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Where the hell did you all come from!?

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Red Velvet at the Swimming Pool
  • Irene * Tries to look inside the women changing room then gets caught by Seulgi * : I'm sorry I didn't want to spy on you.
  • Seulgi : Irene, you're a woman. You can come in.
  • Irene : ... Oh yes. That's true.
Hints- Usnavi X Reader

request from anon: -slides in- heeeey, if you don’t mind, could you maybe write an Usnavi x reader where the reader works for Usnavi at the Bodega and they basically just flirt with him until he looks like a gd tomato? Please and thanks! - G.K

a/n: oh man oh man here it is, i hope it’s okay!!

“Benny I’m working right now and if you don’t leave, I’m banning you from the bodega.” I threatened and Usnavi looked at me.

“I’m pretty sure you can’t do that, Y/N. It is my bodega.”

“When we get married it’ll be our bodega and then we can ban my brother.” I suggested and I watched Usnavi trip over nothing. Benny started coughing, probably to hide his laugh.

“Leave the man alone. He’s not used to you flirting with him so early.” Benny laughed and I looked at Usnavi, who was red and almost tripped again.

“He just has awful coordination.” I shrugged.

“Is he like this in bed?” Benny laughed and I rolled my eyes.

“Ask Vanessa.” I suggested and Benny’s laugh filled the bodega and Usnavi groaned.

“Guys for the last time I have not slept with Vanessa. Recently.” He mumbled and I felt heat rise to my face. Jealousy, huh. That was a new feeling towards Vanessa.

“You slept with Vanessa again?” Sonny asked, just walking in.
Benny looked amused and he turned to Usnavi and me.

“Sonny, you’re late.” We said at the exact same time and Usnavi looked at me and smiled a bit. I looked away, hiding a smile of my own and Benny laughed loudly but Sonny and Usnavi were at it again.

“You must like him a lot if he makes you smile like that.” He teased, his voice quiet enough so only I could hear it.

“Banned.” I threatened, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah yeah we’ll see when you guys get married.” He laughed and checked the time. “Ah shit, I am running late.” He frowned and hugged me. “See ya later sis. Don’t forget to invite me to the wedding, Usnavi.” He grinned and he walked out of the bodega.

“You’re getting married?” Sonny asked, his curiousity piqued.

“You’re right we should ban your brother.” He mused and I laughed business continued steadily. Kevin walked in and Usnavi grinned and mumbled to himself “Right on time. Pan caliente, cafè con leche!” He yelled and while Usnavi made the coffee, Sonny grabbed some hot bread and wrapped it up, setting it in front of Kevin. I took Kevin’s money- exact change, as always.

“Do you want a lottery ticket as well?” I asked him and he pulled out a twenty dollar bill.

“Put twenty dollars on today’s lottery.”

“One ticket.” Camille corrected him and I smiled and I made change.

“You and Usnavi are such a cute couple. You remind me of Camille and I when we were younger.” Kevin said and Usnavi accidently spilled a bit of the coffee he was giving Kevin on me.

“He is a charmer.” I said through gritted teeth, the coffee burning me.

Usnavi looked torn between getting Kevin another coffee or making sure I was okay.

“I’ll be in the back room.” I told him and he nodded and he moved out of the way before making another cup of coffee. I went into the back room and I took off my shirt, glad to see that the stain was hardly noticeable. I put it back on and Usnavi walked in.

“Y/N! I am so so sorry…” He apologized.

“It’s okay, really. Kevin’s comment caught both of us off guard.”

“I didn’t correct him.”

“You didn't… huh?”

“I mean I tried but I said how people have been talking about us getting married all morning and while it would be wonderful to marry you, I’m not marrying you. Don’t get me wrong- I would love to marry you I mean I have liked you a lot since you first moved in and I still do but we aren’t getting married…?”

“So now they think we’re close to getting married?”

He didn’t say anything, his face slowly turning more red.

Why would he… oh.


“You would love to marry me?” I asked slowly, trying to comprehend the second half of his explanation.

No response.

“Usnavi you can’t just tell me all of this and just… go silent.”

“Talking has been working out pretty badly.”

“I thought it was pretty obvious that I felt the same way, in case you haven’t noticed that I’ve been flirting with you for the past year and a half.”

“Wait you were being serious that entire time? I thought you knew and that’s why you did that?”

“I did it because I was trying to give you a hint.”

“I’m really bad at taking hints.” He admitted. I rolled my eyes and I closed the space between us and kissed him.

“Apparently.” I mumbled.

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You know Jimin has brown hair now but I still appreciate you drawing him with pink? His hair changed color but you're still doing a great job with your art and I appreciate your talent regardless of his hair change or the color you use?

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You know Jenna had a stylist pick her outfits out right??? Hence why she's tagged the clothing companies in most of her posts.

I’m not sure if her stylist did the entire trip or just 4 days because out of 92 posts in 9 days she has only tagged 4 of them as done by this lady.  However much she did for her, the stylist did a gorgeous job!  She has looked amazing this whole trip!  Regardless, is it a problem that she had a stylist?  I wish I could afford one!

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If gintoki is protecting shoyos legacy while takasugi's destroying, then what does zura do?

I thought about this a lot. I can’t agree to that. the three of them aren’t really that different, but also not really alike. that happens with a lot of characters in this series, but let’s just take a look at the three of them.
we got to see a lot about gintoki’s past. gintoki had to fight his whole life on his own, he was even stronger than adults and could take them down in an instant, and that way before he met shouyou.
I’m sure shouyou saw himself in gintoki, fighting on his own, not knowing what he fights for, not knowing what this ability could turn him into, not knowing what profit people could make with his ability. I’m sure he wanted to lead him to a good path, for him to not end up like shouyou.

he found a family in shouyou, and also learned everything from shouyou, but not how his teacher got this strong (as mentioned before, shouyou feared gintoki would end up like him; the “bad side” of him).
there’s for example the ability to cut the blades of katanas show them they won’t fight them, or to issue a warning. gintoki also turned from a little rebel who mistrusted and cut down everything before him into someone who wouldn’t want to unnecessarily draw his sword. when he does, he turns into a demon to protect the things he wants to protect.

he also took care of children who seemed to “lost their way” just like shouyou. his character resembles shouyou’s character the most, also the way he turned out to be, the man he is now.
still, he’s full of regrets, he never got rid of that “sad look” in his eyes. he promised shouyou a lot of things, their bond was the strongest, which again shows how much alike they are (I think shouyou is the first person gintoki trusted).
their last promise was to protect his comrades. we know that the value of promises are big, no one bears to break one, no matter what happens. still, he couldn’t protect them (he still tries to protect/save takasugi). he tries to protect everyone but not himself. his soul is still broken (though he says his soul won’t break), and he doesn’t want others to end up like him. he never taught others his fighting style, he never told them about his past. he doesn’t even face his past (think of his reaction towards jiraia, oboro, the former shougun and takasugi). once he “fails” to protect one thing, he forgets about everything he protected to that point, he even loses his will to live ( i.e. obi hajime arc).

he had the most reason to act like takasugi or katsura, the most reason to ACT, but the chose to run away and not face his past again. _______________________________
as I said before, the characters don’t really differ from each other, especially gintoki and takasugi. they’re actually two sides of the same coin.
unlike the others, takasugi had a family (though the word “family” is a subject for debate). that “family” was an aristocratic one, but takasugi got dishonoured because of the way he behaved.
he found a family in the shouka sonjuku, in shouyou, katsura and gintoki. he didn’t just found family in shouyou, he ADMIRED him. he still remembers every word of shouyou. takasugi didn’t forget about his teacher (not anyone actually), but he doesn’t even try to suppress the memory. shouyou taught them how to use the sword, he taught them the “path of the samurai”, how to survive, and way more. he knows that shouyou is the man who made them “the men [they] are now”, the man who taught him everything he needs to know.
he’s still full of sadness, an endless sadness which turned into anger. anger towards the whole world, he doesn’t even think of anything besides revenge. that revenge is also regret that he couldn’t change anything in his past. knowing that whatever he does wouldn’t bring back his teacher, he still rages. I think he doesn’t know how to get rid of it, especially since he doesn’t open up to anyone. no one would understand him anyway.

he can’t understand how his former comrades can live “carelessly” in this world, when everything they had, their “family”, got killed because of people who still live in this world. he’s in a constant rage because of that loss. can you blame him? the person he looked up to is no more. the person who accepted him the way he was (unlike his “real family”) is gone. how can one move on when he doesn’t know how to do it?

he can’t seem to cure his pain, can’t seem to cure his anger. “until the beast stops whining” - no one can really accomplish this, especially not on their own. just look how it still affects him. he can’t share his pain and anger with anyone, not even with his former comrades. the one who could understand him the most, gintoki, ran away (another similarity to sakamoto, who ran away during the joui war). he stuffs all the pain in himself, he’s lonely. gintoki found something, also katsura, but takasugi is the only one who still hasn’t found anything worth protecting. that’s what makes his story so endlessly sad. dishonoured by his family, separated by the only one he trusted, and left alone by those he thought he could trust.
I don’t think he “destroys“ shouyou’s legacy, he’s clearly protecting his legacy, though on his own way. the thing he destroys are his surroundings, and the reason for that act is obvious.
katsura also had, like the rest, no family. we know that he had a grandmother (who taught him how to make onigiri). he got into that “aristocratic” dojo with takasugi because he was a “prodigy”, meaning he wasn’t really rich.
he always took care of his comrades, especially takasugi, he made some onigiri for him because he knew his family didn’t care about him.

and he still cares about his comrades (recent chapters). he never really had anyone besides his grandmother. he got his knowledge on his own, he tries really hard to make sure his friends are alright, just think of how he treasures elizabeth or his joui comrades! he learns really fast and knows what to do with his knowledge. unlike takasugi and gintoki, he can talk about his past (with others besides the joui 4).

he uses his strength to change, and not to destroy or to protect certain things. we know that he thought about destroying the world several times, he bombed everything until he met gintoki again after he disappeared, who was “bearing to live in a world he should be despising more than anyone”. he decided he could “no longer destroy this country”, he thought of another way. it’s also clear that - when it comes to appearances - he looks the most like shouyou. I think he uses the knowledge he got from shouyou to change something in edo, he uses it to become a better human being (not like he could get any better), just like shouyou had wanted.

I think sorachi wants to show us three ways how people deal with a serious loss: repression, aggression and acceptance. all three of them protect shouyou’s legacy on their own way. all three of them have a piece of shouyou within them which made them the men they are now. gintoki keeps his promise to protect everyone, takasugi walks with the rage to destroy the ones who hurt the thing he treasured, and katsura uses his knowledge to change the world for the better, thus: protecting, destroying, and changing. though I won’t add “his legacy” to that.

Another ET headcanon
  • Eriol: Why are you single?
  • Tomoyo: A lot of people are intimidated by my intelligence.
  • Eriol: No, seriously.
  • Tomoyo: Because you never asked me out.
  • Eriol: *shocked*
  • Tomoyo: Caught you off-guard, didn't I?