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EXO Mafia Reaction: When They’re Jealous

Hey I’m here with another spicy request!

This was pretty fun and I hope you all like it! We have plenty of stuff in the works and I can’t wait for you to see them!

Note: This request depicts how they act when they are jealous. Even though some of them don’t explicitly state the word, this shows how I believe they would respond when jealous. I also don’t think they would mind you talking to another guy, but that’s a common trope so I went with it.



When Suho caught you talking to another guy in the restaurant the two of you had gone to, he would seem unfazed. He would simply cross his arms over his chest and jokingly scold you for taking so long to get back from the restroom. You would think no more of the interaction with the funny stranger the rest of the night, but Suho wouldn’t forget it. It continued to irk him, putting him in a generally sour mood. He didn’t have any issues with you talking to other guys, but tonight was a particularly stressful day at work for him, and Suho didn’t appreciate the added distress from you. Simply because of how frustrated he was, when the two of you got into the car to leave, he promised you he’d show you who your boyfriend was later.


A sly smirk would cross Sehun’s face when he saw the barista at the coffee shop start to flirt with you. You fed into him slightly, thanking him for his compliments before leaving with your coffee. To Sehun, this was the most amusing thing to happen to him so far today. The rest of the coffee date went by smoothly, the two of you acting as happy as you usually are. Once the two of you left the shop, though, the first thing Sehun did was compliment the first woman he saw, giving her his signature flirty look. Shock instantly took over you, and the flame of jealousy began to dance across your cheeks. After hitting him in the arm, Sehun simply explained that it was payback for flirting with the barista. With an eye roll you walked away from him, and he chased after you, laughing loud enough for the entire country to hear.


The second you walked away from him at the party he had invited to you, Kris had a bad feeling stirring in his stomach. You had left to get drinks and it seemed to be taking a while for you to return. Kris eventually found you chatting with the server of drinks and he didn’t like the way the two of you were looking at each other. Being a sensitive person, his instant response to seeing this was to be hurt. He would swallow his real feelings, though, and march up to the both of you, putting on a cold face. He would pull you away, muttering under his breath as to how he was your boyfriend, not that guy. Kris would be “angry” for the rest of the night, but in reality he was probably just being quiet so he wouldn’t cry. This boy loves you that much.


D.O didn’t really mind when you went to go talk to an “old friend” you happened to spot while you were out. He pushed away his petty jealousy, knowing that he had complete trust in you. When he glanced up from his phone to check on you, though, his vision blurred red. The guy you were talking to placed his hand on your waist, and to say the least, D.O didn’t appreciate him getting so “friendly” with you. Pure, unadulterated rage would fill his system as he walked up to the two of you. He would snatch the guy’s hand away, threatening his life in a spout of word vomit. The guy would leave soon after, cursing D.O’s name. D.O smiled at you and you could assume by the red blush breaking across his cheeks that the petty jealousy he had pushed out earlier came back in full swing.


It’s not often that Luhan gets jealous at all, honestly, and when he does it’s extremely minuscule. He’d toss you a kind smile whenever you glanced over your shoulder at him while you were speaking to the man who complimented your shirt. It would be very apparent to Luhan that you would never have any ill intentions against him and there was no need to overreact. A bit egotistical, but he would be aware that he was a catch and you were content to be with him. He had several things in his life he used to validate himself, especially the fact that he leads men in his mafia. When you finished the conversation, he’d walk hand in hand with you, a smile on his face.


Similarly to Kris, when you were paying more attention to another man than him, Chanyeol would be hurt. The difference between the two though is that Kris is better at hiding his pain. You’d be able to see the hurt flash across his face when you turned him down for a moment to finish your present conversation with a stranger. When you were done, there was a tense air around you two, Chanyeol not willing to speak, and irritation with him leaking into your actions. He would slowly distance himself for a few hours, leaving you to ponder over him for a while. When you eventually apologized to him and asked him to come back, a bright smile would cross his face and he’d be an absolute child, pressing a happy kiss on your lips.


When Chen invited Xiumin over to have dinner with the two of you and hang out, he didn’t expect for you to take such a liking to him. You seemed to be hanging on every word his friend said, and as the night went on, Chen didn’t know if he could control himself from beating the living hell out of his friend. He would laugh along with you two, though, concealing his anger and jealously well. For once, the years of training he had to conceal emotions behind a happy smile was coming in handy in his personal life. As Xiumin was leaving, Chen would give him a look, telling him that he had some explaining to do. With an eye roll, Xiumin would be gone and Chen would continue to play up the fact that he 100% wasn’t plotting murder.


When he saw you ever so casually “flirting” with another guy, Xiumin would simply lean back in his seat, an eyebrow raised. Like Sehun, he would be amused by your actions and wouldn’t seem to be bothered by them for awhile. After you finished your conversation, he would be the sweetest boyfriend, holding your hand and kissing your cheek. He had you completely fooled, using his wits to gain a sense of regularity. Once the two of you were out of sight of others, though, the mood would switch. His eyes would grow dark, an obvious glint to them. He would whisper darkly to you how he was going to “teach you who your boyfriend is.”


Jealousy was something that Lay doesn’t feel often and when it does, it’s generally linked to a feeling of sadness. He wasn’t particularly “hurt” by the never ending conversation you seemed to be having with Baekhyun, but he certainly wasn’t happy about it either. He would simply feel sad that you seemed to be more invested and intrigued by his friend rather than himself. He would feel as though he needed to provide more for you, or act in a different way to gain the same affection. When you noticed his change in demeanor, you would toss him a smile, assuring him that everything was alright. When Baekhyun had left,  the two of you would reconcile, any sadness leaving Lay by your kindness.


He had left booth of the quaint diner for just a moment to use the restroom. When Kai returned, he was a little shocked to say the least to see someone else sitting in the booth across from you. Instead of getting necessarily “angry,” he would be irritated more than anything. Simply seeing someone in his seat would irk him, but not to the point of losing his mind over it. He would stroll over, making a snappy comment over how he hated to interrupt what you were doing before pulling you away. “The look” Kai often gave to potential victims was sent to the guy, and Kai saw the man visibly become afraid- and for good reason. He’d take you to the nearest area out of the sight of other people, shutting you down. He would express his discontent with the situation with a frown before leaving the diner.


Baekhyun was so invested by the items on display of the mall shop window that he didn’t even notice you began to strike a conversation with another guy looking in. He would be so lost that he would be having a conversation with you, when in reality you weren’t paying attention to him. When he did realize you were preoccupied, he would become very much like D.O in the ways of anger. He would address the two of you, threatening the guy who had dared speak to his lover. He wouldn’t make it far in his threats, though, for he was completely caught off guard when the man punched him square in the face. You would spring to action and have to patch up Baekhyun’s now bloodied nose. Though he is a part of the mafia, the fact he rarely fought was very noticeable in this situation. He would apologize with a light blush on his cheeks, after the throbbing in his nose went away.


Several emotions would instantly flash through Tao when you were seen chatting up another guy. He would feel angry at first, the insatiable urge to attack the guy coursing through his veins. Then it would be reduced to sadness, his insecurities coming through to real life. Overall: Tao was upset. He would choose not to intervene in the situation, for he had no idea what he might do when he got to you. He wasn’t sure if he’d crumble, or beat the guy down right there. You’d finish your conversation up after a few moments, strolling back to your upset boyfriend. You’d notice his emotions flickering across his eyes, but eventually he would simply give up, forgiving you with a small smile.

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im really curious about how taako looks in your style :0

i havent drawn taako before so im not super clear on how to draw him?? 

i hope these are acceptable spicy tacos i couldnt pick a hair colour

i know alot of people dont like louis recent choice of clothing or are sick of it but my brother told me the other day that, “he looks fly as fuck wearing supreme and yeezys i fuck with him” my brother is 22 and a street wear nerd (he literally buys bots to be able to buy supreme since it sells out so fast, street wear can become almost like a addiction to some guys in the late teens / early 20′s because these sites never restock if you dont buy it the first drop you wont get it unless you buy it resale on ebay for 3x the price so if you get it its almost like a high because you are one of the few hundreds who has it, you think buying concert tickets is stressful lmao yall have no idea) he sees him in a totally different light now its honestly the weirdest thing lol like he doesnt hate 1d, he knows i love them, knows about larry whatever but ever since hes been seeing him wear the clothes he likes and also work with artist he likes its like hes seeing a brand new louis he wouldnt mind stanning, we actually talk about him all the time and sometimes he will come into my room like, “do you think louis would wear this ?” ljszflkDSG its truly amazing.

Who needs Kdramas when WooGyu's real everyday life is an overdramatic soap opera?
  • <p> <b>Woohyun:</b> Eat with me hyung<p/><b>Sunggyu:</b> I've already eaten, I'm coming to pick you up now.<p/><b></b> *Woohyun leaves to eat lunch*<p/><b>Sunggyu:</b> Where are you?<p/><b>Woohyun:</b> I went to have lunch. Be back soon.<p/><b>Sunggyu (on chat with INSPIRITS:</b> Woohyun's making me wait for him.<p/><b>INSPIRITS (on chat):</b> Just leave him.<p/><b>Sunggyu:</b> No, I'm a gentleman and if I leave he'll sulk (and I don't want to be on the receiving end of that)<p/><b></b> *Sunggyu waits*<p/><b>Sunggyu (on chat):</b> I'm bored. I'm angel Gyu. Archangel Gabriel Gyu. Hyun is mandu - disrespect.<p/><b>Sunggyu (on chat):</b> But Woohyun is a good person. He's cool and an awesome singer.<p/><b>INSPIRITS (on chat with Woohyun):</b> Sunggyu is mad at you for making him wait.<p/><b>Woohyun (on chat):</b> It's ok I'll buy him beverage and he won't sulk no more. (Mandu's got it under control. I know his buttons)<p/></p>

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Don’t Give Them Ideas

Anakin’s Force Ghost: [laying across Obi-Wan’s lap in a hammock] Man, this is the life. 
Obi-Wan: You know, I wish things could have been different, but knowing that we saved the universe and that Luke is out there, teaching new Jedi…I just feel like finally everything’s going to be all right.
Anakin: [sighs, reaching up and feeding him a grape] Yeah.
Luke: [disheveled and winded, wandering over through the trees, twigs and pine needles caught in his beard] Guys…? Dad? Ben? Where are you?
Obi-Wan: [cheerfully] Luke! It feels like it’s been years.
Luke: [peeved] It has been years. And I’ve been trying to find you two for weeks now! 
Anakin: We are retired, you know. [mouth full of food] And you’re doing a bang-up job, son, really. You don’t need us anymore. [fussing over Obi-Wan] Look at him. He deserves to rest. [pets his hair]
Obi-Wan: [blushing furiously] Really now, I –
Luke: [scowling, rubbing his eyes] Oh for kriff’s…don’t you want to know WHY I’ve been trying to find you? Or where your grandson is and why he’s not WITH ME?
Anakin: Which grandson?
Anakin: Oh. Right. OK, where is the little scamp?
Luke: [dusting himself off] He’s a grown man, dad. And it turns out you guys have a lot in common.
Obi-Wan: He got drugged by pirates?
Luke: What? No –
Anakin: Knocked up a Senator?
Luke: No, he –
Obi-Wan: Ate two jars of expired cocktail onions on a dare?
Anakin: Hey, Rex and Cody gave me 50 credits for that!
Obi-Wan: Yes, and I had to sit with you while you threw them up  –
Luke: [exasperated] GUYS.
Anakin: Well, what then?
Luke: I’m afraid…I’m afraid Ben has turned to the Dark Side. 
[long pause]
Obi-Wan: Luke, this isn’t funny. 
Anakin: Dark Side? No, no, no. You must be confused. We crushed that, remember son? With the lightning and the Death Star and my redemption…?
Luke: Well, they have a new flavor of Darksider now. Evidently. 
Anakin: [scowls, sitting up] …these fucking writers. 
Obi-Wan: [solemnly getting his lightsaber and a flask out of a storage trunk] I knew a quiet afterlife was too much to hope for. Force, I just hope Maul’s not still alive.