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Things I’ve heard an ESTP say

“The truth is vital… without it we’re just animals having sex and doing drugs.”

“One time my friends and I were walking on the street and we saw a drug deal go down… it was awesome.”

“I’m a wise man.”

“I mean if you want we can just go out on the town and see if we get mugged or something, I think that would be pretty fun.”

“I wouldn’t mind working 9-5 so long as I make enough to pop bottles on the weekends.”

“I’m not as cold-blooded as you.”

“It didn’t seem like she was that into you. It was painful to watch. You trying and failing.”

“You see there’s like white girls as in caucasian women and then there’s white girls as in White Girls™ and that girl you like seems like a White Girl™. She’s cute though. If she were my cousin I would fuck her. No, just kidding. I would never fuck a cousin. She’s hot though.”

“Jokes should never be taken seriously. No one should ever be offended by a joke.”

“I don’t fuck with Bernie but if he gets elected he’ll do some legalizing of the devil’s lettuce and I think that’s pretty cool.”

“I just want to chill with a couple beers and watch Seth Rogan movies… that’s on my bucket list.”

“Seth Rogan seems like a chill guy… I want to get high with him.”

“I might join the military. I don’t want to go to war, I just want to fuck around with guns for a few years before working a desk job.”

“If you guys dressed as well as I did we would look much cooler walking around together. You need to get some swag.”

“I might just go get a refill without paying for it. Fuck the police.”

“One time we were just walking around and we found a car and the keys were in the car so we stole it and drove it around for a while.”

“Here, take some hair gel. [me: declines] [ESTP: stares at me, looks at my hair, then back at me] You sure?”

When i see this:

and this

and of course this…..aww Kaya!!

How i feel:

Slow motion Clap for All the Caucasian Women who got to do and will do crossover photo shoots with Drop- Dead- Gorgeous Korean Men in Entertainment

You don’t know how lucky you are….

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To all fellow South Asian Korean Entertainment Enthusiasts

 isn’t it time that Brown chicks come in and get a taste too ???

Lets add all up!!!! Hahah!!!


Extremely blessed to say that I was a part of Kanye West’s vision for Yeezy Season. The amount of controversy this received for the casting call alone was insane, the backlash for misinterpretations was so pointless to me because all he wanted was an aesthetic of beautiful melanin filled women. Not once have I witnessed a NYFW event that featured absolutely no Caucasian women. This is “Multiracial Women Only”. #yeezyseason4

Since entering college, I have been consistently categorized by race when it comes to academic performance, sex and dating. My friends joke that I must be smart because I’m Asian. I’ve been the “Asian” girlfriend. I’ve been the “token Asian” hook-up. Men have asked if my vagina is slanted. I’ve overheard guys being encouraged to try sleeping with me because “sex with an Asian girl changes your life.” And guys who genuinely like me are accused of having an “Asian” fetish.

It should be as simple as: “I think Asian girls are pretty. Some guys like blondes or redheads. What’s the difference?”

Logically, there shouldn’t be a difference, but there is. There’s nothing racist about being attracted to certain physical traits - but defining the motivation of attraction is very difficult. Drawing an analogy between the variable features of Caucasian women and an entire race oversimplifies the issue. The history behind the infatuation with Asian women started with the colonization of Asia, and the image of the exotic and submissive mistress is an old-world stereotype that still lives on today.

In western culture, Asian women are associated with sex to the point of absurdity. The only social identities formed are based on sex: the mysterious and gentle Geisha girl or the fierce, dragon-lady temptress…

…These sexualized images stress the Asian trophy, the object, the sex toy. Of course, women of every race are featured in pornography, but we rarely see Asian women outside of sexual roles in mass media. Unlike many of the other negative stereotypes associated with race, the one that follows Asian women is tricky because sex is the dominant association, and American pop-culture is all about sex, sex and more sex.

It perpetuates the image of Asian women in an exclusively sexual light…that image includes me.

—  Rose Hansen- Exploring the Sexualization of Asian Women

While scrolling through your page (which is amazing <3 ) i noticed there are very few Caucasian women which has made me feel really lucky to be blessed with this hair. Although, my journey was not easy. My hair was never accepted in school so i went through 4 years of straightening my long curly hair which soon all broke off to ear-length hair. That was when i knew i needed to transition. Ive learned to love my curly hair and i am letting it grow free.

I wanted to share my wash-day routine to any girls on this page who have my hair type.

Usually I don’t shampoo but when i do, i use Renpure Originals Argan Oil Shampoo. 

For conditioner i use Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner and i really love this.

My products: I use my normal conditioner as a leave-in. Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie (LOVE THIS), Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum, and Organix Argan Oil of Morocco.

If you’re deciding whether or not to transition, DO IT. i guarantee you’ll love it.

Thanks for sharing your story and regimen… Your hair is beautiful!

Things that White "American" Girls Do - Looking at Strangers

I’ve noticed this everywhere I’ve been to throughout the United States. I’m not white but as a female who looks white and was raised in the US I feel like I need to address this because this isn’t a stereo type but it’s annoying and rude.

White girls - mainly Caucasian American females - between the ages of 8 and 99 do this. I’m not trying to be racist but I am trying to save your ass if you fit this description.

You know how if you meet someone or see someone pass you, you might do a quick eye scan or check them out a bit but..


..the way American girls do it is flat out obnoxious.

They will literally look at you, run their eyes slowly up and down - maybe move their head in the process and then make a face that is either really contempt or full of disgust. It’s not like a quick,“oh look a person wearing a shirt or whatever” it’s more like, “oh look at that person wearing blah blah blah ewwww”. 

What’s really ironic is the females that do this and tend to be more obvious about it tend to be of higher income. 

Now I’m not saying rich white girls are air heads or anything but I have observed that those who do this mimic their close female family members who do don’t realize they do this 99% of the time. Those who have older female role models who do this tend to be of the upper middle class and higher classes. Because of how their role models were raised - ex. the social norms and women’s roles from 1930s to 1980s - it was actually very normal to do a body scan of people when you look at the them, especially for higher income women in order to pick good spouses.

However, education has evolved and changed over time. Culturally, women in the present era who "body scan" in a very obvious fashion tend be classified as rude or obnoxious white women who’ve never been taught. 

For those of you who don’t understand what I mean, I’ll tell you what happened to me today. As most of you know I am a college kid. As a college kid I might not always be on top of my game. So today I was wearing long black gym shorts (because booty shorts are really uncomfortable), a gray tang top, a mini black long sleeve zip up hoodie and my hair is tied into a pony tail (minus my bangs). I just finished my biology lab and I am now going to head back to my apartment and eat because it’s a 2 hours lab in the early morning. As I am heading back, 3 white (they are so white they could blend into my wall) stereotypical - kind like the main 3 barbie dolls - girls. They are wearing nice but tiny amounts of clothes but considering I’m probably older than them by like 2 years I didn’t want to look because I’d feel like a pedo. I notice that every time another girl who wasn’t “white” walked by, they would slow down and look at them - then talk among themselves like it was the weirdest thing in the world. They must have had a alot of talk about because UNT is a very international school - so much so I think being “white” is a minority. Anyways, they were talking to each other but as I walked by - btw I have no idea who they are, they’re complete strangers- they stopped talking, slowed down their pace and they all scanned their eyes up and down like I’m some freak of nature. 

Me being me…

I look at them and do the, “Really, are y'all bull shitting me face - don’t make me smack y'all with a giant Swedish Fish.”

They freaked out, walked away quickly, and got back into their conversation. 

Another example of this is actually my sponsor. I’ve actually told her she does this and she got really embarrassed but she stopped doing it. But, whenever I’d meet up with her, this first thing she would always do is stop whatever she’s doing, get serious, and look me up and down like a cat to catnip and then either make a frustrated sound or smile and pretend nothing happened. 



So, I hope this was informative and, I guess, a public announcement to all “American women” who do this because if you go overseas or do this to people who aren’t used to American mannerisms - ladies - you’re either going to be misinterpreted or get your ass kicked. And even in your own areas if you do this people will think your a stupid white girl or a bitch who’s close minded. Just saying…



Hi guys, I’m a cis girl looking to donate some make up. Trans girls in the UK will take priority because of shipping arrangements, which I should be able to cover although message me still if you’re from elsewhere in the world and hopefully we can figure something out :)

Foundation post: I know buying make up can get pretty expensive and particularly difficult for the darker skinned ladies since a lot of foundation is aimed at Caucasian women. I’ve got 6 different tones to give away, each valued at £23 from the Sonya range by Aloe Vera Forever Living. My mum was a salesperson for FL veryyy briefly (she’s not much of a seller) and she bought this big tester case of make up including 12 different foundations. Now, there aren’t any darker skinned women in our tiny village so half of them wear never used. A couple have some little finger prints in them but that was just me making sure they were still okay to use. She gave the case to me for my birthday a while ago but heck I don’t need all those foundations, especially since I’m white af so I thought some of you lovely ladies could make better use of them :)

Left to right top: Golden Sun, Mocho, Raisin

Left to right bottom: Chocolate, Butter, Sunset Beige (much more of a sandy beige than it looks)

Annoyingly, the colours aren’t exactlyyy the same as they’ve come out on the picture, although they’re fairly similar but I’ll make sure to help you choose the one that’s right for you if you message me! Please don’t be shy or feel rude to message me, I really want to help :) Let me know where you’re from and what you’re interested in and we can go from there.

Love, Sarah at tea-yoga-health

POZ supports National Transgender HIV Testing Day because…

  • Trans women around the world are approximately 49-times more likely to be living with HIV compared to all adults of reproductive ages.
  • Trans women of color experience disproportionately high rates of HIV. For instance, HIV prevalence among African American trans women is approximately 56% (compared to 17% prevalence among Caucasian trans women.)
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, today, 73% of trans women living with HIV in the United States are unaware of their HIV positive status.

  • Currently, there is very limited information about trans men in particular. To date, research related to HIV among trans people has almost exclusively focused on trans women.
  • The few published studies that report HIV rates among samples of trans men have reported 0 – 3% prevalence (though, those studies were self-reported and of very small subject pools.)
  • There is growing evidence that there is a significant group of trans men who have sex with men (TMSM) and trans men who engage in sex work, and an urgent need to re-evaluate our current data on trans men and HIV.
Latina Women: The Heart of the Home | American Heart Association


• Only one in three Hispanic women knows that heart disease is their No. 1 killer.
• Hispanic women are likely to develop heart disease 10 years earlier than Caucasian women.
• Only three in 10 Hispanic women say they have been informed they are at a higher risk of developing heart disease.
• Only one in four Hispanic women is aware of treatment options. ’