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Phan fluff: hide and seek

‘Dan, the family’s coming over in a minute and you’re still in bed!’ said Phil walking into the bedroom. Dan was lying half asleep buried under the covers, he sighed.
'But it’s so warm and comfyyyyy’
'I’ll get the kids to jump on you when they come round’ Phil smirked looking down at his sleepy boyfriend. Dan yawned still making no attempt to move.
'Or how about I jump on you instead?..’
Phil dived onto the bed and pinned Dan down, Dan squirmed and complained.
'ahh hey! I was… I… get off me!’
'not unless you get up’ Phil looked down at him smugly.
'make me’ Dan sulked 'i’m not getting up even if you…’ Dan never got to finish that sentence. Phil began to tickle him mercilessly, Dan squealed uncontrollably with laughter and tried to push Phil off.
'Okay! Okay! I’m going, I’ll go get dressed’
Phil jumped off him triumphantly and giggled as Dan sighed walking into the bathroom.
'Hey you should keep the hobbit hair today, it looks good’

Around half an hour later the house was overridden with various members of Phil’s family, many of which Dan had barely ever even met. It wasn’t as if there was a special occasion or anything, that’s what Dan loved about the Lester’s, they simply decided that they hadn’t seen eachother in a while and decided to get together. Dan and Phil were in the kitchen with various family members, including Phil’s niece and nephew (the two Phil had threatened to make jump on the bed to get Dan up). Evie, a little five year girl was sat on the floor making animal noises and Jack, who was three, was simply stood staring up at Dan. Ever since Dan had joined the family everyone (Particularly the children) seemed to idolize him, and Phil often joked that they wouldn’t even come to visit him if Dan wasn’t here.
'Do you kids want to do anything then?’ Phil said looking down at them 'You look awfully bored’
The kids faces both lit up immediately.
'Hide and seek!’ they chanted. Phil chuckled 'come on then, we can start in the lounge’

Both kids, and Dan (Arguably the same thing) sat cross legged on the floor as Phil was deciding who should go first.
'Me and Dan are on a team, we’ll hide first, and you two will be on a team and try to find us’
'but you and Dan are grown ups! You can’t be on the same team’ sulked Evie.
'Well you and Jack are smaller so you can hide easier’ Dan stuck out his tongue at Evie, who stuck out hers back.
'Okay then we’ll count’ Said Jack excitedly.
'One… Two… Three’

Dan and Phil had been sat in Phil’s wardrobe for about ten minutes now and Dan kept telling Phil off for whispering to loud.
'Okay maybe it was a bit unfair of us to be on the same team’ said Phil, shuffling around in the rather uncomfortably squished closet.
'Hmm if I’d have known it would take this long I would have stayed in bed’
'Oh shut up you’ Phil punched Dan jokingly.
'Make me’ Dan smirked
'you’ve said that twice today’
'what are gonna do This time, tickle me again?’
'No’ Phil was smirking too 'How about this?’
Phil leaned into Dan and pressed their lips together. It caught Dan by surprise in the darkness, he let out a moan of  shock and leaned in closer returning the kiss. Phil pulled on Dan’s shirt, they were so engrossed in the kiss that neither of them noticed the door opening…

'found y…’ Evie and Jack were both stood outside the wardrobe, Jack this time, instead of staring up in awe at Dan was now staring at both of them and Evie didn’t seem to what to do. Dan and Phil turned a bright shade of red.

'Uncle Phil’ Evie seemed to have found her words now 'Are you and Dan in love?’

Lipstick On Your Collar (Remus Lupin x Reader)

Based on a request.

It was a running joke between your friends that his lips were always a shade darker than before he had spent time with you, and that yours had mysteriously become lighter. It wasn’t as if you tried to rub your lipstick off on his face -it’s not exactly the cheapest- and then spend time with your friends. His lips just always looked so damn tempting, and sometimes you had to fight silently with yourself to keep from pulling his face down towards yours and snogging him until both of you were out of air; most of the time you lost that fight.

Your signature red lips had caught the attention of many at Hogwarts, the vibrant color standing out against your dark uniform. Perhaps it was the Gryffindor in you that wanted to make a statement, be different from the other students and show that you weren’t afraid to do whatever you pleased.

Your relationship with him had gone public after he made his way into the common room -five minutes after you, of course- with red lipstick smeared on his lips and the collar of his shirt. Everyone had been hooting and hollering at the both of you; you laughed it off, allowing him to grab on tightly to your hand and breathe deeply so he wouldn’t double over in embarrassment. He had never liked the attention from other students, and you had seen the anxiousness build in him.

“Where’s the red, Y/L/N?” James called out with a smirk as you entered the boy’s room one morning before classes began. “I’m sure Moony is going to miss his lips being colored by yours!”

Remus watched you carefully, his glasses slipping down his nose as he tried to piece together why you weren’t wearing the lipstick.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” He whispered quietly in your ear as he tenderly wrapped his arms around you. You looked up into his concerned eyes and inhaled his familiar, almost honey like scent before shaking your head.

“Nothing, Rem, why?” You asked.

“I know you’re lying, love,” he told you with a small frown. “Let’s head to class and you can tell me the truth, yeah?”

You nodded and allowed him to lead you out of the room. He told you to ignore James, Sirius, and Peter, who were all making jokes about what you and Remus were going to do. James shouted out a particularly crude comment and Remus whipped around to glare at him.

“Rem, let’s go, alright?” You pleaded softly. “He didn’t mean it, you know how he is.”

He grudgingly let you pull him out of the room, his arm hooked around your waist so he could keep you close. Before you could get too far down a corridor, Remus quickly ushered you onto a small supply closet. His lips pressed against yours as soon as the door closed, a squeal escaping your lips as he pushed you back against the door.

“R-Remus, what are you doing?“ You gasped out as his lips began to trail down your neck.

“What’s this?” He questioned as his hands found something tucked into the side of your skirt. He pulled it out, backing away and squinting his eyes at the object in his hands. “Is this your lipstick?”

“If I can’t have it on, then I should be able to have it with me,” you explained.

“Who said you can’t wear it?” He asked lowly. His chest bubbled with protectiveness towards you; if anyone was bothering you about your choices, he would make sure that they were never even in the same room as you again. “Y/N, you love wearing this, I bloody love when you wear it!”

“You’re not embarrassed when I get it all over you?” You meekly questioned. You looked down, not wanting to know if he was angered by the lipstick.

“Baby, I would never be embarrassed,” he reassured you. Remus stepped forward before he nudged the lipstick into your hands. “I love that everyone knows I’m yours. I would it on you myself, but we both know how that would go.”

“I love you,” you murmured, moving to press your lips to his. Both of you smiled into the kiss before you pulled away and uncapped the lipstick. “I trust you to put it on me, Rem.”

“Alright, but you asked for it, love.”

James and Sirius looked up to the doorway of the classroom as they watched Remus clumsily stumble into the room a few minutes after class had started. Lipstick was smeared across his lips, and red prints of a set of lips up his neck.

“You and Y/N have a nice time?” Sirius snickered as Remus plopped down at the table beside them.

“Absolutely brilliant, can you tell?” Remus shot back with a lopsided smile. Sirius chuckled and gave his friend a wink.

“Mr. Lupin,” the professor called out as she took note of him talking with Sirius. “Perhaps you should tell Miss. Y/L/N to not make you late to class? And perhaps mention that she should make sure that her… signs of affection aren’t as obvious next time.”

Remus felt his face flush at the professor’s words, but he couldn’t help the smile that formed on his face. If loving you and being loved by you meant having lipstick marks all over his body, Remus knew he would willingly take it all just to have you in his life.

Zico got me f*cked up!!!!

So I just came back from the Block b concert in Amsterdam and boy do I have some tea to spill. First off let me say that Zico got me fucked up, kid ain’t even my bais but he’s fully got me dying.

I got there super early and the people that I met up with had been queuing since the evening before the actual concert. So I was number 5 in the early entry line and when we finally got into the venue I was right at the front and directly in the middle.

When they came out Zico was the first person that caught me eye his hair was dark brown and they styled It so it was showing his forehead, I have a massive thing for idols and their foreheads so I was living for his hair. We kept making eye contact but I played it off and thought he was looking at someone else. A few songs later this girl behind me taps me on my shoulder and says ‘Zico keeps staring at you.’ Naturally I’m like ‘really me?’ And she’s like ‘yeah he’s staring at you a lot.’

From then on I made it my personal mission to milk the fuck out of the situation. I start dancing and waving and pointing at him and he continues to stare hard. He points at me, raps while staring directly at me, bites his lips, blows kisses, the whole works! When the other members would sing where I was stood he’d come over and do his little cute shit and meanwhile I’m In the audience trying to play it cool but on the inside I’m dying. Apart from giggling like crazy every time he did something (and him laughing at my giggling) I think I did a good job. Even when they had an outfit change and he came out with slightly tinted sunglasses on I could still see him staring at me.

On a couple of occasions after we had our little interactions the girls next to me would give me the dirtiest side eyes, it was actually kind of funny.

I mean Zico isn’t even my bias U-Kwon is. He was staring too but not as hard as Zico, but he did wave back at me and gave me the cutest smile because again I was giggling uncontrollably.

N.B Whenever they threw water I’d duck so it wouldn’t get on my face and I think he noticed that, so next time one of the members tried to do it again in the area that I was stood he stopped them, I could see him saying no no in Korean but I couldn’t pick up anything else he said to the member afterwards. Not even even a minute later he was stood at the far side of the stage spraying water.

I went through the videos I took and found where he blew a kiss at me after his ‘I wanna hug and kisses’ line in her.

I’m so mad, he can’t be doing shit like this if I ain’t never gonna see him again. T_T

A First Apology

2. After everything you did, you’re asking ME to apologize for snapping at you ONCE?”
68. “How dare you!?”

warnings: abuse mention, death mention, swearing, darker pan
2500 words

Peter Pan was many things. Selfish, cruel, manipulative. In short, he was an asshole, so you simply kept out of his way whenever you could. That didn’t stop you from defending yourself when he volleyed casual insults about your incompetence. But of course your snarky remarks were always well tamed. You still had an ounce of respect left for the leader of the island, although your self restraint was in fact wearing out. It was soon bound to snap.

So when Pan lead a hunt with you and some Lost Boys one musky evening, it was of little surprise to you that after Pan’s snide, incessant probing, your shred of restraint vanished.

… … …

“Keep up, will you?” Pan eyed you with obvious annoyance. “And keep quiet. Your blundering steps will scare off tonight’s dinner.” Rolling your eyes, you continued to tread softly behind the group, dagger in hand. You narrowed your eyes, forcing yourself to focus on the hunt. You loved hunting. It had become one of your favorite hobbies in the few months that you had been here. It got your blood pumping, adrenaline rushing through your veins as you ran after your prey. As you got closer, your eyes would glaze over with a strange calm as you leapt, then, straddling your target, you would finally plunge your knife into flesh, quick to slit the animal’s throat as well. There was never a reason to let them suffer.

That is where you and Pan differed the most. You both took pleasure in the thrill of the hunt, but whereas you put the animals out of their misery, he enjoyed playing with his food.

“(Y/N),” he called. You looked up from where you crouched behind a tree, torn from your thoughts. “Darling,” he drawled. “If you’re going to insist on being a crutch tonight, I’m going to have to send you back to camp. Would you like that? Wouldn’t you rather be, oh I don’t know… brushing your hair? Picking flowers? Whatever it is you girls love to do?” His tone was disgustingly condescending, and the Lost Boys’ snickers did not help your mood. How dare Pan teach the boys such sexist remarks? Oh no. It simply wouldn’t do. As one of the strongest Lost Children on the island, you considered the boys as younger brothers, whom you would teach and nourish to become vigorous young men. You’d be damned if you let Pan fill their heads with such belittling garbage.

“What pathetic insults you’ve reduced yourself to,” you grumbled as you got up, flipping your dagger between nimble fingers.

“What was that?” Pan asked, smirking. The Lost Boys laughed from behind him, all playfully shoving each other as they struggled to get a glimpse of the interaction.

“I said,” you stalked over to him now, “that it’s sad to see you, Peter Pan, King of Neverland, with all the magic of the island at his disposal, have to make fun of his best hunter, simply because she is prettier than him. Is that it, Pan? You jealous?”

“What’s there to be jealous of?” He hummed, unphased by your response. “And what’s this? You think I’m pretty?” He arched a perfect brow.

“As pretty as a pig can get, I suppose,” you replied, smiling to yourself as the Lost Boys roared with laughter.

Pan’s green eyes darkened. “You’ll watch your tone, (Y/N). There is a leader on this island who doesn’t take kindly to insubordinate little girls.” He stepped closer to where you stood, towering over your stature.

You looked up mischievously at him, cocking your head. “Oh really? Where is he? I’m just dying to make his acquaintance,” You said, your last words spoken in your most ridiculous, bastardized English accent. The Lost Boys’ were hysterical. Pan was infuriated.

“Shut up,” he seethed. “AND THE LOT OF YOU!” The Lost Boys immediately hushed, straightening themselves out. “It’s already dark and we’ve caught nothing. Fall out of line again and it’s the cages for you all.” He turned away from them. “As for you,” his eyes were practically glowing with hostility.

He nodded his head towards the trees deeper in the forest, indicating for you to get a move on. Your glare full of spite, you did just that. Or you would have, if he hadn’t tripped you as you took your first step.

Oomph! You fell the ground, but barely had any time to react before a force flipped you onto your back, slamming you once more. You looked down where you felt a weight on your chest. It was Pan’s boot.

He crouched lower, a suffocating pressure accompanying his stoop. His eyes bore into yours with a deadly sort of calm, and you forced yourself to glare at him right back. If you looked away, it would show hesitance, and you couldn’t afford to look weak. Not now.

“You know who I am,” he began quietly. “You said so yourself. Peter Pan. King of Neverland. I have all the magic of the island at my disposal. So you must know, surely,” he pressed harder now, “the power I possess. You must know that I can make you hurt- no, burn - with excruciating pain from the inside out. Slowly. Deliberately. I could choke you to death in an instant without having to lay a finger on you…” He now brought his hand to your neck, grasping tightly as he squeezed.

You gasped, trying to get a bit of air in as Pan sneered down at you.  “Oh? Have nothing to say? Finally. The bitch knows her place.” He sharply released your neck as he stood up, removing his foot where it was perched on your chest as well.

You practically choked as you swallowed down gulps of air, coughing and sputtering as you rolled onto your side.

Pan laughed mercilessly at you. “Cmon. Get up. Nothing you haven’t had before-this should be familiar, remember? Dear old Daddy and the brawls you used to both have? Bonding for the whole family, as I recall.” Your chest still heaving, you glanced at the Lost Boys, who were still frozen and wide-eyed at the way you had been handled. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t someone you know get throttled a bit too roughly?” Your gaze quickly shifted to Pan, eyes narrowing. No, you thought. He wouldn’t mention…

“I apologize darling,” he said sarcastically. “I shouldn’t have choked you. Wouldn’t want you to end up like-” NO, your mind screamed. “-dear little brother, now would we?”

And just like that, your mind went silent.

You and Pan had fought before, but this time he had taken it too far, and there was no taking it back, because the words were already brandished, carving into your chest. You felt a pang, and in seconds it dissolved into anger. No, this was worse. This was stronger. You were furious.

“How dare you?” your voice was dangerously low. The other Lost Boys noticed, and took their leave quickly, as to avoid what was about to be the most explosive fight between the two of you.

Getting up on your feet, you snatched your dagger from where it had fallen on the ground. You flipped it once. Twice.

“How dare you mention him? You, when you don’t know shit about him-” your voice rose. “I have tolerated your bullshit for long enough. And I am done. I’m done!” You were yelling now. “I’ve done fucking nothing to you and you treat me like shit! Grow up, Peter Pan! GROW UP-”

“Excuse me-”

“FUCK YOU!” you screamed. You looked at him standing there in the middle of the forest, leaves spinning round in the air, in utter shock of your catharsis. You took him in, gaping mouth and all. You wanted to kill him.

You were going to fucking kill him.

Brandishing your knife, you jeered at him. “It’s been a long day, Pan, and I haven’t had dinner yet. That’s just fine, though. I’ve finally found what I’m hungry for,” you began to circle him. He eyed you carefully with what seemed like disbelief. You weren’t sure what it was. You were too focused on your prey. This was the hunt you had been waiting for ever since the shadow brought you to this damned island. He mirrored your steps, and soon the pair of you were each circling the other, watching each other’s footsteps. He had no weapons - he just watched you with idle curiosity. That only infuriated you further. How could he be so calm?

You were going to eat him alive.

“AAAAHH!” You charged at him swiftly, slashing your dagger towards him. Pan dodged it, grabbing your arm and thrusting it the opposite direction. With your free arm, you punched him the jaw, ignoring the blood on your knuckles. Your foot swept under his legs, thrusting him backwards onto the soil. As fast as you were able, you straddled him, pinning one of his arms down. You brought the dagger to his neck, but he grabbed your wrist, forcing your hand away. You were strong, but you could only take so much. Pan skillfully pushed himself off the ground, flipping the both of you until he was on top. Snatching the knife from your unrelenting grip, he threw it behind him before pinning both of your hands down as you struggled, screaming and half sobbing at him. Images of your brother swam throughout your sight, your position on the ground taking you back to the hellhole you used to call home. You saw your father drunk with rage, and fists everywhere, bruises everywhere. You could barely make out the concerned look in Pan’s face before his free fist struck you.

The forest went black.

… …  …

You woke up in your tent, sunlight filtering in from the cloth of your tent. Mouth parched, you sat up in your bed, and immediately pain flashed from your temple. Wincing, you brought a hand to your tender head.

“Good morning, sunshine.” You looked over at a familiar voice near the flap of your tent. It was Felix.

“Tell me what happened last night,” you began, trying to rack your memory for the source of your injury. Had you fallen? Felix chuckled at you.

“Can’t remember?” He smiled, and this only made you worry. “Pan wanted to talk to you as soon as you were awake. I’ll tell him you’re up.” Felix slid out through your tent flap, and reluctantly, you swung your legs over the side of your bed. It slowly came back to you then, the memories of the previous night. The snark. The fight. The brawl. With a sigh, you pushed yourself of the bed and made your way out the tent. It was time to talk to Pan.

… … …

He was waiting for you up in his treehouse, and you huffed at having to climb up with a throbbing head. Of course he’d force you to come here. An asshole like him was sure to be waiting exactly where it would be hardest for you to get to in your injured state. But, you made your way up, and sure enough, there he was. The king himself, relaxing in his chair, a lean leg casually swung over one of the armrests. Green eyes glinted at you as soon as you stepped in. Jerk.

“Took you long enough,” he started. “I was afraid you might have died.”

You rolled your eyes. “You would enjoy that, wouldn’t you?”

“Not at all,” Pan gazed at you, making you shift with unease. “You are aware as to why you’re here, aren’t you?”

Yes, you thought to yourself. A punishment is coming, surely. Perhaps more insults as well. In response, you shook your head. “Not a clue,” you lied. Pan seemed to buy it.

“You’re here for an apology. And I do believe one is in order.” You couldn’t believe what he was saying. Your mouth dropped open for a second before you quickly regained your composure, snapping it shut.

“Really? Well…yeah, I think you’re right. An apology is due.” You stared at him both warily and expectantly. He simply matched your stare.

“Well?” His brows furrowed in confusion, and you silently despaired as you realized what was happening.

Me? After everything you did, you’re asking ME to apologize for snapping at you ONCE?”

“I must say, I was surprised by your nerve. You were daring, and it was quite…striking.” A smirk grew upon his face, and you wanted to slap it off his goddamn lips. You couldn’t believe he was serious. Incredulous, you retaliated.

“You antagonized me! I had no choice, Pan. I had defend myself after being subjected to your cruelty for far too long.” Your eyes glared into his glittering green orbs. “I honestly expect you to say sorry.” You huffed, chest heaving as you recalled how he brought up your past last night. He really had no shame, and as a result, you were hurt. Peter Pan, magical being or not, owed you an apology. He rolled his eyes, and at that, you gave up. “Whatever, Pan. I shouldn’t have expected any better of you.” You headed towards the door.

“(Y/N),” he began. You didn’t turn. “Hey, wait-” you felt an a strong grip on your arm as you were turned to face Pan, his face concerned.

“What now?” You tired of him, tired of his games. You didn’t want him to make another fool of you. Annoyed, you tried tugging yourself out of his grip.

He shook your arm. “(Y/N), listen.” You looked up at him, confused as he stared down with a steely gaze. You tensed. “I…”

“Yes?” You urged him on, unsure of his intentions.

With a sigh, he tried again. “I’m sorry, (Y/N). I shouldn’t have said what I did last night. It won’t happen again.”

You blinked once. Twice.

Peter Pan, King of Neverland, Leader of the Lost Boys, magic-wielding jackass, just apologized to you. His obvious discomfort was almost laughable , but you saw it, the genuine contrition in his eyes. It was only a glimmer among the shades of green, but it was there. You allowed yourself a small smile. “Apology accepted. I’m not as sorry for you trying to kill you, though.” A sly smirk now crept onto your lips.

“Don’t push it,” he softly growled. You smiled again, nodding. It was time to take your leave. As you opened the door, you glanced back to find him with his back turned, a nimble hand combing the back of his head. No doubt trying to brush off his first apology, you thought. With a grin, you closed the treehouse door behind you, and climbed down, your mind still reeling from what had just transpired. As you walked away from the tree, you didn’t see Peter Pan looking down at you from his window with a strange look across his face, before vanishing from sight.

(A/N): this was my very first imagine, so I hope you all enjoy! big thanks to imaginative-neverland for inspiring me to write one. she’s always posting new work so go check her out! 

anonymous asked:

song fic request: for a boy by raelynn for reggie

[A/N: Just a quick one, I’m not sure how this is? I suppose the fic speaks for what my interpretation of the song is, I wanted to get the feel of the song rather than do a verse by verse kind of thing but it roughly follows that kind of pattern anyway! Enjoy <3] 

Reggie X Reader - For A Boy

He sat across from you with a wide eye gaze, his smile told you everything you needed to know.

I love you.

You were sat on the very edge of your seat, hanging on to every word that fell from his lips. 

Hushed whispers, inside jokes, murmurs of love and adoration.

Anyone would think you were teenage sweethearts, blissfully unaware of the pain that heartbreak could offer you. Those who knew you better would know of your messy and turbulent relationship, the constant fights, the jealously, the uncertainty.  

He grabbed you by the arm and spun you around to face him, your tiny body was fuelled by a red hot rage. Ripping your arm from his grip you were ready to attack, ready to lay punch after punch into his solid form. He had both your arms pinned to your sides in a bone crushing hug before you had the chance to even consider it. 

The gentle soothing of his large palms roaming across the expanse of your back was almost enough to calm the bubbling fire within you. His silence telling you all you needed to know.

I’m sorry.

Laying in his king-size bed, bodies and breaths perfectly synchronised, your finger drew delicate patterns upon his bare chest. He let out a quiet sigh, his dark hair caught in the crossfire of the breeze was blown lazily in front of his eyes. The hand that lazily drew patterns on his chest came up slowly and pushed the hair from his face; his eyes were soft and sleepy and his lips caught your palm as pulled your hand away. 

‘What is this?’ Came his exhausted voice.

You hesitated. This was everything: this was perfect and messy, hot and cold, black and white. He was everything you ever wanted and something you could never have. When it was good it was good and it was bad - man was it awful, but God could it be something great.

‘It’s just some fun, right?’ Your answer was calm and collected, or at least you hoped. 

‘Right.’ He murmured, your words telling him all he needed to know.

I’m scared.

He hadn’t asked you but really you couldn’t blame him. You had been too chicken shit to admit that you wanted more, so much more. He had given up on you and for good reason, you had accepted that, but still when he walked in with Veronica Lodge hanging from his arm it hit you in the chest like a tonne of bricks. 

You slunk to the back of the hall hoping the blue and gold streamers would mask your identity, watching from the shadows as he escorted Veronica from group to group. He laughed when he had to laugh, smiled for pictures when it was asked of him, and placed swooping kisses on his dates cheek. You bit hard on your lip to stop the tears that were threatening to spill down your cheeks, you tasted the sharp metallic tang of blood and realised you had broken skin. 

Weaving between the crowds, you knew the safest place to be was a bathroom right now - more specifically a closed off cubicle in which you could cry to your heart’s content. You swung open the double doors of the hall and the cool breeze of the empty corridor hit your face. The calling of your name stopped you in your tracks. The tears you so desperately needed to shed were falling freely down your cheeks now. 

A warm hand weighed heavily on your shoulder, turning you to face the owner of the voice, his breath hitched and your name fell from his lips once more. Your tears told him all needed to know.

I love you. 

Machetes and Mascara

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, 

Warnings: Fluff, Some slight violence, A touch of angst. Clueless Dean, Confused Dean, Clueless Sam, Smart Castiel, Unsure reader, Attempts at humor, Romance. 

Notes: So I wrote this for @chaos-and-the-calm67 , who wasn’t feeling good and wanted some fluffy Dean to cheer her up! I hope I did this justice!! This kind of fits in with my #LoveYourFlaws challenge, although there is no song. I just went that way with the fic, and I hope that it worked! 

Word Count: 4893

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The Labyrinth Chapter 9

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU
Pairing: Reader/Jimin
Length: 1534

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11  Chapter 12 || Jin Trailer ||

Originally posted by bts-we-are-bulletproof

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After Easter Egg Hunt

Words: 1222
Tony Stark X Reader
Request:  “So you know I’m going to request something Tony Stark right? I thought about Tony has the reader searches his home for a pink egg and in that egg is a ring marriage proposal. The rest I leave to you have fun LOL.” 
- @tonystarksgirl

“Five more minutes!” You groaned to FRIDAY as your morning alarm went off.

“I’m sorry Miss [Y/L/N], but I can’t do that.” The A.I. voice apologized. “I was instructed by Mr. Stark to wake you up at exactly this time.”

“What time is it?” You rolled over in the bed, wishing that for just once your boyfriend would leave you out of his wild schemes.

“It’s six AM Miss. [Y/L/N].” FRIDAY responded.

“Siiiixxx?” You whined out every syllable like an upset child. “FRIDAY call Tony.”

“Certainly, Miss. [Y/L/N].” There was a ringing tone and soon enough, Tony’s face was floating above you in the bed.

“Good morning, Darling!” He beamed through the videocall.

“Call off FRIDAY so I can go back to sleep.” You begged him.

“Oh. That’s a no can do, Sweetie.” He shook his head. “There’s a note for you on the nightstand there, why don’t you go ahead and give it a read.”

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death incarnate /// happy birthday to everyone’s favourite lieutenant-colonel, guren ichinose! (28/08)

When It Comes To Us (Mature)

Summary: Stressed and exhausted, Grayson takes it upon himself to look after you and relieve some of that pent up worry, (I suck at summaries, okay? SUE ME)
Word Count: 2,300
Warnings: NSFW
A/N: Bloodstream by Stateless. This is my first time writing smut so I’m sorry if it’s not up to the mark, I’ll try harder next time (no pun intended). Also, I have been curled up the entire day, the most blinding migraine having decided to wreck my life so this was the most I could come up with. Really sorry. Requests are open as is criticism and feedback. Hope you enjoy reading it! xx 

It had been a nightmare of a day. Between assignment submissions and cramming as much as you could for your finals, you were a ticking time bomb, in the words of your boyfriend Grayson, which is why, when you dragged yourself home from the library late in the evening, you were surprised to see him in your apartment.

He strolled towards you as you walked around, dumping your books and keys on the kitchen counter and kissed you, a simple chaste kiss across the lips. You smiled into the kiss, Grayson’s presence somehow relaxing your weary bones.

Before you could say anything, Gray muttered, ‘I drew you a bath.’ Pulling back from his embrace, you looked into his eyes, gratitude washing over you. He flashed you a smile, your favourite one on him, before you cupped his face and kissed him, a little more intensely than he was expecting. Breaking off suddenly, you sauntered towards your bedroom excitedly, leaving Grayson hot and bothered.

Moaning in relief and pleasure, you lowered yourself into the bathtub, a part of you making a mental reminder to ‘thank’ Grayson after for doing this for you. The water was the right temperature and he had done a remarkable job of mixing the right soap salts and bath products. Heady with the aroma wafting through the bathroom and the hot water caressing your skin, you finally relaxed, your muscles unwinding, your mind for once, not panicking over some subject or the other.

When you stepped out of the bathtub, it was night out. Sighing contently, you slipped into the silk robe Gray had considerately hung for you inside the bathroom. It was your favourite bath accessory; a gift from Gray on Valentine’s Day, among others in what he had called ‘the naughty lingerie’ hamper. You stepped out of the bathroom into your room, caught off guard by how dark it was, the candles lit around barely emitting enough light. Combing your quickly drying hair, you started towards the switchboard to turn on the lights when you felt Grayson’s muscular arms grab you by the waist and swivel you around. Squeaking softly in surprise, you turned to him, the hairbrush dropping to the floor as your arms gripped his shoulders, helping you maintain your balance as you tried to peer at him, your eyes still adjusting to the darkness.

‘Trust me?’ he asked, his voice deeper than usual.

You nodded in answer instantly, despite confusion etched all over you.

Wordlessly, Gray led you to the kitchen, his hand firmly holding yours. Confusion fed deeper into you as you saw the rest of your apartment shrouded in darkness too. Without giving any indication, Grayson grabbed you by your hips and lifted you onto the kitchen counter. Next thing you know, he had pulled on the thick cloth tying your robe together, undoing it with a simple tug.

You gasped as the cold air struck your bare skin, now barely concealed as the robe hung open against your sides.

‘Gray-’ you spluttered before he shushed you, his hands taking the cloth string and wrapping it around your eyes, blindfolding you.

‘Trust me,’ he repeated and you gulped, nodding in acceptance.

Nudging your legs apart with his own, you sensed him stand in front of you, between your legs and felt anticipation building in you. Being blindfolded had heightened your other senses, your ears acutely aware of Grayson’s heavy breathing, your nose almost intoxicating the rest of you as his cologne engulfed you. Excited yet nervous, you licked your lips, unsure of what would come next. 

You felt goose bumps when Grayson pressed his hand against your cheek, cupping it. You sensed him lean forward before you felt his breath brush against your ear as he whispered, ‘Let me take care of you.’

Almost afraid to speak, you answered him by turning your face slightly, kissing his palm that still held the side of your face.  His hand dropped from your face, his fingers now under your chin, tilting your head back, before you felt his lips on yours, tongue slipping in, seconds later.

You welcomed the invasion, your body bursting into flame as Grayson’s arms wrapped around you, pressing you closer to him. All thoughts slipped your mind when you felt Grayson’s rough hands pushing the robe further away, his fingers grazing your stomach, trailing up towards your breasts. You gasped as he cupped your breast, then moaned and arched into his touch as he squeezed gently, pretty certain your eyes would have rolled back had they not been blindfolded when he used his thumb and finger to pluck at your suddenly erect nipple.

All the exhaustion you had been feeling for so long, seemed to have suddenly disappeared as you hungrily grabbed at the hem of his t-shirt. You had barely gotten it halfway up his back before pausing to take the opportunity to run your hands over his back. Smooth and wide and hard, it felt good against your fingers and palms, but it soon wasn’t enough and you began tugging at his T-shirt again until you couldn’t pull it any farther up, Grayson’s lips still on yours, hampering your efforts.  Before you could become frustrated at your futile efforts, Grayson broke the kiss and you sensed him lean back. Unable to take it anymore, your body already sensitive from being overly heightened, you pulled away at the robe that was blindfolding you, blinking in quick succession to adjust your eyes to your surroundings, well in time to enjoy Grayson grabbing his T-shirt and jerking it over his head.

You sighed with pleasure and leaned forward to run your hands down the muscular surface as he tossed the T-shirt aside, but it was all the touching he allowed you. 

“Beautiful,” you heard him murmur as his hands reached for your breasts again. You inhaled, back straightening and pushing your breasts forward, as he leaned forward to kiss you again. You let your arms slide around his shoulders as your bodies pressed together. You couldn’t help the moan that escaped your lips as he trailed his teeth and lips down along your neck, almost distracting you as his fingers slide the robe off your shoulders leaving your torso almost completely naked.

Excited and sensitive, you groaned and arched beneath him, unconsciously grinding yourself against the leg he had between both of yours. Grayson responded by shifting so that the hard proof of his excitement took the place of his leg. You immediately spread your legs to wrap them around his waist so that you could enjoy it more fully.

Pulling back slightly, he hoarsely whispered, “Tell me if you want me to stop.”

“No,” you murmured, trying to pull him back against you. “Please. I need you.”

“Not nearly enough,” he assured you, before you silenced any further protests on his part by kissing him.

You didn’t know what to expect next, but it wasn’t for him to break the kiss and step up, then catch your hand, drawing you to your feet beside him.

“What—?” you began uncertainly, and then fell silent as Grayson dropped to his knees, peering up the length of your body. His hot eyes moved over your black lace panty, then up to your breasts, before resting on your face. His gaze seemed to scorch your skin. Suddenly, he reached out to catch you by the hips and leaned forward, pressing a kiss to the black lace triangle.

You inhaled sharply, then bit your lip and closed your eyes as he blew his hot breath through the cloth. You felt his hands move and blinked your eyes open, glancing down to see him catch his fingers in the waistband of your panties, slowly easing them down until you could step out of them. Once the scrap of lace had joined the rest of the clothes on the floor, Grayson turned, rising up off his knees enough that he could press another kiss there, this time without the cloth between them. You reached for the top of his head, tangling your fingers in his hair to keep your balance as he urged your legs farther apart, then caught one leg and drew it up and over his shoulder so that you were almost straddling his face. He then caught you firmly by the behind to hold you in place as you gasped, pulling his hair as wave after wave of pleasure took over you, his lips and tongue lavishing you with loving strokes. You couldn’t keep that position long. The more excited you became, the more difficult it was for you to maintain balance. Gripping you harder, Grayson continued what he had started until you came, screaming his name.

Drugged with pleasure, you watched through slitted eyes as Grayson finally rose up, his hands moving to undo his jeans, before stopping. In the next moment, he suddenly bent forward to scoop you off the ground. Wrapping your arms around his shoulders, you kept your eyes on his face as Grayson carried you back to the bedroom. He carried you across the room to the bed, but didn’t immediately set your down. Instead, he caught your lips with his and kissed gently, only then releasing your legs, allowing them to slide to the floor. Your hands knotted in his hair as your lips fought for dominance, before you drew your fingers down, scraping your nails lightly along his skull, then across his neck and finally over his chest and belly. At the top of his jeans, you stopped and caught your fingers in the waistband, quickly unbuttoning his jeans, then broke the kiss as you drew them down along with his boxers, dropping to your haunches to remove them completely.

When you reached out and closed one hand around him, Grayson stiffened and drew in a hissing breath. When you ran your fingers lightly down his length, he groaned, bucking slightly when you closed your mouth around his erection. But before you could continue, he was pushing you away gently.

“Not this time,” he growled, urging you to your feet.

Grayson drew you forward for a kiss again only this time it was not gentle. It seemed you’d wakened the beast.

Grayson’s mouth moved over yours, hot and hungry and demanding, as demanding as the hand he suddenly slid between your legs. You gasped, but there was no air to take in, just Grayson. His tongue was in your mouth, his body down your front, one of his hands in your hair and the other between your legs, first slipping a finger back and forth over your slick excitement, then delving into you, urging that excitement on to higher peaks.

You groaned deep in your throat as all that sated desire came screaming back to life inside you. Reaching between his legs, you caught him firmly in hand and squeezed gently, bringing a growl from Grayson’s throat. You knew you were playing with fire and still you ran your closed hand up and down the length of him again, smiling against his mouth with triumph when he suddenly stopped caressing you, catching you by the waist, and lifted you slightly.

You let go of your hold on his erection and wrapped your arms around his shoulders even as your legs wrapped around his waist and then he was easing you down onto him and you moaned loudly as he filled you.

You sensed Grayson hesitating, before he took a step forward and set most of your weight on the dresser beside the bed.

Groans left your lips as he adjusted your position to allow him to drive into you as deeply as possible. He pulled your bottom forward to the edge of the dresser surface and leaned his upper body into you so that you were half-reclining and clinging to his shoulders, your face pressed against one shoulder blade as he drove into you again and again.

When he caught you under the backs of your legs and lifted them slightly, you screamed silently at this new angle and turned your face into his neck, your teeth scraping along his skin.  Without stopping to think, you turned your head and pressed your lips against his neck, biting and sucking harder with every thrust of his. Grayson threw his head back and cried out, his body bucking against yours as your bodies merged and your pleasure mingled and echoed back and forth between you two. It grew stronger with each pass, until you were dizzy with it. You held on tight, your arms and legs, slick with sweat, wrapped around his equally slick body as you both reached your high. Gripping each other tightly, leaving bruises on each other’s skin, you both rode out your individual orgasms. The orgasms seemed to go on forever, throbbing through you both, a low repetitive hum that pulsed through both your bodies from the tips of your toes to the top of your heads. You felt Grayson’s fingers clutch at you desperately, even as your own nails scored his back.

Breathless and gasping for air, Grayson pulled back, his arms still holding you. With whatever little strength he had left, he pulled you off the dresser and placed you gently on the bed before following suit. Pulling the sheets over your naked bodies, he pressed you close to him, the smell of sex heavy in the air. You wrapped yourself around him, your lips pressed to his chest as you whispered, ‘You get an A for taking care of me, although you should do it more often, just to keep up the grade.’ You felt him chuckle, low and long, his chest reverberating under you as he wrapped his muscled arms around you, lulling you both into an exhausted but satiated sleep.

Prompt:  “And now it’s snowing. Brilliant.”

Character: Napoleon Solo

Warning: N/A

“This is all your fault, y’know.” You huffed as the two of you walked down the middle of an empty dirt road.

“How is this my fault?”

“You’re the one who got us caught and thus got us thrown out in the middle of nowhere. In the dark. In December.” You held a torch out in front of you, trying to see if this road actually went anywhere or if you’d be stuck in the middle of nowhere until Illya or Gaby found you. Which was very much a likely scenario at this point. Living the life of a spy wasn’t all that glamorous to be honest.

“It’s not that bad!” You gave Napoleon a look that said you very much agreed before feeling the tell tell splat of snowflakes against your hair and seeing them get progressively heavier as snow began to fall.

“And now it’s snowing. Brilliant.”

“Look. I’m sorry.” You nearly stopped walking at that because Napoleon Solo very rarely apologised. Part of you wanted to be irritating and challenge him on it, but mostly you were far too tired. 

“I know.”

Nine Lives to Live (1/3)

What happens when the ladybug’s chaton runs out of lives to live; but Ladybug isn’t ready to give him up yet. Read on FF

AN: This one was inspired by @littleblackchat’s comic I highly recommend you go and look at it. Bring your tissues. It’s terrible and gorgeous. That being said, this story does not follow the plot of the comic, the comic just put me in an angsty mood that led me down this rabbit hole.

This one is going to hurt, if I’ve done it right. However, since this is my first publication in this fandom and you don’t know my style; I’m going to offer you a first time customer special and promise you that no one will die (permanently) in this fic. Yay?  Thanks for looking it over @xhookswenchx!

Chapter 1: The Fall

The attack had been meant for her, but he’d been faster. He was always faster. At the end of the day, though, she was the only one who could purify the dark magic trapped in the butterfly… so Marinette was forced to forgive him time and time again his self-sacrificial theatrics.

“What have I told you about knight-in-shining-armor routine?” Marinette cried in frustration. He didn’t hear her, of course, he’d already toppled out the open window and Marinette caught her breath. Her eyes lingered there a moment longer than they should have but he had given her just long enough to capture the creature. Her magic released it in an instant with a wave of energy and she hurried towards the window the second the butterfly vanished from her sight.

“Aren’t cats always supposed to land on their fe-” Her voice caught in her throat when she looked out and saw a dark figure sprawled in the empty street below. It wasn’t that high, she tried to reassure herself, sliding down into the street with a grace that Chat apparently hadn’t managed.

She knew this game he was playing; get her all worried and then try to kiss her when she bent too close. It was hardly the first time. She squatted next to him, the tiniest flicker of doubt creeping through her facade. Still he didn’t speak and one more dot vanished from her earring.

“No more cat naps, Chaton, we’re going to change back soon-” she bent and shook his shoulder, muscles tense. Her stomach rose up into her throat and she shook him harder. Finally… finally she felt fear.

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The Little Princess

By Skyler10

Summary: Tentoo finds his daughter in timeout for fighting when he comes to pick her up from the Torchwood afterschool care program. ;)

Notes: For @doctorroseprompts: Their kid gets into a fight at school. Also inspired by the 1995 movie “A Little Princess” since Tentoo calls his daughter “princess” in my fic and I thought it was about time I explain why.

Fic soundtrack here. Read on Ao3 here.

“SHE IS TOO A PRINCESS!” Six-year-old Piper bellowed at her now former friend, Allen. Allen was a good year older than her, but the littlest Tyler woman didn’t find this daunting.

“No she isn’t!” Allen insisted. He whacked the ball out of Piper’s hands and away to the other side of the playground. “You think you’re so special because your grandad is Pete Tyler, but you’re not!”

“My mummy is a princess and I am a princess because my daddy told me so! And he’s the Doctor!”

Piper tried to hide her tears with her rage. She balled her small hands into fists at her side so the older boy wouldn’t see her wipe her eyes.

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You Should Have Known

If you are willing, could you do a credence x reader. It takes place during the New York subway thing and Percival shoots the spell obliviate at her and it’s just angst because they are all in the middle of a battle and everything just freezes because she’s just standing there confused and Credence just loses it - Anon

All done x sorry it took so long - it’s quite a long one too. Not directly angsty I don’t think, more so in context hope this worked out okay x

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AN: This drabble has been a wip for months now…I decided to just post. It’s a fun idea but idk what else I want to do with it.

Working alongside Kylo Ren was vexing and often fruitless. Searching for a kriffing map together had led to the untimely demise of Starkiller Base and the deaths of thousands–not that General Hux held a grudge. That would be unproductive, to say the least.

Still, dread pooled in his gut when Hux was summoned to a communication chamber aboard the Finalizer, much less grand than the vast hall Supreme Leader Snoke would appear to them on Starkiller. Kylo Ren, the juvenile, bumbling oaf, was already present and had undoubtedly been kneeling before his master’s visage for some time, if the stiffness of his shoulders were anything to go by. 

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anonymous asked:

Cap reacts sort of badly to a reporter implying Bucky was gay. Phil is a little heartbroken. Clint waits and in private warns Steve to keep that attitude to himself. Steve can react as you see fit.

This fic contains instances of homophobia, several homophobic slurs, obscenities, and threats of physical violence.  Do not read if any of this makes you uncomfortable!!!


“What the hell?” Steve slammed the paper down onto the table.  Phil glanced up from his Starkpad, coffee in hand.  They were the only two in the kitchen.  Steve looked upset, upset and angry.

 “Is there something wrong?”

 “Wrong?  Of course there’s something wrong!  This idiot, “ Steve waved his hand at the paper, “is saying that Bucky was a queer, a fairy!  He wasn’t one of those types of people.  You just can’t go around saying lies like that!  God, he wasn’t some sort of pervert.”  He glared at the paper as though he could set it on fire.

 Phil calmly set his mug down.  “I need to go.  There’s a meeting I have to attend.”  He gathered his things and left, walking calmly to the elevator.

 Steve barely noticed him leaving.

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Too Soon

BEFORE YOU READ: This might be a little different from the stories you have seen here. This one is angsty yet comforting. If this is not what you are looking for, you may scroll down.

“Are…are you sure.“ Jake asked her. Mia Rogers nodded with tears in her eyes, her red hair closing in front of her as she bowed her head in shame. Their feelings were confused. He wasn’t even sure if he was happy about it, he was expecting this to be happier news, however they were too young, it was all too soon. Neither of them had finished college yet, Jake was doing regular, and Mia had a scholarship. If it was for him, it wouldn’t have mattered, he would have got himself a part time job and other extra for keeping himself at bay, but he couldn’t do this to her, and even when people say it is a blessing he felt he was draggin her along with him to a slow walk to hell.

She bit her lips and crooked a sad smile.

"Surprise, daddy!”

He threw his arms around her and she then allowed herself to sob her worries out. His copper head resting on hers.

“What are we gonna do, Jake?”

“I’ll figure it out, babe. Promise.”

“My mom’s gonna kill me.”

“Over my dead body, Rogers. And besides, it’s me the one they’ll kill. After, y'kno, they skin me alive and take my eyes out and feed it to the crows.”

She punched him in the shoulder. “It’s not funny!”

They rested in silence for a couple of minutes.

“It’s over now, isn’t it? I ruined our lives.” He broke the hug to look her in the eye.

“Hey hey…look at me. Look at me, Mia.” She met his brown eyes. “You’re definitely not ruining our lives.”

“Jake, I’ll understand if you want to, y'kno” She shrugged her shoulder, “just walk away. I will not stop you. I will understand if you do that. I don’t…I don’t want to tie you up with me.”


“you can do great stuff. And ‘this’”, she pointed to her still flat belly, “will only slow you down.”

“Mia please shut up and let me help you both.” He caught her coldly.“I got this, babe. Remember I’ll always figure it out.”

All her worries paused for a moment, she knew a shitstorm was coming but the look in his eyes told her to relax, to trust him once more, as she had always done for years since they met. She had trusted him with her life and he has managed himself to keep her safe. There was no other reason for not trusting him this time.


His night shift ended at last and he couldn’t feel any happier for that, and even when he got home and found Mia deeply asleep he didn’t care. He was home now, regardless of the tons of bills still for paying or the endless fixtures he had to do to their doll-house appartment. The feeling of her warm body next to his was all he could ask. Quickly he surrendered to the weight of tiredness and fell knocked out to the bed. Few things could wake Jake up in matters of seconds, one of them was hearing his name on someone else’s lips, people he knew they were important like his father, Sam, his best friend Mia calling him in a voice loaded with pain. He turned on the lights and met with one of the most allarming scenes he’s ever seen. She was bleeding. Her hands held tight to the small bump in her belly as he tried to make her stand up. “I can’t!” She whimpered, tears already rolling from her green eyes. “I’m losing it. I don’t want to lose it, I don’t I dont'wanna-” “hey…hey HEY MIA!” he shook her from the elbows. “Breathe, babe. We’re going to the hospital.” Both headed to the door, Jake helped her to climb up tot his faithful old truck and buckled her up carefully. “Hold on tight, I’ll be going as fast as I can.” ~ As soon as the truck parked he rushed to her side and helped her to get to the entrance. Two steps she moved forward then she bent her knees screeching to the top of her lungs. Jake freaked out when he caught a glimpse of dark red pooling on the asphalt of the parking lot. He caught her and he ran with her in his arms, impulsed by the adrenaline of the moment. “A DOCTOR!” Jake crossed the E.R. entrance and by that moment, Mia collapsed and passed out from the pain. Mrs. Pereyra, Sam’s mother, and their lcky strike on night shift, acted fast and soon a group of nurses and doctors surrounded her and put her in a bed to surgery. His eyes lost her sight when the doctors took her to another isle and the gates closed, leaving him with her face of pain as a last memory. Mrs. Pereyra came close, overwhelmed by seeing Mia in that condition. “Jake what happened?” “I…I don’t know. She was fine, I mean- she….she.” He looked at his hands, they were covered in blood. Soon he started shaking and hyperventilating. He was going to have an attack. “Hey hey…breathe!” Melissa gripped his shoulders and guided him to a chair on the hallway. He was hearing Mrs. Pereyra speak but he wasn’t reall paying attention. He was rather looking at his hands stained with her blood and tons of ideas flashed before his eyes. Guilt came firts, then anger, frustration. He would give up his own life to save hers, let the doctors dry him out of blood and give it to her, whatever was necessary for her to be fine. He looked around and suddenly his mind was flooded with bitter memories of her being there in that same hospital, back when she had that terrible car accident, and he couldn’t do anything to protect her. “Jake, she is strong. She’s survived more than this and you know it. And you are a tough young man, wantcha to know that. This is your baby, your child, he will make it. I am dead sure nothing bad will happen to any of them. And of course I won’t definitley let it happen.” She reassured him with a smile. “thanks.” His voice shattered. Melissa caught him in a tight embrace then she left to go to Mia.


She opened her eyes to meet the blinding white of the hospital’s ceiling. Her head spun and everything from her lower back to her toes ached like hell. She tried to catch up on the timeline and remember what had happened before she passed out, then she recalled the pain, the blood. She gasped and took her hands to her stomach, her breath hitched in her throat and that made Stiles jolt awake. “Jake?”

“Hey shh shh… Mia.I’m here, I’m'ere.” He came close pushing her back to the bed and stroked her forehead. “the baby? am I…”

“You’re fine, sweetie. The baby is fine.”

“Morning, Mrs. Sullivan.” The doctor entered, her face looked optimistic, so whatever she were to say it was going to be good.

“Ok, let’s see…mhh mhh…you made it on time.” She said flipping papers in the folder. “If you two had got here a minute later, however…” Her eyes grew sad. Mia gulped her tears and fought for not breaking into sobs.

“Hey hey, I’ve seen that look before and lemme tell you this, young lady: this isn’t anyone’s fault. And you should stop worrying. Some women are more suceptible to changes than others. While some can carry up to three babies and give birth naturally, others would have a hard time with just one. Good news this is not your case but it’s nothing you cannot handle. Your baby is healthy and strong, and for you to keep up with that you should be healthy and strong too.” So far, the doctor told her to stay in bed and avoid hard work. “and I mean it. Lay carefully on the bed, try not to walk very fast or lift objects, be careful with stairs. Do not climb up long staircases nor go down them.” Mia looked at Jake, he had something in his eyes that had seen before, that spark that lit whenever it was about taking care of her. He had circles in his eyes, his skin looked yellowish. He should have gone to work two hours ago, but he didn’t mind. After the doctor wrote the list of vitamins and other pills she had to take she left them alone. Mia began to cry. It had been almost 4 months since her parents turned her back to her. Her dad refused to talk to her, her mother used to call from time to time but knowing that she had the influence of Mr. Rogers she would certainly step back. Now she needed their help, even if she didn’t want to admit it and this was going to be hard for both families.

“Mia…hey, listen to me!”

“What now? What are we going to do?”

“Hey you need to stay calmed. Do it for the baby, at least.”

“I try, babe, I do. It’s just…the medical bill won’t be cheap and you know it. We’re past due with the appartment, I needed to talk to you about that. The tennant wants us out by the end of the week, and the rent of three months. Cash.”

“Then I’ll get another job.”

“You can’t have three jobs, Jake, don’t be ridiculous!”

“Yes I can. I could take ten. I don’t ca-” Melisa Pereyra bursted into the room and closed the door silently behind her slender frame.

“Sorry guys. I just couldn’t help listening to you but…there is extra room in my house. Samis not coming back from college until November and by that time your baby will have been born already, Mia. And you, sir, wouldn’t need to leave your job nor take extra shifts.” The couple exchanged looks, “Thanks Melissa, but we-”

“It wasn’t suggestion, guys.” She cut strongly. “and I want you there too, Jake. Leave your father to me."She winked at them and after that she left the room. Jake let his head fall over Mia’s lap, she ran her fingers through his scalp as both took a deep breath and sighed in relief.

No matter how alone they seemed to be, if their families had turned their backs to them, or the money wasn’t just enough, there were always people who they can count with. Always.

Marichat May: Day 25; Akumatized Chat Noir

Marinette hummed happily as she sat at her desk sewing her latest design a sun dress for her self to match the ones she made for her two girl friends. She would add the embroidery later.

She had the design all planned out already. Alya’s dress was shades of orange and white had little foxes and turtles around the hem. She gave the foxes a sly smile and the turtles a knowing exasperated look.  

J.J.’s dress was shades of brown and red with little wolves and crows on it. The foxes and turtles for Alya’s dress was her idea she just thought it suited her and when J.J. found out she had begged for wolves and crows to be on hers. 

J.J.’s hazel eyes which switched from green to brown to shades in-between had been a puppy dog brown at the time and she couldn’t say no to those eyes. (Why is it that the girl is older then Marinette herself but hardly ever acts it?) 

She had music playing in the background the latest album from Jagged Stone. While her main light was turned off she had various smaller lamps turned on around her room to see by including the one on her desk near her sewing machine. 

She hummed happily along with the newest song on not really paying attention to her surroundings so she didn’t notice when Tikki who had been watching over her shoulder suddenly disappeared. 

Nor did she realize that a cool breeze had drifted into her room from the previously closed hatch above her bed. that was now ajar allowing the cool night air in. She didn’t hear the soft thud of something big landing on her bed dropping down through the hatch.

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