One hot summers day, I decided to go to the beach to cool off.I pulled in at the large carpark which was relatively near the water. My car was stationed front on and touching the curb. In front of me was a footpath for access to the beach, and just behind the path were five showers where bathers could rinse all the sand and salt from their swim wear and hair. The showers were only five yards directly in front of me. A young mum was showering herself and washing her hair out. She had a stunning figure and I could make out her pubic mound and her hard nipples. Just looking at her body made me so hot, I got an instant erection. I was only wearing a pair of surfing board-shorts, with an elastic waist. I slipped my hand down the front of my shorts and started wanking away, fantasizing about having sex with her. After a few minutes, she was joined by another shapely female in a rather skimpy yellow bikini. I was taking my time as the view and feeling was so pleasurable. If I didn’t cum with the two women in the showers in front of me, I could easily wait until someone else came along. All of a sudden without warning, I heard a woman’s voice come through my front passenger side window saying ‘I see what you are doing, are you enjoying the show?’ I turned to my left and saw a woman, probably in her twenties, shorts and bikini top, with her head beside my car window with a big smile on her face. I was so embarrassed, I started stammering some excuse which she didn’t accept. She knew I was perving on the women in the open showers and getting my rocks off looking at them.The woman then asked me to pull my shorts down and wank off with her watching, or else she would let the other women know what I was doing. I was shamed but didn’t want the other women to know what I was doing. I had no choice but to pull down my shorts and expose myself to her wishes. I was still hard and the woman commented to me 'Very nice, keep stroking.’ I looked at the two bathers in the shower and wrapped my fist around the head of my penis and kept stroking until I cum. I have always been a shooter and before long, I squirted my first load onto the windscreen in front of me. The second and third squirt went over the steering wheel while the rest of my cum oozed onto the front seat between my legs. The woman smiled at me and commented on my huge squirt and told me 'Let that be a lesson to you’ Don’t do it again or I shall report you to the police.   

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hey viria i was just wondering..... maybe you might've answered this before.... but how did sasha and you first meet and got into, you know, love? im really curious (i've never fallen in love before!!) and what was your experience like? im sorry if it's too personal, but.... you were the reason i started tumblr, because i wanted to reblog your arts! i feel so happy for you!

Thank you! It’s okay, I think..I might not get too personal, but I can describe it overall:”)

So he joined our last year of the university. At first I didn’t really notice him at all? I was fairly shy, because I was surrounded with people I don’t know well enough since my group of people all joined the specialist course, while I was taking masters.

Sasha said once we were in relationship that he thought I was too cool, like i had that certain circle of people and uh. out of his league. 

So. I was shy, as I said. and when I’m shy I’m pretty quiet. At the beginning of the year I was always alone, or went off to see Tanya, or listened to the music because I wasn’t sure how to approach people. Then I kinda started to open up but still was keeping on a quiet side. It’s probably around October that Sasha started kindly teasing me? He asked a lot why I was sad, when I wasn’t, I always said it was just my neutral face. SO it all kinda started with teasing:”D

We all together (as a class) started to talk and laugh more, Sasha and me too. I am generally even more shy around guys, so at first I still couldn’t quite uh talk the way I can now. But with time we started to talk a bit more, and i wasn’t as nervous to be on my own with him (I always worried we wont be able to talk and there will be that awkward silence). He helped a lot, kinda cheered on me, I think we at some point started to flirt and one of my classmates said we have an interesting communication. Once he got sick, and I was waiting for my parents in the uni, everyone left, and Sasha kept me company. It was so easy to talk?? I think that’s kind of when it started to shift for me.

Then parents came, and my mother said that there’s a big cold (as a flu) going around, involving in people dying, and I started to worry about Sasha a lot, because he caughed very badly when we parted. So I got all my courage and wrote him to go to the doctor if he feels very bad and take care, stuff like that.

About after that we started to talk in the evenings constantly, it was like a tradition. So we talked a LOT. Eventually he got the courage to ask me out on a concert? I think the concert was just a way to do it fairly subtle:D 

We went out, I was very nervous getting ready, but when I got there I was okay, and Sasha was the one who seemed to be nervous this time:”D Still, it went out great, the concert SUCKED, but we had something to talk about on the way back home and I felt so lifted afterwards! So we started to go and see each other more and more, but we still kept it on a modest side? Like we said goodbuy and gave each other awkward high fives for A WHILE. We both are shy potatoes. But it was still perfect:”) 

Then one time Sasha asked me out to go ice skating, because I love it, even though he can’t skate. So we went there, I asked Sasha to trust me and I wanted to ride with him like I did with my cousin and other friends, but I didn’t realize Sasha is bigger than those girls, and heavier. And so I. Uh. I dropped him by accident. he felt badly and didn’t skate after that, because he hit his elbow quite bad. Kept saying it’s okay, go and skate without me, you love it, etc. But I couldn’t because I was  so worried and I felt so guilty? We left soon enough, and were just walking and went to the cafe where I has seen his arm, and it was getting very bruised and fairly swollen. And it’s his right arm and for an artist it’s not the best thing to injure.

I couldn’t stop blaming myself even though Sasha kept saying it wasn’t my fault (tho I think it kind of was), so I kept asking him how he feels, got him the medicine against swelling, and then once we parted, we still talked in the evening, and I didn’t want Sasha’s arm to hurt so I FINALLY had my reason to call him. and then we talked on the phone for the next three hours and I honestly don’t even remember much of that anymore.

Sasha later said it was when he seriously fell in love. so. Tadaa! that’s kind of it! After that it’s more personal and more domestic, so! Sorry it’s so long, but you asked for it:D

Ok, so, even after aaaalll this time I’m still seeing quite a lot of people who continue on bashing Sakura and saying how useless she is and how she always cries and how Hinata is much stronger and so on and so forth…

So let’s try to start from the very beginning. I get it, she was hardcore fangirl in the first part but c’mon, you have to admit that at some point in your life you acted the same towards someone you really, really liked… 
Sakura was taking care of those two, guarding them and staying awake for hours, keeping them safe. 

Then the three ninja appeared and even tho she was very tired, she still fought them and managed to hold them off enough so others can come and help too.

Later in the exams, despite loosing, she showed a nice power against Ino and please bear in mind that Ino is from a powerful clan unlike Sakura who is from a normal family. After that, she showed genjutsu skills, she was one of the few who didn’t get affected by the genjutsu and that’s how she managed to free Naruto and the others from it. Then when they tracked Sasuke, Naruto was scared, he was actually shaking when he saw the monster in front of him and when Gaara sprung ahead to kill Sasuke, Sakura was the one to stand and protect Sasuke which resulted in her getting caught. 

She shows concern for her friends and is selfless. She is ready to throw herself in between two of the most powerful attacks only to stop those two idiots. And imagine what would have happened if Kakashi hadn’t come in time.

They say that she placed a big burden on Naruto and that she is using him to bring Sasuke back and yet she realized her mistake the moment Naruto came back from the failed attempt in bringing Sasuke back. She swore to get stronger and take off the burden she placed upon Naruto. She started training with Tsunade and indeed got stronger. She healed a lot of people.

She saved Kankuro’s life. Even Chiyo was impressed by her skills.

Then when they were sent to retrieve Gaara. She defeated Sasori. Yes, Chiyo helped her but Sakura showed incredible skills on her own. Sasori praised her on a few occasions.

After that, Naruto was damaged by the Kyuubi’s chakra. It was Sakura who healed him. Even tho she was in pain, she did everything to make the wounds heal faster. 

Then, she had her little moments that I’m going to skip. Let’s concentrate on the bigger ones like the attack on Konoha. She helped a looot of injured ppl uncluding Hinata. If it wasn’t for Sakura, Hinata would have died. 

She even saved Karin and cried on her.

After that, war time, I don’t have to mention that she again saved a lot of people and caugh the White Zetsu.

She also activated her seal and managed to do some impressive work on defeating a lot of enemies.

She summoned Katsuyu and healed everyone on the battlefield… quite the amount if you ask me…

Of course Naruto being one of them :)) 

She also pretty much helped Shikamaru, she kept him alive and gave him chakra until Naruto recovered enough to give them all chakra.

Oh c’mon, I don’t have to say that she saved Naruto’s life.

They say how she was super scared when she encountered Madara. Then again, was Hinata going to be less scared? Or was she going to do that..?

Distract him a little so Naruto and Sasuke can think of sth. And look at her, she is enduring it, pushing the fear away and doing everything in her powers to fight him. 

It was thanks to her that Obito was able to find Sasuke, otherwise, they were doomed…

And she also saved Obito. If it wasn’t for her, the acid would have splashed him instead and … bye bye Obi~

If I remember correctly, Sasuke and Naruto were just about to seal Kaguya away but it would have been another fail. If it wasn’t for Sakura, Kaguya would have escaped them once again.

she also healed those two bakas when they fought

And what did Hinata do?

She did helped Naruto by protecting him from Pain. But don’t take Naruto’s rage that deeply ok. He thought that she was dead and she was his friend so it’s only normal to react like that. It would have been Shikamaru or Kiba or someone else from his friends, he would have reacted the same way.

And yes, she has the byakugan and is able to do a lot of things thanks to it but what would have happened if she didn’t have it????

and what the hell is that? Make your own Ninja Way girl, don’t copy Naruto’s

She is cute and compassionate and has decent power but some things I just can’t forgive about her character. Fuck Trollmoto tho…

I have to say that I do not hate Hinata but I at the same time I don’t like her that much. She had the potential to become more confident and strong individual but she was left submissive and with almost no confidence.

Now let’s pay some attention to the NaruSaku and MinaKushi stuff. They say that Hinata is like Minato. Indeed the both of them are on the quiet side but other than that what? Minato often throws jokes and he often smiles and grins and he tends to be a little goofy. He is also pretty smug when torturing Kakashi and Obito in their trainings and trying to make them work as a team. Hinata … errr…. 

Minato calms Kushina = balance. When did Hinata calmed Naruto? 

here??? (lets not mention how Neji was dead in her feet and she was thinking how warm Naruto’s hand was) *CRINGE*

I do know that it is war time and there isn’t that much time for grieving but she could have at least hugged Neji and told him “Thank you for always being there for me” or sth like that. At least a reaction like Rock Lee or TenTen would have been good but she just stood and watched…

And oh well, sorry to disappoint you but that scene is kinda copied..

*cough* *cough*

Say whatever you want but Kushina’s line stays the same 
“Find someone like your mother”  

And Minato considered Sakura as Naruto’s girlfriend and stated how she was like Kushina. And Sakura and Minato actually worked together.

And they also share some similarities…

If we include the movies. Naruto was saved by Sakura a lot of times. Like in Road to Ninja, she fought Obito/Menma. 

The Blood Prison, she kept him alive enough for Ryuuzetsu to help him.

And in The Last (which is the bullshit of the bullshits) she was healing him and transfering chakra into him for days. She saved his life again.

Even in Boruto the movie when they were attacked, she fought and evacuated the people. Later, healed them.

Including Hinata who instead of staying with her children in such dire situation, sprung to help Naruto only to be knocked out instantly and risking her own life against oponent she has NO chance at even scratching. (what would have happened if the enemy injured her more seriously or worse - killed her? the kids would have been without mother. She is too reckless.)

and that shit about Naruto loving her because of the rivalry? Oh well, you still remember 235 ep right? He said how he fell in love with her sweet smile and all those cheesy things. They shared so many moments.

First thing he mutters is “Sakura-chan”

Unlike Hinata, who was placed in Sasuke’s place in The Last. The moment when they were little and she “was with him from day one” Sakura actually was with him when they were little (alongside Shikamaru, Kiba, Sasuke and Choji and even Ino. Yes, they weren’t playing that much but they still shared some moments. Hinata tho, Naruto just saved her once from some bullies…)

And lookie, we even have the red thread of love

And let’s not forget how she cherished the flower and blushed the whole time

All and all

And also not to mention that Naruto and Sakura would have been not only like Minato and Kushina but also like Hashirama and Mito. Hashirama is a sunny guy like Naruto and Mito is Uzumaki and all Uzumaki are loud and cheerful and energetic like Kushina (and therefore Sakura). And we can also add Jiraiya and Tsunade, the way they acted was the same way the other couples act. Even Rin and Obito are the same (despite Rin being a little gentler) and Yaiko and Konan too. So this is going on through generations, ever since the Warring Eras with Mito and Hashirama to the other war stricken eras with Jiraiya and Tsunade, Konan and Yahiko to the more modern era with Obito and Rin and Kushina and Minato to the peace era with Naruto and Sakura.

And here is some amazing fanart, seriously even if I wasn’t a NaruSaku fan, I would have still being able to notice those things. Hinata is cute but she really isn’t that strong. If she wasn’t from the noble clan she wouldn’t have been able to fend for herself. Sakura on the other hand is not from such a clan but she manages to surpass Tsunade who is known as the strongest woman. I’m a person who sticks to facts.

I hope you can agree with me…. :)) I myself want Kishimoto to fuck everyone and just write a special NaruSaku manga where they end up together… no more bullshits!!!

Sunday Mornings (Smut)


A/N: This is requested. I’m not sure how I feel about this, but here you go, then I might just delete it later. 

Word count: 2,536

“Are you watching me sleep again?” I asked, covering my face with my palms.

I still didn’t open my eyes, nor did I unravel myself from the comfy position under the warm blanket.

Sundays were for staying in bed. At least that was my opinion. Shawn on the other hand, had a hard time spending his time doing absolutely nothing. Usually, he would go to the gym early in the morning, before I’d even opened my eyes.

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Harry had come home early. He was excited to see his girl after 6 months apart. He was going to surprise her, she had no idea he was coming. As he walked into the house he could immediately tell something was wrong. Usually Y/N would be sitting on the couch watching reruns of her favorite show or in the kitchen making herself a cuppa. She wasn’t in the kitchen nor the living room. Harry made his way upstairs thinking she may be asleep, she had been stressed this week. Her and Harry had talked over the phone and he could hear how tired she was. As he made his way closer to their bedroom he heard moans, not just any moans, her moans. She was moaning out his name. As he walked into the bedroom he heard the moans coming from the bathroom. The door had been left ajar, he made his way towards the door trying not to make any noise. He walked in the steam filled bathroom to see Y/N getting herself off with the shower head. He couldn’t help but smirk when he heard his name tumble from her gorgeous lips. Harry couldn’t see her face clearly because the hot showers steam had fogged up the glass door. He wanted to get a closer look, so as quiet as possible Harry took off his clothes and slipped into the shower. He stood there for a minute until your moans started getting higher pitched and louder, she was about to cum. He swiftly grabbed the shower head from your hand, “Enjoyin’ yourself pet?” she almost screamed when a hand grabbed the shower head, but she was quickly reassured as she heard Harry speak. She didn’t turn around to meet Harry’s gaze for she was far too embarrassed to face him. “Look at meh, sweetheart.“ he demands. Y/N slowly turns around to face him averting her eyes to the shower floor. Her face was completely flushed from embarrassment. He softly grabbed her chin so he could look her in the eyes. She looked up at him innocently hoping it would make Harry take it easier on her. “Tha’ not gonna work pet” he says knowing exactly what she was doing.
“Sorry” Y/N mumbled, his gaze making her legs squeeze together. His eyes shifted down to her soft thighs, she was trying to get relief from the ache in between her thighs. He smirked.
“Still horny, princess?” He asked looking back up to her face, her eyes shifting trying not to make direct contact with his. Y/N merely nodded her head at his comment. Harry slapped her thigh lightly. “Use your words.”
“Yes, I’m still horny.” she said only slightly louder than her apology earlier. The smirk on his faces grows. He grabs her hip and pulls Y/N towards his chest.
“Are yeh pet? Wha’ do yeh want?” Harry asks her knowing exactly what she was craving. Y/N once again averted her eyes from his.
‘I-I want, want yourcock.” She said words jumbling together at the end of her sentence.
“Yah want wha’ now?” he asked putting his hand near his ear as if he you were going to tell him a secret
“Want your cock.” she said once again, her words not jumbled this time.
“Is tha’ right missus? Wants meh cock huh?” he paused for a second before continuing on “do yeh think yeh deserve it, after I caugh’ yeh touchin’ yourself?” Y/N only nodded not being able to form any words,for her brain was too clouded with lust.
“Hmm I don’t kno’ bout that, maybe I will. First you’re gettin’ a punishment” Harry says as he pushes the powerful shower head back onto her clit. She moaned out his name loudly as she was before.
“Harry!” her clit was still sensitive from your earlier experience, she could already feel the knot in her belly tightening. “Harry, I’m gonna, gonna cum!” she moaned out, digging her nails into his strong arm.
“Cum pet, come on, let go princess.” She was done for, her vision went white and hot, searing pleasure ran through her; from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. Before she had fully come down from her high, Harry already had her pushed up against the wall. He was looking at Y/N as she opened her eyes.
“Yeh ready pet?” he asked, looking for a nod or waiting for a verbal yes. She nodded her head her brain still consumed with pleasure. He pushed into her both of them groaning as he did. “Fuck yeh feel so good. How are yeh always so tight.” he moaned feeling her slick wall engulf him.
“So big, just so big.” she moaned out her words coming out choppy. Harry continued thrusting into her. He once again brought the shower head to Y/N ‘s clit. “Harry, no, hurts.” she whined trying to push it away.
“Let it hurt.” he growled thrusting harder. The pain quickly dissolved and turned into pure pleasure. She wasn’t going to last long, with his thick length pumping into her repeatedly hitting that spot inside her and the warm shower water hitting her.
‘H-Harry cum, cum!” she screamed out, Harry knew he wouldn’t last long either, her tight walls squeezing around him and after months of only using his hand, he knew he’d cum fast. He pressed into her harder and quickened his thrusts.
“Come on pet, cum all over my cock.” with that she came, she came hard. Her walls were completely milking him; with her squeezing around him and the sounds of his name tumbling out of her mouth he came. Harry came hard, coating her walls with his thick cum, groaning her name. As they both came down from their highs, Harry was the first to open his eyes. He saw Y/N eyes closed, trembling in his arms. He pulled out of her put kept her in his arms. He brushed a wet piece of hair out of her face. “Yeh alrigh’ darlin’?” he asked.
“Yeah’ she answered him voice raspy from yelling.
“Love you” he whispered
“Love you too.” she said giggling.

Who is this guy??

Is it just someone at the shop and casually staring? I find it a bit odd since he is drawn with such detail… but it could be!

Anyway, I’ll just point out how’s he’s looking at Sarada… I mean, is he going to be a character in the Boruto series or not? I’m curious about that!

Hmm… I’m watching you watching Sarada there! O-O’ 

BTS Reaction: BTS notices that GF isn’t wearing a bra.


 Hey! Can I get a BTS reaction when they notice you (crush or gf) aren’t wearing any bra ? Thanks ^-^

♣ if you want something more smutty or specific, just say so~ this is not graphic, but I can make it for you, so just specify if you want it to be. you can add “fluff” “smutt” “angst” or whatever you want at the end of the request!!! thank you!! ♣

 • Namjoon: 
When he noticed through your gray sleevless shirt that you didn’t have a bra, this boy wouldn’t be embarassed, I think he would understand that it’s comfortable to just rest without anything bothering sensible parts of your body, even more when you were laying in your bed with you long term relationship partner. Even understanding this, he won’t stop staring when you are not paying attention until you caugh him and both of you stared at each other’s soul, making an uncomfortable silence, until you gave him a naughty smirk.

“So… do you wanna make this even more comfortable?”

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• SeokJin:

I guess he’d be kinda shy about it at the beggining, but you just got home after a long day at college and you just wanted to rest. Jin was your boyfriend, so why would you be embarassed about it? You took off your bra and threw it to the laundry, and then you just sat next to you boyfriend asking how his day was. I think that he’d try to avoid staring or act shy, so he would have a cheering attitude, but eventually you two would end up cuddling and he would rest his head on your clothed breasts. (dirty thoughts ofc)

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• Yoongi:

I don’t think he’d make a scandal about it. He probably would find it completely normal, respecting the fact that you are comfortable that way, but of course that would be a first step for him to start something kinky (?). Like, for example, you two were in the bed watching a movie (of course you dragged him to the bed with you) and he just lifted your shirt a little and stroked your abdomen. These kind of games usually are just teasing, but sometimes it turns to something else.

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This boy would just play around, massaging your boobs gently just to tease you. You would tickle him and it would be a constant game of teasing each other, playing around, just having a good time. But sometimes those games can take an unexpected turn; like when you’re cooking or organizing something and he hugs you from behind, squishing your breasts and laughing cockily, and when you turn around to kiss him, he would kiss you passionately, telling you how much he loves you, and stroking your back.
(i died writing this he’s so adorable adios)

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• Jimin

Let’s be honest, Jimin isn’t a fuckboy like many people think. Imo, he’s a piece of heaven, but like everyone he has his own needs. One day he got from practice and decided to visit you. You were about to go to sleep so you were using your pajamas, of course you didn’t have a bra on. Jimin and you decided to cuddle to sleep, but when he wrapped his arms around you he felt something more squishy than usual, and inocently asked if you weren’t using any bra. You just laughed and denied with your head, and he just chuckled and squished them softly playfully before falling asleep with you in his embrace. This would be a specific situation, but depends on his mood or in how tired you both are. He does the same that Yoongi does, he strokes your abdomen playfully and sometimes that leads to something else, but he’s always respectful.

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• Taehyung:

Just like Chim, he wouldn’t have any perverted thoughts at the beggining, but would take it as something normal just like everyone. I really think that every member is completely respectful in that way, not taking the fact that you aren’t using any bra as a hint that you want their (agust) D, but instead of staying silent like Jimin, he probably would break the silence: “they’re so soft!!” “can I touch them?” “does it hurt?” “can I sleep on them?” you would laugh at everything, but when you wanted him to touch you lovingly, he’s smart, so he would understand and place his hands inside your shirt instead of just touching them with your clothes on.

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• Jungkook: 

Okay, so every member thought that it was completely normal, but for Jungkook it wasn’t like that. I mean, of course it was, but it gave him some confidence to start something, even if not having a bra meant just comfort for you. He would, just like everyone else, respect your comfort, but he would also tease you with something, like lifting up his shirt “accidentaly”, like a hint. This would be months after you started dating him, the first time he saw you like that, he was jungshook. But he normalized it with time, he just wasn’t that used to it, but now he was more confident.

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So theres still a couple of hours to go, but I thaught I´d wish you all a happy new year!! Yaaay!

Thank you for sticking with me this far and for all the lovely messages and support I`ve recieved from you!  I´ve met so many wonderful and kind people here, I feel very lucky! I wish you all the best in 2016!!

Was it really necessary? - Zach Dempsey

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Request: Can you do an imagine with Zach where him and the reader (girl) get into a fight and she ignores him and goes to Bryces with all the other boys and gets high or drunk, which is totally unlike her, and she gets hurt somehow and Zach takes care of her and they make up, please?❤️

word count: 1614


“Why won’t you just talk to me Zach?” You asked scared. Your boyfriend, Zach Dempsey, wasn’t the type to get mad so when he acted like this you knew there was a big problem. The two of you decided to watch movies, at least you asked to watch a movie but he ignored you so you just went over to his place. There you found your boyfriend working out his anger on a punching bag. He ignored you for the first 40 minutes so you were confronted him, after another 20 minutes he suddenly started to speak.

“So now you’re interested in me again?” He said on an irritated tone. You were completely in the blue.

“Why wouldn’t I be interested in you?” you asked confused. There was no reason for your boyfriend to think you weren’t. You have had a couple occupied weeks but nothing for him to worry about.

“I didn’t hear from you for 2 weeks? You didn’t even mind talking for 10 minutes with me in the hallway y/n!” Oh so he was worried about you being unable to spent much time with him. The thing was you were a high class ballet dancer, so every time a competition came close you dropped everything that could take your mind of it and practiced like a maniac. You told Zach before how you became when there were games but this was the first time he really experienced it. It seemed like he underrated it.

“Really Zach this is about my ballet? I told you you didn’t need to worry about that!”

“No one spends so much time on sports. What is it? Are you seeing someone else behind my back?” Zach didn’t realised how much those words hurted you. He practically told you he suspected you cheating on him and he didn’t trust you. This exact same thing was the reason your previous boyfriend dumped you. All you wanted to do was be the first at every ballet competition but it seemed like no one understood it. When you met Zach you thought you finally met someone who understood your passion for sports but you were wrong. Tears started to stream down your face, the most important person in your life didn’t understand the most important thing in your life. It hurted, it hurted pretty bad. You started to gather your stuff.

“Where are you going? Your other boyfriend?”

“STOP! Stop it Zach. You have no idea how much you hurted me right now, you knew how heavy my ballet was, you knew it! I warend you a million times. and if you want to know I ended first, but it is not like you were bothered asking me. and for the record I love you, only you. Not like you are going to believe me since you don’t trust me.” you said before walking out. Even tho it was a short argument it was a pretty painful one. You supported Zach for every basketball game, why couldn’t he do the same? You were walking through the streets since you didn’t feel like going home. You didn’t want your parents to see you with your puffy eyes. They weren’t that fond of Zach so if they saw he hurted you they would go crazy. Suddenly you heard a car slow down next to you.

“Hey y/n! What are you doing here on your own?” It was Bryce Walker, probably on his way home.

“Just wandering around. You?”

“I was on my way home from a beer run, we’re having a little getting together. You want to join? You can invite Zach too, he didn’t answer my invite.”

“Or we don’t invite Zach.” You saw while you’re getting in the car. Bryce grinned.

“Alright or we don’t.” the two of you drove off to his house, the other guys were already in his pool house.  You sat yourself down in between Justin and Montgomery. They already seemed pretty drunk.

“Where’s your sidekick y/n?” Montgomery asked. He was your best friend since kindergarten. He knew every little thing about you and you knew every little thing about him. he helped you with your huge fear of failure and you helped him with his anger issues.

“I don’t know, probably looking up who my second boyfriend is.” You said while rolling your eyes. The more you thought about it the more frustrated you got. Where did he even found the confidence to ask you this? He knew you were the most loyal person in the world and still 2 weeks of ballet made him doubt you.  Montgomery looked at you with a shocked face.

“No he didn’t?”

“He did, but let’s not talk about it. I want to forget.” You said before opening the bottle of tequila and taking a huge gulp. Justin and Montgomery both looked at you with shocked expressions but they knew when you had your mind on something there was no stopping you so they let it go.

Zach’s POV

Zach was punching his bag a last time. How could he be so stupid. He accused y/n for cheating on him when he knew she was the kindest, most honest person he ever met. She didn’t deserve it, and he didn’t deserve her. When she told him she ended up first he felt so bad, he was so caught up in his own thoughts he didn’t even asked her. He knew she warned him but he didn’t expect her to be so occupied with it. y/n practiced before school hours and after school she drove right to the dance hall and continued to 11. The same routine for 2 weeks straight, no breaks. Deep down he felt a little proud under all his guilt. Never in his life did he met someone this determent, she made him a better person, she really did.

Zach stopped punching his bag, when he walked over to were his phone was he saw the thing was blowing up. It was full of snapchats and text from Bryce, Justin and even Alex? Were they trying to make you jealous for not coming to their little part? He opened the first one from Bryce but he wasn’t prepared for what he was going to see.

It was y/n, dancing on a table with a half empty bottle of tequila. He heard Bryce on the background telling someone the girl had some serious moves. What did he expect she was a professional dancer, the idiot. But what was more to his concern was her, this wasn’t like her? She drank sometimes yes but she never got drunk. Zach felt even more guilty. He made her want to forget and he was so mad at himself for doing that. He went through the other snapchat’s. They were all of the party, always with you on the front of background, drinking. When he came to the lasts, who were Alex’s, he saw everybody moved to the pool. He could see at y/n’s posture she was really wasted. He had to go pick her up, she couldn’t be there for another minute. The others boys wouldn’t take care of her and they would let her drink even more. So Zach jumped in his car and drove off to Bryce’s place.

 Back to general POV

You were totally gone. Everything was a blur and you could barely stand on your feet. The thing was you thought this was what everybody did to forget everything? Then why did your feelings feel more present than ever. You tried to stand up but you couldn’t, you were sitting at the edge of the pool alone. Some went home including your best friend Montgomery, some went back inside. You said you were going to meet them in a couple minutes. You didn’t had any power left to get up, your arm slipped and you collapsed into the pool. As much as you wanted to get out and breathe, you couldn’t. You were numb. But what was the deal of getting out? Was it really necessary, life? Suddenly you felt something jump in the water next to you, lifting you out and laying you on the grass. You just rolled over with your eyes closed, you were tired.  You hear a familiar voice screaming at you.

“y/n? Y/N! Wake up!” it was Zach, even tho he was mad he came to help you.

The other boys were running out of the poolhouse when they heard Zach scream. They were shocked by the scene they saw. They should have stayed with you. Zach kept shouting.

“No no no no, you’re alright, come on wake up.” You started to caugh but still kept your eyes closed.

“I-I’m f-fine Zach.”

“Oh thank god, I’m so sorry y/n really I shouldn’t have said those things. Never ever do this again. Dance as much you want but don’t drink this amount of alcohol never ever again.” You left out a drunk chuckle. Zach tried to make you sit up but he saw how hard that was for you, he picked you up bridal style while you putted your arms around his neck hiding your face in his neck.

He walked with you to his car when you whispered:

“I’m so sorry.” Zach felt so bad when he heard you say it because all of this was his fault. He was never going to let you get hurt ever again. He kissed your temple while he held you closer to his body. His little girl was laying in his arms, looking so vulnerable.

“I love you y/n” You let out a cute giggle, the ones that made Zach’s heart melt from the first times he heard it. It was the first time he told you and even tho you were drunk you would never forget this moment. You felt so happy inside but you were even more thankful that Zach came even tho he was mad, he saved you when no one else did. 

“I love you too Z.” and that was the last thing you remembered before falling asleep.

Hope you liked it, let me know what you think and thanks for reading! 

BTS reaction: s/o seeing them perform live for the first time

Kim Seokjin / Jin

He told you. He freaking told you to prepare yourself but you thought he was joking around. It’s not as if you didn’t know he could be sexy, it’s just that it isn’t a facet of him you see often and even though you were warned you were most definitely not prepare for that. The lip touching, the constant glances towards your section, the way he licked his lips; all because he knew you were watching. 

Kim Namjoon / Rap Moster

He was so excited. Namjoon tried to act all seductive on stage by giving suggestive looks and winks, his voice was extra husky knowing you were listening to him rap; but at the end of his song he found you on the crowd and he couldn’t help the joy he felt, which was when his act fell. The biggest smile took over his face. He was so happy even the mic picked his giggles; they were heard all over the stadium.

Jung Hoseok / J-Hope

You already knew he was a fantastic dancer and rapper, what you were not prepared was how cool he looked, he soothed style. He knew you were watching which was why his raps were pronounced more forcefully and the body rolls. Those damn body rolls nearly gave you a heart attack on more than one occasion.  

Park Jimin

Jimin was so confident knowing you were watching. He was so unlike the boy who had shared those gentle moments of hand-holding and small kisses with you. The way he ran his hands through his hair reminded you of the way you had done it during different and more private  circumstances. You were accustomed to lying on top of him and knew he had a fantastic body but looking him shirtless while he performed you could barely contain yourself from running up the stage.  

Min Yoongi / Suga

He was so excited for you to go see him and even if he didn’t explicitly say it you knew it from the way his eyes were looking around the stadium trying to find you not very subtly, mind you. Once he saw you looking right back at him, he gave you The Smirk TM. From that moment on his dance moves were more marked and his raps louder. He wanted to be the only one you noticed.

Kim Taehyung / V

He was so happy you were going to see him perform he would not shut up about it and would tell everyone on the crew. During the concert he was a mystery; he acted all sexy and seductive one second and super cute and silly the next. As on most things Taehyung you couldn’t tell what was going on inside his head but would still encourage him which was why when he looked at you, you made funny faces at him to try to make him laugh. During his performance you caugh him smiling your way on more than one occation.

Jeon Jungkook

Like Jimin, Kookie was so different from the person you knew off stage. He was not the shy, silly bean you had come to know. Before performing he found where you were going to sit in order to tease you while he was on stage. He often smirked your way and made each move on the choreographies very prominent because he knew how flustered you got. The first time he looked at you directly he winked at you.

Boyfriend Jeno
  • hey hehe
  • i’m sleepy idk why tho
  • idk what to write here
  • lmao, can we start w this right away i’m an awkward person i’m sorry
  • okay so, ,,,,,
  • he’s probably a low-key cuddly and clingy boyfie
  • like, he really loves hugging you and caressing your skin, specially if you’re really smol and tiny
  • he would be smiling the whole time and complimenting you 24/7
  • “you’re so adorable, y/n”
  • “i can’t believe i have the cutest s/o in the world”
  • “ugh, you’re so pretty??? i’m so lucky??”
  • “god, i love you so much baby”
  • well, tbh just being by your side makes him the happiest person alive
  • aso he’s always smiling and killing you with that precious eye smile of his
  • also, this is super random but i’m going to take any chance i have to say it
  • and,,, he likes any kind of skinship
  • but normally he would always iniciate those super long and warm koala hugs 
  • and he also loves to give you pecks everywhere, lips, cheeks, forehead, e v e r y w h e r e
  • and whatever you do he would love but your backhugs are his ultimate favorite thing in the whole world
  • and he loves it when you’re feeling nervous/anxious and you start playing with his fingers non stop
  • he thinks is the cutest thing ever and would place an arm around your shoulder and bringing you closer to him so he can kiss your forehead and calm you a little
  • and, obviously, he also loves cuddling
  • but he’s like really specific when it comes to doing it, lol
  • when it comes to casual cuddling his fav position ever is the sweetheart cradle bc it’s literally the best thing ever
  • he loves how comfortable it’s for both of you and how he’s able to make a conversation while facing you
  • and talking about that, you can have those super deep and never ending conversations for hours
  • he loves hearing you talk about yourself and learning about you
  • your opinions in different things, in what you believe and in what you don’t, what you like and what you hate and your even your future plans
  • he could listen to your voice for hours and never get tired of it, he loves you so much
  • but whatever, lol, continuing the cuddling thingy
  • when it comes to cuddle while sleeping together he’s always the big spoon and there’s no way you to convince him to change it
  • he just really loves to place his arms around your figure and keep your body really close to his
  • and when he does this he actually feels a lot more relaxed and calmed
  • try to guess why!!
  • it’s not only because of your presence, even tho it really can makes his whole day a lot brighter and happier
  • and it’s not only because you’re in his arms, which is casually the place where you belong, and he can feel your warm
  • but because just with knowing that you’re by his side and that he’s there to protect you and take care of you makes him, somehow, calm a lot
  • and he always goes to sleep and wakes up with that precious smile of his in his beautiful face
  • this is not important but i’m internally crying as i’m writing this, can you feel how soft i am for lee jeno?? ugh, this bias wrecker istg
  • the ironic thing is that i procrastinated for like two days for doing this because i had no inspiration and now i’m writing the most romantic post ever
  • when it comes to dates is almost always outside
  • like walking together around the city in a spring day or going to a cozy café in a autumn day
  • or going for ice cream dates in a summer day or playing with the snow in a winter day
  • him learning how to play your favorite songs in the guitar and then playing them for you
  • + trying to teach you how to play and having lessons weekly!!
  • you trying to make him understand tHAT HE’S NOT BORING
  • “jeno, just think about it, jisung park is the one who’s calling you boring. JISUNG PARK, WE’RE TALKING ABOUT JISUNG PARK”
  • “the coconut head who’s scared of cockroaches, yeah, him“
  • “you’re a really interesting person, why can’t you understand that :(((”
  • probably him buying you lots of presents
  • mostly plushies because they’re cute and adorable and they reminded him of you
  • and you buying him lots of snacks and sweets but always end up eaiting them together
  • relationship goals tbh
  • watching one piece together
  • and you looking at him like ಠ_ಠ whenever nami is on screen
  • and him being like ʘ‿ʘ *sweating, sweating so much*
  • lmao
  • lot’s of cute selcas together, most of them taking in your dates
  • but also the members love to take pictures of y’all in secret
  • both of you can be talking normally and suddenly getting a snapchat notification of donghyuck
  • and when y’all open it is both of you hugging and smiling widely or looking at each other with heart eyes
  • and y’all would play it off like
  • “pff, it was just the moment, it not that deep”
  • and y’all get caugh anyways because you can’t help but screenshoot the pictures and then put them as matching wallpapers aw
  • okay and the end because it’s too chessy and if i continue i’m going to explode
  • lmao, i enjoyed this so much??? i miss jeno so much???
  • i know 127 just made a comeback bUT I MISS MY SONS
  • and ten, where’s ten T-T

bangtan boys feature in my hogwarts au.

Serious post

Firstly, I hate how some people on tumblr think this fucking website is a competition. I mean, WE DON’T EVEN GET MONEY FOR THIS, IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN???

2 - I also hate how people act as if they owned book quotes, photographies, etc, when in fact YOU DON’T HAVE A FUCKING RIGHT ON THAT SHIT, BY THE WAY, THE OWNER COULD SUE YOU FOR USING THEIR INTELLECTUAL WORK IF THEY WANTED :D So why the fuck you care so much if a person posts the same book quote than you or other blog?? Everybody is free to buy the book and post a quote if they want, you DON’T FUCKING OWN THE BOOK, DID YOU GET IT??? 

3 - If you don’t like a blog, block them???? It’s ridiculous needling someone in posts, like how old are you?? 8 years old?? Get a life, get a job, go study, go have sex, go smoke pot, idk, but this is SILLY. 


anonymous asked:

Prompt: Yuuri and Viktor as high school classmates (forget their age dif). Victor tries to confess through notes in class but the teacher caughs them and reads them aloud oops

A/N: [oops, this was originally planned to be a drabble but kind of got away from me. more under the cut. thanks for the prompt!]

Wordcount: 1,156

Victor had memorized Yuuri’s schedule down to the minutia. And he thought that was very impressive, given the rotating block schedule that their school functioned on.

Whenever he passed Yuuri in the hallway, which he tended to do because he had altered his routes to coincide with Yuuri’s, he would wait for Yuuri to pass him and then stand off to the side of the hallway and watch Yuuri get smaller and smaller until he disappeared.

Yuuri would always be laughing with Phichit about something, so he never noticed Victor’s being a creep every day. Fortunately.

“Ow!” Victor yelped, rubbing his arm.


He looked down to see Mila pulling back for another punch.

“You’re embarrassing us all,” she said with a frown even more severe than the last one. “You’re more embarrassing than Georgi. And that says a lot.”

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Check yes or no: part two. A do over because of formatting

Check yes or no: part two IN ITS ENTIRETY, sorry for this who couldn’t see it all before.

Hello all, to those who still care and/or remember this little story of mine. For those of you who do not have memories akin to an elephant’s, you can fine part one HERE. I warn you now this chapter is a bit of a filler chapter, and probably could be better. However, I do have Part three (psst, this is no longer a three part story!) itching to get out and posted. So, hopefully it will be written by tomorrow as i’m off with nothing to do.

To the anons who long ago sent me messages to be about this story, don’t worry I have never forgotten, the answers are coming.

to @takemeawaytocamelot If I know my time zones like I think I do, it should still be Memorial Day for you, and well, you know the old saying: Christmas Day/Memorial Day, potato/mango (haha). I am so sorry I inadvertently lied to you about this story, but I never forgot about it. I hope you like it.

Part two:

God, she had missed him. She had tried to tell herself it wouldn’t be that bad, they would call and write, or they would see each other on holidays. But about thirty seconds after walking away from him, she burst in tears. Years, they had been apart for years. A significant percentage of her life. But it didn’t matter anymore; he was finally coming home.

Waiting in the main area of the train station, Claire couldn’t stand still. She continually ran a hand through her hair as she checked the arrivals board, not becoming even remotely calm until she saw him. Taking a deep breath of relief, she watched as he walked off the escalator. He stood tall compared to the hunched weary looking travelers around him.  She noticed he still had the old baseball hat she had given before he left. It was currently blocking her from his line of sight.  She couldn’t contain herself anymore, her hand shot into the air and she yelled his name, “Frank, over here!”

    Looking up to find her, he smiled and everything else she had been feeling seemed to fade away.  The drive home was anything but quiet.  They spoke of everything and nothing, trying their best to update each other on the last several years. Claire told him of her adventures globetrotting with Lamb and her excitement to be finishing out schooling before university in a real school, lockers and All!  Frank in turn told her of finishing his university studies and looking forward, much like her, to working with Lamb again in a real school, students and All!

    They were so caught up in conversation, that neither noticed the passing countryside that they had previously been so excited to explore. Neither had spent much time in France before, but were pleased when Lamb had been offered a permanent professor position, with Frank as his assistant. While still quite active, the years were beginning to catch up with him, so it would be good for him to have a more stable life.

    Pulling the car in front of the house, Claire gathered their things and made her way up the stairs but before opening the door she was stopped. Frank held her hand, an odd look on his face, “Claire, um, before we go in. I should probably…”

    He was cut off when Lamb pulled open the door and welcomed him back from his trip. He ushered him in through the house, conversation on the stairs momentarily forgotten, to what could assumed to be the office.

“That girl, how could you even, how do you deal with…ugh, she’s just terrible Jamie”

    “Hello to you too, Janet.” Jamie said, trying as hard as he might not to laugh, as he opened the door for her.

“What did she do now to have displeased you so?”

    “That girl canna have more that three functioning brain cells, it’s not possible. How she manages not to get lost on her way from her closet to the bed each day I’ll never know.”

    He couldn’t stop himself this time and burst out laughing at the image. Jenny just continued on, pausing only long enough to glare at him. “Oh sure, laugh about it. YOU didn’t have to sit in a car all day with her,and you didn’t have to listen to her as she tittered back and forth between dresses! I mean really, how can you stand it? What do you two possibly do together? It canna be her skills as a conversationalist!”

    Stopping then, she caught her breath and finally noticed his smirk, which turned into a full blown smile as he doubled over laughing.

    Huffing at him, she began to rummage through her bags. “Never mind! I don’t want to know!”

    “I’m sorry you had such a bad time with Annalise, but she’s really not that bad.  Maybe while you’re here you’ll get to know her a bit better. But, it is so good to see you, ye’ve been missed. I know Ian hasn’t been able to stop talking about your visit.”

    Jenny snorted looking at him in disbelief, “Not that bad, huh?” The smile she saw made her own turn up into the real smile he hadn’t seen in so long. He had been away from home for a few years now with little more than short school break visits to tide him over and it was never enough. Jamie couldn’t wait for this last year to be done with so he could make his way back.

When he had been accepted here, he hadn’t thought it would be as bad as it was, he had been so excited and so wrong.  Tonight, he thought he’d be able to get a bit of home back. Tonight was the welcome back ball and with Ian and Jenny with him, they would bring a little of the highlands to France.

Claire was putting on the final touches to her outfit for the night. She had spent the majority of the day on the phone with Gilli making sure that what she had put together would work as well as she was told it would. Pouring over her jewelry box for the millionth time, she contemplated once more just calling it all off, pulling on jeans and going to a movie. But, she had purchased her dress and shoes with Gillis a month or so before on her last visit to Scotland with Lamb. It seemed an awful waste of what she was assured many times wasn’t too much and would get the attention of every man there. The deep red, she had to admit, did contrast nicely on her pale skin and dark hair, but she was still nervous.

    Making a splash was all well and good, but doing so at a new school was something entirely different. She did her best not to think too much on those thoughts and the ever persistent voice in her mind saying, “Just be careful.” The sound of Frank coming in downstairs pulled her out of her thoughts. She looked into her jewelry again, selected ruby and gold earrings her mother had left for her, slipped her shoes on, and walked out of her room, deciding it was now or never.

“Hello Frank, you look very handsome. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a tuxedo.”

    She always thought that saying that someone was breathtaking was always a bit of an exaggeration, but Frank seemed to have lost his looking up at her, coming down off the stairs. She had never felt more powerful and sure than she did in that moment.

Coming up to him, he had finally gathered himself enough to tell her how beautiful she was. From his words and Lamb’s photo happy tendencies, she blushed a very close second to color she wore.  She finally relaxed a bit as they drove to the venue.  They stayed quiet through most of the ride, but she knew that she was ready. These types of events, while uncommon in her life, were not completely foreign to her.  She had, in the past, accompanied her uncle to various faculty events and research galas. She knew that, if nothing else, tonight she could mingle and get to know her new classmates in a more relaxed setting.

Walking up the main staircase, Claire could hear the chatter of people and the beat of the music.  She paused a moment before walking in, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath.

“Are you sure you’re alright? We don’t have to go in you know. We can go somewhere, anywhere else; if you’d like.”

She looked between him and the doors for a moment, squared her shoulders and turning the knob saying “No. It takes a lot to surprise me anymore, Frank. I don’t expect anything in there to change that. Let’s go.”

Spinning around the floor, Jamie tried his best to take in his surroundings. He hadn’t really gotten the chance to talk to anyone, or even get something to drink. Upon entering, Annalise had drug him on to the floor and only briefly seen fit to let him rest. He didn’t mind too much really. Though, Jenny’s rant from earlier came back to him, as Annalise had also been talking for the better part of an hour, about what, he had no idea.  But, overall he was having a very nice time.

Jenny was beaming and Ian’s smile hadn’t slipped once, he never was able to take his eyes off of her. Annalise looked lovely too, she wore a fitted peach colored gown and since picking her up that evening, he, too, found himself staring at her when she looked away. Suddenly, something felt different, and he couldn’t place it. He tried to get her attention, though there wasn’t much hope of that while she kept talking. He brushed it off, determined not let his thoughts go past the two of them dancing.

    Suddenly, the song came to an end, switching to something much louder and more upbeat,  he was ushered off the floor towards the refreshment. She had pulled him down a bit so he could hear her over the music.

“I am going to run to the ladies, would you mind grabbing me a drink?”

    He nodded and pushed his way gently through those standing around talking. Placing his request, he finally got his chance to look around, and to see who had shown up with who. While not much of a gossip, he found it was better to at least know the goings on as it made his life altogether easier.

He hadn’t paid much mind to those immediately around him, only registering bodies moving in and out of the area. As his drinks were handed to him though, he saw a flash of red come up to the drinks area and directly into his arm.

“Oh! I’m so sorry… erm, excusez-moi.”

    It was quick, but he had caught it. English. Good French, from what he could hear, but definitely English. He turned to pick up a few napkins and decided to stick to English as well in response.

He chuckled cleaning off his kilt, “Nae, it’s no bother. Really, worse has be spilt on me before.”  He look over his shoulder then and his heart stopped.



(NOT my gif/s)(NOT my characters except reader)

Pairings: Bucky (Demon!Bucky) x Reader

Summary; AU- Sorcery it’s a farce. At least that’s what you thought before your little sister, Wanda, found an old magic book and decide to try a spell so his crush fell in love with her. To your atonishment and hers the spell works and now she has to face the drawback; she has sold her soul to a demon called Bucky in exchange the favor. Now, you are forced to intervene and reach an agreement with said demon.

Warnings: Language, violence, death,  angels, demons and all kind of religious stuff. SORRY

A/N; AAAAAAAAAAAAAnd I’m here again! Sorry for the unforgivable delay, when I’m sick i’m good for nothing :/

Tags;  @bexboo616 @minaphobia @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x  @hollycornish @jenn0755  @imgettingmarriedtobuckybarnes @cry-me-a-fkin-river @starstar1012 @okayish-url@imsunnysu  @rchlnwtn @kirsten-clifford1619  @crazybarnes @kenobi-and-barnes @morgiepoo  @fashun–deevah (tags are open!)

Chapter1   Chapter2   Chapter3  Chapter4  Chapter5  Chapter6  Chapter7  Chapter8 Chapter9  Chapter10

Chapter 11

The first seconds after the scream neither you or Bucky move a muscle, too suprised to do anything, but soon the reality overcomes you. There is someone out there that wants to hurt you and that is hurting Nana right now, you must do something.

- Erase the line Y/N, hurry up! - Bucky rushes you 

- Y-yeah! - frantically you search for something to break the thick line Nana has drawn in the floor and that keeps Bucky in to the circle. Shaking, you find a big rock in the ground and you rub it againts the concrete, trying to make the paint jump and break the seal.

It works. You sigh relieved when Bucky step out of the line, hesitant at first.

Covering yourself in a hurry you follow Bucky to the front door, your heart in a fist hearing the muffled battle sounds.

- Stay behind me no matter what happens out there, doll - Bucky whispers to you. 

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