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Okay random hc: dave and karkat will be eating dinner or w/e meteor and or on earth idk and dave fucking causal as ever reaches over and grabs something off of Karkat's plate and kk is just horrified cause dave you don't touch other peoples food what if u poisoned it what if I poisoned it ur gonna die or like it's one of those things like when you try and take food of toys from some dogs and dave is just like holy shit. What and can't stop laughing cause he puts his hand growl pulls away stops

omg bless,,, trolls being super possessive of food bc shit was tight on alternia for the lowbloods (highbloods would be more flagrant as a sign of wealth and ease of access) so the first time karkat offers dave food its like a Big Deal even if dave doesnt realize it

11:  with all equanimity


as if any given can be divined

as to its true justification

yes no yes no yes separated until

the true binary collapses to one

which is squarely seen to be no

more than what is said to be

stripped clean of any tacit

obligations to more than now

without causality’s shades clouding

stark judgment’s clear sight

as she lays her lidless eyes upon my life

then turns upon the detritus

to make similar claims upon it all

(November 10, 2013)

(This is from a series called “Arcana.” It is a joint poetry/ visual art project based on the tarot pack. I have written a poem connected to each of the cards of the tarot deck. My sister, Firethorn Studio, is illustrating at least the 22 major arcana. I am reposting the major arcana in order. This is #12)

Each new instantiation of “now” is a snapshot of the mutation of energy in space. There are no “true” gaps between events either; causal linkages and chains of events are human ways of conceptualizing complex-chaotic process(es). It is our limited perception that creates the difference necessary to the illusion of linear time.

A caesura is not a break or gap, but a threshold, beyond which there is a sort of “phase shift”. An event, a former self, doesn’t necessarily fade away in memory, but is willed into a higher, more subtle form—or vibration, if you will. Integration.


He is a man of best intentions. Yes, he is a villain for the movie purpose,
but is his theory wrong? It is, but horrible things have come from the best
intentions. He goes about it the wrong way because he is snarky and is a
man that demands respect rather than earns it.

But in my mind, Hoskins is a man who has two daughters and a son. He
can eliminate them ever going to war with these raptors, these things they’ve
created at InGen, so they can stop causalities. Maybe he even lost a child in
war, or a family member/friend. That makes people bitter, makes them crazy. 

Am I saying he was right for doing what he was doing? No, but villains are
humans. Hoskins is human. It is much more terrifying when our monsters in
cinema are actually just scared human beings like the rest of us with the best
intentions in mind for their worlds.


Madoka Magica Reference in Pokemon X/Y

Update: A lot of people are adding little quips, saying that this is not a reference to Madoka Magica, and that causality existed before this concept was shown in Madoka Magica. 

Of course it was.

I am fully aware of that and not trying to say otherwise.

This is simply trying to point out one line in Pokemon X/Y which shadows something Kyuubey says to Madoka about the consequences of her wish at the end of the original series story. The line can be translated in many ways, but this one way is eerily similar to what was presented in the English dialogue in the series, which also mirrors what is said in the above line in Pokemon.

Seeing how Pokemon is of Japanese origin and contains many pop culture references, such as one glaring reference to “over 9000” from Dragonball Z (which is originally incorrect, by the way), it would not be surprising that is related to Madoka Magica.

If this theory is correct, we may live in a web of alternate timelines

The Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics has been around for nearly 60 years. It’s a highly controversial idea which suggests that our world — and everything in it — is constantly splitting into alternative timelines. If it’s correct, here’s what your true existence might actually be like.

Over a hundred years ago, the discovery of quantum physics ruined the party. Our comfortable, clockwork conception of universe was thrown into disarray with the realization that, at the micro-scale, there’s some crazy funky stuff going on.

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“Morality and religion can be exhaustively accounted for by the psychology of error. In every single case, cause and effect are confused, truth is confused with the effects of believing that something is true, or a state of consciousness is confused with its causes.”

—F. Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols, “The Four Great Errors,” §6 (excerpt).

Anything that happens, happens. Anything that, in happening, causes something else to happen, causes something else to happen. Anything that, in happening, causes itself to happen again, happens again. It doesn’t necessarily do it in chronological order though.
—  Douglas Adams
If A, then B. A. Thus, B.

Every step you take,

Is an additional word written

In the blank slate which

No eyes can see, even if they hoped to.

Each card you play,

Each time you say that

You walk only where your mind deems safe.

Free will, will solely.


Each picture you take,

Memories engraved in

Paper, hearts and digits

One Oh, One Oh, One.

One day you could,

You could change

The world, or what you’ve been.


Children’s eyes, treasures

Jewels and gold of the burdened

With the Universal punishment that all of us bear

As soon as we realize the cage we were locked in.

From life, life rises with the hope

That someday we will be freed,

We will be freed.

Will to be free, solely free.


Each word you have said,

And each word you haven’t,

Each smile you forgot to bring out

To enjoy the company of a friend

Could mean the end of the World,

Or the beginning of a new one.

Dimensions many, infinities endless.



It sometimes seems we don’t have a will,

Chaotic and Tenebrous Universes do.

Entities we cannot yet understand,

And we might never do.

Each time an existance is erased,

To give room to another,

Each time you breath,

Each time.


All actions bear to new universes.

All actions lead to the anihillation of those that already exist.

All actions, part of a game,


Are we thus the Slaves of Everything

Serving as the uterus for all Matter and Energy?

Or are we the Masters of Nothing,

Forging our own paths as we lead on this eternal struggle?

PP:  Problem solved! It’s open now.
TS:  What? How did you get inside the house?
PP:  Through the entrance, of course!
TS:  But it was locked from the inside!
PP:  I know! I opened it myself.
RD:  Wait, so you opened the door from the inside so you could get inside to open the door?
PP:  Yes!
TS:  But Pinkie, you can’t violate causality!
PP:  Sure I can! I’m Pinkie Pie!