cause I kept crying

I’m crying, Pharah moved her spray around like 6 times so that it was perfectly positioned on Mercy’s face


hey so the left pic is me on my first day of kindergarten, in 2002. The hello kitty, Winnie the Pooh and blues clues aesthetic was on point 👌🏻

middle pic is me on the annual orchard trip (of that year - 2002) that my mom’s best friend would take us (her fam and mine) on every autumn. That sweater was my fave and my mom still has it I think

last pic is me just before Halloween 2002 with a jack o lantern my dad helped me carve (helped meaning he did all the work ‘cause I kept crying in fear of the knives).

The reason my mouth is closed in the first day of school pic is my lack of front teeth. We can always tell what pics are from 2002 in my family ‘cause I have no teeth !! Haha. I was 5 yrs old in 2002 btw and I adore your blog to piecesssss 💖💖💖💖💖

awww you were adorable!! thank you for sharing❤️
Episode 21st of January 2016
  • Robert: It's okay. It's okay, it's gonna be okay.
  • Aaron: How can you say that? It's never gonna be okay.
  • Robert: How old were you? Sorry.
  • Aaron: First time, I was eight. I'd beenn playing up for weeks. My mum had just left him and I wouldn't do anything he asked me to do. I just kept crying 'cause I missed her. And taking it out on him. I didn't know what was happening. Just that - Just that it hurt. And it was wrong. But he said it was all my fault. And he had to do it to - to punish me. He said everyone knew how naughty I was and how much of a liar I was.
  • Robert: Why didn't you tell anyone? Your mum?
  • Aaron: He said if I told anyone it'd happen again. But he said if I started being good then it wouldn't. And I tried so hard to be good.

July 30th i waited in line for around an hour or so, to meet Damon, Bryan & Johnnie, i was so happy i started crying and i could hardly breath! I’ve been a fan of all of them for almost 2 years! I was waiting with my friend Rin & we were pretty close i looked over and i saw Bryan….The first thing i did was look at my friend scream & then cry she kept hugging me cause i was fricking out so much! Bryan was the first one i met! He hugged me and asked me how i was & he kept saying how much he loved my secret british accent society bracelet and i was dying! I felt so short cause i’m 5'3 & bryans so tall! But he was insanely sweet & kind to me, i love him so much, Then i saw Damon…….My heart stop for a second….I could breath i was crying even more because Damon literally saved my life. I told him how much he meant to me! And told him he was my everything & how much i loved him! I also gave him a note i wrote for him saying what hes done for me and how much he’s helped me! and he said asked me my name and i said i’m Katie he replied saying “I Love You Katie” i literally melted! I couldn’t believe how sweet he was to me! Lastly i met Johnnie, I found Johnnie on Younow (in March it will be 2 years since i’ve been watching him), i told him how i found him & how long i’ve been watching he say that he was sorry i put up with him for that long xD, i said that their was no need to be sorry & that i loved him so much, he said that he loved me too and i died again xD, then after the meeting i was in line to meet Mayday Parade…And i saw Damon was still there and i forgot to give him the bracelet i made for him it was white with purple writing that said “Peace” on it so of course the same night i got it i made it say “Peaceskies” than on the 29th i wrote “DeeFizzy” and i gave it to him and he loved it after he read it i was going to ask for a hug right before i did he grabed me & hugged me & i cried again, and again he told me he loved me! (i died again). but it was literally the best day of my life! I could say how much it meant to me to meet my favorite Youtubers! I’m happy that i did! I will never forget meeting them, I Love You guys with all my heart!

taylorswift Hi Taylor! My WILDEST DREAMS finally came true 8/17/15 when I met you in Glendale, AZ night 1. After loving since 2006 I got to finally meet you and see you perform for the very first time. I will never forget how magical that night was it was everything I had dreamt it would be. Part of me died every time you were at B-Stage cause I swear you were looking at me. Throughout the night I kept crying because I couldn’t believe I had just met my role model. The night was even more magical cause I got to spend the night with my mom. Me and her are super close just like you and your mom, so it meant everything to me that I had THE BEST DAY with the both of you. You have helped me through so much from being bullied in high school to going through my first heart break a couple months ago. Thank you so much for always being there for me. I don’t know what I would do without you!! I love you sooo much!!! ❤❤❤ Love, Rosie

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yeah no Im so sick like I thought I was gonna die I threw up the whole day even though I didnt eat anything 😰 I woke up with a terrible headache and I went to the living room and im like YO MOM I THINK IM DYING fortunately my moms a doctor and it turns out I had I had the worst ever neuralgia

it was so funny though she gave me medication and it didnt work so my mom had my grandmother on speakerphone praying for me and she smeared coffee on top of slices of potatoes and put them on my forehead (???) sang me lullabies THEN called her friend over so she also could pray for me and legit started crying cause I kept crying because of the pain legit bless her my moms the best