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Okay, but like… can we appreciate the details going into Aloy’s facial expressions??? Like, the littlest details are things that just win me over (among other things). From anger, to fear, being a smartass, so on. Kudos to you, Guerrilla for making such an awesome game!

happy international womens day my fellow heroines!

black, white, yellow, purple, rainbow, trans, cis, flying spaghetti monster, it doesnt matter, we run the world

never let anyone tell you how to be a woman. 

An out-of-body experience.


Head canon that Gaara never fully grasps the concept of personal boundaries.

Kankuro is awoken from a deep sleep by the sound of rustling next to his bed. He opens his eyes to find Gaara looming ominously above him. He immediately sits up in shock like “What…..THE FUCK, Gaara!”

“I need you to help me find a specific file I’ve been looking for”

“Wuh….it’s 6 in the morning!” He pinches the bridge of his nose and let’s out an exasperated sigh. “Can Temari not help you with this?”

“She isn’t here. I think she’s gone out to train. Everyone else is asleep.”

“Hmm…imagine that. People sleeping.”

That bit of sarcasm falls completely flat with Gaara and tbh it’s kinda pissing Kankuro off how casual he is being about this whole thing. By his monotonous tone of voice you’d almost think he DIDNT just break into kankuros room at the crack of dawn and wake him up just to find some miscellaneous file.

“I was not put on this earth to sort through your filing cabinets at 6am, Gaara.” he says as he pulls on a shirt to go do just that.

south park characters as bloggers
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  • kyle broflovski: shitposter
  • kenny mccormick: shitposter
  • eric cartman: not included becasue fuck cartman
  • butters stotch: shitposter
  • craig tucker: shitposter
  • clyde donovan: shitposter
  • token black: shitposter
  • tweek tweak: shitposter
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  • pip pirrup: pip is dead move on