cauldron born
The Cauldron Born
Song: The Cauldron Born Artist: Damh The Bard Album: The Cauldron Born Sunset Moonrise And see how The land Is bathed In silver hue You feel So lonely Come w...

Just one of my few favorite songs from the amazing Damh The Bard. His music is soothing, tells a tale, and if you’re looking for Pagan music, this is what you’ve been searching for. 


This is set in the time when Feyre became the High Lady, then went to the Spring Court to infiltrate and destroy them…

“Feyre?” She heard behind her, but didn’t turn. She simply kept her blue gray eyes focused on the raindrops that slid down the glass window. The sun had gone down already and a dusky gray sky was all that remained. Heavy rain clouds shrouded the stars and the moon from view and she cursed them over and over again for taking them from her.

“Darling,” Feyre heard Tamlin murmur and felt an unmistakable urge to scream that there was only one person who could call her that. Feyre, Darling, carved itself gently into the corners of her mind and she bit back a sob as Tamlin’s hand came down to rest on her shoulder. “Look at me,” He finally said, voice tinged with annoyance as he tried to forcefully turn her around to face him.

I love you, Feyre sent to her mate across the bond, trying desperately to stay grounded as she did as she was asked, meeting Tamlin’s eyes.

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Disney, how this got to color is beyond me. 

Disney Works That Need To Appear In A Kingdom Hearts Game As Worlds At Some Point:
  • The Black Cauldron, because there fucking needs to be a fight against The Horned King and the Cauldron Born at some point.
  • The Great Mouse Detective, because it’s the lest they can do for the film that narrowly saved Disney animation. And also because running around a mouse-world would be super cool and a clock tower fight against Ratigan would be amazing.
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit, if only so we can hear Judge Doom mockingly singing “Simple and Clean” during the boss fight.
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire, because it’s a cult classic, and there are so many things in that game that’d make amazing setpieces.
  • Treasure Planet, for the same reasons as Atlantis.
  • Cars, if only so they can give it a dark secret and have it consumed by darkness if Disney lets them, because I’m pretty sure we all want to see Shitlips McQueen die.
  • Return To Oz, because holy shit would Princess Mombi and The Nome King make amazing bosses
  • The Black Hole, tho really, I just want Maximillian as a secret boss. Ditto for the titular character in Watcher In The Woods.
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes, because everybody forgets that Disney made that movie and Mr Dark’s carnival would be too goddamn perfect for KH.
  • The Muppets, which needs to have a scene of Statler and Waldorf mocking the convoluted plot and making fun of Xehanort to his face.
  • Pretty much every Disney Afternoon show, but especially Darkwing Duck (because NegaDuck would make SO MUCH sense as a Heartless) and Gargoyles (because come on)
  • Wander Over Yonder, which I’m pretty sure @crackmccraigen would be more than happy to contribute to.
  • Gravity Falls, or at least Bill Cypher as a Superboss.
  • Chanticleer, because there is so much they could do with that unproduced project.

Note Moana, Wall-E, Inside Out and Monsters Inc are not on here because it’s almost assuredly going to appear at some point.

Call to the Black Serpent

This rather simple ritual could easily be construed as a curse, but to label it simply as such would be a bit premature. A curse is punishment for action, and while this ritual does return any ill-will they may have inflicted upon you, its true purpose is cleansing: cleansing you of your anger (or any other residual emotions) toward them and theirs aimed at you. It is punishment for their actions, but not for their emotions – which I think is a subject often neglected when it comes to curses. While it is their actions that have hurt you, these actions stem from emotion and if that emotion is not dealt with, a curse can only correct their action via punishment (indirectly). This ritual is intended clear that resentment as much as it is to return what harm they may have inflicted on you.

The Black Serpent is fire – it is cleansing and it is destructive: it is the insatiable inferno devouring vice and it is the flaming spear that impales those who seek your destruction. It is preservation – for it is the Anchor that binds us to the physical world, so that we might face our trials and learn from these tribulations.


The methodology for this ritual is very lax and craves personalization. I offer unto you only a generalized course of action that may be adapted in whatever way a witch sees fit. I do – however – encourage the use of fire, as (mentioned above) the Serpent is ruled by it. A personal affect or photo of he/she to whom you will dispatch the Serpent is also recommended.

To begin, light your fire – Spirit Fire would work very well – and present, before the flames, your target. Conjure the Serpent:

From the Earth – from the Depths, Hark: Black Serpent rise –
From the poisoned garden,
From the earthly cauldron,
From my shadow – born,
There is – yet – work to be done:

While the “hymn” suggests the Serpent’s lair is within the Earth, it resides at your spine (where its divine twin – the Light Serpent, your Soul/Spirit – coils around it) and anchors you thusly to the Earth. Offer to the flames the affect or photo – command the Serpent:

Go forth now – at my behest,
To the throat of my transgressor:
Wreak on them thy vicely clench – and
Dip thy poisoned-tooth to vein,
Devour at their prideful altar,
And bestow on them – my wrath,

When you feel the Spirit or energy of the other person and have developed a temporary bond, proceed:

Oh great serpent – writhing
Anchor to the middle world:
Bind the eyes –
From seeing;
Bind the tongue –
From speaking lies;
And bind the mind –
That does derive falsehoods
From my Truth,
Feed – O carnal beast of man,
On their deception – their predilection
For my misery,
And in thy gilded gullet –
Imbued with my redemption –
Churn the harbored hate
They hold,
And turn out – unto me
Nubile and golden
That I might wear
As a diadem
Of Victory;

When the work is done and when you have been purged of your anger, sadness, etc., call the Serpent home:

Hark, my Shadow servant – return,
From whence you came,
Gorged on vice and anger,
To the Earth – to the Depths,
To the black specter that trails
Ever behind me –
Til’ I call on thee again.

Extinguish the fire – the working is complete.

photo source – from the book Serpentine by photographer Mark Laita



“They are lifeless…they are forsaken. On the path of redemption did the last brother among them fall. Yet death was not to be theirs. With fouls magicks and sorcerous might she did raise them from the grave, to the eternal service of the damned. The accursed cauldron of the witch queen whose power it is to raise that which is dead, to terrible life.”

This is a test model for a small Chaos Marine warband I am making, alongside the other creatures and denizens of the planet I am currently building.


Head- Chaos Warrior helm

Torso- Primaris marine back with plastic Catraphractii Terminator front chest piece.

Legs-Primaris Marine

Arms- Starter box Death guard power fist and bolter arm.

Backpack: Starter box DG pack.


Dɪsɴᴇʏ Eʀᴀ Fɪʟᴍ Cʜᴀʟʟᴇɴɢᴇ | Kʀɪsᴛᴇɴ’s Rᴀɴᴋɪɴɢ Oғ Tʜᴇ Dᴀʀᴋ Aɢᴇ Mᴏᴠɪᴇs
[5/8] ➽ The Black Cauldron (1985)
     ↳“Now I call on my army of the dead: The Cauldron Born. Arise, my messengers of death! Our time has arrived.”