Caudalie had me at Beauty Elixer. Ever since I’ve had a consuming desire to see what else the magic of grapes can do. Thanks to a recent Birchbox, I was able to try quite a few things, and will be purchasing more soon…

Of my various trials, here is a highlight that I find equally as fabulous as the Elixer. I am dubbing it the “Divine Line”. I don’t think it’s actually referred to as such.. regardless there are three parts, the Divine Scrub, Divine Oil and Divine Legs.


For the best feeling skin of your LIFE follow this three part process. Part one, shower off and treat yourself with the Divine Scrub. It smells amazing and makes your skin so silky smooth, it’s a little nuts. Post Divine Scrub (or part two), use a modest portion of Divine Oil all over thy divine self. You might smell so delicious you decide to neglect fragrance. Which is totally fine because who doesn’t want to smell of grapes from Bordeaux France?

Here is the kicker, part three. A new Caudalie obsession called Divine Legs. It’s the final but perhaps most important piece of the puzzle. Consider this product a real-life-photoshop device, because after lathering a reasonable portion on your legs (let’s not get too crazy) they look Killer in photos. I mean, Angelina leg worthy. You can even create defined muscles and contour by using more or less in certain places.

Here’s to the power of the grape

Does This: Makes skin absolutely devine
Is This: Caudalie Divine Oil, Divine Scrub, and Diving Legs
Get This: At
Pay This: Scrub $38, Oil $49, Legs $38

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Makeup Tips for Looking Fabulous Straight off a Plane

Over the next few weeks it seems like everyone in the Birchbox office is jetting off somewhere fun. Ally is in Equador right now (lucky!), editor Candice has been working from San Francisco this weekend, and even I’m heading off to Denver in a few days for a friend’s wedding. Summer really is our favorite time to get out of the office and enjoy some sun.

Unfortunately I usually step off the plane looking like death warmed over (especially if it’s more than a few hours long flight) and I know I’m not alone. The last thing I want to do while traveling is worry about a full makeup routine, so this month we asked makeup artist Nam Vo to share a few really easy tricks for looking downright amazing when you step off the plane. Throw these products (all under TSA’s 3.4 FL OZ limit) in your carry-on and you’ll be fresher and more polished when you step off the plan than when you stepped on. Happy traveling!


Find more beauty tips and expert advice on the Birchbox YouTube channel.

Whatever your age and profession, it’s easy to get in an office makeup rut. The first order of business is usually camouflaging that you were up too late the night before, or worse, that you overslept and almost missed your 9 a.m. meeting—and often, there is no second order of business. “I’ll just add lipstick after my coffee,” we tell ourselves, or “I’ll tuck this rollerball in my purse.” Perhaps products that luxe as good as they feel will inspire you to up your workday beauty game.

Marc Jacobs Marvelous Mousse Transformative Foundation
Lightweight, refreshing formula hydrates with coconut water and reduces visible redness.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush
This soft-focus blush diffuses surrounding light to give the complexion a more awake and youthful appearance.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con No. 7 in Lolita
Contour, shadow, and shape an office-friendly smoky eye with the rich neutrals and metallic in this palette.

Bumble and bumble Cityswept Finish
This micro-fine mist finishing spray gives refined texture to any hairstyle—even bedhead.

Formula X nail lacquer in New Classics in Curiosity
Being in the red is a good thing when it means a no-chip, statement-making manicure.

Hourglass Femme Rouge Lip in Nocturnal
You may be burning the midnight oil (hence the name), but don’t use that excuse not to state your case at the morning meeting.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir
Mist on essential oils and active botanicals to reset your makeup.

Givenchy Mister Light Instant Light Corrective Pen
Light up the undereye area and inner corners with this easy brush-on formula.


Marc Jacobs / Marvelous Mousse Transformative Foundation

Hourglass / Ambient Lighting Blush

Bumble and bumble / Cityswept Finish

Formula X / New Classics

Hourglass / Femme Rouge Velvet Crème Lipstick

Caudalie / Beauty Elixir

Givenchy / Mister Light Instant Light Corrective Pen

Marc Jacobs Beauty / Plush Shadow


Products to help you beat the heat.

As a beauty writer, I’m familiar with a fair share of long-wearing products. But when I found out I was going to a June wedding in Georgia, I realized I’d need an extra kick to hold up a full-face look in the state’s infamous humidity. With a trusty stash of setters, sealers, and sprays, I set off to the South with a beauty arsenal that kept me fresh-faced and sweatproof all weekend long. Below, I’ve listed my best recommendations. KELLEY HOFFMAN


NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder
With an easy swipe of this translucent powder over my foundation, my face stayed shine-free for the entire evening. Infused with Photochromic Technology, it adjusted to look flattering in different lights—from the sun setting to flashing bulbs.
Tip: Since it comes in a mirrored compact, it was super handy for under-the-radar touch-ups and checking on my look during the meal (i.e., making sure I had no food in my teeth).


To lock my look in place from vows to the all-night rager, I used this setting spray. It not only sealed everything in with a radiant, finishing touch, it gave me the confidence to go all out on the dance floor, with no worries of my face sliding all over the place.
Tip: I sprayed the formula on a cotton swab and ran it over my eyeliner to give it extra staying power.

I wore my hair up to keep heat off my neck, but these blotting papers in Cooling Mint came in handy anyway to wipe away the inevitable, occasional sweat beads around my hairline.
Tip: The individual papers also work great as lipstick blotters.

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Lash Genius Waterproof Topcoat
I’m a sucker for vows, so I knew my favorite mascara (sadly, not waterproof) wouldn’t hold up against humidity and tears. I applied a coat of this over my lashes and didn’t blink at my worries for the rest of the night.
Tip: I wiped off the excess formula and used the spool to brush up my brows for an extra-groomed look.

Because I was wearing a pale yellow dress, I really didn’t want to sweat. I used these super-strong antiperspirant wipes to help my body stay dry—and like magic, they sure did.
Tip: I gave a few packets to my date—because I knew his long-sleeve shirt and toast-giving anxiety wasn’t making the situation any easier.


CAUDALIE Beauty Elixir
When I woke up with a well-deserved hangover, this mist was my savior. It gave me an energizing dose of essential oils and helped set my natural look for the how-is-it-already-this-hot-this-early outdoor brunch.
Tip: It’s also a must-have for flying. With a lack of fresh air on a five-hour plane ride across the country, it helped keep me hydrated all the way home.


Hello everyone, so I finally decided to pull my skin care routine together and share it here. I’ve had couple of requests to do so in the past so today’s the day.
I use this products after cleansing my face.

/left to right
•origins renewal serum - great serum but haven’t seen any real results yet. (Maybe cause I used it inconsistently)
•olay regenerist luminous moisturizer to brighten my acne scars and tone my face. I just started using this product because the korre’s brightening cream is too heavy for summer time. So far, it sinks into my skin instantly and I wake up to a health glow.
•Mario badescu buffering lotion for those cystic acne which is embedded deep inside your skin. This lotion helps to bring out the real enemy. Similarly, the drying lotion is really good for blemishes and basically dries out the stubborn acnes. I swear by these 2 products. It minimizes the acne in less than a day and you see results right away.
•caudalie premier cru eye cream is something which beats any eye cream out there. It hydrates my eyes and helps combat dark circles and bags. I’ve seen great results after using this product!
•lol the indigo nest perfume is to support my caudalie from toppling over.

- these are my night time routine. Day routine is way different. Let me know if you guys want that too ☺️