looking at you apologetic. You realized how Taehyung must of felt all the time Jake would shove his tongue down your throat. It was a shitty feeling.

“Let’s go.” Nayeon acted like nothing was awkward.

As soon as Taehyung slid into the booth, you followed quickly sitting next to him. Nayeon froze staring at you confused but Tae just looked lost.

You looked up at her and realization hit you. “Oh….I’m sorry.” You got up. “New couple want to sit next to each other.”

You slip into the opposite side. Nayeon still looked at you confused as she sat down next to your best friend.

The whole dinner you felt like a third wheel and it sucked. You played on your phone to distract yourself from looking at the gushy couple in front of you.

Nayeon was way more outgoing and flirty then you thought. You always assumed she was shy but now that she was dating her crush she wasn’t holding back. Every chance she had she would be touching Tae or kissing him.

At this point you had enough, your jealousy was getting the better of you. “Be right back.” You got up and tried your best not to seem annoyed.

As soon as you looked into the reflection of the bathroom mirror every emotion was flooding out. You ran the faucet and ran your hands under to form a small pool of water. You leaned down to splash some water all over your face, you did a few times just to cool you down.

“You okay?” You suddenly heard a voice behind you. Nayeon.


“I’m sorry.” She spoke.

“Why?” You asked confused.

“You got out of a relationship and here we are kissing in front of you.” We? More like you.

“How did you know?” You didn’t mean to sound so harsh.

“Tae just told me.” It didn’t faze her that you were upset. “He didn’t tell me why though?” She shrugged.

“You want to talk about it?” You honored Taes loyalty, he thought it was your choice to explain the story not his.

“Nope.” You walked away from here.

“Hey.” Nayeon spoke up before you could leave. “Now it’s my turn to hook you up.” She smiled. “There’s a party this weekend and we all could have some fun.” She said in a playful tone.

You weren’t up for it honestly but maybe you could drink and forgot about all the shit your going through.

“Sounds fun.”


“This is a bad idea.” You panicked seeing the crowded room full of dancing sweaty people.

Parties weren’t your thing and college wasn’t an acceptation. You felt uncomfortable. Nayeon dragged you here and immediately introduced you to some guys from her classes. As soon as a guy seemed interested she ran over to the brunette Taehyung you remember. She didn’t take long until she was already sucking his face off.

“So how tall are you?” Stupid jock. You rolled your eyes and started to turn away.

“I’ll be right back.” You lied. You went outside and found the closest cooler full of alcohol. You decided to just drink the anxiety away. You were in college, this was normal. Be normal.

“You’re drinking straight tequila? You trying to get alcohol poisoning?” You saw a friend of Taehyung smirking at you.

“I’m trying to have fun Kookie.” You smiled back.

“You don’t need to start with that.” He handed you a mikes lemonade. “This will get the job done.”

“Thank you.” You took the drink.

“So….where’s Jake?” He asked.

You looked down sighing. “We broke up.”

“Thank God.” He laughed but noticed your un-amused state. “Sorry, I just really hate that guy.”

“It’s fine…..I know.” You finally took a sip of your drink.

“Where’s Tae?” He asked.

“With Nayeon.” You mocked.

Jungkook clenched his jaw. “Don’t like her either.” He painfully smiled.

You were taken back. “Why?” Nayeon seemed like the sweetest girl and you should know.

“She’s too clingy….you know how many times Tae had to cancel on us because of her.” Jungkook seemed extremely offended. “I mean, we never see him anymore.”

“At least when he hung out with you, you understood guy time.” You slightly smiled. “Plus we liked hanging out with you, when shes around she gets annoyed if I grab his attention for one second.”

Really? You had no idea she was like that.

He continued. “I don’t think he likes her as much as she likes him.” You went to your second bottle already and you could feel the alcohol warm up your stomach.

You gave him a look of disbelief. “How can you tell?”

“I just have a feeling.” He took a sip.

Jungkook was fun to hangout with and you did so for the past hour.

You went inside to change a scenery. The alcohol was making a funny impact on you as you couldn’t stop giggling. You spotted Tae talking to his friend Jimin and grew confused with no sight of Nayeon.

You walked over to him grabbing his attention. “Tae?” You brushed his shoulder.

“Heyyyy (Y/N), you dye your hair.” He was drunk, of course. You laughed at his response as you were getting drunk yourself but you still had your mind before you.

“No that was you…” You giggled.

“So yes? No? Yes.” He was seriously confused. You blushed from his cute confusion.

“Where’s Nayeon?” You asked.

Your eyes followed to where he pointed to, she was past out on the couch probably drunk.

“She doesn’t drink often.”

“Maybe we should bring her home.” You suggested.

“Yeah, that would be a good idea.” Jimin laughed.

You put one arm around your shoulder and one arm around Taehyungs shoulder, successfully carrying Nayeon past out self. The dorms were only a few frat houses down so you were there in no time.

You got to her room and her roommate looked startled from her state. “She had too much to drink.” You pursed your lips.

As soon as you left her room, Taehyung slouched to the floor exhausted.

“I’m out of shape.” You couldn’t help but laugh.

“Come on, my room is right there.” You pointed down the hall. You held out your hand for him to grab and he didn’t help you pull him up.

“Tae….you’re too heavy.” You struggled causing him to laugh.

You both clumsily got to your room and noticed Amber not there. Then you remembered her visiting home for the weekend.

“Remember that time your sister got drunk for the first time and we drew on her face.” Tae made himself comfortable in your bed. He leaned against the wall resting his tired head.

“I remember.” You laughed. “You remember when we played dress up and your grandma had to give you a talk about your sexuality.” You giggled. The fact that you were both fifteen, his grandma wasn’t to happy.

“That’s not funny….I was helping you with your theater class.” You couldn’t stop laughing.

The effects of the alcohol still lingered in your system. “Remember when your sister dared me to cut your hair.” You did remember clearly and luckily he didn’t.

You loved all the memories with Tae. You looked over at his amused expression. You stared at him admiring every small detail about him. You felt butterflies as soon as your eyes lingered down to his lips just thinking about how warm they looked.

“Remember when my sister dared me to kiss you.” He finally looked at you.

“Yeah…but I don’t remember how it ended.” You blushed.

You leaned in closer feeling his warm breath hit your face. “I remember.” You whispered before filling in the small space.

His lips worked against yours immediately. You couldn’t tell if it was the effects of the alcohol or he was desperate to kiss you. He brought his hand caressing your cheek to deepen the kiss. He wasn’t holding back as you felt his tongue brush your bottom lip.

You quickly accepted opening your mouth. Things didn’t stop there as he pushed you farther down the bed letting his self tower over you. You knew you had to put this to a stop but you couldn’t.

You felt his hand slide up your shirt touching up your exposed stomach. You wrapped your legs around his waist bringing him in closer and you immediately regretted it as you felt his member harder against your core. You turned your head breaking the kiss and he continued to kiss your neck.

“Tae.” You moaned.

You felt guilty, you knew this wasn’t going to have a good outcome. You closed your eyes feeling the pleasure. You moved your hand down rubbing against the tight area. You could feel his jeans getting tighter by every stroke.

“(Y/N).” He moaned your name. He moaned your name. You knew he was semi drunk but you wouldn’t expect him to be in his right mind.

You continued to rub his sensitive area making him squirm. You brought his lips back to yours while tugging on your jeans. You helped along the way tossing the fabric off to the side.

He took his hand and followed up your exposed legs. “So beautiful.” He bit his lip.

You giggled tugging on his shirt. He followed through pulling it off. You rubbed your hand down his chest admiring his toned torso until you reached his pants buckle.

“Take these off.” You smirked. The alcohol turned you into a monster.

He arched his eyebrows at your demand. “Why don’t you?”

He leaned down and kissed back up your neck. You reached your hand passed his boxers after you unbuckled. You started rubbing the smooth area above his hardened member making him groan with impatience.

He tugged down his pants more exposing him. You bit your lip taking him in. You pulled him enough so he was now laying on the bed. You crawled back above him pulling down the rest of his jeans along with his boxer briefs. You giggled as you reached the area he needed you most.

You grabbed a hold guiding him to your mouth. You softly kissed the tip making him tilt his head back in pleasure. You leaned down lower and back up causing more pleasure for him. He squirmed under your touch making you excited yourself. You quickened your pace letting your teeth cause more friction.

“(Y/N)….I’m not gonna last much longer.” He said out of breath.

You giggled releasing him from your mouth, you blushed seeing the how red you made him. You made your way up to embrace him with a passionate kiss.  Once you pulled away, you leaned over digging into your night stand.

“(Y/N).” He softly spoken. “I lo-”

You shh him. You didn’t want to remind him that you were both drunk. You leaned down kissing him once again before slipping on the condom.

You lifted yourself up and guided his member to your center. You leaned down slowly letting him adjust inside of you. You moaned in pain before you started rocking against him loosening you up. You felt a little dizzy from the alcohol but you managed to keep yourself balanced.

You wrapped your hand around to your back unhooking your bra. You smiled watching his eyes lit up from you being exposed. You took his hand and guided him to your chest as you continued rocking against him. You couldn’t help but lean down once more kissing him desperately. You loved feeling his lips against yours.

It felt right.

You were surprised as you felt the pleasure take hold throughout your body. The familiar feeling passing through you making you numb. You moaned trying to keep yourself up. As soon as Taehyung watched you weaken it didn’t take him long to reach his climax. You shook feeling his juices warm up your core. You lifted your self off of him laying to his side.

You were shocked and disappointed how quick that lasted. You couldn’t help but laugh at the silly analogy. Taehyung had a quicker effect on you then Jake ever had. What could this mean?

You looked over and saw that Taehyung was already passed out. You leaned in closer laying your head down on his chest. A million things were running through your head of how tomorrow’s outcome will turn out but at that moment you just wanted to cuddled up to Taehyungs warm chest. So that’s what you did.


You woke up the neck morning feeling a killer headache but surprisingly refreshed. You looked up seeing the soft snores making you giggle. But then you snapped into reality.

You sat up remembering last night. You thought having sex with Tae was just a dream. You slapped your forehead on the verge of crying thinking of what you should do.

How is Tae going to act? He was way more wasted then you. You glanced at the clock surprised to see it was 11 o'clock already.

“Tae?” You gently tapped him making him groan.

Just before you could process anything, you heard a knock on your door.

“Tae get up.” You basically slapped him.

He alerted awake seeing you pulling up your underwear.

“Wait.” He looked down at himself. “Did we have sex?” He jumped out of bed as you grabbed his boxer briefs throwing them at him.

“Yes….hurry and get dressed.” You hooked your bra together and quickly ran through your closet. The knocking wasn’t stopping.

“Just a minute.” You called.

Tae was still standing there frozen taking everything in. “Tae please.” You  begged.

He snapped back into reality pulling on his clothes as quickly as possible. “Can we talk about this?” He grabbed your hand to settle your nerves.

You looked at him sadly. What have you done?

“I’m sorry….this is my fault.” You felt your eyes get watery.

“This is my fault as much as yours.” He started. “There is something I need to tell you-” He was cut off by the knocking.

You quickly wiped your eyes and looked out your peep hole.

“It’s Nayeon.” You panicked.

His eyes widen and he went into your bathroom hiding.

You opened the door. “Heyyy.” She sweetly greeted.

“Have you seen Tae?”


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Marichat May Day 13: Sin

This is lame, but I’m tired and late. Sorry. Also there is nothing explicit, honestly, this thing could barely count as M let alone E. But under the cut just in case.

Adrien groaned as he tried to open his eyes. In all honesty, he didn’t want to. Really didn’t want to. The bed was smelling so nice, like jasmine and vanilla and something sweet so… so Marinette. Wait… Marinette?

His eyes snapped open and his right hand instinctively reached for his mask. Still there. Good. Did he fall asleep in Marinette’s room? Damn. He hoped he didn’t get her in trouble or something. He looked at the skylight, blinking in surprise. It was still night. Huh, did that mean he slept for little? He certainly hoped so, he didn’t want to take advantage of her hospitality. Just when he was about to get up the trap door opened. Luckily, it was only Marinette. Wearing a pink bathrobe.

Huh, that was a little bit weird.

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When has Mickey Milkovich ever been toxic/bad for Ian?

Was it when he was getting shot in the leg after getting caught fucking Ian?

When he got himself arrested because he would rather be in jail than be possibly killed by his dad if he was outed?

When he literally got the shit beat out of him when his dad caught him with Ian?

When his dad had him raped in front of Ian in order to fuck the “faggot” out of him?

Maybe it was when he was forced to marry his rapist and raise the kid he conceived with her.

Or it was when the person he loved left him for the army after he got married as if he had a choice in the issue.

How about when he took Ian, who was drugged the fuck out, back to his own home to take care of him and keep him safe for the night?

Maybe when he came out to his entire family and South Side when Ian threatened to leave him? Thus risking his life and getting the shit beat out of him once again?

Or it could have been the time that he let Ian move in with him in order to keep an eye on him whenever the possibility of Ian being bipolar came up.

Oh right, it was the time Mickey wanted to take Ian to the doctor and Ian flipped out and stole his son. No?

Okay what about when he learned everything about Ian’s disorder and medication, making sure he took it when he was suppose to and not eating/drinking anything that could cause negative side-affects?

Shit, there was that time when he got punched BY IAN for trying to keep Ian from drinking on medication.

It was probably when he tried fighting off the Military Police who were arresting his mentally ill boyfriend because his cunt half-sister turned him in.

There was also that time when Mickey was then dumped by his boyfriend for taking care of him and wanting him to be healthy.

It was kinda bad when he was arrested for almost killing the person who tried to RUIN Ian’s life.

Then I guess the icing on the cake was giving Ian the personal option of running away with him to start a new life. He even had the audacity to give Ian multiple chances to say goodbye.

The moral of the story is: don’t try and convince me that Mickey Milkovich is a toxic person for Ian/bad person in general.

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Also, he was seventeen. He literally got blackmailed by a madman who he learned to respect and fear from a young age. He physically had to live in the same house with this man, his violent followers, and a motherfucking snake that obeyed his commands

He had opinions, and expectations thrust upon since he was at least 11 (in cannon, could have been literally since birth) and tried his best to reach them, he had a tough time figuring out what was right and what wasn’t (sixth year) but he chose what he thought he was meant to be. He was hated by mere virtue of his name and house.

Don’t ever fucking reduce Draco Malfoy, or any other character or person, to a hot mess of daddy issues. I won’t stand it.