caught in the act,

caught in the act

Word Count: 855
Author: Ashlyn
Request: “Hey you should do a getting caught in the act preference it would be so good”
Warnings: smut
Notes: N/A

Where were you two caught?
His aunt and uncle’s house, on their bed.
What were you two doing?
Harry was pounding you into the mattress, you on your stomach, him on top on you, while he *thought* no one was home.
Who caught you two?
Dudley, whom Harry jinxed so he would not remember what he saw.

Where were you two caught?
Under the bleachers at the quidditch pitch.
What were you two doing?
You were up against a wooden post, one leg over Ron’s shoulder, a hand in his hair, the other gripping the post, as he was on his knees, violently assaulting your entrance with his tongue.
Who caught you two?
None other then Ron’s best friend, the infamous Harry Potter, who had been mindlessly wandering around, in search of his best friend.

Where were you two caught?
The forbidden section of the library. You had been helping Madam Pince when Draco decided to pay you a visit.
What were you two doing?
Draco had you pinned against one of the shelves, pants and boxers pushed down just enough to let his cock out, your skirt pushed up, as he rammed into you, while trying to be as silent as possible.
Who caught you two?
Madam Pince (surprise surprise). Luckily, she just reprimanded you greatly, and kept your excursion a secret, seeing you were such a great student.

Where were you two caught?
The kitchen at the Burrow. You had been making yours and Fred’s lunch, but he had other plans.
What were you two doing?
Fred was standing besides you while you cooked on the stove, and was fingering you, testing how calm you could remain. Every so often adding another finger.
Who caught you two?
It was only Percy, whom, although disgusted, laughed his ass off, only saying “Come on guys! We eat here!”

Where were you two caught?
The couch at the Burrow. George *assumed* no one would be home for a while.
What were you two doing?
George was leaned against the back of the couch, head back, eyes closed, while you were one your knees, blowing him.
Who caught you two?
None other then Ginny, who luckily knew what you two were doing, but still yelled at her brother, claiming she was never sitting on that couch again (that was until she forced George to clean the couch).

Where were you two caught?
In his dorm room, on Harry’s bed. You two had hoped the day would never come, but it did.
What were you two doing?
You were riding Neville, his head thrown back, hands on your hips, guiding your every movement. It was pure bliss.
Who caught you two?
All of his roommates, except Harry (I.e. Ron, Seamus, Dean). They all laughed their asses off, and kept their experience from Harry, all smirking whenever he sat on his bed.

Where were you two caught?
Snape’s office. Seamus had a bad encounter with Snape earlier that day, and wanted a little revenge.
What were you two doing?
Seamus had you bent over Snape’s desk, pounding you from behind, and panting in your ear.
Who caught you two?
Draco Malfoy, who had been searching for Snape to “tattle” on a fellow Slytherin when he stumbled upon you two. Only agreeing to remain quiet if he could join in *wink wink*

Where were you two caught?
The quidditch locker room after Gryffindor had won against Slytherin *again*.
What were you two doing?
You had snuck into the locker room after everyone had left, and joined Oliver in the shower. He had your legs around his waist as he rammed his member into you.
Who caught you two?
Harry had been searching for the captain so he could tell him that there was going to be a party in the Gryffindor common room. When he found Oliver, he decided it was best to let you two be, but still delivered the news.

Where were you two caught?
The Slytherin common room. Marcus couldn’t wait until you two got to his room, so he took you there.
What were you two doing?
He had you on the couch, both of your legs over his shoulders, hands in his hair, and his head between your legs, eating you out.
Who caught you two?
A few first years had wandered into the empty room, only for Marcus to yell at them, to which you lightly slapped his head. Marcus just proceeded to hex them, making them forget what they saw.

Where were you two caught?
In a dark corridor Cedric had pulled you into for a “quickie” (which lasted almost three periods).
What were you two doing?
Cedric had you against the stone wall, pants and boxers at his ankles, your skirt thrown on the floor, while he rocked into you.
Who caught you two?
Oliver had been sent by McGonagall to find the two of you. When he did, he promised to keep what he found a secret, and told McGonagall that you were sick and Cedric was taking care of you.

Three Times Mulder and Scully Got Caught and One Time They Didn’t Care

Author: Bohoartist

Rating: Teen (for part 1 only)

Post-Ep: Avatar

Author’s Note: Part 1 was written for @txf-fic-chicks post-ep challenge. Subsequent parts are not part of the challenge. This was a fun challenge to take on! Mega thanks to my beta @piecesofscully for helping me flesh this idea out and for the stellar work of making my words work.

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Caught in the Act

Summary: Bucky asks why you and Peggy couldn’t make it over. 

Author’s Note: Set in 1974, at Howard Stark’s holiday home (cue this post). Bucky and Y/N know each other from a while back. It’s hella short, I know, but I’m writing stuff to compensate for it :))

Rocky Beach Resort Masterlist


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“What about now?”

“Shh, keep your voice down!”

You pressed your ear against the door, listening intently for any noise. Greeted by deafening silence, you gestured for Peggy to follow you. As the two of you entered the opposite wing, a voice came out from behind you that almost made you jump out of your skin.

“What are you girls doing here?”

You spun around, eyes wide and your heart thumping.

“I, uh…” you stuttered.

Peggy stepped forward.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do more msr smut? maybe one where someone walks in on them? It would be nice to see how they'd react and feel afterwards!

Here you go anon, the last in my series of caught fics. 

Warning, NSFW. 

Mulder doesn’t quite know how it all happened. One moment he was stood at the door to Scully’s apartment, flashing her a cheeky yet hopeful grin as he held a Chinese takeout bag in one hand and a bottle of red in the other, and the next he was sat on the couch, his legs spread and his jeans unzipped as he watched his hot little partner sink to her knees in front of him, take his cock into her mouth and proceed to give him the best blowjob of his life.

He’d gone to her apartment on a whim – they hadn’t made plans to spend the evening together, and even as he placed the order for their takeout he’d decided that he would share the food with the Gunmen if his partner wasn’t at home. But she was, and if the way she’d kissed him and pulled him into her apartment was anything to go by, she had been missing him too.

It was pathetic really, he’d thought to himself. The two of them had only “officially” taken their relationship to the next level a few weeks ago, when Scully had crawled into his bed, very much naked and very much not tired, after he’d returned home from his visit to England. Since then they’d slept together only twice, heavy workloads and Scully’s family commitments keeping them apart. They’d got back from their latest case late last night, too late for Mulder to stay, and today they’d been back at the office, knee deep in paperwork. Tonight was their chance to catch up, as a couple, and to spend some time together outside of work. Mulder was hoping deep down that the evening would end with Scully inviting him to spend the night, but he’d never expected this. The Chinese is cooling on the coffee table but all Mulder can think about is his partner sucking on his dick as though it’s her favorite flavor lollipop.

“Sc…” After seven years, Scully has finally rendered her partner speechless. Her right hand is wrapped tightly around his cock while her mouth bobs up and down on him, her teeth lightly grazing his flesh. Mulder is hard, possibly harder than he’s ever been, and he knows he’s moments away from one of the best orgasms of his life. His partner isn’t exactly making things easy for him either; she’s looking up at him with her big blue eyes, smirking around his flesh as her left hand moves to unbutton her shirt ever so slightly, then heads down and disappears beneath her skirt. Seconds later Mulder feels her moan vibrate against him, the sensation driving him closer to the edge.

“Get up…uhhh…get up here Scully.”

She shakes her head, unwilling to release his cock, though he notices that whatever she’s doing beneath her skirt – and he has a reasonably good idea of what that is – she’s speeding up.

“Please.” First she rendered him speechless, now she’s got him begging. Dana Scully has her partner wrapped around her little finger, and he loves it. “Scully I wanna be inside you.”

“No,” replies Scully, pulling back momentarily to catch her breath. “Like this.”

“I’m close.”

“I know.” She flashes him another smile before her mouth sinks back down over his cock.

He’s given her plenty of warning, he tells himself, and before he can even think about pulling out he suddenly tumbles over the edge, spilling into her mouth with a cry. Scully isn’t that far behind him, groaning around him as she cleans him up.

As he comes down from his rush, Mulder suddenly hears the scraping of a key in the lock at Scully’s door. He looks down at his partner, her wide eyes reflecting his own horror, and then it all happens in a blur. A visibly post-coital Scully quickly gets to her feet, setting her skirt in place, while Mulder lifts his hips up off the sofa, trying to zip up his jeans. As the door opens, Scully suddenly flings a nearby cushion onto her partner’s lap in an attempt to conceal his modesty. But it’s too late.


“Oh my goodness!” Maggie takes in the scene, looks at her daughter’s unbuttoned blouse, her healthy “glow” and her partner sporting a cushion in his lap and then immediately spins round, facing the door to the apartment, while Mulder and Scully scramble to make themselves look more presentable. Both of them are blushing furiously, while Mulder’s heart is beating double time. Shit. This isn’t good, not good at all. 

“It really isn’t what it looks like.”

It’s exactly what it looks like, and all three of them know that. Unable to stop himself, Mulder smirks as he raises his eyebrows at his partner, his jeans now zipped once more. He figured she’d be a little more inventive than that. 

Thankfully, Maggie seems equally flustered. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I knocked and I didn’t hear anything -” Mulder curses inwardly. If he’d just been a little quieter, they’d have heard her mom knock. But then again, he thinks, Scully is equally to blame for being so damn good at what she does, and besides, she was as carried away as he was. 

“We were just doing some paperwork -“ 

"Paperwork?” mouths Mulder to his partner, wincing as Scully shakes her head and slaps his arm hard, warning him to stay quiet.

“I didn’t realize you were back. I came over to check on the apartment –”

“There’s a lot of paperwork for this case –”

“So I used my key -” Maggie cautiously turns her head, then when realizing the coast is clear and that her daughter and partner are fully dressed, turns around. Mulder notices that neither mother nor daughter are able to make eye contact with one another. 

“We’ve got a lot of work on you see.”

“Of course." 

"And I was just helping Mulder with a report.”

“I should go.”

“No,” Mulder interrupts, unable to listen to the awkward conversation any longer. “I should go.”

“No,” Scully announces firmly, looking between the two of them. There’s a hint of resignation to her voice. “You should both stay.”

She’s right, Mulder knows - if they try and avoid her mom now, the next meeting will be even more awkward.

Maggie nods down at her feet, and so Mulder tries to break the tension in the room. “I’ll put the kettle on. Coffee Magg…Mrs Scully?”

“I’ll take tea please,” she replies politely. She doesn’t need coffee, having just had a wake-up call. Scully nods in agreement and so he leaves the room, giving the two of them time to speak alone. He figures Maggie will have some questions for her daughter, and sure enough he’s right. 

“How long has this been going on?” He hears Maggie ask the moment he’s - she presumes - out of earshot. Scully seems to have pre-empted the question and is ready with her answer. 

“About three weeks.”

“Three weeks?” The surprise is evident in Maggie’s voice. “You’ve only been together for three weeks?” While Mulder busies himself with boiling the kettle, he contemplates Maggie’s shock. He’s sure she thought they’d been together a lot longer – he’s always presumed she knew about his feelings for her daughter. He still feels awful for her walking in on them, and understands why she’s annoyed – she’s embarrassed after all, and no doubt feels out of the loop for not being aware of their relationship. As the kettle boils he suddenly feels bad for leaving Scully alone to face her mom, and slowly pads back out into the living room.

“…better of you Dana…” Maggie pauses as she notices Mulder’s presence. He shoots his partner a look, silently asking her if she’s ok, and she nods ever-so-slightly, though her eyes tell him otherwise.

“Mrs Scully,” he suddenly interrupts, moving over to stand by Scully’s side. He reaches down and takes hold of her hand. “I can only apologize for what you saw tonight. We certainly didn’t mean for you to walk in on that, and I’m sorry that we’ve embarrassed you. No parent wants to walk in on their child doing that, no matter how old they are.”

Maggie hums in agreement, but she says nothing, waiting for him to continue. “But I want you to know something. Dana’s told you we’ve been together for three weeks, and that’s correct. Officially. But if you’re asking me when I fell in love with your daughter, it’s been longer than that. A lot longer. More like three years.” He feels Scully’s eyes on him but he’s unable to trust himself to look at her. “I know what you’re thinking, and rest assured that I’m not taking advantage your daughter. I love her. This isn’t a quick fling, this is it for me, and if I’ve read the signs right, it’s the same for Dana.”

“It is,” Scully whispers, and he can hear the tears in her voice.

Maggie appears a little surprised at their admissions, but Mulder is pleased to see that she no longer looks as though she wants to kill the two of them. “So it’s serious.” It’s a statement, not a question, and Mulder sees her let out the breath she’s been holding as both he and Scully nod.

“Very much so,” he answers.

“I should have knocked again,” she replies. “Just to make sure you weren’t home. I know you’re both adults, and I didn’t mean to walk in on…that.”

“It won’t happen again,” promises Scully,

“No,” agrees Maggie, her lips twitching up into a smile. “Next time I should think you’d at least use the door chain to keep out unwanted visitors.”


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I really want some sterek smut and then they get caught mid act, I'm a gross human being lol

LOL!  No worries bb, I enjoy these kinds of fics too, you’re hardly alone in the grossness ;)  Here is an older list where the pack walks in on them, and here is an older list where the Sheriff walks in on them (plus the ones below, of course).  Hope you enjoy!  -Emmy

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Like Aunt Millie’s Dogs by theauthor2010 

(1,107 I Explicit I Complete)

Drabble. Sheriff Stilinski walks in on Derek and Stiles. Only Derek…can’t leave.

I Got Mine by milkysterek 

(1,940 I Explicit I Complete)

His throat is thick, body tense as he rocks forward against the sink, trying to find some friction against the smooth underbelly of the basin. Nothing feels good, there’s no release and somehow through his lust clogged gullet he manages a whimper, “Please, Alpha.”

Good Idea, Bad Idea by bleep0bleep 

(1,942 I Explicit I Complete)

“I need to keep my eyes on the road,” Derek says sternly.

Stiles unbuckles his seatbelt. “So keep your eyes on the road, then.”

No Fit State by allourheroes

(1,966 I Explicit I Complete)

Derek and Stiles are caught in the act.

Being Caught in the Act by Gonardo 

(3,244 I Explicit I Complete)

Okay, I thought this was going to be a wham bam thank you sir, and the ending was a little fluffy

In Which Derek Fails at Werewolf Super Hearing by fatalismandyourcrookedface

(3,956 I Mature I WIP)

The Sheriff really didn’t see this coming. Nor did Danny. I’m not sure Finstock knows what sex is. Chris Argent is concerned.

Reckless Business by ColetheWolf 

(5,408 I Explicit I Complete)  *stepfather!derek

Derek and Stiles get addicted to the thrill of fucking each other shitless when there’s a possibility of getting caught in the act…

All the Times They’ve Been Caught by SykotecAlpha

(7,492 I Mature I Complete)

“Well, that filled my amusement quota for the day. If you don’t mind Mr. Argent, but I’d really like to get back to screwing my werewolf. Please,” Stiles said with a straight face. Or well, sort of. 

Headlong (I’m Falling in A) by hito 

(80,931 I Explicit I Complete)

Kink meme fill: When Stiles goes to college, for some reason, he has to share an apartment with Derek, which sucks, because Derek still hates him the most. They fall in love.

Caught In The Act

Prompt: Reader is in the FBI and engaged to Spencer Reid,when Dean and Sam Winchester show up at their door, impersonating agents. (Criminal Minds and SPN Crossover!)

Characters: Dr. Spencer Reid x Reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 491

Warnings: None…?

Note: First crossover (on here) and thanks to my perfect beta @like-a-bag-of-potatoes


Laughing at the failures in the movie, you and Spencer were interrupted by a doorbell. You kissed him on the lips quickly and pulled your legs off of his lap.

“I’ll get it,” you informed as you crossed the living room to the front door. You checked the peephole and saw two men in suits. Picking up your gun from the front door table and stuffing it in the back of your jeans, you opened the door.

“Hi, can I help you?” you asked nicely.

“Yeah, we’re wondering if you’re close with the woman across the street,” the shorter, incredibly attractive one asked. Your profiling skills kicked into overdrive the moment he started talking. He had no problem in the confidence area, he spoke with conviction, held eye contact, and didn’t waver in tone. The way he moved near the taller one suggested long time friends, but there was another air about it, you considered them closer, possibly brothers.

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02 불타오르네

member: suga

word count 1.5k

“What’s you relationship with another?”

Suga rolled around on top of you as you kissed things were burning up after the long wait of today.Being on tour with Bangtan wasn’t easy. being a young manager for Bangtan was even harder, staying away from Min Yoongi during day time hours was the hardest. Because things kept heating up matter of fact. it would be nice if you started taking cloths off now.

He bit your lip and smiled.

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