caught speeding

Caught up on Speed

Betty was fast.

She loved speed, anything quick and smooth had her heart.

She blamed her dad, he would prop her up on a stool in his garage as he worked on some new sports car grinning at her when the engine would rev.
After every successful repair he would take her for a drive around town in whatever fast car he was working on at the moment.

As she got older she realized the adrenaline she got from riding shotgun in a corvette was nothing compared to the feeling of running down the school track, the concrete pounding under her sneakers as the trees blurred around her.

I guess her heart got caught up in all that speed too , because she didn’t think it was possible to fall in love with someone as fast as she did Archie Andrews.

Archie was always happy to comply to the speed she wanted to go, keeping her satisfied along with so many other girls.
She figured that was what happened when you fell in love, it wasn’t fair of her to keep him all too herself when he was so great.

But, she was getting older she was going to be a junior this year and watching all the couples finally become official she couldn’t help but feel hurt when she spilled her heart to Archie for him to only tell her, he would never feel the same way.

And then there was jughead.

He made you laugh, he was smart and wise beyond his years always coming up with a witty comeback or a movie quote to relate to the situation, and those eyes.
You couldn’t really avoid them when you found yourself staring right into them almost every time you came to pops.

Not to mention the fact that he had totally saved you from smacking Archie square in the face, when the insensitive jerk wouldn’t stop going on about his new love. For some reason you felt much more relaxed with this moody boy than you did with your supposed best friend.

On that thought process, why did he seem so protective of you?
You figured you were the one who did the protecting in this secret friendship you’d made up.

You could remember the quiet arguments with weatherby about the dark haired boy being treated unfairly by students and teachers.

Always making sure his booth was open when he came to Pops,
(You had to threaten quite a few people to keep his safe space, safe.)

And taking his jacket one day when he got up to the bathroom , only to bring it back the next day , sewn and washed good as new.

That was how this worked wasn’t it? You admired him from afar, knowing he would never be interested in you like that, so settling for the boy next door. That was routine. It was normal.

But apparently normal was totally overrated when you found the boy of your thoughts sliding into your booth and agreeing to join the school paper, with very little begging.

What a weird day.

Tightening your sneakers l, you figured a midnight run would clear all these crazy thoughts out of your head.

Mom would absolutely kill you if she found out you were running around riverdale with Jason blossoms murderer still on the loose.

It was a good thing mom was too doped up on sleeping pills to wake up for the next nine hours.

Six miles in, your lungs were burning and the ache in your calves told you it was time to turn back.

“Two times in one day, green eyes, what kind of luck do I have?”

Betty whipped around so fast her earbuds went flying out of her ears.

Standing about two feet away from her was none other than the mysterious boy she couldn’t get out of her head

Jughead Jones.

Looking around her eyes widened, she hadn’t even realized she’d run right into the south side, current home of jughead and the scariest thing to hit riverdale

The Southside Serpents.

If you dropped a water balloon on a bed of nails, you’d expect it to burst spectacularly. And you’d be right – some of the time. Under the right conditions, though, you’d see what a high-speed camera caught in the animation above: a pancake-shaped bounce with nary a leak. Physically, this is a scaled-up version of what happens to a water droplet when it hits a superhydrophobic surface. 

Water repellent superhydrophobic surfaces are covered in microscale roughness, much like a bed of tiny nails. When the balloon (or droplet) hits, it deforms into the gaps between posts. In the case of the water balloon, its rubbery exterior pulls back against that deformation. (For the droplet, the same effect is provided by surface tension.) That tension pulls the deformed parts of the balloon back up, causing the whole balloon to rebound off the nails in a pancake-like shape. For more, check out this video on the student balloon project or the original water droplet research. (Image credits: T. Hecksher et al., Y. Liu et al.; via The New York Times; submitted by Justin B.)

Tailgate and honk on a single lane street, how'd that work out for you?

This happened a few months ago as I was driving my work van(the biggest Mercedes sprinter you can drive without a commercial licence) around Amsterdam delivering groceries. This story takes place on a single lane road with high curbs on both sides that takes you from one neighborhood to another. Speed limit is 50kph, although it could have been 70 imho except in some tight corners.

Now I’ve driven here so many times before that I feel comfortable doing 60-ish, just a bit faster than normal without the risk of getting caught speeding in an urban area.

Suddenly I hear a loud beep behind me, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s a BMW! “What a surprise!” I think to myself. I was quite impressed by my ability to guess the brand of this automobile, because everything forward of the rear doors wasn’t visible in my mirrors.

The tailgating and honking continues for a little while until I spot the perfect opportunity to teach this Ikea-pencil equipped douche a lesson: a long straight section in the road. For those of you who haven’t been to the Netherlands before, our government loves two things: taxes and using those taxes to build speedbumps.

As such we have a wide variety of speedbumps and this straight section was equipped with my personal favorite: the bus bypass variant, a trapezoid block just wide enough that a normal car has to pass over it with at least one wheel, but a bus can pass over it unobstructed.

I’ve had plenty of practice with these obstacles and line up for a flawless pass while accelerating to a mindnumbing 70 kmh, the BMW still glued to my rear bumper. I pass over the obstacle without the slightest inconvenience….. The oblivious BMW driver however hits it in the worst possible way, launching himself into the ceiling of his car and grinding his oilpan as the suspension compresses.

After that he kept a good distance.

You Found Me (Bucky x Reader)

            Word count: 550

   Bucky was driving recklessly through the streets of Manhattan, trying to rescue the girl he could never get his mind off. A couple of days ago, HYDRA agents had captured you and hid you somewhere in the city. The past couple days had been merciless, with constant torture and pain, but you had somehow survived. The team had just gotten an anonymous hint about your location, and they immediately caught everyone up to speed and were on the way to rescue you.

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episode idea:

Keith is caught speeding in the red lion by some galra officer in the middle of nowhere, and tries to fight the galra officer because dang it since when is there a speed limit in space? so then he needs to explain to the team how the heck he got a ticket. in space.

bonus points: The officer has no idea what a lion is and is super confused by Red


Webster’s dictionary adds “cisgender” and “genderqueer”

On Wednesday, Merriam-Webster caught up to speed with two words people have been using to describe their gender identity for at least a decade, adding “cisgender” and “genderqueer” to its unabridged dictionary. Among the 1,400 words, you’ve probably seen a few of them across Tumblr for a while now

one more taako thing before the slep

anonymous asked:

are you still writing that malec professor au?

i ammm and here’s a preview!


Alec’s not having a good day. He woke up late for the start of the new semester, forgot his coffee on the counter, nearly got caught speeding, and now he can’t find his pass to get into the teacher’s lounge before his class starts.

He’s frantically searching his bag when there’s a touch on his back, and he stands up straight, nearly elbowing whoever it is touching him in the face.

“Allow me.”

Alec looks up, or rather, down, and suddenly it feels like his mouth is filled with peanut butter. The man staring back at him is beautiful, hair styled in a way that leaves half of it flopping over his forehead, pink tips that he somehow manages to pull off, and he may have the prettiest eyes Alec’s ever seen.

“Sorry?” Alec manages to get out, swallowing even though his entire mouth is dry.

The man chuckles. “You seem to be struggling. I figured unless you’re a very old student, you’re a teacher who can’t find his entry pass.”

“I-yes,” Alec spits out, trying to figure out what it is that’s bugging him about this guy. “Have we met?”

The man scans his pass and the door clicks open. “No, but have you watched any gay porn recently?”

Alec’s eyes widen and he nearly drops his bag. He can feel his cheeks turning a deep red as the heat spreads up his neck. “No. What? I-no. No, I haven’t.”

“I’m just messing with you,” Gorgeous Man says. “I’m Magnus Bane, the new Chemistry teacher. And who might you be?”

“Um,” Alec says, ever so eloquently. “I’m uh, my name is Alec. Lightwood. Alec Lightwood. I’m the History teacher.”

Set My Heart Aflame (Chato Santana x Reader)

Originally posted by icimdekiolukelebek

After 10 missions within a month, you had persuaded Rick- bless June- for a night out. Just the girls, you, June and Harley. Sadly, Tatsu couldn’t make it since she had a lead about her husband’s murderer.

After being five months in the Task Force, you had bonded with them. You had made friends, Harley and June being your best friends. Harley was close to you, from the first moment you joined in the squad. While June opened up gradually, but now you were inseparable.

June, of course, had provided you with some rocking outfits and Harley did your makeup. Some guards had wolf-whistled at you but June and yours death glare was more than enough to shut them up.

In the ride to the club you would be partying tonight you reminisced your life in the past months. You were the greatest thief, quiet and unnoticed, perhaps your powers of turning yourself invisible helped too.

But, Mr. Light-speed had caught you and you were thrown to Belle Reve expecting to spend rest of your life there. But, Amanda Waller had seen your potential and since Task Force X was already performing greatly, she added you to the group.

You easily figured that Floyd was like the dad of the group, watching out for everyone, Digger would tease everyone but loved teasing Chato, KC was fun and he was a great listener, Harley was funny and reckless but could be the best friend you have ever dreamed whenever you need her. Rick struggled with being a leader, but he was getting better, while June was your guide through rom-com.

And Chato. Well, he was different. Good different. He was quiet and reserved, cool-headed and protective. He made you feel things you hadn’t felt for years.

After you had proved yourself to Amanda and to the team you joined them on their special building in Belle Reve. You were freer there. Whenever you couldn’t sleep you would visit someone else’s room. Quickly you had learned that Harley was too cuddly to the point you couldn’t breathe, Digger was- let’s not talk about it- and KC was snoring too loud. Floyd almost shot you when you went in his room.

The only one who always welcomed you was Chato. He would scoot over and let you sleep next to him. Or if sleep wasn’t an option for him that night, you could talk for hours, you would open your mind and heart and he would do the same. You both felt like you knew each other for years.

“We are here!!” Harley practically shouted and jumped in her seat next to you, snapping you from your thoughts and without noticing the shade of warm red that had covered your cheeks.

“Ready, girls?” you asked trying to chase away your previous thoughts. Both nodded and Harley practically dragged you out of the car, sending you and June laughing.

The club was nice and not too loud. You conversed about how your lives had changed these months and all admitted that your friendship was the best thing. Harley had ordered the half of the bar and June proved to be a strong player when it came to alcohol.

“Alright, truth.” Harley surprised you since she was always picking dare. “Oh, ok. Who is the most annoying person you know?” you asked her. She furrowed her brows and thought for a bit. “Can I pick myself?” she eventually said and you and June laughed until you were in tears. “Nope.” You said, sure booze had influenced you since you were giggling for little things and your vision was blurry.

“Then, Diggy. Sure thing. He always teases someone.” She admitted. You and June agreed. “Well, Ricky is a close second.” Harley warned June, but she nodded in agreement.

“(Y/N), your turn.” Harley grinned. “Hm, ok. Dare.” You decided to be a bit more daring, sure too much booze was in your system.

June and Harley talked with their backs turned to you and when they turned they had the most devilish grins you had ever seen. But, you shrugged off.

“Pick up your phone and go to your contacts.” June instructed you and you did as she said. “Close your eyes, pick one and call them.” Harley smirked. You closed your eyes and scrolled up and down to your contacts, finally picking a random phone number.

Amanda had provided you with phones but you could only call your teammates and your family. You just hoped that you hadn’t picked Amanda’s number.

You pressed the call button and you opened your eyes as you put your phone next to your ear. You briefly saw the name of the contact, it had the flame emoji? Your mind was too confused to think and so you waited for the person to answer.

“Santana.” A voice answered. “(Y/N).” you replied. “Ye, dummy. I know. Sup, chica?” he replied. Your mind finally caught up and your heart started beating faster as you heard his short chuckle through the phone.

“All peachy.” You slurred. “Are you drunk?” he asked. “Ma-maybe?” you admitted.

“Wan’ me call Rick for you?” he offered. “No, no. It’s you the one I wanted to talk with.” your mind tried to warn you that this wasn’t a good idea.

“Bien. I’m here.” The words that used to slip from him in Spanish made you weak, especially when he was talking to you. “Damn, boy. You are hot even from the phone.” You couldn’t stop the words from flowing from your mouth.

June and Harley burst into laughter and you heard Chato gulp. “Chica, you are drunk. Perhaps it’s better if we talk tomorrow?” he tried to save the situation.

“You are so good. So good for this world.” You continued. “You are going to melt my heart.”

“Chiquita, please don’t say things you will regret when the morning comes.” His voice serious, trying to control his feelings. He felt the same but he was dangerous, he had proved it so many times in the past. Plus, alcohol was talking, and it would be lying.

“No. This is not a game. Since the first time I saw you, you set my heart aflame.” You continued. Chato remained silent.

There was a long pause before your voice echoed again through the phone. “Can I spend the night in your room?” “You go, gurl!” Harley cheered.

“I ain’t sure it’s a good idea.” He sounded worried but you had already hung up. His heart threatening to burst from his chest. What just happened was surreal. He laid on his bed staring at the ceiling.

You spent some more time in the club, not quite understanding what you had just done. June decided it was about time you returned to Belle Reve and you eagerly followed your friends.

Alcohol had started fading from your bloodstream, thanks your metahuman metabolism, on the ride back.

“I gotta admit, (Y/N) you rocked it tonight.” Harley giggled. “Why?” you asked.

“Those pickup lines were A++.” June joined you. “Which pickup lines? To who?” you still didn’t connect the dots. “Gimme your phone.” Harley rolled her eyes. “And I am not letting you drink that much the next time.” June murmured.

“To him!” Harley showed you your calling record and your eyes widened so much you thought they would pop. “No, no, I didn’t.”

“Yes, you did.” Harley giggled. You felt nauseous for the next of the ride. You had this great thing in your life and you had to screw it over. You wanted to bang your head on the window.

The guards let you in and you headed to the Task Force building. Your eyes on the floor, you mouth dry and your eyes stinging while you fought back tears.

“Chica, you are back.”

‘Fuck.’ You thought many times. The only person you didn’t want to be awake was standing some feet ahead. “I have a thing to do, see ya.” Harley abandoned you and you wanted to scream.

“Hey.” You whispered. “(Y/N).” was all he said. “I’m sorry for earlier, we were playing truth or dare and-”

“So, these things were a ‘dare’?” Chato asked trying to hide the disappointment in his voice. “No, the dare was to call someone random.” You admitted. “But the words-”

“That was me.” You sighed. “Oh.”


“Were they true?” he dared to ask. “Yes. But they can be lies if you want them to.” You offered as you raised your eyes to face him.

“I am no good. It’s for your own good them to be lies.”

“I am no good either.” You shot back.

“Maldito.” He cursed and forced himself to walk towards you. “I feel what I feel. How about you?” you asked.

“I-I’m-This ain’t simple, chica.” He tried to fight back the feelings he had.

“What do you feel?” you insisted.

He didn’t answer and for a moment he felt like his old reckless self, as he cupped your face and kissed you. You felt the heat rising in your face. Was it Chato? Was it your feelings? Was it the drinks you had? Little you care.

He broke the kiss and inspected you, looking at your eyes and the adorable dust that had spread in your cheeks.

He brought you in his arms and you melt into his hug.

“Your pickup lines are the cheesiest I have ever heard, by the way.”

“Still, they worked.”

@accidental-ducky tagged me in a music thingy, thank you I love these!

Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist. Set your entire music library to shuffle and report the first ten tracks that pop up! Then choose ten additional victims.

1) No sugar in my coffee- Caught A Ghost

2) Speed Racer Theme

3) Daddy Lessons- Beyoncé

4) Hot Stuff- Donna Summer

5) Weighted- Frank Iero

6) Harlem- New Politics

7) True love will find you in the end- Daniel Johnston

8) Believer- Imagine Dragons

9) Don’t- Ed Sheeran

10) Somebody Else- Vérite




Mike touched the pendant he wore. He wanted to ask Micky something but no one had seen him recently. The sense of the band’s relative positions came to mind. Davy was at the forge, Peter was lounging somewhere… but where was Micky? The tracker pendant indicated that he was out in the deep jungle and moving farther away from the Clan. What was he doing out there? The jungle was dangerous for a lone Spiral.

Alarmed, Mike took off in the direction of the signal, running through the jungle brush with incredible speed. He caught up to the signal…

But Micky was nowhere to be found. Instead, a shadowy form held the meteorite pendant that Micky always wore. They laughed as Mike approached. Mike’s eyes narrowed.

“Where’s Micky?” he growled, eyes hard as stone.

Name of character: Mike Nesmith

Flight: Earth

Gender and pronoun: Male, he/him

What has been stolen: Micky, his best friend (alternately his guitar and hat [not the hat he’s wearing], which are the only things he has from Earth)

Abilities and powers: Earthmoving, mostly consisting of rendering the terrain unstable and trying to trap the opponents feet, statue mode, where he literally turns down his sense of time and becomes a statue, some very limited precognitive abilities (mostly just a sense of when Micky [a spiral] is about to fall asleep), and that one thing from ATLA that lets Toph ‘see’

Strengths: Durable, focused, better with magic than most wildclaws, more or less immune to fire, quick on his feet

Weaknesses: Is not in tune with his Wildclaw instincts, certain aspects of which run counter to his normal personality. This led to him developing a dissociative identity* that is considerably more feral. His alternate self, Rob, takes control when he believes there is danger to either himself or those under his care, and when he eats. Rob doesn’t talk much and doesn’t use magic, but fights like a demon and will not stop until the threat is eliminated. Doesn’t fly. Hates getting wet (weak to water since he’s Earth flight).

Personality: Quiet, reserved, doesn’t trust easily, protective of his bandmates. Speaks with a slight Texan accent

Brief backstory: The leader and guitarist for a struggling ‘60′s pop/rock group, Mike and his bandmates walked through a door not realizing that it would take them, turn them into dragons, and deposit them in Sornieth.

Likes: Music, Micky, running through the jungle, having Micky wrapped around him, (not that he’ll admit it), being alone, messing with people’s heads, his hat.

Dislikes: Chaos, people who try to cheat them out of their pay, untidiness, Davy setting Micky on fire, having to eat so much raw meat to keep going, being in the trees, flying, getting wet, Peter coming home covered in mud.

Height/weight: No gijinka form. That would be cheating in this case. Dragon form is mmm… 10-11 feet? Taller than average at least. Weight is below average by a fair chunk.

*I’ve been trying to be really careful with how i do this, but my friend whom i’ve been developing this whole thing with is a psyche major and they believe that this is an entirely plausible scenario.

appplecart  asked:

can you drive manual cars? have you ever been caught speeding etc?

i spent a few weeks driving manual in my parents’ OG miata and wasn’t flawless. haven’t driven manual much since (maybe 4 times in the past 3 years) so probably not to escape a natural disaster, no.

have not been caught speeding cuz i only go fast in areas i know are clean. you didn’t ask but my fastest ever was between 140 and 160mph

typenullandvoid replied to your post: I’m not quite sure what’s going on (I just now was…

We fine we fine

Okay, I’m glad<3 I just got caught up to speed so HOO BOY. The sheer amount of entitlement was unreal my gosh. You don’t make friends by being a jerk. There’s a reason why people are selective on this website—because it can be a scary, overwhelming place. This is the internet my dudes, you have to be extremely careful.