caught in a net


Sea turtles trapped in fishing nets are released in this clip.

Mermaid request AU

A dear anon requested this. Hope you like, sweetie. 💜💙💚

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Imagine: Being caught in netting, and Newt saves you.

Panic set in, and you struggled wildly against the net that your fin had gotten caught in. It was moments like these you wished you had listened to your mother’s constant nagging about your curiosity getting you into trouble one day. This wasn’t going to be easy, and on top of that you were sure your tail had been permanently damaged.

“Oh come on!” You pulled weakly at the strings curled around your tail, trying in vain to release at least one of them. So this was it, you thought. Death. Death by starvation because you couldn’t just leave your interest for the outer world alone.

You stopped suddenly, exhaustion setting in. You had been stuck here for hours already, and even if you managed to escape, swimming wasn’t an option anymore. You were too tired, and your fin was torn. With a small whine you sank slightly into the current, hair swirling around. Your eyes scanned the ocean around you, ears perking up when you noticed a disturbance on the water surface. It looked very much like a boat floating along. You could see the paddle entering, and you thought maybe if you could just get close enough and grab it, you’d be able to pull yourself out of here.

The paddle sank deep, just passing you by, and with flailing arms you gripped the edge of the wood, slick fingers slipping against the smooth wood. It was a valiant attempt, but it did nothing.


Newt paddled along the ocean, case sat next to him as he waded out into the water. He wasn’t particularly far from the shore, but enough that he may actually see some lesser known creatures worth noting. He dipped the oar into the water, pushing himself along until he felt a slight tug against it. He blinked down at the paddle, thinking perhaps it was seaweed clinging to it.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, it wasn’t because instead beneath the water’s clear surface he saw a degraded fishing net, still somewhat afloat, and attached to it a mermaid. The wizard’s eyes widened, and he threw the oar into the small boat, letting down an anchor. He leaned over the boat, trying to figure out how to help you out of the tangled mess.

“Please, don’t panic! There is absolutely nothing to worry about!”

Newt glanced around, and he finally decided to jump into the ocean for you, he placed his overcoat on the side, and undid his vest, and instantly went in.

The sudden sound of the water splashing made you swim back, frantically trying to get away from the human. But, there wasn’t much you could in this moment, and as the man swam down to you, you clung fearfully to the net.

Newt placed his hands out, trying to ease the worry he saw in your eyes, it was a rare occurrence to see any mermaids so close to the shore, but from what he had learned they weren’t a very trusting species. He inched towards the net, gripping one side of it as he started to untie it. It came loose enough, and he pushed the edges of it off your tail. He glanced up at you, his cheeks puffed out a bit as he tried to hold his breath. It may not last much longer, so he reached for the pocket knife he had, cutting effortlessly at the roping. After a minute, he managed to free you and your first instinct was to swim off, but your damaged tail wouldn’t allow for that. Your body curved and bobbed crookedly in the water, balance no longer there. Newt grabbed your arm, pulling you up along with him.

As soon as he hit the surface he gasped, oxygen once again filling his lungs. He coughed a bit, holding you closely to him. You struggled in his grasp, not sure what to think even if this man saved you. His motives could still be sinister.

“No no…it’s alright, please.” He held onto your slick arms, trying to keep you steady. “You’re injured. You mustn’t swim, you’ll likely perish out there.”

His words were lost on you, and above the surface it was impossible for you to talk. But, his green gaze seemed soft, and you slowly settled down, your slightly scaled hands clutching his wet shirt. He sighed deeply, smiling at you as he swam to his boat. He grabbed the edge of it, looking back at you.

“Let me help you…I’ll heal your injury, you’ll be good as new.”

With curios eyes you just stared at him, mimicking his movement and grabbing the boat. He chuckled softly, and he lifted himself back in, still holding one of your hands. Newt reached for his case, popping open one closure and readying his wand to create another extension charm.

Hope you liked it! I thought this idea was adorable.

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tecochet  asked:

JO OMG OKAY SO, it is 5:15 am and I suddenly thought WHAT IF in your Mermaid AU, Otabek's a fisherman slavin' away tryna catch some of that sweet delicious seafood and he caught a Yuri in the net insteadddd and Yuri wriggles and everything trying to free himself bc he's panicking but Beka (who's in shock by the sudden turn of events) calmly cuts through the net to free him AND THAT'S HOW THEY MET! BOOM!

Hi Nadia despite your terrible betrayal because you went on a date when, CLEARLY, I WAS YOUR VALENTINE, this hc is perfect (omg Beka would just be staring at his Eyes of a Soldier™ the whole time while cutting the net) and needs to be done right nOW (and what do you mean by “sweet delicious seafood” pls) 

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I, caught in the netting lay holed bandaging
my leak of a bell drooling the yellow moan,
as if it was possible to mistake a desire for new life
with a desire for death,
I bit not at the mesh wire but
begged Forgiveness, who loves others so well,
to fray the bits of me that hold me here
under queer light to decay limbs of my body
and dress the earth
as a fog that provides for all god’s forgotten animals.


As regular viewers know, entanglements are a common site at Wildlife Aid, but sometimes the victim frees itself before we arrive!

This swan had got itself caught up in a net at Chelsea Football ground. Luckily it had managed to free itself, but seemed to be immobile and there were fears of injury.

On arrival Simon was greeted by a subdued, stationary, but angry swan. After a thorough checkup, Simon was satisfied there were no injuries to the swan, and so it was taken to the nearest lake and released, where it happily swam away!

We always love a rescue-release 🙂:)

A Thousand Poems

A thousand poems
   curl in the rain
as the drops
of these sonnets
filter through my hair,
these hands
a conundrum
   of sentences
with his name
on my fingerprints,
   his fingerprints
on the inside of my thigh
invisible ink,
and my mouth
full of love notes
     that only the moon can hear
for his ears
lie between her breasts
   and my breaths
get caught
in the net
of my swelling ribs,
a surrender.

© Virginia Archer, all rights reserved

  • You must want to run away.
  • No. I will not run away. Until the day you take my life away, I will survive. I will withstand it all.. and find a way.
  • False hope only makes you suffer. No matter how hard it struggles, fish caught in a net lose its scales… and have a knife pierce its throat. 
  • Sometimes..