First Otabek and Yurio, GOING OUT TO EAT, you can even see that before they were caugh by Victor and Yuuri, they might have bee exchanging things like favorite songs, or taste in music, seeing as Otabek has one of Yurio’s earphones, and just how precious is that? Wanting to learn more about each other, Yurio’s new to having friends and little by little he is opening up to the other boy… Adore that they are actually meeting outside the rink, and becoming closer, AND THE FACT OTABEK ACTUALLY WENT TO RUSSIA JUST TO VISIT YURIO… (since we know they are in St. Petersburg).


Because you can actually see they went and bought some vegetables and bread, which means ONE IS COOKING FOR THE OTHER. THEY ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO THE SAME PLACE, AND EATING TOGETHER, HOME MADE FOOD, and either they are both cooking or one is better at it, so that person is handling the food. THEY REALLY ARE A MARRIED COUPLE AND THEY KNOW IT.

BTS Reaction: BTS notices that GF isn’t wearing a bra.


 Hey! Can I get a BTS reaction when they notice you (crush or gf) aren’t wearing any bra ? Thanks ^-^

♣ if you want something more smutty or specific, just say so~ this is not graphic, but I can make it for you, so just specify if you want it to be. you can add “fluff” “smutt” “angst” or whatever you want at the end of the request!!! thank you!! ♣

 • Namjoon: 
When he noticed through your gray sleevless shirt that you didn’t have a bra, this boy wouldn’t be embarassed, I think he would understand that it’s comfortable to just rest without anything bothering sensible parts of your body, even more when you were laying in your bed with you long term relationship partner. Even understanding this, he won’t stop staring when you are not paying attention until you caugh him and both of you stared at each other’s soul, making an uncomfortable silence, until you gave him a naughty smirk.

“So… do you wanna make this even more comfortable?”

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• SeokJin:

I guess he’d be kinda shy about it at the beggining, but you just got home after a long day at college and you just wanted to rest. Jin was your boyfriend, so why would you be embarassed about it? You took off your bra and threw it to the laundry, and then you just sat next to you boyfriend asking how his day was. I think that he’d try to avoid staring or act shy, so he would have a cheering attitude, but eventually you two would end up cuddling and he would rest his head on your clothed breasts. (dirty thoughts ofc)

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• Yoongi:

I don’t think he’d make a scandal about it. He probably would find it completely normal, respecting the fact that you are comfortable that way, but of course that would be a first step for him to start something kinky (?). Like, for example, you two were in the bed watching a movie (of course you dragged him to the bed with you) and he just lifted your shirt a little and stroked your abdomen. These kind of games usually are just teasing, but sometimes it turns to something else.

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This boy would just play around, massaging your boobs gently just to tease you. You would tickle him and it would be a constant game of teasing each other, playing around, just having a good time. But sometimes those games can take an unexpected turn; like when you’re cooking or organizing something and he hugs you from behind, squishing your breasts and laughing cockily, and when you turn around to kiss him, he would kiss you passionately, telling you how much he loves you, and stroking your back.
(i died writing this he’s so adorable adios)

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• Jimin

Let’s be honest, Jimin isn’t a fuckboy like many people think. Imo, he’s a piece of heaven, but like everyone he has his own needs. One day he got from practice and decided to visit you. You were about to go to sleep so you were using your pajamas, of course you didn’t have a bra on. Jimin and you decided to cuddle to sleep, but when he wrapped his arms around you he felt something more squishy than usual, and inocently asked if you weren’t using any bra. You just laughed and denied with your head, and he just chuckled and squished them softly playfully before falling asleep with you in his embrace. This would be a specific situation, but depends on his mood or in how tired you both are. He does the same that Yoongi does, he strokes your abdomen playfully and sometimes that leads to something else, but he’s always respectful.

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• Taehyung:

Just like Chim, he wouldn’t have any perverted thoughts at the beggining, but would take it as something normal just like everyone. I really think that every member is completely respectful in that way, not taking the fact that you aren’t using any bra as a hint that you want their (agust) D, but instead of staying silent like Jimin, he probably would break the silence: “they’re so soft!!” “can I touch them?” “does it hurt?” “can I sleep on them?” you would laugh at everything, but when you wanted him to touch you lovingly, he’s smart, so he would understand and place his hands inside your shirt instead of just touching them with your clothes on.

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• Jungkook: 

Okay, so every member thought that it was completely normal, but for Jungkook it wasn’t like that. I mean, of course it was, but it gave him some confidence to start something, even if not having a bra meant just comfort for you. He would, just like everyone else, respect your comfort, but he would also tease you with something, like lifting up his shirt “accidentaly”, like a hint. This would be months after you started dating him, the first time he saw you like that, he was jungshook. But he normalized it with time, he just wasn’t that used to it, but now he was more confident.

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fave moments of the marco livestream

-my favourite karate move? blocking claw! *makes marco do the blocking claw* “this is my way of dabbing!!” *repeatedly makes marco dab*
-“hey chansey, I thought you died in battle”
-marco’s parents trying to be hip and marco’s mom doing the shuffle
-we held hands, and we *starts coughing aggressively*K-KISSED
-look at her! look at her….I’m gonna send her a meme!
-star’s kinda …gotten me out of my shell. I’m glad she showed up.
-“toffee? well, he tried to kill me so……not a huge fan?”

 -adam generally being the biggest dork ever trying to please the fans I love him

So theres still a couple of hours to go, but I thaught I´d wish you all a happy new year!! Yaaay!

Thank you for sticking with me this far and for all the lovely messages and support I`ve recieved from you!  I´ve met so many wonderful and kind people here, I feel very lucky! I wish you all the best in 2016!!

One hot summers day, I decided to go to the beach to cool off.I pulled in at the large carpark which was relatively near the water. My car was stationed front on and touching the curb. In front of me was a footpath for access to the beach, and just behind the path were five showers where bathers could rinse all the sand and salt from their swim wear and hair. The showers were only five yards directly in front of me. A young mum was showering herself and washing her hair out. She had a stunning figure and I could make out her pubic mound and her hard nipples. Just looking at her body made me so hot, I got an instant erection. I was only wearing a pair of surfing board-shorts, with an elastic waist. I slipped my hand down the front of my shorts and started wanking away, fantasizing about having sex with her. After a few minutes, she was joined by another shapely female in a rather skimpy yellow bikini. I was taking my time as the view and feeling was so pleasurable. If I didn’t cum with the two women in the showers in front of me, I could easily wait until someone else came along. All of a sudden without warning, I heard a woman’s voice come through my front passenger side window saying ‘I see what you are doing, are you enjoying the show?’ I turned to my left and saw a woman, probably in her twenties, shorts and bikini top, with her head beside my car window with a big smile on her face. I was so embarrassed, I started stammering some excuse which she didn’t accept. She knew I was perving on the women in the open showers and getting my rocks off looking at them.The woman then asked me to pull my shorts down and wank off with her watching, or else she would let the other women know what I was doing. I was shamed but didn’t want the other women to know what I was doing. I had no choice but to pull down my shorts and expose myself to her wishes. I was still hard and the woman commented to me 'Very nice, keep stroking.’ I looked at the two bathers in the shower and wrapped my fist around the head of my penis and kept stroking until I cum. I have always been a shooter and before long, I squirted my first load onto the windscreen in front of me. The second and third squirt went over the steering wheel while the rest of my cum oozed onto the front seat between my legs. The woman smiled at me and commented on my huge squirt and told me 'Let that be a lesson to you’ Don’t do it again or I shall report you to the police.   


bangtan boys feature in my hogwarts au.


“So, what did you want to tell me?” You asked after he pulled you to a more secluded place. You could see his playing nervously with his hands. His eyes were traveling from yours to the ground.

“Uh… Ehm… Yeah well…” He tried to start passing one of his hands through his hair. “I don’t even know how to start”

You smiled leaning against the three you had at your back. It was funny to see this side of Bellamy when you were used to a very different one. 

“It’s just that” His dark eyes met with yours once again to keep them locked with yours. “I wanted to tell you that…” He caughed awkwardly “I like you” He said in such a low voice you couldn’t heard properly.

“What?” Actually you were just playing with him because besides his low tone of voice, you could imagine what he was trying to say thanks to someone’s hints.

“I… I like you” His statement made you bite your bottom lip, Bellamy was showing himself in an adorable way. “And I know that maybe you just don’t feel the same but… I needed to tell you or…” His words got interrupted when you stood on your tiptoes and crashed your lips to his, surprising the elder Blake who quickly kissed you back.

“Maybe I do feel the same way you do” 


Dublin Day 43
…. VERY uneventful day ✔️
…. 3rd video went online ✔️
…. cold.caugh.snot. ✔️
…. actually was “sent home” because of my cold and me looking pale and sick 🤷🏻‍♀️✔️
…. was told to take tomorrow off if I’m not better … well we will see 🙈✔️

lilypadd90-deactivated20160718  asked:

What if the 2ps played the Yandere Simulator? (Sorry if this was bothersome)

((how would this be bothersome omg the ask box is literally open for a reason? x’D ))

if the 2Ps played Yandere Simulater

2p!america: ‘the fuck? so i’m some psycho crazy bitch out to murder other bitches for this plain ass guy? ……… sweet, how do i play

2p!china: why can’t a real girl be yandere over me awwwwh

2p!england: i do this on a daily basis how is this not normal for other humans– *giggles* hehe… just kidding !!

2p!france: this is actually kinda fun what the fuck

2p!russia: this game is inhumane and grotesque, how do you like this

2p!italy: ….. *points to yandere-chan* me every day *winks at you*


2p!japan: well my reputation is up *stretches*  i suppose it’s time to confess to senpai now

2p!canada: wait what’s the menu button again *doesn’t know how to modern*

2p!romano: nuh-uh bitch *snaps fingers in z formation* get away from my senpai or else i’m gonna cut you up honey *murders NPC* see what did i tell you? mY HIPS DON’T LIE

2p!austria: i love this omg *gets addicted/ won’t stop playing*

2p!prussia: this is really weird………,, can we play some world of warcraft now

it has hit me that it would be a bad idea for Hunk and Lance to be paired on their own, not because they wouldn’t work well together, but because of their weapons:

they have the only long range weapons in the team. Sure Pidge’s weapon can expand

but I’d say it is more of a mid-range weapon since it would still force her to get in contact with the enemy. Lance and Hunk don’t need to touch the enemy and if possible they could attack before they are even noticed. Sendak was caugh by surprise

if Lance and Hunk were on their own then the rest of the team would have no long range fighters in case of emergency, Keith would have the equivalent of “bringing a knife to a gun fight

while Shiro is human Antauri

(please tell me that you remember that show)

in conclusion, unless Shiro gets his bayard back soon, Lance and Hunk would never be a team on their own unless it wasn’t their choice.

  • REY: *studies him. She's fearful... but curious*
  • KYLO REN: You still want to kill me.
  • REY: That happens when you're being hunted by a creature in a mask.
  • KYLO REN: *stops, considers her... then reaches up, unlatches and REMOVES HIS MASK*
  • REY: *Rey reacts, stunned* /OH NO HE'S HOT/ *takes a moment before she regains her own mask of defiance*
  • KYLO REN: *awkwardly caughs* Tell me about yo- *caughs again* DROID! the droid.
Shut Your Mouth // request

Part 2 of ‘Secrets and Blushing’

Request: part 2 about ‘Never have I ever’ imagine with the squad like Za, Khalil, Major, Kendall, Kylie etc.

WARNING: Imagine might contain some sexual material, read with your own risk!

Happy New Year to my every follower if we won’t see today anymore!🎆


Third POV:

“Do you remember when you guys were on Ellen about few months ago and played that ‘NEVER HAVE I EVER’ game there?” Hailey asked me and Justin when we were sitting in our living room and having a night together with our friends Khalil, Kendall, Kylie and Za. “Yeah, I can ever forget that. I was so embarrassed that I couln’t go out for days after that” Y/N laughed

“And I still can’t watching that” Khalil told. “Especially that part where Justin tell about how he got caugh while watching porn. I can almost imagine what your mom’s face look like when she saw you” he laughed out loud. “I really hope that I could comment something clever back now to you but I don’t really know what” Justin told and shook his head before he took a sip of his drink

“It would be interesting play that game again like right now” Kendall told and got agreeing nods back. Only one who didn’t seem so interested was Kylie.

“I’m not gonna take a part of this, guys” Kylie raised her hands up. “I can for example read those questions to you” she suggested. “You always slip away from these. Is there something you’re hiding from your friends hmm?” Khalil asked and tried get an eye contact with Kylie but she turned her head away.

“Is that okay to everyone?” she repeated her question and ignored Khalil’s. Everyone accepted it by nodding. “Good, now first I have to search some good questions to you” she smirked and took her phone to her pocket.

“And we could do those signs” Y/N told and looked others. It seemed like boys had moving backward to their own group. They were acting like they wouldn’t have heard what she had said. Y/N let it just be and she, Kendall and Hailey started do their answer signs.

After about 15 minutes everyone were ready and group moved in the living room where they sat on the floor. Y/N handed everyone two papers where first one read ‘I HAVE’, and other one ‘I HAVE NEVER’ “So is everything ready now? Everyone know the rules? And no lying then or you will get a retribution” Kylie told.

“Wow, someone is taking this a bit serious” Za rolled his eyes. “I thought that this was a game” Kylie tilted her head and wait Za to continue his talking but he didn’t. “Yeah it’s a game but every game contain some rules and that is the only one on it so..” she said calmly and took her phone on her hands.

“Everyone ready to start?” she asked and everyone nodded. “Okay, here comes the first one: “Never have I ever send nudes to someone?”  Kylie read to her phone and made boys cheer. “Oh, now I get it why you didn’t want take part of this?” Khalil winked. “Shut up and answer the question!” Kylie rolled her eyes and made a round with her gaze to check what her friends had answered.

Everyone beside her sister Kendall and Za had raised ‘I HAVE NEVER’ signs up. “And well well, look at who’s sent pictures of his tiny penis to some desperate girl” Kylie joked and made Za rolled his eyes. “It happened in the high school, c'mon. I was dumb as a shoe” he mumbled. “But you still did” Kylie continue.

“And then Kenny, what the hell?!” she almost screamed and made Kendall cover her face. “I was bored” she giggled and looked shyly her friends. “It’s okay, girl. We don’t judge anyone here” Khalil tapped her back. “Can we go in next one”

Kylie nodded and read out the next question.“Never have I ever kissed a person who is same sex with me?”  All girls raised 'I HAVE’ signs up but boys answered  that they haven’t. “I’m not even suprised” Justin commented. “Guys, if you only could see what kind of makeout sessions those take when they meet..”

It made Y/N push her boyfriend against his rib. “We aren’t makeouting, those are just little friend kiss” she educated him with a big smile on her face. “Whatever, I’d call it still makeouting because you haven’t ever kissed me like that” he mumbled. “No, you two stop complaining about that” Hailey commented between their words. “We should continue..”

Justin’s POV:

I’d have wanted to continue that conversation still but Hailey was right. We should continue. I sighed and nodded. “Next question” Kylie nodded and scrolled to next one. She chuckled herself before she told the question to her friends.

“Never have I ever had a threesome?” she asked. Everyone went in silence all off sudden but soon one by one everyone like me too put their signs up. Everyone had raised signs 'I HAVE NEVER’ beside my friend Khalil. I gave a suprised look over him but he just ignored it. “Wow, bro” I chuckled and tapped his back. “Here’s a one lucky ass”

Khalil just laughed. “So how was it?” Hailey who had talked yet so much asked. Her question made everyone turn head over her. “What? I’m just curious” she giggled. “Well, it was great” Khalil winked. “I’d do it again”

“I’d try too but that shit next to me haven’t ever let me” Za looked over me. “Don’t you even think” I mumbled. “I wouldn’t let you in my bed next to my girlfriend even in your darkest dreams” Za crossed his ams and acted hurt few minutes. “You have too strong desire for ownership” he mumbled and made others laugh.

“Aww, Za. Maybe one day you’ll find someone” Y/N caresed his arm. “Or maybe I’ll just try steal your girlfriend” he winked and put his arm over my girlfriend’s shoulder. “Maybe in your dreams” I rolled my eyes. Sometimes Za was so annoying.

“Okay okay, are you guys already ready to the second last question?” Kylie asked and everyone nodded. “Okay here it comes”

“Never have I ever got caught by masturbating or having sex with someone?” she read out and raised her gaze off her phone to check answers. A loud cough came out Khalil’s mouth and his gaze landed on me and Y/N when he raised his 'I HAVE’ sign up.

“It was terrible sight and after that I learned to call you before I will come over” he rolled his eyes and made everyone laugh like me too. “Good that you have because I’d want you at my place either on that kind of moment” I commented back. We laughed a little moment together before Kylie went in last 'NEVER HAVE I EVER’ question.

Never have I ever got someone drunk just to have sex with them” I coughed out loud when I raised my 'I HAVE NEVER’ sign up. “Liar” Kylie yelled and looked me deep in the eyes. “Yes, did you maybe forget something?” Hailey looked me asking too.

“Maybe something about how you slipped away once us in the club how you had last time made your poor girlfriend drink so you could get some-” Now Y/N was looking me suspiously too and stood up the couch like she would have got mad at me or something and walked in the kitchen.

“Y/N!” I tried yell after her but she didn’t listened. “I don’t know what are those dumbasses talking about.. hey..” No answer still. Soon Kendall followed her in the kitchen too. Our game had seemly just ended.

Third POV:

“Damn..” Khalil mumbled and looked to the kitchen. “That was a bad moment to that” Justin looked over Kylie and she looked me sadly. “I didn’t know that she would take it like that” she apologized. “Was it even good when she was drunk?” Za asked. “No, I mean.. she was-”

“Justin, shut up or you know what will happen next if you don’t” Y/N yelled to the kitchen. “I think that last time was a good teach to you already to not talk shit about me” her voice didn’t sound angry or sad at all. More like joking. She wasn’t mad at me, Justin thought.

Justin laughed and raised his hands up and stopped. “Sorry I better stop then” he mumbled. “C'mon man, you’re completely around her finger nowadays. Scaring that you won’t get sex for few days” Khalil groaned which made Justin chuckle.

“Sorry, I can’t take that risk with her. I mean last time..-” “I can hear you still!” Y/N yelled again and made Justin lower his voice. “Last time was bad enough already. A week and a half is a long time” he whispered before he walked over his girlfriend in the kitchen.

“You’re a pussy, Justin” Za yelled after him. Justin just grinned for him and wrabbed his arms around Y/N’s body. “Maybe you’ll understand it one day when you guys get someone” he yelled back and kissed his girlfriends cheek.

“Sorry that I didn’t tell you that thing. I shouldn’t have done thing like that to you” he mumbled. Y/N turned around and kissed her boyfriend. “It’s okay.. just.. don’t do things like that again” she accepted his apologize. Kendall who with Y/N had been just talking about minute ago turned around and walked to the living room.

“Guys, we should maybe leave if we don’t want see those two start fucking in front of us” she pointed over the kitchen and others nodded understanding.

“Maybe because that one time was enough traumatising experience” Khalil said when he thought back when he and he had caught Justin and Y/N from their wardrobe doing it. Other just laughed and started make their way to the door.

They left with less sounds and left Justin and Y/N in their kitchen kissing. Just few moments later when they moved back to living room they noticed that there was no one anymore. “Wow, they left quickly” Justin   chuckled and pressed his lips against Y/N’s again. “Maybe they really can read my thoughts sometimes” he mumbled between the kiss and picked his girlfriend on his arms.