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If you dropped a water balloon on a bed of nails, you’d expect it to burst spectacularly. And you’d be right – some of the time. Under the right conditions, though, you’d see what a high-speed camera caught in the animation above: a pancake-shaped bounce with nary a leak. Physically, this is a scaled-up version of what happens to a water droplet when it hits a superhydrophobic surface. 

Water repellent superhydrophobic surfaces are covered in microscale roughness, much like a bed of tiny nails. When the balloon (or droplet) hits, it deforms into the gaps between posts. In the case of the water balloon, its rubbery exterior pulls back against that deformation. (For the droplet, the same effect is provided by surface tension.) That tension pulls the deformed parts of the balloon back up, causing the whole balloon to rebound off the nails in a pancake-like shape. For more, check out this video on the student balloon project or the original water droplet research. (Image credits: T. Hecksher et al., Y. Liu et al.; via The New York Times; submitted by Justin B.)


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If anyone around our french blogs that speak only english wants to know how French politics is going right now, knowing than April the 23rd we vote for our president, here we go:

Yann Barthès: Well.. we’re may be going to stop to speak about Donald Trump because we’re getting worst than Americans. Today the French election campaign arrived into a new area. A area we call in our office the “Fuck it” area.

[Show a Emmanuel Macron picture]

We’re Mars the 1st, I still didn’t present my program *. Fuck it ! Vote for me anyway.

[show a picture of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Benoit Hamon]

we’re are the same, we have no chance to win if we don’t associate with each other. But fuck it ! Vote for us.

[Show a picture of Marine Le Pen]

Well me I got to investigations about me one about the financing of the campaign of my party, and the police that summoned me about a case of fakes jobs. But I didn’t went ! Fuck it ! Vote for me !

[Show a picture of François Fillon]


[sight again because seriously]

midday today, press conference.

Fillon:  Ladies and Gentlemen, My lawyer learnt I will be summoned March the 15th by the examining magistrate for an investigation procedure.

Yann Barthès: March the 15th, the candidate of the right wing will get an investigation procedure against him. Fuck it !

Fillon: I won’t surrender, I won’t withdraw from the campaign. Yes I will be candidat to become the president of the republic

Yann Barthès: I don’t give a fuck. fuck what I said on TF1 {first french TV channel} in front of millions of French people.

Fillon:  Only one thing would stop me to be a candidat. If my honor was put at risk. If I was put in an investigation procedure

Yann Barthès: Fuck what I said last August in front of my campaigner

Fillon: Who would imagine for a second general De Gaulle with an investigation procedure against him ?

Yann Barthès: Fuck it.

Fillon: the president shouldn’t be a president of  miscellaneous news.

Yann Barthès: I don’t give a fuck.

Bourdin: if there was an investigation procedure against you, would you be candidat ?

Fillon:  No I wouldn’t.

Bourdin: No ?

Fillon: really not. I there was a investigation procedure against me I would consider I am not able to lead the country exemplary.

Bourdin: So it’s a question of morality ?

Fillon: Yes. It’s a question of morality. of course.

Yann Barthès: Well there is at least one good new in all of this. listen to what he said.

Fillon: When I travelled across France for three years, I heard plenty of time French people telling me “us, if a speed camera caught us, we pay. You up there, we got the feeling you never pay”. This needs to change.

Yann Barthès: “this need to change” Yes ! the good new is if Fillon is elected, this need to change. so I announce you we are all allowed to stop paying our fines ! with the fines we do that

 [tear up a fine]

because we don’t give a fuck either. fuck it !


what did we do to deserve that ? What did France do to deserve candidates like that ? what  did we do to get a campaign shitty like that ? after a dark time for France, with horrible attacks in Paris or nice… we though they would be up to it. up to what we went trough.

we were wrong.

[musical video singing “rien à foutre” {fuck it} while we got all the non sense ours candidates make us went through since novembre: our actual president announcing he won’t be candidate next year, the Penelope Gate, the fact Fillon will run for president anyway, Le Pen that didn’t went to the police, Mélenchon’s hologram, Macron screaming]

* Macron finally presented a program on March the 2nd. I quote him (as much as I can with my translation skills): “people though we were'nt serious if we didn’t say “this is a political program”. so we release a  “this is a political program”.


Sun (Pietro Maximoff x Reader, slight Thor Odinson x Reader)

Summary: Friendships can be hard, especially when one of the people in the friendship falls for the other. It gets especially hard when the person that you love likes someone else. And it is extremely hard to let that person go, even if it means that the darkness creeps back in.

Word Count: 4,134

Warnings: Angst, Swearing, Slight Mentions of Clowns (Don’t worry there aren’t actually any in it), Fluff.

A/N: HOLY CABOOSES THIS IS SO LONG! I’m telling you guys, when I write about Pietro I go all out. This one is about a dream I had and I wanted to share it with all of you lovely people! I hope you enjoy and if you want to be added to my Tag List, just let me know! 

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“Ah!” You laughed, smiling widely. “Pietro, put me down!”

“Never!” Pietro shouted, smiling brightly as he ran around the compound with you thrown over his shoulder. Spinning around, you both laugh as you pounded on his back, trying to get him to let you down. “Have you learned your lesson, Draga?”

“Yes,” You lied, and he finally set you down. You see, you had not-so accidentally ate Pietro’s cupcake that he had saved. Wanting to ‘teach you a lesson,’ or so he put it, he had picked you up and ran you around the compound, spinning and laughing the whole way.

“And what have you learned?” He asked, breathless.

“Not a single thing,” You said with a shit-eating grin before taking off. Running through the halls, you slid on the wooden floor as you rounded the corner, Pietro laughing behind you. As if you could outrun him.

Laughing joyously, you ran through the halls of the compound as Pietro chased after you. Right as you were about to make it to the kitchen, Pietro used his super-speed and caught you, laughing as you tried to get out of his arms.

“You’re not going anywhere this time, Draga,” He said with a grin, looking down at you. Pouting in his arms, you tried to release your best friend’s grip on you. Stuck in an iron clasp, you began to look for help. A flash of blonde catches your eye, and you smile deviously. “What are you-?”

“THOR!” You shouted, trying to get the god’s attention. Confused, Thor walked back out into the hallway to find you struggling in Pietro’s arms, with Pietro no longer laughing at the sight of Thor. 

“Yes?” Thor asked with a smile, waltzing up to you.

“Would you be a dear and make Pietro let go of me?” You asked, fluttering your eyelashes at the muscular man.

“Of course, Lady (Y/N),”

Gulping, Pietro quickly released you. He had once sparred with Thor, and let’s just say it did not go well for our friend in blue.

“Thank you, O great and mighty Thor!” You said, fake swooning at the end. Booming laughter filling the room at your acting, Thor smiled at you in amusement. Eyes rolling, Pietro looked at the two of you.

“C’mon, (Y/N),” He started. “I won’t capture you anymore. Let’s go watch some TV, yes?”

Thinking about it, you shook your head. “Nah, I’m going to spend some time with Thor,” You said teasingly, looping your arm through his. “He’s my new best friend.”

Gaping, Pietro looked at you. “What?!”

Laughing at his reaction, you dropped your arm from Thor’s. “I’m just joking,” You said, waltzing up to Pietro. Lightly hitting his arm, you smile. “Lighten up.”

“We will spend time together though, right?” Thor asked, drawing your attention back to him. 

“Of course!” You said, lighting up. 

“Then I shall look forward to our meeting,” The god said with a smile as he walked up to you. Picking up your hand, Thor placed a gentle kiss onto the back of it, causing a blush to creep onto your cheeks. “Until then.” 

Eyes turning into slits, Pietro glared at the god. “C’mon, (Y/N),” He grumbled, grabbing your other hand. Dragging you away, Pietro wanted to put as much distance between you and the overly-affectionate man as he could.

“I just do not understand why you don’t tell (Y/N) that you have feelings for her,” Wanda sighed, laying down on her bed as she created energy orbs around her. Groaning, Pietro ran his fingers through his hair once again.

“I can’t!” Pietro said, lightly pulling on his hair in frustration. Rolling her eyes, Wanda looked at her twin.

“Yes, you can! Give me one good reason why you can’t tell her about your feelings,” Wanda challenged, quirking an eyebrow up at her twin. Sitting on the edge of his sister’s bed, he looks at her.

“Because she is my best friend,” Pietro starts as he looks at the picture of the three of you on Wanda’s dresser. “Because it would ruin our friendship if she doesn’t like me back. When, I should say, because she most certainly does not like me.”

“Why do you say that?” Wanda asked, focusing more on her brother now.

Sighing, Pietro looks at her. “Because she likes someone else. Thor, to be exact. I can see it in her eyes. Every time the two are together, there is a sparkle in her eyes. And of course she would like him, who doesn’t? He’s great.” Pietro groaned, falling face-down onto the mattress. Scooting closer to her brother, Wanda laid her hand on his back.

“You’re great too,” She comforted, looking down at her distressed brother.

“Noagrempf,” He replied, muffled by the mattress. Groaning in frustration, Wanda turned over her brother.

“Repeat what you said,” She ordered, crossing her arms in front of her. Staring blankly up at the cream-colored ceiling, Pietro sighed.

“I’m not as great as him,” He mumbled, looking at his sister. “Compared to him, I’m nothing. (Y/N) wants and needs a strong man to protect her, to love her. He’s a god, and I’m just a man. He’s king of Asgard, and the only thing I’m king of is nothing. King of nothing. Why wouldn’t she pick him over me?”

Heart breaking just a tad over Pietro’s insecurities, Wanda found herself looking at the photo of the three of you as the room filled with silence. The photo was of the three of you at Disney World when the team took a trip. You, wanting to take a picture right in front of the opening gate and in front of the castle, had grabbed both her and Pietro’s hand. You were in the middle of the two of them, smiling brightly at Tony who was holding the camera. While Wanda was smiling at the camera the time of the picture being taken, Pietro was smiling at you. Even back then, he loved her, Wanda thought as she looked back at her brother whose arm was thrown over his face.

Huffing out in frustration, Pietro sat back up. “Whatever, I need to go distract myself. I’ll be down in the gym.” Nodding solemnly, Wanda pulled her knees into her chest as she watched her brother slip his shoes back on. 

“Hey, am I interrupting?” You called out, knocking on the wooden door frame as you stood in the doorway. 

Eyes flitting towards her brother, Wanda responded. “No, not at all,” She said as Pietro had looked from her to you.

“Great!” You said, smiling brightly. Eyes landing on Pietro, you smiled at him. “Hey, I was about to go watch Hell’s Kitchen, wanna come? I know just how much you love that show.”

Smile faltering a little bit, Pietro looked at you. “No, I think I am going to go do some training.” What is he doing? Wanda thought as she felt her brother break a little at his own words.

Your own smile faltering at your best friend’s words, you quickly fix it. “Oh, want me to come with you? I really do need to get some training in and-”

“No,” Pietro said, cutting you off. “I just want to be alone right now.” You idiot! Wanda thought as she saw your smile fall. 

“O-oh, okay,” You mumbled. “I guess I’ll go see if Thor is doing something.” Feeling her brother’s heart break at your words, Wanda looked at her twin in disbelief. “See you around?” 

“Sure,” Pietro said softly, before pushing through you and out the door, carrying his heartbreak with him. You had left shortly after him, carrying your own form of hurt with you. 

What am I going to do? Wanda thought as she began to watch her two closest friends drift apart, seemingly forever.

It had been a month since you and Pietro had last talked. A month since you talked to your best friend, seen him smile. And you had no idea what you did wrong. You had constantly gone over that last day, replaying every little detail to find out what went wrong, what you did wrong. Finding nothing, you had turned into a shell of your former self. Without him, you didn’t know what to do. How to act, how to laugh, how to live. Without your best friend, you had nothing. That month was full of darkness, along with your life now, and you only had one little ray of sunshine in the never-ending darkness:


In that month of darkness, he was there. There for you when the person you wanted most wasn’t. Thor had been there, cheering you up with his heroic tales of gallantry, making you laugh as he watched all of your favorite shows with you. Through the dark, he was always there. Pulling you out of bed each morning, promising that it was a new day full of wonderful surprises. You now found yourself in your bed, just like the beginning of every day for the past month, trying to find out what went wrong.

“(Y/N)?” A low voice called out, knuckles rasping against the fine wood of your door. Turning the knob, in came your little ray of sunshine, pushing and fighting back all of the darkness and demons in it. “Are we just going to lay in bed all day?”

“Yes,” You mumbled, pulling the sheets back over your head. Not even a moment later they were thrown back off of you, to be replaced with the smiling face of Thor. 

“You must really get up, it is nearly eight.” Thor said, tugging you up into a sitting position by your arms. 

“Yes, nearly eight,” You repeated, gaze falling on him. “Which means that I shouldn’t be up this early.”

Laughing, Thor tucked a piece of your hair behind your ear. “What if I told you that today will be an adventure?” He asked, smiling when he sees your eyes light up at the word ‘adventure.’

“What kind of adventure?”

“Oh, the best kind. One filled with fun and danger,” Thor replied, smiling. “Now, will you be going on this adventure with me, or do I have to take the Man of Iron instead?”

“You’re taking me,” You said with a smile. Standing up, Thor offered you his hand. 

“Go get dressed, then. We have a big day ahead of us,” He said, pulling you up. Nodding at his words, you quickly got ready in your bathroom as Thor entertained himself in your bedroom with your TV. Walking back out, Thor looked back up to you.

“Ready for our adventure?” He asked with a smile, offering his hand to you.

“Yes, yes I am,” You answered taking his hand, your fingers interlocking with his. Leading you out of your room, Thor walked with you happily through the halls, swinging your interlocked hands back and forth. 

And you were ready for your adventure. Ready for new things, for new chances. You were tired of the darkness in your life, tired of the pain it brought you. I’m going to be happy, you thought as you looked up at Thor, who was humming a little song. Happy without him, you thought, heart tugging at the thought of your former best friend. 

Hearing footsteps and humming outside of his door, Pietro woke from his light and un-restful sleep. Groaning, Pietro made his way to his door to found out who the hell was humming at eight in the freaking morning.

Head peaking out of his door, Pietro felt his heart tear in half at the sight before him. There you were, the girl he loved, holding hands with Thor, smiling up at him. 

Too shocked to say anything, Pietro numbly closed his door. Back against the cold wood, he slipped down towards the floor, sitting down. Head resting against the door, Pietro screwed his eyes shut as he tried to keep the tears from splashing over and onto his cheeks. Failing, a tear slipped out onto his cheek, rolling down his face at the feeling of his heart ripping to pieces. 

Rip, rip, rip, Pietro thought as he wiped the fresh tear away. That’s all you ever do, no? He asked himself, looking down at his heart. And he was right. That’s all his heart ever did, nowadays. Every time he looked at you, with or without Thor, his heart ripped and tore itself to pieces. Over and over again.

This, is our adventure?” You asked in shock, staring at what was before you.

“Yes,” Thor said, smiling in triumph. “I thought you needed a bit of cheering up, so I took you to the most fun place around. Do you like it?” He asked, looking down at you. Mindlessly nodding, you took in the sight before you.

“Yes!” You shouted with glee, snapping out of your daze. “I can’t believe you brought me to a carnival! I haven’t been to one since I was a kid! But I have to ask, what is the danger?”

Thor, smiling down at you, began pulling you towards the noisy carnival. “Well, there are clowns here, aren’t there? Very scary beings, very dangerous.”

Laughing at his answer, you pull him towards the game booths. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you,” You said with a smirk, taking in all of the bright colors.

“My hero!” Thor laughed, smiling as you dragged him all over the carnival, beginning your adventure.

“Pietro, get up,” Wanda demanded, looking down at her brother who was splayed out on his bed. Not receiving an answer, Wanda’s patience began to wear thin. “It’s three o’clock in the afternoon. You need to get up, shower, and interact with people.”

Groaning, he looked at his twin. “There’s no point.”

“What do you mean ‘there’s no point?’”

“I mean,” Pietro sighed, sitting up. “There’s no point. It’s over. She’s with him.”

Feeling his heart break again, Wanda looked at her brother with sympathy. “Don’t say that, Pietro.”

“Well, too bad. I’m sayin’ it,” Pietro pouted, falling back onto his pillows. Anger flaring inside of her at her twin, Wanda gritted her teeth.

“That’s it,” She grumbled. With a flick of her wrist, the blinds opened, allowing sunlight to stream into his room. Pietro, screwing his eyes shut because of the bright light, groaned.

“Noooo!” Pietro said, burying his face into his pillow. Stomping over to her brother, she yanked the pillow off of his head.

“Now, you are going to get up and shower. You are going to get dressed and then go interact with people. I am sick and tired of seeing you like this. So you are going to get up, you are going to shower, and you are going to do it all with a huge smile on your face, like you are the happiest fucking person in the whole world. Understand?” Wanda asked, eyeing her brother down. 

Sitting up, Pietro nodded shamefully at his sister. Looking up at her, he is met with her staring him down. Smirking slightly, he quirked up his eyebrow. “You know, sometimes you remind me so much of Mom when you do that. Act all bossy.”

“I know,” Wanda replied softly and with a smile at the thought of her mother. “Now get dressed.” She said, voice demanding once again.

The day certainly was an adventure for the two of you. The day was full of laughter and fun as you rode rides and tried to win stuffed animals at the game booths. Thankfully, the two of you hadn’t run into any clowns, reducing the ‘danger’ aspect to your day. The sky that was once blue was now pink, turning into a deep orange as the sun set on a great day.

“Did you enjoy your adventure?” Thor asked, pulling you out of your thoughts.

“Yes, I did,”

“And did you get to do everything that you wanted to do?” He asked, hand still holding yours.

“Well,” You said with a sly grin as you glanced up to the large Ferris Wheel. “Almost.”

Eyes following yours, Thor realized what you wanted to do. “Well, let us ride this Wheel of Ferris.” He said in that booming voice of his. 

“Let’s,” You laughed as he pulled you towards the wheel. Before you knew it, the sky was turning a dark midnight blue color and the stars were coming out as the two of you boarded the Ferris Wheel. Carnival lights shinning the rainbow all around you, the two of you slowly made your way around the wheel.

“These lights,” Thor said, cutting through the silence. “They remind me of the Rainbow Bridge, back on Asgard. It is a wonderful sight, really. I should take you some time.”

Lighting up at his words, you turned towards him. “You would take me to Asgard?” You asked, disbelief flooding your words.

“Why, of course,” He smiled, turning towards you. “I would do anything for you.” He finished, voice almost a whisper. 

Heat creeping up your neck, you looked at Thor, chanting the words that you said to yourself this morning over and over again: I’m going to be happy. You even added a new phrase: I deserve to be happy. Leaning in ever so slightly, Thor moved a piece of hair away from your eyes, leaning in too. 

“You deserve to be happy, (Y/N),” He whispered. Flushing once more at his words, you leaned in closer, ghosting your lips over his. His hand moved to the back of your head as his lips brushed over yours, before firmly placing them against yours. You kissed him back, your own hand moving up to his cheek as your lips moved in sync, just like the lights on the Ferris Wheel. 

“Pietro…” You breathed out, completely in a bliss. Stopping abruptly, Thor pulled back and looked at you. Confused as to why he stopped, you too looked at Thor until you realized what you said. And it definitely wasn’t his name.

“O-oh my gosh, I-I am so sorry,” You quickly said, fumbling over your words as heat flooded through your body in embarrassment. 

Looking at you, Thor smiled slightly before answering. “It is alright,” He said, interrupting your incoherent ramblings. “You deserve to be happy, and you will be the happiest with Pietro. I knew that, but I still wanted to try.”

Gaping at his words, you just nodded along to what he said. You will be the happiest with Pietro. And suddenly, it all made sense:

You would be the happiest with Pietro. You didn’t need a little ray of sunshine in your dark world, you needed a Sun. A Sun that would fend off all of the monsters and demons. A Sun that would fill your world with light. And Pietro was just that, your own personal Sun.

“I-I need to-”

“Go to him. I understand,” Thor said, nodding. Ride stopping at the bottom, the two of you got out. “Are you ready for your next adventure, Lady (Y/N)?” He asked as the two of you walked back out to the car. 

“Yes. I finally am.”

Car stopping in the garage, you frantically undid your seatbelt as you went over your speech that you were going to say to Pietro. Looking over at Thor, he gave you a small smile.

“Thank you,” You said, breaking the silence. “For everything. You truly were my little ray of sunshine in the dark world.”

“You are very welcome, (Y/N),” Thor responded as he tucked a piece of hair behind your ear. Eyes lighting up, he looks at you. “Hey, that would be a cool movie title. Thor: The Dark World. What do you think?”

Eyes rolling at him, you chuckled. “Sure, whatever you say.” Pausing, you look up at the familiar compound with a little fear inside of you. 

“Go, before I pick you up and take you to him myself,” Thor urged, nodding towards the compound. Nodding in determination, you leaned over and kissed Thor on the cheek before exiting the car. 

Making your way through the compound, you felt like your heart was going to jump out of your chest. As a mantra, you kept repeating your speech:

Pietro. I love you. I always have, and I always will. I don’t care if you love me back, but I just had to tell you. I want and need my best friend back.

Over and over you repeated your mantra, letting your feet take the familiar path to Pietro’s bedroom. Before you knew it, you were at his door, and you were so not ready yet.

Eyes screwed shut, you reached out your hand and knocked on his door. You heard a clicking noise and then the familiar creak of the door opening. And then, you heard him.

“(Y/N)? Why are your eyes shut? You look kinda stupid.” Oh, such a romantic.

Eyes opening, you look at your best friend and you feel your heart ache for him. “C-can I come in?” 

Hesitating, Pietro nodded, opening the door wider for you to enter. You quickly walked in as Pietro shut the door closed. “What can I do for you?”

And just like that. Poof! There goes your memorized speech. “I…uh…”


Snapping out of your daze, you shook your head as if that got rid of your nerves. “Sorry, sorry. I just have to tell you something.”

“And that is?” He asked, quirking up an eyebrow as his heart began to race with what he heard next. And it was so much better than the speech you prepared.

“Pietro, you are my Sun. The Sun that lights up my whole world. The Sun that warms me to my bones, the Sun that leaves me feeling alive. Pietro, you are the Sun that drives away the darkness, the demons, the fears. And without my Sun, my whole world plummets into darkness. A darkness where I am stranded, with no light to warm me, no light to keep me living. Sure, there are some people that were little rays of sunshine that somehow broke through the darkness, but they could never warm me fully. I was always left a little cold, a little empty. And partly, that was my fault. I killed my own Sun. I drove it away. And for that,” You said, choking back a sob. “I am truly sorry. I am sorry for driving you away. And I am truly sorry for what I am about to say, because it is in no way fair for me to say this to you, after all that I have done. Pietro-”

Breath hitching at your words, Pietro took a step closer to you.

“Pietro Maximoff. I want my Sun back into my life. I want it back so desperately because I didn’t realize what I had until it was gone. Pietro, I am a girl that fell in love with her Sun. Even if you don’t love me-”

“Shut up,” Pietro interrupted, grinning wildly at you.

“What?” You asked, wiping away a tear.

“I said, ‘shut up,’” He repeated, taking another step forward. Falling silent, you looked up at your Sun. “Who said that I didn’t love you?”

“W-what?” You said, smiling as Pietro cupped your cheek in his hand. 

“You heard me,” He said with a smile. Your hands found his face now too. “Do I need to say it again?”

“Yes,” You answered, love pouring out of you.

“I love you.”

“PIETRO MAXIMOFF LOVES ME!” You exclaimed, throwing your hands up in the air. Laughing at your antics, Pietro tugged your face towards his, crashing his lips onto yours. Smiling into this kiss, your hands found his hair as his found your waist, and you both pulled the other towards yourself. Your lips moved in perfect sync, more in sync than the lights on the Ferris Wheel would ever be. The kiss deepened as Pietro glided his tongue across your bottom lip, which you happily accepted. Pulling apart (too soon, in your and Pietro’s opinion), you rested your forehead against Pietro’s, a smile plastered onto both of your faces as butterflies danced in your stomachs.

Gently kissing your lips once more, Pietro smiled blissfully as you whispered to him those three little words that he had just said to you. 

“Hey, guess what,” Pietro said, nudging your nose with his.

“What?” You asked, running your hand down his chest.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N) LOVES ME!” He exclaimed, throwing his hands into the air, just as you did. Laughter bubbling from your chest, you tugged him down towards you for another kiss, grin matching his. As your lips met, you felt that warmth spread through your body and seep into your bones. The warmth that only your Sun could provide.


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Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Request: “15,28,27? 💖💖 I love your stories!!!”


15. I’d kill for a coffee… literally;
28. How drunk was I?;
27. No. Regrets.

Word count: 840

A/N: Finally, I found time to write this imagine. I’ve been planning this since I read your request for the first time, but I had some problems with my school works. It’s hard to balance school and hobbies, mostly when I spend more time at school than at home. Sorry for the late reply and I hope you like it.

- G. x

Warning: (Y/E/S) is Your Eye Shape and (Y/E/C) is Your Eye Colour.

It was one of those strenuous days and you’ve been yawning since you sat on your computer chair at S.T.A.R. Labs.

You had a wild night with your co-workers and, obviously, you were wasted out of your mind. You were not a much drinker, so you never learnt how to handle the alcohol and you never managed on staying sober until the end of the night, even though you only had few shots every single time.

“How are you, (Y/N)?” You suddenly felt a cold breeze on your skin and you knew that it was Barry talking to you.

I’d kill for a coffee…” You seriously answered, but Barry took it as if it was a joke. In fact, you heard him laughing so hard, but quickly stopped as you gave him a death glare. “… literally.”

You immediately felt a cold gust of wind for a second and you saw Barry, holding a tray with two coffees on it, using his right hand. Obviously, he also uses his super powers to make up his friends’ days.

“Thank you!” You smiled widely as he handed your cup.

“Hangover, yeah?” He teased you as he took the seat next to you, watching you taking a sip of your still burning hot coffee. It tasted so good and you thanked Barry for his pleasing gesture.

“Yup.” You sighed as you brought your fingers to your temples and massaged them, trying to ease the ache your head was having. “Sometimes, I envy you.”

“Huh?” He raised an eyebrow as he looked into your (Y/E/S) (Y/E/C) eyes, trying to put pieces together to find the appropriate answer.

“Alcohol never affects you and you’ve never gotten drunk.” You answered confidently, as if the answer was already obvious.

“Oh.” He answered and a loud guffaw escaped from his mouth. “I can imagine, but I am just twenty-seven and my drinking career has already ended.”

“It’s better, duh!” You arrogantly exclaimed. “And then I can’t even remember anything that has happened last night.” You whined as you took another sip of your relaxing caffeine bomb drink.

“You wouldn’t want to know what you did last night.” He chuckled as he remembered the happening of the previous night.

“OMG!” You were shocked because of what he has said. “How drunk was I?

“Enough to ask me to pretend to be your boyfriend.” Your eyes widen for what he has said and he just snorted for your reaction.

“Awkward.” You covered your face as you laughed for your stupid drunken actions.

“It’s fine.” He winked at you and you felt that your cheeks got hotter and redder.

“We didn’t do anything abnormal, right?” You asked, peeking from the spaces between your fingers.

“You mean that you don’t remember how you kissed me last night?” You quickly looked at him with your mouth partially hung-opened.

“Are you kidding?” You felt your cheeks burning and Barry knew how embarrassed you were. “It can’t be.”

“What? Are you rejecting me?” Barry pretended that he took your reaction as an offense and you just rolled your eyes.

“Shut up!” You slapped his arm playfully and he started to laugh once again. “I’m having to deal with this embarrassing situation here, okay?”

“Didn’t you have fun?” He asked you, leaning a little bit nearer towards you.

No. Regrets.” You sighed as you rolled your eyes. “I did a very bad figure.”

“I’m your best friend, (Y/N). We grew up together and we both did bad figures in the past. It’s not like I’m judging you if you behaved like that last night.” He caressed your now normal-coloured cheek. “I mean, I even had fun protecting you.”

“Thank you, Bar.” You rested your head on his shoulder, shaking off the shameful figure you did last night.

“It’s not a problem.” He leant in to leave a kiss on your forehead. “What do you think, then? Another night out this Saturday?”

“Oh my goodness, no! We better have a lazy movie night, instead.” You raised your head from his shoulder and you shook it for several times.

“Sure,” He flashed you a playful wide smile. “so you can feel how our lips fit and move in sync together.”

“Oh shut the fuck up!” You pushed him away from you and you gave him a loud and painful slap.

“Ouch!” He complaint as he rubbed his arm carefully. “Peevish!” He started to run away from you as he made fun of you. You rolled your eyes and you threw him your now empty paper coffee cup, which he has caught using his speed.

“Dumbass!” You insulted back as you started to type something on your computer, not minding Barry anymore.

You were thankful that you had Barry as your best friend, instead of someone else. At least, you were safe with him, even when you weren’t unconscious of what’s happening around you.

You were lucky to have him, even though it cost you patience every time he would make fun of you or he would tease you.

Another waifu chart. Luna! Whos next?? Not sure.

If you hadn’t been caught up to speed, I came late into the fandom (around the beginning of season 5) I felt like giving them a shot.

Here’s the list so far:

Rainbow Dash:



More coming…

Caught up on Speed

Betty was fast.

She loved speed, anything quick and smooth had her heart.

She blamed her dad, he would prop her up on a stool in his garage as he worked on some new sports car grinning at her when the engine would rev.
After every successful repair he would take her for a drive around town in whatever fast car he was working on at the moment.

As she got older she realized the adrenaline she got from riding shotgun in a corvette was nothing compared to the feeling of running down the school track, the concrete pounding under her sneakers as the trees blurred around her.

I guess her heart got caught up in all that speed too , because she didn’t think it was possible to fall in love with someone as fast as she did Archie Andrews.

Archie was always happy to comply to the speed she wanted to go, keeping her satisfied along with so many other girls.
She figured that was what happened when you fell in love, it wasn’t fair of her to keep him all too herself when he was so great.

But, she was getting older she was going to be a junior this year and watching all the couples finally become official she couldn’t help but feel hurt when she spilled her heart to Archie for him to only tell her, he would never feel the same way.

And then there was jughead.

He made you laugh, he was smart and wise beyond his years always coming up with a witty comeback or a movie quote to relate to the situation, and those eyes.
You couldn’t really avoid them when you found yourself staring right into them almost every time you came to pops.

Not to mention the fact that he had totally saved you from smacking Archie square in the face, when the insensitive jerk wouldn’t stop going on about his new love. For some reason you felt much more relaxed with this moody boy than you did with your supposed best friend.

On that thought process, why did he seem so protective of you?
You figured you were the one who did the protecting in this secret friendship you’d made up.

You could remember the quiet arguments with weatherby about the dark haired boy being treated unfairly by students and teachers.

Always making sure his booth was open when he came to Pops,
(You had to threaten quite a few people to keep his safe space, safe.)

And taking his jacket one day when he got up to the bathroom , only to bring it back the next day , sewn and washed good as new.

That was how this worked wasn’t it? You admired him from afar, knowing he would never be interested in you like that, so settling for the boy next door. That was routine. It was normal.

But apparently normal was totally overrated when you found the boy of your thoughts sliding into your booth and agreeing to join the school paper, with very little begging.

What a weird day.

Tightening your sneakers l, you figured a midnight run would clear all these crazy thoughts out of your head.

Mom would absolutely kill you if she found out you were running around riverdale with Jason blossoms murderer still on the loose.

It was a good thing mom was too doped up on sleeping pills to wake up for the next nine hours.

Six miles in, your lungs were burning and the ache in your calves told you it was time to turn back.

“Two times in one day, green eyes, what kind of luck do I have?”

Betty whipped around so fast her earbuds went flying out of her ears.

Standing about two feet away from her was none other than the mysterious boy she couldn’t get out of her head

Jughead Jones.

Looking around her eyes widened, she hadn’t even realized she’d run right into the south side, current home of jughead and the scariest thing to hit riverdale

The Southside Serpents.


Hey guys, I’m back again for another fan account and boy was it like the best day of my life. OMG…if you don’t feel like reading all of this, I’m just going to leave some highlights for you and of course I’ll bold the most relevant parts.



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Serenade... Sorta - Finn Bálor

A/N: So I’ve been listening to Backstreet Boys a lot over the weekend (DON’T JUDGE THEY WERE SO GOOD) and I’ve always been obsessed with Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) and I Want It That Way, so I decided I’d write one based off of one of those songs… Disclaimer it’s the first one. ;) 

Warnings: None, actually! 

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

“Yeah, I’m actually about to pull into the driveway.” You spoke into the phone. You were having a conversation with one of your friends who you grew up with. You had a break from tour for a little while, so you and her insisted on making plans, hence the discussion. “Tell Finn I said hi! I can’t wait to meet this guy who has you gushing every second of the day.” Your friend giggled. You rolled your eyes, wishing you could slap her, but then again you couldn’t fight the smile on your face as you knew it was true. “I’ll make sure to tell him you said hello. But I’m home, so I’ll call you later?” She agreed, the two of you ending the call.

As you got out of the car, you saw Finn was already here which caused you to smile widely. You approached the front door and already you could hear the sound of music blaring from inside the house. Your eyebrows arched in confusion, unsure of what was going on. You opened the door, the music louder. “Finn?” You called out over the loud tunes raging off the walls. The volume suddenly lowered and out came Finn with the remote to the system. “Hello, love.” He greeted you with a smile that screamed devious. “Hi?” You answered him in a questioning tone. “What’s up with the music?” You nodded your head towards the system. Finn’s eyes followed yours and landed on the source of the music, his smile brightening, eyes lighting up like fireworks popping on the Fourth of July. “I was messing around.” He answered sheepishly, but he was still acting rather different. At least to you.

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I’ve seen a few MaDDers who have expressed nervousness about getting their drivers license for fear of zoning out and getting in an accident. Being in a car is one of my daydreaming triggers as well, but I have no problem driving. As the driver you are almost forced to be hyper aware, and I find it a lot harder to start daydreaming. I do slip up sometimes if I’m at a red light or going down a long, straight piece of road (I once sat through an entire red light cycle), but when there are other people around, it’s almost like my mind refuses to slip into a daydream because not only is my life at stake, but may others. Of course everyone is different and you might find that driving isn’t for you, which is totally fine! But, if you feel like you are willing to give it a try, do it, start small on empty roads and slow roads, you might find that you can overcome the trigger and that your daydreams aren’t as bad as the driver as they are in the passenger seats, and as your confidence grows, the experience will become more enjoyable :)

Again, this might not be the same for everyone and only you know what’s best for you, but just because you have MaDD doesn’t mean you will never be able to drive, I’ve had my license for almost 3 years, since I was 16, and have never been in an accident or been caught speeding (although that just might be pure luck). I did once drive through a stop sign, but that’s because it was 11PM and I didn’t see it. 

(I’m obviously not going to tell you you have to try driving, but I thought some of you might want to hear a Driving with MaDD Success Story before deciding to try or not)

Tailgate and honk on a single lane street, how'd that work out for you?

This happened a few months ago as I was driving my work van(the biggest Mercedes sprinter you can drive without a commercial licence) around Amsterdam delivering groceries. This story takes place on a single lane road with high curbs on both sides that takes you from one neighborhood to another. Speed limit is 50kph, although it could have been 70 imho except in some tight corners.

Now I’ve driven here so many times before that I feel comfortable doing 60-ish, just a bit faster than normal without the risk of getting caught speeding in an urban area.

Suddenly I hear a loud beep behind me, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s a BMW! “What a surprise!” I think to myself. I was quite impressed by my ability to guess the brand of this automobile, because everything forward of the rear doors wasn’t visible in my mirrors.

The tailgating and honking continues for a little while until I spot the perfect opportunity to teach this Ikea-pencil equipped douche a lesson: a long straight section in the road. For those of you who haven’t been to the Netherlands before, our government loves two things: taxes and using those taxes to build speedbumps.

As such we have a wide variety of speedbumps and this straight section was equipped with my personal favorite: the bus bypass variant, a trapezoid block just wide enough that a normal car has to pass over it with at least one wheel, but a bus can pass over it unobstructed.

I’ve had plenty of practice with these obstacles and line up for a flawless pass while accelerating to a mindnumbing 70 kmh, the BMW still glued to my rear bumper. I pass over the obstacle without the slightest inconvenience….. The oblivious BMW driver however hits it in the worst possible way, launching himself into the ceiling of his car and grinding his oilpan as the suspension compresses.

After that he kept a good distance.

Best of Both Worlds- Barry Allen Smut

Prompt: Request from Anon “Would you do a Dom!barry imagine? Pleaseeeeee”

Author’s Note: I spent all afternoon writing this, oops. Kind of a continuation of my first Barry fic “Different.” I wasn’t sure how dom you wanted Barry to be, so I kind of let loose. Hope this is what you wanted! Also, I do plan to try to start writing more gender-neutral fics, but if you want a gender specific fic (or if you want a different character other than Barry Allen), feel free to ask!

Warnings: NSFW, rough sex, swearing, Dom/sub relationship

After your first experience with the kinkier side of things, you both had realized that it was something that really worked for both of you. Barry got to let off steam and you got to watch him go wild. After a particularly frustrating day of being a superhero, Barry came home a little worse for wear. You barely had time to say hello before he rushed you into your bedroom. You found yourself handcuffed to the bed.

“One of those days?” you inquired as he knelt in front of you.

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Jakob  Chychrun Imagine - “Day Off”

Request : Could I request a cute Jakob Chychrun one where you guys have a cute lazy day, take cute pics, maybe he makes fun of your shortness and like you compare your hand sizes? and have your first kiss together :) 

this was really fun to write!! keep sending in requests:))

Originally posted by ryanhartman

my eyes opened and a killer headache made its appearance. i let lot a loud groan and looked over to my left at the night stand. the clock shined brightly showing the time as 10:30, jakob should be at practice right now, the apartment is quiet. 

i snuggled closer into the blankets of the bed that jakob let me sleep in and he being the gentleman he is took the couch. after celebrating a big 6-3 win against the capitals we all got carried away with the drinks and that’s how i ended up here with a mega hangover.

the door creaked open and some light came in making my headache worse. “here’s some water and advil for when your ready to get up” jakob gave a shy smile and put the two things on the bed stand next to me. 

“thank you” i said my throat dry which made my voice sound strained. i grabbed the waters and quickly took the pill hoping the headache pain would go away quickly.

“hows your head?” he gave me a small smile and took a seat next to me on the bed. jakob and i have only been dating for a month but it has been pretty great and i enjoy being with him. 

“ive had better days” i did my best to smile but flinched at the pain that was going on around my head. 

“come here” he gave me a smile that made me melt and wrapped his arms around me pulling me close. i slid over so we were more towards the middle of the bed. 

“dont you have practice today?” i asked placing my head lightly on his chest, i could hear his heartbeat it was steady and relaxing.

“what your already tired of me?” he joked. a small laughed escaped my lips but a great deal of pain went through my head. 

“we have a few days off so coach said to take this day to ourselfs, you know?” jakob pulled me closer his big arms were comfortable and his messy morning hair was adorable. i looked up at his beautiful blue eyes and nodded admiring there colour. 

i laid my head back on his chest. i could already feel my eyes begin to close and soon enough i was sleeping again. after a while i could hear a clicking noise, my eyes fluttered open quickly.

“what was that noise?” i asked my eyes adjusting to light, he must have gotten up and opened the windows. i noticed the headache wasnt there anymore. i saw him looking at his phone screen smiling. 

“your super cute you know that right?” jakob asked placing a light kiss on my forehead. i felt a blush rise to my cheek. 

“common get up lazy butt” he laughed attempting to get me up but i just grabbed on to him tighter, my height and size was no match for his hockey player body but i still tried to weight him down so he wouldn’t get up.

“my ass isnt lazy” i tried to sound offended but it ended with me smiling. 

“maybe it isnt lazy but it sure is cute” he laughed and picked me up like it was nothing carrying me out of the bedroom and brought me to the couch. i smacked his back laughing. 

“yours so tiny” he laughed giving me a small squeeze as he placed me on the couch. i huffed and pretended to be offended, crossing my arms i turned the other way and looked out the window.

“baby are you mad?” jakob asked coming closer and placing a kiss on my cheek, then on my forehead, then on my temple, and lastly on my nose. i nodded pouting as he was sitting a kneeling position infront of me and our heights practically matched. 

“im sorry” he tried to hide his smile but it didnt work, he ended up laughing and i eventually joined in. i went to stand up but he pulled me on the ground and began laughing like and idiot. 

i leaned closer to him so my head was in the crook of his neck. “your so beautiful, i dont know how i landed myself a girl as amazing as you y/n i really dont” i gave him a smile and leaned closer hoping he was at the same place i was at. 

jakob leaned closer to me placing his lips on mine for a sweet and slow kiss that made time stop. the zoo in my stomach was out of control. we pulled away out of breath and smiling. 

“those lips” he mumbled a small smile on his red lips.

i returned the smile as i pulled him up and dragged him to the fridge. “lets make breakfast!” i said excitedly. he shook his head laughing. 

“its noon” my mouth dropped which made jakob laugh like a third grader. 

“then we make mac and cheese, i dont care what your macho hockey player diet says today you are going to eat mac and cheese.” jakob let out a loud laugh.

“i guess my macho hockey player diet can be paused for one day” he smiled mimicking my words. i suck my tongue out at him laughing. 

“oh so you wanna go there?” he said chasing after me laughing as i was running, he was about to catch me but i ran as fast as i could jumping over the couch making it flop backward.

“y/n!” he playfully yelled laughing, he looked at it for a moment then chased after me again. i screamed and laughed while trying to run faster he eventually gained more speed and caught up to me wrapping both arms around me. 

“busted” he whispered in my ear. i let out a small chuckle and went to help him lift the couch back up. after the couch was back in its rightful spot we were both laying on it. i was laying between his legs my back placed on his chest. his arms rested around me and he peeked over my shoulder so he could see his phone.

 “whats that?” i asked as he was scrolling through some photos on Instagram he flashed me a goofy smile the began scrolling back up to a picture that was taken in the morning when i was asleep on him and he was placing a kiss on my forehead with his eyes closed. 

“this is cute” i smiled. 

“well yeah, its because im in it” he smirked.

“yeah totally” i said sarcastically.

“are you sassing me bec-” jakob had begun talking but i placed my finger on his lips shushing him. i gave him a small smile then kissed him lightly, i could feel him smile into the kiss then grab my hand. he pulled away and looked down at my hand.

“your hand are so small, how have i never noticed this” he laughed analyzing my hands. i pulled my hand away playfully smacking him in the head. 

“dont worry, they”re cute” he smiled trying to be adorable. 

“kinda like a smurf” he let out a loud bark of laughter at that comment. 

“your such an asshole chychrun” i hit his shoulder. 

“you love me” he laughed kissing my head, trying to hug me.

Heartstrings (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

A/N: So this one is based off a request that I unfortunately can’t find (sorry omg). That being said, it ended up changing a lot from what the request actually was. I’m not sure if I’m completely satisfied with it, but hey, here it is!

Summary: You’re asked to be a part of the Hamilton orchestra, and then some. Of course, that means spending a bit of quality time with one Lin-Manuel Miranda

Word Count: 2,918


You made your way downtown, your violin in hand. You hummed to yourself to calm your nerves. It wouldn’t do well to look as anxious as you felt on your first day of work.

You were to be in the orchestra for a show called Hamilton. You were still in shock as to how you got asked to be a part of a show whose intentions were to go off-Broadway just freshly out of university. Sure, you had been playing several instruments since the age of 5, and had attended Juilliard, but you thought there would be a lot more of the clichéd “starving artist” period before you would make anything remotely big. Not that you were complaining, of course.

You just had to work harder not to fuck this up.

A friend of yours had been recently in touch with a man named Alex Lacamoire, who was working on Hamilton. Upon being asked if there were any openings for the orchestra, Alex had said that there was still a lot of work to be done before an orchestra could even be incorporated, but if they had anyone in mind he would definitely give them a shot. Not even a week later you had had a one-on-one audition with the great man of music himself.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a jimin high school au where he's like totally got a crush on you but you don't really talk too much and all of your friends are like yo what are ya doing he's totally into you and your like what? Really and they're like yeah duh everyone knows. Just like pure fluff and stuff. Thanks I love your writing💛


This was looooooong xD 



Genre: Pure fluff

Word count: 2 600

Summary: You being oblivious and Jimin being romantic

“Y/N, when are you going to use your brain and see what is right in front of you?” I gave Eunha a confused look, indicating that I had no idea what she was on about. She just sighed and closed her locker, which was placed beside my own, and shook her head at me. “You’re so clueless.”

“What?” I laughed. She always liked being mysterious so she just gave me a knowing look before walking off to our next class, me following behind her. The bell rang just as we entered the classroom. It didn’t even take two seconds before I felt someone’s eyes on me but as I looked around after the owner of said eyes I couldn’t see anyone showing me any interest. Shrugging it off Eunha and I sat down on either side of our other friend Jisoo. He wasn’t slow in catching up with various events that may have happened during our last weekend. Water guns and flour was involved, just saying. The teacher entered in the middle of our conversation, forcing it to a stop with her presence. She introduced our upcoming assignment and instantly got us working. Taking out my pen, notebook and textbook, I got ready to start my hour of studying. Eunha and Jisoo, however, were not going to let that happen. They started poking me and all my efforts of ignoring them were thrown out the window.

“Y/N, someone has been watching you ever since you entered the classroom.” Jisoo told me as he gestured as much as he could with his eyes, however he was gesturing to hard so his head followed the direction he was gesturing in so he was not discreet at all. Confused, I turned around only to meet the eyes of one of the most popular guys in this school; Park Jimin. I waved at him and then I turned back towards my friends. They gaped at me.


“Go talk to him you dork.” Eunha tried to push me in his direction, with no success.

“Why would I?”

“Uhm, because he like definitely has a thing for you.” I just laughed at that. Yeah sure, not a chance. Jimin and I may have talked on some occasions but that was because the situation demanded our interaction. He has never shown affection towards me and I have never shown any to him. We were classmates, that’s all.

“He does not like me like that, we’re barely aware of each other’s existence.” my two friends just rolled their eyes at that comment and persisted with their own opinion. Working on was not easy that lesson with two persistens matchmakers on either side of me, they knew how to get on my nerves and they were so convinced that Jimin had a thing for me. I just did my best in trying to concentrate.

After the lesson we all made our way towards our lockers with our supplies, Eunha and Jisoo were finally talking about something else other than the supposed crush Jimin would have on me. The center of their current discussion was the upcoming prom our school held every year. This particular subject wasn’t something that peaked my interest either, I’ve never been one for social events. Eunha and Jisoo had decided to go together as friends and they wanted me to go with them too. I, on the other hand, was not planning on acting like the third wheel. They have been bugging me about Jimin but they failed to realise their own infatuation for each other. Making our way to the cafeteria next, I caught myself speeding up the more intense the smell became. It’s not often our school offers tasty food but on rare occasions we actually got to eat until we were full. My friends were not late with smelling the delicious scent of pizza. Soon enough all three of us were running towards the scents origin, resulting in me, who was leading the sprint, crashed into a firm chest when I rounded the last corner. A pair of hands grabbed me by the waist, preventing me from landing on my but, and pulled me up into a standing position again. I looked up and was met by a pair of deep brown eyes and based  on the snickering coming from behind me I guess you know who it is.

Jimin gave a small smile and let go of my waist.

“Sorry, are you okay?” I nodded, putting my hair behind my ear.

“Yeah, thank you for catching me, I should’ve watched where I was going.”

“Nah, anyone could run into each other rounding these kind of corners.” He shot another smile in my direction while walking around me. “See you around though.”

“Yeah.” I replied and we gave each other a wave. I then turned around to face my friends who were standing there with big smirks covering their features. “Not a word.” I said with a finger pointed at them as I started walking towards the cafeteria once again, in the opposite direction as Jimin. The other two laughed at me but let the matter go once the thought of food penetrated their thoughts once more.

When we finally had fetched our pizza we sat down at a round table near the windows. I started picking away the mushrooms coating the pizza when someone else sat down beside me and started doing the same. I didn’t even have to look up to know that it was my older brother Yoongi. Neither of us liked mushrooms.

“Yoongi-ssi.” Eunha called out to him causing him to turn his attention towards her. “Do you have a prom date yet?” The lazy smile that appeared on his face was enough to answer the question and Eunha became ecstatic, she loved these kind of things. “Who!?” With a smirk on his face, Yoongi answered the question.

“My bed.” The smile fell of Eunha’s face and Jisoo and I burst out laughing. Yoongi took every opportunity he got to get some extra sleep. Once my pizza was free of mushrooms I dug in and relished in the amazing taste. After a couple of minutes if silence Yoongi spoke up again.

“Why don’t you do anything about him?” He looked at me with curious eyes.

“About who?”

“Jimin.” I choked on my food and glared at him.

“Why do I need to do anything about him?” I asked, a bit annoyed at the repetition of this subject, after I recovered.

“Uhm, because he’s staring.” Yoongi said that very casually. “A lot.” I rolled my eyes.

“He’s not.”

“Oh, come on. He has such a big crush on you it’s ridiculous and kind of annoying.”

“He doesn’t.”

“He does, I’m his best friend and he so does. Do you know how much he talks about you? It’s really pestering.” I had no comeback for that, but the blush on my cheeks informed my brother that I had lost. It’s just so unbelievable. He’s one of the popular ones and I was just me. Someone like him would not have a crush on the school’s weird art student.

“Whatever.” I muttered, a little pissed about being wrong, and walked away with my now empty plate. I felt Jimin’s eyes on me the whole time as I walked out of the cafeteria.

During our next and also last class Eunha and Jisoo knew better than to talk about Jimin with me. Instead they were busy talking about the prom once again, or more precisely, the food being served at the prom. I didn’t listen to their conversation since all my focus was on the math problems we had to solve before end of class. Once the bell signaled the end of the day I along with a few others were the only one finished.

“Jisoo and I are going shopping for the prom so we can match so I’ll see you tomorrow.” Eunha and Jisoo bid their goodbyes to me and I started walking towards my locker to leave my books for the last time today. The pink note stuck to the inside of my locker was something I did not expect when I opened it. Slowly I placed my math book in it’s place and took down the note. A small message was written on it; We rarely talk but follow the instructions and we may start. Then under that sentence was two words; English class.

Confused I closed my locker and made my way to the second floor where the english rooms were located. Inside the third room stood someone I knew very well.

“Namjoon.” He had been gazing out the window but turned around at the sound of my voice. “What are you doing?” I asked, holding up the note.

“I’m not doing anything.” He said and handed me a second piece of paper, this time a blue one.

Surprised Namjoon hyung didn’t accidentally ruin the note xD cafeteria

I gave Namjoon a confused look, which he replied to with a shrug and a smirk, and left the classroom. Walking down to the first floor again and crossing the front lawn I was soon at the cafeteria for the second time. There was only one person in there and he was sitting by the vending machine, snacking on a piece of chocolate. He saw me pretty quickly and gave me a sweet smile as he stood up and made his way over to me.

“Hi Y/N. I never knew this guy was so romantic.” He handed me a red note.

“Is it romantic making me run all around campus?” I smirked at him and he laughed.

“Depends on if you think the ending is worth it.” We exchanged smiles and I started entering the cafeteria while reading the note.

He was eating huh :D The gym

A small groan left my lips. The gym is on the other side of the campus. It took me five minutes to get to the right building and opening the door I was greeted by a very nervous Jungkook. I know how he is with girls so I gave him a reassuring smile, accepting the note he was giving me.

“Hi Kookie.” A smile made its way onto his face and he looked down on the ground, muttering out a hello.

Did you get him to talk? In that case: wow. Library

Back to the main building it is. This is really fitness demanding and because of that, definitely not my thing. As I entered the library I couldn’t help but smile, it was dark with some candles erupting a luminous light. A boy was sitting in one of the couches, reading a book. I approached him and realised it was Jimin’s best friend Kim Taehyung, also in my class and I had talked to him a bit more than I had to Jimin.

“What are you reading?” I asked once I was close enough. He raised his head and made eye contact with me, sending a boxy smile in my direction.

“Twilight.” A small giggle erupted from my lips and he laughed along with me. Then he handed me another note.

“What is with these notes?”

“He likes to complicate things.” I acknowledged the answer and tried reading the yellow note in the dim light.

Sorry, he’s weird I know xD Dance room

Only two floors higher, aka the fifth floor. I said goodbye to Taehyung who continued reading the book, and made my way to the creative floor. I didn’t even enter the right corridor when I heard the music playing from the dance room. It was strongly lit and Jung Hoseok was dancing his heart out inside. I opened the door and he jumped me with hugs, he’s a very huggable person and definitely not shy.

“Y/N-ah!” I laughed at his energy.

“Hi Hobi. What’s up?”

“Nothing much, just dancing to have something to do but now that you’re here I can go home.” He handed me a green note and picked up his bag. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” I waved at him and he was out the door within the next second. I laughed at him once again, I always get so happy when I’m around him. Then I looked down on the note.

Took him in the end in case you were grumpy ^^ Music room

A sigh of relief left my lips. The music room is right next door and I was there in no time. Inside sat Yoongi, asleep. With a snicker I walked up to him and drove a finger into his side, making him jerk awake and some swear words left his lips.

“I will kill him for keeping me this long in school.” I laughed at him. Always so grumpy when he’s tired.

“You okay there bro?” He glared at me.

“You better do this according to his plan so I’m not here for nothing.” He then handed me an orange note and walked away, saying he was going home to sleep. I just shook my head at him and read the note.

I know, he was sleeping, but you’re almost there, yay :D Art room

Once I read the last two words I smiled, my favourite room in the school. I speed walked through the corridor since it was just around the corner and in there I only was a fresh new painting.

“It’s not as good as your work but I’m impressed with my skills.” I turned around at the voice and stood face to face with Jimin. We smiled at each other. “Sorry for making you walk through the whole school but it was creative though, wasn’t it.”

“Okay, I have to give you that.” I chuckled. “But I don’t understand why you did it.”

“Ah, Yoongi was right when he said you were oblivious.” I raised an eyebrow at his comment. “I did it because I’m not a normal guy who takes the easy way out when confessing to my crush.” My eyes grew to the size of baseballs and my breath hitched in my throat.

“Excuse me?” I know that everyone was telling me it was like this but I didn’t dare believe it before. Jimin is cute, but come on he’s popular, I’m not.

Jimin just nodded at me.

“Yeah, I like you.” He took hold of my hands and rubbed them with his thumbs. “I like how you don’t care what other people think about you, I like how you can talk so effortlessly with everybody, whether you met them before or not, I like it when you want to show off your art but you don’t want to be pushy, I like it when you take the freshman under your wings, I like how you’re so funny and caring, I like you.” I didn’t know what to say. He noticed that. “You don’t have to say much, just yes or no.” then he handed me a white note and I hesitantly took it.

Go to prom with me?

A big smile made it’s way onto my face and I laughed in joy. Then I looked at him and noticed that he looked at me with adoration in his eyes. Then I nodded.

“Of course I’ll go to prom with you.” He smiled so big I thought his face was going to crack and then he wrapped his arms around me and spun me around in circles. He put me down and I could see the hesitation in his eyes. I then took some of the control and pressed my lips to his.


Conflict of Interest (AKA the snapshots fic)


Kurt wasn’t sure when it happened (probably around the same time that he and Pietro were grouped together for an in-class geography project) but Kurt started to notice Pietro.

Okay, not like that. He started to notice things about Pietro. In anyone else, he likely would have let it slide, wouldn’t have thought twice about the little tics he noticed. Except…

They were familiar.

Except Kurt had incredibly similar habits.

Except this was Pietro Maximoff, and from experience, Kurt knew that Pietro didn’t do anything without three separate underlying motives.

And it was always a good idea to understand the enemy, right?


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