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Part 1: Very quick concert report from the Cape Town show this evening. 1) It was incredible and they are amazing to see live. After being in the fandom since UAN it was so incredible to finally see them. 2) H/L interaction was minor, but it was hard to see everything from where I was so I could have missed stuff. 4) The camera big screens were very Liam centric and he did the large majority of the talking, followed by Niall. 5) They took an incredible selfie which I can't wait to see.

Part 2: 1) LOUIS IS SUCH A MISCHIEVOUS SHIT. He poured water on Liam’s shoe during one of his solo’s, threw water at the crowd and other band mates, was just generally a little shit. It was incredible to see him be so happy. Like he was literally glowing. I was so emotionally not ready to see him, good God, he is a masterpiece. 2) Harry BLATANTLY said “his” in little things. Have video evidence, which I will organise. 3) The band played the theme song to the Lion King, which was hilarious.

Part 3: 1) Liam said him and Niall went on Safari, at which point I’m pretty sure Harry looked at Louis caus he then just started laughing and then ran away. 2) All in all, that’s all I can think of right now. It was the most incredible experience of my existence. 3) I SAW SOME RAINBOWS. Which made me very happy. BYEEEEEEEEEE