caulfield prep


So I played Life is Strange: Episode 1. Plenty of people have left reviews and they pretty much cover everything I think about the game, so I’m just going to talk about what stood out to me. Specifically, Victoria Chase.

I went in going, “Wow, what a bitch,” as I’m sure was intended. But a second later I thought, “Hold on a second. I just finished watching Avatar, and what the fuck happened? My favorite character become Kuvira. The Great mother fucking Uniter. I wonder where this is gonna go.” So I sort of just accepted the fact that I would probably grow to like this stuck up prep. Her hair didn’t help.

This scene here you cover her in paint to get past her and into the dorm. You have the option of either one-upping her and being a total bitch back, or comforting her and having a genuinely touching scene, which Max is quick to reprimand herself for.

But I love her and ship her with Max more than her and Chloe (no offense to Max/Chloe shippers). I prefer to have Chloe and Rachel together. Speaking of which, I don’t think it’s subtext. I’m pretty sure they’re girlfriends, and I just really hope Max gets to bring them back together.

Max can have Vicky. There’s more to say about the game, like I said I was gonna, but fuck it. Vic’s the best part (that’s a lie, it was all wonderful) but I noticed on my second playthrough that I prefer emotional, relationship-building scenes to anything with action or even plot progression. Giant lighthouse about to fall on Max? Boring. Max comforting a humiliated school bully? dfgeswrfkisdjaihw *frothing at the mouth*

“Sorry about blocking you and… and the ‘go fuck your selfie.’”

“That was mean… but pretty funny.”

“Just one of those days, you know.

"Au Revoir.”