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Just Friends

Requests: (1) Could you do a Draco imagine that consists of Cedric Diggory, Draco getting jealous, feels, conflict, and a load of jealousy?;

(2) Could you do an imagine where Draco and the reader are best friends and lowkey in love with each other but refuse to admit it, and progressively Draco starts making, erm, suggestive, comments to the reader and there’s just lots of sexual tension and eventually they get together?

⇢  A Draco x Reader work featuring a very jealous and steamy Draco.

Draco took a sip from his goblet, peering over the rim as you walked into The Great Hall with a handsome Hufflepuff by your side. Not that it bothered him, of course. In fact, Draco would say he hardly even noticed.

“You alright, mate?”

“Just fine. Why do you ask?”

Zabini shrugged. “Your nose has been inside your goblet for some time now. Trying to drown yourself, Malfoy?”

“Of course not.” Draco lowered the goblet from his face, never once taking his eyes off you. You were still talking to that boy.

Blaise followed Draco’s gaze and smirked. “Tell me, Draco, where’s that best friend of yours? She usually would have dropped by for her daily chat by now.” He watched as Draco’s jaw clenched ever so slightly. “Oh– I see her. She’s preoccupied by that Hufflepuff. Diggory, is it?”

“I don’t know. And I couldn’t care less, really.”

“Didn’t you two agree to attend the Yule Ball together?” A look of mock realization dawned on Zabini’s face. “Oh, that’s right. You two agreed to go only as friends. And now she’s chatting up the Triwizard Champion while you’re here dateless.”

“Appears so.” Draco remained impassive. “But at least I have an excuse for not bringing a date. Can you say the same?”

Zabini sobered as he took in Draco’s expressionless tone. Zabini may have been a tosser, but he knew when to stop. “You really like her, don’t you?”

Draco heaved a sigh, rubbing his temple and finally turning to face Blaise. “Is it obvious?”

“Only to someone with a brain.” Blaise paused. “Which explains why Y/N hasn’t caught on yet.”

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((OOC: Okay, hear me out. Headcannon time. 

Squibs. Squibs, right? Squibs. 

They’re born into magical families, but they have no magical ability themselves. They never get to go to Hogwarts, they never get a wand from Ollivander’s… But they are always surrounded by magic. Mothers and fathers all casting spells all the time, while they trudge along behind, unable to join in. And it must be the worst, to know about this world and know that you’re the disappointing child who can’t be like the rest of the family. 

But what if they just develop their own brand of magic?

Dream with me. We know that Harry & CO learn all about the witch hunts. It’s brushed over in the books and stuff. We only hear about the witches and wizards who get caught, enjoy the process of burning with all their protective spells, and then go on their merry way. We assume that it was a bunch of muggles who were really killed. Weird old women who lived alone in the woods. Young women who made poultices and grew herbs. Men who had great affinity with the earth and the seasons.

They were targeting squibs.

Squibs, who had grown up with magic, but always seen it as unattainable. So they turned outward, toward the magic of the energies of the world. They learned to divine the future with cards and drops of ink. They found a way to gently push at the flow of life around them, doing a smaller, slower sort of magic. And they formed covens, to talk about their way of life and to share their methods.

And as time passes, as history moves past burnings and trials, they still practice. They charge crystals in the moonlight. They have incredible gardens. And, incredibly, they have access to the magical paraphernalia in their homes. Their brothers and sisters come home from Diagon Alley with bags full of mandrake root, because wouldn’t you know it, it’s the perfect thing to mix with mugwort to produce deep, dreamless sleep! They pour over the old family copy of The Standard Book Of Spells for tips on how to give a real kick to their sigils. When a friend is stressing over exams, they may not be able to help blocking hexes, but you can bet they’ll be there with supportive words and a fresh spell jar to help soothe anxiety!

And sure, witches and wizards mutter about the incredibly simple magic. It’s a big joke that’s giggled over in Witch Weekly articles. But simple as it is, the magic works. And better, it provides these beautiful, kind people with a community of their own that they can turn to. And sometimes the families will get involved, celebrating Samhain with conjured bats and floating candles, and enchanting maypoles to twirl through the air for Beltane, and always offering tips where they can, for the bits of magic that you don’t need to be born magical to do.

It’s not the right, “normal” sort of magic. It’s magic with a big bold “k” tacked onto the end of it, bold as brass. But somehow, this world blooms in the heart of the wizarding world. Somehow, everyone gets along. 

The magic(k) works. It finds a way.))


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Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Prompt:  anonymous asked: okay so I’ve been looking through a LOT of your imagines and its safe to say that i frikin love ur blog and i was wondering if you could do one of peter pan x reader where the reader is watching the campfire at the corner and peter comes up from behind (theyre dating btw) without her knowing and starts kissing down her neck and teasing her there and id love it to be just really cute and pan whispers some inappropriate things and end in smut + lots if foreplay :))

Anonymous asked: YOOO YOUR SMUT IS SO GOOD THANK YOU!!!! More Peter Pan smut okay? ;) Robbie Kay is a sexy devil. But seriously ur writing is so talented you should be proud

Warning: SMUT!                                                                                    

A/N:  I am going to hell. Enjoy darlings!


You had traveled to just about every realm, but you can honestly say Neverland was your favorite. When you had first arrived you knew you were going to love dense-jungle island. It held such magic and wonder that you felt like you had jumped into a fairytale. Well, you kind of had, but that’s beside the point.

When you had first arrived, Peter and his Lost Boys were wary of you, having never had a girl come to the island before, not including Wendy, of course. As time went on, however, the boys learned to love you, seeing you as an equal and friend. Peter had taken an extra special liking to you, though. Two months into your stay in Neverland, the beautiful demon boy had pulled you the most beautiful spot in Neverland, and for the first time, had told you of his love for you. Ever since then, the two of you could rarely be seen without the other. You made him into a better person, the person he thought you deserved, and for once in your life, you could say you were genuinely happy.

It was night; the day had been long day, the boys just now settling down from a day full of games. Most had gone to sleep, but you and a few others had stayed up, watching the campfires glow. You were transfixed by the flames, the colors melding together to create such a wonderful array, it was nearly impossible to look away. You were too lost in thought; you didn’t even hear someone approach you from behind. You felt a pair of lips on the back of your neck, and you jolted in surprise. You soon relaxed, knowing it was Peter. No one else dared to touch you in such a way.

Peter kept placing kisses on your neck, making you moan slightly. His arms wrapped around you, pulling you closer to him. You sighed contently, loving the feeling of his body against you.  You felt him press his lips against the shell of your ear, before you heard him whisper in your ear. “(Y/N), kitten, do you have any idea how much I want you?” You gasped sharply at his words, a faint blush dusting your cheeks. “Oh, love, I’ve been thinking about that tight pussy all day. Can’t wait to get you alone, kitten. Gonna make you scream my bloody name.” You pressed your thighs together in hopes of getting some friction, the wetness in your panties growing.

Peter knew what he was doing, and he loved it. He loved the affect he had on you, what a few simple words could reduce you too. He decided to take it a step further by ghosting his hand over your clothed core, the slight touch making you whimper. He smirked against your neck, knowing he has you right where he wants you. “Come on love, let’s get out of here, yeah?” he whispers in your ear, his hands still ghosting over where you want him most. Not trusting your voice, you nodded, allowing him to poof the pair of you back to his treehouse.

As soon as you appeared in his treehouse he slammed you against a wall, his lips harshly covering yours. You moaned against his lips, pressing your back against his with equal fervor. You brought your hands to his head, tugging at the soft hair there. He groaned, and deepened the kiss. You felt his hand in your hair, before he suddenly jerked your head to the side. You gasped at the feeling, before you felt him bite and suck on your neck. You almost whimpered under his ministrations, loving his treatment of you. He wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling your body closer to his.

You felt his hand trailing under your shirt, before firmly grabbing your breasts through your bra, his attack on your neck not stopping for one moment. You were too lost in the sensations; you didn’t even hear a faint snap of his fingers. You hadn’t realized what he had done until you had felt a slight breeze against your skin, your eyes moved down and you saw he had made both of your clothes disappear. You laughed slightly, loving how impatient he was. Your laughter died off when you felt the hand that was once in your hair cupping your core.

You moaned loudly, his fingers slowly and methodically tracing your lower lips. His attack on your breasts hadn’t stopped; his hands alone making you tremble and moan. He pinched your nipple, rolling it between his finger and thumb. The same time he did this, he slowly entered one finger into your dripping core. You whimpered, the feelings were becoming too much. “Peter please…” you whimpered out, wanted to feel more. He smirked, before adding another finger, and quickening his pace. You moaned, the delicious friction causing your knees to shake.

You felt you’re high coming quickly, faster than you had anticipated. Your moans becoming louder, faster, the sounds of your pleasure filling the room. You were almost there, until he suddenly pulled away. You cried out, distraught over the loss of his fingers inside your pussy. “Shh, now love, I’ve got you. Gonna make you feel really good, love, I promise.”

He dropped down on his knees in front of you, his face dangerously close to your core. Your eyes widened at the realization of what he was going to do. He smirked up at you, never breaking eye contact as he licked a broad stripe on your pussy. You moaned out, eyes instantly closing, your head falling back slightly. Peter wrapped his arms arounds your thighs, pushing you closer to him. His tongue teased against your entrance, tracing letters to your core. You could barely make out what he was spelling, your head to dizzy with pleasure. M-I-N-E. You moaned loudly at the realization of what he was spelling, his possessiveness over you turning you on even more. He traced the word over your core a few more times, before finally flicking his tongue over your clit. You nearly screamed, the feeling becoming too much. For the second time that night you felt your high approaching again.

Peter pulled away before you could cum, leaving you almost screaming in frustration. He stood up quickly, pressing you against the wall yet again. “Jump.” He said, a commanding tone in his voice. You instantly complied, jumping up and wrapping your arms around his waist, and your arms around his neck. He pushed your back firmly against the wall before attaching his lips to your, reaching between your bodies to guide his cock into your wet heat. He slowly pushed in, the both of you moaning against the others lips when he was fully sheathed inside you.

He started rocking his hips at a fast pace, earning a grateful moan from you.  “Oh, love, you feel so perfect around me. Bet you love my cock inside you, huh kitten?” He moaned in your ear, the sounds of his grunting and panting flooding your senses. You just frantically nodded your head, words failing you at the moment. He started pounding harder into you, his hand trailing between your bodies, suddenly toying with your clit.

You let out a choked noise, you fingers carding in his hair. . His head dropped into the crook of your neck, his movements relentless. You felt your pussy tighten around his cock, your orgasm approaching for the third time that night.  “P-peter! I-I’m gonna…!” you moaned out, wanting nothing more than to cum. “I know, gorgeous. Me too. C-come for me, (Y/N).Cum, now.”  His words sent you over the edge, your grip on his hair tightened as you screamed out his name. He followed you into bliss, your name falling off his lips like a prayers.

When you both came off of your highs, you shakily un-wrapped your legs around his waist, you almost falling to the ground in the process. Peter caught you in time, and picked you up bridal style, before carrying you over the bed. He laid you down on top of the bed before lying down next to you. You turned to get comfortable, sleep almost consuming you, before you felt Peter wrap an arm around your waist, pulling your body against his.

He leaned over and placed a gently kiss on your forehead. “I love you, my little Lost Girl.” He whispered, his hands playing with your hair as a way to lull you to sleep. You smiled sleepily, before replying “I love you too, Peter.” Sleep quickly took over your mind, his motions soothing you. Peter smiled at your sleeping form, wondering just how he got so lucky to have you in his life.

Strawberry Ice Cream- Request! John Wick x Reader

Request: So John Wick fic idea that I’d love to see you write…he is working as an assassin and has been tasked by a member of the high table with protecting you. Except you are stubborn, extremely independent, and obstinate. Would love some romance and open to smut if you feel like incorporating.

A/N: I know I haven’t posted in a bit but here’s a short and fluffy oneshot to make you forget my absence. This is a somewhat loose take on the request.

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✨WARNING LONG AF but kinda entertaining✨

Aight so I’m lifting around in a mall have a grand time, I’ve already got like 10 makeup things in my bag from other stores when I see Sephora in the distance and I’m like hey! I’ve never lifted from there damn let’s take a look 👀👀

So that’s my first fuckijg mistake, I meant to go scope out the store but there where way 2 many people to scope cams out properly w/o looking like a sus bitch so i just start browsing their merch to see what I want 2 lift for next time. Saddest thing is this was like the end of my lifting trip and I was going to come back for Sephora….tears r shed…. >

But!! The Becca skin perfecting illuminator tempted my gullible ass and I just grabbed one, popped off the rfid and slipped it in my bag at like an empty aisle. I saw a dude browsing like the back sections and I was hmm…he don’t belong here….LP?? Mm maybe idk lol and I kept browsing bc appearantly my dumb ass knows no fear

Just casually browsing, I lift a YSL lip gloss by slipping it up my sweater sleeve I go yeah ok this is a good time to go, I make it for the exit and its like Oh Hell No. There’s a SA standing there handing out perfume samples. I’m like :^) but sometimes ya just gotta persevere so I walked out when she was busy showing the samples to this group. I’m like phew I’m all g when I hear “sorry can I just check ur bag :) :)” and I fucking 😒😒😒 ohhhh fuck bitch u just Fucked Upp.

And bc was hella outta my game I complied?? I knew if I asked her if she had the right to search she’ll fucking kno I was lifting and if they actually did search my entire bag contents they’ll find So Much Shit so I was like fuck damn ok. So I was all haha sure, opened my bag a bit so she can see the Becca skin perfector sticking out and she was all do u have a receipt :) :))) and I’m like hahah!! No…😂😂…

SA tells me 2 come back with her and this group of people she was givin samples to r looking at me like 😟😠😠 and I’m just.soz…just ur local thief passin thru haha… She calls over the LP guy guess who he fucking is, he’s like lol u fucked up like he literally said that and inside I’m like look here u fat drake Lookin snitch have some fucking manners but outside I’m 😢😢I’m really sorry!!!

Ok so this is the part of the story where it’s like wtf?? R u blessed by God??? Bc he was like is this the only thing in ur bag? And I’m like yeah!! It is I’m so sorry 😥😥 he’s like u kno I can empty ur entire bag and I keep pushing like no it’s the only thing!! I’m So SORRY!!!!, keeping up the “sheltered school girl who was tempted to commit evil, but is just a sweet angel inside” act 😇😂😂. So I’m led to the back room to see the manager and she’s like ugh what did you steal to me, and he’s like oh, just this and handed her the illuminator and I’m like 😮!!!Fat drake u saved my life??!! Bc the manager kept saying I can search ur entire bag, and he’s just nah that’s all she got 🙏🙏🙏 bless u fat drake.

All the while I’m acting worried as hell and like scared at what’s happening, she tells me usually they call police even if u steal just 1 thing, and she shows me the security cam snaps and these fuckin like mugshots of caught lifters stuck to the back of the door w things like “fined” or “banned for 2 years” written on em like damn don’t Fuck w Sephora u guys they r some Hard Shit…..Anyways she scans my ID and tells me I’m banned for 3 months, and keeps saying how fucking lucky I am to get let go. I think it’s probs bc I showed so much remorse and appeared 2 b a first time lifter 🌞🌞🌞

Anyways so my sad Becca illuminator-less ass goes home and sleeps soundly knowing I look fucking poppin w the YSL lip gloss 😇 💅💅

If ya got any questions abt getting caught at Sephora hit me tf up

À Triomphe - BTS AU

AU:  Art Thief!Bangtan

Description: You are a curator at one of the many museums in Paris, and have finally earned the bosses trust.  But after a strange meeting with a new coworker and his friends, you begin receiving messages from an unknown party.

Part:  Six / Five / Four / Three / Two / One

Warnings: Swearing, Suggestive Situations.

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Your emotions had settled down, leaving you on the opposite side of Jeongguk’s room as you stared at the floor. You hated being here, and the worst part was no one would tell you why.  Jimin had been missing for over a week, leaving a nasty taste in your mouth as you thought of all the things that video, that nightmare, entailed.

Who was it that kept sending me warnings? And why the fuck didn’t I listen? You thought.  All of which had led you to this moment, cowering in the corner of a room foreign to you, various chunks of your memory evading you as you tried to make sense of it all.  You had begun to bite your fingernails, again; a habit you had dropped ten years ago.

Jeongguk sat on his bed, drawing in a small notebook, taking small glances out the window every once in a while to capture his muse; a small bird perched on a tree across the yard.  

There was something off about him, but you couldn’t pin it.  He was reclusive but extroverted.  He was egotistical and charismatic, but also frigid and distant.  His index finger rubbed against the paper, creating a shading effect.

If it hadn’t been for the fact he almost crushed your hand, you might’ve wanted to make small talk, but fear enveloped you.  And every second you spent in that room with him was every second you wished you were dead.

You swallowed your pride, voice cracking with anxiety as you spoke up, beckoning for him. “Please tell me,”  He turned his head to look at you, eyebrows corrugated as he wondered what you wanted.  “Please tell me what happened,”

You looked up from the floor to match his gaze, your breath hitching as you saw his warm glare begin to ice over once more.  “It’s not my place to tell you anything.”  His voice trailed off as he turned back to his work.  

“I feel like I have a right to know what the fuck happened—“ you barked.  Jeongguk tightened the grip on his pencil as to try and evade a rising temper.  “I would appreciate it if you just shut up, okay?”

You let out your breath, unsurprised to his answer.  Jeongguk groaned, tossing his book across the bed as he began to stand up, sauntering towards you.  “If you want to talk, Hoseok is across the hall,”  He gripped your bicep, pulling you up forcefully as he stared daggers at you.  “I don’t like to talk.”

Jeongguk opened the door, pushing you out into the hall before slamming it behind you.  You stumbled, catching yourself before hitting the wall adjacent to his door.  You rubbed the flannel shirt gifted to you by Taehyung before you had left the hospital before he had restrained you.  Your sweatpants were loosely fitted, almost falling down.  You quickly tied a knot in the drawstrings before knocking on Hoseok’s door.

You heard indistinct swearing and objects clattering as footsteps trudged closer to the door.  The man named Hoseok quickly opened it, slowly looking up as he exclaimed disapproval, “Look, Jin, I’m sorry—“

His beg for forgiveness paused as he looked at you, hair riding just above your ear.  “When’d you get a haircut?”  He slowly opened his door wider, giving enough space for you to enter. “I—I need to ask you some things,”  you mewled.

He closed the door behind him, crossing his arms over his chest as he glared at you.  He bore an oversized blue and yellow letterman sweater, a white shirt, and black sweatpants, various stains covering his outfit. Hoseok sighed, walking away from his door and through his messy floor back towards his computer seated in the corner of his room on a small black desk.  

The walls to his room were painted dark, mimicking a beige tone.  His floor, although hardwood, was barely visible as clothes, magazines, and other miscellaneous objects were strewn across it.

God, how can someone live like this?

“Jeongguk didn’t want to talk, I assume,” Hoseok snickered to himself, rubbing the back of his neck as he scrolled through an online forum.  “He’s a wild card, isn’t he?”

His attention stayed glued to the screen, not once turning back to look at you as you stood, unsure of what to do, unwilling to invade his space.

“What did you want? I’m a little busy,”

You fidgeted, remembering why you had been sent across the hall.  “What happened to me?  Why was I in the hospital?”  Your mind began to trail off as question upon question sped out of your mouth.  “Where’s Jimin?  Why can’t I leave? Why won’t anyone tell me anything?”  Your voice grew higher in pitch as you became more panicked, falling back onto Hoseok’s bed as you began to tug at your hair.

Hoseok turned in his chair, staring at you worriedly.  “Hey, calm down…” he murmured, slowly standing up as he walked over to you, promptly sitting beside you.  “Stress won’t help your head, you know?”

His half-handed attempts at consoling you, as expected, didn’t work.  He let out a long sigh, resting his elbows on his knees as he began to fiddle his thumbs.  “Our boss told Taehyung to take you to the hospital—he used a pseudo name, so please don’t try to go back and get records—and he was instructed to keep an eye on you for as long as you stayed there, posing as your husband.”

Hoseok began to unravel the story, keeping his voice down.  You could feel the fear he had; he knew someone had to be listening.  “Jimin is away on business, in Spain.  He goes there often; please don’t worry about him.”  

Hoseok stood up, walking towards his door as he turned the knob.  “You can’t leave. Just leave it at that,” he growled, forcing himself to open and door and walk away from the conversation, leaving you alone while he walked across the hall. You heard him open the door to Jeongguk’s room, and promptly closing it behind him.  You were alone once more.

You brought your knees to your chest, clawing at the fabric wrapped around them as to save your sanity.  “I want to go home,”  you wept.


The music note rang throughout the room, a voice following behind it.  

“You’ve got mail!”

Hoseok had a fairly new computer, one in almost pristine condition, you would say.  But there on the screen was a graphic every adult was familiar with.  A small letter danced in the corner of the pop-up, ‘One New Message’ dancing across the screen.

You stood up, walking slowly past a window placed between the bed and desktop.  You bent over, pressing your palms against the edge of the small desk as you glanced over the dated graphic.

You’ve got mail!” It sang.

You clicked okay.

In a matter of seconds, an abundance of messages popped across the screen.  Amidst the middle of the turmoil was a small video.

Press Play To Download iMovie

You glanced over your shoulder, hoping Hoseok had busied himself enough not to walk in as you prompted through his private computer.  You turned back to the screen.  You clicked play.

Noise erupted from a desktop as a grainy film began to play, slowly clearing up to reveal an image; a young man sitting in front of you, grinning as he began to speak.

“I didn’t want to show my face, but you’re not the best at following directions.”

He sighed, cupping his face in his palms as he began to tap his cheeks. “Maybe I can get through to you this way?”

You furrowed your brows, your breathing picking up the pace as you grew confused.  “I’m not going to tell you my name because you don’t need to know it,”  he quickly ran through his lines, “but you need to know that they’re lying.”

He leaned in closer to the screen, his cat-like eyes glaring at you behind a curtain of black, flimsy bangs.  “You’ll end up like Jimin.”

Images of the shootout followed suit behind him, following with flashing headlines dated October 31st, November 2nd, November 3rd.  All read the same, disgusting line.  “Jimin Park caught by cops, trial process to begin soon.”

You swallowed the lump forming in your throat as the cat-eyed man continued with his tale.  “He asked me to help you, and I am… although I wanted to help you in the first place,”  his voice hummed.  “He risked his life for you.”

Cat-eyes stared at you, his eyes narrowing.  You felt that he saw through you completely; he seemed to know everything.  “The least you can do is get out.”

You watched as his eyes lingered to the left, leading you to follow them; the window sat there, unlocked.  A perfect time.

“Let’s see if you’re as stealthy as him.”  You heard him laugh, a sense of delusion resonating within.

The screen glitched for a moment, before quickly residing back to Hoseok’s previous page.

‘The Newest Pet’

You, although feeling disgusting, continued reading through the page

BigBoy287: God I’d rail her. [9:23]
J-Hope:  i’m sure she wouldn’t like you, kyungmin [9:25]
SirBdsm:  like u kno her taste asshole [9:26]
J-Hope: i took the picture, did i not? [9:30]

You felt your stomach flip as you realized just how much you knew about these men; nothing. You felt dirty, itching at your skin to wash away the filthy memory. You abruptly pushed yourself away from the desk, walking backward as you tried to gain some sense.  

You could do it.  It was as easy as opening the window and crawling out.  You could run for help, and never have to deal with this again.  It would all be a nightmare.

You fidgeted with the lifting mechanism on the window, slowly pushing up the seemingly rusted panel.  It showed signs of age as paint chips began to call upon moving.  It was clear it wasn’t opened for a long time.

You held the window up, bringing your foot up to the edge, taking one last breath in this hell house.

The door quickly opened, Jin walking in with his phone in his hands, “Yah, since you ruined my playtime, you should buy me th—“  Jin looked up at the scene before him, watching you as your legs were out the window, hands still holding the panel above your head.  You cursed under your breath, hastily fighting your own strength as you tried to push yourself out.  

Jin laughed to himself, rushing towards the window as he wrapped his arms around your chest, pulling your back into his.  Your hands lost grip, causing the window to fall abruptly onto your hip.  You screamed as a wave of pain washed over you.

Jin pulled you back into the room, tolerating your writhing beneath him.  His strength level was miles above yours. Jin chuckled to himself, tightening his grip on you as he buried his head into your neck.  “You weren’t going to leave me, were you?” His low, threatening voice coated your skin in goosebumps.  You pressed your palm against his head in an attempt to push him back; he merely mocked you.

Hoseok and Jeongguk opened their door, staring at the scene before them.  “Jin, do you not fucking learn anything?”

Jin rose his head from your neck, smirking as he pushed you towards Hoseok.  You fell to your knees, panting before Hoseok’s feet as you held your waist, wincing as the pain grew worse.  “Our little girl here tried to run away,”  Jin cackled, clapping his hands together at the thought.  “And to think, haha, that you could outrun us!” Jin began cackling, an end seeming to be nowhere in sight.

Jeongguk grunted, staring down at you.  “Now you’re just begging for it, (Y/N).” His voice haunted you as it replayed through your thoughts.  “Jin, can you watch her for me?  I’m going on an errand.” Jeongguk took one las, heated look as he towered of you, before turning on his heel.

A sadistic smile crept across Jin’s face as he stared down at you.  Hoseok’s face contorted in humility as he watched Jin close in on you.  “Oh, Hoseok,”  Jin spoke softly as he lifted you up, careful not to touch your hips.  “Try not to cause a scene this time, okay?”

Jin placed his hand on the small of your back, gently pushing you forward as you both left Hoseok’s room.  Hoseok stood in silence, watching as you slipped from his small, insignificant net of safety.  

Hoseok knew he was the last sane one in that house, but he couldn’t bring himself to do anything about it.

Jin pushed you into his room, closing the door behind him.  You backed yourself into a corner, watching as he paced across the room, gazing at you with a hint of mischief in his eyes.  “Who are you?”  You whispered.

Jin sneered, sighing as he threw his head back, rolling it side to side.  His neck popped twice.  “I’m Jin.  And who are you?” He took a step closer, his hands in his pocket.

“Why are you acting like this?”

“What? Can’t I be a little playful? I told you, I’m not the kind of guy you think I am,”

Another step.

“I thought you were a friend,” you muttered.  Guilt soaked your tone of voice.

“There are two types of friends in my life, (Y/N)—“

Another step.

“—The type I hug,”  

Another step.

“and the type I hurt.”

He glided his crooked fingers across your cheek, reaching around the back, bearing pressure on your head wound. You winced, sucking in air sharply. Jin removed his hand, combing his fingers through your hair. “I’d really like it if you were both, baby.” Jin leaned in, his lips targeting yours.

You turned your head, your cheek pressing aginst the wall as you tensed up. Jin groaned, “God you’re a fool.” He moved his hand to your neck, pressing his thumb against your throat.  “You’ll realize sooner or later that you’re safer with me than any of the others.”

Jin yanked his hand back, stumbling backward as he brushed his fingers through his hair, and falling onto his bed.  His feet stay grounded as his back pressed into the mattress. His chest rose and fall under his pink sweater, which had ridden up to give a peak of his sculpted stomach on the impact of his fall.

You hastily reached for the door, turning the knob as efficiently as possible before rushing yourself out of his room.  You panted as you pushed yourself against the door, hoping that the more forceful you shut it, the quicker you’d wake up.  You pressed your head against the coated wood.  

“Please wake up, please wake up.”  You begged.

The orange jumpsuit pressed against his skin, the uncomfortable fabric causing a mild itch.  His hands were bound before him in metal, a headache washing over him.  

“The trial of the century is about to begin as we hear from Jimin Park, the criminal behind the burglaries and murder’s plagueing—“ The reporters gave their speech remarkably as cameras zoned in on the disgruntled man.  His hair was a shaggy mess, and his eyes were swollen from nights spent awake in his cell.

“Let us get this hearing started,”  A woman cloaked in an all red, deeply embellished fur robe sat in her seat.  She hit her gavel against the wood before her, calling for attention.  “Mr. Park, it’s nice to finally have you in our midst.  You’ve made quite the name for yourself,”

A guard cuffed Jimin’s hands to the table before him, assuring no lofty escape would be made.  

“Do you have anything to say before we begin?”

Jimin, who had been staring at his sweating palms, gained a wry smile spreading across his cheeks as he looked up.  His eyes were watering.  “No, your honor.”

apprendere  asked:

Hey, you may have talked about this before, (if so, then oops, sorry for repeating questions) but, what's your writing process like? Especially regarding planning or outlining stories

You’re so adorable, thinking I do real planning and outlining. :D Mostly when I’m doing my own writing, I just start at the beginning and go. (…Usually. Sometimes not. For instance, Stark Naked Science had a structure that suggested itself fairly early on, so I adapted the plot to fit that structure. Branches of Pine also sort of forcibly organized itself, because it was structured around various winter holidays.)

But I actually don’t write that many long and complicated fics on my own. Most of my longer fics have been written with @tisfan. And that’s more of a process.

Most of the time, it starts in chat:

tisfan: So I had an idea.
me: Oh no.
tisfan: What if [literally anything here]?
me: Oh, that would cause so much trouble. [Character] would be like [reaction].
tisfan: omg yes. And then [another character] would [different reaction].
[This continues for anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours.]
me: …Okay I’m making a doc.

And then I make a googledoc and invite Tis to join it as a co-author (or she makes the doc and invites me) and at that point, depending on the specific idea in question and its complexity and whether it’s an established ‘verse or a new one and, idk, the alignment of the planets or something, we have a couple of different processes.

(Putting the rest of this under a cut, because it got long and also because there might be spoilers for readers who aren’t caught up on all the fic yet. The stuff that is spoiler-y for things that haven’t been POSTED yet have been redacted.)

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Dennis comes home from North Dakota after a fight with Mandy - Mac picks him up from the airport and Dennis doesn't want to talk about it - they end up holding hands but They Don't Speak Of It after that

Elbows perched on the bar’s dirty countertop, Mac squints at the text gleaming from his phone. He blinks twice and then reads the words again, just to be sure.

“Goddamnit, Charlie,” Dee curses from behind the bar, one hand grasping a cloudy drink that looks as if it’d been infected with tapeworm. “How many times do I have to tell you to stop putting spaghetti in the soda gun lines?”

Mac glances up from his phone to see Charlie standing beside her, one hand on his hip. “Oh, look who’s too good for a little pasta in their mixed drink,“ he mocks.

“I think it’s a great idea, Charlie,” Frank voices from where he sits to Mac’s right. “Broads dig spaghetti.”

Dee narrows her eyes, mouth parted in disbelief. “Not in their alcohol, they don’t!”

“You’re telling me you wouldn’t try a spaghetti and tonic?” Charlie presses. “Spaghetti cranberry? A Mojhetti? Really, Dee?”

“Uh, yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Those sound disgusting.”

Charlie purses his lips, head shaking in solemn disappointment. “You have no goddamn taste.”

Dee rolls her eyes as she pulls out a strand of spaghetti from the gun head and flicks it onto the countertop. Then she pauses, cocking her head in contemplation. “Well, I guess it would be pretty funny if you put some in a Highball and called it a Meatball instead,” she chuckles with a smirk.

Charlie and Frank both frown, squinting in confusion.

“That sounds like shit, Deandra.”

“Yeah that doesn’t even make sense.”

“Oh come on,” Dee whines, “How is my idea any worse than yours?”

Charlie sighs and runs a hand through his hair. “Fine. Mac—what do you think?”

Mac blinks, heart racing. His eyes witnessed the exchange take place, but his mind’s been elsewhere. “Dennis is coming back.”

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“I had a fun time with you“

(A/N): FYI (Y/I) stands for (Your/Initials), Enjoy x also, i have not proofread this yet i apologise 

Words: 1,845

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“The anonymous street artist (Y/I) strikes once again…“

As soon as the familiar name is mentioned his attention is immediately drawn to the television. Apparently the mysterious person, who has been leaving several paintings all over the city, has almost been caught yesterday during the process of creating another masterpiece. Since the cops were incapable of catching hold of them, the anonymous artist has once again slipped through their fingers. 

Josh has been fascinated by their work from day one. Even though each portrait has its own individual interpretation, all of them hold the same message, which could be defined as diverse, observant, equaled and human. The country itself has been taken over by republicans, after being governed democratically for eight years. A lot of insurrections and turmoils have surfaced ever since the new president has been elected. (Y/I) paintings are often responses to countrywide but also citywide political occurrences, representing their own personal opinion, which should frankly speak to every person who has a slightly sense of humanity. In the eye of publicity their performance is seen as some act of rebellion, since the art pieces are mostly against the decisions and choices made by the new government. 

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An Unexpected Declaration

Peter Pevensie x Reader

A/N: I hope that you all enjoy this! Have a lovely day everyone.


There were quite a few ways that you had imagined your weekend traveling to Calormen with Peter might go. Peter might’ve asked you to accompany him on a stroll through the town after the Calormen embassies signed the treaty, giving you time to confess how you felt about him or maybe he would even surprise you by telling you that he had feelings for you. The possibilities were endless since his siblings were staying at Cair Paravel to prepare for the annual winter festival.

Having your carriage robbed and your horses taken, leaving you and Peter on foot in the middle of the forest in December was definitely not something that you had imagined.

You and Peter had been wandering around the woods for about a few hours now, or so you thought, it was getting a little difficult to tell the passing of time.

“Don’t worry Y/N, we hadn’t been traveling for too long and we aren’t very far from a main road so someone should come by and find us. Besides, the Calormen King will send word to Susan when we don’t arrive on time.

“Peter” You said “It’s been snowing for hours and there’s no sign of it letting up. It seems unlikely that anyone would be traveling in this weather. “We knew we were cutting it close as it is.”

“I know it seems bleak but we can’t give up hope. Someone will find us soon enough.” He said confidently. You admired that about him. How his faith that everything would turn out alright was so strong, even in the face of such harsh odds.

But even that didn’t last forever. As night began creeping over the snow covered land, Peter began to worry that the two of you wouldn’t in fact be rescued as quickly as he’d hoped. The first stars began to shine when he spoke again.

“Y/N, I think that we should try to find shelter. If we stay out here all night we’ll freeze.” You simply nodded and stood up from the tree stump that you had been resting at, your face and hands cold to the touch.

“Alright.” You agreed, shivering “Where do you suggest we go?”

“I’ve been on hunting expeditions with Edmund and Philip numerous times in these woods. And while we’ve never been this far away from the palace, we have always been able to find caves that litter this area so we should be able to find something not too far away. It won’t be very comfortable but it will shelter us from the weather.” He told you.

“Well” You shrugged “Anything that gets us out of this cold is fine by me.” He smiled at you and offered his arm. You took it gladly, praying to Aslan that he didn’t see the red of your cheeks or that he merely assumed that it was from the cold. After all, you thought to yourself, he is the high king so it’s natural for him to be chivalrous to a lady, it means nothing other than he is a kind and gracious king.

After a little while of searching the forest for suitable shelter, you noticed what looked to be a small hole in the ground surrounded by a few large stones.

“What’s that?” You exclaimed “Is that a cave?” You asked, pointing at what you saw. Peter quickly led you both over to it and brushed away the snow.
“Yes, it is!” He laughed “Good eye Y/N, I don’t think I would have seen that through all the snow.” You merely smiled at him as he lowered himself down into it. Suddenly he turned around and held his arms out towards you. “Well come on then?”

“Sorry?” You asked him, confused as what he was asking you to do.

“Well I can’t imagine that it would be very easy getting down here in a dress like that!” He grinned up at you. You smiled, now that he mentioned it, you really weren’t dressed for the weather or the occasion.

“Alright,” You told him playfully “Just be ready.” You jumped down as carefully as you could, not wanting to hurt him in the process. He caught you easily and gently set you down on the cave floor.

“Now that wasn’t so bad was it?” He asked you.

“No, I suppose not.” You retorted “And thank you.”

“Not a problem at all.” He replied. You then took a look at your surroundings. It was much tighter in here than you had thought it would be.

“Well.” You stated “We should probably get some sleep then. We have a long day ahead of us.”

“That’s just what I was thinking.” Peter yawned, making you laugh. You laid down on the stone floor and did your best to make yourself comfortable, while Peter did the same across from you. “Goodnight Y/N.” He said softly.
“Goodnight Peter.”

When you awoke you were shivering too hard to even think. It had gotten much colder in here, to the point where you couldn’t feel your feet or your hands. You began to rub them together, trying not to wake Peter with your chattering teeth. Despite your efforts however, he began to stir.

“Y/N? Are you shivering?” He asked you.

“A little” You replied through your teeth “But I’ll be fine, go back to sleep.” He slid over to where you were lying and put his hand on your cheek.

“Y/N you’re freezing!” He scolded “We have to get you warmed up, it’s dangerous to get this cold out here.” He wrapped his arms around you and pulled your shivering frame into his arms. You had to admit, it was warmer when he held you like that. Then he began to lay back down.

“Um, Peter what are you doing?” You asked cautiously

“We both need to rest and I need to warm you up. Just try to sleep, we’re gonna be ok just let me keep you warm.” He spoke softly “And while this might not be the best timing, I feel that it would be dishonorable of me it I didn’t tell you of my feelings for you before holding you like this.” He fretted “I understand that these feelings aren’t mutual” He continued “But I just have to tell you-” You cut him off by pressing your cold lips against his. For a moment he was surprised, but he quickly kissed you back. It wasn’t a long kiss but it told Peter all that you felt for him without having to say a single word. Silently he wrapped his arms around you tighter and kissed you softly on the forehead as the two of you drifted back to sleep.

Her Wanting to Fuck Before a Performance: WINNER


He would be reluctant to agree, since he knew that it would be rushed and messy only. He didn’t care that it was in a public place, since it was with you, but the fact that he couldn’t satisfy you the way he liked to do it was droning into his mind and so he’d say no to the idea.


One part of him would tell him to tell you no, because as a responsible leader of three idiots, he knew better than to mess around just before a performance. However, as your boyfriend, he wanted to take you right there and then, not caring about a shit but pleasing you and not being caught in the process. He went with the latter.


Would agree without much thought. He loved you and he loved your body. What he liked doing above all else was give you total satisfaction, and he also knew you were stressing, so if sex could make you a little bit less nervous, he would do it. It was a good thing for the two parties.


Definitely all in for the idea, getting excited just from hearing you ask of that; just the thought of people having the slightest idea of what he’d done to you before you coming into the stage giving him a hard on because you were his and what better way to prove that?


TITLE Corina


AUTHOR: lokilover9

Original Imagine: Imagine you’re an Asgardian Woman married to a nobleman. After a few years into your marriage, he begins to ignore you sexually. Each time you are both invited to Royal gatherings, he gets a bit drunk and acts like an ass so you avoid him. You’ve also noticed how incredibly gorgeous Loki is and often had to snap yourself out of staring at him.


Loki and Corina laid quietly relaxing, but the suspense of not knowing what happened to Gunnar was killing her.

“Please?” She asked him. “I’d really like to know.”

“If you must.” Loki chuckled. “Did you see what was being served for dessert?”

“You mean the ice cream with fruit and several flavored sauces?”

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anonymous asked:

(1/2) Hey I'm the anon that did that short paragraph about how Lapis and Peri's first fusion will be how their gems first touch. I've now got an idea on how they're gonna save Steven. So all the CG's wanted to go but worried were worried that Homeworld might track down their vessel while on their way so they decided that Lapis and Peridot should go up together to save him. They track him down but get caught in the process and are thrown into the same cell together.

(2/3 needed one more) Peridot starts freaking out in the cell but notices Lapis’ scared expression. Peridot goes up to comfort Lapis and asks if she has an idea on how to get out. Lapis says that they have no choice but to fuse if they want to leave and save Steven. Peridot looks startled and rejects while Lapis looks up at her in anger stops when she sees Peridot on the edge of tears saying how she was worried she was going to hurt Lapis like last time.

(3/3) Lapis rushes Peridot into a hug and whispers that she is scared too but trusts Peridot. She ends on saying how they could conquer camp like Percy and Pierre if they fused and how that it will be over as soon as it started and that soon they’ll be together with Pumpkin at the barn. Peridot quietly agrees and hugs back causing them to fuse. The fusion composes itself for a sec until it flies out of the cell and saves Steven and Lars.             

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This is beautiful and I absolutely love it!

  • Pharmercy Fics: Pharah and Mercy play in the snow! Pharah and Mercy watch the stars! Pharah and Mercy are baking cookies!
  • Zarya/Mei Fics: Zarya and Mei appear for one pargraph. Most likely about McCree/Hanzo.
  • Widowtracer Fics: Overwatch and Talon hatch plans to destroy each other from within and in the process get caught in an political battle with the CIA which also uncovers a conspiracy with the Government planning to use widely distributed nanomachines to cover up a scandal involving illegally manufactured nuclear weapons, forcing Lena to choose between her closest allies and the woman she's been having sex with for the past 20 minutes.

We need to talk.

Shirayuki glanced down at the text message, and the high she normally felt after giving a speech deflated like an old balloon. We need to talk was a myriad of possible conversations that she didn’t really know how to process. Her heart twisted and flipped over in her chest and her stomach tied up in knots. Everything around her suddenly felt heavy and thick, like she was drowning and she couldn’t get enough air to survive.

[more under the cut]

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