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Caught in the Act - A Joshifer drabble

I got this request a while ago:

And it’s been nagging at me ever since, so I finally decided to address it. I’m not sure how it turned out tbh, it sounded hotter last night when I was writing it, but anyway. I hope you’ll find something to enjoy in it anyway.

It’s not quite a one-shot anon (it’s mostly PWP, really), but I hope you’ll like it.

WARNING: It’s rated NC-17!

Caught in the Act

The high-pitched moans I hear when I enter the house make me stop dead in my tracks.

Trying to turn my usual clumsy walk into a stealthy step that won’t give my presence away to him, I slowly make my way to the living room. My heart beats incredibly fast as my mind swarms with scenarios, each more disheartening than the next, to explain the noise I can hear more clearly the closer to the main room I get.

And then I see her. Long brown hair, big tits, round ass, small waist, tanned skin tone. She could tick all the boxes on the checklist of Female Features Josh Hutcherson Is Attracted To.

She’s up on all fours, crying out in a shrill voice in response to the repetitive slam of the guy fucking her… on the screen of his laptop.

I’m so focused on the image playing on the computer that I don’t even notice him at first. It’s only when I realize that the heavy panting sound I hear isn’t part of the soundtrack of the video that I catch a sight of his dark hair. He’s sitting on the white leather couch, his back facing me, the laptop resting on the glass coffee table in front of him. As I walk a little closer, the sight of his naked upper body sends a rush of arousal directly to my center, and I stop, fearing to be discovered. But his attention seems to be solely focused on the movie playing right in front of him, where the brunette is moaning louder, with her mouth gaping in an unnatural way as the faceless guy bangs her even harder.

A shiver runs through my body when my eyes take in his form on the couch and I start watching his hand as it pumps his cock repeatedly. I’ve almost reached the back of the piece of furniture, and my heart starts beating even faster as I search for a way to join him without startling him.

God, he’s so gorgeous, with the strong muscles of his arm flexing as he subjects his hard member to fast strokes. A light sheen of sweat covers his naked skin – he’s always hot – and he doesn’t even try to hold back his grunting sounds, because he believes he’s all alone.

He’s so sexy.

I can’t help but slide a hand down inside my shorts, rubbing my clit softly to try and calm the fire that’s erupted there ever since I’ve started watching him pleasuring himself.

I can’t stand it anymore.

And so I walk a little closer, let my hand out of my clothes and lean in over his shoulder, taking a deep breath. When my hands begin their travel down his chest, he jumps slightly and stills immediately, as if he had been caught doing something naughty.

Which I guess, in a way, he was.

I pry his fingers away from his swollen cock and replace them with my own, whispering in his ear.

“Want me to finish you off?”

I don’t even wait for his answer before starting to run my hand up and down his length, slowly, teasingly at first. He nods quickly, and I answer with a smile, before dropping open-mouthed kisses on his neck while pumping his cock harder.

“Oh God, Jen…” he moans. “Fuck. Yes.”

I grab his other hand and lace my fingers with his. My mouth trails back up to his earlobe, which I kiss and suck gently. His breath becomes more labored as I grip him tighter, and I feel myself getting increasingly wetter with the sight of him responding to my caresses. With his free hand, he cups my face to force me to look at him, before capturing my lips with his.

As his tongue makes its way into my mouth and starts chasing mine, the tension becomes almost unbearable. I fight the urge to climb over the back of the sofa, get rid of my clothes, and ride his cock until we both come in a mix of moans, sweat, and ecstasy. But at the same time, I enjoy way too much the intense turn on that having the control on his pleasure gives me.

His lips part from mine, just enough so he can murmur, his breath sweet just above my mouth.

“Jen, please… faster…”

I comply, and it’s only when I pay attention to the groaning sounds he makes in response to my strokes that I realize the movie is over. There’s only us in the room now, him shuddering under my touch, eyes wide shut, and me, pumping his cock desperately as I plant my lips on his shoulder, savouring the salty flavor of his glistening skin.

I rub my thumb on the top of his cock, spreading the warm liquid coating the tip, and let go of his hand to run my fingers all over the planes of his chest. He sighs loudly, his head falling backwards, exposing his throat to me. I’m quick to pepper it with kisses.

“Oh… Jen.”

He doesn’t even need to tell me. I know, just from his concentrated expression, that he’s about to fall over the edge. And then, as he lets out a deep groan, I feel the first drops of semen coating my hand. I keep pumping his cock as his body finally relaxes, and after a few seconds, he opens his eyes, straightens up a little, and cups my face to give me a gentle kiss.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” he says, a smile in his voice.

“Neither was I,” I reply with a chuckle.

“Come here.” He motions for me to walk around the couch. I do it, as he grabs a few tissues to wash himself off and hands me some too. Once I’ve wiped my hand, he pulls me to him in one swift movement, guiding me to sit on his lap, my legs resting on each side of him.

His hands slide under the edge of my shorts to feel my bare ass, and he sighs, burying his face in the crook of my neck.

“I love you so much,” he sighs.

My hands find purchase in his brown locks, and I force him to look at me.

“I love you too.”

I lean in to kiss him as I let my hands travel to the sides of his jaw. He pulls me closer to him, before undoing the button of my jean shorts and pulling the zipper down, sliding a hand inside my panties. His mouth suddenly detaches itself from mine as he gives me a surprised look.

“God, you’re so wet!” he exclaims, his surprise quickly turning to awe.

“You have no idea how sexy you look when you jerk off.” I lean in to whisper in his ear. “Especially fully naked.”

“How long had you been there?”

I wink at him.

“Long enough to see Big-tits-brunette getting her first fake orgasm.”

He chuckles, as I briefly get off his lap to take my shorts and panties off, standing in front of him in just my black tank top. He doesn’t waste a second in pulling me back to him, and the contact of my apex on his already-burgeoning erection makes me shiver with want.

Before I can do anything though, he tugs on my tank top, and I lift my arms up to get the garment off. My arms lock naturally around his neck, and I feel his hands sweetly caressing my back as our mouths connect again. It’s like my whole body gets alight under his touch. I find myself pressing my body as close to him as I can, reveling in the sensation of our skin brushing against each other.

But it’s not enough. My center throbs with desire, and I desperately search for a relief, seeking friction on the velvety surface of his semi-hard cock. His hand finally traces the lines of my ribcage, down to my hip, and then to my clit, on which he runs his thumb in circles, at first softly, but quickly adding more pressure in response to my gasps of pleasure. I let my mouth travel along the side of his jaw, lifting my hands to play with the soft hair at the nape of his neck. His lips slide down my throat, kissing, nibbling, sucking on my flesh as my breathing gets more labored.

“You’re so hot…” he whispers.

“Fuck me, Josh,” I let out in a low voice.

He pulls back slightly to stare at me, a small smile on his lips. Then, he gently puts me down on the cold couch so I’m lying on my back, and hovers above me, his weight resting on my chest. I wrap my arms around his neck, staring into his lust-filled eyes with a contented smile, and hook my legs over his back. He drops a light kiss on my lips before positioning himself, slowly pushing his member inside me without waiting for another invitation. He’s quick to start moving, first with long, deep strokes, then with faster thrusts that have me letting out loud moans and thanking him in my mind for buying such a private house.

When I slide a hand between our bodies and begin rubbing my clit in synch with his thrusting, I quickly start to feel the pleasure build within me. Josh looks deeply lost in his thoughts, his distracted gaze flicking from my chest to my face while he pounds repeatedly into me. I close my eyes, focusing on the feeling of his cock filling me and the sound of his heavy breathing near my ear. His thrusts become irregular, and I understand he’s getting closer to his own release.

I increase the pressure on my clit, and it’s then that I feel the first sparks invading my every limb, starting from my center, filling me with the relief I had been craving ever since I caught sight of him stroking himself on that same couch earlier. I forget everything for a moment, and then he stills on top of me, lying down on my chest gently. I caress his hair slowly, a beaming smile on my face, while I let him catch his breath.

“That was fucking good,” he says.

“You are.”

He doesn’t answer, simply sliding out of me and lying down next to me, half of his naked body still covering mine. I close my eyes, and as I’m about to fall asleep, we both startle upon hearing a moaning sound. We lift our heads up simultaneously, and finally share an amused look when we both figure out the origin of the sound.

The same brunette from earlier is still getting fucked in the video that has restarted itself on his computer. We watch it in silence for a moment, until I turn to face Josh.

“You know, next time you want to jerk off to a porn video, maybe you could invite me to join you.”

He shakes his head with a smile.

“It’s way more exciting to let you surprise me.”