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Okay, I got a positive response for this, so let’s do this.

The season 1 opening (the only opening, really) of Young Justice has always caught my eye, and I just hadn’t realized why until now. At first I thought it was the sequence, the order in which they displayed the characters, and that fact that they look so cool.

But there was just something that I couldn’t put my finger on, and it’s been bugging me for months. And that’s when I saw this post.

Basically (though most of you probably know the opening, I’m still going to describe it for the purpose of this post), the opening is flashes of each of the original six members of the Young Justice team followed by flashes of the episode to come. I’m going to focus on the flashes of the members.

They’re showed in order of membership. First it’s Aqualad, the leader of the team. Then it’s Robin, who we know wanted to be leader and then later does take over when Aqualad steps down. Then it’s Kid Flash, the last of the core three that goes to Cadmus and is instrumental in forming the team. After that, it’s Superboy, the next to join the team. And then it’s Miss Martian. And finally, Artemis. Order of membership.

You’re probably thinking, I know all this already. Get on with it, but this is actually really important. 

Did you hear that? The order matters. 

It starts with Aqualad. It doesn’t, however, start with Kaldur. It’s Aqualad’s symbol that’s shown first, and then it shows his face, ready to carry out the mission and lead the team. It’s the same for Robin. The first thing we’re shown is the “R” on Robin’s uniform, and then it pans up to show Robin’s face. And Kid Flash’s symbol, and then he crouches down so we get a glimpse of his face as he covers it with his goggles. Superboy is very much like Robin’s. It shows the big Superman symbol on his T-shirt and then pans up to show his face.

The thing is, though, that it doesn’t happen with the last two.

With Miss Martian, it starts with her glowing red eyes and she flies backwards in a display of her powers. With Artemis, too, it doesn’t start with her Green Arrow symbol. It focuses on her shooting a bow. It focuses on the arrow.

So, here comes the analysis. My thoughts. I’ll start with the first four.

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No one tagged me but I want to do it sooooo

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1. What is your favorite Nancy Drew game and why?

ASH 5ever, for reasons I’ve already subjected you to endless gushing about over the years. SHA, because I’m from/in soulmates with the Southwest (the same part of Arizona, actually) and the game captures it perfectly, and is perfect in every other way. MHM, because you can’t beat a quintessential haunted Victorian, and for nostalgia reasons mentioned below.

2. Have you played all 32 games in the series? If not, which ones haven’t you played? If yes, which one did you play first?

Yep. My first was MHM in 2001. I was already into the books, and I’ve always been intensely obsessed with ghosts, so the title and cover caught my eye at the store. The screenshots in the fold-out cover with their eerie captions captured my imagination. After that it was all I could think about. I talked about it every day for weeks, until eventually I came home from playing and found it sitting on my bed. We couldn’t afford it and I didn’t really expect to get it, so I was beyond excited. Playing in the dark that night was magical. Now I hunt ghosts in Gettysburg with access to an endless supply of haunted houses, but the Golden Gardenia is my favorite.

3. What is your favorite quote from any character in the series?

“It’ll be brief, painful, and full of garbage, but that’s life, isn’t it?” “It’s good to know you’re keeping the mean streets of Pancake City free from crime!” Everything Alexei says.

4. If you could change the ending to any game, which one would it be (no spoilers, though)?

The Silent Spy would have a satisfying ending that did justice to the deep and complex story it had up until then, instead of the rushed, haphazard nonsense we got.

5. Which game is your least favorite, and why?

MED is possibly the absolute worst, for too many reasons to unpack in a paragraph.

6. Which character is your favorite? Why?

do I even need to say it

7. Which character is your least favorite? Why?

Rick Arlen and Tino Balducci. I’ve had to deal with so many of that brand of sleazebag in real life, they make my blood boil.

8. How do you feel about the whole Nancy/Ned vs. Nancy/Frank situation? Do you ship her with someone else? Who, and why?

I don’t think Nancy is particularly interested in either of them, or in settling down at all. To be completely honest, I like the idea of Nancy casually hooking up with hot people she meets on cases, then dashing. I’m especially fond of the idea of her and Zoe having an ongoing rivals-with-benefits thing.

9. Do you have any fun headcanons about any of the games or characters?

Until we met him in person, I used to headcanon that the reason we could never quite catch up with Sonny Joon was because he was in space. I’m convinced that Thornton Hall and Hurley’s train are really haunted. My crack headcanon about Alexei being a serial killer is a running joke among my entire household. And in my mind, practically every character is queer.

10. If you could visit any of the game locations, which ones and why?

Japan is my #1 travel goal, so the Ryokan Hiei would be first. I would love to be in Nancy’s shoes when there are no other guests left and she has the whole place to herself. Iceland is my #2 travel goal. I’d own the Golden Gardenia, because it ticks every box on my ultimate fantasy home checklist. I’d spend a couple days at Thornton Hall with my ghost hunting squad. I’d deliberately book a room at Wickford Castle when there was a snowstorm forecast, and do exactly what you do in the game. Shadow Ranch, because out in the middle of the Southwest desert is my place. Alexei’s shop, where we would complain for hours while I bought everything in sight. tbh the only place in the games that I wouldn’t want to visit is jail.

11. Did you read any of the original Nancy Drew books? If yes, do you like them? If no, would you consider reading one?

Yeah, I started reading them shortly before I discovered the games. They’re charming, and I enjoy the detailed descriptions of Nancy’s outfits and Hannah’s meals. But they’re also pretty simplistic and frequently racist. Most of my favorite books are more recent. I really like the Girl Detective series, especially Lights, Camera… and the sequel Action! They’re begging to be adapted for a game.

12. What is one thing any good detective can’t live without?

I’m gonna copy and paste what @nancydrewcomplex​ said, because it’s on point… “A smartphone for taking notes, allowing friends to find your location when you are inevitably kidnapped or entombed, social media stalking your suspects, some quick research, and most importantly the camera for swiftly taking pictures of evidence and journal pages and things you otherwise can’t risk taking the time to read at that very moment.”

13. Which game had the best soundtrack?

CLK’s use of the 1930s sound is 👌👌👌 FIN’s music couldn’t be more perfect for a darkened historic theater. It’s mysterious, magical and haunting, like remnants of the music that played in the theater during its 1910s heyday. I love how CAR has carousel music not just on the ride itself, but worked into the many of the songs. Sometimes it’s creepy, sometimes dreamy, like the ballroom theme, which evokes ghostly ladies and gentlemen waltzing around the haunted house that was once the Galaxy Ballroom. And of course, MHM’s soundtrack is a classic. It captures the feeling that the mansion is an isolated bubble of its own history and secrets, unconcerned with the world passing by outside. I love that each room has its own theme, like characters, from the eerily faded saloon music in the basement to the Chinese room to the dark, forgotten sound of the attic.   

14. What is one thing you wish HER would’ve included in any of the games (a conversation, interaction, location, feature, etc)?

I prefer the games that are solved mostly through snooping and task-based puzzles relevant to the context of the game, and wish they were all like that.

15. Do you have any ideas for a future game? What is it?

Tons! I’ve posted a couple, with plans for many more.

16. How long does it take you to finish a game from start to finish?

Depending on how many times I’ve played it, anywhere from two to eight hours. Hard to fathom now that my first playthrough of MHM took months. I didn’t yet have the internet to find a walkthrough and would put it aside for awhile when I got really stuck.

17. Did any of the games scare you? If yes, which ones? If no, why?

My first time playing MHM, the “I see you” on the stairs scared me so bad that I never used those stairs again, I took the creaky ones every time. The dog attack in Ghost Dogs scared me to death as a kid. Being outside when the howling started and Red saying “get back in the house” was super effective. It’s hard to scare me anymore, yet I dread going near the burned out ruins in GTH. The bad vibes are so oppressive it’s like static electricity.

18. Why did you join the Nancy Drew fandom here on tumblr?

I didn’t know there was one when I started this blog. I’d seen other “_______ things” blogs and kept thinking of Nancy Drew things. I doubted there were any other serious fans, let alone adults, but figured I’d make the blog anyway if only for my own enjoyment. I was thrilled to hit 20 followers. I was totally blindsided by how fast it took off. I’m continuously grateful and amazed by how wonderful my experience of this fandom has been.

19. What is your favorite Nancy Drew joke (from in-game or even floating around the internet)?

I get a kick out of how SPY is the “namedrop all the fandom’s jokes about Nancy” game. I did not expect how feelsy they managed to make the horse shirt.

20. Who is someone in the clue crew you’ve always wanted to get to know?

Everyone I used to follow has left :’(

21. What are three unpopular opinions you hold about the games?

Ned is annoying and bland af. I don’t mind Fox and Geese. DOG is visually ugly (imagine how much it could’ve been improved by being set in autumn!) and kinda boring.

22. Do you have any fun theories about any of the games?

I know the dates don’t line up, but I love the theory about Lizzie Applegate and Diego Valdez being Frances and Dirk under new identities. The prop lady is Nancy as an old lady, which is why the prop room is full of souvenirs from her cases. Aunt Eloise writes about Nancy’s adventures under the pen name Carolyn Keene, hence the box of yellow-spined books in her house.

23. Who was your favorite animal character featured in the games?

Iggy with his tiny outfits >w<

24. Do other people in your life know about your love for Nancy Drew?

To know me is to know about it. It’s too important a part of my identity to keep on the DL. And I’ve gotten all my siblings and even an in-law into it, so no one’s judging.

25. How long have you been playing these games?

Since 2001, when I was nine.

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a soft boy

me: that game’s $30, I can’t afford that

also me: buys $30+ of games during the sale and plays maybe one of them

Everyone is saying that the neutral is The Announcer and that’s a fantastic point!

But consider… the absolute true neutral in the entire game is the Hourglass on the loading screen y’all

Look at my boy being so excited about time just look at him 

So I was watching BTS in Knowing Brothers and something caught my eye…

Originally posted by yngissi

When the AUA crew was trying to figure out each of the members nicknames, Hobi said how he hated his being “J-Horse”. He actually asked for a new one and it somehow broke my heart.

I’m aware it all started out as a simple joke but I feel like it’s something that is afecting his self-esteem in a lot of ways (we always talk about other members feelings but neglect Hobi a lot). We’ve known how he doesn’t feel as much appreciated as the other members and he is somehow taken for granted (take as an example all of those V Live mishaps in which he gets asked about the other members and his expresion turns into a puppy that just got kicked)

But I also know there are a lot of ARMYs that care for him and love him to dead. I know they would do anything to make him happy and feel good with himself so here’s what I suggest: as a fandom we call Hopie a “Sunshine”, but he might not be fully aware of it. Let’s keep that as his official nickname, let’s tone down the horse jokes and mean comments and give this ray of sunshine the love he actually deserves.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

*Sorry for the rant, I will forever protect my sunshine no matter what and do as much as I can to make him happy*

The third piece in my new “Tokyo at Night” series that I’m currently painting.

This time I used a photo I took while going shopping late at night with Kana. The bright alcohol shop with a lot of plastic crates and a neon sign caught my eye this time. Also, I always liked the red (and sometimes green) streets and crossroads that you can find everywhere in Japan and wanted to feature it in this series also.

I used some white, opaque paint for the lighting (window lights, streetlight in the middle etc.) and to add some light blue reflections on the wires.

Technical stuff: * Paper: HOLBEIN Waterford natural 300g/m cotton paper * Sketch: Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni pencil grade HB * Line: COPIC Multiliner SP 0.5mm * Colours: my main 48 colour Schmincke set * White details: Dr. Ph. Martin’s BLEED PROOF WHITE

新しいイラストシリーズ「東京夜行」の3枚目です。 今回はカナと遅い時間に散歩した時に撮った、酒屋さんの写真を元にして描いてみました。カラフルなビールケース、自動販売機や看板が何もない路地で目を引きます。 追加で赤いコンクリートの交差点と後ろの高い建物に想像が膨らむ¥。


ツール詳細 * 紙: ウォーターフォード水彩紙 ナチュラルホワイト 300g * 下描き: HB Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni 鉛筆 * 線画: コピック マルチライナーSP 0.5 * 着色: 48色のシュミンケ水彩セット * 白い絵の具: ドクターマーチン ブリードプルーフホワイト


Julian Zhi Jie Yee of Malaysia placed 6th at the 2017 Nebelhorn Trophy with a personal best total score of 220.67, qualifying Malaysia’s first-ever spot at a Winter Olympics at the 2018 Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. (SP | FS)

anonymous asked:

Why is Key so pretty? I mean sometimes I can't even look at his photos without crying or taking a minute to digest. Like i know he's not your bias but I iii iiiii iiii can't be suffering alone right? :'/ :'( :'D

at the end of the day I am fully biased towards all members so yes you’re far from being alone in this friend

shinee is obviously a visual group but like. kibum. kim kibum. kim key. he’s so… holy shit he’s so, so beautiful it’s intimidating? like I’m sure if I stumbled across him in the streets I’d haul myself out of his way so as not to subject him to my ugliness

most of the time he’s really, really gorgeous half in that way super models are, bordering perfection and a bit hard to grasp around - how can someone like that exist what wh a - but still somewhat believable; half in that way you just. can’t comprehend because it shouldn’t be possible for someone to look that good. that way that makes you question if maybe he isn’t a figment of everyone’s imagination

this man isn’t real guys we collectively dreamed him up