caught in a net


So I did a DIY and thought hey Ima add some color. Well the colors dont turn out as they should but I still like it. The only parts Im upset with the colors is on the harry potter mud the handle is supposed to be the genderqueer pride flag for my Partner but the colors went all nope. I messed up on drawing harry and the gang so I wrote things next to them to try and make it a funny mug. Next to Ron it says “I fuckin hate spiders”. Harry “Omg chosen one” Hermonie “I just wanted an education” and on the top it says wow look at all this magic. And then I made a Alice in Wonderland one for myself where my Caterpillar turned out to be a hummingbird without any wings so i gave it an Im so done with this bullshit face. 

I've been trying...

I’ve been trying for sixteen years to get you to protect me and you just don’t seem to get it. After everything we just went through and how much I tell you I don’t ever want to see that abuser ever again, you are CONSTANTLY bringing him around me. You don’t even care how I feel. If you did you know damn well you wouldn’t bring him around or even up in our conversations. However you choose the need to always bring down my mood by bringing him up and what do I get in return of keeping my fucking mouth shut while you bring it up. I get you yelling at me to take my sheets out of the dryer.


The “less pretty side” of the wild (which the activists seem completely ignorant of, or worse and more likely, ignore on purpose to further their ideology).

Unknown and Tekoa

Unknown dolphin and Morgan (seriously, you have to take a super-closeup and use a bright red arrow to find a tiny pinprick of a scratch?)

And the rest… I really tried, but I couldn’t find any propeller injuries, calves getting caught in nets, or whales starving to death, in captivity. It just doesn’t happen.