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Tiger cowboy. I read an old article that mentioned that there are more tigers in captivity in Texas than in the wild globally and felt like it would make for an interesting piece. I love my tigers so I’m quite passionate on what’s going on with them around the world (even 5 year old news articles)  🐯

Very pleased with the turnout for this illustration overall!

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Nicknames: Catie, Cate, Cat, The Red Lady

Height: 5'4

Time right now: 9:45 PM

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Fave music artist: Journey

Song stuck in my head: all the songs from How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, because that’s what my college’s drama department is putting on right now

Last movie I watched: the first half of Magic Mike

Last TV show I watched: Star Trek: The Animated Series lol

What I’m wearing now: black Keds, black slacks, and a long sleeved black tee (I’m working backstage)

When I created this blog: in October

The kind of stuff I post: Johnlock and other gay shit

Do I have other blogs: @sherlocks-elastic-butthole 😉

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Why did I choose my URL: because John canonically referring to Sherlock as “posh boy” sustains me

Gender: I Don’t Understand The Question And I Won’t Respond To It

Hogwarts House: Gryffinclaw

Pokemon team: fuck you

Fave Colours: red, orange, indigo, gold

Average hours of sleep: 5?

Lucky number: 14

Favourite Characters: so many like oh my god

Dream Job: showrunner

Number of blankets I sleep with: just the one

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2013 vs 2016!!!!

Did a quick redraw while I wait at the airport~
I didn’t know what to draw and I found an old drawing so why not redraw it
I’m so glad I got better at coloring like the old one I just chose a darker shade of the color and that doesn’t really look good lol


i miss my cat rocky so much