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Gracias Mamá Bree por responder! I'm quite self-conscious around the word witch, because is one of the lot of name i got called in my school. But It always caugh my attention, and I recently got back to tarot, and witchcraf is holding its hand! And you are amazing, taking the time to answer me. I trust myself, because if I do or say something, I can take responsability, and I prefer that to out-side sources lending me something I can't repay. Your answers shed light to my doubts ^^

I feel the same way that you feel about calling on outside help to cast spells. I prefer to do all the work myself whenever I can. And like you, I don’t like the idea of being in debt.

I got teased in school for being strange and believing in ghosts and magic, so I feel your pain. The important thing is to remember that the only person who can tell you who you are and what to believe is YOU! :)

If you want to call yourself something other than a witch to describe your work with tarot and magic, that’s okay. If you want to call yourself a witch and take back the power of that word from the people who teased you, that’s okay too.

Buena suerte, preciosa! :)

My cat used to be indoor/outdoor and now he’s only indoor but we’re leash training him and I took him out for a walk and hE FUCKJNG CAUGH TA MOUSE AND RAN INSIDE TO EAT IT ON MY ROOMMATE’S FLOOR

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Cam seriously I wanna thank you for not hating me because of always reblogging. I don't wanna lose our friendship. I love you so much ❤️❤️



So in Sims 3 I like making characters and sometimes I like setting them off and seeing how they interact. In doing so, I caugh weirdhowlifeworks-huh Mikey and my Volara cuddling and kissing on the couch while Weird is playing on the computer. I showed the pics to weird and was told to post them so have some lovey dovy sims. :) and yes, wierd, those are purple lipstick marks on mikey and yes volara has purple lipstick, got to love cc.

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Ima be original and say Megumi x Aoshi for the meme *caughs*

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you who;

( omg! haha…this is hard …XD)

1. Tops/bottoms mostly- Aoshi ( he wants to take lead over her..^^)
2. Gives the best head- Both ( Aoshi gives all his best in fights …maybe in bed too and Megumi is the kind of person who returns whatever is given to her …XD)
3. Buys sexy lingerie and shows off- Megumi ( because is a tease XD)
4. Falls asleep immediately after sex- Megumi maybe ( he tires her XD0
5. Whispers sweet nothing in the others ear when they think they’re asleep.- Megumi ( Aoshi is not really an expressive kind of person..^^_
6. Always want to have drunk sex but just can’t get it right- Aoshi ( he mostly drinks tea and not so used to drinking alcohol. He falls asleep when drunk..maybe XD)

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001 - Tokyo Ghoul?

I did got one, hooray~ Thanks a bunch, Anonie! :)

001 | Send me a fandom and I will tell you my:

  • Favorite character: Kaneki Ken ofc. 
  • Least Favorite character: Jason… and maybe… *caughs*uta*caughs*
  • 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): (do I have 5 favourite ships???) Well… HideKane, KaneKane, TsukiKane, KaneRize, and TouKen…
  • Character I find most attractive: Amon is pretty much amazing and handsome *wink-wink*
  • Character I would marry: Hide OH MY GOD OFC IT’S HIDE *-*
  • Character I would be best friends with: Hide ^^ (Can you tell Hide is my everything or should I write his name once again??? *laughs*) ooor Touka. I really like people like her ^^
  • A random thought: I knew it’s gonna be painful BUT EVEN I WASN’T READY FOR THIS
  • An unpopular opinion: idek if it’s unpopular, but anime!Shuu is annoying, and acts like a total creep and he is even weird WHAT HAPPENED TO MANGA!SHUU???
  • My canon OTP: —— (I hardly ever ship canon ships………….. i w o n der w h yy?)
  • Non-canon OTP: HideKane (but if you ask me they are like 99,999999% canon, so… i can’t be really sure)
  • Most badass character: Shironeki. He has a reason for being badass btw, baby has suffered too much… (also Yomo-san is totally badass ^^)
  • Pairing I am not a fan of: I either ship something or I don’t, I try to avoid having notps, but sometimes it happens, I guess…. maybe UtaKen????
  • Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): Character-wise, Tokyo Ghoul is amazing. If there is anyone who is screwed up, it’s because they have a reason for being screwed up - they were tortured, they lost their family, they suffered a lot etc. I cannot really name a character I don’t find good enough, because oh well… 

Thank you, dear~

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I've aquestion , the ...a..ahem , takuya's "thingy" """caugh"""looks bigger like no joke ! was it always like this and I've just noticed after three years of stalking him online or is it the outfit or is it just me? omg my friends r idiots know/care about cg !! please tell me is it my imaginetion ?? do you have close pic so we can unfold this mystery? haha no seriously tho i am imagining ? i'm going crazy here please don't laugh at me !

I swear I only laughed a little bit XD
It’s the clothes. Their stylists are very good at fitting them. However… Take this perfectly innocent 2013 photo that may or may not answer your question.

I think we can safely say his abs have always been that big. 



I’m super sick still. Dr was no help at all. So trying to sick to healthy cool juices for my throat and herbal remedies until I can figure out something to do.

1st pic is watermelon, cucumber, strawberry with rose water, 2nd pic is watermelon, cucumber, mint ☆

If anyone has suggestions for a sore throat/caugh/chest congestion please let me know!

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(Got7 Jr.) *whispers* Why? It's not like i said it out loud, i'll be careful! *pulls him in for a kiss once my family turns around and heads to the kitchen* Sorry, dont be mad okay i couldnt help it ㅋㅋ

JR: *is caugh off guard by the kiss, yet kisses you back* You do know that you’re  teasing, right? *whispers to you*

- Admin Seung.

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"Sorry, bu' I kinda noticed yer drawin' dere. Dat's really good," 2D had been looking over this strangers shoulder at the drawing in their lap, and now was feeling a bit weird that he was just looming. He shyly scratched the back of his head, a little smile forming on his lips, "I don' mean te loom er nuffin'... Jus' caugh' me attention is all." (justme2D)

A blond head snapped up- so lost in the drawing he hadn’t noticed him approach, “Oh, uhh, thanks! I really love to draw and stuff! Do you draw? Or do any sort of art?”

It was always fun meeting new artists no matter the kind!

The man sat back a moment in his chair and pointed to the one next to him, “Yer all legs- have a seat before you fall over,”

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Hello, Anonie! :)

The ship is my: *caughs*notp*caughs*

I consider this ship’s feelings: Mutual | Mixed | Strange | Awkward | Platonic | Sibling-like | One-sided | They don’t really like each other | (here comes a little explanation: feelings are mixed, because we all know how much Kise respects Aomine’s skills and abilities and we also know that Kise is among those very few who can make Daiki fight a bit more serious than usually. But as a ship… I’ll explain it in the ‘General Opinion’-part)

I’d consider the relationship: Healthy | Awkward | Abusive | Doesn’t work properly | They’d never get together | (explanation: there’s a huge clash between their personalities. Kise is the enthusiastic, always cheerful one, who smiles and who is always so lively, the type of ace you would like to have on your team, who never skips practises, not even when he is several levels above anyone else - whereas Daiki is a lazy dork, skipping practises and he can, oh my god, because he is just too good; however, he isn’t the type of ace you would like to have on your team, probably because how can you rely on an ace who’s never present during practise time? (Well, we also know that Touou is totally okay to have such an ace, so whatever, right?] Tho they are similar, because only a select few can put up with them - Kise’s fangirls and forever buzzing phone often disturb practise time, and he is sometimes too much: too lively, too enthusiastic, too… Kise. And Daiki is actually really hard to handle, because hardly anything can make him attend practise, he tends to ignore everyone and he can be a selfish creature. This is my opinion, I’m ready to face everyone who likes the ship, I actually have mutuals who ship them and hey we have zero problems…)

Children: No | Yes | They’d think about it (I have seen an adorable fanart, where they had babies, and even I was touched, but that’s all.)

General Opinion:

*sighs* When I was looking for the right ship to call my otp, I somehow skipped this ship - like entirely. I have seen so many fanarts, and fanarts have the power to make me ship this or that, but… Daiki and Ryouta just weren’t a match for me. I can see the point in shipping them, I actually tried to make myself ship them, but nothing worked. And it’s good I think, I have other basket-notps, and well…. the main reason for me not shipping them is the huge difference in their personalities. Daiki’s stimulus boundedness isn’t high enough to put up with Ryouta more than a couple of hours - well, at least not with the high schooler Kise. Guess I should have tried to imagine them as adults, but I simply cannot. I must admit, however, that I really like the contrast of their skin colours. I’m all over tanned-pale couples (SasuNaru, KuroTsuki, HideKane), but this isn’t enough for me. Note that this isn’t a ship hate - I know this will pop up in the tag (at least on mobile), and I would like to apologize if I had hurt someone’s feelings, but you asked for my opinion, and I’m giving it to you. I don’t see the point in ship hate, anyway - if I don’t like something, I’ll block it, and voilá, dash is much better without my notps. What you ship has nothing to do with me - as long as we have something else to talk about, I won’t mind the fact that you ship something I don’t like. And I won’t unfollow anyone for shipping my notps. We cannot like everything, right? :)

Thanks for the ask, lovely! Have a wonderful weekend! ^^

☑ Kate & Manu

Kathryn pressed her forehead with her free hand she finally escaped from the rowdy chaos they call masquerade ball. This is why she’d rather stay at home and watch tv or better yet, do nothing than attend those ridiculous party. It only cause her nothing but headaches as it was literally oozing with drama which Kate was very allergic at but one certain comotion caugh her attention. Well, it wasn’t really a comotion, only that she had this friend, a friend she had been drawn close to and was having some trouble. As usual, saving the day is what Kate does best but she’s not sure if this was something she does on a daily basis, helping out a friend or was it because it was that certain friend that needed her help.

She shook her unwanted thought out of her head as she had a box of pizza in hand Thankfully, there was still a pizza shop open as this hour. Scanning the area, she looked for two specific things Manu had told her, she was in this big ass bed and that she was beautiful? Wait, it wasn’t it.Right. But before she could have a mental battle with her own head, her eyes caught something in particular and she made her way as soon as possible. “I forgot to ask what flavour you wanted so I just choose mine.” She said simply, walking over the table and slidig the box towards Manu. “I’m never attending this types of this again.” Throwing her hands up in the air in defeat before her face connected to the hard wooden table, aloud groan escaping her lips.

So I just finished season 2 of bates motel. That last scene...the Norman Bates face thing gave me chills. Actually gave me me chills, not figuratively. I got chills. That was intense man. This show is too good!

Also give Freddie Highmore a fucking Emmy already. All of them just based on that alone. (Oh an btw I’m gonna watch episodes 1-7 of season 3 tomorrow on TV. I watched ep 8 last week so by 9pm tomorrow I’ll be all caugh up, phew!)