caught the sun. love


Hello everyone this is Lux he would like to say hello

Here’s the QR for shiny Slyveon if anyone wanted it!!

Also his Pokedex entry in moon is really creepy like??

What a monster plz calm down Lux


“A No-good stowaway would have been caught…I’m a great stowaway!”


I seriously love cosplaying as Sun Wukong so much. I feel as if we have very similar personalities, so I don’t feel like I’m trying to be in-character when I’m walking around conventions in this cosplay. It just happens. I’m too emotionally attached to his character and I’m so glad I decided to do a female rendition of him! [I’m looking into getting a shorter wig because this one looks too much like Yang for my liking ^^”]

Plus the latest Vol 4 episode has me loving him even more *0*


And with my final, fleeting glance
I look upon your face.
A smile appears, because I know
My time is not up.
All because the timing of your look.
Your smile, caught on camera with that damn Capri sun.
I love you kid.
You’ve helped me choose to fight another day.

dial up.

i'ma dilapidated ancient
internally shaking
earth is verbally baking when i’m vibrating at the core
i don’t know what to say anymore

sun with his tongue caught
look at what love brought
you’re a ray of shine and i’m suffering from sunspots
what rocks undergo, such a soul does a stroll, you touch a tone that’s what a quote does
moving this mountain by fountain pen, countenance dripping, you’re a poem stroking where it’s potent pinch
solar itch

speak lightly of the whole of this
unfinished in our business
in your company, untying my never lovingly
wishes certainly are hurting me, you come true in your comfortable
just bloom
photosynthesis is riveting, administering light of awareness, preparing growth

pulling weeds
we share a bowl
affable in a careful lull
why do you dare? culled a pair
do you something here?

what is there that you don’t say?
why do you make rosé of our whole day?
you told me not to treat this as a relationship, yet, we exchange in kiss
swaying bliss betwixt a list less written

wrap wrist with felt tip
felt hip with rose, rose-hip in prose
pick fruit from within blue, temporal
into my mind you’ll find this interest pintucks several of those hemispheres we cleverly clear in petal tiers
whenever near, every rear rewards each god that seems gauze
to be change, be cause
what you hand grabs at what was lost

at what cost does time stand still?
receptive to your elective
deepest respect
i ask, will you reflect on the questions, attending to a splash pilled up by build of courage to encourage a weave built on needle stitch
we can knit our blanket fort in a once upon a time after all
what is possessed in just this is people’s wish or evening, dreaming then of a reality marrying psyches
highly favored

sable cabling stabling prayers rang
the way our twang is southern above comfort is what drunk the moon into monsoon, and soon consumed a dune to tune the sand into a truth
grain, a plane
mustard seed
must our speech figure our language of love
hearts taking up space, make of micro
macro lens
capstone friends
how long can we last with no when?

verbally eternally
at both ends light spoke wide awoke in our bonding senses becoming common in this comma of a forgotten gossip gods sip ambrosia for ear lobes closeness conversing with goddess where no is only a pretense with non-consensual consent this poem a rope promise tugging at bondage bond ageless, wavelength of hugging something i can’t describe our universes cursive where planets hide dark matter our chapter has a vibe observing the spine of your journal, i have to write…

- ekow arthur ©2017

Our love like the ocean,
Like every wild thing ─
Unbridled, unbroken, unending.
Our love like a furnace,
Like warmth, and peace, and

My love like the planets,
Caught in your orbit, driven by your light.
Your love like the sun,
Burning and inexorable,
A supernova so slow and so sweet, I do not notice it until I am
Already blind

—  Our love like the stars,
A soft reminder of what is long gone