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She danced, whirled, turned round, on an old Purrsian carpet, carelessly spread on the pavement; and every time her radiant face passed before you as she turned, her large cat eyes flashed lightning.

Classicat #27: La Esmewralda, from the Hunchcat of Notre Dame by Victor Mewgo

Who is Esmewralda, the compassionate and independent Romeowni dancer? That depends on who you ask.

Pawsimodo worships her as angel; Clawed Frollo condems her as a demon or a witch; Furbus uses her like a thing (he was a decent dude in the Disney movie tho.) Pawsimodo sees her as superhuman; Clawed Frollo sees her as subhuman; Furbus hardly considers her human. She is seen as an object of worship, an object of lust and scorn, and just an object– but rarely as a human being.

And well, she is a cat. But that’s beside the point.

The Song of Achilles - Fic Rec Chapter 2

So I have read even more The Song of Achilles/ The Iliad inspired fics and here’s a collection of some of my favourites, by fantastic authors: 

-Laughter Lines by Lthien (808)

“You need to have more confidence in yourself, Patroclus. I love you; for you.” He pulls away then, his eyes protective in a way that sets my heart aflame. “Was it my mother again? Do not listen to her. She does not know my heart, only my destiny.”

- Beach Antics with Achilles by rememberednoah (Chapters 3/3)

There were few things Patroclus would say no to when it came to Achilles. When Achilles asked him not to take a summer class, he agreed because Achilles made a convincing point by merely breathing. When Achilles asked him to go on a road trip with him to Phthia so they could spend a week at the beach, how was Patroclus supposed to say no? The answer to that was that there was no way for him to say no because the whole idea had more upsides than downsides.

-Can you Imagine? by littlelamblittlelamb (1.1k)

“Now imagine that you, the strongest man you have ever heard legend of, sent Patroclus – who did not fight or quarrel or rage – into a battle. Imagine that you, who can kill a dozen of Troy’s strongest in a single battle, had one person to protect of any value, and you sent them to die. Over nothing real. Can you imagine?”

Automedon shakes his head. “I am sorry, Achilles. He was so brave-”

“If this was you, who would you be most angry at?”

- The Kiss That Launched a Single Love by Eristastic (Chapters 26/26)

Caught between the sun and the stars, Patroclus learns to thrive in the shadows and bloom as himself. [AU in which Helen and Patroclus are twins and he goes to Troy with her]

-Clear Blue Skies by geekdom_is_wisdom (2.1k)

Achilles and Patroclus compete for the Quidditch Cup, when a rogue Bludger from Hector adds tension to the most exciting match of the year.

-Warm Sand by patrochillin (1.4k)

Achilles and Patroclus, in their early years of friendship in Phthia, share an intimate moment

-Untitled by Chaotic_Mira (1.4k)

Deidamea is the new girl who gets a lovey dovey at the sight of Achilles. Achilles and Patroclus are giant memes, Briseis doesn’t get paid enough.

-wait for them here in my arms by cinnabean (2k)

Patroclus goes missing and Achilles sets out to find him.

-Down There By The Train by HailMary (Chapters 20/20)

Hero of the Greeks. Scourge of Troy. Undefeated in battle. Killer of children. Prince.Monster.

Achilles Pelides. How do you love a monster?

-Wonderment and Wanderers by freezing over hell (774)

“I hoped that you would come,” I say. Patroclus will always follow me. He will always find me and be with me, this much I know.

Enjoy! x

what if the sun fell in love with icarus?
(maybe apollo caught sight of the boy,
sun-streaked skin glowing gilded,
feathers fluttering like slain daydreams,
moth-bitten promises half-remembered
& something lovely in his fallibility.)
what if icarus fell in love with the ocean?
(maybe he dreamt of her salt-soaked kisses,
softness dotting his body like constellations.
fingers laced in his hair like a crown
for a broken king. a gentle swan song,
a chilly numbness of unremembrance.)
what if icarus turned away from the sun?
(maybe apollo blazed infernos with the bitter sting
of humiliation. singed off feathers one by one,
thrust him into the frigid embrace of an ocean
that would sooner kill than love back:
a lesson to mortals who dare defy the gods.)
—  DIVINE RETRIBUTION | paperharbors

hello it is i, here to yell again

remember how ryuji barely knew us, didn’t have a persona, and no fighting ability but still told us to run

then still came BACK to the metaverse bringing a toy gun not having any idea it’d be useful, just brought it because he wanted to do SOMEthing to help? 


ok i am done now, stay tuned for more yelling that i’m sure will come

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hi elise! i'm wondering if you have any les amis birthday headcanons? :)

  • Enjolras was born in April. He’s a spring baby. The dawn of the year, if you will. Grantaire loves to say the sun caught in Enjolras’ hair as a newborn and never left it since. 
  • Grantaire was born in November. He keeps joking about how November is the January of the end of the calendar, nothing exciting happens between Halloween and Christmas, at least in France.
  • Courfeyrac is a summer baby, no surprise there. He was born in August and throws a big outdoors party every year to celebrate. He loves organising event and themed parties
  • Combeferre was born in October. Courfeyrac likes to joke about how Combeferre’s fashion matches his month of birth, elegant yet comfortable.
  • Bossuet was born on December 25th. He’s Christmas baby, and everybody tells him it’s cute and amazing, but there’s always the problme of “do we give him Christmas gifts or birthday gifts?” every year
  • Joly was born in April too, and swears his seasonal allergies started the day he came out of the womb. His parents made him do one of those newborn photoshoots, he was dressed as a little bee in a flower
  • Jehan was born in March, just at the junction between winter and spring. They adore that idea. They get themself a bouquet of spring flowers every year, and they  have a weakness for snowdrops
  • Feuilly was born in September. Grantaire, just like he does with Enjolras, claims that he was born with green hair, but autumn turned it red a few days after he was born, and they stayed like that ever since. 
  • Bahorel was a late July baby, because Bahorel is the most Leo person who’s ever walked the earth. His parents are farmers and Bahorel grew up with stories about harvest, and how his birth brought the greatest harvest in a long time
  • Marius was born in early January, so he always gets a kings’ cake as a birthday cake. He loves almonds and marzipan. Who said January was boring? It’s a month of new beginnings!

valancystirling48  asked:

It says request are open but its ok if your busy. So, i just realized like there is zero mysmess fics/imagines dealing with their military service. Like in korea military service is mandatory but like no one ever mentions it in the fandom. Do you know by any chance any fics that do,or even better can you do a small write with zen about it. I would die, but its ok if youre busy its just i really love your work and this has been bugging me a bit. Sorry for bothering you and have a beautiful day💜

I have no idea if I imagined it or not, but I’m pretty sure I saw something (I don’t know if it was an imagine or fanart or something) that actually had this subject, but I can’t remember for the life of me where I saw it, I’m sorry. ;_;
I don’t know much about conscription in Korea, so I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies. This was fun to write. Thank you for requesting!

It was only for 21 months. It really didn’t sound too long of a time, but somehow, the idea of being away from Zen for that amount of time made you uneasy, especially since you never know what could happen during the actor’s conscription. Zen had avoided his conscription for a while now, wanting to put as much of his time and effort into acting, but Zen’s fame was starting to rise. If the public found out about his negligence of duty, it would reflect poorly on his image and the backlash would be severe. In the end, Zen decided to just get it over and done with, but even so, the thought of leaving you all alone while he served in the army terrified the both of you.

“I’ll be fine,” Zen spoke softly, but you couldn’t tell if it was a reassurance for himself or for you. His hand reached out to stroke your cheek, and it pained your heart when you felt the slightest of trembles against your skin. You lifted your own hand and placed it atop the actor’s, trying to steady it with your own shaky one.

“You’ll be fine…” you repeated, and again, it was difficult to tell just who exactly you were trying to convince. After a pause, you added, “I’ll be fine.”

Zen nodded, his free hand moving to wrap around your waist. It would be a while since you would feel this warmth again, and when that realization hit you, you flung yourself towards the actor’s chest. You both stumbled back a bit, but as soon as the pair of you were able to regain your footing, you buried your face into Zen’s chest while he pushed your body flush against his.

“Promise me you’ll come back.” Your voice was muffled, but Zen was still able to pick up on the strain in your voice.

“I promise,” Zen answered firmly, running his fingers through your hair. “I promise I’ll come back to you.”

Slowly, you pulled back from the actor to properly look at him, a sad and uncertain smile etched on your features. “…I’ll be waiting.”

Overwhelmed, Zen took your face into his hands and suddenly pulled you in for an intense kiss. It took you a moment to process what was happening, but as soon as you did, you started to kiss him back with just as much vigour. Zen’s lips tasted salty, but you weren’t sure if it was from your tears or his, trying to lessen as much space between the two of you as possible. After all, there would be nothing but lots of space between the pair of you as soon as Zen leaves.

The kiss became less like a kiss and more like a desperate attempt to mold your mouths together. Tongues swirled against one other while hands roamed across everywhere and wherever they can reach. Both you and Zen tried to memorize each other once more in this small moment, not knowing just how much things might change in the span of his conscription. You wanted to commit every detail to memory. The feel of his trembling figure. The taste of his mouth. The sound of his soft sighs against you. The smell of his shampoo. The sight of his glossy eyes staring back at you.

“I love you,” the actor whispered to you, afraid of speaking any louder as his voice might betray him and waver and crack.

“I love you too.”

Throughout the entirety of Zen’s time serving his country, you both tried to keep in contact each other as much as possible, especially with video chats since those helped alleviate the ache in your heart the most. It was terrifying and painful to think about what Zen might be doing now, if he was taking care of himself, but you would remember his promise of coming back to you, and it helped get you through the days.

The first few weeks were extremely difficult, a heavy sense of anxiety anchoring down your heart to your stomach. It was lonely in the apartment, and you often found yourself going over to somebody else’s place for company. Everybody, the RFA and Zen’s fans, were very supportive and encouraging towards both you and Zen the entire time, and you felt grateful towards them.

Counting the days only seemed to stress you out, so you eventually stopped, merely holding onto the hope that Zen would come home soon. …And he eventually did.

When you open the door, about to leave for a quick stroll around Zen’s usual morning run route, you stop in your tracks just before you can crash into someone. You heart hammers against your chest as you slowly bring your gaze upwards, and familiar red eyes lovingly greet you.

At first, you’re not too sure how to react, your mind still trying to catch up with what you were seeing. You merely stand there, frozen in spot as your mouth opens and close, trying to find your voice. Your widened eyes start to gloss over, and your vision becomes blurred. Before you know it, you’re screaming and crying, throwing yourself onto the actor who catches you with ease.

You bury your face in the crook of his neck, ugly sobs leaving your lips, but you don’t care about that. All you care about is the familiar feeling of fingers threading through your hair. The familiar light and airy chuckle against your ears. The familiar flash of silvery white hair caught in the sun. The familiar sweet scent that you had grown to love and miss this entire time.

It’s only when the situation dawns on you more that you finally become aware of the wet droplets that fall onto your neck, Zen’s shoulders shaking underneath your arms. The actor tightens his hold against you, wanting to make up for all the lost time before pulling back so that he can kiss you on the lips, and you almost melt against him.

“Welcome home.”

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Hello everyone this is Lux he would like to say hello

Here’s the QR for shiny Slyveon if anyone wanted it!!

Also his Pokedex entry in moon is really creepy like??

What a monster plz calm down Lux

Patrochilles Fic Rec VII

*The Kiss That Launched a Single Love by Eristastic

Caught between the sun and the stars, Patroclus learns to thrive in the shadows and bloom as himself.

[AU in which Helen and Patroclus are twins and he goes to Troy with her]

*In Ten Years Time by TranquilMatches

Achilles was seven and a half years old when he decided that he was going to marry his babysitter.

*Quiet Spaces by tinypatroclus (oneisforsorrow)

Patroclus is the new boy at school and there are rumours about something bad he’s done in his past. He wants to be unnoticed, invisible. But when school heartthrob Achilles spots him, Patroclus finds himself with a best friend that he could never have expected to have. How will things go down when they start to become a little more than just best friends?

Based on some Patrochilles headcanons I wrote

*The Patrocliad by ThePurpleBird

When the great hero Achilles died he expected to walk in the Elysium fields with the one he loved for all eternity. But the one he loved wasn’t there. How could it be paradise without Patroclus? And so he went to bring him home. With Olympus itself divided over the Punishment of Patroclus and the Gods themselves choosing sides no one expected Achilles to succeed.
But after all this time it seems the immortal Gods still haven’t learnt the lessons of the past. Achilles would rip cities asunder, dry up the river Styx even climb mount Olympus and topple the Gods themselves, to see Patroclus in Elysium.
And By the end, he will have done far worse.

*Lux Aeterna by Ramonaflowersz

Pat never bothers to call himself special; He’s borderline at schoolwork and may be outstanding at biology, but his life is dull in comparison with a boy that keeps popping up in his life, the much admired and arrogant Achilles. Pat would ignore him if it weren’t for the weird feeling of déjà vus and the random words popping into his head whenever they cross paths, and he’s beginning to think there might be more to this than he first thought.

(Patrochilles Reincarnation AU, where Achilles and Pat are allowed to keep their names and appearances in exchange for their memories on earth. At least, that was the plan)

Part I  Part II  Part III  Part IV  Part V  Part VI

mydnytkiss  asked:

Ahhhhh! Your post about Caught by the Sun by @metal-eye is fantastic! I absolutely love this fic. Your words about the poetic, intimate writing style and the way it stays with you, while bringing up memories is so perfect. It's exactly all the things I felt reading this beautiful story!

Oh god, I just read Caught By the Sun last night for the first time and I was SO moved! @metal-eye‘s writing is so gorgeous, I just devoured it! And then, this morning, I read another short one they wrote called Divine and I CRIED. It was just over 1800 words and I CRIED READING IT. What the hell?

I’m so glad you feel the same way about that fic. There are so many beautiful under-read fics in our fandom…I hope more people find this one and can appreciate it!


“A No-good stowaway would have been caught…I’m a great stowaway!”


I seriously love cosplaying as Sun Wukong so much. I feel as if we have very similar personalities, so I don’t feel like I’m trying to be in-character when I’m walking around conventions in this cosplay. It just happens. I’m too emotionally attached to his character and I’m so glad I decided to do a female rendition of him! [I’m looking into getting a shorter wig because this one looks too much like Yang for my liking ^^”]

Plus the latest Vol 4 episode has me loving him even more *0*

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prompt- SMH does Pokemon go + 0%-110% Jack Zimmermann :)

anon, thank you for this adorable prompt omg :)

The only Pokemon Bitty could ever catch in his neighborhood were Weedles and Rattatas. He’d resigned himself to this fate after only a week of playing, and happily curated his pathetic little menagerie. The closest stop was on Main Street, so he found himself offering to do grocery runs almost every day just so he could stock up.

Though his collection was pathetic, it was certainly colorful. He named every Pokemon he caught after one of his friends, and once he ran out of friends he began naming them silly things like Frederick and Ratatouille. Bitty probably would’ve lost interest in the game by now, if it weren’t for a certain boy…

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daeny07  asked:

How would each sign react when someone accidentally interrupt them making love with their partner? Would be fun to see both signs reactions :)

Aries Interrupt

Aries Interrupted

Taurus Interrupt

Taurus Interrupted

Gemini Interrupt

Gemini Interrupted

Cancer Interrupt

Cancer Interrupted

Leo Interrupt

Leo Interrupted

Virgo Interrupt

Virgo Interrupted

Libra Interrupt

Libra Interrupted

Scorpio Interrupt

Scorpio Interrupted

Sagittarius Interrupt

Sagittarius Interrupted

Capricorn Interrupt

Capricorn Interrupted

Aquarius Interrupt

Aquarius Interrupted

Pisces Interrupt

Pisces Interrupted

So, ah, I got this idea and it didn’t go away soooo here is a dexnursey ficlet with that soulmate trope where when you write something on your skin it appears on the other’s. Here, these two are in an established relationship.


You know I love you, right???

Those 6 words that have suddenly appeared on the inside of his right arm, warm and loving could only mean that his dear boyfriend was up to no good.

It also had to happen when he was in the middle of class. Granted, the teacher tended to talk away but he still liked to take notes. With a sigh, Dex picked up a marker from his desk and on the inside of his left arm, as discreetly as he could, he began to write.

- Nursey, what have you done?

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Phil’s Livestream // 12.1.16

He’s wearing the maroon christmas jumper which you can buy at 

He spent a lot of time making sure he had a cozy setup

“You’re allowed to say the C word” which I can assume is about Christmas not the other c word

It will be a slightly short liveshow today


It’s the longest pinof yet because they had so many funny questions

They never redraw the whiskers if they suck they suck

There will be pinof bloopers in a few days!

He didn’t think Dan was going to actually pick him up

The No Face jumper is probably his favorite Dan pinof outfit

Picking his favorite pinof is like picking between children 

There’s loads of new merch check it out 

“I don’t mean thick like thicc” about the knitted christmas sweater


The llamas and lions feed the festivity because Christmas sweaters are supposed to be cheesy

He adores the Dan and Phil plushies

He did an awful job hiding the plushies which is why you may have seen them in the back of his liveshows at some point

Dan suits being Elsa

They’ve been filming today

They’re playing two gorillas princes in a Disney Junior tv show The Lion Guard

They’re in a very large portion of the episode 

The gorillas have fringes which is definitely the best part 

It’s on in the US tomorrow at 9:30am EST on Disney 

The show is made for 7 year olds so 

He’s sending it to friends with young kids so they can watch it


TATINOF EU has been great 

He wishes they could’ve stayed in Berlin a bit longer

The Christmas tree isn’t up yet 

His mum’s tree is already up smh get it together Phil

He’s hyped for Sweden

The final TATINOF show is in Stockholm and you can check out getting some final tickets at

“It’s going to be lit we should put that on the poster”

They’ll be in YouTube rewind 

They kept this amazing art submission from TATINOF that they’re going to hand on their wall probs

The postman arrived

He’s loving Pokemon Sun 

He’s Team Marvel 

He’s caught up on YOI and he’s really getting into the ice skating aspect of it

They’re going to do gamingmas which will be as many gaming videos as possible in December 

Today’s video will be up at about 10pm 


Undertale will be apart of gamingmas 

The opposite account tweets,,, hmmm

He’s very happy

There will be a tree for his next younow

The fire is burning his back like a nicely cooked ham 

Goodbye via plushie Phil’s face

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