caught in them streets

Team RWBY Headcanons
  • Ruby and Blake have a shared Manga collection.
  • Ruby unironically loves old horror and sci-fi movies, the cheesier the better.
  • Weiss watches those same movies just to ad-lib the lines (Giving them what Winter used to call ‘The Mystery Science Theatre 3000′ treatment).
  • However Weiss and Ruby both love cheesy music from the 90s and have been caught singing together (Imagine them singing this)
  • Yang is actually not as street smart as people think she is, being from Patch she still occasionally acts like a tourist in Vale.
  • Faunus rap is most definitely a thing and Blake listens to it.
  • Ruby has a lot of ‘Guns & Roses’ Merch, she doesn’t even listen to the band, Yang just buys it for her as a joke.
  • A lot of Yangs’ night time bike rides are actually her getting lost on the way somewhere and playing it off as intentional.
  • Blake usually reads on Yang’s bunk because it gets more sunlight than hers, she has been known to fall asleep curled up in a sunbeam.
  • Being from Atlas, Weiss Schnee has no concept of cold weather and can usually be found relaxing outside in anything less than a blizzard.
  • Ruby actually knows some really innapropriate jokes, she can just never tell them without blushing or cracking up.
  • Blake purrs in her sleep, Yang has videos.
  • Yang talks in her sleep….everyone has videos.
  • Weiss knows what Dust is in which chamber of Myrtenaster at all times, even when the weapon is in her locker.
  • Ruby has challenged Oobleck to a race before (Yang dared her to)

Ben, Borzoi (11 y/o), Spring & Wooster St., New York, NY • “My wife is better at the witty lines. He’s a rat hunter – he has caught them on the street.”

The Montreal Problem

Chapter 6

Summary: The reader has big plans to spend a month in Montreal with her boyfriend. The problem? He breaks up with her just as her flight is leaving. Now she’s going to be stuck in an unfamiliar city for a month with no place to stay. That is, until an unexpected hero offers her a solution.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5

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She’s A Shelby - Shelby!reader

Request: Hi could I request and imagine where you’re the youngest sibling of the shelbys and get badly beaten up by your boyfriend and the boys go after him please??? You can pick whatever ending you like!

She’s a Shelby - Shelby!reader

Finn was the first to know about your new boyfriend. You confided in him because you and he were the closest in age, being only eleven months apart. Finn promised not to tell anyone else. And he kept that promise for almost two months until the night you came home from the pictures looking like someone had taken a paddle to you. There was bruising on your face, under your eye and around your neck. Cuts on your lower lip, your forehead, and chin.  

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Monsters in the Classroom

The marker squeaks as I drag it across the board. My students are poised behind me, pencils and papers ready. They have a simple assignment: write down as many words as they can think of that describes who they are. While they write, I write. Tit for tat. Lead by example. I begin my list:







I pause and look around the room. My students now get the idea and have started to write their own lists. I take a deep breath and keep going. 






A few students go ‘huh’ at the last one, but then go back to writing. I see a few of them jot down Christian on their list. One student writes down Muslim. Another student writes down something, then erases it and replaces it with a question mark. 

One more beat and I raise the marker again. In a steady hand, I finish my list. 


I look at the word on the board, black standing out against white, and carefully erase the smudge I made of the ‘Q’ and rewrite it. I’m wasting time, but I am about to discover something heavy, weighty about my students. When I turn around, I will see who trusts me and who now doesn’t. I place the cap back on the marker, count a beat of five in my head, and turn around. The students now have a clear view of the board. 

I see one student in the back smile, grin wide and teeth showing, before ducking their head back down to their list. We’ve shared a secret, something between the two of us, a mental handshake. I see you there, we both say without words. I focus on their grin instead of the student now looking at me in disgust.

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Ten Minutes, Omegaverse

Last chapter! Thank you for everything! I’m finally finished! Please tell me what you think about it! After this i’m finally free to work on new project for tianshan!

19 Days, Omegaverse AU

Chapter 4 [NSWF]

He Tian x Mo GuanShan

I’ll be fine

Human’s adaptability is something that is often underestimated; We believe that we are a demanding, fragile race, with our needs and rhythms.
The truth is that we can get used to everything and the worst thing is that the process is so slow that we sometimes don’t even realize it. It’s inexorable, inevitable as the evolution of animal species.

GuanShan would never have expected to get used to He Tian’s constant ambush, every morning before he went to school. Of his way of hugging him, resting an arm on his shoulders, or his voice on the phone, while talking to him, locked inside his room during the heat, because He Tian wanted to “keep him company.”
Of the smell of smoke emanating from his skin, so familiar that it had slowly disappeared.

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Alright we are almost at the end of @daisugaweek2017 so I decided to write another long one. I really had no idea what to do with Day 6: Old/ New, so I decided to vague the hell out of the theme and just write whatever the crap I wanted. Ayyyyooo. Deal with it.

Warning: fun language

Also, sorry it’s so long. The “read under the cut” thing is still not working for me for some lame reason. (CURSE YOU TUMBLR.) I promise I’ll stop spamming everyone eventually.

“Fine! I’ll just find a new job!” Daichi stumbled down the uncharacteristically empty street of Kabukichou, cradling a bottle of whiskey in one arm. “I didn’t need that shitty job anyway,” he slurred to himself, lifting the bottle to his lips. “I’ll find a better job. A job with parties and sex and… and liquor! Yeah, that’s it… I’ll be a bartender!” he thrust the whiskey into the air, turning his face to the soft night rain. For a moment he staggered blindly, closing his eyes against the cool pattering of the rain. He welcomed the cleanse of what felt like more than just his face and hair.

After the scene he had caused back at his office following the news that he was being demoted, Daichi needed a good cleanse. He needed to cleanse his body and soul- but mostly his memory- of the image of him hurling his phone at his boss, calling him a corrupt, ass licking, nut sucking pig, and pushing the desk over before storming out of the building in an expletive flinging huff.

I don’t fuckin’ need them anyway.

His toe caught on a raised piece of street and he lurched forward, eyes popping open once more. His gaze fell on the crumpled form huddled on the far side of the sidewalk, in between a trash can and the wall of a love hotel. He knew what it was the instant it caught his attention.

“Oh fuck. A dead body.”

Daichi glanced down the street. He could keep walking. He could pretend he saw nothing, go home, drink some water, fall asleep, and forget all about this tomorrow morning. After all, none of the scarce late night roamers seemed to have noticed Daichi or the body. He could just ignore it.

But Daichi had always been a bit of a boy scout.

And his pride as a good man prevented him from just turning the other direction and feigning ignorance.

He let out a low groan and stumbled towards the body.

“Hey,” he called. “You ‘live?” As he moved closer and closer and the body came more into focus, Daichi realized that it was too small to be the adult he had thought it to be. 

Daichi might’ve thrown up at the horror of finding the dead body of a child on the filthy streets of Tokyo’s least savory neighborhood, but rather than vomit leaving his lips, a breath of relief passed them by at the sight of a set of unfeeling, brown eyes staring directly up at him.

Oh thank god, he’s alive.

Daichi froze and stared down at the young boy that couldn’t be any older than four or five years old. He wore a ragged pair of jeans and a torn and filthy t-shirt, both drenched from the rain. He was barefoot, shivering as he hugged his knees to his chest. Atop his head was a flat mop of unruly grey hair, and nestled in the corner of one of the bags hanging below his dead eyes was a small beauty mark.

He was thin and filthy and holy shit Daichi just found a random kid on the streets, what should he do?

Daichi looked left and right frantically.

“H-hello?” he called. “You left your kid here… uhm… hello? Is someone missing a kid?”

But the street around him was empty, save for a small group of laughing drunks standing out in front of a club boasting nude girls inside.

As far as good, trustworthy adults went, Daichi was the only one in sight.

“Fuck,” he muttered and then clapped a hand over his mouth. “Uhh… uhh… I mean heck!” he rubbed his temples stressfully, nearly pouring whiskey down the front of his jacket. “Fuck— ah, heck,” he quickly screwed the lid back onto the bottle and set it aside. He shook his jacket off of his arms and stepped close to the young boy.

“Hey,” he said in a voice he hoped sounded soothing. “Hi. Don’t be afraid. My name is Daichi. Err… Sawamura-san. Are you lost?”

The boy eyed him dully for a long second, gaze drifting slowly across his appearance.

“Can you understand me?” he asked again. “Do… do you understand Japanese? Uhm… how about, English?” He spoke in disjointed English, “Hello, do you— need help?” and then winced at how stupid he sounded. He should have paid better attention during English lessons back in school.

The child didn’t react to either language, merely staring lifelessly up at Daichi, blinking lethargically.

“Where’s your Mommy and Daddy?” Daichi asked in a slow voice.

But he still didn’t reply. He sat quietly, getting drenched by the rain, shivering against the cold.

“Ah fu-heck,” Daichi glanced around again. “Okay… let’s get you to the police station,” he held his jacket out and settled it down around the boy’s shoulders. He then scooped him up into his arms and straightened. The boy placed hands on his shoulders and leaned back, holding him in his emotionless stare.

Daichi turned in a slow circle, “Okay uhm… where’s the police station…” He wracked his mind but couldn’t seem to recall the directions to anything other than the bar he had been previously drinking at and his apartment. “Okay, no problem,” he held the boy with one arm and thrust the other hand into the pocket of his suit pants. “I’ll just call the police…” he pulled his hand out, empty. “That’s weird…” he switched arms around the boy and checked his other pocket, just to come back with the same result.

“Where’s my…” he paused. “Oh… that’s right.” He pursed his lips. He had thrown his cell phone at his corrupt pig of a boss.

Ex Boss. 

He looked to the boy, who continued to stare at him stiffly, hands pressed against his shoulders.

And really, what else could he do?

He smiled warmly at the child and put his other arm around him, holding him securely against his chest.

“It’s okay,” he said. “You can stay with me for the night. We’ll find your mommy and daddy in the morning when I can think straight.”

Daichi knew it was a bad idea.

A random drunk taking a small, unknown child home with him?

He probably looked like some kind of child predator.

But it was the only solution his drunk mind could think of at such short notice. Besides, it was still steadily raining and the kid would die if he didn’t get him out of the cold and into some dry clothes. And he couldn’t rely on someone else finding and taking care of him. Not in this neighborhood.

So regardless of whether he looked like a creepy pedophile or not, there was no way Daichi was leaving him out on the street.

“It’s okay,” Daichi spoke- rather rambled- soothingly the entire walk home while the boy continued to stare wordlessly at him. When he made it back to his tiny apartment, he thought once more about how this was the worst terrible decision he had ever made in his life and tomorrow morning the police were going to barge into his room and arrest him, branding him a child predator for the rest of his sorry, stupid life.

But at least if he was in prison, he wouldn’t have to worry about looking for a new job. And at least the kid would be safe, warm, and fed.

That’s all that really mattered, right?

“Here we are,” Daichi closed the door behind him as he carried the boy into his apartment. “Home sweet home!”

The boy finally dragged his eyes from Daichi’s face and glanced around the entrance of the apartment. Daichi kicked his shoes off and then set the child down on his bare feet, removing the suit jacket from his shoulders.

“It’s not much,” Daichi continued, hanging the jacket on the hook next to the door. “But it’s warm. And it’s cozy. And it’s home.” He reached out and took his hand, “C’mon, I’ll run you a warm bath and make you some food.” He led him down the hall to the bathroom and filled the tub with warm water.

“Wait here,” he said, turning for the door. “I’ll get you something to wear.” Daichi left the bathroom and let out a deep breath.

He was so fucked. If Asahi saw him now…

“What else am I supposed to do?” Daichi let out a low whine and stomped childishly to his bedroom. “Just let him freeze to death or be the prey of an actual child predator?” he went to his closet and sifted through the clothes, searching for something the boy wouldn’t be absolutely drowning in. “He’s such a cute kid! There’s no way he could survive out there! There was nothing else I could do. I did the right thing,” he nodded stubbornly and grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of exercise shorts.

He went back to the bathroom to find that the kid had already climbed into the tub, his filthy clothes crumpled on the floor beside it. He moved his hand slowly through the water, staring at it with wide eyes.

“How’s the temperature?” Daichi asked, setting the fresh clothes on the sink counter. “Is it too hot? Too cold?”

The boy glanced at him but then looked back to his hands, running them reverently through the liquid, as if he had never seen such a thing before in his life.

“There’s soap and shampoo you can use,” Daichi pointed at the bottles sitting on the edge of the tub. The boy looked at them, turned to Daichi, and then faced the bottles once more.

Daichi watched him for a moment as he hesitantly reached out to the shampoo and poked it. He poked the soap next and looked to Daichi.

“Do you not know how to wash?” Daichi lifted an eyebrow. “How old are you?” he walked up and knelt beside the tub. “Okay. See this bottle?” he lifted the soap. “Soap. You use it to wash your body,” he popped the cap and took the boy’s hand, holding it out. He poured a small amount into his palm and set the bottle aside. “Just rub it all over,” he feigned washing his chest.

The boy looked at the soap warily, suspicious eyes flicking back up into his face.

“Listen, Kid. I’m already on the fast track to being deemed a child molester. I’m not washing your body for you.”

He cocked his head to the side questioningly.

Daichi sighed, “Okay, forget the soap then,” he rinsed the soap from his hand and then grabbed the shampoo bottle. “I’ll wash your hair for you.” He squirted a dollop of the shampoo into his hand and then gestured at him, “Turn around.”

The boy did as he asked, leaning his back against the side of the tub. Daichi scowled and lathered the shampoo in his unruly grey hair.

“When we find your mom tomorrow, I’m gonna give her a good lecture about teaching you not to trust people so easily. You’re lucky I’m a good guy, but what if some creep had found you before I did?” He let out a huff and massaged his fingers over the boy’s scalp gently. “Really, it’s bad enough that she lost you. And in such a fuckin’— ah, heckin’ bad neighborhood. Just what the fuck— shit, no I mean heck, ah god damn it, fuck. No.” He paused, pressing his forearm to his eyes momentarily. “When we find your parents, please don’t repeat any of this shit— junk that I’m saying.” He continued scrubbing his hair, “I already look like a pedophile. I don’t also need to add general bad influence to my record.”

He finished washing and then rinsed the boy’s hair.

“Alright, let’s dry you off and get you something to eat,” Daichi stood and grabbed a fluffy grey towel. The boy stood and climbed out of the tub and Daichi wrapped the towel around him. “Dry, dry, dry,” he sang as he rubbed his hair and shoulders. He released him, allowing him to dry the rest of his body as he turned to the clothes.

He lifted the shorts, “Alright, here you go. They’re gonna be like hakama on you, but it’ll have to do,” he knelt and held the shorts out. The boy stepped into them and Daichi pulled the drawstrings as tight as they would go and tied them off.

“And your shirt,” he lifted the t-shirt, “It’s going to be like a dress on you. But it’ll have to do.”

The boy dropped the towel to the side and held his arms out. Daichi’s eyes fell on a large, black bruise covering his left ribs. His mouth went dry and he swallowed, looking back into the boy’s face. He stared at him, emotionless, waiting patiently for him to pull the shirt over his head.

Daichi inhaled deeply and slid the shirt over his head and shoulders, pulling his arms through the sleeves.

“Alright,” he stood and turned away. “Let’s get you some food,” he dragged his fingers through his hair stressfully as he led the way down the hall to the kitchen.

Fuck. Fuck.

What’s that?

Where did he get that?

Did his parents do that?

Is he a runaway?

Daichi stressed quietly as he gathered ingredients for a meal from the cupboards and refrigerator. What was he supposed to do? He couldn’t hand a kid that was obviously abused back over to the parents that might have been the ones to do it. What’s more, they’d probably just pin the blame on Daichi anyway.

He was a drunk, twenty-five year old man who had spent the past several hours of the night slumming it in the raunchiest neighborhood in the city.

Just who were the police going to believe?

He was so fucked.

“Tomorrow’s Daichi will figure it out,” he mumbled as he cooked. “Sober Daichi is much smarter than drunk Daichi. He’ll know what to do.”

He put together a simple meal and then sat on the other side of the table and watched the boy eat it. His eyes were wide as he hungrily scooped spoonful after spoonful of the food into his mouth, barely sparing the time to chew and swallow before stuffing another bite in.

“Slow down,” Daichi said. “You’re going to choke.”

The boy ignored him, sucking down a long gulp from his water.

“Jeez,” he muttered, leaning his chin in the palm of his hand. “It’s like you’ve never eaten before in your life.”

Physical abuse and neglect?



When the boy finished, Daichi set his dishes in the sink and led him to the bedroom.

“Alright, you take the futon,” he said, fluffing the pillows and blankets. “I’ll sleep right here on the floor so when the police barge into my apartment tomorrow, I’ll look less like a pedophile. Ah, maybe I should sleep in the kitchen… nah, it gets cold in there.”

He patted the futon and looked up at the boy, “Here you go. Get in.”

The boy followed his instruction and Daichi tucked him in gently, pulling the blanket up to his chin and patting his stomach.

“There you go,” he said with a warm smile. “If you get cold, just steal my blanket, okay?”

The boy blinked up at him wordlessly.

Daichi stretched out on the floor next to the futon, letting out a tired groan. The exhaustion was finally taking hold of his already foggy, intoxicated mind.

He let out a loud yawn and stared up at the ceiling, “It’s okay,” he murmured. “Tomorrow, we’ll figure it all out.” His mind drifted to the bruise covering the boy’s side and dread filled his stomach. “It’s okay,” he said again. “Sober Daichi will know what to do.” He let out a laugh, “Who knows, maybe I’ll just have to be your new Daddy.” His eyes slid closed and he hummed, “I guess that means I’ll need to find a new job…”

His brain was shutting down, going to sleep for the night, when he heard soft rustling from the futon. And then Daichi’s blanket lifted and a small, warm body slid close and snuggled against his side. The boy rested his head on Daichi’s shoulder, thin arm wrapping tightly around his stomach.

Daichi’s heart twisted painfully and he put an arm around him.

“It’s okay,” he mumbled. “I’ll protect you.”

Is what he thought. And he sincerely believed those words as he fell asleep, swearing that in the morning he’d know exactly what to do.

To protect this child.

To keep him safe from whatever it was that haunted him.

However, reality just wasn’t as simple as Daichi’s drunken daydreams.

He had been so positive that he’d know exactly what to do the instant he opened his eyes that morning. But any confidence he may have had the night before was blown completely away the instant he awoke to find a grown ass adult man cuddled into his side, one hand tucked underneath Daichi’s shirt, fingers spread over his abdomen.

For long seconds Daichi stared down at the head of unruly grey hair resting on his chest. 

That head was much larger than the one Daichi had shampooed just a few hours prior.




Daichi let out a cry and sat up hurriedly, spilling the man to the floor beside him.

“What the fuck?” Daichi scampered backwards and pressed his back to the wall of his bedroom. The man groaned and rubbed his head. He rolled over and leveled Daichi with a brown-eyed stare. The eyes were the same as the ones that had drilled holes into Daichi’s soul last night, but rather than that dull, lifeless look, they were warm, curious.

“Wh-who are you?” Daichi demanded. His head pounded with a dull ache and his stomach twisted nauseously at his sudden movement. “Wh-why are you in my apartment?”

The man sat up and looked around the room, smiling affectionately.

“It’s not much,” he said in a light voice. His eyes slid over a bookshelf in the corner, “But it’s warm. And it’s cozy. And it’s home.”

Daichi blinked at him in surprise.

“Home sweet home,” he chuckled softly and faced Daichi, corners of his eyes crinkled tenderly.

He crawled on all fours in Daichi’s direction and Daichi noted that he was wearing his t-shirt and shorts, still too large, but no longer a dress and hakama.

“Wh-who are you?” Daichi repeated.

“Suga,” he answered simply.

Daichi leaned away as he drew nearer.

“What… what are you…”

The man put his hands on Daichi’s knees and pushed them down to the floor. He climbed onto his lap and straddled his hips, placing his arms around his shoulders.

“Why do you look so shocked?” he asked softly. “Didn’t you say you’d be my new Daddy?” his fingers curled in the hair at the back of Daichi’s neck.


He hummed and slid a finger along the line of Daichi’s jaw, “That’s what you said last night, wasn’t it?”

Daichi gulped, eyes falling on the beauty mark in the corner of his left eye.


No fucking way.

“What are you?” he whispered.

The man smiled, eyes glittering with amusement, “Your new job.”

Daichi’s eyes widened.

He leaned forward until their noses touched, “You’ll do it, right? You’ll protect me?”

Daichi’s stomach dropped.

Well… on the bright side, he wasn’t going to be hauled off to prison and convicted as a child predator.

The man trailed his fingers reverently through Daichi’s hair, scrutinizing his face closely with wide, feeling eyes.

A shudder passed through Daichi’s body and he slumped back against the wall, breathing out a soft,

What the fuck.

The man straightened, eyes lighting up.

“I think you mean heck.”

He threw his head back and laughed, the sound echoing through the apartment like the peals of Daichi’s funeral bells.

And he was so hecked.

Two Transformers who I really need to see more deeply explained and explored in IDW are Megatron and Chromia. I’m not suggesting that they’re currently flat characters or anything, on the contrary I think Megatron is possibly the most fleshed out character in Transformers franchise; what I mean is that I feel that they currently have these major holes in their characterisation that really, really bug me.

I’ve already rambled about my main bone of contention with Megatron’s characterisation and what would need to be done to make his character feel right to me a couple of times already, so I’m gonna talk about Chromia here.

The issue I have with Chromia is that the fact that she planted that bomb has never really sat right with me - not without further explanation, which we haven’t really received. It would be different if it turned out that she killed a bunch of people in a moment of passion or confusion, I don’t think there’s anything unusual about doing drastic things in moments of desperation, ergo such an act wouldn’t need any further explanation. What she actually did however was such a calculated act that I feel it suggests something about her character that can’t be explained by circumstance alone, or at least not the circumstances we were shown. 

We did see that Starscream was starting to threaten Windblade, which could arguably explain why Chromia felt driven to such an extreme act. However, we didn’t see Starscream become truly threatening until Chromia had already commenced her plan - in fact it was the side effects of her plan that prompted Starscream to up the threat in the first place. On that note, all the really major hostility between Starscream and Windblade during that period, and the subsequent danger Windblade faced, spun out of Chromia’s actions. So feeling especially endangered by Starscream doesn’t make a lot of sense as a motivation for Chromia planting that bomb. 

What’s more, given what we’ve seen of other Camiens such as Windblade and Nautica, such extremism from Chromia seems particularly strange. If a Cybertronian had done what she did I wouldn’t need any further explanation at all, since blowing stuff up and killing people is the go-to Cybertronian solution to most of their problems. Camiens, on the other hand, don’t seem nearly as habituated to such radical acts of violence, so it feels weird coming from Chromia. 

I speculated before that Chromia might have been sent on her mission because she was an unusually violent and radical Camien. If that turned out to be the case it would somewhat satisfy me as an explanation for her behaviour, so long as we later got further explanation as to how she become exceptionally violent and radical in the first place. Maybe she was from one of those desperate, backwater mining towns that were constantly assaulted by bandits, or something like that.

Alternatively, or additionally, if we got further elaboration on the circumstances leading up to Chromia’s actions, said actions might make a lot more sense. As I said before, most of the early danger we saw Windblade and Chromia face on Cybertron was a result of Chromia’s actions, but if we saw them face other significant Cybertronian threats prior to this then Chromia’s desperation might make more sense. We could have flashbacks to their initial months on Cybertron, showing them experiencing a growing sense of dread and danger as the realisation of what an insane death world full of casual murderers they’ve found themselves on really dawns on them. This could culminate in them getting caught up in a street brawl in which Windblade only narrowly avoids getting fatally shot, at which point Chromia decides she has to get them out of there at any cost. Something like that would make Chromia’s character finally click into place for me.

‘All The Things You Said’ Chapter 7 is up!

I’m not sure if I’m satisfied with this but I hope y’all enjoy it!

prompted by @robinv-ellacott

#6, things you said under the stars (from this list)

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Molly asked, a sigh of contentment leaving her lips.

“Yes,” Sherlock breathed out, but he was not staring at the stars. Molly was unaware of this.

“I love the way they shine,” Molly continued.

“So do I,” Sherlock replied, watching her eyes look up at the night sky.

“Have you ever seen anything so gorgeous?” Molly asked rhetorically.

“Yes,” Sherlock whispered, trailing his lips down her neck, finally grabbing Molly’s attention.

“Sherlock,” Molly gasped and giggled at the same time. “You haven’t even been looking at the stars.”

“Don’t need to,” Sherlock murmured against her skin. “So beautiful.” Molly rolled over on her side to face him regardless of the blush that had spread over her cheeks.

“Are you at all interested in stargazing?” Molly laughed. “If you weren’t, you could’ve just told me.”

“Of course not,” Sherlock replied. “But I am rather interested in watching a certain pathologist stargaze. It’s much more fascinating to see the stars that way.”

“You weren’t even looking at them,” Molly teased.

“The way they reflect in your eyes makes them shine more than usual,” Sherlock commented. “You put the stars to shame, Molly Hooper.” He leaned in for a kiss but Molly pulled away when a droplet of rain hit her nose. One drop turned into ten and not a moment later, it was pouring.

“Of course it would rain,” Molly smiled.

“Ruined a perfectly good night,” Sherlock huffed. But Molly wasn’t listening. She had hopped off of the blanket and ran in the slick grass in her bare feet. She was spinning around in circles, her arms extended out from her sides. “Are you insane?” Sherlock shouted over the sound of the falling rain.

“Absolutely,” Molly giggled. She held her hand out. “Come on, it’s just a bit of water.”

“It’s completely immature,” Sherlock grumbled, though he couldn’t deny how carefree and adorable she looked dancing in the rain. Adorable, Sherlock sneered in his mind. Where did that come from? His feet betrayed him as they moved toward Molly. Before he processed how he was suddenly in her arms, they were dancing a waltz in the pouring rain and Sherlock allowed himself to let loose. They were quickly laughing together like two teenagers.

“This is amazing,” Molly smiled, looking up into Sherlock’s stormy eyes. “See, it’s not so bad being silly every now and then.” His lips were suddenly on hers, the rain adding a new element to their usual passion. The new sensation elicited shivers from both of them as they were wrapped up in each other’s arms. Sherlock lifted her up into his arms, causing a small yelp of surprise to pass Molly’s lips.

“Come on, wouldn’t want you getting sick now,” Sherlock told her with a smile that crinkled the corners of his eyes. He caught them a cab and they rode back to Baker Street in bliss.

Fanfiction.Net | Ao3

anonymous asked:

Could you walk us through what happened when you met Jensen one more time now that we know she had the baby bump?:) it's fine if it's to much trouble, just really curious (:

Ok, so here’s the full unedited edition I guess of my encounter with the Ackles Family now that everyone knows she is, in fact, pregnant with fraternal twins that will undoubtedly conquer the world with their charm and good looks:

Ok, so there I am, Gwen, sitting in the lovely quaint village of Deep Cove in North Vancouver, an ocean boat harbor town that relies heavily on marinas and tourists. It’s a very quiet little spot located between gorgeous high mountain peaks near The Indian Arm.

I’m sitting, facing up the street, my back to the water, in a really awesome pizza shop called Deep Cove Pizza. I’m shoveling a second slice of Capri Pizza into my mouth when I look up from my current bout of Pokemon Go to say something to my friend coleen (who took the picture of me and jensen).

I am immediately drawn to a handsome couple walking down the sidewalk, only because the streets were somewhat empty and it was a slow Monday afternoon. At first glance I see a strong tall man in a plaid shirt and jeans carrying an adorable toddler girl with shoulder length blonde hair and a top ponytail. His hat is on and he is wearing sunglasses. His daughter is tucked neatly into his right arm so she is resting her tummy to his right shoulder. His left arm is cast casually across his midsection to cup his daughters calves and hold her steady.

His wife, also wearing a hat (but a visor, if I remember correctly) has her hair in loose pigtails (not braided, just chillin) and a pink top with horizontal stripes decorating it. The top clinches high at the chest, under her cleavage, and drapes. It was flowy, but it was still obvious she was pregnant.

So, at this point my brain hadn’t registered who I was seeing. But this is everything I can remember in that split second of observation.

I turned back to my friends to say something defending Team Valor, and then paused. I did a double take. They were still walking towards me, the two adults strolling casually down the small decline in elevation as the street slopes a bit towards the water. I try not to stare, but every fiber in my body is screaming “YOU KNOW THEM.” when It finally clicks that this is the man that I have been watching on TV since I was 7 years old, I gasp, unable to really breathe, and look back to my friends, quietly explaining who just walked by us.

“GO TAKE A PICTURE WITH THEM! IF THEY ARE THAT IMPORTANT TO YOU, GO!” My friend coleen stage whispers harshly until I finally muster the will to launch myself out of the outdoor seating of this pizza place and I jog as quietly as I can until I am caught up with them. At this point, they are across the street in front of a restaurant called “The Arms Reach” right in front of the end-of-street roundabout that is encircled by a brick pavilion and stone ledge overlooking the cove and providing a spectacular view that you see in my picture. They are approaching a black SUV that is parked in the last street parking spot in front of the restaraunt.

Now, I had to just watch, because if they were going into the restaurant to eat I wasn’t going to bother them. But suddenly jensen pulls car keys from his pocket and I see the headlights flash. They’re getting in the car to leave, they are on the sidewalk, they’re not in a rush, I don’t think I’ll be bothering them too much if I go introduce myself.

Jensen, holding a sleepy JJ, rounds the car from the back, going around the trunk to open the door behind the passenger seat. Danneel was following him, probably to help strap her in, when I reached them. I came around the car the same way they did but with a much larger berth as to not really invade their personal space, I didn’t want to freak them out especially when they had JJ with them.

“ Um, excuse me?” I was shaking in my boots 100% running on pure adrenaline and I gave a little finger wave as Danneel turned around. She had a little smile on her lips, reserved. I could tell she was sizing up whether I was going to start screaming and crying and throw myself at her husband lolol.

Danneel had an auburn eyeshadow on. I remember that clearly, which is funny.

Anyway, danneel goes “hi!”, and this makes Jensen turn around, JJ still in his hands, and I just kind of go for it. I introduce myself and say hello to all of them. “ hi JJ!” I say very gently and give her a cupped hand wave “she’s beautiful!” I tell them. Jensen smiles. Eye crinkles. I die.

Then, I pretty much: “I just, I don’t want to be a bother and I know you’re having family time, so this will be quick but I just needed to tell you that you’re all amazing and wonderful, and mr. Ackles (ues i called him Mr. Ackles LIKE A DWEEB) I’ve been watching this show since I was 7 years old, and now I’m turning 19 -” jensen gives a little snort of laughter- “God sorry not to make you feel old or anything!!!!!”- now danneel chuckles a little bit AT HIM (I die again) “but I just wanted to say you’re so talented and just thank you so much, and would you mind maybe taking a picture with me?”

So jensen says “well thank you, that’s very kind, and absolutely!” And he goes to put JJ in the carseat behind the passenger seat and leaves Danneel to buckle her in. Thats when JJ says, in the cutest little voice :“Daddy, who is thaaat?” And jensen tucks her legs into the leg grooves and just goes “oh, she’s just daddy’s friend” (again, my heart exploded and I saw jesus) Now, until this moment, I had been a little busy trying to form words, so I had forgotten that Danneel was pregnant. But then, watching her go to buckle in JJ it was once again obvious that she had quite the baby bump. Nothing huge, but she was at least a few weeks in to the second trimester.

My eyes are locked on her as jensen Ambles towards me (and yes, he really does walk bowlegged still, God save me) and he is approaching me on my left, and he removes his sunglasses and flips his hat backwards, and insists that we take the photo “so this view”- he gestures to the trees and cove-“is in the background.”

“Yah, It’s so beautiful,” I agree. “Thank you so much” and so he slings his arm around me and I’m trying not to cry and he just smells like sandalwood and Denali old Spice and I’m looking at the camera and we take a few pictures and I thank him again, i ask him to tell jared I said “Hi” and I look back at danneel who is now standing in the passenger space with the door open, smiling, waiting for jensen before she climbs into the car. I look at her belly, I look back at jensen, and he sees me stare a little bit and he goes to say something - and because I know jensens tells from years of convention panels and videos, I know he’s starting to feel a little hesitant, and just as he starts to say something I simply wave a hand and go “I won’t say a word.”

The relief on his face was palpable, and he nodded, said a thank you and a goodbye, i called after him that “BTW, MISHA IS STILL MAD ABOUT THE LIVESTREAM” (which made him laugh again) and climbed into the car. Coleen and I ran back across the street, me waving and wishing well. As soon I got to the other side of the street I started jumping up and down and running back up to our other friend Eddie at the pizza place. But soon my brain exploded and I just fistpumped and laid down on the sidewalk, thinking they couldn’t see me.

Two seconds later, the car rolled by and I saw jensen staring at me on the ground and he had eye crinkles, laughing at me. I died for the final time.

And that’s it folks. Now you know the whole story.


dc + batfam aesthetics || jason todd – birthday August 16th

the Anemone; on a darker note, it indicates fading hope and a feeling of having been forsaken. On a positive note it symbolizes anticipation, something dear to your heart that you dream of.

the Peridot; in ancient times, it was said that a dream about peridot foretold impending danger.

happy birthday u nerd!

The random person offering him a box of mysterious white papers , the outfit, the facial expression, the pose , the white sunglasses. Just perfect.

They’d reached the junction of Treacle Mine Road and Elm Street when it caught up with them.
There were cries further along the street. William swiveled his head, saw the four-horse brewer’s dray thundering out of control. He saw the people diving and scuttling out of the way. He saw the soup-plate hooves throw up mud and ice. He saw the brasses on the harness, the gleam, the steam..
His head swiveled the other way. he saw the old woman with two sticks, crossing the street, quite oblivious to the onrushing death. He saw the shawl, the white hair…
A blur went past him. The man twisted in the air, landed on his shoulder in the center of the street, rolled upright, grabbed the woman, and leapt–
The wayward wagon went by in a rush of mud and ice crystals. The team tried to corner at the crossroads. The dray behind them did not. A melee of hooves and horses and wheels and sleet and screams whirled onwards and took the windows out of several shops before the cart rammed up against a stone pillar and stopped dead.
In obedience to the laws of physics and the narrative of such things, its load did not. The barrels burst their bonds, crashed down onto the street, and rolled onwards.
A few smashed, filling the gutter with suds. The others, thumping and banging into one another, became the focus of attention of every upright citizen who could recognize a hundred gallons of beer which suddenly didn’t belong to anyone anymore and was heading for freedom.
William and Sacharissa looked at one another.
“Okay – I’ll get the story, you go and find Otto!”
They said that at the same time, and then stared defiantly at each other.
“All right, all right,” said William. “Find some kid, bribe him to get Otto, I’ll talk to that Plucky Watchman who grabbed the old lady in A Mercy Dash, you cover the Big Smash, okay?”
“I’ll find the kid,” said Sacharissa, pulling out her own notebook, “but you cover the accident and the Beer Barrel Bonanza and I’ll talk to the White-Haired Granny. Human interest, right?”

– when It catches up | Terry Pratchett, The Truth

anonymous asked:

i have this headcanon that maccready falls in love with the sole survivor even if he isn't romanced, because their stories are so similar and he sees himself in them and they saved him and his son. how would the other romanced companions react to finding out maccready had a major thing for their sole? how would maccready react to finding out sole has a partner?

I reckon your headcanon is spot on my friend, can totally see that happening. Now I feel a little bad because I haven’t ever romanced MacCready…poor bastard. Anyways, enjoy!

Sidenote – Magnolia’s ‘Baby it’s Just You’ seems like a very apt song here…

 MacCready – He loved Sole, there was not a single doubt in him. It was the most sure he has ever been in his entire life. After all they’ve been through, they just kept going, kept fighting and never stopped even after their son was taken and their spouse killed. MacCready wouldn’t know how he’d react if he lost Duncan and to say Sole was an inspiration was like saying the detonation of the atomic bombs was a small hiccup for humanity. Even so, as MacCready looked at himself in the cracked and foggy mirror he still couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling in his stomach. He’s never had to do this before. With Lucy, it just happened, but with Sole…he didn’t know what to think or do. The last thing he wanted from them was just to hook up like most couples do in the Commonwealth. No, he knew what he felt for Sole was real, they were both like two peas in pod. What he felt was more than just the need for a romp in the hay together. He had tried to see if they felt the same way for him, but he wasn’t sure if all they wanted was friendship or that they were oblivious to what he was trying to express, so he was left to do the only think he could. He had to just outright tell them. With a deep breath, MacCready straightened his tie of the only decent tuxedo he could find and stepped into the hallway of the house he shared with Danse. It was night-time in Sanctuary and there was a small celebration going on because of the Minutemen’s success in taking down the Brotherhood of Steel. Danse himself was nowhere to be found so no one could distract Macready as he retrieved a black fedora from his dresser and mentally prepared himself for what he was about to do. Upon walking out of his house, he took in a deep breath and began to walk over to the makeshift bar just across the street, a bouquet of flowers held behind his back. Curie and Hancock were already lost in the corner playing pool against Piper and Nick with the rest of the companions drinking, talking and laughing at the bar. MacCready’s heart began to hammer as he saw Sole leaning with a beer against the railing of the balcony, a large grin on their face from something Cait had said. He wiped the sweat from his brow and took in a deep breath as he was about to cross the road, but then he had stopped short, his breath frozen painfully in his lungs. Sole had casually wrapped their arms around Cait’s waist and pulled her in for a deep, passionate kiss. MacCready was too late. As he stood there with what felt like a knife twisting in his chest, the pain as bad as loosing Lucy all over again, MacCready dropped the flowers and broke down into tears. Sole was not his to love. He was not what they wanted, what they needed and that thought alone had him turn around fighting to hold in his sobs. He never would have thought something like this could hurt him so badly, but it damn well did. He never showed up to the party that night. In fact, come morning MacCready had disappeared and returned his life of being a mercenary for hire. He still loved Sole and didn’t blame anyone but himself for not manning up and telling them sooner, but he knew he couldn’t stay there. Not when what he desperately wanted, what he needed was given to someone else.

Cait – Despite Cait often coming across as aloof, domineering and little selfish from time to time, she was a very intuitive woman when it came to other people. Deciphering their motives and what made them tick was a habit that had kept her alive in a place like the Combat Zone for so long. So when she and Sole decided not to hide their relationship anymore, Cait couldn’t help but notice MacCready’s reaction. It was when Sole was just about to go to the Institute, the molecular relay powering up behind them when she grabbed Sole and pulled them in for a rough but passionate kiss. She had momentarily forgotten that pretty much the entire settlement had come to see Sole leave, including MacCready, and to be honest she didn’t really care. The person she loved was going to the most dangerous place in the Commonwealth alone, so damn right she was gonna kiss them goodbye. During the time they were gone, MacCready was all mopey and not his usual self. At first Cait didn’t give a damn, she was too busy worrying about Sole, but when they did finally come back, she recognised the longing in his gaze when he’d see Sole walk past him. She’d watch as the two of them talked, how MacCready’s face would blush and how his eyes would sparkle when Sole smiled. She didn’t like it, not in the least, but Cait knew how lucky she was to have Sole fall in love with her. Although one time, she caught MacCready staring at them from across the street, so she marched right on over. “Listen MacCready, I know ya’v got a thing for Sole but nothin’s gonna happen, ya hear? Move on with ya life, ya will find what ya lookin’ for. I promise.” She trusted Sole completely and she could understand MacCready’s feelings for them, but in case her words didn’t get through to him, she would let MacCready know in not so subtle actions that Sole was hers and hers alone.

Curie – She would never find out on her own that MacCready liked Sole, instead she’d have to be told by someone else who would point out the warning signs to her. Like whenever Sole walked past him, MacCready would blush and look away, or when talking to Sole, MacCready would stutter and avoid looking directly at them. Curie could most certainly understand why but what she couldn’t understand was the feelings that were provoked inside her upon knowing this. It felt similar to frustration but also something else she couldn’t quite but a finger on. It made her want to be near Sole all the time, to keep Sole away from MacCready and all to herself. She wouldn’t confront him about it, so she’d turn to the only person who could help her figure out what it was she feeling and how she could get these thoughts out of her head. Sole.

Danse – Danse was highly protective of Sole, he loved them with all his heart and synthetic soul and wouldn’t know what the hell to do with himself if he should ever lose them. So when he realised that all the sneaky looks and blushing MacCready was doing regarding Sole was because he had a very large crush on them, Danse was furious. Sole was his and Danse’s urge to make that known was verging on primal aggression. He’d take Sole by the waist and lead them back to their quarters, then proceeding to fuck them long and hard and good so that not only would Sole know how much he loved them, he would know within himself that he gave them no reason to look anywhere else but him for what they need and want. He trusted them beyond a doubt, but he just wanted to make sure.

Deacon – The agent quickly had MacCready’s number all figured out, like usual. Although he wasn’t worried at all. Sole was their own person who promised their heart and love to Deacon so who was he to doubt them? Besides, the mercenary had horrible teeth and compared to his inherited baldness, Deacon though he looked like a rock star. He would however let MacCready know he knew by joking about all that blushing and stuttering he was doing around Sole, much to the mercenary’s horror.

Hancock – He was the most insecure out of all the companions. After all, he knew he wasn’t a looker and already had doubts about how Sole could love someone like him. He’d never told them, but the doubt was there and when he heard from Magnolia that MacCready had a huge liking for Sole, his insecurities double-timed it. Hancock loved Sole so fucking much and he had no experience on how to deal with a situation like this, so short of killing the guy, he ordered that Fahrenheit keep an eye MacCready if he got too close to Sole when Hancock wasn’t there. He trusted Sole, but it was the mercenary he didn’t trust and Hancock just wanted to be safe rather than sorry. After all, Sole was one hell of a gal/guy and all he wanted was them now and forever. He’d hit up his close friends at the Third Rail for tips on how to deal with this.

Nick Valentine – Being in his profession, much like Piper, it was his job to figure out the stuff people didn’t want figured out so it wasn’t all that hard to piece together what was happening with that mercenary. Although he was a synth, Nick knew what the look of attraction was in a person. After all, Sole was as human as they come and they had been in a relationship with Nick for almost three months now. Blushing was a huge part of it, as was an increase in breathing and perspiration, a state MacCready was always left in when Sole started talking to him. Being the subtle gentlemen that he was, Nick would carefully let on that he knew where MacCready’s affections were placed and tried to delicately point out that they were misplaced. Entirely. Move on kid, Sole was his.

Piper – When Piper first heard about MacCready’s story, she immediately recognised how similar both he and Sole was. Both had their spouses killed in front of them, their son was in danger only to be saved by his loving parent – there was literally no one out there for either of them except each other who could really understand what they went through. So it was no surprise to the reporter when she found out MacCready had a crush on her Blue. At first she thought it was cute, but then Piper realised that MacCready would be thinking about her Blue the same way she does and Piper most certainly did not appreciate that at all. Blue was hers and hers alone to think about, to love, to cherish and she’d damn well make that known. Instead of taking the direct route, Piper would make sure to be close to Sole when she knew MacCready would be looking, her arm wrapped possessively around their waist which wouldn’t really be out of the ordinary anyway. Piper loved showering Sole with affection regardless of who might be looking – except Nat of course – but now that she knew MacCready had a thing for Sole, so she made doubly sure to let everyone know Sole was taken.

Preston – Preston loved Sole more than he loved the Minutemen and for them to rebuild it like they had made him love Sole even more. He was oblivious to anyone else’s intentions and affections but there was one time when it became crystal clear that perhaps he wasn’t the only one who had fallen so hard for the new General. The mercenary had gone out of his way for Sole when they found out their beloved Dogmeat had gone missing. Almost the entire settlement was out for hours looking for the pup but it was MacCready who had stayed out for three days hunting the little guy down just so he could bring him back to Sole. The elation on his face when he watched Sole embrace the dog with tears in their eyes was unmistakeable and Preston knew immediately what that look was about. He decided the best method around this was to grab the radstag by the horns, so that’s what he did. Ten minutes and a polite discussion later, Preston returned to Sole and hoped that MacCready would move on to find happiness from someone who wasn’t his General.

 X6-88 – X6 knew straight away when he met MacCready that he had a thing for Sole. The mercenary’s pupils dilated when talking to Sole, he would start sweating more than usually necessary for a human and his voice would shake every now and then. But with X6 being X6, he didn’t take the gentle route even if Sole was standing right next to him. “Sole and I are in a monogamous de facto relationship. I strongly suggest you suppress your attraction to them immediately.” To him his words were like a flag, Sole was his. Although he could understand why MacCready would become attracted to the Director, it was paramount to both his own interests and the interests of the Institute that Sole is not distracted by the likes of MacCready.

Share of Eternity – Feysand Fluff

Thank you so much for all the support from my Feysand Headcannons! Since it reached over 400 notes, I decided to write a fic. about some of them. The is the first Fic. I have ever written so bear with me here (and excuse my grammar). Hope you enjoy :-) 

 It was a vivid night. I gazed at he stars as we walked through the crowded streets of Velaris.

 It was such a relief to see people in the streets, laughing and dancing together, no longer huddled inside their houses in fear of a another attack. It has been a long while since we were able to have a night like this, we deserve it. We all fought bravely against Hybern, who had terrorized and killed countless innocents. But I wouldn’t think about the war, not tonight. Tonight is intended solely for joy and celebration.

  Sensing my thoughts through our bond, my mate’s grip around my hand tightened, he looked at me with a concerned look. I sent only love and joy down the unbreakable chain between us, I gave him a tender smile as we continued to walk down the cheerful streets of the Rainbow. My mate, my equal. That love filled my heart again, making me want to combust in happiness.

 He let go of my hand and wrapped his own around my waist, gently pulling me closer to him. My left side was pressed against his fine black tunic that accentuated the broad muscles of his torso. I laid a hand over his chest, leaning into him.

 “Indeed, it’s a lovely night, Feyre darling.” He purred.

 “And we are also late,” I countered.

 “I know,” He inclined his head against mine nuzzling my neck with his nose.

 I arched my neck and focused on the feeling of his lips so close to my skin, as if in answer Rhys laid a small kiss where my neck connects with my shoulder, my skin had already begun boiling. With my heart beating faster I arched my neck farther, allowing him to have better access to the delicate skin there.

  I didn’t care that we were in public and people were watching,  just as I didn’t care we were not even watching where we were going. I needed him. Now.

 He leaned further into me, I raised my other hand to caress his black ebony hair. His lips parted, around my main artery, his tongue just slightly brushing–

 Someone cleared their throat from behind us, making us both snap back to reality. “We wouldn’t be late if you two didn’t take so long to get ready,” Said Mor.

 Her hair was unbound allowing her golden curls to drift in the wind, she was finely dressed in a pretty red dress that complemented the red on her lips, and hugged her curves tightly. She looked stunning. Which I guess is why Azriel couldn’t take his eyes off her.

 Rhys smirked from my side. “I can’t help it if my mate looks absolutely delicious when she is dressing.”

 My cheeks warmed at the memory of him ‘helping’ me dress.

 Mor just grinned and rolled her eyes. Stepping closer, her hand found Azriel’s. She grazed a thumb down his scarred, mutilated hand and he smiled. Since he and Mor confessed their feelings for each other, Azriel smiling became a more common occurrence. His shadows seemed to lighten and his overall posture became more content.

 Around us the night reigned on, the streets filled with music and light, the colours of the Rainbow seemed more lively than ever. Occasionally, a citizen would stop and greet us, their High Lord and High Lady, and we would kindly smile back.

 The night’s breeze blew against my gown’s skirts, making them float in the wind. I wore a simple dark blue top, short enough to expose my midriff, and flowing chiffon skirts of the same colour. I bore silver jewelry, embedded with bits and pieces of sapphire that sparkled when the street lights caught them in the right angle.

 We finally reached our meeting point, I could already see a bulking form and a small delicate wisp against the light. Cassian and Nesta, bickering just outside the restaurant’s door. Cassian was casually dressed, unlike Rhys, for once out of his fighting leathers, his siphons still gleamed against the city light reminding everyone of the power he held inside.

  Nesta was a sight to behold, she wore a orange rayon dress that strapped around her neck in a golden clasp leaving her back visible, the fabric hugged her curves while still making her skirt flow gracefully around her. No doubt a high end article from one of the shops in Velaris.

  Cassian could barely concentrate on their argument, his gaze drifted from her eyes every once in awhile. Knowing how Nesta affected Cassian, It was a miracle he was still left standing. I surmised this was her way of revenge for some kind of argument they might have had earlier.

 Although they are mates, they still clash against each other. I didn’t think Nesta’s sharp tongue and Cassian’s fiery temper could ever truly be suppressed, but now they fought without aggression. Anger and rage no longer lingered in their eyes when they argued, that was long ago replaced by love and care. Even when they argued I knew Cassian would never hurt my sister, and I knew my sister did not have space in her heart for many people, but Cassian would always have a place there, along with me and Elain.

 Noticing our arrival they turned to face us.

 “What took you so long?” Nesta puffed.

Rhys and I exchange glances, grinning at one another. Cassian lifted his eyebrows in question and opened his mouth to say something. Rhys was quick to shoot him a glare, and Cassian thought better of if, closing his mouth with a knowing smirk.

 Nesta groaned her impatience. “If you knew you were going to be late, then you could have at least have warned us,” at that she turned around, dismissing us and heading inside.

  We all moved indoors, the restaurant was fairly busy tonight but we still all managed to fit inside the little waiting room. The owner nearly jumped from behind the small stand with the waiting list to greet us. She kissed each of us in the cheek, as always. It took a while for Nesta to grow accustomed to the familiarity of Velaris, but she ultimately liked it, finding comfort in it.  

  Albeit Rhys insisted that we waited in the waiting list like everyone else, especially on a busy night like this, she urged us to sit at our usual table in the edge of the restaurant, where we could still smell the spices coming from the inside while gazing at the stars and the festive streets of Velaris.

 I sat beside Rhys on the side of the table that was perched outside, Az and Mor sat in front of us, Nesta took the seat beside me and Cassian the seat in front of her. I spreaded my napkin across my lap and turned to Nesta.

“Any news from Elain?” I felt the whole table still, at the mention of my sister. Even Azriel’s shadows seemed to have wavered. Touchy topic with Nesta.

Nesta paused, “No. No news. For all I know, she is still dallying with her mate in Spring Court,” she said sharply.

 It had been a shock when Lucien was crowned High Lord of Spring when Tamlin had neglected his people to aid Hybern, and had eventually been defeated. But the biggest shock was when Elain announced she would be staying in Spring Court with her mate instead of coming back with Nesta. It took a long, long, long time for Nesta to finally come to terms with our sister’s wishes, she is finally able to hear her name without wanting to go back and drag Elain here personally.  Nesta respected her wishes, but I don’t think she will be truly over it any time soon. I didn’t have to see it to know Cassian was gripping her hand under the table.

 The owner came back to our table with a stack of menus propped at her waist. She weaved around the table, handing them out to us one by one and paused before Rhys.

 “Would you like the special menu?” she asked him even though she already knew the answer, as did I.

 Rhys smiled “You know I always love to pick from your exquisite special menu,” he said.

 The owner blushed as pure satisfaction filled her eyes, “Of course,” she said handing the menu to him.

 Ever since I accepted the mating bond, I always felt a spark of adoration down the bond whenever Rhys ate soup. It wasn’t long before that was the only food he would order when we dined in one of Velaris’ many restaurants. The owner must have noticed that, because she so cleverly assembled special soup menu, filled with all sorts of soup,  just for him.  One day, she just presented it to him, I  felt his joy rolling down the bond when she did.

 The owner took our orders and strolled to the kitchen. The night was more alive than ever now. There were a few street performers just outside the restaurant, close enough that we could hear the melody from our table. Since the war had ended, and I officially became High Lady, I had the pleasure of visiting many other courts. From all the music Prythian has to offer, the Night Court melodies will forever be my favourite. The rise and fall of the notes as the crescendo took over the melody, marked each and every piece played on our signature  violins, made of black oak ingrained with small freckles of sparkling rock, so it looked like the night sky.

 It didn’t take long before our food arrived, made with special care. Rhys sighed as he sniffed the smell coming from the warm noodle soup he ordered. Across the table Cassian was already draining his second glass of wine and pouring himself another one, Nesta scowling at him to mind his manners.

 The owner remained at our side long enough for Rhys to take a sip. “How is it tasting?”

  “Absolutely remarkable– as always.”

 She looked fulfilled, and it was no lie, her cooking was truly remarkable. I remember the first time they took me here, I had never tasted food so amazing.

 The owner left the table leaving me and Rhys smiling at each other more content than ever. Across from us Mor and Azriel seemed just as content as we were. I noticed how Azriel’s eyes had not left Mor once, as if he could still not believe that she was his. Everytime Mor caught him looking she would take his hands in hers and kiss them until he was back again, until he was sure that it was real. I could relate though.

 I remember how hard it was for me to let go of the misconception that I shouldn’t be with anyone after Tamlin. And I also remember how it felt after I let go of that, to finally allow myself to imagine a future with Rhys.

 Love poured down our bond, coming from Rhys. I turned my attention to him and was met with a sweet gentle smile, the one that made his face light up, and my heart sing in awe.

 From there the conversation kicked off. I finally felt secure and happy. No more threats. No more war. No more death. For the next long years to come we would live peacefully, that though finally seemed to sink in.  

 We finished up our meal and lingered a little longer until we decided to leave. Rhys  tipped the owner, quite a fair amount I’m sure, and payed the bill for everyone else, ignoring our friends’ protests, and we all left the restaurant.

 We walked down the street along the river. Mor and Azriel were holding hands, grinning like love birds. Nesta had quieted down, she sayed close to Cassian leaning her head against his shoulder, goosebumps on her arm, from the night chill. Cassia pulled her closer and ran a hand down her arm in an attempt to warm it.

 We were almost at the bank of the river when Mor blurred out “Who want’s to go dancing?”

 Cassian and Nesta exchanged looks, Nesta grinning at him.

“We’ll go,” He said.

 Nesta turned to me. “Coming?” she asked.

 Rhys didn’t have to ask to know that I didn’t feel like it. Overtime, I came to cherish these moments we spent together, just the two of us. Not that we didn’t go dancing and drinking, which we did, a lot.

 “You guys go ahead. We’ll stay,” He said

  They were already on the other side of the street when Rhys called back. “Oh, and Nesta?” she whipped her head toward him “Don’t let him get too drunk,” He said with a smik, she laughed and rolled her eyes. We watched them walk away before Rhys dramatically offered me his arm, which I took, and we began walking again.

 The night grew quieter as we did. The streets started emptying out, people either going home or inside some pub or restaurant. We walked along the riverbank until Rhys paused before the railing to admire the view, a blank mournful expression took hold of him.

 And I realized.

 We were in the same spot his sister loved. He claimed his father had to yank her from here, from this city. So much has changed, and yet nothing has. I could feel the guilt and desperation, the mourning and torturing thoughts down the bond. He was thinking about her, how he failed to save her, how that beam of light he swore to protect was ripped away from him.

 “Rhys,” I said quietly.

 He looked at me, pain filling every corner of his eyes. I placed my hand above his from where it sat on the metal railing.

 There was nothing to be said. There were no words that could soothe his pain. So I sent him loving stokes, ones that ensured him I understood. I gripped his arm leaning in to him and gently placing my head on his shoulder.

 From the shore you could see the townhouses on the other side. The water and sky were so dark, the stars were seamlessly reflected on the water. Every single one of them glowed against the Sidra, making it seem as if it were the contents the Cauldron used to form our skies. There was barely a line separating them at all, the water and night blended together in a way that seemed infinite. Together we stood there, gazing at our share of eternity.

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May I request Claude, Sebastian, Snake and Soma going out on a date with a famous s/o (like a famous opera singer or actress). And keep up the great work! I love reading what you write.

//Of course :) Interesting request. And thank you so much! I’m glad you like the blog. Enjoy//

His partner’s fame was not one of Claude’s favorite things about them. Sure, he loved his s/o–but so did many other people. It made quite the difficult task of just going out on a simple date. He never understood why humans could be so obsessed with a person they’d never met. It didn’t make much sense to him.

All they had wanted was to go out for dinner, and for anyone else it would’ve been just that. But now, they were inside the restaurant, with the restaurant’s staff struggling to keep the crowd at bay. Claude wrinkled his nose in disgust. He was never fond of humans, and having a bulk of them wanting to get so close to his lover repulsed him.

They don’t even truly know who his s/o is. Yet, here they are, pushing through the doors so they could get a closer look at his partner. After the two had payed for their food, Claude knew it was time to play bodyguard–one of his least favorite things to do. However, he always did it in a heartbeat, knowing it would get his s/o safely through the crowd. He put an arm protectively around his partner and pushed through the group of people, wanting to get both his s/o and himself away from all of them. 

No, his partner’s fame was not one of his favorite things about them.


Sebastian knew what he was getting into when he got involved with his s/o. He knew they had quite a few fans and although it could get a bit agitating at times, he didn’t mind too much. His partner loved all of their admirers, and always took the time to see each one if they were ever approached in public.

For the most part, his partner’s following respected their space, and would only come up to them a few at a time, whenever they looked as if they weren’t too busy.

At first, they had just wanted his s/o to sign things or take pictures, and Sebastian would politely stand back, or might even offer to take the picture for them. However, as time progressed and their relationship became more known, people would come up asking for a picture with both of them. This had appalled Sebastian the first time it had happened. What? They wanted a picture with him? Why? But like a gentleman, he complied.

Over time, it was almost as if he, too, had become a bit of a celebrity in a small way–not that he minded.


Snake and his partner could always hear the whispers. Everyone was always talking about them when they walked by, because oh my gosh that was a celebrity. It felt weird to him every time someone referred to his partner as famous, because, well, to him they were just just partner. He didn’t know if he’d ever get used to his partner’s fame–or their fans for that matter.

They were having a fancy dinner at some uptown restaurant–and, as always, he could hear the whispers.

“Oh my goodness, is that really them?”

“Are they on a date?”

“Shh, don’t let them hear you.”

Maybe it was because he had good ears, but he always heard them–and felt the stares. It made him uncomfortable, to be honest. It felt like every time he and his partner were getting somewhere in their conversation, they would be interrupted by someone coming up to their table and asking his partner to answer a question, or for his partner’s autograph. He felt a bit like his s/o was on a date with everyone but him. 

At the end of the night, his partner apologized, and he felt bad for making them feel the need to. Perhaps he just needed some time, it was a lot to take in, after all. But as for going out in public, it was always going to be like this.


Prince Soma’s s/o was famous on their own. Soma was relatively well known on his own. They were both used to being recognized whenever they were out and about. However, nothing could’ve prepared them for the reaction they would get when seen together. It had started out as a lovely walk along the street, but then someone caught sight of them–and so it began.

First only a couple of people came up to them. Soma and his partner politely acknowledged them, and went back on their way– but the deeper into the city they went, they more people noticed them, and soon it was a full out mob. Soma was scared for his life as he kept a tight grip on his s/o and started looking for a way through the crowd. They both tried to remain civil, and waved to everybody, but there was no mistaking the rising panic on his partner’s face.

He hated seeing his partner upset, and became slightly more aggressive, pushing through the mass of bodies, making excuses for why they had to return home. After what felt like ages, they made it through the crowd, hurriedly walking at top speed in the direction they had come from. Soma would definitely have to bring Agni next time he and his s/o went out.


I was in Barnes and Noble at The Grove in LA today, when I saw Dan and Phil coming up the stairs. My immediate reaction was OH MY GOD and I started to speed walk towards them. They disappeared into a door that said ‘Employees Only’ before I could get to them, so I started to thumb through the books around the door in order to not look like a stalker. A member of staff told us that they had left the building through a staff exit and I thought that I’d missed my chance to meet them, so was (as you’d expect) rather sad. I looked out the window hoping to see them and after a few tense minutes, lo and behold, they were walking down the street. I just said ‘THAT’S THEM’ and ran down the three flights of stairs to the street and ran after them. I caught up to them and said ‘Phil?’ in a voice which I was surprised he could hear, and he turned around. I must have been doing a fangirl face because he was like ‘Dan get over here’ before I even said anything. They started saying things like were like ‘Hello! Would you like a picture?’ So I got out my phone and they started laughing and asked if I had their case (I have the ‘phansplosion’ case) Dan said 'I have really long arms so I can take the pic’ and then he stopped and said 'Wait I’ve gotta fix my hair’ and they simultaneously said 'Fringe check!’ and laughed. They took 2 photos and were about to leave, but I said 'Would it be awkward if I ask for your signatures?’ (which is an awkward way of saying can I have your autograph) So they were like 'Yeah of course’ but then I couldn’t find a pen in my bag, and this really pretty lady who was with them let me borrow her pen. I put my shopping bag full of books down to get my journal out of my bag and it started to fall over, but Dan straightened it up while I was rootling through my bag. I got out my journal and some leaves started to fall out and I said 'Oh no I’m pressing leaves sorry’, and Phil asked where I was from and I replied England, and they said that they’d thought so. Dan asked if I had gone to Vidcon, but I said that I hadn’t because the tickets had sold out. He proceeded to tell me that he was glad that he’d met me then. Phil checked that he was spelling my name correctly and said 'So it’s Natasha with an a-s-h-a?’ and I said yeah. He signed it then gave it to Dan and they were laughing and saying 'Ah no we wrote Phil and Dan! It’s the wrong way round!’ We said our goodbyes and I returned the pen, and returned myself shaking to the bookshop. They were so wonderful to me and I haven’t stopped smiling since! Thank you danisnotonfire and amazingphil, I couldn’t have chosen any better people to look up to!

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Could you do a super cheesy Will asking Nico out? But super romantic and adorable? I also wanted to say I absolutely love your fics

Anon 2: Hey, is there any chance you could do something really fluffy and head over heels in love. Where they are walking through a snowy street and maybe go to a warm little cafe as teens again. Ily

Too cute not to use both

Will Solace was a goner. There were snowflakes caught in Nico’s hair, creating a stark white contrast against the inky darkness of Nico’s hair. Will yearned to reach out and brush his hands through the silky locks, but he refrained himself. Call him cheesy, but the way that the soft glow of storefronts shone on Nico’s hair made him look like an angle. The snow in his hair caught the light and gave a soft glow around Nico, made him look warm despite the freezing temperatures that had Will shivering. Nico was oblivious to Will’s staring, and Will preferred it that way. Nico wouldn’t call him weird for staring if he didn’t even notice that Will was staring.

The light of a street lamp caught on Nico’s eyelashes and turned them a brilliant shade of gold. Will had to physically stop, he hand tugging on Nico’s intertwined hand and causing Nico to stop walking as well, turning to look at him with a quizzical look on his face. Directly under the street lamp, the snow in Nico’s hair and the flakes caught on his lashes turned his midnight hair to a dark gold and Will honestly thought he stopped breathing.

“Will?” Nico’s voice was soft and feather light. It was a snowflake falling and catching on the tip of Will’s nose. It was a question, but it was so much more. “Are you alright?” Nico’s warm brown eyes were flecked with gold and with all the hues of gold enveloping Nico, it would be easy to mistake Nico as an angel, or a dream.

Will watched the way the light shimmered and rippled over all the white snow sticking to Nico’s thick coat, and his response got caught in his throat. Will could truly saw that he had never seen anything as beautiful in his life as Nico in that moment. His cheeks and the tip of his nose were flushed red with the cold, his long, elegant hands were tightly bundled up in gloves, one of which was securely held in Will’s own hand.

Thousands of pearly white flakes danced on and off of Nico’s body, clinging desperately for a fraction of his warmth, for a millisecond of safety, before they melted or fell off. Nico shivered once, twice, and a third time before he stopped his feet, sending a large portion of the snow that had sought security on him floating to the ground.

His eyes held a note of curiosity, but also one of worry, and Will vaguely wondered who had done such a thing to make Nico’s nose scrunch up in worry. Nico’s soft face wasn’t made to hold lines of worry. It was made to hold line of laughter, lines of grins and taunts and kisses as gentle and as sweet as a baby’s.

It was then that Will realized that Nico had asked him a question, and Will turned red, not just from the cold. “What?” Nico repeated his question and Will felt himself grin. “Yeah, I’ve never been better.”

They kept walking.

It was 80 degrees outside today and I went to a state park in shorts

It’s almost November 

Next Door - Sam Wilkinson

you asked, i did. here’s another 50 shades of sammy wilk. enjoy x

50 Shades of Sammy Wilk: Next Door


The neighborhood I lived in was always rather quiet and peaceful. To my luck, in that moment, the car alarm next door began ringing in my ears and I let out a soft sigh in disappointment.

I took another sip of my coffee and moved to the window to peek at the source, but found it hard to see with the oversized moving truck blocking the view. A young boy that appeared to look my age was pushing around furniture and boxes, and according to the look on his face, it seemed as though he was struggling with something.

I stuffed my feet into my flats and checked my makeup in the mirror - I didn’t want to make a bad first impression, after all. I made my way outside and over to where he was.

His back was to me as he shuffled through the moving truck to look for the keys. His bare, toned back sent me into a daze. As much as I wanted to admire him for his back, his car alarm didn’t stop and it was starting to get on my nerves. I opened my mouth to yell over the alarm, but the sight of his car keys on the grass beside the street caught my attention first.

I picked them up and pressed the alarm button, contently sighing as the sound quieted down. The boy grunted and turned around, shocked to have seen me holding his car keys. Before he got the wrong idea, I giggled and dangled them in front of his face. “Looking for these?”

He fully turned to me, and there was no denying that he was gorgeous. Blushing, he nodded and took the keys from my hand. “Sorry about that,” he muttered out. “I’m Sam.”

I grinned at him, accidentally allowing my eyes to trail down his toned, tanned, and very much bare abdomen. Cockily, Sam smirked as I stuttered, “Y/n.”

He nodded his head and smiled, “Pretty name for a pretty face. I’m guessing you live next door?”

The blush I couldn’t hide crept onto my cheeks and I felt my entire face heat up. “That’s right,” I sighed, before teasingly adding, “And I know you’re new to this neighborhood, but we usually don’t ring our car alarms around here.”

Sam’s face flushed and he looked down in embarrassment, snickering to himself, “I said I was sorry!”

I shrugged a shoulder and giggled, “I just wanted to hear you apologize again.”

He rolled his eyes playfully and chuckled, “My friends should be here to help me out in about an hour… Until then, would you want to help me move some stuff in and make me feel more ‘at home’?”

Feeling risky, I bit my lip and stared at him innocently. “What do I get in return?”

Sam’s eyes lit up and he looked me up and down, taking in my appearance. Just his gaze was enough to get my body heated.

“What do you want in return, y/n?”

Instead of replying, I simply grabbed a smaller box and walked up the sidewalk leading to his house. I felt his eyes on me, and so I wiggled my hips dramatically. When I turned back to look at him, his eyes snapped up to my face quickly, but I still managed to catch him in the act. “What are you waiting for, Sammy boy?”

“Don’t call me that,” Sam muttered with fake annoyance as he grabbed a larger box and followed me inside. The house was big, and awfully similar to the way mine looked. I took note of the box marked ‘personal’ and I walked over to it, letting my curiosity get the best of me.

“What’s in here, Sammy?”

He walked over to me, and by the look of slight nervousness on his face, it could have been anything. “N-nothing important,” he brushed the idea off and grabbed the box from in front of me.

I scoffed and walked over to him, pulling his arm back. “It’s no big deal, Sam! Let me see!”

I told you, it’s not important, y/n!”

I grabbed the box from Sam, but he grabbed it back. We continued to go back and forth between the box until it dropped on the ground. The contents of the box spilled everywhere, and I couldn’t believe what he was hiding.

Before me was shitload of kinky toys - vibrators, gags, restraints, blindfolds, whips - you name it.

I stared at them in shock and stared up at him, my entire mouth hanging open with a smile. “Oh my god,” I gushed, “You’re an animal, Sam!”

His head hung in shame as I picked up a ring gag and wiggled it around. “You know, I’ve always wondered what it felt like to wear one of these. Do you think you could help me put it on?”

Raspily, Sam sighed, “You can only try it on if it’s being put to use, y/n.”

“Well, why not put it to use, then?”

Sam chewed on his bottom lip and he groaned, “Fuck, would you rather use it here or at your house?”

I hopped onto his kitchen counter and pulled off my shorts, smirking over at him. “Why go next door when we can use it right here in your kitchen?”

Sammy cursed under his breath and walked over to where I was on the counter. His calloused hands ran up and down my bare thighs until he reached the waistband of my panties. He snapped it back against my skin and I hissed at the feeling. Finally, he rid me of the material.

He smirked mischievously and pulled me down from the counter. He then twisted me around, so that my ass was in the air but my torso was pressed against the cool granite. It was a kinky position I hadn’t tried before, but the thrill turned me on even more.

Before I knew it, the gag was on and my arms were tied behind my back firmly with what felt like rope. “Is it too tight?” Sam asked sweetly from behind me. It wasn’t all that tight, but I nodded once anyway. His deep chuckle rang through my ears. “Good. My house, my rules, y/n.”

I let out a soft moan against the cool ring around my lips and Sam smirked down at me. His pants quickly fell to his ankles and he was in his briefs, which looked uncomfortably tight on him. “Just thinking about fucking you over my kitchen counter gets me so fucking hard,” his voice sounded venomous, although it was laced with desire.

He picked me up from the counter and gestured to his size, “Get to it, baby.

Nodding, I moved forward. His length slid into the ring around my mouth with ease. His gaze was on me as he anxiously waited for my next move.

I poked my tongue out and flicked it around his tip quickly, just to see his reaction.

“Fuuuck,” he drew out his moan, head falling back in pleasure. I moved back and forth on his length, locking eyes with him the entire time. Sam groaned out and grabbed the back of my head, “Fuck it,” he chuckled breathlessly as he pushed his entire length into my mouth at once.

With no time, he was bucking his hips into my mouth at a steady pace. “Y/n, shit,” he groaned as I sat back on my ankles to give him a newer angle. “That’s right, baby, do you like it when I fuck your face?” I gagged around him once in response and Sam twitched inside of me. Quickly, he pulled himself out of out my mouth and calmed his breathing.

“Have you ever been told your lip game is strong?”

I rolled my eyes and moved to smack him, but the restraints kept my hands behind my back firmly. I sighed and chuckled at him, and as clearly as I could speak with the gag in my mouth, I mumbled, “Fuck off, Samuel.”

He smirked and shrugged his shoulders, “Better yet, why don’t I fuck you?”

I gulped at his suggestive comment and watched as he made his way around me. He helped me back onto my feet and then pushed me back down on the counter softly. I was shocked at how gently that gesture was, and before I could finish my thoughts, I knew exactly why he had done it softly.

His hand made contact with my ass once and I flinched up and let out a soft moan at the feeling. It was pain and pleasure mixed, and although I wasn’t big on the idea of spanking, it was extremely hot.

“Do you want my cock, baby?” Sam asked darkly, and just the tone of his voice could have pushed me over the edge. “Do you want me to make you feel good?”

I moaned loudly and whimpered a little, adding in a dramatic nod. His fingers trailed up and down the back of my thighs and before I could comprehend it, Sam pounded himself into me, giving me no time to adjust. I squealed at the feeling and squeezed my eyes shut.

The entire setting was kinky - Sam, the new neighbor next door, was fucking me on his kitchen counter with a ring gag and restraints. There was no denying sex with him would always be new every time.

Sam continued to pound into me and he leaned down, kissing around my back and sucking around my backbone. His hands gripped my hips as he thrusted himself into me and I moaned out, arching my back to increase the pleasure.

“Fucking hell,” Sam sputtered, “I’m s-so fucking close…”

Instantly, he flipped me over and smiled down at me. “Y-you look so hot with that gag, y/n. I want to see you come for me.”

My fists clenched behind my back and I shrieked out.. He was pounding into me relentlessly, milking both of our orgasms. His hand reached down and sensually rubbed my clit, pushing me up and over my high.

I gasped and moaned at the sudden pleasure and squeezed my eyes shut at the feeling. I stilled beneath him and tried regaining my breath as he finally hit his peak and rode out his high.

I took note of the raspy groans Sam made as he came and I couldn’t help but get a little turned on. He pulled out and untied my restraints and gag. “That was so fucking hot, holy shit…”

I turned to him and smirked, pulling my panties up my legs as he stared at me with lingering eyes. With no hesitation, he walked over to me and smirked, “You know, I never got the chance to properly kiss you.”

I stared hopefully up at him and giggled, “You’ve got a chance now if you want to take it.”

Sam’s lips were on mine instantly. I ran my fingers through his hair and sighed contently at the feeling of his lips moving in sync with mine. His hands cupped my cheeks as moved closer to deepen the kiss, but a car horn pulled me away from him.

I glanced out of the window to see a car pulling into Sam’s driveway and I gasped, “We better get dressed before your friends walk in here and see us!”

The two of us scurried around his kitchen, collecting clothes and stepping into them. Just as I finished pulling my shirt down, two boys walked into the house. They stared at Sam and I with a cocked eyebrow, but before they could assume anything, I stepped in.

“Well, thanks for the house tour, Sam. It was nice meeting you…” I walked over to the door and turned my head to add, “I’ll be next door if you need me.”

The smirk on his face let me know that I’d see from him again awfully soon.

wowowowowfeedback in my ask please x

Open RP: The Man in Black

Daigo was walking about the city where the collective was based at, he was disguised as an old wizard, complete with long robes, fingerless gloves, a long pointy beard and mustache, and even had the pointy hat. He was spying for the time being trying to see what the collective was up to…he had to be careful though, his disguise was not so clever that people who knew him would be fooled by it. Regardless perhaps he could also stir up some trouble as well…he made his way further down the road and saw a familiar silk merchant….he grinned wickedly and held up a hand as though he were holding something, his palm opened and a small fire ball dropped, he then pinched his index finger and thumb together and the fire ball stopped and bounced as though on a string…he then spun the fire ball around quickly and then tossed it at the silk merchants wig…it caught on fire and them man suddenly screamed as he ran down the street….he quickly made his way over to the silk cart… these were too  nice to burn…..he could use them to make nice clothes for…….pleasant company…….he quickly opened up a small bag and began to stuff the silks into the bag, it had been blessed by a spirit that favored thieves and of course being a crime lord on top of a pyromancer….he fit that role nicely…..once all the silks were in his bag, he sinched it up and slung it over his shoulder. the bag went from being pocket sized to that of a duffle…he would drop it off and have one of his henchemen pick it up later. for now it was time to see what else was going on………things seemed calm now that the war was over……that was good, if there was one thing Daigo was happy for was a bit of peace…made things more simple…….he trotted over to a local cathedral…….oh now this was a lovely sight……tons of rich merchants, nobles, and royalty making huge donations to the poor box….PHAH….the only person that box was going to was the vicar! …………but perhaps that gold could be put to a more……fitting purpose…….he slowly made his way over to a window. he dropped the bag next to him where none could see it…he took out a small bit of scorched coal, he used it to mark the bag with a rune so his men could find it. he then scaled up the side of the church and made it to the roof. Daigo saw some doors to where people could enter the roof and upper rooms. ah! the vicars rooms would be filled with nice things! he went inside and took care to look around. he made his way to a balcony and looked down…..below he could see the vicar giving a sermon to the wealthy and powerful. Daigo did not hate religion…he was quite religious himself. what stirred his ire was the fact that many so called men of faith just used it as a front to line their pockets. No matter, he would rob the man blind, steal the poor box, and then maybe go for a belt at the local tavern. he made his way over to the mans room and gently closed the door. about an hour later, he had another large bag of his shoulder, this time roughly the size of his torso, he then made his way to the upper rafters, the building was tall, intended to be filled with light and open spaces. Admitidly, the cathedral was rather beautiful. Places of worship should be as such. what he lamented was that despite the beauty of it all…the souls of down below were….stained…filthy…..he shook his head. he could not get distracted now. today was about scouting and looting. he made his way down the sides of the walls, using various decorations and the like as foot holds. once he was on the ground, he grabbed the poor box and stuffed it in his sack. he then made his way out the door quickly, lest anyone spot him……….