cauldron born


Disney, how this got to color is beyond me. 



So the two new Clan OmniMechs were released today which were the Ebon Jaguar (Known as the Cauldron Born in Inner Sphere and pretty much most of the Clans called it by that as well) and the Executioner (Known as the Gladiator in the Inner Sphere).

Out of the two I was most excited for the Cauldron Born since I do love using Heavy Mechs. So naturally I went and ahead and made a N7 styled Mech straight away.

Ebon Jaguar “N7 Kitty Born” EBJ-C

  • C-LRM 20 x2
  • C-Medium Pulse Laser
  • C-ER Large Laser x2
  • C-ER Medium Laser x2
  • C-Machine Gun x2
  • Targeting Computer Mark. I

It’s pretty much the Timber Wolf Prime Loadout, but without any of the negative energy quirks and all more low slung and smaller profile. Which is great and such.


Black Pyramid - Cauldron Born

listen to thiss!

Cauldron Born - Storming the Castle

Full song lyrics: Cauldron Born - Storming the Castle

For victory and glory we follow the legend
He who bears the mark of Kane
Steel sinews grasp the blood drenched steel
Wild flies his red mane
Sunrise bleeds the dawn
His legions charge on and on
Assault on this fortress of stone
Storming the castle at dawn
Eyes wide in fright, we’re in the enemies…

Full song lyrics: Cauldron Born - Storming the Castle

Unf. Demonic as fuck.


Power Metal Alphabet: C is for Cauldron Born

By This Axe I Rule from their 2002 album … And Rome Shall Fall from these American Power Metal Men. Wow. You gotta love a band who derives their name from Lloyd Alexander’s brilliant Prydain Chronicles and their song titles from Kull the Conqueror.  One might feel inclined to give them props for being well-read, but it’s entirely possible they have only watched the film versions.  So instead I’ll give vocalist David Louden props for delivering his epic siren wail in the intro to this song while sporting the shades of The Tyrant and the headband of Geoff Tate.  \m/\m/ U.S. Power Metal represent!

Cauldron Born - Clontarf

Full song lyrics: Cauldron Born - Clontarf

The Norms weave grief and defeat
For Odin’s sons, invaders from the sea
The standards are flying of high King brian
None can stand before the hosts of the irish lion
Years of torment the irish lament to hell the Vikings must be
The fury of a woman scorned
Gormlaith hath stirred the chieftian…

Full song lyrics: Cauldron Born - Clontarf