Clouds over mount Elbruz

Nebulosity, both near and far, is hanging in the skies above the tallest peak in the Caucasus. Condensed moisture is creeping up the flanks of the mountains and bleeding over the edge as the atmosphere cools during the night or a layer of moister warmer air passes over the relief. The observatory in the foreground is the Peak Terskol Observatory boasting a 2 metre telescope located on Elbruz’s flanks. High above towers the plane of our galactic home amidst speckled foreground stars, the milky way, a sight that always makes goosebumps stand up on my skin. 


Image credit: Boris Dmitriev via APOD

Кавказский пленник/Prisoner of the Mountains

Не любят нас здесь. А после войны……ещё больше любить не будут. А кто на войне друг друга-то любит? Да что это за война такая? То наступай, то отступай, то мирись, то дерись.

They don’t like us here. And after the war…? They won’t like us any better. And who at war likes one another? So what kind of war is this? One that advances, then retreats, at one moment reconciles, at another fights.


Fly through the Caucusus mountains