cause I kept crying

Quick Goodbye

Hi friends, It’s been quite a few months. I’m sure you can tell this blog is over with now, though sometime I wish it wasn’t still. I’ve been thinking of it more lately as I’ll explain further, but I wanted to extend a goodbye and some thank you’s to some of you.

This blog was insanely important to me last summer. Summer months are hard for me because I stay pretty isolated and I depend on the online community to keep me running. I had lost all my ‘brony’ friends over time and moved to Don’t Starve where I made some pretty awesome new friends! You guys kept that lonely feeling away from me and gave me an opportunity to be creative. I don’t have you guys this summer so it’s been pretty awful but I can’t seem to find a way to come back here. It just doesn’t feel the same. But I cannot thank you enough for last year, it was so much fun, I won’t forget it.

Personal thanks:

a-dynamite-digger - Automb you’re amazing. You’re a great person, roleplayer, and definitely a great artist. I’m totally keeping up with your comic by the way, and any new Westcott art you have. I enjoyed the relationship our muses had and there was so much more I wanted to do with them. Please keep being your amazing self ♥

silent-survivor You have got to be one of the biggest sweethearts I ever had a chance to speak too. You’re adorable, Wes is adorable, and I love you both. I really have to thank you for always being so kind to me and being a listening ear for me to vent to at times. It really meant a lot to me.

trenidia Tashi you were definitely one of the greatest friends I had for a while. You were kinda my rock that I talked to every day and believe me I needed that constant conversation. I still adore Tren as a character and I won’t lie I get urges to draw her at the most random times? Hell, you might see me draw her in the future still. Who knows. I hope you’re doing well.

oneeyedtwohornedwhitewilsoneater You adorable Clopsy you! Clopsy-mun your art always made my day, I loved seeing it on my dash. Willow and Clopsy’s rivalry was one of my favorites.

askthelumberjack Omg Ace if it wasn’t for your suggestion I wouldn’t have even started the blog. I wish we had gotten a chance to RP but it was just as much fun watching Woodie interact with others. Keep doing the beaver god’s work.

If anyone ever wants to talk you are always welcome to contact me at If you want my skype message me there and ask for it, I’d be happy to give it to you and even do skype RP, just for old times sake. I still love RP and Willow but I can’t get myself to return here.
Oh! And I haven’t even had a single chance to play DST yet, so if anyone wants me to join them I’d always be up for it.

Thank you to anyone and everyone that ever interacted with my Willow muse! You guys made this blog a great memory for me to keep. I’m leaving it up just for that.

xoxoxo -Becca


I’m back again nvm *nervous laugh*

I hate when people make light of mental illness bc I just frantically drove away from a sonic drive in while crying cause I kept messing up my order and there was nothing cute or romantic about it

On a happier note, my friend invited me to the music recital of her students and it was to show their progress from the last recital. The girls each picked a disney song to sing and when i saw the songs i noticed that one was part of your world ( i FREAKING LOVE the little mermaid, is my favorite movie and i love mermaids so much that my friends always send me any post or pic about mermaids and actually even my mom asks me if maybe i was a mermaid in a past life to which i respond DAH obviously haha) so when that song was next the youngest girl (maybe like 6 years old) was the one singing it and i swear i had to try not to cry the whole song cause i kept thinking that maybe someday that could be my daughter singing that song and me crying of happiness.