cause 4:30 in the morning

happy international womens day my fellow heroines!

black, white, yellow, purple, rainbow, trans, cis, flying spaghetti monster, it doesnt matter, we run the world

never let anyone tell you how to be a woman. 

Day 718

Positively thinking, clear your space cause it’ll clear your mind.


I stayed up until 4:30 in the morning cause I got the urge to do this please help

It always bugged me how the Toa Metru didn’t officially combine into a bigger toa and I always wanted to take it upon myself so… here it is. He’s made of Vakama, Onewa, and Matau.

He has some trouble standing up but I really liked the stance his legs gave him so I didn’t want to fiddle any with that. Super pleased with the upper body though, the way I got those torsos on there makes for a nice range of motion and I’m especially proud of the two extra arms that fold in.